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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys, long time. I'm working on a project for the Hub of the Dead Infection-Map contest over at Forge Hub! So, I have most of it done. Now I'm just confused over one little detail. That has to do with the way the sky looks. Now, I'm going to give you guys two images that don't have too much stuff from the entire map, and are from an older version, but that's okay, because technically I haven't "revealed" it to any forum yet. I'm going to have descriptions for each one, and so that'll tell you whatever you can't gather from the pictures (which will probably be a lot of stuff). So I want you guys to either vote for option 1, or option 2 as a lighting setup. ​Don't forget, this is an infection map. ​OPTION 1: This is a daylight option. It's bright, has lots of sunlight, a sandy atmosphere, slightly cloudy but has bluish sky. Performance and light-baking is slightly better on this setup. It looks similar to WyvernZu's lighting on her Sandtrap remake. OPTION 2: This option is not a night option by any stretch of the imagination, as the huge sun on parallax shines through everything. But it is noticeably darker, has a slightly thicker sand effect and is also just a more effed up day time. One thing to note is that performance with the light-baking is worse than Option 1, and some pieces look a tiny bit glitchy (nothing that you can notice unless you look really carefully). So that's that! Basically, I'm not sure of a scary vibe needs a darker lighting necessarily. I've been told that my map feels like it was once lived in, and something happened where people died/can't be there anymore, and this was with Option 1 on. So, that's the thing. It's an infection map, so a sketchiness is favorable. But, if it can be achieved without having to be physically darker, it's fine. Anyway, thanks and vote if you read this! NOTE: The reason I said urgent was because there's only around a week left.
  2. What's your favorite mission? Mine's Nightfall because you have a sort of sneaky, stealthy gameplay with a sniper and it's dark. Also, the Guta/Mule monster things are cool and it's fun to snipe.
  3. Okay if you guys had to say what the saddest song is on earth what is it? I won't post my opinion because I'm wanting to see what other songs there are that pull at your heart strings. After about two pages I will say what mine are. ( post as many as you want but no repeating songs from an earlier post)
  4. Ok so to start off Halo 4 is a pretty good game. An amazing game to be honest but there are a lot of things in the multiplayer that is unnecessary or is just off and i hope in due time they will be fixed. First off, the flow of an online match is hampered by grenades. Grenades in Halo are very important but since they made the levels (the levels are kinda ****ty) very little, grenades are always flung and it’s very annoying to walk in a hallway and see like literally 6 or 7 grenades hurled at you and you can’t do **** about it. And the fact that all the Spartans are weaker makes Halo 4 not feel right. I’m a Spartan. I should be able to take more than 2 shots and not die. They made the Spartans way too weak where being a clever player isn’t even feasible in this game. In past Halos, if i were to get jumped, i can outsmart them and come out alive, but on Halo 4 since I’m so weak i don’t even have that opportunity to pull out something out of my ass to save it. It’s better to be a safe player, like in CoD than a crazy one like in past Halos. But it’s not funner being that safe player. Second, all the Armor Abilities and perks are pretty much ****ty and they either needs to be fixed or scrapped. The Thruster Pack, Hardlight Shield (which seems to replace the Dodge Roll and the Armor Lock), AutoSentry, Regeneration Field are all new abilities but they fall short or simply do not work at all. Those new abilities tries to replace old ones but fall flat. Most of the perks literally don’t really help out at all and to be honest they aren’t even necessary. Not once will you say “Thank god i have that grenadier perk” because the perks pretty much do nothing to flesh out or personalize your character or the game. And most of the weapons seems like **** too. The only weapons that matter are all the human weapons, Mostly the DMR and Battle Rifle because they are clearly the best ones. Actually for that matter making classes is pointless as only 2 guns “work” and the perks not having an effect on the battlefield. This game tries so hard to be a Halo with a CoD skin over it and it really doesn’t work out at all. Actually what seems to work out the most is all the old stuff from previous Halos. The old weapons like the DMR/Battle Rifle are much better than the new Promethean Light Rifle or reintroduced Covenant Carbine. Old abilities like Hologram, Jet Pack and Active Camo seems to work very well, even better than in Halo: Reach yet the new stuff seems to just not work at all. I am certain in the future they will fix all of this but as of now, 343, the new **** you implemented just isn’t working, period. You need to fix all of this if you want people to keeping playing past the holiday season.
  5. For me, the thing that makes Halo what it is is the storyline that follows Master Chief and Cortana. While Halo Reach and Halo 3 ODST were enjoyable, they don't have the same value as Halo 1-4. Firthermore, in Halo 3 when Master Chief and cortana are seperated it just felt empty. With that in mind, I am anxious for Halo 5 to see if Cortana is brought back because without her Master Chief is just like any other Spartan except for being more skilled and lucky.
  6. This thread is not to show my hatred toward Halo 4, it is to show what I dislike about Halo 4. I love Halo 4, but there are some things that I dislike about the game. This is completely opinion based and if you disagree with me, that is fine. 1. Ranked playlist - As most of you know, there is not a true skill rank system. That means that you can do bad the whole game and still rank up. This is alright, however, there should be a split between playlists; a social playlist, and a ranked playlist. The social playlist being for players who just want to have fun. Ranked playlist for people who want to compete competitively with each other. There would be different ranks for the the two playlists. I feel that this will comfort the players' gaming style. 2. The maps - I feel that Halo 4 has had a major let down for the maps. Especially for the 4v4 maps. There is only five maps, but only two of which i feel comfortable playing on; Adrift and Haven. Complex is just a DMR camp fest, Abandon is a tower of power map, and Solace is just too open. I feel that the community forged maps should come back into gametypes, much like Halo: Reach. 3. Weapon Balance - For me, there is not much diversity between the weapons used. The main weapon used is obviously the DMR. The reason being is for the lack of weapon balancing. It has the fastest killing time for anyone loadout weapon except the assault rifle at close range. It can practically snipe someone from across the map. It also has insanely good accuracy due to its easy to use reticle. It eliminates the use of the other loadout weapons. I have now stated what I dislike about Halo 4. The list could go on for hours, but these are my main concerns. In the replies to this thread, please tell me, what are your dislikes for Halo 4?
  7. I want to start off by saying I think the game has potential, but up until now I feel like I have purchased an unfinished game. One of my biggest pet peevs about this game has to be the fact that there is no headshot medal for the sniper. This to me is very suprising. How do you play test a game, shoot somebody in the head with a sniper and not realize you didnt get a medal for it? Or just seeing how many headshots you got with the snipe at the end of a game. It brings up several questions to me.Such as; Did any 343 play Halo 3? Are the people that made this game actual competitve gamers?This brings me to my next point... There was a weekly update for Halo 4 a couple weeks back and when they brought in Team Snipers. 343 then the following week took it out. Once again im confused to what they are doing here. Lets get this straight. You updated the game, put in a playlist, then took it out almost immediately. I hope it just means that they are fixing the playlist and are eventually going to put it back into matchmaking but something tells me they are not. I do not understand why the playlists are so divided. Why is there not a playlist for all objective based gametypes? Why do you need to have 3 seperate playlists for them? All that does is space out players from playing eachother. Why is there no simple Free For All playlist? (Back to my snipers point) Why is there no Snipers playlist? Maps. This is becoming a joke. I feel like there are a choice of about 3 maps in every playlist to choose from. Thats pathetic... Oh and lets not forget that the game actually launched with more maps but 343 has failed to put them in any playlist. I want to be able to download peoples maps. I want the option to type in "the pit" and get a list of pit remakes. But looks like the servers are down and 343 cant fix this problem with downloading maps in there search option. Think about it. They gave you a game where a portion of it isnt even accesible. I mean come on. This is supposed to be the follow up from Halo 3. Give me some of those classic maps. The Pit, Narrows, Construct. Give me something that is on that same level of greatness. Fix your kill cams or just get rid of them. Did you add the killcam to annoy players a little more? This isnt COD. How about fixing when I hit select to view the players mid game I dont freeze in place? Show me the players connection in the game. Did you really need to change all this ****? You catered to the retard 343. There was a part of me that thought you wouldnt do that. That part of me is gone now.
  8. I love Halo 4 and believe this Halo can be the BEST Halo game yet, but some believe it needs to be tweaked a bit. I am one of those people, it's a great game as is, but would be way better if some things were changed. From what iv'e been hearing from people, and from what iv'e read, there are only 2 main problems people have. The playlists, and the balancing of the weapons, (more specifically the DMR and BR). I think the DMR and BR is a problem as well, as every match iv'e played is plagued with those 2 guns being used. The BR being the less of the two. Some have said to increase the number of shots it takes to kill someone by one, or increase the bloom. I would be fine with either, but I think that's the #1 problem. I loved halo for the diversity in the weapons and fights, nades flying everywhere and people getting melee'd from all directions. Games were very hectic, now they are all mostly DMR battles, which if I wanted I would just play SWAT (which I love). Some people like they way the DMR and BR is now, and don't want them to change. So my opinion on how to fix all this, is make a new playlist just like Infinity Slayer, but take out the DMR and BR, and let everything else stay the same, that's if they choose to not tweak the 2 rifles. Now about the playlists, there just aren't as much fun playlist as there were is other Halo games (rocket race anyone). I think 343 have that under control though, they just put out SWAT, and more are on the way. The only other suggestion I have is about the armor shield. I think you die just a little to quickly, or maybe I just suck ass, but I was always a pretty good Halo player. Anyways, these are my thoughts for Halo 4 fixes, other than these things, I think Halo 4 is boss.
  9. Sorry, I just got fed up reading all the negatively titled threads so I'm starting a good one... Best parts about halo 4 Campaign -The Campaign was so in depth and detailed and just generally awesome -It has been by far the best game I've ever played at getting by emotions involved and yes by the end I was in tears -The new race of enemies put me out of my comfort zone as I was getting to learn the best ways at killing the Forerunners, this was particularly noticeable on my second play through on legendary, which surprisingly I am finding easier than when I first played Heroic. -The new weapons were very nicely done and apart from the incineration canon none of them are too overpowered , despite this though they still got across through the weapons how much more advanced the forerunners are. -The development of Chief's and Cortana's characters was incredible and really made you even more attached to them -I like the new supporting characters - mainly Lasky and Palmer Multiplayer -Despite complaints from some about no respawn time etc, I personally thinks it just adds to the madness that is a Halo fight -I think all the maps are brilliantly designed so there is virtually no camping what so ever -I like having custom classes, it allows people to specialise their gameplay but it doesn't give new players too much of a disadvantage as the weapons and abilities aren't too powerful -Spartan Ops is just a genius alternative to firefight and adds more story to the game -I think the player cards as opposed to just names is a very nice touch along with changing infection to flood and not allowing people to change their vote - stops people voting with the majority, happened all the time on Reach Improvements for Halo 5 -BRING BACK CORTANA... my preference anyway -Make it ASAP.
  10. Hey all, Ive been playing Halo for about 8 years now (since the end of H1) and have loved the multiplayer aspect of the series since the very beginning. This is just a quick thread on my minor (hopefully constructive) complaints on Halo 4 at the moment, and where I can see it potentially heading with the proper attention. First off, thanks to 343 for taking the time to listen to a lot of the community's feedback and making the core of H4 so enjoyable. Despite all my minor gripes with the game, I stil am enjoying myself tremendously. However, having said that, there are a few key things that I would love to see implemented going forward, that could make this game have tremendous staying power. -The division of competitive and social playlists. I really love playing competitive Halo (MLG settings, snipers, etc...), but I don't always feel like trying so hard. Sometimes I love just signing on and joking around with friends while playing. I had a ton of fun doing both in Halo 3 because the weapons were so varied. It was amazingly fun to give ourselves handicaps (stickies only, beatdowns only, spikers only, or some other) upon realizing our opponents were far less skilled, and making the game interesting and close. This wasn't possible in Reach because of the lack of variety in the weapons, but is now back with H4. So my hope is to have playlists where TrueSkill is not weighed as heavily, so that those of us who do not always feel like playing with 100% intensity can have that option. -Option to turn off instant spawns. To me, Halo has always been a game of momentum and control. Typically after a shootout, one player has died and the other is weakened. Normally this is not an issue, the player who died has to wait a few seconds before coming back into the game, giving the player who won the encounter time to recover (as it should be). However with the newly implemented instant spawns, a player who lost an encounter has the ability to quickly jump back into the fray, and possibly finish off the fight he just lost. In my opinion, being given two chances to another player's one is never fair. While the instant spawns are great for continuous action and have their place in social play, playlists like "Slayer Pro" would benefit immensely from a more traditional timed re-spawn. At the very least this should be an option for custom games. -Set location and times for power weapons spawns. This also relates to Halo always having been about momentum and control. Having power weapons put in precise locations, away from choke-points and "power positions", encourages map movement and makes gameplay more dynamic and continuous. Without powerful weapons to entice players into moving, a power position can be established early and (possibly) never given up. Random weapon drops (and random ordinances), along with the previously mentioned instant spawns, have their place in casual playlists, but are borderline game-breaking for those looking for a balanced competitive experience. One team getting needlers on ordinance while the other is given 2 or more snipers makes for an unfair game. -Visible marker above teammates recent death. This has been in all the previous Halo games, and is an extremely useful aid in map awareness. When you see a teammates red X, you have an idea of where the enemy team is on the map. Granted that you can develop the awareness needed to not rely on this aid, but I miss it. These are my primary concerns at the moment! I realize map packs are already scheduled for release, supposedly with a competitive slant, so that wasn't brought up. Thanks again to 343 for working hard and doing their best. I only provide these criticisms with the hope that they are somehow considered for the continuous revision of the game that I love.
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which Halo Is Your Favorite? Halo Halo 2 Halo 3 Halo 3 ODST Halo Wars Halo Reach Halo 4 Vote In The Comments! Don't Worry About Other People's Opinion Your Opinion Is Your Own! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Game play wise Halo 4 is awesome. The story sucks. The lack of variety in enemies makes for a dull experience. It would have been better off if Master Chief had died at the end of Halo 3. So I finally got my copy of Halo 4 and I have now beaten the campaign. I have not played Spartan ops yet, but let me put it this way: As long as it's something that doesn't directly include the Master Chief then it could be worth something. Main story: Somehow a forerunner has survived millennia imprisoned inside a forerunner shield world. So the only surviving forerunner is evil. They saved the evil guy... After the rings were fired killing all life, after countless ages he tricks you into releasing him. ...from inside his own cell, he tricks you into releasing him, by manipulating his prison... Did I mention he knows magic? Or the force, because he does force grip you. Oh! I know! How about the part where you NEVER fight him? Or the part where he personally does nothing more than force grip you? At the end you do 3 quick time moves to plant a grenade on his chest and Cortana saves you from him AND kills him. And then she saves you from a nuclear explosion from the warhead you detonated... WITH YOUR HAND. No, you didn't even lose a pinky. BTW, no, I can't explain how Cortana had the ability to save the chief. She just DOES. Well they did it. Chief is now the second coming of Christ himself. You find what remains of a Forerunner's memory stored in a computer and she admits to having sown the seeds to Humanities rebirth. Ok, that I can deal with. Wait... 343, what are you doing? Stop. Stooooooooooop! She continues "Yes, I laid the ground work for your being. You, your armor and your AI companion. I arranged it so you would be here to defeat this threat." W.T.L.F. So the forerunners had the power to set things in motion to create ONE individual over numerous millennia, insuring he gets augmented into an experimental warrior, gets experimental armor, and an experimental AI. Not only that, but battle off the covenant and defeat the flood AGAIN since they couldn't do it right the first time, only to end up at this world to defeat this Forerunner that doesn't know what time is. Yet they couldn't put a round between this evil forerunner's eyes? Oh and Lasky? You know how forward unto Dawn ended with him as a grizzled captain who says "We're going to get chief"? Yeah, no. He's a young hopeful officer on a ship that ends up in the area because they found some coordinates from a forerunner site. Oh, and you know how at the very end of the last episode the Infinity has a bunch of smaller support craft with it when they go to jump to get the chief? You know, like real battle groups to protect big important ships? Turns out the ships weren't going to the same place because the Infinity WAS THE ONLY SHIP THAT SHOWED UP. Oh, and the guy that actually is the Captain? Says "screw you chief, you're crazy. I'm going home." Like the chief didn't just save the human race four years earlier. Not to mention the Infinity, the BIGGEST ship ever built by mankind to this point, crash lands on a planet and within a day, after no serious repairs, takes off for space again... This is why it would have been better off if Chief had died. There is no way that man would fade quietly into the night. He has nothing but fighting. But there gets to be a point where upping the ante just makes it that less real. He has changed from being a soldier doing what he can to save mankind into Hercules... He has no one to settle down with and raise a child with, and hell if they keep what the books say he's sterile. Even if they dont keep that, there's NO WAY they can logically have Cortana be the mother of his child. If he survived Halo 3 he should have, at best, made kick ass appearances throughout and moved on, but not been the main character. There are other Spartan twos. Share the love. How about the fact that besides hunters (only 4 in the campaign) there are 3 kinds of covenant and 3 kinds of forerunner lackeys? Grunts, Jackals, Elites. Knights, Dog things, watchers. ...That got boring. The game looks great, plays great, but the plot holes are so big that they are in fact black holes. Didn't you know 4 years in cryo sleep magically upgrades your armor? The content from their miniseries, which was awesome, doesn't match up with what went on in the game. It's not that it breaks the halo universe, it's that it breaks logic. There is some serious potential from 343, but I feel that everyone BESIDES the Halo 4 campaign story team could come up with some awesome stuff. Otherwise RIP Chief
  13. i created this topic for any of the halo 4 preppers to look at and comment on. just a question, and wanted to know what you think :laughing:
  14. I have tried hot Tea and it's good, but i have to go with iced tea because it tastes much better to me, and is good for hot days during the summer. How i was raised too. Want to know why you like it, and you should try the opposite of what you like and see what you think of it .
  15. My opinion on halo 4 is generally... Epic. The gameplay footage is awesome (especially campaign) en the multiplayer looks indeed fast paced as 343i had intended. altough there have been a lot of changes I still like it (change is sometimes good you know) The only thing that bothers me is promethean vision. They said it wouldnt be over powered... But an ability which lets you see an area of 40m (thats my guess) for 5 seconds seems a little bit OP te me. But besides that I really like the gun sounds, rag dolls, assasinations, etc.
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