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  1. Yeah, But majoutity because the Novelty has worn off. Mk.VI Is awesome, but it has been in the past 3 Games. I can't love it forever :S Oh, definitly! Thank you very much! I tried looking for a good pic but never foudn one! :S This is really useful, cheers! I'll upload it later (: Ha! I agree. It does look rather strange, but in a way i suppose it could be a good thing
  2. Halo 4 Armour Review: Hey Guys! Raxs_Slayer back here again on teh 343 forums. Today i'm goign to rant about halo 4's armour. These are my opinions, maybe yours a different, please share them respecively thanks! The Armour: Recruit: - A Really nice looking armour! It has a nice classic halo feel, sort of reminds me of ODST. - I rate this 8/10 CIO: - Very unusual! But i do appreaciate the idea of spartan secret forces. Whereas i might not appreacite the looks as much, it's a great idea! - I rate this 6/10 Gungir: - Very nice! An Excelent twist on the classic. I must say i do like Halo reach's gungnir much more but this one does hit the spot, heavy armour, that's what it's about. - 7/10 Fotus: - Well, you may not look like a spartan but you are BE-AY-UU-DIFUL! Very nice aethetics, agressive and intimidating. - 10/10 Hazop: - This for me is almost a perfect helmet. 343 really did manage to make this look like a heavy spartan. Looks very UNSC, and looks a much better Hazard Operative helmet than reach's! - 9/10 Infiltrator: - Well, well. This is very wierd for halo. But that doesn't mean i don't appreacite it. This guy looks like he can take some damage, if they body armour was bigger this guy would look perfect! But that is however quite a big flaw in this armour, too skinny. - I rate this 6/10 Mk.VI: - Well! Looks who's back! Nice helmet, god ole' classics, you can't beat em! - 8/10 Oceanic: - Great idea, but for me, this helmet is massively lacking detail! And sadly looks a bit outdated. Looks more 1900s that 2200s. - 3/10 Orbital: - 343! What's that skull dooing there! No, i get what you were tryign to do, but it doesn't work for me. Beutiful design, i loved the origional models without the skull. But now looks like he should have been more careful painting his house! - 5/10 Recon: - Well done 343! This is defintly helment that looks good as a classic! I did like the heavily armoured model you were origionaly going to introduce more but this works too! Nice one! - 6/10 Strider: - I just though wow! when i saw this one. Really awesome. Looks likes a deathsport spartan. Propper griffball armour. Super nice! Definitly a fave! - 9/10 Scout: - Cool! I like how you have gone with the risk of using the halo 3 model. Definitly matches halo 4's other helmets more. Good job! - 7/10 Solider: - Agressive, Intimidating, This is what you need in a helmet. Really good Job! If onyl the mouth piece was better :S - 5/10 Vanator: - Wow! Where did this come from? Really unusual, but you can't say it's not awesome. Big risk! But nice armour! - 7/10 Warrior: - Cool helmet! Looks like a blast pyro mask! Nice design, heavily armoured. but not for me. - 4/10 Deadeye: - This is a funny fellow. But he does look awesome. I love the narrow squinting design. Truly looks like a sniper! - 8/10 Locus: - Simply looks brutal! Amazing helmet! Possibly the best helmet i have seen in halo! - 10/10 E.O.D: - Beasty! He looks just like the reach model with a heavily armoured look! The best it's ever been! Nice one 343! - 9/10 Aviator: - Looks exactly like it short, shot and sweet, this helmet is epic! - 6/10 Warmaster: - Does look a lot like a promethean. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to carve a skull into their visor! but hell it looks awesome! - 6/10 E.V.A: - Classic, yet modern. I like the more curved look! - 6/10 Enforcer: - Some swanky new armour! Looks cool. Heavy, agressive. I just think the visor looks a little too sunk in. - 5/10 Vanguard: - Incredible, just incredible. One of the best looking helmets in halo history! New, futuristic, unique. - 10/10 Air assault: - Very nice. I'm not sure if it's better than reach's but it's different. I wouldn't wear it though, doesn't suit me. - 2/10 Scanner: - Really interesting design! I would love that helmet without the scanner though. I can see somethign awesome underneath! - 5/10 Commando: - Massive, agressive, heavy, just plain awesome. Looks exactly how a field commander should! Flawless design! - 10/10 Ranger: - Oh my. Looks very wierd. Definitly a love hate helmet. But i suppose it's one that is more about the principle of unlocking rather than show. It does remind me of starwars for some reason though. but i do think it is rather awesome. - 7/10 Protector: - Definitly one of the best! Heavy, no visor? Who cares! When you look this good who needs a visor? - 10/10 Raider: - This does look rather cool. Very interesting. I don't think i'd wear it but it is a nice idea. - 4/10 Defender: - This really does match the name. The face seems flat and shielded just like you'd imagine. A very clever design. - 6/10 Engineer: - A very, very nice helmet. I love the unusual design and aesthetics. Especially the small visor. Amazing design, very out of the ordinary. - 8/10 Operator: - A fantastic new looking armour, very circular and mechanical design. Looks pretty damn good. - 8/10 Pioneer: - Looks very alien indeed. However i love the two visors and how the helmet looks as a whole. Very intriguing, love the design, but not something i'd wear. - 4/10 Pathfinder: - Possibly one of the most ingeniously designed helmets out there! Amazing aesthetics, angular and agressive. - 9/10 Wetwork: - Very nice design! I remember a halo 3 fan submitted helmet that looks just like it. Very assassin style, streaked, looks very agile. but not for me. - 4/10 Stalker: - I'm going to be honest. That thing looks like a damn lizard! But hey? That's awesome. It looks really interesting and very far fetched. But i love it. - 8/10 Rogue: - Very, very cool. Looks like a hard and heavy style Orbital helmet. Looks completely bad*ss to me. - 8/10 Tracker: - Love this one! Has those awesome 3 lights on top of the visor. Looks very space age and futuristic with that classic halo feel. Genius design! - 9/10 Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoyed my review. Let me know what you think in the comments! Over and out.
  3. Thanks man (: I really appreciate it. I don't know, does it? But hey, your opinion buddy. I see where you are coming from
  4. Oh of course. That's totally fair. But i looked at the database and so far. Nobody has achieved most of the things i listed and i don't think ever will. Personally. I think that the Assault stance or protector helmet should be as hard as it gets. And there should be more skill based things, like, earn 20 killtaculars. Not something stupid like winning 600 games of slayer. Anyone can win a game of slayer. to get 600 though, It just requires you to have small skill and no life if you get what i mean.
  5. I'm not so sure about these ideas. You are talking about Halo 5 being more diverse. And how can it be if you just recycle content? I Don't want old weapons we want new weapons. The idea of invasion is complected as it is, playing as all of those character models wouldn't be very good at all, it would seep into half of the games content and we would miss out on more things being added. Also, The flood aren't in Halo 4. The Spartans and flood in Wargames are Sims (Not real living things) War games is a training program where AI Duplicates of the Spartans are placed into an arena and battle it out to train. I also wouldn't be disappointed if brutes were cut out. Frankly i'd prefer it because that way the chances are that more content will be introduced will be higher. I'd much prefer a more imaginative and profound idea for an enemy class to be introduced than old brute again.
  6. I Personally think Duel wielding in previous games was underworked. I think it would be much better if there was a support package that allowed you to duel wield your side arm. Because non-rifle weapons don't even spawn on maps anymore. And even if they did. I don't want to spend the whole game looking for them.
  7. Halo 5 Armour: Suggestions Hey everyone, i'd like to take a moment to propose some ideas and concepts for some halo 5 armour. Firstly i'd like to show everyone some concepts i have designed myself. (More may be added to the post) I am hoping to one day make it in the gaming industry and a pitcher and designer, what this armour originally was was armour that i am making for my own FPS game Pitch. Seeing as i am still in collage and maybe quite far from pitching a game, i may as well see if these armour are good enough for Halo. Interceptor: I drew this helmet freehand, The fashion i was trying to project with this helmet is Brutal, Heavily Armoured, Sleek and Technical. The purpose of wearers of this helmet would be to intercept enemies from primary objectives. This would be done in an all risk full brutality firefight. The heavy design and lack of a visor suggests a very technical nature of this gear. Ranger (Original name) Fine Liner Free Drawing: Fully Rendered: This helmet is by far one of my favorite concepts, sadly currently sharing the name of a current halo 4 helmet measures will have to be ensured to change this. This helmet is designed for rogue scouts that patrol of recon an area. The visor clearly shown wraps around the front and side of the helmet, giving well over 180 degrees puerperal vision. Another matter i would like to address is how th armour affects us. Halo armour has always just made our Spartans look pretty, i think it is time they got giving a use. Armour pieces should now be given designated statistics. My suggestion to these are as follows: Mobility / Weight: Damage Resistance: (Maybe more) These statistics show that armour should affect the player in terms of battle and mobility. It would create interesting ways in which players can play the game. Players should also have the ability to have a transparent visor, removed helmet, or removed armour pieces. Upon shooting places that armour was removed the player will take much more damage. Another suggestion i would like to make is to make sure that all armour is achievable. I loved the armour in Halo 4, but some armours are just too hard to get or completely unachievable. Examples: Stances: (Breach, Believe and Standoff) are all far too hard to get! They should be made much easier and should suit a play style instead of getting kills with a bunch of weapons. I have seen one person with Breach and one with believe. Standoff is just ridiculous, No gametypes have fuel rod cannons, beam rifles or gravity hammers even spawn! Sorry 343, but thats Crazy! Assault stance is achievable, but still far to hard. Armour: Vanguard, Protector (Skin), Commando, are just out of the question ridiculous. I have never seen anyone with these armours. And disappointingly there are my favorites. They would take bare months to achieve. A set of armour that requires a designated goal should only take a bare maximum of 8 Solid gameplay hours to achieve. (If i could make a suggestion, It shouldn't require the "Master" level on a commendation. I feel that the level master is very fair, but you shouldn't be required to reach it for all armours. Visors: Verdant was very hard to get and far too enduring. I feel if it was lowed by at least half it would be fair. I forget the name of it but the red visor requiring avenger medals is very hard. The message i am trying to get across here (And i definitely don't blame 343, it was their first game and they wouldn't have known how it would go down) but now they know (: so c'mon 343! One last thing that isn't entirely relevant. I Don't think all specializations should be available for unlock straight away, some should be restricted until you have done more, per say, completed a number of specializations. I hope you enjoyed my ideas. Thank you for reading! (:
  8. Those are really nice loadouts, if you could put them into the correct format i will be happy to put them up on the post (:
  9. I hope they don't bring back duel wield, it was stupidly overpowered. There are never 2 of the same weapons on the map anymore. Duel Wield was such a game breaker :/ Nice layout, however i do need to point out that the target locater and designator are practically the same thing :S Not ridiculous. Just new. I couldn't bare not to have any new weapons apart from an SMG, which does less damage than most weapons in the game :L
  10. I don't entirely agree with you. I think that 343 introduced amazing looking weapons, the Incineration cannon and binary rifle are very OP but they never show up in games. I've only ever seen them on some maps on dominion. However i do agree that there should be more standard primary loadout weapons in the game rather than just more and more ordinance weapons. The tail on the rocket launcher looks awesome and really helps because i'm tired of the rocket launcher being a stealthy weapon. You could fire it off and no one would know where it came from, but now i can track down everyone because the tail give you an idea on where they are hiding. And ordinance drops are much better than the weapons just spawning on the map for no reason, how stupid was that? It made no sense :L ordinance drops are great because people just used to camp next the rocket and sniper spawn, but now they can't and all of the weapons are given out fairly.
  11. Nice Do you think you could include a description? If you do i'll put 'em up Awesome, Do you think you could format it correctly? Thanks!
  12. Nice ones A really well justified set of loadouts! Thanks. They are going straight on the Post.
  13. Not at all. The Assault rifle isn't a precision rifle, it cuts through ammunition incredibly quick and also has a very high rate of fire. The weapon i described is a Precision weapon (So you can get headshots with it) It has a low rate of fire, slightly faster than a DMR and cuts through ammo very slowly.
  14. Halo 5 Weapons: (What we want!) Introduction: Well, If it isn't already to start talking about Halo 5! Here we are going to talk about all of the awesome weapons we want in halo 5! Hope you enjoy! The Weapons: Flare Cannon: (Promethean) - This weapon is not designated as a weapon to directly inflict damage on your opposition, rather blind all enemies temporarily in its fired round's proximity, or any friendlies not careful enough to note it. I Feel the flare cannon should have the appearance of a stubby and bulky weapon with a single round magazine, spawning with about 3 rounds. Acid Hound: (Covenant) - This weapon would be a powerful close quarters weapon that sprays corrosive acid on close enemies, partially inflicting their vision whilst the acid lingers on the ground, slowing and damaging enemies, The weapons would be rare ordinance and run on charge / Fuel. SR - Support rifle (UNSC) - A fully automatic low rate of fire precision rifle with no zoom. Lots of ammunition and damage slightly lower than that of a Battle rifle's. This weapon would be great for helping you team mates by effortlessly dropping ammunition into your foes with ease to help speed up the kills in long streaks. Peirce rifle: (Covenant) - A powerful needle based sniper rifle with slightly shorter zoom than a regular sniper and a 3 shot kill, 2 to the head. With a slightly higher rate of fire than a regular sniper, but with less recoil. I feel a rifle as such with provide much more interesting game play to medium sized slayer and objective matches. Swarm Cannon: (UNSC) - This one is slightly more unusual for a halo game. A large very powerful rocket launcher that locks onto targets (Personnel / Vehciles ect.) and fires roughly 8 rockets very rapidly to seek in a obliterate targets. The introduction of this weapon would most likely subtract the rocket launcher's lock on feature. Honor Spear: (Covenant) - Referring to the large spears wielded by elite honor guards, this weapon would be a extended melee weapon, upon holding down the trigger initiates a charge feature, bringing you out to 3rd person and moving at a much faster than walking pace, upon walking into foes you would pierce and kill them. There would also be a feature for you to throw the spear at a foe instantly killing them yet leaving you without the spear and have it free for other to pick up. Normal attacks wont feature a lunge, but rather a 2 hit kill very rapid swing attack. SMG: (UNSC) [Returning] - I know that we all loved the SMG. However it was never quite cut out to be a Primary weapon, so i had the idea that it should be nerfed and designated a late unlock side arm. Which would be great for multiplayer game changing in small maps. With less damage than the AR of course. Pulse Rifle: (UNSC) - This weapon, i intend again to create interesting game changing. Upon firing this weapon a massive sonic wave would be sent out knocking over any enemies on front of you and slightly damaging their shields. Either giving you the upper hand in equal battles of give you the change to escape from large groups of enemies. This weapon would spawn with a very low ammo count. Rouge Rifle: (UNSC) - A loadout weapon unlocked either at a very high level or after a rigorous achievement, this weapon with a very small reticle yet much more powerful rounds and a low rate of fire. This weapon would be worked very well with a powerful scope, possibly with some sort or special system for seeking out enemies by outlining visible ones with a a red outline. This weapon would be very hard to use but in the hands of a skilled owner it could drop foes faster than the DMR. I will Submit more ideas soon! Thank you for reading! Please drop me a like (: and submit your responses below! Thanks again! -RAXS SLAYER
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