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    • Souls-like action game Mortal Shell was designed to punish players with its deliberate and challenging combat, and if you can't wait to play the full game, you can try out a slice with the beta on Epic Games Store right now. If you're skilled, you can get through it in an hour, but Cold Symmetry and publisher Playstack warn that it can take much longer for everyone else. The big hook in Mortal Shell are the titular shells, which are bodies you can possess in order to gain their powers and arsenal. The beta contains two shells called Harros and Tiel, giving you a chance to shake up the combat to best serve your situation. We also discovered two shells during our time previewing the game. The beta is spoiler-free and you can only access a small portion of the Fallgrim area in order to stop you from getting too far off-track. The deliberate and brutal battles should keep you plenty busy anyway, and if you're struggling, you'll want to carefully learn enemies' attacks in order to create your own strategy. You can also use a "harden" ability mid-fight in order to take a non-damaging attack. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • GameStop has been hosting a bunch of sales over the past couple of months, but most of them have centered on PS4 and Xbox One games. That changes with the Game Days Sale, a week-long event running through July 11 that features rare discounts on Nintendo Switch exclusives, including Super Mario Maker 2 and Yoshi's Crafted World. PS4 and Xbox One games are prominently featured as well, though, making Game Days one of the most comprehensive GameStop sales of the year so far. On Nintendo Switch, five first-party exclusives that normally go for $60 are discounted to $40: Super Mario Maker 2, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Yoshi's Crafted World, Splatoon 2, and Mario Tennis Aces. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • July is here, and it's shaping up to be another busy month for Pokemon Go. On top of all the in-game events Niantic has lined up over the next few weeks, a new batch of Field Research tasks is now live, and if you complete enough of them, you'll earn a new Research Breakthrough reward: Larvitar. Each time you achieve a Research Breakthrough in July, your reward will be an encounter with Larvitar, the base form of the powerful Tyranitar. There's also a chance that the Larvitar you encounter will be Shiny, so there's a good incentive to complete as much Field Research as you can this month. As a refresher, Field Research tasks are distributed via Poke Stops. The first one you complete each day will net you a stamp, and collecting seven stamps will lead to a Research Breakthrough. You can see the full list of July's Field Research tasks, as compiled by The Silph Road, below. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Diablo III's Season 21 content is now live for all regions and platforms, bringing with it new class sets, item and skill changes, and season journey rewards. You'll be able to get cosmetic rewards previously available from Season 9 as part of the content update, but there are a couple of new additions, as well. Season 21's theme is Trials of Tempests, and during the season your character will occasionally channel an elemental power that you can utilize for a short time. You can crush enemies with snowballs, breathe lightning, rain meteors, conjure a flame wall, or even cast tornadoes. Those who complete the season's journey in the Trial of Tempests will get the Stupendous Contraption pet and the Industrial Portrait frame. This is in addition to the Season 9 items that are also available for completing it. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Ubisoft executive Maxime Beland has resigned from his position on the company's editorial team following accusations of assault and sexual harassment. Beland had previously been suspended pending the outcome of an internal investigation, and the investigation is continuing despite his departure. Ubisoft confirmed Beland's resignation in a statement to GameSpot, adding that VP of editorial and creative services Tommy François has been played on disciplinary leave as a second investigation is conducted and one employee from Ubisoft Toronto had been fired outright. Watch Dogs product and brand marketer Andrien Gbinigie, who was accused of sexual assault in June, worked out of the Ubisoft Toronto location. However, Ubisoft did not confirm if he was the employee in question. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Animal Crossing: New Horizons' summer update has arrived, bringing with it a new visitor, Pascal. In exchange for a scallop--one of the 40 new sea creatures you can catch while diving--Pascal will give you a mermaid-themed DIY or clothing item. There are 14 mermaid DIYs to collect in all, and there are four different items of mermaid clothing. Below is a complete list of all the mermaid DIYs. To craft these mermaid items, you'll need pearls, a new material you can find while swimming, and often regular seashells as well. None of the mermaid items are customizable. We also have a list of the new mermaid clothing items. Credit for these lists goes to Nookazon as we work to verify the items through regular play. Make sure you have plenty of seashells ready.All Mermaid DIY Recipes Mermaid bed Mermaid rug Mermaid lamp Mermaid sofa Mermaid wall Mermaid chair Mermaid shelf Mermaid table Mermaid closet Mermaid screen Mermaid vanity Mermaid dresser Mermaid flooring Mermaid wall clock Mermaid Clothing Mermaid tiara Mermaid fishy dress (two colors) Mermaid princess dress (two colors) Mermaid shoes (two colors) View the full article
    • July 3 marks the first wave of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' summer update, and with it comes a whole bunch of new features, including swimming and diving, a new category of critter to find, new visitor interactions, and a new DIY recipe set. Here's everything new to Animal Crossing this week and how to dive in. Swimming And Diving You need the wetsuit to start swimming.The biggest new feature from the update is the ability to swim and dive in the ocean around your island. We have a full guide on how to get a wetsuit and swim, so check it out to get started. Catching New Sea Creatures Start filling your Critterpedia with new sea creatures, like the sea anemone or moon jellyfish.Swimming and diving on your island opens up a new world of wildlife to find and collect. There are 40 sea creatures you can catch, all categorized in their own "sea creature" label in your Critterpedia. You can also donate them to Blathers at the museum. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Pascal isn't a newcomer to the Animal Crossing series, but he did make his first appearance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons after wave one of its summer update went live this week. The red sea otter loves scallops and will trade you DIY recipes in exchange for them. He can also gift you pearls, a rare crafting item requires for certain recipes, including the new mermaid set. How To Find Pascal On Your Island You can find Pascal while swimming and diving in your island's oceans. If you don't know how to do either yet, check out our Animal Crossing swimming guide for instructions on where to get a wet suit and how to swim. He waits...Once you're in the water and start diving for sea creatures, Pascal will eventually appear, but only when you find a scallop. He won't appear every time you catch a scallop or even the first time--it's random, and we're not quite sure what the rate is, but it seems to only be once a day. It does seem like he can appear on your island alongside other special visitors, however. Leif was in my island's town square on the same day I met Pascal. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • For many of us, playing video games is a much-needed break from all the trials and responsibilities of everyday life. When COVID-19 forced the globe into quarantine, gamers shared how playing games like Animal Crossing was an important part of both having fun and maintaining mental health while in isolation. Despite elements of randomness that are pervasive in many games, video games often feel like a level playing field. Unlike life away from our controllers, the rules of video games are explained, the parameters and limitations made clear. Whether it is Mario jumping over pipes or fighting a boss in Final Fantasy, the avatar is an extension of you. Getting your Pokémon to Level 99 is a reflection of the time and effort (and money) you invest in the game. Though scholars like Christopher Paul warn us about the toxicity that can arise from seeing video games as pure meritocracies, it isn't inherently wrong to see video games as one of the few places where (to the greatest extent possible) you get out exactly what you put in. Everything that happens is a function of your input, no matter what demographic you come from. Lately, I've been playing games like FIFA, Smash Bros., and River City Girls with my girlfriend. Spending time with her while doing something we both enjoy has been a silver lining in the pandemic quarantine, but there aren't enough Switch games in the world to drown out all news stories and videos of unarmed black suspects and bystanders being killed in just about every context imaginable. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • The biggest addition to part one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' summer update is the ability to swim and dive in the ocean around your island, which means new creatures to catch. In fact, the summer update added an entirely new category in your Critterpedia, titled "Sea Creatures," and Blathers is accepting donations of new finds at the museum as well. There are 40 total new sea creatures to catch. Here we'll go over every new type of sea creature you can find while diving. If you don't know how to dive yet, check out our guide on how to swim in Animal Crossing for info on where to get a wet suit and how to get into the water for the first time. How To Find Sea Creatures In Animal Crossing Sea creatures can only be found while diving underwater in the ocean. You'll know you're near one when you see a column of bubbles floating to the surface, or when you're already underwater and spot a dark shadow beneath the waves. Just dive under and swim over to the shadow to automatically collect the creature. Sometimes the shadow might be moving, so you will have to follow or chase it. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
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