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    • The Fortnite Item Shop has refreshed once again, as it does every day at this time. But this time is different. It's the final shop selection of Chapter 2, and probably the final day to dab on the island of Apollo, as we can rather safely assume a new island awaits us after the Chapter 2 finale. Here's everything in the Fortnite Item Shop for December 4, 2021. The marquee selection today is the Battle Classics and Royale Originals bundles, which contain the first four men and first four women characters ever seen in Fortnite respectively, including the original Jonesy. It seems on this momentous day for Fortnite, Epic is feeling nostalgic for the game's early days. Some fans are already speculating whether that means we could be seeing a return to the original map, Athena, but in our minds, that's highly unlikely. Epic is probably more focused on moving forward with new experiences, even as the new map will likely reference all that came before it in some ways. This one's for the OGs.If you're feeling nostalgic too, however, you can grab these two bundles for 2,000 V-Bucks each. Collectively, they include the following character skins: Vintage Ramirez Vanguard Banshee Wildstreak One Headhunter Prime Jonesy The First Hawk Classic Original Renegade Rookie Spitfire Christmas-themed originals from Chapter 1, Season 1 also return in the form of Nog Ops and Yuletide Ranger. If you'd rather align yourself with the world-destroying Cube Legion, Geometrik returns with a new golden "queen cube" style just in time for the Cube Queen's apparent destruction of the island. You can get a glance at the complete shop rundown in this image from iFireMonkey. We'll be back tomorrow with coverage of the Chapter 2 finale, but we'd sooner expect downtime than a new shop inventory. Who knows when Chapter 3 will begin... View the full article
    • The [email protected] Winter Game Fest is a digital demo event coming on December 7, where players can try out new demos for future games coming to Xbox. There are over 35 of them being released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. According to Xbox Wire, the event will run through December 21. The demos at the event aren't typical game demos as most people see them. In Xbox's traditional demo channel on platforms like the Xbox Live storefront, the demos that are hosted there represent the final version of the games after they've nearly been completed. However, the demos at the Winter Game Fest are very early demos, similar to ones you'd see at a video game convention or trade show. These demos will only be available for a limited time, although some might be re-published later. The full list of demos will be announced soon as the date nears December 7, but here are some of the highlights already announced: Loot River - Loot River is a dungeon crawling, action roguelike that combines tense, real-time combat, and dark fantasy stylings, with some spatial block-shifting puzzles. Death Trash - This game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where cosmic horrors long for humanity but are met by punks with shotguns. Blacktail - A retelling of Baba Yaga’s origin story set in surreal, grim Slavic folklore. The Tale of Bistun - This is a story-driven action-adventure game inspired by the 12th Century tragic poem: Khosrow and Shirin. You play as a stone carver who wakes on Mount Bistun with amnesia. Nobody Saves the World - An upcoming dungeon crawling game that follows a character named Nobody who wields a wand and can transform into 15 different forms, like magicians, robots, and dragons. Speaking of the Game Awards 2021, the event is going to be held on December 9. Be sure how to watch The Game Awards, as well as at what time and what to expect. View the full article
    • The launch of Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta recently has been a big reminder for some of us ancient, lapsed Halo fans of just how great that franchise's competitive gameplay can be. The remarkable thing about Halo Infinite is how much a lot of it feels like an improved return to the original Halo. Of course, the original Halo was a Bungie joint, and after completing a big batch of Halo games, Bungie went on to work on Destiny. The Halo baton was passed to 343 Industries, but this latest entry in the franchise feels more akin to Bungie's early work than the last few games in the series. Since Halo Infinite and its free-to-play multiplayer mode are pretty popular right now, and since we're still a few days out from the big content drop that is the 30th Anniversary celebration for Destiny 2, you might be thinking about jumping from the Crucible to Halo for a bit. That's certainly what I've been doing. The good news is that if you're looking to try out Halo after spending your time in the Crucible, you're going to find the two games are very similar, given the DNA they share. There are absolutely some aspects of Halo that will feel out of step for Destiny players, but for the most part, the games have a lot in common. The primary difference between the two is speed and versatility of movement in Destiny 2. Jumping and sliding are a much bigger part of the experience, and while those elements are present in Halo as well, you'll generally find your character feels slower and has a tougher time escaping danger without equipment like the Grappleshot or Thrusters. Your Destiny movement ideas are going to translate well, but you still have to be very careful about putting yourself in harm's way. The other thing about Halo is that you shouldn't necessarily expect to duel your way out of situations in the same ways you might in the Crucible. Time-to-kill in Halo can feel very long because of the way the game's shield system works. Simply put, headshots matter, but only once an enemy's shield is down (although certain weapons, like the S7 Sniper Rifle, still prioritize headshots for one-hit kills). The good news is that your twitch aiming skills aren't at such a premium in Halo Infinite. Essentially, the things that help you win in Destiny will help you win here, with the bonus of Halo being a little more forgiving on nailing opponents in the head. That said, it's going to feel like you're dumping a ton of ammo on enemies at times. Here are a few tips that should help you transition out of the Crucible and into Halo Infinite's multiplayer matches. Feel free to leave your own tips in the comments, because while I play both a lot of Destiny 2 and a lot of Halo, I'm only occasionally good at either one. One last thing--catch me, Jean-Luc Seipke, and David Ahmadi on GameSpot's Extra Life stream today! We're going to spend a couple hours getting lambasted in the Crucible on behalf of charity. Please come donate. Please don't come make fun of us. Okay, tips time. Learn the guns While weapons can be vaguely be placed into categories such as "shotgun" or "rifle" in Halo Infinite, spend some time practicing with each weapon, because they're extremely varied. Where Destiny 2's guns tend to fall into a series of archetypes and you'll always have a decent idea of what to expect from them, Halo Infinite has a lot of guns that are a bit more gimmicky. That is to say, they're esoteric, particular weapons that do particular things and play a particular way. No gun really feels like any other gun in Halo, so picking up a weapon you're unfamiliar with on the battlefield is often a good way to get dropped in your next duel. It's essentially a game full of Destiny 2 Exotic weapons, so you should absolutely spend some time in the Academy section of the main menu, where you can complete Weapon Drills that let you get a handle on each of the guns. Some guns are better for certain jobs than others, including taking on vehicles, and you'll need to scour each map to find the right tool for the job. Throw more grenades! When Bungie jumped from the Halo series to making Destiny, one of the biggest changes was the way it handled grenades. There's no recharge timer for grenades in Halo--they're objects you add to your inventory, same as weapons or ammo. That means you can find a ton of grenades in any given map to restock with, and it also means that you need to throw more grenades. As Shaxx would say, you should be throwing grenades as you read this. Grenades are a great way to open or close any given firefight, and you can have four at a time, so you can rapidly chuck them into a control zone or choke point for maximum damage. There are way more grenades in Halo and you'll always respawn with two, so go wild with them. Melee is essential, but get close Destiny 2's melee feels VERY different from the one in Halo Infinite, and you'll need to be much closer to successfully punch an enemy to death. Powered melees aren't a thing in Halo Infinite, but whacking someone with your gun is as essential in Halo as it is in the Crucible. The thing is, you're going to find that while you still get a bit of a melee lunge in Halo, its range is drastically shorter than in Destiny 2. That said, a melee will kill an opponent with broken shields, and will instantly murder anyone if you attack them from behind, so you're going to want to use melees. In fact, you should combine grenades, gunfire, and melees in your duels--the triangle strategy of Halo, as it's often called. These are very similar tactics to what you'll use in Destiny, with the caveat that in Halo, shields are tougher to knock out, and enemies with broken shields are very vulnerable. Two melees is enough to win almost any given fight, so throw some 'bows. Stick to cover This is a Destiny 2 strategy that you should be employing anyway, but Halo Infinite's design means that its maps tend to be smaller (unless you're playing Big Team Battle), with less cover. So if you're moving in the open, you'll often find that you're in someone's sights, and that they can put damage on you even from a distance--and likely take you down. Destiny 2 maps tend to provide more cover and to have more total area, even when they're on the smaller side, where the size of Halo maps will often mean that players are coming at you from the sides or behind very often. Thus, you're going to want to pick your routes through maps; don't move in the open, stay near cover, and try to build as much spatial awareness as you can to avoid getting ambushed. It's easy to give away kills in Halo Infinite, since you move slower in Halo than in Destiny 2, and it can be tougher to escape an enemy to your side or at your back. Stay together to lower your Time To Kill The time it takes to knock out an enemy in Halo Infinite feels much longer than in Destiny 2. You'll need to sustain fire and aim for longer, on the whole, when fighting opponents in Halo, so keep this in mind when you pick your battles. So like in Destiny 2, it's a very good idea to stick close to your teammates most of the time, since combined fire makes opponents much easier to bring down. You'll notice that you're way more effective as a fighter when you've got two guns bearing down on an enemy than one, but in Halo, the longer time-to-kill can make going it alone even more dangerous. Vehicles can change the game Learn how best to use vehicles and how best to take them out quickly, or you'll wish you had. Destiny 2 doesn't have matches that include vehicles anymore, but driving Warthogs, Mongooses, Banshees, and Ghosts is a huge part of winning in Halo Infinite. Those vehicles aren't invincible, of course--in fact, there are maybe more ways to take them down than in this game than in past entries in the series--but they can still easily turn the tide of a match in a drastic way. You'll want to spend some time getting used to each of the vehicles so you can use them to help your teammates, and to learn how best to deal with them with weapons such as the Hydra, rocket launcher, Disruptor, and Shock Rifle. Being able to use a vehicle to rack up a ton of kills, or quickly destroy one to keep the opposing team from going on a run, are essential to winning in Halo Infinite. View the full article
    • Call of Duty: Warzone's new Caldera map arrives on December 8 with Season 1's Vanguard integration, and while it's too early to know the meta, there are a few guns that could be powerful contenders. Here we list Vanguard guns and attachments that could dominate in Warzone's new Pacific setting. Vanguard's STG-44 assault rifle and M1 Garand tactical rifle are already available to use in Warzone for those who unlocked them in Black Ops Cold War's final battle pass, but they don't really stack up against other weapons in Verdansk. It's possible this will change with the launch of Caldera, but here we focus on other weapons with higher fire rate that could help you achieve a victory royale. Automaton Automaton assault rifleThe Automaton is currently a powerful assault rifle in Vanguard, and it's definitely a gun you want to consider leveling up. The fire rate is faster than the STG-44, and there are attachments to beef up the ammo count and assist with increasing the accuracy. For Vanguard, you might want something like the Slate Reflector optic. The G16 2.5x would be a good optic to get a bit more zoom in Warzone. Recommended Automaton attachments: Muzzle: Recoil Booster Barrel: Anastasia Sniper Optic: Slate Reflector or G16 2.5x Stock: Empress Broadsword Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip Magazine: .6.5MM Sakura 75 Round Drums Ammo Type: Lengthened Rear Grip: Fabric Grip Proficiency: Sleight of Hand Kit: Fully Loaded Volkssturmgewehr Volkssturmgewehr assault rifleThe Volkssturmgewehr is another solid assault rifle in Vanguard. While it doesn't quite pack the same punch as the Automaton, it has great mobility and fire rate that could make this a smart choice for mid-range gunfights and pair nicely with a sniper. Recommended Volkssturmgewehr attachments: Muzzle: F8 Stabilizer Barrel: Krausnick 428MM 05V Optic: State Reflector Stock: Reisdorf 22V Adjustable Underbarrel: M3 Ready Grip Magazine: .30 Russian Short 45 Round Drums Ammo Type: Lengthened Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Proficiency: Sleight of Hand Kit: Fully Loaded M1928 M1928 submachine gunThe M1928 submachine gun can be more difficult to control than Vanguard's popular MP-40 submachine gun, but it offers high damage potential with a large ammo count. This could be one of the best submachine guns for close-range combat and sniper support, but you'll need the right attachments to help with the recoil. Recommended M1928 attachments: Muzzle: Recoil Booster Barrel: CGC 12" Cooling Optic: Slate Reflector Stock: Chariot Marksman Underbarrel: Mark VI Skeletal Magazine: 8MM Kurz 50 Round Drum Ammo Type: Hollow Point Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Proficiency: Frenzy or Sleight of Hand Kit: Fully Loaded Type 100 Type 100 submachine gunIf you find the M1928 is too difficult to control, the Type 100 is Vanguard's easiest to handle submachine gun option. It's not the most powerful option, but paired with the right ammo type and the Vital proficiency, the Type 100 can still be a great option to use. Recommended Type 100 attachments: Muzzle: Mercury Silencer Barrel: Shiraishi Precision Optic: Nydar Model 47 Stock: Shiraishi T100 Underbarrel: M1941 Hand Stop Magazine: .30 Russian Short Round Mags Ammo Type: Lengthened Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Proficiency: Vital Kit: Fully Loaded DP27 DP27 light machine gunThe DP27 is a powerful light machine gun that can be built to beam your opponents with steady aim and very little recoil. The aim-down-sight time can be a bit slow, but this is a highly mobile light machine gun. The DP27 has the feel of an assault rifle and not the common heft you'd expect from a weapon of its class. For Vanguard, you might want something like the Nydar Model 47 optic. The G16 2.5x would be a good optic to get a bit more zoom in Warzone. Recommended DP27 attachments: Muzzle: Mercury Silencer Barrel: Kovalevskaya 680MM B02D Optic: Nydar Model 47 or G16 2.5x Stock: ZAC S3 TAK Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip Magazine: .30-06 63 Round Pans Ammo Type: Lengthened Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Proficiency: Sleight of Hand Kit: Fully Loaded Machine Pistol Machine PistolThe machine pistol melts in Vanguard, and this can be built to be a single powerful gun or you can add the akimbo dual-wield attachment. Given how akimbo weapons have dominated in the past, the dual Machine Pistols have the potential to dominate as well. Otherwise, you can swap the akimbo Proficiency with something like Brace to further help with recoil and accuracy. Recommended Machine Pistol attachments: Muzzle: M1929 Silencer Barrel: VDD 140MM HE Optic: Slate Reflector or none Trigger Action: Hair Trigger Magazine: 7.62 Gorenko 40 Round Mags Ammo Type: Lengthened Rear Grip: Fabric Grip Proficiency: Akimbo or Kit: Fully Loaded Type 99 Type 99 sniper rifleThe Type 99 is a powerful sniper in Vanguard, and you can build this gun for very aggressive and quick sniping playstyles. Here are the recommended attachments to get the most damage and movement out of this sniper rifle. Recommended Type 99 attachments: Muzzle: L Brake Barrel: Shiraishi Short Optic: None Stock: Removed Stock Underbarrel: None Magazine: 6.55MM Sakura 20 Round Drum Ammo Type: Lengthened Rear Grip: Fabric Grip Proficiency: Vital Kit: Fully Loaded Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War's weapons often felt different once transferred into Warzone, so we won't actually know the best guns or attachments until getting hands on with the new Caldera map. However, leveling up these suggested weapons gives you powerful choices for Vanguard's multiplayer, and they all have the potential for being Warzone contenders based on their high fire rate, accuracy, and ammo capacity. View the full article
    • 343 Industries hears the feedback about Halo Infinite players wanting more multiplayer playlists, and they are coming. Community manager John Junyszek said on Twitter that multiple standalone playlists are coming to Halo Infinite, and they could arrive before the end of the year. These playlists--which will include Fiesta, Tactical Slayer (SWAT), and Free-For-All--won't be in the game on December 8 when the campaign launches, however. The Fiesta mode was featured in the Fracture: Tenrai event. Junyszek said the goal for events is to test new modes before they get their own playlists. "We'll monitor playlist health after the three additions above and adjust our offering if needed, but we're excited to make these updates before the holidays," Junyszek said. A Social Slayer playlist featuring multiple variations of standard Slayer is also on the way, and Junyszek said this has been among the most-requested additions to the game since it launched on November 15. This won't be available until after the holidays, however. Players have loudly shared their thoughts about how unusual it is that a Halo game launched without a dedicated Team Slayer playlist. Currently, Halo Infinite has three playlists--Quick Play, Big Team Battle, and Ranked. The campaign's release is coming up next on December 8. Ahead of that, retail discs have begun to emerge in the wild, so you may want to be extra mindful about avoiding spoilers until then. View the full article
    • Proposed changes to how players earn gear, and how effective it is, has New World's playerbase up in arms. As revealed in the game's latest public test realm build and detailed in an official blog post from developer Amazon Game Studios, New World's upcoming December patch will bring some major changes to the game, including changes to endgame content and the game's current High Watermark system. Watermark will become a new system called Expertise, and while it will largely function the same as it once did, with players having to earn progressively better items with higher gear score through participating in endgame activities, there is one major change that is causing a whole lot of controversy. As it currently stands, the High Watermark system only affects item drops, and has no effect on the actual effectiveness of that item. That means that players with a low Watermark on a particular gear slot could still equip and use higher gear score items--such as crafted items--at maximum effectiveness, as long as they met the level requirements. That won't be the case following the release of the upcoming December update. Players using gear of a higher gear score than their Expertise level will see those items essentially downgraded to match their Expertise level, meaning players that crafted high-level armor, earned a high-gear score item from a quest, or bought max-level gear from another player will still need to participate in the endgame grind in order to get maximum use out of their gear. It's become a major topic on the New World subreddit, where players who have gone the crafting or purchasing route for their endgame gear are, unsurprisingly, not thrilled about the coming changes. These players have spent a lot of time and money crafting some of the best gear in the game, and are now effectively being told that unless they dedicate dozens of hours to grinding their Expertise level, the gear they have already put so much time and effort into making is worthless. The market for high level gear sold by other players will also plummet, seeing as they will be much less effective unless the buyer has put in the required time and effort to raise their Expertise levels. As the system has only just now become available for testing on the game's PTR, there is still time for Amazon to make changes before the update comes to the live version of New World. So far, however, Amazon has yet to comment on the controversy. It's just the latest issue to plague New World following its massive and somewhat rocky launch. In recent months, multiple game breaking exploits have caused Amazon to shut down the game's entire economy on two occasions, and the game's last big patch introduced a whole slew of problems, like time-traveling servers, that caused all sorts of issues. View the full article
    • Walmart is hosting a massive gaming-centric sale in just over a week's time, giving you another chance to grab some consoles, games, and accessories for less if you missed out on Black Friday. The catch here, however, is that Walmart's Gamer Drop is set to be an in-store event only, meaning you won't be able to fill your cart and check out remotely. The benefit here is that the sale's brochure seems to hint at the availability of both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles, which would certainly make the trip well worth it. Outside of the scarce consoles, you can expect to pick up a bunch of different controllers for each one, including Walmart's exclusive Red Camo Xbox Series X|S controller. The retailer will also have all three versions of the PS5 DualSense, including the new Midnight Black and Cosmic Red variations. Some games will be sold at a discounted $25, too. These include FIFA 22, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, F1 2021, and more. Gaming accessories, such as Logitech's G915 TKL keyboard and Razer's Orochi V2 wireless mouse, will also be on sale. Walmart's Gamer Drop starts on December 11, 2021 at store locations nationwide. View the full article
    • Call of Duty: Vanguard is hosting a double XP weekend this week, giving you another chance to double your gains towards weapon and battle pass progression over the next few days. Developer Sledgehammer Games announced the boost on Twitter, giving players around 72 hours to make big gains towards new weapons and unlocks and cosmetics through the battle pass. This is just one in many similar double XP weekends Vanguard has received since launch in early November, with Sledgehammer trying to incentivize players to stick with the shooter amid the launches of Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite. Reports have suggested that Call of Duty: Vanguard might be the worst selling entry in the series in 14 years in the UK this far out from release, perhaps indicating a fatigue over World War II-themed shooters. Next year's Call of Duty entry is reportedly a sequel to the Modern Warfare reboot once again developed by Infinity Ward. Activision is still also very busy dealing with the fallout over another report on workplace misconduct and sexual harassment, this time falling square on CEO Bobby Kotick. The leader of the publisher has reportedly stated that he will consider stepping down if issues cannot be resolved quickly, while numerous employees have asked for his immediate resignation. View the full article
    • Peyton Manning, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history--as well as one of the best audible-callers in NFL history--will forever be remembered for his terrific passing, dissecting defenses, and leading two teams to Super Bowl victories. However, it turns out that Manning just wanted to be a Madden Ratings Adjuster, and he's ready to take down his rival, Tom Brady, if EA lets him. Speaking in a new video posted on Twitter, Manning confessed that it wasn't the fame, fortune, or record that drove his performance in 18 NFL seasons. It wasn't even trying to beat his brother and father for family supremacy. What it was really about was getting to decide who gets their ratings altered. "I did especially think that Brady's accuracy rating was just a bit high," Manning said. The two quarterbacks are almost unanimously considered the best to ever play the game, with Brady still playing despite being 44 years old. Both quarterbacks also showed how they could breathe life into struggling franchises--Brady took the Buccaneers from 7-9 in 2019 to a Super Bowl the following year, and the Broncos went from 8-8 in 2011 to two Super Bowl appearances and one win under Manning. Fellow Madden Ratings Adjuster Chad Johnson said he was a little worried about what Manning was planning to do, presumably because he seems ready to make every other quarterback worse. Still, with the kind of football career he had, it's hard to argue with Peyton Manning, especially when he keeps bringing up a city in Nebraska for some reason. Madden NFL 22 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Stadia, and PC. Despite rumors, the game's franchise mode will still be getting more updates. View the full article
    • The newest player ratings update for NBA 2K22 has arrived, with many players seeing their ratings rise or fall based on how they have performed in the real NBA. Trae Young, a guard for the Atlanta Hawks, sees his OVR rise from 89 to 90 thanks to solid performance so far this this year, including scoring an average of 26.3 points per game. Kristaps Porzingis of the Dallas Mavericks gets a boost from 84 to 85 OVR. Another mover was Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors, whose OVR jumped 3 points to 83. Together with Steph Curry, the Warriors are off to a great start this season with an incredible record of 18-3. Julius Randle of the New York Knicks went the wrong direction and dropped two points, from 86 to 84 OVR. You can see more NBA 2K22 player ratings stats below, as shared by 2K Sports. NBA 2K22 released on September 10 across PS4, Xbox One, and PC, as well as PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. In a further bid toward realism, Jake from State Farm is in the game. NBA 2K22 Player Ratings Update December 2 Atlanta Hawks Trae Young: 90 OVR (+1) Clint Capela: 84 OVR (+1) Cameron Reddish: 78 OVR (+1) Kevin Huerter: 75 OVR (+1) Louis Williams: 75 OVR (-1) Brooklyn Nets Kevin Durant: 96 OVR (-1) Patrick Mills: 78 OVR (+1) Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown: 86 OVR (-1) Enes Kanter: 78 OVR (+2) Marcus Smart: 77 OVR (+1) Grant Williams: 77 OVR (+1) Josh Richardson: 76 OVR (+2) Payton Pritchard: 72 OVR (-1) Juan Hernangómez: 72 OVR (-2) Charlotte Hornets Miles Bridges: 82 OVR (-1) Terry Rozier III: 81 OVR (+2) Kelly Oubre Jr.: 79 OVR (+1) Chicago Bulls DeMar DeRozan: 88 OVR (-1) Lonzo Ball: 83 OVR (+1) Alex Caruso: 80 OVR (+1) Coby White: 76 OVR (-2) Javonte Green: 75 OVR (-1) Cleveland Cavaliers Jarrett Allen: 85 OVR (+1) Darius Garland: 84 OVR (+1) Lauri Markkanen: 80 OVR (+2) Kevin Love: 79 OVR (+1) Dylan Windler: 72 OVR (-3) Dallas Mavericks Kristaps Porziņģis: 85 OVR (+2) Tim Hardaway Jr.: 77 OVR (-1) Moses Brown: 74 OVR (-3) Denver Nuggets Aaron Gordon: 80 OVR (+1) Facundo Campazzo: 75 OVR (+1) Nah'Shon Hyland: 75 OVR (+1) Jeff Green: 74 OVR (+1) Detroit Pistons Cade Cunningham: 78 OVR (-2) Saddiq Bey: 78 OVR (-2) Isaiah Stewart: 77 OVR (-1) Hamidou Diallo: 74 OVR (+2) Josh Jackson: 74 OVR (-1) Golden State Warriors Draymond Green: 83 OVR (+3) Andrew Wiggins: 82 OVR (+1) Jordan Poole: 79 OVR (+1) Kevon Looney: 77 OVR (+1) Houston Rockets Christian Wood: 83 OVR (+1) Jalen Green: 78 OVR (-1) Jae'Sean Tate: 78 OVR (+1) Eric Gordon: 77 OVR (-1) Kevin Porter Jr.: 76 OVR (+1) Garrison Mathews: 74 OVR (+1) Daniel Theis: 74 OVR (-1) Indiana Pacers Caris LeVert: 80 OVR (-2) Jeremy Lamb: 77 OVR (+1) Torrey Craig: 77 OVR (+1) Chris Duarte: 77 OVR (-1) Kelan Martin: 74 OVR (+2) Justin Holiday: 73 OVR (+1) Goga Bitadze: 72 OVR (-1) Los Angeles Clippers Isaiah Hartenstein: 77 OVR (+1) Eric Bledsoe: 76 OVR (-1) Terance Mann: 76 OVR (-1) Luke Kennard: 75 OVR (-1) Serge Ibaka: 75 OVR (-1) Los Angeles Lakers Anthony Davis: 92 OVR (-1) Talen Horton-Tucker: 77 OVR (-1) Malik Monk: 74 OVR (-1) Wayne Ellington: 72 OVR (-1) Memphis Grizzlies Jaren Jackson Jr.: 82 OVR (+2) Desmond Bane: 80 OVR (+3) Dillon Brooks: 80 OVR (+2) Kyle Anderson: 78 OVR (-1) Tyus Jones: 77 OVR (+1) Brandon Clarke: 77 OVR (+1) Miami Heat Bam Adebayo: 86 OVR (-1) Dewayne Dedmon: 76 OVR (+1) Gabe Vincent: 75 OVR (+5) Caleb Martin: 75 OVR (+2) Milwaukee Bucks Khris Middleton: 85 OVR (-2) Bobby Portis Jr.: 81 OVR (+2) Pat Connaughton: 79 OVR (+2) George Hill: 73 OVR (-1) Rodney Hood: 71 OVR (-1) Minnesota Timberwolves Anthony Edwards: 85 OVR (+1) D'Angelo Russell: 82 OVR (+2) Jarred Vanderbilt: 77 OVR (+1) New Orleans Pelicans Brandon Ingram: 83 OVR (-1) Devonte Graham: 79 OVR (-1) Nickeil Alexander-Walker: 76 OVR (-1) Herbert Jones: 73 OVR (+1) Garrett Temple: 72 OVR (-1) New York Knicks Julius Randle: 84 OVR (-2) R.J. Barrett: 82 OVR (-1) Alec Burks: 79 OVR (+2) Immanuel Quickley: 79 OVR (+1) Kemba Walker: 79 OVR (-1) Evan Fournier: 77 OVR (-1) Nerlens Noel: 77 OVR (-1) Oklahoma City Thunder Luguentz Dort: 79 OVR (+1) Jeremiah Robinson-Earl: 75 OVR (+2) Ty Jerome: 74 OVR (+2) Orlando Magic R.J. Hampton: 75 OVR (+2) Gary Harris: 74 OVR (+1) Philadelphia 76ers Tobias Harris: 86 OVR (-1) Tyrese Maxey: 81 OVR (+1) Matisse Thybulle: 78 OVR (+2) Danny Green: 78 OVR (+1) Furkan Korkmaz: 76 OVR (-2) Phoenix Suns Devin Booker: 90 OVR (+1) Landry Shamet: 75 OVR (+2) Portland Trail Blazers Jusuf Nurkić: 83 OVR (+1) San Antonio Spurs Lonnie Walker IV: 74 OVR (-2) Sacramento Kings Harrison Barnes: 82 OVR (-1) Tristan Thompson: 78 OVR (+1) Chimezie Metu: 73 OVR (-1) Toronto Raptors Pascal Siakam: 84 OVR (+1) Gary Trent Jr.: 81 OVR (+1) Khem Birch: 77 OVR (+1) Utah Jazz Donovan Mitchell: 88 OVR (-1) Bojan Bogdanović: 81 OVR (+1) Jordan Clarkson: 79 OVR (+2) Trent Forrest: 70 OVR (+1) Washington Wizards Spencer Dinwiddie: 82 OVR (-1) Daniel Gafford: 79 OVR (+1) Kyle Kuzma: 79 OVR (-1) Kentavious Caldwell-Pope: 76 OVR (+1) Deni Avdija: 76 OVR (+1) Raul Neto: 74 OVR (-1) View the full article
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