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    • EA has released a very small update for Madden NFL 20 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC that fixes some minor gameplay concerns, as well as improving the game's general stability. We've got the full patch notes below. The patch fixes two issues that fans have noted. For one, defenders won't be able to go into the backfield unblocked in defensive formations like Nickel 2-4-5 Odd anymore. For another, you won't be able to use the "Nasty Streak" Superstar ability on out-of-position players, either. That ability was added in the August 2019 title update, and some fans have complained that it's overpowered ever since. The previous update for the game added new formations and plays from Super Bowl 54, including the Jet Chip Wasp. Like this most recent update, it also improved stability for Franchise mode. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • A release date of April 23 for Dotemu's upcoming Streets of Rage 4 has appeared in the European Nintendo eShop. First spotted by Twitter user Wario64, Dotemu quickly posted that it "cannot confirm" that release date yet. Dotemu has also released a new trailer for the game, which reveals its inclusion of retro tracks and characters from the previous Streets of Rage games, 16-bit sprites and all. The game will cost $25 and will come out "soon" for Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Previous trailers for the sequel have focused on the game's soundtrack, which is being composed by several contributors to the original games, including the much-heralded Yuzo Koshiro. They've also highlighted the game's new characters, including the Jax-inspired Floyd Iraia, complete with robotic arms and a ground pound. View the full article
    • The upcoming Minecraft Nether Update will feature music from composer Lena Raine, most known for her award-winning work on Celeste and Guild Wars 2. Three original tracks will be featured across the new biomes introduced to the Nether when the update releases at some point later this year. The track Rubedo will be played in the Nether Wastes, Chrysopoeia can be heard in Crimson Forests, while So Below will feature in both Soulsand Valleys and Basalt Deltas. "I am extremely honored and excited to finally say that I'm the composer for the upcoming Nether Update for Minecraft," Raine said on Twitter. In the latest Snapshot blog post, meanwhile, the composer explained her approach to creating new music for Minecraft: "One of the primary instruments in Minecraft is the piano, and so one of my challenges to myself was to see how far I could push the sound of the piano until it resembled other things entirely–again, that alchemical process. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • NBA 2K20 has received a small update on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One that addresses some MyPlayer and MyTeam issues. We've compiled the full patch notes are below. The new NBA 2K20 patch fixes an issue related to MyPlayer's ability to dunk alley-oops. For some reason, the created character sometimes wouldn't dunk the ball after initiating or receiving an alley-oops despite having the necessary rating to do so. This problem should be ironed out now. NBA 2K20's newest update also makes some tweaks to MyTeam. These include fixing a problem where players' Collector Level would inexplicably reset after selling a bunch of cards, addressing an issue where the ball would drop incredibly slow when activating the ball drop mechanic, and rectifying created or customized assets so that the desired accessory colors appeared in-game. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • During the latest Inside Xbox stream, Microsoft revealed new features coming to Xbox Game Bar on PC that will make it easier for you to stream your games without having to juggle through multiple programs. At the core of this are new widgets for Xbox Game Bar, with Xsplit and Razer having their own widgets ready for Insiders to start testing. The Xsplit widget will let you control your stream through the Game Bar overlay, letting you interact with chat, adjust output settings, and deciding when to go live without having to minimize your game. The Razer Cortex widget lets you activate Cortex in-game to close or suspend background applications that might be taking up precious CPU horsepower or RAM, directing more performance to your game. The widget also integrates with Razer's Silver and Gold virtual credits and its supported games, if you're invested in that platform. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • To help people enjoy their time in isolation, Google has announced a special promotion for its game-streaming service, Google Stadia. The company is giving away two months of free access to Stadia in regions where the service is supported. "We're facing some of the most challenging times in recent memory. Keeping social distance is vital, but staying home for long periods can be difficult and feel isolating. Video games can be a valuable way to socialize with friends and family when you're stuck at home," Stadia boss Phil Harrison said. Beginning today (April 8), everyone who signs up for Stadia will get two months of Stadia Pro. All you need is a Gmail address to get in on the freebie offer. Stadia Pro comes with access to nine games, including Destiny 2, Grid, and Thumper. A Pro subscription normally costs $10/USD per month, and you'll be charged this fee after the two months if you don't cancel. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Valve has put together some data in graphs and charts to show how individual games have fared on Steam over the years. According to the first graph, the number of games earning at least $10,000 in its first two weeks has increased every year since 2011, with over three times as many making that amount in 2019 than in 2013. In its second analysis, Valve compared the years 2018 to 2019, taking a look at sales per game, and how those games break down into percentiles. The overall takeaway was positive: Valve found that the median 2019 game earned 24% more during its first two weeks than the median 2018 game. However, the graph tells a more nuanced story: games above the 35th percentile made much more money in 2019 than in 2018, while games below that threshold made less. As Valve notes in the announcement, it's difficult to make meaningful conclusions about what this means for an individual developer's success--$10,000 in two weeks might be a game-changer for a small team with day jobs, while it would represent a major failure for a larger team. And according to an analysis from Ars Technica that uses Valve's own numbers along with the total number of Steam games provided by Steam Spy, the vast majority of Steam games fail to make more than $5000 in their first two weeks. No matter how you slice it, while things might be inching in a positive direction, the average Steam game doesn't earn much money. View the full article
    • The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming on Friday, April 10 for most territories, but if you pick up a physical copy you should know that you can't jump in right away. A large disc install across both Blu-ray discs will take some time. The first chapter will be playable after installation, and then you'll be prompted to install from the second disc after completing the first chapter. Altogether the process is said to take around an hour. If you're buying the game digitally, pre-loading is now available so you can get ready for launch day without a wait. If you're planning to play from a physical copy, on the other hand, just pop in the disc and do something else for a while. The physical supply chain also may have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • Sony officially unveiled the PS5 DualSense controller on April 7, and it includes a built-in microphone to easily chat with your friends. However, that microphone does not mean the loss of a traditional 3.5mm headset jack on the controller. Answering a question on Twitter, PlayStation project manager Toshimasa Aoki clarified that the DualSense controller still has the same headset jack as the DualShock 4, meaning you'll be able to plug in your headset of choice if you don't want to use the built-in microphone. It seems like an obvious inclusion, but Sony's competitors haven't always made headset chatting so simple. The launch controller for Xbox One featured a proprietary port that required an adapter in order to use existing headsets, and the Nintendo Switch requires a separate phone app for chat. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
    • To: 343 Industries/Microsoft Game Studios Urgently, Seriously- Written On April 8th/2020  From: Turok117- You guys should bring back the one hit kill beatdown method/technique with the rocket launcher from Halo 2 on all rocket launcher type weapons in "Halo-Infinite" or atleast in "Halo-Open Worlds" from the halo rings to the one and only earth to the alien planets beyond the stars to spaceships that shaped the universe here we are to finally open, what could never be opened before, something 117 always had in his heart 2do welcome to open worlds the 1st step forward to a new beginning even a new Halo series alot of games have many different versions so why not everyone is doing it anyway limitless possibilities but we can bring back the simple of Halo by simply making it as fun as Halo 2 was its the little things that count the smallest details make the biggest differences when it comes to actually playing 4players with your friends and family or playing online or simply just on campaign mode from small maps to big maps to *open world maps* golden 4types of play O.G./custom Maps, Open World maps, Campaign mode and online mode. When I first started playing Halo it was on Halo 2 on the map Lockout 4directions one battle square in the middle and 2 towers and it was that very moment that inevitably ultimately made me quit play station for xbox and slowly but surely play station died off within me and i completely converted and switched over to xbox because of halo 2 because it was like a euphoria like an ecstasy like a drug like an addiction i couldn't live without and i just couldnt get enough in those days i had mountains of music downloaded to my xbox and i would turn on the music and begin playing 4player slayer mode on lockout but the scenario goes like this someone had a sword and i jumped into mid-air thinking i was already dead thought it was over but i wanted to fight i wanted to survive i had faith in the impossible that i could win against a sword with an empty rocket launcher in my spartan hands with my 117 will and they came zooming at me with energy sword lock and i accidentally timed it just right and countered with a monumental blow to the head with my rocket launcher one hit to the head and i instantly killed my opponent i was like holy **** that was cool awesome this game is like the best the funnest game i have ever played in my life what a rush i thought to myself and nothing still till this day ever replaced or came close to that feeling and that gaming experience i felt when i was playing lockout on Halo 2 with a rocket launcher in the middle of it all at the center of the war on the frontlines sword shotgun and sniper vs empty rocket launcher play your bets of you bet on an empty rocket launcher you would've made alot of money on Halo 2 lockout back in the day i one shotted many triple kills with a rocket launcher back in those days the heart stopping heart pumping intensifying exhilarating adrenaline rush i was once invincible in one on one hand to hand combat on halo 2 as i used to call it lol but hands down it was the best Halo time of my life back to the scenario and the other person was like wth impossible how did you do that i felt like a god with a rocket launcher after that even without ammunition i became a specialist in close up combat and head on collision combat i fell into a new realm of one hit wonders leaving people endlessly responding with a wth just happened i had a sword u should be the one responding but not today buddy i would say today you have experienced a true spartan and we fear no swords empty rocket launcher no ammunition required lol i ran into swords and basically any weapon after that without hesitation or any doubt in my mind i was just one hit away from being victorious and feeling that rush that brought me back to life after i accidentally found out what the rocket launchers capabilities were when i ran out of ammo and i had to stand my ground against all odds and do the impossible living on an empty prayer or in this case an empty rocket launcher lol i prevailed Turok117 and i was reborn with an empty rocket launcher as my chosen weapon against a sword any day and when Halo 3 was 1st released i was greatly disappointed i will never forget when i 1st bought Halo 3 i was so excited and when i came home and set up 4player mode and went on guardian and the 1st thing i tried to do was one shot my opponent in the head with an empty rocket launcher and it didn't work i just thought i was doing it wrong so i kept trying it over and over and finally sadly i came to terms with what i once lived to play Halo for was gone and tbh i didn't even wana play it anymore it honestly felt like i just lost my power i thought i would never get it back so i was forced to keep my style alive and i found myself beginning to camp and sniper people like most people did it just became instantly that much more boring and less fun for me simply because i had lost my signature kill/move what i lived to play halo for no longer existed  my reason to wana play just disappeared into thin air like it was never there what i gave up play station for totally got thrown out the window and scraped honestly I just felt like my heart got ripped outta my chest that day i lost apart of my halo spirit tht day a piece of me died along with Halo 2 i was so mad and angry at the creators because its the little things that count you know now i had to find another way to keep my tomahwak alive so i would wound my enemy damage their shields take them down like you would with any other weapon then strike them in the head with my signature rocket strike but still was greatly less effective then halo 2 one weapon could no longer do it all for me anymore my rocket launcher could no longer get the job done i could no longer take on a sword hammer etc. like i once did before i could no longer one hitter quitter someone with a rocket launcher rocketless anymore as if it was a tomahawk or something deadly and deathly an all else fails method when you run out of ammunition and someone is coming for you atleast you can still protect/defend yourself from a sword hammer shotgun etc. or anything at close range for that matter it was my last line of defense on small maps it was a useful technique i mastered it quickly became my signature kill i was better @ hitting spartans lights out/one shotting people in the head with a rocket launcher then then i was with a sword going on a sword spree i called it the no ammo rocket launcher spree and when u locked on with a rocket before you smash them in the head it kinda gave you a jolt towards your opponent sorta like when you lock on someone with a sword u can feel the lock and u can feel the kill better sorta when u shoot into someone then the impact when u hit them that feeling was priceless to me something money couldn't buy it had to be felt its was the definition of legendary like Halo 2&3 was when u kill someone you can actually feel the kill n the hit when u hit someone you can actually feel the strike in your bones like your living it and you could feel the shot when u hit the target gave you that sense of fulfillment and accomplishment made u feel whole and right on the money  But as a Halo player and Halo fan & #HaloDay1Gecko Those are my #HaloDEMANDS and what I want and i feel the people want and changes and improvements/modifications/minor adjustments i would like to see happen in the near future to make the experience of game play more fun again like the good old days that we all miss we all just wana have fun like the way we used to back when everything was so much more simple and we did this for the people for the gamers & not just a $dollar ~ The #SOULØFHALO lives where 4player/split screen was 1st *Sparked/orginated/1st conceptualized/1st sketched at the drawing board, #HALØ2 ~ This is where Halo lives in our hearts.....This is where we are all trying to get back too....This is the time we all wish we could live over again, THIS IS TRULY ALL THE PEOPLE WANT AND TBH I DON'T THINK ITS TO MUCH TO ASK REMASTER HALO 2 AND INCORPORATE IT INTO INFINITE OR OPEN WORLDS OR THE NEXT AND BRING LOCKOUT O.G. MAP ALONG FOR THE RIDE TOO MAYBE ONE BEING CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE ISN'T THAT THE WHOLE POINT OF HALO 2DO THE IMPOSSIBLE WHAT CAN'T BE DONE WE ALL BELIEVE IN MASTER CHIEF 117 NOW ITS TIME FOR HIM TO BELIEVE IN US AND BRING HALO BACK TO THE PEOPLE WE ARE HERE WAITING WATCHING WE ALWAYS HAVE BEEN BUT WE CAN'T WAIT FOREVER SOONER OR LATER THE PEOPLE FIND A HERO A LEADER TO BELIEVE IN & FOLLOW MOST FOLLOW THE GAMING CROWDS THEY GO WHERE EVERYONE IS BECAUSE PEOPLE WOULD RATHER NOT PLAY HALO ALONE  BUT MY CHIPS AND MY MONEY IS ON THE CHIEF I KNOW HE WILL OBLITERATE ALL THE SKEPTICISMS AND SPECULATION THAT SURROUNDS THIS TOPIC ONE DAY BECAUSE THERE IS NO ONE MORE UNFORGETTABLE IN THE GAMING INDUSTRY THAN THE IMAGE/SYMBOLISM OF SPARTAN 117 MASTER CHIEF AND THERE MAY BE SOME THAT DARE TO COME CLOSE BUT NOBODY WILL EVER TRULY MEASURE UP TO THE MASTER CHIEF 117 OR TOP HIM HE IS LIKE ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER IN THE TERMINATOR PEOPLE CAN TRY BUT YOU CAN'T COMPARE TO TERMINATOR 2 JUDGEMENT DAY JUST LIKE YOU CAN'T COMPARE TO HALO 2 BUT YOU CAN TRY BUT NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO ITS JUST NOT THE SAME BUT LUCKILY FOR THE GAMERS OF THE WORLD HALO IS A GAME SO THE MASTER CHIEF CAN REMAIN IMMORTAL AND CAN CONTINUE TO BE AN INFINITE SYMBOL OF GREATNESS FOR ALL TIME UNTIL THE END OF GAMING AND THE LAST MATCH HAS ENDED AND THE LAST ROCKET HAS BEEN FIRED AND THE SYSTEM SHUTS DOWN AND WE ALL MEET OUR MAKER Because simply put this is exactly what #keepsgamingalive.
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