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Found 9 results

  1. A day late however it is at long last here, Yoshi1176 and myself have sacrificially assembled this rundown of stunning individuals. This is a rundown that was to a great degree difficult to pick. We went to a concession to the individuals who went well beyond this month. This month is was particularly vital on the grounds that as you most likely are aware Halo 5 was going gold. This month consists of members who we thought would suit it best, however in no particular order whatsoever. Just remember, complaining will get you barred from the next election. So, please, don't do it. Yang Xiao Long Spoiled JL Self Destruct Kakashi Hectate BATMAN Melody Caboose the Ace Halo6 Follower Jahmir 2 and his partner, Jahmir 1 Honorable Mentions: ShadowFiend216 Media Bias Congratulation you guys! You did well to receive it this month, hopefully we'll see some new faces next month!
  2. Top Ten: September 2015 A day late but it is finally here, Fishy Edward Kenway, and myself have selflessly put together this list of amazing people. This is a list that was extremely hard to pick hell I probably would have punched EK a few times if I was able to but hell, we came to an agreement on those who went above and beyond this month. This month is was especially important because as you know Halo 5 is releasing soon so we need to present ourselves the best we can for the coming wave of new members. This month is home to a couple of members who have never been awarded the Top Ten award before which is always awesome so make sure you congratulate them! This list is in no particular order, and if you compain about not being on the list I will have your head and you'll be barred from next month so do not complain. Wam Halo5Follower rrhuntington Aramis the Pats fan ShadowFiend216 Caboose Kakashi Totally not a Druid UNSC Spartan and finally Sonic Honorable Mentions: *Top Ten Staff Fights Tooth and Nail* Congratulations guys! Keep it up, next time this list is up Halo 5 will be out!!!
  3. Hi, I am starting to share game clips on YouTube and this is one of my favourite overkils I did... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r78fw5unP8s Thanks for watching and please subscribe to it. There will be plenty of Halo 5 clips coming! Toldale15
  4. Hello there members of the forum! Welcome to the Top 15 Members of January 2015, this list was assembled by myself (Edward Kenway), Squidward Tortellini, Yoshi1176, Tony Stark, and the veteran Zaguroth! This month was definitely home to a lot of older members getting higher up and showing their true potential, kinda like me last year hehehehehe. Everyone on here did an awesome job, and if you didn't make it, don't be discouraged, there's always next month. Anyways, let's begin with the list, after this small message of course. Complaining about not being on the list will have you barred from next month's list as well, so be wary of what you post, and try to be supportive for the members that have made it, believe me, if you're trying, you'll make it. Maybe this wasn't your month, keep trying, dissing the members on the list or complaining about how you deserve a spot isn't the answer though. This is a message from Zaguroth Inc., all rights reserved, 2007-2015. Halo 5 Follower Kid Flash BATMAN Delpen PBrabbit Ash Melody Maggie Axilus Prime Yang E-runner Caboose Rrhuntington AnimeAddict We have no honourable mentions this month, congratulations to all above! I am extremely proud of all of the above, and I hope to see you grow and improve more and realize your TRUE POWER. Mwahahahahahahaha!
  5. Hello members of the community! As you know every month on the 25th a list is delivered to the forum. A list of 15 names selected by "The Great Committee." (Red, myself, the piece of bread whose name escapes me, Swaguroth, and xXT0T4L_M4YH3MXx) This month saw many newer members step up and really begin to benefit the community by adding meaningful content to discussions, hosting playdates, and even being a friendly face to all who enter the shoutbox. There were so many members to choose from this month, so many doing things to help the community. Because of this there have been rocks thrown, shins kicked, members of the committee booted, bread roasted, and heavy misuse of the word 'swag.' But we've become better people for it. Bnus and I have actually really enjoyed working with each other and being a part of this selection committee. (Of course you should still remember that bread cannot be trusted.) Oh, right the list! Here is the list of the Top 15 Members of February! (In a conveniently alphabetized order) Caboose Death Rhino Ubetrol Fishy HaloGeek JL - Whatever your name will be this month JXZAW Pbrabbit RRHuntington Self Destruct TheDumbMarine Twinreaper UNSC Spartan-II Vaultingfrog уαηg χιασ ℓσηg Zelda Honorable Mentions: Halo5Follower Mr. Biggles I would like to be the first to congratulate each and everyone of you. All of you performed amazingly and really earned your spot on this list. I look forward with anxious excitement to seeing what each of you will do in the future for our community!
  6. In this forum game , the goal is to create a unique top ten list that helps us recognize your interests. However, because this is a game, it must have rules: 1. The list cannot consist of reasons. ex., Top Ten Reasons Why Sony is Better Than Microsoft 2. The list cannot be about anything that breaks the forum rules. ex., Top Ten ****stars 3. The list cannot exceed or underfund Ten Items. ex., Top Eleven Favorite Games I will start with Top Ten Consoles: 1. Xbox One 2. Fairchild Channel F 3. Xbox 360 4. PC 5. Xbox 6. SEGA Saturn 7. SEGA Genesis 8. Atari 7800 9. SEGA Master System 10. Super Famicon
  7. This is an Open invite to all Clan leaders and Free agents! LGO would like to invite you to come play with us this Sunday and 8 pm Eastern. Possible alliances, new recruits, and even Clan match are all on the table. Most of all We are looking to meet new people in the Halo community! Please come by and check us out we can be contacted at any of the Gamer tags below. Thanks for your time. ~LGO Council~ LGO Mr Poppa Co / LGO Ridiculous / LGO Inferno / LGO Chaos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clan/Community: Legion Gaming Organization Short: LGO Type: Clan Community Date Open: 04/01/2013 What Can LGO offer you? Members: 65-75+ Site: Ecga.enjin.com Clan App: http://files.enjin.com/402864/LGO%20APP/_LGO_HQ.apk Active Leaders Room for Advancement Well Structured Clan/Community Leadership with over 30 years of Clan & Guild Leading Experience
  8. hi im your stereotyped 15 y old nerd and i just wanted to share my oppinion on halo 5 and what you need to change and or add 1. BRING BACK EPIC MUSIC xD part of what made the original halo trilogy truly epic was that beutiful soundtrack at the start it was amazing and something every halo fan holds close to there heart 2. make it less Call Of Duty like what made halo special was that it wasnt completly stereotyped, its had -had- a great story, the guns cant feal to straight forward example halo ce plasma pistol or needler and halo 2 energy sword or in multiplayer there shouldnt be load outs 3. more epic halo 2s mstr chf flying thru space with the bomb into the convenant ship or halo 3s ending i mean where the hell is the epic in halo 4 master cheif feals like he belongs on jersey shore not saveing humanity from all out extinction AGAIn 4. better story at the rate your going i may actually leave my sofa and get a girlfriend -which would be terrible- .i liked the story of halo 4 but i didnt LOVE the story of halo 4 (i cried at the ending to halo 3 and that was last week) i mean really killing off cortana? the arbiter hasnt even shown his face and johnson doesnt even have a white doplganger no no were forced to stay on a single planet THIS IS SPACE 5. more interesting combat ai first off i completed the first mission of halo 4 in about 40 minutes on the hardest difficulty and didnt die once i mean how hard is it to make a game hard. when you focused your attention on the new prometheans you made combat quite boring and methodical all the ai are made with a purpose and theres only one way to take them out properly which there shouldnt be, shooters dont have much to make there gameplay appealing but the style of execution for your foes (take that from me and i may as well be socialising) appart from those 5 problems halo 4 did a good job for the multiplayer even if the story and campaign lacked much thank you for reading i can only hope that you may yet implement some of my ideas
  9. Gamertag: john xSNIPERx Map name: Breaking Point (can be found in my file share) Gametype name: Infection (also found in my file share) You and your team investigate a resent distress beacon located at Research Base Zulu, only to discover that the asteroid the facility is situated on has split. Most of the base is on the very unstable side of the asteroid so make your way across the debris field to find out why this phenomenon has occurred. Maybe something was lurking within this destruction. You will need every hand and gun you can afford. (Recommended 16 Players) Sorry for the transmission quality, someone or something was Tampering with the security cameras:
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