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Found 8 results

  1. 343 Industries I am fed up, normally I would just play and carry on but enough is enough. I have had 40-50 scorpion vehicle destroys not register toward commendations. And now in a single match literally evaporate 3 mongoose with an incineration cannon without a single addition to my commendation count. This is beyond ridiculous. The scorpions if I melee I have a high chance to not get vehicle destroy credit, pulse grenade same thing and a few other random times it never gave me a vehicle destroy. Capture the flag on Longbow using an incineration cannon I have found to be the best way for me personally to get mongoose kills. Hit them straight in the front or you'll just kill the people. That said I had three or four times that match that the mongoose survives a hit from the side with an incineration cannon. There were however 3 mongoose vehicles that evaporated and I received the kill points but not the commendation for vehicle destroy. If you don't believe me I've saved the video because I am pissed off. FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!! And make it up to me some how because this is unacceptable. ~David http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/086c3289-e971-4625-a61b-048e42071f8f
  2. Map: Tank Superiority (link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/eliteisnip3r/halo4/fileshare#?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=960d03d8-f1d3-4da6-8ba9-90e362c80b65 ) Gametype: Tank Superiority (link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/eliteisnip3r/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=805e2f4a-3ece-4161-a018-09349fd291b1 ) Description: Does this sound fmiliar? If you have played this in BF3 it should! Two teams of 4 are located on the opposite sides of the large island (on Forge Island), and they have 4 Scorpions each. The players spawn with a Rocket Launcher in a safe "garage" where their Scorpions are located. Each player has 2 choices: Either hop in the tank and go head on with the enemy or try to sneak around supporting their team on foot. There are 3 heavy weapons to help the players on foot, 2 Sticky Detonators and 1 Spartan Laser. The map is in a forest, and the scenery is compiled by trees, rocks, buildings etc. (No images) I'd like some feedback
  3. I for one was very disappointed by the lack of large maps in halo 4, true we have a lot of BTB maps but they are all fairly small and incapable of supporting heavy vehicle combat. What i would like to see in halo 5 is the introduction of a 16 v 16 heavy combat playlist which would pit teams against each other on very large maps loaded with air and ground vehicles. I would like to see the following vehicles in halo 5: -Warthog -Guass hog -Rocket hog -mortar hog -mongoose -Scorpion -Mantis -Falcon -Hornet -Wraith -Spectre -Banshee -Chopper -Ghost -Possibly even pelicans and spirits With this massive pallet of vehicles we should also get some new anti vehicle weapons here are some ideas: -Rocket launcher -Anti armor/air rockets (tracks ground and air targets, low splash damage) -Anti personnel rockets (no tracking, high splash damage) -Spartan Laser (how could anyone forget:) -Heavy Railgun (The most powerful weapon in the game, hold 2 rounds, has 2x and 10x scope, one hit kill on literally anything, pelicans included) -Plasma Launcher (practically the same as the one from reach but with better tracking and more damage) -Anti armor incendiary rounds (can be placed on map and are weapon specific, deal 2x the damage to vehicles) -Gauss turret (like the one on the warthog except in "shade turret" format -Rocket turret (like the ones on the mammoth in halo 4) -Oh and possibly mines as well (they could fit into a grenade slot on your HUD) These are just some cool ideas i had, feel free to critic them or add some ideas of your own
  4. Which do you prefer? I like Scorpions better!
  5. So... I found this trick that you can do with the scorpion tank, if you take a wall colloseum and put it almost straight up (5-15 degree tilt) and then place two gravity volumes going up and one that goes in against the wall just sticking out so the base of the scorpion will fit under. Then you make a ramp at the bottom and drive scorpions up the side. I think it could be used as sort of a dramatic entrance for the tanks in a story driven map or maybe a dominion map where one base is on a big hill and base A and C contain scorpions to climb it. If you are confused by the description, i could upload a video on youtube, it just wont be HD because i dont own recording equipment... wrong place.... Sorry.... Gonna repost
  6. Hello everyone, RaInCrY22 here, I have just watched the making of halo 4 part 2 and had come up with a brilliant, yet simple trait that 343 Industries may want to add into the game. Okay here's my idea : Scorpion/vehicle Emblem customization. When watching the video I noticed the new scorpion was so detailed that it actually had a skull emblem on the side + I think the UNSC logo. Imagine this.. You enter a scorpion tank, and the emblem changes to your current emblem, which will then display on the outside of the tank. COOL ENOUGH FOR YOU?!? How about.. 10 tanks with the same emblem on the side - awesome enough for theatre mode? Teams would have a whole new detail to enhance video 'uniqueness'. NOW FOR ALL THE FORGERS ! - LIKE MYSELF, I <3 FORGE Now that my brain is bubbling with ideas, I think it would also be cool if they could make a 'plate' - like the objective plate shape you see in forge mode, or even a square one. Imagine if it could display YOUR unique emblem, then PLACE THAT BAD BOY ON YOUR BASE! Don't forget, my main focus is customizing emblems on vehicles. Try to get enough attention to this so that 343 might consider it! Remember, the game is less than 60 days away from being released!
  7. So me and my friend were playing Halo:Reach the other day and noticed that exiting a vehicle (Usualy a Banshee) was taking to long when your been shot at by the whole enemy team. So we were thinking and thought it would be a great idea if there was a quick ejection system, maybe hitting the right bumper or a simliar button while in a vehicle and you would dive out of it. There has to be a catch right? So maybe you loose some of your shield when you dive out depending on your speed and how you land. You may also consider not beening able to use your abilities until they recharge again. I hope that everyone shares their thoughts and opinions on this. Your Friend, Connor AoT x EpiczZx
  8. I play firefight quite a bit and have come to the conclusion that what firefight really needs is Killstreak rewards like call of duty MP. For example 25 kills w/o dying= 1 weapon drop near your location 50 kill= warthog delivered by pelican 75 kills= 6 man marine squad 100 kills= Falcon gunship overhead for 2 minutes 150 kills= scorpion delivered by pelican Killionaire= overshields etc. What does everyone think?
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