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    • Don't you guys at 343 think it would have been a good idea to alert the player as to having to choose either a keyboard/mouse or controller for multiplayer? Bad developer taste, no excuse. What is wrong with you people? Common sense, not trial and error. Geese!
    • Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 2 has been a real doozy, adding the incredible Mega City to the Battle Royale island as part of an all-new Japan-inspired biome, along with the recently vaulted Kinetic Blade. But now spring is ending, and summer is upon us--and it's almost time for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. Here's everything we know so far about Fortnite's latest summer season. When does Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 begin? According to in-game messaging, the current season will end on June 9 at 11 PM PT / 2 AM ET, which indicates there's once again no live event this season. If Season 3 starts the way Season 2 did, then the game will only be offline for a few hours--meaning that you should expect Season 3 to begin sometime in the early morning of June 9. Beyond the ending time for this season, Epic hasn't made any announcements about what's in store for Season 3. And there haven't been many leaks yet, either--just one, really. But it's a big one. Not as big as the battle pass splash page leaking ahead of last year's summer season, but it's been enough to get a lot of folks all hot and bothered, in a good way. Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 key art teases Tranformers crossover There is a lot to discuss about this image, which was provided in full by Shiina after a portion of the image appeared on reddit, but let's start with the elephant in the room: That's Optimus Prime, the Transformer, right there on the left. We know this is key art rather than some random loading screen because of the "CONNECTING…" message at the bottom--this is an image of the game booting up, rather than loading into a match. If Optimus Prime is on the key art, then it seems pretty likely he'll be in the battle pass. But Shiina says he's not the bonus skin, which was Attack on Titan's Eren Yeager this season. Since we know very little about next season beyond what we can see in the key art, we've got no info on the particulars of the Optimus Prime skin, which we have to assume will have some kind of built-in transformation emote. Possibly even a traversal emote where he turns into a big rig, a la Kit's motorcycle emote. What's the theme for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3? It has been rumored for a while that next season would feature a jungle theme and would bring back raptors, and this key art would appear to confirm that. That means you should expect Season 3 to add a new jungle/rainforest-type of area to the Battle Royale island, probably over an area that's currently largely empty. When Season 2 added its Japan biome, we only lost one named location and gained four new ones. A similar change should be expected here, probably in either the southwest or north central parts of the map--Epic could probably expand the northern end of the island without losing any current named locations, even. The return of raptors, which haven't been around since Chapter 2, indicates that Season 3 could be a new primal-like season, a la Chapter 2 Season 6. If Fortnite is collaborating with Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and bringing back raptors, then a new primal season would track. But judging by the "18th century shipwreck victim" look of the guy in the center of the key art, not to mention the old-timey pistol he's holding, we could instead be looking at a new pirate-themed season. Or it could be a bit of both. This season's Attack on Titan collaboration, for example, doesn't mesh at all with the Mega theme since that show has a medieval Europe aesthetic--it fit with the parts of the map that were already there more than it did with the new stuff. So it clearly doesn't have to be one or the other. Will we actually be able to ride the raptors? While we haven't had any animals big enough to ride on the Chapter 4 island so far, Fortnite did add rideable animals (wolves and boars) to Battle Royale back in Chapter 3. So there's no reason to think this image is misleading. You'll probably be able to ride the raptors. If they work like the wolves and boars did, they'll also follow you around and help fight your opponents when you're on foot, too. The raptors will probably be a lot more helpful in that regard than those other animals were, though, because the raptors were always pretty aggressive to begin with--random wild ones could easily murder you if you weren't paying attention. So they may end up being on par with current hireable NPCs in terms of helpfulness in combat, though it's doubtful they'll be able to rez you in the heat of battle. What skins will be in Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 3 battle pass? If the image above is the key art for the season, then all four of the skins we see here should be in the battle pass. Two of these are folks who appear to be brand-new original characters--the guy in the center, and the woman on the raptor. Other than that, we've got Optimus Prime, and a new, summer version of the Meowscles skin surfing that vine in the back. Shiina says the bonus slot on this pass will go to an original skin rather than a collab. What new guns and other weapons are coming in Chapter 4 Season 3? HypeX has mentioned a number of changes to the Battle Royale arsenal for this season. Such as a new bolt-action sniper with a thermal scope (with one-shot headshots still in play), a "Lever Pistol" which is the old-timey gun from the key art I mentioned before, and a new mythic drum shotgun. That shotgun being specified as mythic likely means the drum is not returning to the general loot pool, but will rather be a specific drop from a boss or a capture point. So don't expect more of the complete drum shotgun mayhem that we had during Chapter 3 Season 2 when the gun was last in the game. Meanwhile, helicopters have apparently been updated with a grenade or rocket launcher--which could indicate we'll be seeing helicopters this season as well. What should we expect from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 outside of Battle Royale? Word is that Season 3 will add a new limited-time mode (LTM) that will be a racing game in the vein of Mario Kart, and that it will have its own battle pass. Could this be a Rocket League thing? Will this other pass be a proper battle pass that's included with Fortnite Crew, or will it be more like the Star Wars Find the Force event with its mini-pass that had a premium track that you had to pay for? The details are elusive--we don't even know when it's being added to the game. But if it actually has its own battle pass, I wouldn't expect it to release at the beginning of the season. View the full article
    • Diablo 4 has finally arrived, tasking you with defeating Lilith and the forces of Hell. At launch, Diablo 4 has five classes to pick from, with each class having its own unique pros and cons. While seasoned Diablo veterans will likely already know which class they are rolling with first, new players might be unsure which one will give them the best experience. Here are the pros and cons for each class and which ones will be the easiest to master. The classes are ranked from most newcomer-friendly to least, all according to an experience set to World Tier 1 difficulty, the game's beginner-friendly mode. Pros and cons of each class in Diablo 4 Necromancer The Necromancer is powerhouse and very easy for new players to grasp.The Necromancer is a fan-favorite class in Diablo and there is a reason for it. The Necromancer is both the most powerful damage-focused class and fairly simple. This class focuses on creating minions from dead enemies and can even use dead enemies' bones to attack foes. They can also have the ability to make corpses explode, making them more powerful as more enemies die around them. The biggest benefits of the Necromancer class are the Minions and the Book of the Dead, which allow you to pick from a variety of different minions, unlocking more as you level up. Having an extra set of hands on the battlefield is a big boon to newcomers, making it feel like you have extra help, even if you are playing alone. As for the downsides of the Necromancer, the main issue new players will find with this class--and the other damage-focused classes--is how squishy you can be, especially if you are playing alone. You will need to learn to keep your distance and focus on enemies getting too close to you, otherwise you might find yourself dying frequently, especially on higher World Tiers. Necromancer skills Necromancer talents Necromancer build Necromancer Book of the Dead Sorcerer The Sorcerer is a little less powerful than the Necromancer, but has much simpler abilities.The Sorcerer comes in just under the Necromancer in terms of approachability, only missing slightly due to it not being as much of a powerhouse as the Necromancer. While the Sorcerer deals a bit less damage, the skills are far easier to understand; the system of regenerating mana for more powerful attacks is fairly simple. Sorcerer's can harness the power of the elements to deal a ton of damage to enemies in large areas, with skills that focus on ice, fire, lightning, and more. The Sorcerer does have some abilities that provide them with extra defense in the middle of combat, but they have limited mobility compared to the other classes and the health pool isn't as deep. Luckily, the majority of attacks are ranged and you can deal damage to many enemies at the same time, so you won't find yourself getting overwhelmed by large groups too often. The Enhancement system for Sorcerer is also fairly simple, providing powerful passive bonuses depending on which skills you currently have equipped. Sorcerer skills Sorcerer talents Sorcerer leveling build Sorcerer Enchantments Druid The Druid gives a great balance of both offense and defense.The Druid functions as a hybrid class, with high-damage magic abilities and wild beast forms that can tank more damage than some of the other classes. During the beta for Diablo 4, there were complaints that the Druid wasn't as offensively capable as the other classes, but a build focused on area-of-effect attacks and defensive buffs can create a capable damage dealer that won't go down as quickly as some of the squishier classes. The Druid's main fault is how cooldown-heavy the class can be, with you needing to bide time and take some damage between large attacks. Even with the ability to switch to different animal forms, which let you shred enemies at close range, you might spend a decent amount of time waiting for cooldowns to end. However, being able to have both defensive abilities and powerful attacks makes Druid a nice, middling class for newbies. Druid skills Druid talents Druid build Druid Spirit Animals Rogue The Rogue is a powerhouse, but it's also a very complicated class.The Rogue is easily the least newcomer-friendly class in Diablo 4 from a mechanical sense, due to this class's focus on dealing large amounts of damage to single targets and using buffs and debuffs to your advantage. The Rogue uses a mixture of melee attacks and ranged attacks, many of which inflict debuffs like vulnerable. After making an enemy vulnerable, they take additional damage. To maximize this class you will need to focus on activating debuffs on enemies before using your bigger damage abilities. The Rogue also has to take advantage of the Imbuement system, which lets you imbue some abilities with either poison, ice, or shadow. Imbuement only affects the next two abilities used, so you have to know which combos you are going to use ahead of time before activating it. The Rogue's special system is the Specializations, which provides special bonuses and buffs, assuming you do whatever the requirements are of each Specialization. You will need to build your skills around each different kind, making it one of the more complicated characters to build. The Rogue's biggest flaw is that it's the class that struggles with large groups the most. There are plenty of abilities that deal damage in a large area, but your primary attacks are all single target focused. You will need to dash and roll around the battlefield to keep from getting surrounded. Rogue's have very high damage potential, but it takes more game knowledge than new players might have for their first character. Rogue skills Rogue talents Rogue build Rogue Specializations Barbarian The Barbarian in Diablo 4 is a tank, but its low damage output makes it difficult to play.The Barbarian is the main tank-focused class, using a vast arsenal of melee weapons to slice and bash enemies at close range. Barbarians have the special ability to rotate through different weapon types using the Weapon Arsenal mechanic, with different Barbarian skills available to use depending on the weapons currently equipped. While rotating through different weapon types might sound a bit difficult, it's fairly easy to grasp, especially since you will slowly unlock new abilities as you level up. The most newcomer-friendly part about the Barbarian is that it's the tank class, making it much easier to survive massive amounts of damage. The trade-off is that you don't deal as much damage as the other classes, but if you're new to Diablo and playing alone, you will be grateful for the larger health pool. You can pick skills, like Bleed abilities, to get more damage out of the Barbarian. The reason the Barbarian falls at the bottom of the list is that it can be very difficult to take down bosses and some of the tougher enemies alone, due to the lower damage output and the need to get in close to deal damage. This shouldn't put anyone off from trying it, but you might find yourself unhappy with how long it takes to kill enemies. Barbarian skills Barbarian talents Barbarian build Barbarian Expertise and Arsenal Weapon Swapping Check out GameSpot's Diablo 4 Guides Hub for more information about the five classes and other important aspects of Sanctuary. View the full article
    • Heads up, if you will be playing Diablo 4 on PC and have a Nvidia graphics card, you should download the latest Game Ready driver. It's available now and promises to bring many of Nvidia card's performance boosting features to the demon-slaying RPG. Diablo 4 will have day one support for DLSS 3 and Nividia Reflex. With DLSS 3 Frame Generation, you can run Diablo 4 on max settings from 113 to 229 frames per second, depending on which 40 Series graphics card you have. Even on Laptops, DLSS 3 can boost the frame rate to over 80 fps at max settings and over 120 fps at 1080p. Nvidia Reflex reduces system latency, shortening the gap between hitting a button and on-screen action. According to Nvidia, Reflex reduces latency in Diablo 4 by 67%. You'll have to wait on ray tracing; Nvidia promised the feature would come "at a later date." Even if you don't have a top-of-the-line graphic card, it is still best to install the latest driver. The included changes and fixes should your PC better able to handle any new releases. Diablo 4 launches on June 6, but you'll get to play four days early if you picked up the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Editions. The game driver also boosts compatibility with the System Shock remake, which launched today. View the full article
    • It's been a decade since the last entry in the series, but Diablo 4 is shaping up to be a massive hit. If this is your first foray into Diablo or an action dungeon crawler, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of systems and the frenetic combat. Luckily, Diablo 4 looks more complicated than it is and with a few tips, you should be more than prepared to take down Lilith. Here are 15 tips to bring with you when you go to Hell. Balance between selling items and salvaging early on Once you hit the endgame you likely won't be thinking too much about how much gold you have, but early on you might find yourself strapped for cash. Once you make it to the main hub city in Act I, you will unlock the ability to salvage unwanted loot for materials, which are used to upgrade the gear you do like. Upgrading requires both gold and materials, so you will want to try and make sure you have plenty of both. A good strategy is selling all of your unwanted junk, instead of salvaging, roughly every third trip to the armorer. Stash gems Inventory management has always been an important part of Diablo, and Diablo 4 is no exception. While every item takes up only a single slot, one item type might fill your inventory very quickly; gems. Gems come in a variety of different colors and quality, with each different kind taking up its own inventory slot. You won't want to sell these, but you certainly don't want to have them taking up inventory space. Once you start collecting gems, you will want to regularly drop them off at your stash until you need them. Read items closer than just the big numbers Diablo 4 does an excellent job of quickly informing you of whether an item has higher damage/armor than what you have currently equipped, but you might want to take a closer look at the specific bonuses each item provides. This is especially true with higher tier loot, since these will have several bonuses that go beyond just damage. It's also important to remember if you have upgraded an item. If you pick up a weapon that's only a few points lower than what you have currently equipped but your current gear was upgraded multiple tiers, it means that the new item is better, as long as you upgrade it right away. Try and hit region level 2 in each region Each new region has its own reward track.There are five total regions that you will explore in Diablo 4, each of which has its own series of dungeons, strongholds, and other side activities to complete. In the map menu you can find Region Rewards, which gives rewards at different tiers based on how much of that region's content you've completed. While you likely won't want to complete each region before moving on, you will want to reach Tier 2. Tier 2 of each region awards another potion charge, increasing how many you can hold. This is important early on, especially if you are playing solo. Don't be afraid to respec your build early on One of the most important aspects of Diablo is how you build your character, but for new players, it can be quite daunting. The skill tree is massive, with multiple options at each tier, as well as smaller bonuses and differences. Luckily, early on your build isn't too impactful and you can refund all of your skill points at any time for a fee of gold. While this fee gets pretty big late in the game, early on you can do it for a few thousand gold, so feel free to experiment and make changes. You can also refund individual skill points by going to that skill in the tree, so you can make small changes too. Get passives for abilities early On the topic of the skill tree, one of the more important skills to invest in early on are the smaller bonuses and passives for the abilities you choose. You are limited to only one passive bonus for each skill, separated into different upgrades. These can drastically impact how your abilities work, giving you an early advantage of the battlefield if you invest your points in. Visit the potion upgrade vendor/craft elixirs for XP bonus Early into Act I after arriving at the Kyovashad, you will receive a quest to visit the potion vendor, which prompts you to upgrade your health potions for the first time. You might notice that at certain level milestones you can upgrade your potions to do more healing, which is essential to do whenever possible. In addition to upgrading your potions, you can also craft elixirs here. Elixirs can provide a wide variety of bonuses, but all of them also award a 5% XP bonus, so early on in the game you want to have one of these buffs running pretty much at all times. Clearing dungeons is worth a detour As you explore Diablo 4's open world, you will frequently run into dungeons, which are marked on the maps but small gates, with dungeons you haven't completed having a small gold stack icon. Each dungeon in the game awards a unique Aspect, some of which are only usable by specific classes. While you might not get an Aspect you can actually use, dungeons almost always award a decent haul of XP and at least one treasure chest, which can provide valuable loot early on. Even if it becomes a side activity to what your focus was, it's worth it to tackle these as often as you can. Use the Leave Dungeon Emote/map option An important tool that Diablo 4 doesn't surface very well is the ability to quickly leave a dungeon once you have completed it. If you don't know about the option, you might think you have to walk back to the entrance of a dungeon once it's finished. Instead, you have two ways to quickly return to the entrance. The first option is the Leave Dungeon Emote, which can be found in the emote wheel. The second option is to open the map in the dungeon and use the cursor to select the entrance, which will also teleport you out of the dungeon. Explore the map There are surprises and loot to be found in every corner of Sanctuary. Diablo 4 takes the series a step forward with its fully open world, which you are free to explore in its entirety. While you can always navigate straight from one quest marker to the next, there are benefits to fully exploring the map. There are important things to find, like Altars of Lilith which provides Region Renown and a permanent boost to your character. You can also find crafting materials, dungeons, strongholds, and side quests scattered throughout the world. Pick up side quests whenever possible Something you should get into the habit of early is picking up side quests whenever you see them. Side quests are marked by a blue exclamation mark on the map. The majority of side quests in Diablo 4 won't force you into anything when you pick them up and there's always a good chance that you happen to end up in the necessary area as you explore the world. Completing side quests award gold, loot, and Region Renown. Always do public events Marked by an orange icon or circle, you will occasionally come across public events in Diablo 4. These typically require you to fight large groups of enemies and usually last a few waves, but they always reward a chest which typically has high quality loot in it. You also get Murmuring Obols, which can be used at the Purveyor of Curiosities shop to roll loot or to purchase Whispering Keys, which unlock chests found throughout Sanctuary. These events usually aren't too tough for one person to take on and there will usually be other people around anyway. Focus your Murmuring Obols rolls Once you have a bunch of Murmuring Obols, you will want to visit the vendor to try and get some gear with your currency. The loot varies pretty wildly in quality, with many rolls resulting in low rarity gear that you won't want to use. The best strategy for getting decent gear is to focus on a single item type, like a weapon or chest armor, and only roll that item repeatedly. This won't impact the odds of getting a better item, but if you have a particular piece of gear you need, it's a good strategy. Bump up the World Tier if you are finding the game easy Upon starting Diablo 4 you will have the option to play on either World Tier 1 or Tier 2, with the higher tiers locked behind a level requirement. These function as a difficulty setting in Diablo and new players will likely want to start on World Tier 1. Once you reach the first hub city, you will have the option to change the World Tier and if you feel like the game has been a bit easy, you should consider bumping it up. The higher tiers offer more XP, Gold, and better loot, so there are benefits to tackling the harder difficulties. To answer riddles for small buffs use Emotes at the altars Throughout the world are small altars that provide special, temporary buffs, if you can solve their riddles. There is a side quest in the early part of the game that teaches you this mechanic, but the basic version is that you need to use a specific emote to get the buff, with that emote being different at each altar. There are a limited number of these altars throughout Sanctuary, but the buffs can be pretty powerful, so if you see an altar, stop by. View the full article
    • Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 is quickly approaching, with a release date expected to arrive around mid-June. Here is everything already announced for the big update, plus some potential Warzone 2 leaks for Season 4. Call of Duty Season 4 start times Based on the number of days left in the battle pass, Season 4 should arrive on or around Wednesday, June 14. These seasonal refreshes usually go live at around 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST. What to expect from Season 4 A brand-new season of Call of Duty generally includes a new 100-tier battle pass to level up and unlock new weapons and cosmetics. Seasonal passes usually contain at least one operator and two DLC weapons. While the weapons haven't officially been announced for Season 4, Call of Duty leakers known as Task Force Leakers 141 tweeted claims of the game files including an unreleased light machine gun as part of the game's Bruen weapon platform. So far, the seasonal updates haven't included a new LMG for the weapon pool, so it's possible this could be one of the weapons arriving in Season 4. Additionally, the big seasonal update will likely include more game modes, maps, and additional weapon balancing and bug fixes for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. Warzone 2 There haven't been many confirmations for Season 4 of Warzone 2, however, a new report from CharlieIntel claims that Season 4 will include a new Warzone map called Vondel, which is set in the Netherlands and is developed by Beenox. Reportedly, the map will have Resurgence support to start, and at some point will also be supported in DMZ. Additionally, Task Force Leakers 141 tweeted the data-mined placeholder images for Vondel. Season 3 Reloaded introduced the beta for Ranked Play mode with a half season, but players can expect a new full season of Ranked Play and new rewards for the start of Season 4. For DMZ, a seasonal update usually brings new challenges and updates as well. Modern Warfare 2 While a standard map hasn't been confirmed for Season 4, Infinity Ward has recently teased an "older" map from Call of Duty's history is coming to Modern Warfare 2. Additionally, players can expect new Gunfight maps, as new ones were confirmed for each season. Just like Warzone 2's competitive mode, multiplayer's Ranked Play will also get a seasonal refresh with new rewards to unlock. A new season means a new Raid episode. These episodic Raids continue Modern Warfare 2's story with a mix of stealth, gunfights, and puzzle-solving teamwork. However, if following the timeframe of the past two episodes, the fourth episode will likely be saved for the midseason update. Most recently, Season 3 Reloaded added two new pistols to unlock, Warzone Ranked Play, a new exclusion zone in DMZ, and more. There's also an ongoing camo challenge event that ends with the start of Season 4. View the full article
    • Gems are one of the many returning features in Diablo 4. These items slot into certain pieces of armor, jewelry, and weapons to give them added bonuses, depending on what you slotted them into. Not all equippable items that you find or purchase will have a gem socket, but you can pay a fee at a gem shop to add a single socket to that item if you wish. You can find gems as lootable drops from killing mobs, bosses, and opening chests. In Diablo 4, there are five different rarity levels that a gem can come in. The lowest level will give your item a small buff while the highest level will provide a much larger buff. The gems will also give different bonuses depending on if you slot it into a piece of armor, jewelry (amulet or ring), or a weapon (one-handed or two-handed). To see all of the available gems and what bonuses they give each item in Diablo 4, check out the guide below. All gems and their bonuses For the most part during your run through the main story of Diablo 4, you will only see the Crude or Chipped variety of gems as lootable drops. Crude is the lowest level a gem can come in, and you are able to upgrade it to a Chipped gem by visiting a gem vendor and trading three Crude gems to obtain a single Chipped one. From here, you need to reach a higher level (it's unclear what level) and you will be able to trade three Chipped gems to obtain a single regular gem. After this, you can repeat the same process to obtain a Flawless and Royal gem, but those are not available until after you have beaten the main story with a character in Diablo 4. Below, we will list all of the different gems, their varieties, and their bonuses so you can see exactly which ones will work best for your build. Amethyst AmethystCrude Amethyst Weapons: +4.0% Damage Over Time Armor: 4.0% Damage Taken Over Time Reduction Jewelry: 11.5% Shadow Resistance Chipped Amethyst To Weapons: +5.0% Damage Over Time To Armor: 5.0% Damage Taken Over Time Reduction To Jewelry: 14.3% Shadow Resistance Amethyst Weapons: +6.0% Damage Over Time Armor: 6.0% Damage Taken Over Time Reduction Jewelry: 16.9% Shadow Resistance Flawless Amethyst Weapons: +7.0% Damage Over Time Armor: 7.0% Damage Taken Over Time Reduction Jewelry: 19.6% Shadow Resistance Royal Amethyst Weapons: +8.0% Damage Over Time Armor: 8.0% Damage Taken Over Time Reduction Jewelry: 22.1% Shadow Resistance Diamond DiamondCrude Diamond Weapons: +4% Ultimate Skill Damage Armor: +3% Barrier Generation Jewelry: 4% Resistance to All Elements Chipped Diamond Weapons: +9% Ultimate Skill Damage Armor: +3.5% Barrier Generation Jewelry: 5% Resistance to All Elements Diamond Weapons: +11% Ultimate Skill Damage Armor: +4% Barrier Generation Jewelry: 6% Resistance to All Elements Flawless Diamond Weapons: +13% Ultimate Skill Damage Armor: +4.5% Barrier Generation Jewelry: 7% Resistance to All Elements Royal Diamond Weapons: +15% Ultimate Skill Damage Armor: +5% Barrier Generation Jewelry: 8% Resistance to All Elements Emerald EmeraldCrude Emerald Weapons: +6% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies Armor: +12 Thorns Jewelry: 11.5% Poison Resistance Chipped Emerald Weapons: +7.5% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies Armor: +28 Thorns Jewelry: 14.3% Poison Resistance Emerald Weapons: +9% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies Armor: +70 Thorns Jewelry: 16.9% Poison Resistance Flawless Emerald Weapons: +10.5% Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies Armor: +128 Thorns Jewelry: 19.6% Poison Resistance Royal Emerald Weapons: (Unclear at this moment) Armor: (Unclear at this moment) Jewelry: 22.1% Poison Resistance Ruby RubyCrude Ruby Weapons: +12% Overpower Damage Armor: 2% Maximum Life Jewelry: 11.5% Fire Resistance Chipped Ruby Weapons: +15%Overpower Damage Armor: 2.5% Maximum Life Jewelry: 14.3% Fire Resistance Ruby Weapons: +18% Overpower Damage Armor: 3% Maximum Life Jewelry: 16.9% Fire Resistance Flawless Ruby Weapons: +21% Overpower Damage Armor: 3.5% Maximum Life Jewelry: 19.6% Fire Resistance Royal Ruby Weapons: +24% Overpower Damage Armor: 4% Maximum Life Jewelry: 22.1% Fire Resistance Sapphire SapphireCrude Sapphire Weapons: +6% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies Armor: 1% Damage Reduction while Fortified Jewelry: 11.5% Cold Resistance Chipped Sapphire Weapons: +7.5% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies Armor: 1.5% Damage Reduction while Fortified Jewelry: 14.3%Cold Resistance Sapphire Weapons: +9% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies Armor: 2% Damage Reduction while Fortified Jewelry: 16.9% Cold Resistance Flawless Sapphire Weapons: +10.5% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies Armor: 2.5% Damage Reduction while Fortified Jewelry: 19.6% Cold Resistance Royal Sapphire Weapons: +12% Critical Strike Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies Armor: 3% Damage Reduction while Fortified Jewelry: 22.1% Cold Resistance Skull SkullCrude Skull Weapons: +2 Life on Kill Armor: 3% Healing Received Jewelry: +75 Armor Chipped Skull Weapons: +5 Life on Kill Armor: 3.5% Healing Received Jewelry: +125 Armor Skull Weapons: +8 Life on Kill Armor: 4% Healing Received Jewelry: +170 Armor Flawless Skull Weapons: +11 Life on Kill Armor: 4.5% Healing Received Jewelry: +210 Armor Royal Skull Weapons: +14 Life on Kill Armor: 5% Healing Received Jewelry: +245 Armor Topaz TopazCrude Topaz Weapons: +10% Basic Skill Damage Armor: 6% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired Jewelry: 11.5% Lightning Resistance Chipped Topaz Weapons: +12.5% Basic Skill Damage Armor: 7% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired Jewelry: 14.3% Lightning Resistance Topaz Weapons: +15% Basic Skill Damage Armor: 8% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired Jewelry: 16.9% Lightning Resistance Flawless Topaz Weapons: +17.5 Basic Skill Damage Armor: 9% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired Jewelry: 19.6% Lightning Resistance Royal Topaz Weapons: +20% Basic Skill Damage Armor: 10% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired Jewelry: 22.1% Lightning Resistance That's it for all of the gems in Diablo 4 along with the bonuses that each one carries. Remember that you'll be slotting in the Crude and Chipped gems for most of your initial playthrough, but as time goes on, the higher rarity gems will begin to come into play and grant a huge boost to your build. For a lot more on the game, check out our Diablo 4 guides hub. View the full article
    • The Capstone Dungeons are one of the primary pieces of endgame material that players can take on and complete in Diablo 4. They contain the same basic principles as any other dungeon in the game, but they represent a much tougher challenge than any other one you might have completed prior. You can't unlock the ability to complete a Capstone Dungeon until you have completed the main campaign in Diablo 4. The first Capstone Dungeon can only be done on World Tier 2, will require you to be roughly level 45-50, and upon completion, will give you access to World Tier 3: Nightmare, which features tougher enemies but more XP, gold, and better loot drops. While there is a second Capstone Dungeon you can complete to unlock World Tier 4 in Diablo 4, we'll be mainly going over the first one in today's guide. Starting the first Capstone Dungeon When you see the end credits roll and hop back into Diablo 4, you will go on a couple of short quests that are considered the "Epilogue." After completing these, you can look at your quest list, and under the Priority Quest tab, you will see a new task titled "World Tier 3: Nightmare." This quest has a level recommendation of 50, but we were able to beat it as a level 48 Sorcerer, so you don't have to be right at level 50 to start it, or perhaps even prevail. The first Capstone Dungeon can be tracked under the Priority Quest tab.The quest takes place in Kyovashad at the cathedral in the northern part of the city. By tracking the quest and setting your World Tier to 2, you can head up to the cathedral and enter the Capstone Dungeon at the back of the building. Completing the Nightmare Capstone Dungeon Once you enter the Nightmare Capstone Dungeon, you will be shown your first task, which is to "Collect Animus from the Revenant Knights." Essentially, you need to go around the first section of the dungeon and defeat the Revenant Knight enemies specifically. These enemies are clearly labeled and you will certainly know when you see one, as they are large and possess more attacks than any other enemy in the dungeon. The Revenant Knights are not to be trifled with.The Revenant Knights will usually be surrounded by dozens of other enemies and sometimes even two Revenant Knights will be in one area. You need to kill all of them in the first section for the door to open at the center of the dungeon. The door is directly near the Animus, which is a pedestal in the middle of the central room. From the Animus, you need to go to both the left and right paths to find all of the Revenant Knights you need. You can check your map to ensure you have cleared both areas. The areas surrounding the Animus door need to be fully cleared.Once all of the Revenant Knights are pushing up daisies, the door near the Animus will open, allowing you to go on through. Your task in this section of the dungeon is to travel to the High Council Court and then defeat the High Council. The High Council consists of four different bosses, all with their own health bars and attacks. You will face the Sacred Physician, Grand Inquisitor, Lord Commander, and Devoted Champion all at the same time. We recommend staying on the move constantly for this fight, as staying still will allow more than one boss to attack you at once. It's also wise to try and kill the Sacred Physician first because if you don't, the boss will be able to revive any other boss that dies. Killing the physician first stops this from happening. Your biggest trouble will likely be the Lord Commander, as they have a ton of health and several heavy attacks with a giant hammer that inflict severe damage. The other three bosses don't put up as much of a fight, but after they die, they will reappear as green ghosts that can still deal damage to you, so watch out for them as well. The Lord Commander is the toughest boss of the High Council. After you have defeated all four of the High Council bosses, collect your loot and head on through the teleporter at the back of the room. This will take you to the second part of the Nightmare Capstone Dungeon. That's right, you're not done yet. Upon entering the new section, your first task is to simply kill all of the enemies in the immediate area, called the Reliquary of Erudition. While this sounds easy enough, it can be a tad difficult given the sheer volume of enemies in certain parts of the dungeon. The ratio of enemies to the player was roughly 12:1 in most areas, so you will have your hands full most of the time. If you have a build with great AoE damage, we recommend getting a train of enemies following you and then decimating all of them at once with a combination of skills. Your strategy will largely depend on your build, however. You can see just how many enemies are around you in this part of the dungeon.Once you manage to slay all of the enemies in the Reliquary of Erudition, you will face your final task: taking down The Curator. It's safe to say this was one of, if not the toughest boss fight of the entire game for us up to that point (World Bosses aside). The Curator is level 50 and only has two damage stages on their health bar, meaning your chances of receiving extra health potions will be extremely limited. The Curator will summon several enemies every minute or so as well, meaning you have to contend with avoiding all kinds of attacks. The boss utilizes magical attacks more than anything else, sending flying green skulls at you constantly that deal chunks of damage every time they hit you. The Curator will also send streaks of magic in several directions at once as a follow-up attack, which you can avoid by standing in between two of the streaks. The Curator is one of the toughest bosses in all of Diablo 4. Then, as the fight goes on, The Curator has a devastating attack where they go up into the air and send three magical streaks down, which go in different directions. This is quickly followed up by two more of these attacks, and you hardly have any time to react and get to a safe location to avoid them. As a Sorcerer, this fight was especially tough for us, as you need to quickly dodge attacks that are all long-range, and we couldn't move that fast. Rogues will likely have an easier time with the fight, as they have access to several different dodges. If you have a close-range damage build, you might find the fight easier as well given that The Curator tends to stay still for several seconds while casting their attacks. However, you will still need to find a way to dodge all of the green skulls and magical streaks. In the end, after defeating The Curator, you will be rewarded with high-tier loot and the ability to play on World Tier 3 in Diablo 4. Your next Capstone Dungeon can technically also be completed in Dry Steppes at this point, but the recommended level for that dungeon is 50-70. We highly recommend waiting to try that dungeon until at least level 60-65, unless you have a full party. For lots more on Blizzard's new action-RPG, check out our Diablo 4 guides hub. View the full article
    • A speedrunner and YouTuber by the name of Zdi6923 has completed The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in under an hour, claiming the world record in the process. The speedrunner posted a YouTube video of the run in its entirety, which resulted in an impressive completion time of 59 minutes, 22 seconds. According to Speedrun.com, this is now the fastest completion time in the world. It's also the first recorded run of under an hour. As expected, the run is full of skips and wild strategies that break the game in many ways. Interestingly, the majority of the run takes place in the Sky Islands, as speedrunners have yet to discover a way to effectively skip through the opening area just yet. However, the game has been out for less than a month, so there's likely plenty to discover in terms of time skips. Tears of the Kingdom launched on May 12 and garnered universal acclaim from critics and players. It became immensely popular on social media as players shared videos and images of wild in-game creations (such as a Metal Gear-like mech). Tears of the Kingdom has performed well not only critically, but also commercially. It surpassed 10 million copies sold in the first three days on the market. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch now. View the full article
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