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    • Demon's Souls fans picked up on newer animations that were unveiled during a recent PlayStation 5 gameplay trailer. Now, Sony has confirmed that the remake will, in fact, feature update weapon animations, though they won't change the feel or flow of gameplay. Creative director at SIE Worldwide Studios' External Development Gavin Moore said Demon's Souls' various weapon types will now have "unique animations." In an interview with GameSpot, Moore explained that while the core gameplay for a weapon doesn't change, the power of PlayStation 5 allows the team to add "extra details and flourishes" to animations. This should help differentiate the weapons so a polearm and spear don't feel identical to one other. "But what we did do beyond [haptics] was we thought, 'Well, we've got all of these weapons, right? And we've got all of this memory suddenly, and all of this power.' So we added all these unique animations to weapon types," Moore said. "So now, when you pick up your spear, or you pick up your polearm, or your rapier, or your katana, they're all different attacks. But again, the cadence is all the same as the original. So the gameplay doesn't change, the speed of the attack is the same. You're visually just adding extra details and flourishes to really bring that world alive." Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Best Buy got a head start on its Black Friday 2020 deals by releasing several dozen of them during Amazon Prime Day, offering steep discounts on games, movies, 4K TVs, gaming laptops, and more. Now, the full Best Buy Black Friday ad is finally here, pulling back the curtain on the retailer's holiday promotions. You can also shop select deals from the Black Friday ad for the next few days. Best Buy Black Friday 2020 schedule Best Buy hasn't shared exact dates for its November Black Friday promotions, but it looks like they'll be rolled out slowly through the entire month--a Nintendo Switch bundle, for example, is marked as starting on November 22, a full week before Black Friday itself. For now, Best Buy is pushing this weekend's sale, which offers a chance to snag some Black Friday deals before they sell out. Depending on availability, we'll see many of these deals return Black Friday weekend, but the best deals are yet to come. October 29-November 1: Select deals from Best Buy's Black Friday ad are live Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Microsoft has revealed the four games you'll be able to snag through Xbox Live Games With Gold in November 2020. It includes games across three generations of systems, and they'll remain in your library for as long as you're a subscriber. Aragami: Shadow Edition will be free for the entire month, and it's a native Xbox One game that usually costs $25. It's joined by Swimsanity from November 16 through December 16. On the original Xbox side, the tactical warfare game Full Spectrum Warrior is free from November 1 through November 15, at which point it will be replaced by Lego Indiana Jones for Xbox 360 until the end of November. Full Spectrum Warrior is an underrated gem for the original Xbox, and it just might be the standout this month. The game blends real-time action and strategy for a military simulation that remains unique well over a decade after its launch. You still have time to grab a few games from the October lineup, including Slayaway Camp, Maid of Sker, and Costume Quest. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Open-world zombie apocalypse game Days Gone just received a new update, and it's a chunky one that improves overall stability and addresses several issues that caused the Sony Bend-developed title to crash. Measuring in at a whopping 25 GB, the update brings Days Gone up to version 1.70. The patch notes are surprisingly short as well: Added operational stability improvements Addressed crashing issues Fixed framerate drop and lag issues Performance and stability performance Days Gone will be one of several games in the PS Plus Collection alongside Bloodborne, God of War, and Persona 5, those will be available for PlayStation 5 PS Plus subscribers when the new console launches in November. Like many of those games, it'll take advantage of the PS5 hardware to improve its frame rate and loading times, features which The Last of Us Part II began preparing for with a patch of its own that has already dramatically improved its load times on PS4. The new patch however, doesn't indicate if Days Gone will receive similar current-gen improvements or any other added improvements such as last year's New Game+ Mode or cosmetics from Death Stranding. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Ahead of its launch on November 10, developer Bungie has dropped a new launch trailer for its latest Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light. It's a briefer look at the next chapter in Destiny 2 than the lengthy ViDoc from this week, but there's still plenty to unpack here. The Darkness has finally arrived in our solar system, a new Fallen house has risen to challenge the Guardians, and the lure of new powers from the age-old enemy of The Traveler has resulted in humanity's defenders questioning where their allegiances truly lie. All that, and a creepy orchestral remix of The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" can be heard in the background. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • 2K Games will expand NBA 2K21's WNBA content by giving players a new feature dubbed The W. Exclusively available in next-gen versions, The W adds the WBNA to the MyPlayer experience. Players will be able to build their own WNBA player and plan out her pro career in the professional league. The W will also include a multiplayer component. Called The W Online, the mode features two teams of three WNBA MyPlayer characters competing against each other. "We're really proud to continue our great partnership with the WNBA and introduce players to The W," stated Visual Concepts senior producer Felicia Steenhouse. "Being able to recognize yourself both on and off the court is incredibly important to us. The W helps us elevate women's basketball and highlights the starpower of the WNBA." Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Cyberpunk 2077 recently got one more delay, a slight push while the team at CD Projekt Red puts the finishing touches on its day zero patch. Recent comments from CEO Adam Kiciński suggest the trouble is getting the game to run properly on current-generation consoles. "The game is ready for the PC and runs great on the next-gen consoles, and could be shipped on the scheduled date on those platforms," Kiciński said in an investor call. "However, even though the game has been certified on the current gens by both Sony and Microsoft, some very final optimization processes for such a massive and complex game require a bit of additional time." From the comments, it sounds as if the game has passed certification on current-gen consoles, but CDPR isn't satisfied with its performance yet. He also noted that the team is effectively working on nine versions of the game: Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Square Enix has launched a new website detailing the characters and world of Final Fantasy XVI. The upcoming JRPG was announced in September as part of Sony's PlayStation 5 Showcase event. Firstly, the three main characters are Clive Rosfield, his younger brother Joshua Rosfield, and their trusted confidant Jill Warrick. Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed some additional information on the PlayStation Blog, explaining that Clive is the main protagonist of the game and is both the young knight and the older tattooed man seen in the game's debut trailer. The game takes place in a world called Valisthea, which the website describes as a land blessed in the light of the Mothercrystals. These crystals take the form of glittering mountains that tower over the realms around them, blessing them with aether that Valisthea's denizens flock to in order to conjure magicks that let them live lives of comfort. Six kingdoms are scattered throughout the land, including the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, where Clive, Joshua, and Jill hail from. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • The Demon's Souls remake launches alongside the PS5 in less than two weeks, and Sony has unveiled several minutes of new gameplay to help quench your thirst until then. Bluepoint's remake continues to look nothing short of stunning as we go into a new area and see the enormous arachnid lying in wait. Once again devoid of UI elements, the second Demon's Souls gameplay trailer is set in Stonefang, which is one of the five main areas in the game. It's filled with lava, which should make it somewhat familiar to anyone who played Dark Souls 2 and made it to the Iron Keep. It's a much more dangerous area than the one we saw in the first trailer, both in terms of the enemies you'll be fighting and the environment itself. After warming up with a standard battle against an enemy, the trailer transitions to a fight against the Armored Spider, who spits fast fireballs at the player. The spider reacts with each hit it takes from a sword, meaning you could possibly play the game without enemies' health bars displayed if you wanted absolute immersion. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • The acquisition of Bethesda parent ZeniMax Media by Microsoft has been one of the largest deals in the history of gaming, and one that Bethesda creative director Todd Howard believes will result in an even better future for the industry. In an interview with GamesIndustry.Biz, Howard said that Microsoft hasn't decided what its approach to console exclusivity will be, but that it will be "hard to imagine" the two companies not launching a game like The Elder Scrolls 6 on other platforms as well. Bethesda had largely been an independent producer and publisher of games before the deal was accepted and work began on finalizing the merger. "Once the shock wore off, there was just huge excitement given the relationship we've had [with Microsoft] and what the road looks like ahead--not just for us but the gaming industry," Howard said about how Bethesda reacted to the news internally. "We're very much aligned, and have been for a long time, with the same vision as to where gaming is going and how we can be ambassadors and drive that forward." Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
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