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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the 7th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's most popular Magestic Team Spartan was: Ah, 7 my favorite number, the number of completion, the number of this week's poll! Anyways here's the question: What is your favorite UNSC Starship? -Short-sword class Bomber -Skyhawk Fighter -AV-22 Sparrowhawk -AV-14 Attack VTOL -GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor -YSS-1000 Sabre -F-41 EMSF Broadsword -Pelican -D96-TCE Albatross -Calypso-class exfiltration craft -Black Cat-class subprowler -Chiroptera-class stealth vessel -Prowler -Laden-class freighter -Parabola-class freighter IF YOU WANT YOUR VOTE TO COUNT, VOTE BEFORE 10:00 A.M. EST on October 7!! Don't forget to cast your vote below, let us know why, and Thanks for Voting. Enjoy your week, and see ya next time If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, or just a comment pertaining to the Poll, message me.
  2. Welcome to the 6th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's poll question asked you if Cortana died or if Cortana lived and the result of all your votes is: I really enjoyed reading all of your answers, and I think SturnuS really covered the general opinion about Cortana in his post Anyways it's time for this week's poll This week's poll will be a familiar subject to those of you who regular Halo Waypoint (or just go to check for Halo news, like myself) here it is: What does the fox say? JK For real here it is though: Who is your favorite member of Majestic Team? -DeMarco -Grant -Hoya -Madsen -Thorne Don't forget to Vote below and let us know who your favorite Majestic Team member is and why. Enjoy your week, and see ya next time If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, or just a comment pertaining to the Poll, message me. EDIT: Sorry about the way the OP looked at first, had a problem with the BBCode
  3. Hunger games is a free for all game. Only one survives Gamertag: Azpekt297 Map: Hunger Games Gametype: Hunger Games I recommend to play this with 8-16 players trust me, its gonna be fun!
  4. For the past few days, I have been having a disturbing dream about a sorta zombie apocalypse. I am with my 2 brothers, my grandmother, and some other people I don't know. I had a similar dream a couple months earlier and they both were both in the same place: at my aunt's house. My first on was my mother and one of my brothers along with some other people I didn't recognize again. We were hiding in her wine cellar and we could hear them walking behind doors and above our heads. In the same dream, one of our cats had wandered outside and I want to go look for him. My aunt's house in on top of a massive hill and I could see hundreds of them on a neighboring hill. Just wandering. They had a very eerie and creepy humanoid appearance, but they weren't human at all. As I was looking outside, I saw another man in a gray jacket with a pair of sunglasses and a shaved head talking on his cellphone. He said "No, they don't come up here until 7..." And my most recent dream was in the same place. They were what we called "stalkers" and they looked like burnt corpses. And they were very quite. They could sneak up behind you if you were in the open and....."turn you" as we said. They would bite you or something weird. Maybe I have been playing too much Left 4 Dead.... Or Bioshock... Both are somewhat scary. This is why I want to ask if you too have also had a dream you can't explain. I just wanted to share that to encourage you guys to FULLY explain the dream. Sure, this post may seem a bit random but, it's late and I might be able to sleep better tonight now that I could fully explain these dreams. And remember, no matter how real it may feel, it's only a dream.
  5. Hello, Recon here. Ive got some forge tips for you guys! :guitar: Tips for cool effects: SPINNING DICE: Take four Vehicle grav-lifts and put them in an intersecting cross, then place a dye in the middle. Make sure its set on Normal physics. MANUAL-MOON-CANNON: Make a holster, with whatever can hold a propane tank. put a small barricade as the end of the moon cannon. Nect, you place a propane canister under the barricade, and then you can shoot the end of the tank and make it fire out. MANNED-ELEVATOR: Simply make a shaft, and fill it with One-Way shields, facing up. Congrats theres your elevator. Do the opposite to go down. AVALANCHE OF ROCKS: Make a Box, and an opening that empties onto a slant, and make rocks that respawn every 3 seconds in the box, and have them empty out and fall down the ramp, theres your avalanche. Vehicle Cannons 1. Make a box, place a Scorpian or a Warthog rocket turret inside and then make a canopy, there you go! [MORE TO COME, Still working on some. MESSAGE ME IF YOU HAVE SOME, AND THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY!]
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