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  1. I agree, 343 used to be the underdogs up Bungie anyways. And I have good faith in the potential being demonstrated by the Team of 343 Industries. I really like some of the things they have done with the game so far, from all the content that has been leaked. I'm really hoping that this is only the tip of the iceberg though, seeing as this is perhaps the most content leakage I have seen released prior to the game. Personally, some of the new spartan armors are looking 'uber-ly' crazy - not a big fan of weird looking armors. However, I have seen some armors I have really liked. Overall, 343 are making an excellent progess with the game, & I am more than excited for the release.
  2. To add to what Absolute Dog posted above, I agree to being very intrigued to see if it has the real qualities that should be in a halo game, to give it the same feel. BUT, I really hope that the Legendary Campaign difficulty can actually be beaten alone.. From what I have heard and seen, there seems to be so many things that could potentially destroy a person as they try to make their way through the Legendary Campaign alone. I guess i'm just excited to see what the Prometheans can actually do. And I wonder how difficult it will be to fight one that can dash super fast across your screen, whilst on LEGENDARY! o-o Sounds like fun to me
  3. As a fellow forger, Ideas flow through my mind everytime I hear anything about the Halo 4 forge, & from what I have seen, It is AMAZING. So much easier than the Forge I've been using. I have currently made Ninja maps, 12 of them in fact , 1 map per month for 1 full year. Each Ninja has been a 1-6 Hr Experience, Has 3-6 teleport checkpoints per map, & even had a reward of some type by the time you get to the end. In my opinion, there are not that many female halo gamers, especially girls who want to forge, but considering I love to forge, and am quite good at it now, I absolutely cannot wait to start forging.. God only knows what I can come up with. The one concern I have would be if the raised the cap on how many items you can use, or how much $$ you have to work with. I once made a replica of Clock town from Zelda; Majora's Mask, But only managed to make Center Clock Town, after realizing that I didn't have enough resources to make the entire detail of the city.. Nonetheless it became a very good map. I even have a way that you can 'zoom in' and make the moon cry.. haha, my friends are right when they say "yea she's good" Teehee ^-^
  4. SykoWolf, I see what your idea is but I think it would cause people to consistantly bend words to relate to swears or vulgarity. It would be bad enough if people can still overlap emblems to make emblems look like genitalia. The small LCD screen on the outside of the tank is kind of what my idea was, just to make it seem realistic, either a little monitor to display it, or simply the "SLAP IT ON" paint style look. Master Cheif has been confirmed to have 117 display in brail on his armor, It would be awesome to see your service tag # in brail on your armor. I highly doubt they'd allow a full name, But a service # would be awesome. Clans are what half the population of halo now revolves with. I personally have turned down all clan opportunities, and don't plan to join one myself. Nonetheless, I personally enjoy clans. As far as I can tell, 343 would most likely agree from my viewpoint, that clans are merely competitive players, which benefits the halo franchise. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are a lot of 'rude/vulgar' clans/ etc. But furthermore the main point is that it gives a lot of people something to compete with. That would be quite interesting.. The only issue is that; "how many enemies get close enough to look at your gun?" - Even if so, it's such a small detail that it would barely be worth having.. cool to think of though, don't get me wrong As you might know, one of the most favored parts of being a part of the halo universe, is customization.. the ability to be unique. And even though we can come up with infinite ways to display the uniqueness of oneself, sometimes we just have to cope with what is there. Honestly, I like the idea of emblems on weaponry, but it'd be a bit complex to make an emblem on every gun.. plus you pick up guns randomly.. why would someone else's gun have your emblem..? Remember the days of little to no customization? 'halo 2' for example? I'm sure we got through just fine back then.. So whether or not any of our ideas get through to 343 , I will be more than happy with their final product. Thank you very much for your opinion, and Thank You to the rest of you as well I enjoy being a part of the Halo Universe & hearing the opinions of other Halo fans/spartans. It is very enjoyable and helps get the brain storming with ideas. I can only imagine what 343 might have added, that we have not even thought of... Excitedly waiting, there are less than 50 days left until the release of Halo 4, How many people are going to camp out front of the stores this time?... And how many people are willing to wear halo cosplay, as they hope to show off or get a discount? haha, only time will tell, that's why I love halo If you favor any of my opinions/ways of replying, or even this thread, please feel free to give me some 'Like' feedback to start me on my way of 343 Industries.org - I have only signed up here recently. Thank-You ^-^
  5. RaInCrY22


    All about RaInCrY22 and the background behind the legend. ^-^
  6. I think 343 should make the scorpion emblem change into YOUR emblem when you enter it!!!!

    1. Kurt S-501

      Kurt S-501

      That's actually a great idea. i would like to see that on all the UNSC vehicles.

    2. SeanM666


      that would be pretty sweet. it's kinda like sayin you own that vehicle lol.

  7. Simply Put: The emblem on the OUTSIDE of the tank will become the CURRENT EMBLEM of YOUR spartan. (But only when you are inside the vehicle). If you think this is a good idea, please follow and help me get attention to it!!! Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, RaInCrY22 here, I have just watched the making of halo 4 part 2 and had come up with a brilliant, yet simple trait that 343 Industries may want to add into the game. Okay here's my idea : Scorpion/vehicle Emblem customization. When watching the video I noticed the new scorpion was so detailed that it actually had a skull emblem on the side + I think the UNSC logo. Imagine this.. You enter a scorpion tank, and the emblem changes to your current emblem, which will then display on the outside of the tank. COOL ENOUGH FOR YOU?!? How about.. 10 tanks with the same emblem on the side - awesome enough for theatre mode? Teams would have a whole new detail to enhance video 'uniqueness'. NOW FOR ALL THE FORGERS ! - LIKE MYSELF, I <3 FORGE Now that my brain is bubbling with ideas, I think it would also be cool if they could make a 'plate' - like the objective plate shape you see in forge mode, or even a square one. Imagine if it could display YOUR unique emblem, then PLACE THAT BAD BOY ON YOUR BASE! Don't forget, my main focus is customizing emblems on vehicles. Try to get enough attention to this so that 343 might consider it! Remember, the game is less than 60 days away from being released!
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