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Found 25 results

  1. This is for a research purpose; we are trying to conclude which is the best halo 3 map for mostly any given game type. For example CTF, VIP, Team Death Match, FFA, Oddball and etc… In conclusion vote for the map that is your favorite map. Feel free too discuss and add your input of why you like a certain map. (Hopefully the poll shows up correctly otherwise I will have to try again. and some maps had to be excluded from the poll as they couldn't fit in the poll.) The maps that got excluded were: Stand off, Snowbound, Sanbox, Foundry. If you want to vote for these you can do so through the comments.
  2. Reach Security Force Recruitment Center Follow the steps below to join: 1.Add me on xbox 360:YouTube Xe Sexy 2.Send me a message saying you want to join 3.You must have a mic or be able to hear me through your TV What to expect: 1.Everybody to be active 2.No disrespect 3.People listening 4.Disciplined members 5.Hardcore training 6.Raids every weekend 7.Training during the week 8.Big team battle when it is a free day 9.Days off are usually monday 10.Stay in the emblem that you are given 11.Follow orders
  3. What is your favorite weapon against the Flood, the best way too destroy those nasty critters? Mine would have to be dual-wielding SMGs because it's quick to kill the combat forms and the infection forms when they come crawling at you. What would you choose? Better hurry, they're coming quick....
  4. Hear thee hear thee! As you mother is about to speak (And you should listen to your mother) This has been quite a wierd week for me... And absolute rollercoaster from happyness to sadness and back to happyness and sadness again. This news made me go back to happyness again! I've been on this forum since '11. Wans't quite active in the shoutbox then but boy was I posting alot in the Halo section. Then I left for about 2 years because the 'I hate 343i' posts were annoying the living hell out of me. Earlier this year I made my return and hardly recognised any of you (Sowwy ) But I had a warm welcome back which made me active on these forums again. One of the best decisions EVER! Never thought I'd be MoM... And Church... Never send me a warning again! That scared the crap outta me! (My reaction when I saw I was MoM) My next goal: Becoming staff Now I'd like to thank: My own mother, obvious reasons Cooliest, for nominating me in the April MoM thread Church, for putting this through and not keeping me banned on April 1st GSD, for constant motivation to kick your a** Coldfreeze, we're still a team buddy Mr.Biggles, *TF2 heavy voice* we make good team Yoshi, for letting me know about the MoM post Everyone on my casualty list, you make great cannon fodder! Twam, for providing me with a forum to be in. And Ad-free! And last but not least Pistachio's and TicTac's, for always being there! If I have forgotten anything please let me know!
  5. Hi guys! When i play Halo Reach, I OFTEN see High graded (or not) person with an ugly armor... That's my opinion , of course, but i want to see how you look like, then if you have a picture of your spartan , share it with me And tell your grade (Because a Captain won't have the same armor than a Noble...) i won't judge, I just want to see And if you don't have picture, just tell what's the perfect armor for you (Just tell HELMET,SHOULDERS,CHEST) The rest isn't very important. That's my old Spartan, I don't look like that anymore...
  6. Welcome to the 7th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's most popular Magestic Team Spartan was: Ah, 7 my favorite number, the number of completion, the number of this week's poll! Anyways here's the question: What is your favorite UNSC Starship? -Short-sword class Bomber -Skyhawk Fighter -AV-22 Sparrowhawk -AV-14 Attack VTOL -GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor -YSS-1000 Sabre -F-41 EMSF Broadsword -Pelican -D96-TCE Albatross -Calypso-class exfiltration craft -Black Cat-class subprowler -Chiroptera-class stealth vessel -Prowler -Laden-class freighter -Parabola-class freighter IF YOU WANT YOUR VOTE TO COUNT, VOTE BEFORE 10:00 A.M. EST on October 7!! Don't forget to cast your vote below, let us know why, and Thanks for Voting. Enjoy your week, and see ya next time If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, or just a comment pertaining to the Poll, message me.
  7. Welcome to the 6th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's poll question asked you if Cortana died or if Cortana lived and the result of all your votes is: I really enjoyed reading all of your answers, and I think SturnuS really covered the general opinion about Cortana in his post Anyways it's time for this week's poll This week's poll will be a familiar subject to those of you who regular Halo Waypoint (or just go to check for Halo news, like myself) here it is: What does the fox say? JK For real here it is though: Who is your favorite member of Majestic Team? -DeMarco -Grant -Hoya -Madsen -Thorne Don't forget to Vote below and let us know who your favorite Majestic Team member is and why. Enjoy your week, and see ya next time If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, or just a comment pertaining to the Poll, message me. EDIT: Sorry about the way the OP looked at first, had a problem with the BBCode
  8. hello everyone this is a map and video of forging at its best. truely i believe its the best map ever. but dont take my word for it try it out for yourself. just watch the video down below and see for yourself. thank you very much for your time and thanks for watching. please comment rate subscribe for more videos and maps.
  9. So, if you want to share some of your Halo 4 or Reach screenshots, this is the place. Just go to Halo Waypoint, select your screenshot and copy the URL. But don't start spamming thousand of screenshots here Here, I'll post my best ones from Halo 4 and Reach http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/eliteisnip3r/halo4/fileshare#?details=100bbf49-ae7b-41f2-8546-f8a642545678 http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/eliteisnip3r/halo4/fileshare#?details=a052ed83-37f0-4fe3-bcd4-ab8ea2395fef http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/eliteisnip3r/haloreach/fileshare#?details=30529201 http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/eliteisnip3r/haloreach/fileshare#?details=30529275 http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/eliteisnip3r/haloreach/fileshare#?details=28811336 Post yours, so everyone can see your creative (or not) nature
  10. Hello, My name is RoG BamBam RV and I’m a member of Revolution of Gaming (RoG). We are a multiplatform gaming community (PC and Xbox) with members from all time zones and regions of the world. Rated consistently on the top 5 clans of top100clans.com we are a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world, and we’d like for you to join us! Our largest division, for the Xbox 360, has brigades (a ‘brigade’ is a section within our community) in all major multiplayer titles – Halo 4, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and Battlefield 3. We are also pleased to announce our recent formation of a Gears of War Judgement brigade that is on the rise. Our PC division supports DayZ, Planetside 2, Left4Dead, and if you don’t see your game on that list don’t worry – you are sure to find within our community gamers interested in playing the same game you are on. But the RoG experience is not limited solely to brigades we also offer: Frequent tournaments and gamenights with prizes A GFX Team Podcast Team News Team Competitive Teams (this year we plan to attend our first MLG Event) And much more! We also have one of the friendliest and most welcoming group of gamers on the internet, you will be receiving friend requests and game invites right away (say goodbye to the days of playing with a team of obnoxious randos). How to join Revolution of Gaming (RoG)? 1) Visit website: Revolution of Gaming - Gaming News 2) Create account for Forums (Put RoG BamBam RV, as referrer) 3) Read this thread: Apply to Join Here 4) Follow format requested above, and apply to join the console and game brigade of your choice. 5) Wait for it to accept your application, and give you further instructions on how to get in the group, and onto the Brigade list. 6) Start posting around the forums, getting to know people (add them on 360), and start gaming! What is the rank structure? Revolution of Gaming is one of the largest gaming communities on the internet (7,000+ registered users, 450+ brigade members). In order to keep things organized, and ensure no member is "lost in the shuffle" we have our community organized in a unique rank structure. First off the community is divided into units. The largest units are Divisions/Districts which are divided into multiple sections. The sections each consist of multiple brigades (a brigade is a group of 30-60 members who share a common favorite game) which are further divided into companies of about 10 people. This way you a part of a smaller community (brigade) as well as the larger RoG. The ranks themselves are a military like ranking structure that ensures everything runs smoothly within the community. You can aspire to the top, or if that's not for you you can opt out and choose not to rank up. It's up to you, either way you are sure to enjoy it! How to learn more about Revolution of Gaming (RoG)? Website: Revolution of Gaming - Gaming News Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/revolutionofgaming Twitter: http://twitter.com/roginsider Twitch TV: RevolutionofGaming Note: If you are looking to join the Xbox section of RoG, it supports ALL major titles.
  11. File share browser: MaTaio98 Map Variant: Paintball Map Game Variant: Paintball (Slayer), Paint the Flag (CTF) *Map inspired by " " by corduroyCHUCK Click here for an overview of what I have to offer...(My game types are tweaked much differently than normal) Halo 4 way point is still down so I was unable to add a link to the download... Sorry for no pics, I don't know how to get them
  12. hi im your stereotyped 15 y old nerd and i just wanted to share my oppinion on halo 5 and what you need to change and or add 1. BRING BACK EPIC MUSIC xD part of what made the original halo trilogy truly epic was that beutiful soundtrack at the start it was amazing and something every halo fan holds close to there heart 2. make it less Call Of Duty like what made halo special was that it wasnt completly stereotyped, its had -had- a great story, the guns cant feal to straight forward example halo ce plasma pistol or needler and halo 2 energy sword or in multiplayer there shouldnt be load outs 3. more epic halo 2s mstr chf flying thru space with the bomb into the convenant ship or halo 3s ending i mean where the hell is the epic in halo 4 master cheif feals like he belongs on jersey shore not saveing humanity from all out extinction AGAIn 4. better story at the rate your going i may actually leave my sofa and get a girlfriend -which would be terrible- .i liked the story of halo 4 but i didnt LOVE the story of halo 4 (i cried at the ending to halo 3 and that was last week) i mean really killing off cortana? the arbiter hasnt even shown his face and johnson doesnt even have a white doplganger no no were forced to stay on a single planet THIS IS SPACE 5. more interesting combat ai first off i completed the first mission of halo 4 in about 40 minutes on the hardest difficulty and didnt die once i mean how hard is it to make a game hard. when you focused your attention on the new prometheans you made combat quite boring and methodical all the ai are made with a purpose and theres only one way to take them out properly which there shouldnt be, shooters dont have much to make there gameplay appealing but the style of execution for your foes (take that from me and i may as well be socialising) appart from those 5 problems halo 4 did a good job for the multiplayer even if the story and campaign lacked much thank you for reading i can only hope that you may yet implement some of my ideas
  13. Playing halo 4 on the day it came out and got a perfect game. Tell me what you think on my new YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe and leave comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aju0Vu401tg
  14. Halo 4: Custom Game Nights! Introduction: Hey guys! It's Raxs Slayer here! I have been forging long and hard (No it's not funny!) and i have been producing amazing community maps for me and my friends and all of the community to enjoy, and now for the first time on Halo 4, i have decided to organize a massive public play day! (Update: 1st January 2013) Hey guys, If you missed out Game nights don't worry about it! You will still be able to add me and join in a game night on any random weekend! Thanks guys! Anyone is welcome, the general times are going to be as follows: - Christmas holidays: 18th December - 21st December _ Pre-Play days! For the community to add me and my friends and get to know each other! and play a couple of small games at random whenever we can. - Christmas Time! Here i will allow the community to just enjoy Christmas! December 22nd - 26th. - Official Play Day: From the 26th until the new year! Every day all day, is a chance to tag along in one of my big community plays! I will be on most of the day, and a lot during the evening, until 11PM on most days (UK Timezone) For America: I will be on most of the day, and a lot during the evening, until 6PM on most days (US Timezone) About the Maps: I have successfully created about 9 maps, they are as follows (In order of creation) -Eviction: Small Erosion based map, completely synthetic, asymmetrical map. Is great for Free-For-All gametypes like regicide. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (8.2) - Appearance: (9.1) - Compatibility: (9.4) - Balance: (8.2) -Refuge: Large symmetrical map, for all game types, based on Impact. Brilliant for all scenarios and players. Vehicles included. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.4) - Appearance: (9.6) - Compatibility: (10.0) - Balance: (9.3) -Cordinant, a massive dominion specific map with 3 large bases, and optimized ordinance drops. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (7.9) - Appearance: (9.2) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (8.9) -Autumn: An aesthetic map based on the pillar or autumn's interior from halo Combat evolved. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (7.6) - Appearance: (9.8 ) - Compatibility: (5.2) - Balance: (4.2) -Vanquish: A Flood specific map based in a gloomy cave, all Spartans are equip with custom loadouts for epic gameplay values. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (8.9) - Appearance: (9.9) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (- -) -Vansion: A Tiny impact based map for close quarters and epic mayhem! Great for 2 V 2 for 4 player free for all. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.8 ) - Appearance: (9.8 ) - Compatibility: (3.0) - Balance: (10.0) -Conservatory, a beautiful aesthetic map, great for team games like capture the flag and team slayer! (Symmetrical) General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.2) - Appearance: (9.8 ) - Compatibility: (6.0) - Balance: (10.0) -Excavation, Currently a favorite, this epic halo reach quarry remake satisfies all big team battle lovers with amazing aesthetics and optimum gameplay, this map truly is a crowd pleaser with it's heavy ordinance and vehicle gameplay, maxed out budget and more bases, weapons and abilities you could ever hope to use! General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (3.0) - Balance: (7.7) -Holdout: This very recent map is a desirably fun, and possibly the most fun map i have made, it a gloomy dark map where the survivors will spawn in a house, with barricaded windows and custom classes, they must fight for ordinance and against the flood as they try to break into the house! General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (- -) (Newer Maps) Currently being Tweaked. -Compact: Awesome Interactions, great for team games of any description, this map a huge crowd pleaser with it's unique layout and transport. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.8 ) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (10.0) - Balance: (9.8 ) -Contact: This map is a full blooded rumble pit, with awesome close quarters action. Great for any number of players. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.8 ) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (10.0) -Longfall: This has to be one of the funnest maps. Man cannons everywhere, plenty of ordinance, and lots of action. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (- -) Being developed. - Balance: (8.1) (This Brand new map does not appear on the poster below) -Citadel: This epic Big team map is by far one of the best looking, best playing and funnest maps I've ever made. It's guaranteed a massive crowd pleaser with all of it's vehicles, structures and weapons. This map is the grand finale! General Map rating: (Out of ten) *HIGHEST RATED MAP!* - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (10.0) - Balance: (9.8 ) Guidelines and Rules: Every successful game night isn't complete with some kind and honest gamers. I wish to bring everyone together, make new friends, and have truly tremendous time! So i am going to lay down some ground rules: - First off, "Respect" I encourage everyone to be nice, not bully, teabag only out of pure comedy, and not to wind people up! - Next Up, "Try not to Swear" It would be really nice if we could control our language, i don't want anyone to feel intimidated, uncomfortable, or awkward, If you do swear i'm not going to 'make you sit of the naughty step'. just try to control yourself - Next up, "Try not to rage" nothing says "AWKWARD!" Like someone getting their rage on. We are all cool, trying to have a good time, don't be competitive, just have a nice time and it shouldn't happen, we all get annoyed sometimes, but why should you when we are just having fun! - Please "Criticize" I know it sounds weird but your opinions count! Only you guys can show me what could be better about my maps! - Finally, "Don't exploit!" If you find problems, glitches or issues with my map, don't exploit them! Tell me and i'll fix them within 12 hours. To Wrap up: While you wait please go ahead and add me on Xbox live! My GT is (With caps and spaces) "RAXS SLAYER". Please feel free to bring a microphone, we will all be in a party, having a laugh and commentating. If you like, you can use a capture card to record our gameplay, and if you like i will take in the footage, process it, and upload it to my channel! Thank you so much for reading! Happy Gaming! -Raxs Slayer / Chris
  15. Hey I was just wondering what everyone's favorite weapon was. I personally love the new forerunner weapons. All in all my favorite weapons are probably the boltshot, energy sword, needler, assault rifle,
  16. Sorry, I just got fed up reading all the negatively titled threads so I'm starting a good one... Best parts about halo 4 Campaign -The Campaign was so in depth and detailed and just generally awesome -It has been by far the best game I've ever played at getting by emotions involved and yes by the end I was in tears -The new race of enemies put me out of my comfort zone as I was getting to learn the best ways at killing the Forerunners, this was particularly noticeable on my second play through on legendary, which surprisingly I am finding easier than when I first played Heroic. -The new weapons were very nicely done and apart from the incineration canon none of them are too overpowered , despite this though they still got across through the weapons how much more advanced the forerunners are. -The development of Chief's and Cortana's characters was incredible and really made you even more attached to them -I like the new supporting characters - mainly Lasky and Palmer Multiplayer -Despite complaints from some about no respawn time etc, I personally thinks it just adds to the madness that is a Halo fight -I think all the maps are brilliantly designed so there is virtually no camping what so ever -I like having custom classes, it allows people to specialise their gameplay but it doesn't give new players too much of a disadvantage as the weapons and abilities aren't too powerful -Spartan Ops is just a genius alternative to firefight and adds more story to the game -I think the player cards as opposed to just names is a very nice touch along with changing infection to flood and not allowing people to change their vote - stops people voting with the majority, happened all the time on Reach Improvements for Halo 5 -BRING BACK CORTANA... my preference anyway -Make it ASAP.
  17. Hello everyone, RaInCrY22 here, I have just watched the making of halo 4 part 2 and had come up with a brilliant, yet simple trait that 343 Industries may want to add into the game. Okay here's my idea : Scorpion/vehicle Emblem customization. When watching the video I noticed the new scorpion was so detailed that it actually had a skull emblem on the side + I think the UNSC logo. Imagine this.. You enter a scorpion tank, and the emblem changes to your current emblem, which will then display on the outside of the tank. COOL ENOUGH FOR YOU?!? How about.. 10 tanks with the same emblem on the side - awesome enough for theatre mode? Teams would have a whole new detail to enhance video 'uniqueness'. NOW FOR ALL THE FORGERS ! - LIKE MYSELF, I <3 FORGE Now that my brain is bubbling with ideas, I think it would also be cool if they could make a 'plate' - like the objective plate shape you see in forge mode, or even a square one. Imagine if it could display YOUR unique emblem, then PLACE THAT BAD BOY ON YOUR BASE! Don't forget, my main focus is customizing emblems on vehicles. Try to get enough attention to this so that 343 might consider it! Remember, the game is less than 60 days away from being released!
  18. If you are looking for a clan to join hit me up! My clan name is Unnatural Cause and we are looking for new members. I will try you out to see how you play. This is a competitive clan so I am looking for good players always wanting to win. We will also be doing Gamebattles, but is not required. Send me a friend request if your interested. Gamertag: iRush God (Leader) or Gamertag: Budweiser X 702 (Co-Leader)
  19. RaInCrY22


    From the album: RaInCrY22

  20. From the album: RaInCrY22

    RaInCrY22 is a growing legend, I love the halo franchise and have proven myself as a female gamer in the Halo World. Whether it was being challenged for an entire year back on Halo 3 by many male and female contestants either to 1v1 or even 10v1 me, I have always left people in amazement. I do it not for bragging rights, but for the ability to prove myself as well as other females within the so called 'MALE community' that is Gaming. I don't play to prove I am better than others, I simply play for fun. But when I want to, I can get a PERFECTION at any time. TRY ME! ( Not really, people have made that challenge before, So don't challenge me, it got old a long time ago )
  21. If you are looking for ppl to play with I will give you a tryout to see how good you are. Hit me up on live! I'm trying to get a team together for Halo 3, Reach, and of course Halo 4. I am not looking for a clan battle at this particular time. We will be doing Gamebattles, but that is not a requirement. Hit me up!
  22. Looking for good players for halo 3, reach and of course halo 4. You must be good to join up and I will test you out. You must be talkative, have good connection and at least 16 years old. Hit me up asap! Also we do not have anything matching so do not worry about gamertag changes or anything else. Gamertag: iRush God
  23. Halo is by far the best game out their. Anyone who agrees post on here
  24. I am only a Brigadier right now so I don't know and Halopedia isn't helping at all. I want to know how many Mk. VI armor permutations are available in Reach. Right now, the only item I may purchase is the helmet. I want to know if there are shoulders and a torso piece as well. :crazy:
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