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    • Known for first-person shooters and action-adventure games like Prey and the Dishonored series, Arkane Studios is celebrating 20 years in the business by offering up some free digital goodies for fans, including a free PC copy of Arkane's first game, Arx Fatalis. To get the free game, all you have to do is sign up for the studio's "Arkane Outsiders" email list, which notifies subscribers about beta access and sneak peeks at upcoming games. You'll also get a free digital copy of "The Art of Arkane." Without signing up for anything, you can also nab some pretty cool digital wallpapers for free on the Arkane 20-year anniversary hub page. There's not much time to take advantage of the offer, however. You have from now until May 31 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET to sign up and get Arx Fatalis for free. Please note this is a Bethesda.net PC copy of Arx Fatalis, so you'll need the free Bethesda launcher to install and play the game. Released in 2002, Arx Fatalis is a first-person action-RPG set in a fantasy world called Arx where the sun has failed, forcing anyone who lived on the surface to retreat to underground caves, where it's still warm enough to live. Your character wakes up in a prison cell and, after making his escape, soon learns his mission is to take down the secret cult of Akbaa, a god of destruction threatening the underground world. GameSpot's Arx Fatalis review scored the game an 8.4/10 (back when we used an incremental point system instead of whole numbers), and the game still maintains a "Very Positive" rating on Steam. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Apex Legends has been steadily getting better and better with each new season, and with the latest content in Season 5, EA says it's experiencing the best uptake from a season launch yet. EA states in a press release that Season 5 of Apex Legends has encouraged lots of new players to join in, with many more choosing to stick around than in the past. Season 5 introduced a new character, Loba, and made changes to the map, including the destruction of Skull Town on King's Canyon. The ongoing expansion of the game's lore is also allowing developer Respawn to experiment with new ways to tease upcoming content, with the "Stories from the Outlands" series of shorts helping to introduce new combatants to the game. Season 5 also introduced Quests--a feature which Respawn didn't think possible back when they launched Apex Legends' first season. We spoke to game director Chad Greiner about this evolution, where he explained that Respawn continually keeps learning from previous seasons while trying to shake things up with each new one. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Outriders developer People Can Fly hosted the first in a series of gameplay demo streams, and in the process answered some burning questions from the community. From that we got a much better idea of how the studio is approaching sometimes-contentious online features. In a fan Q&A at the end of the stream, Robbie Palmer addressed five quick questions. Asked if this will be another games as service game, Palmer said no, and emphasized that it "will be a complete experience out of the box." Similarly, he noted that it "will not feature microtransactions." Another question focused on Denuvo, the DRM technology that recently caused a stir in the Doom Eternal community. "We know this is a hot topic in certain parts of the community," Palmer said. "Again, nice simple answer: no, it will not have Denuvo." Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Valve's Index VR headset is without a doubt the best on the market today, thanks to its high refresh rate, wide field of view, and finger-tracking Knuckle controllers. It's also one of the most expensive, ringing in at $1000 just to get started. That's why HP's new Mixed-Reality headset, the Reverb G2, is so enticing at $599. Created in collaboration with Microsoft and Valve, the Reverb G2 is a second version of a previously industry-focused headset, this time with its eyes on gamers first and foremost. The resolution is a big selling point, outdoing the Valve Index's 1600x1400 with a 2160x2160 resolution per eye. The refresh rate is limited to 90 Hz (as opposed to the Index's 120 Hz), but the increased resolution should sharpen up games even further. The resolution isn't actually changed from the previous Reverb, but the lenses are. They were created with the help of Valve too, and while they aren’t the same as the Index, HP believes their work has helped alleviate the "smudginess" of the previous iteration. Valve has also let HP use the same design and drivers for its off-ear headphones--another big selling-point of the Index's design. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Following a delay in December 2019 that caused the game to miss its January 23 release date, Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition will officially arrive on August 27 for Android and iOS devices, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The news comes via the PlayStation Blog, where the studio's web content editor, Duncan Heaney, discussed some of the new features that have been added to this remastered Crystal Chronicles. These additions include cross-play with online support, improved audio and visual enhancements, new character voiceovers and dungeons, and more, some of which Square is keeping close to its chest. In addition to announcing the new release date, Square Enix also shared a brief overview trailer showing off Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition's modifications. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • A new month always brings a new batch of free games for subscribers to services like PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold, and anyone who's signed up for Amazon Prime can look forward to free monthly games and loot as well. Twitch Prime, a membership included with any Amazon Prime subscription, just announced its upcoming free games for June 2020, which will be available starting on the first of the month. Plus, there are still a few days left to claim May's free games. The star of June's freebies is definitely Observer, a first-person psychological horror game from Bloober Team, the developers of Layers of Fear and Blair Witch. Observer is set in the year 2084 in Krakow, Poland, where you'll play as a detective who is able to hack into people's minds (whether they're alive or dead) to find clues and solve crimes. The game earned an impressive 9/10 in GameSpot's Observer review for its haunting atmosphere, incredible cyberpunk storytelling, and inventive sound design. "Cyberpunk is a reflection of where we’re headed as a society, an oddly alluring reality where we've allowed impressive technology into our lives at the cost of our humanity," wrote critic David Rayfield. "This is a niche genre that needs new revisions and new pioneers so it can keep evolving as we inch closer to seeing its fictional warnings play out in real life, and Observer adds to the familiar parables in fascinating and unexpected ways. In that respect, and on so many other levels, Observer is a haunting and remarkable achievement." Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition arrives on Switch tomorrow, May 29, but an update for the game is available before it's even launched. Nintendo has rolled out Xenoblade Chronicles' 1.1.1 update. The company has yet to release English patch notes, but the update appears to resolve two fairly specific issues concerning the Arts Palette that could arise when using a Chain Attack. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is a remaster of the classic Wii RPG, featuring improved character models, a redesigned UI, and other visual touchups. The game also boasts a new epilogue story called Future Connected, which is available from the outset and takes place a year after the main game. According to game director Tetsuya Takahashi, Future Connected's story is about 10-12 hours long, while those who clear all of its side content can spend upwards of 20 hours with the epilogue. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition has been very warmly received by critics, including GameSpot. We gave it a 9/10 in our Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition review, with critic Jake Dekker writing, "Although not every aspect of Xenoblade Chronicles has aged as well as others, Definitive Edition proves that Xenoblade Chronicles is still a fantastic JRPG with an immense amount of strategic depth that's still impressive in 2020. Its bevy of improvements and additions, as well as its fantastic epilogue, make this an adventure worth embarking on a decade later." Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Xbox Series X is scheduled to be released in Holiday 2020, and when it does, Microsoft should offer a service similar to the once prominent Xbox Live Arcade. Combined with the welcome practices and services that Microsoft has made since the release of Xbox One, something like Xbox Live Arcade could be a beneficial way of both promoting and curating the indie game library on Xbox Series X. Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) launched with Xbox 360 back in November 2005. The service promoted and hosted games that weren't a part of the rest of the Xbox Live Marketplace. Each game on XBLA was priced under $20 USD and had free trials, creating a library of games with a much lower bar for entry. You could try them out prior to deciding whether to buy them and they were much cheaper than the traditional $60 USD retail price of a AAA game. Right from the start, XBLA was used to promote games created by small teams and indie studios that were released for Xbox 360--a market that had traditionally only excelled on PC, not consoles. I discovered plenty of cool-looking indie games and experimental titles through XBLA, like Mark of the Ninja, Minecraft (yes, really--I actually hadn't tried it prior to its release on Xbox 360), and Telltale's The Walking Dead. These games also released on other systems, but XBLA helped them gain traction on Xbox 360, the service prominently featured at least one new game every Wednesday. XBLA Wednesdays became this huge event (which, admittedly, began to peter out near the end of the Xbox 360's lifecycle), where new games were spotlighted and celebrated by the Xbox brand. If you were a small studio or solo creator and you could get your game to launch on Xbox 360, you were likely guaranteed to have your game promoted for a whole week. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Gearbox has issued a new Borderlands 3 hotfix, but unlike most of the weekly updates this one is particularly light. In fact, it only addresses a single issue, but the team notes that it's working hard on a bigger patch to come next week. As detailed in the announcement, this week's hotfix only addresses one bug: reports that the "Talk" prompt would sometimes fail to appear if you were in multiplayer during the Pandora's Next Top Mouthpiece mission. That bug risked blocking progression for players, but it should be resolved as of May 28 at 12 PM PT. The update suggests that fixes next week should be more substantial since the reason this week update is so light is that "testing resources are currently being directed at the upcoming patch on June 4." That date will also mark the end of Revenge of the Cartels, which will be replaced by the next mini-event, Takedown of the Guardian Breach. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • A new game from publisher Devolver Digital is launching on the Epic Games Store today, May 28--and it won't cost a cent. The game, Sludge Life, has been on our radar since it was announced for its wild sense of style and mellow graffiti gameplay. It's also full of cat butts, and features a dedicated button for farts, as all games should. The game involves exploring a small island on a planet with a serious sludge problem. You play as Ghost, a tagger looking to move up the graffiti food chain, and a lot of the game involves committing vandalism. There are no specific objectives given to you, but there are three potential endings to be discovered. The game's launch trailer is below, and once you're done watching it you can jump onto its Epic Games Store page and download the game for free. Sludge Life will be free on the Epic Games Store for 12 months, so you don't need to rush to grab it. It's also due to release on Nintendo Switch at some point, but that version will not be free. If you end up loving the game and want to spend some money on it, the Sludge Life shop features plenty of merch, including a 7" vinyl and an ashtray/lighter set. But there's no obligation to do so, and no catch here--just a totally free game. If you're after more free games, here's everything you can nab right now. View the full article
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