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  1. So over the years the Sangheili have been constantly redesigned. Which is good. Halo 1 have them a sense of scary + cool, especially during jump scares. Halo 2, Same but more detailed, pretty scary either way. Halo 3. I have a problem with them because they look too slouched, as if shorter. They are cool however, that one thing really bothers me. Halo Wars. Very good. Scary and cool. They look like an early version of Reach elites crossed with 3, due to their skinny waist and scary teeth and face. The Halo 3 features would be the armor design. Very cool. Halo: Reach. Very, very COOL. Like HCE, a sense of scary and cool. The way the teeth and vibe are done, the angular faces, these are my FAVORITE!! Also the feet look bird-like. My least favorite design, the worst to me. Although this one is cool, I just think they look too slouched. Maybe it's the armor. Also. I don't like how no armor is on the forearms, just feels naked.....I think sticking to Reach or H3 style would have been good. So yeah, Reach rocks. Give out your favorites.
  2. Since Reach was the most played online Halo. Why chance the weapon input? There is not one weapon which can counter the sword properly, like the shotgun in reach. I honestly think infinte will be a great game. But there is a lot to chance to make it perfect. Lets take the maps for example. It doesn't feel like the great map making, which u have in halo 3 or even reach. Maybe Im to focused on the old halos but why chance a winning system? The perks are kinda unbalanced too. Love Halo and just want to have a better game experience.
  3. I'm playing Halo 3 from the Master Chief Collection. In the Hornet I can't climb. The left stick moved forward and backward. The right s tick looks up and down. The left bumper moves down. Am I missing something?
  4. I'm a youtuber working on a series to bring back old custom creations that people really loved in Halo 3. Currently I no longer can find this custom creation I recall being very fun to play on in Halo 3. The custom game was an infection creation either called The Hollows or Ninja I think, but I could be wrong, and it had people playing inside an enclosed cave type map and I believe it was on Sandbox and and the infected had brute shots I believe and I think both human and infected were invisible and you have to just hide from the infected trying to find you. I can't perfectly recall most of how it was played other than you were inside an enclosed map that was suppose to by like a cave and it had infection that was played on it. If anyone could help me find the gametype and map, that would be much appreciated. Bonus for if you can find video footage of it. Anyone that does will be credited for the custom creation. This is the intro to the series I am doing.
  5. Hi! Seeing as the juggernaut in charge of Halo right now turned the game into a Microtransaction barbie-simulator, there has been this question that I've been dying to ask. Since there will be customizable armor akin to Halo 3, Reach, and so forth, I'm curious as to how the armor will be unlocked (unless I'm actually stupid and there won't be any armor, in which case I'm gonna kill all of my friends for lying) Will it be like in Halo 3, where the armor is to be earned by achievement-like unlocks? Like how you had to get the special skulls, complete the final mission with 4 friends in ghosts on the hardest difficulty, and so forth to get the Recon armor, Or will it be more like Halo reach where you get credits for playing and you can spend those credits on the armor you want? Or perhaps a combination of the two, where some armor is unlockable via a credit system, while others are achievement-only? Then again I may just be stupid and there won't be any armor at all. ----- hmmm.. If there isn't a planned development for armor, perhaps I could allocate my time to 3d modeling and creating the models and textures for the armor? If you're not doing armor since it's most likely a waste of time, would you allow me to waste my time and implement models of mine that you enjoy?
  6. A good alternative to H3A is patching all of the issues with Halo MCC. If they patched it correctly, that will be a good enough for 343i until Halo 6. If they would like to even make people happier. They would put Halo MCC out for free, though I doubt that would happen. This is what I think, but what about you?
  7. This is for a research purpose; we are trying to conclude which is the best halo 3 map for mostly any given game type. For example CTF, VIP, Team Death Match, FFA, Oddball and etc… In conclusion vote for the map that is your favorite map. Feel free too discuss and add your input of why you like a certain map. (Hopefully the poll shows up correctly otherwise I will have to try again. and some maps had to be excluded from the poll as they couldn't fit in the poll.) The maps that got excluded were: Stand off, Snowbound, Sanbox, Foundry. If you want to vote for these you can do so through the comments.
  8. Which one do you prefer, Carbine or Battle Rifle? Before you go on saying that the BR is OP, think about it. The Carbine has a faster rate of fire and I think more shots, considering the BR is a 3-round burst. I preferthe Carbine because you can use it against Brutes, Grunts, and everybody, though it's not that good against the Flood.
  9. I do not think 343i should work on and release Halo 3 Anniversary before Halo 6. The reason is that due to 343i working on Halo MCC and Halo 5 and rushing, two games were launched incomplete and broken. I do not want the same thing to happen to Halo 6. I think Halo 6 could be a great game, possibly the next Halo 3 for the community, so I want them to put all their focus on Halo 6. I do want Halo 3 Anniversary eventually, but I want them to take their time with Halo 6. I think after Halo 6 is released, than I would want them to start development on H3A, but again take time with it and release it as a complete game.
  10. Hello my name is ScoffingWand6 and I am the leader of the Fallen Angles. We are a laid-back clan just looking people that can follow simple orders,and are willing to have fun.We would prefer you have a mic but if you don't that's ok to. For More info visit www.HaloFallenAngles.weebly.com
  11. My goal for this post is to give new members a "cheat sheet" of where to find people to play custom games with, despite what game or platform they are playing on. HaloCustoms.com When new halo games release, this website receives more traffic and members new to the website will want to play, would recommend making a lobby 1-2 days in advance. 343industries.org A friendly community built of Halo players similar to HC! HaloCustoms (Discord Channel) Ever since the Halo 5 forge released for PC, this discord channel has gotten on average 60+ members online per day, so it should be easy for you to find atleast some people who want to play Halo. Eldewrito / Halo 5 forge (Discord Channel) A halo discord channel that I've come across with 1400 members in total! It's mostly a hub for PC players but has a room for all Halo games available on PC, Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 aka Halo Online, and Halo 5 forge, it even has a LFP room so just post "@here" and everyone online will get the notification. /r/Halo (Discord Channel) With 1400 members online at the time of this post, this is by far the most populated Halo discord channel I've come across, You can find any room you need, for you console guys it has a Xbox LFG room, and there's a PC LFG room for you PC players aswell. Halo 2 PC (Discord Channel) Since the Halo 2 PC servers shut down last year a new group has risen to make sure the Halo 2 PC experience doesn't die, At the time of this post this discord channel has 190+ members online. (I will continue to update this post if I see more websites, or etc, dedicated to Halo custom games.)
  12. Project Resurgence is a Multi-Halo variety tricking video, spanning across three console generations worth of Halo games. This two-part, 30 minute behemoth is a community driven, metal infused project, born from the labor of those who desire to push the limits of the Halo engines to their breaking point. After over a year of work, we are very proud to present part 2 and to bring Project Resurgence to a close.
  13. The Choom Gang is a newly active spartan company, with the goal of earning all the commendations and having a good time. We're a group of competent, skilled players with a laid back approach to gaming. Send Thirsty for Dad or Peace Man Ganj a message for more information, or request to join our squad at halowaypoint.com.
  14. Hey guys welcome to Halo Online Eldorito Discussion thread, for those who are thinking Halo Online PC is fully shutdown, incase you don't know there is modded version of eldorito that allow us to play multiplayer WORLD WIDE and there is no micro transactions at all because the modders completely removed it. You want to play just like how you played on halo 3 engine xbox 360 and xbox one? don't worry this game also runs lower end PC's and you won't have any problems with it. However you may come across with bugs but I promies you some of these bugs will be fixed in the next update of 0.6.0. Beside this version of halo online eldorito is alot better and I want to make a promies so that you won't think it's just a junky mod. We will need you guys to make this big! Alright, let's start downloading Halo Online Eldorito free to play! The latest version of eldorito is "" and the next update for "0.6.0" will be much better because some of the bugs have already been fixed and aswome features will be going in the update aswell System requirements OS: Windows Vista, Windows 8, or Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (or AMD equivalent) Memory: 4 GB Ram Graphics: Nvidai Geforce 9600GT (or AMD equivalent) Storage: 4 GB hard disk space Internet: Broadband Gamepad: Optional 1) Installation Download Halo Online Eldorito from here! You can download full game on Mega https://mega.nz/#!M4VkzCJb!Y2JwWIrAPm8yHVyxWImU4asq23uQoY7GWFFWLHWEg3o You can download full game on Torrent https://mega.nz/#!05kEGBBA!f-CGZGqPhPDwXvW-M4vCg0FpbxUWDoxGs8y_JcxcXWU 2) You can Extract the zip file with 7-zip or WinRAR into any folder (Except Program Files) 3) now just run "DewritoUpdater.exe" (Oh reminder if dewritoUpdater.exe crashes just install .NET 4.5.2 4) Then Click "Play Game" (If the game crashes or doesn't start, run the files in the TPI folder.) 5) How to use Halo forge on pc and main menu. Main menu 6) HOSTING A Server Portforward the following ports (This is necessary to host): 11775-TCP 11775-UDP 9987-UDP Once these ports are forwarded. Open your game and Click Multiplayer or Forge. Change the Network type to "Online" and click "Host Game". Congrats your server is now online. If it fails to show in the server browser. Press your console key again and type "Server.Announce". You can view http://YOURSERVERIP:11775in your browser if you wish to see yourports were forwarded successfully.(This might not work for all routers) Alright that's it for now. anyways we need more build techinicians, that's our biggest bottleneck. We have an awesome Eldorito developers that have worked hard on halo online The issue is that we have less programmers, The devs are working on hard on this as possible. We have too many problems because we need stronger power and right now we have less people. If you are experienced with programming please do head to Halo Online reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/ and make a new topic that you want to contribute. The population is pretty low however we need more people to get involved in this game. Oh just to remember you guys are totally free to post images, videos, WIP, and modding in this THREAD as long it is Halo Online Eldorito topic.
  15. Download link below! Mombasa streets will finally be available today. This new map has been completely rebuilt from scratch on a brand new forge canvas, instead of an out-of-map canvas. This version does not fully replicate any one distinct location from the game, this is just meant to show off remade assets and known elements that are most recognizable from the original gameplay. This map was rushed in an effort to replace the original that was never released due to broken mechanics. However I plan on making more than one version and expanding on remakes from the city as time goes on. Hope you guys enjoy! https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=BaconMedia#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_BaconMedia_24f48df2-97bb-410b-8eca-30b794afcfe3 Add BaconMedia on Xbox Live to bookmark the map directly.
  16. Installation 04B ​Cortana: "Halo. It's so new... unfinished. I'm not exactly sure what will happen when we fire it..." John-117: "We'll head for the Portal. And we'll all go home." Hey everyone, and welcome back to Installation 04B! You may notice this map is very similar to the warthog run on the last level of Halo 3, however it has been modified to fit into Halo 5's multiplayer! How to play ​ The gametype you should use is Warthog Run. Here are the settings: Teams are on No friendly fire Damage is lowered so banshees are not too OP No sprint, thrust, etc. so it is similar to Halo 3 One stonghold on map, one second capture, one point to win the round Teams of 1-3 players (use Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple Teams only) must grab a warthog and drive through the maps path in order to reach the hanger of the Dawn. However, teams must be on the look out for other players in warthogs racing them, shooting them, trying to knock them off, and they must be aware of one team which uses banshees to try to kill everyone. Each round one team is chosen to fly the banshees and the rest drive. First team to the Dawn wins (banshees are unable to enter, so don't worry about cheaters). The map uses pressure plate scripting that allows for some of the floor tiles to fall once the players reach certain points in the map. Therefore, players must always be on the look out, since the map is constantly changing before your eyes! MAP DOWNLOAD: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=xXBarthXx#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_xXBarthXx_a3256eda-fedb-482f-ae75-a1e0535cab56 GAMETYPE DOWNLOAD:https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=xXBarthXx#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_gamevariant_xXBarthXx_c4b43feb-901f-4009-afbe-a38f784e3376 YOUTUBE VIDEO:
  17. If you like weird, wild, and stupid...check it out. If you are an 80's baby...you should check it out. If your mother slept with many men... you should check it out. If your father slept with many men...you should check it out. If your dog is a cleptomaniac...you should check it out. If you spank your monkey too much...finish up...then you should check it out.
  18. I am the Leader of the Dark Blood Clan and i am recruiting i'd recommend that all recruits have a Mic or will be getting a mic within a week if you have any questions you can message me on Xbox 360 and the clan has a strict Ranking System that i'll attach the Ranks to this form Dark Blood Clan.rtf
  19. Halo's sales are down. People who grew up with 1, 2, and 3, and maybe even a little Reach(?), ask yourselves, "How would you feel if Halo started to play more like a story-based—fast-paced, Mass Effect with an MMO aspect to amp up our Halo Culture?" Watch the Video "Call me back, and Let me know if we can make it happen! Ghost Mop
  20. A remake of Halo 3's Sandbox. The map has been scaled up to accompany Halo 5's new mobility tricks. Features 2 snipers, 2 rockets, a shotty, an overshiled, 2 g hammers, and 2 detached rocket turrets. Each base is also equiped with a ghost, hog, gungoose, and standard goose. I hope you check it out, and please give me any feedback. Link to forgehub: http://www.forgehub.com/maps/sandshrine.1576/ Link to video: (pics won't upload to this cite, sorry)
  21. I used to play a lot of Halo 3 custom games and am hoping this community can help me find some old classic maps. These are the maps i was looking for, -Jenga -Trash Compactor -Duck Hunt However Any old Halo 3 Custom game/map is just as fun. If you know where I can download these maps (ie. Whose file share its under) that would be greatly appreciated. My GT is "Sergentpoot" feel free to messgae me or add me to a party whenever im online, im always down to play some halo!
  22. Aim is what sets the pros apart from other players, and it takes years to develop because it's a motor skill. On the other hand, strategy, tactics, teamwork etc. are just as important but only take months to learn. In other words, most decent halo players know as much as the pros relating to tactics, teamwork and strategy, they're just pros because their aim is godlike-anyone can have good teamwork. Halo 3 takes the most skill aim-wise out of any halo game. You have to lead your BR shots and snipe shots at long range. The snipe doesn't have a high fire rate as much as halo 1 and 2, so missing with snipe is more devastating in halo 3. So, aim is the determining factor along with teamwork and strategy/tactics in having the characteristics of a pro. Aim is more important because it takes years to develop, other than strategy, teamwork and tactics which can be learned in a matter of months. Octagon is the most efficient way in halo to improve one's aiming skill. Octagon in halo 3 will overall make your aim better in all other halo games and any other FPS that is played. Why? Well, Octagon in halo 3 is very challenging and will develop your aiming skill a.k.a. your hand-eye coordination. Your hand-eye coordination is applied to any and all FPS games you play, and since halo 3's octagon is very difficult to aim in and impossible to master, it'll take one's aim to the pro's level in only a couple months. For example, if you played halo 3's octagon for a few months and played halo 5 when it comes out, your aim in halo 5 would be godlike right off the bat because of the practice in halo 3.
  23. Simple Question Going back, what was the main reason you guys delved so far into the Halo franchise? Why is Halo appealing to you?
  24. Hello. For the last 10 months we have all experienced the frustration that MCC has put upon us. For many games you may have seen teammates quit early, go afc, or even just murder you for a power weapon. If this is your problem, here is your solution. KOO is a halo clan on MCC that has been running since early July. We have about 30 members as of our last routine check. Our clan has a set uniform and traditional set of rules. Our clan has a ranking structure as well, allowing players to prove their worth on a second plane outside of the games basic functions. If you decide to join you will have access to a coordinated team, experienced leadership, and most importantly, success on the field. Details are as follows: UNIFORM POLICY AND DETAILS: Our uniform is only for H2A, If you're to join you must play as an elite with a set of colors.Our emblem is the only thing we ask you to wear consistently. However whenever you're with the clan, all aspects of your uniform must be in order. RULES AND REGULATIONS: Within the clan we have a high sense of respect for anyone we encounter. This means we have zero tolerance for anything that degrades the other person. This means no T-Bagging, Melees, or shootings towards dead bodies. It is not only disrespectful, but a waste of time within the games.As far as respecting others go, others won't always respect you. If anyone commits one of the actions above it does not mean you have permission to stoop down to their level for vengeance.We don't allow our members to trash talk other players. It makes you look like a jerk, and your actions will define us as a clan. However, if another person starts a fight with you, you may defend yourself.Finally, like many other clans we don't allow team betrayals or rage quitting. We understand you may accidentally shoot your teammate and we understand MCC frequently kicks people out of games. We will be lenient, but if a pattern arises we will handle it RANKING AND STRUCTURE: Oracles Polyphony and it's roots can be traced back to its predecessor clan up to four years ago. During that time we have refined our ranking structure and seasoned our leaders with experience.The ranks in the clan run based on divisions and member skill sets.All members start in the infantry division. This is where we see if you're the kind of person we want, and if you can live up to our expectations. Once you pass infantry you have the opportunity to specialize in a skill. Certain divisions specialize in different things. For example, our Ranger division is a BTB oriented vehicle specialist division. Our Spec-Ops are the highly skilled stand alone players that specialize in long range weapons. These are just two of our divisions, for more information you can see our website. WEBSITE: A direct link to the website is as follows: www.KnightsoftheOldOrder.weebly.com The only problem you will have from here on out is your enemies quitting out before the game can get a chance to end. Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope to see a message from you soon. To contact us you can use our website or you can message me on xbox live with the gamertag Apex Arbiter. I hope you find the clan that's right for you, if that clan is us, let me know. -Apex Arbiter
  25. Now that I have your attention despite halo 3 being out for 8 years I still do not know how to do the gold 1 to gold 2 jump. So I would like a detailed written explaination on how to perform this witchcraft.
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