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  1. Hey guys I was just checking out some random halo 4 pics when i came across something that i didn't like at all. A new Legendary symbol. I have attached it here, tell me what you think. A like would be appreciated!!!
  2. Between the five available iterations in MCC (Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo 3: ODST), which do you think is the hardest, and the easiest? Feel free to leave them in a list from easiest to hardest, or the other way around. My thoughts: Hardest Halo 2 Halo 3: ODST Halo: CE Halo 3 Halo 4 Easiest What do you think?
  3. I beat the Halo 4 campaign on Legendary, Solo. Only used the skulls Grunt Birthday Party and IWHBYD. No matter what I try to do, it does not give me the achievement for beating the Halo 4 campaign at all. I've tried playing each mission over again, mainly Midnight. No matter what I try, it absolutely refuses to give me the achievements. I'm missing the achievements for beating Midnight, beating the par score on Midnight, beating the campaign on Easy, beating the campaign on Normal, beating the campaign on Heroic, beating the campaign on Legendary, and beating the campaign on Legendary alone. I'm tired of retrying each and every mission. I've asked and asked and asked people why it won't work. I'm trying to be as cooperative as possible. I'd really prefer if I just got the achievements instead of someone giving me a "trick" on what mission to play, but any assistance at all is much appreciated.
  4. Just getting back into halo and I'm doing a legendary run through of all the games on legendary. Just looking for players to keep company through the long haul.
  5. Hi ive been playing halo since 2002. ive beaten every halo game on legendary already. I just got MCC and now im looking for somebody to rebeat halo 1-4 on legendary with. even if you dont want to play on legendary i still want to play co op with you. basically anybody who wants to play co op send me a message pn XB1. my GT is "GuitarSolo4ever" bugs me that theres no reach or odst on here lol. Also anybody who likes custom games add me and send me message. I LOVE CUSTOM GAMES!!!!! and co op
  6. I have tried to be patient. I just figured I'd play through every campaign on legendary (again) while the multiplayer issues were resolved. Even though I was so pissed when I completed Halo CE on legendary and it did NOT unlock the player ID for it. Today, after another update that was suppose to fix things, I tried getting into a BTB game, after waiting 5 minutes, leaving then trying again and waiting another 5 minutes, I said screw it and kept on working on my Halo 2 Legendary progress. Only to find, my saved progress was gone and I had to restart the entire level (Delta Halo, I was almost done). What's the point? Is there a part of this game I can play that isn't completely broken? I love Halo! I was so excited for this, it's the only game I've been playing but I can only take so much. Over a month since launch and it's seriously gotten worse. Why should I even try to continue on playing the campaign if my progress is getting erased?
  7. anyone wanna run the halo 3 campaign? gt is Rippin Headies
  8. Just trying to find some people to play through all the campaigns on legendary seeing as I still can't seem to get into any multiplayer match :-/ Preferably gamer's with mics and living in either New Zealand or Australia for the better ping.
  9. Looking for someone to play through any and all of the legendary co-op campaign on The Master Chief Collection, message me or add me : xDrewski ..... I'm ready to play whenever
  10. As you may know, beating all campaigns on legendary will net you the Helioskrill armor in Halo 5 guardians. Add me, The Viking Army, if you want to try to complete the campaigns on legendary.
  11. Well, it's my first ever post on a forum website. I'm just looking for a partner, or two... or three to help with the Legendary campaign. I've tried to solo it, but it's been kicking my butt for a while now. I'm hoping to get help either tonight, or at least by the end of this week.
  12. I beat the whole game on legendary. Here is how. 1.always take cover 2.always have a head shot weapon and nades. 3.when you have three quarter shields retreat unless your one shot away. 4.Do recon 5.try to carry a plasma pistil to charge and take out shields. 6.snipers are prime targets. Usally one shot kill. There you go. If i remember more ill tell you.
  13. [FINISHED] Thanks for all your help! Looking for somebody to help with the Campaign on Legendary! I looking to get the Master Chief armor set for Match Making and stuff. Anybody willing to help PM me! I'll pick one random person! It should be by this weekend, hopefully. I'm too busy on weekdays with school and what not. Thanks for your time!
  14. I beat Halo 4 on legendary offline because at my house I only have dial-up internet, I go to my grandmothers house just to get online. So when I logged on today I my service record did not update. It still says "No Campaign Started" however if you look at my achievements, the "Beat the game on legendary" is unlocked. I'm really only complaining because I CANT GET THE MARK VI HELMET WITHOUT MY SERVICE RECORD KNOWING! Please 343 fix this for me because I'm really still on edge if i think you failed at making a good halo game.
  15. tns22

    Dominion playlist

    Rant time! Just sharing some of my main complaints about the Dominion playlist. The Dominion playlist is one of my favorites. Invasion was my favorite in Reach, and halo 4 has nothing close to as fun as invasion, but dominion is the next best thing. However, the dominion playlist has seen a lot of changes since halo 4 came out, many of which I am not a fan of. One of my first problems is that I always get stuck in games full of noobs. Active Camo, crouching, Storm Rifle, Boltshot Plasma Grenade, T-bagging. As a Team-based playlist in terms of CSR, you go up and down based on how many games you win, but when I get in games and all of my teammates suck, there's nothing I can do. Dominion is just too much of a team-based game for me to be able to win by myself, and when only half my games are lost because of retarded teammates, my CSR isn't going anywhere and I'm basically stuck in the single digits (hovering around 7,8,9). Dominion is no longer the only gametype in the playlist, some variants have also been added: Lockdown Just because a gametype is a custom gametype based off of dominion, it does not mean it belongs in the dominion playlist. Lockdown deserves to be in Action Sack like the rest of the entirely luck based gametypes. There is nothing more frustrating than being forced to charge into battle, hope you get kills as you randomly shoot your weapons before you die. There is no time to aim, only time to spam. To make things even more random and out of control, you have no radar. The real question here is not only why 343 ever thought this gametype was a good idea, but why people ever vote for it in Matchmaking. I'd vote for Meltdown, a map I absolutely hate, over Lockdown on a map I enjoy. Lockdown makes up anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 of the dominion games I play, and I have never had an enjoyable game of it. So the question remains, why do people vote for it? Legendary Dominion I have not had a chance to play legendary dominion yet. The reason for this is that no one votes for it. I had to look the matchmaking updates just to see what the gametype settings are! From what I can understand, the only thing that's different is that everybody has AR, BR. This gametype seems to remove a lot of the aforementioned noobiness. However, not once have I had a chance to play legendary dominion because it's in the third slot and nobody votes for it. Needed to get this all out of my system in the form of a rant. Feel free to tell me your opinions on the playlist and the gametypes in it.
  16. So I've been going through Halo 4 on Legendary after taking some time off from it. I got through levels 1 and 2 without any issues. But then came time to play level 3: "Forerunner". After several failed attempts to load the level, a little message appears at the bottom of the screen saying I may be missing some downloadable content. Every other level loads just fine. Only Forerunner gives me problems. I downloaded the Spartan Ops Episodes 6-10 free DLC to see if that would work. No such luck. I tried re-installing disc 2. Nothing. Do I have to pay for DLC in order to carry on with the campaign? I was playing in co-op and when we reached the end of level 2 the game sent us back to the lobby, so I don't think restarting the campaign will fix the issue. My last resort would be to delete all of my saved data from my Xbox and start completely from scratch, but if anybody has any other suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Through out this summer, I've played nothing but Halo. And I played and past Halo 3 and ODST solo on Legendary twice, Reach on Heroic solo, and Halo 4 on Legendary solo and I notice I have better skill and became a better Halo Player in MatchMaking. Now I'm good with precision wepons at long range, and I Snipe way more better then I used to. It's pretty shocking lol. I did plan to play Halo: CBA on Legendary but I'm exhausted. And I will NEVER play Halo 2 on Legendary... my god, that's like your in Hell and the devil forces you to play that forever lol. :'(
  18. I'm pretty late to the party but I need some help finishing the Halo 4 campaign on Legendary. The last mission I completed on Legendary was Requiem. If you're willing to sacrifice some free time just to help me, that be great! Although my mic is currently broken at the moment.. so maybe invite some friends over, or pretend your mic is broken as well. Anyway, I need a full party of trigger happy people who can lead us through the campaign with ease. Thank you for your time
  19. I just beat Halo 4 on legendary solo while offline since my internet was down for a bit and it shows i have the achievements, i invested a solid 15 hours into it, beating it solo and my stupid game says iv'e only beaten three missions on legendary after logging back onto Xbox Live, and it wont give me my Mark IV armour! Such a bummer, and like thats why I did it all in the first place, anyone know how to fix this? let me know! Much appreciation, Anemic Avenger
  20. Im looking for players to help me complete the campaign on legendary all skulls on. Message 'Iced Out Zombie' on xbox for more information.
  21. lol ive found that swearing is highly untolerated ... oops got my self a warning already so i like to say im an experienced gamer considering i hire out games clock them on higest difficulty (legendary, veteran, insane, imposible) but not LASO or god mode for vanquish sheesh the difficulty is so high its over the top because it changes gamplay to the extreme i also have a positive K/D in multiplayer due to smgs any way i know my stuff have my opinions, dont care for grammar the problem for me is having a good team im not looking to join a clan well maybe but im just sick of getting having a noob team geting ownd by spawn traping inheritors :wallbash: if you know what im talking about you probably know how i feel about them yea like that so any one up for reaching i mean not now but add, M me or sumthing cant wait for halo 4 im preordering the limited edition from mighty ape it looks to me the best deal i realy hope theres smg REEAAALLLLYY apart from that H4 so far so good if you see this and you play custom games please ADD me or mesage me thats as long as you dont play jenga.. eeew likes:dubsep, trance, screamo, post hardcore dislkes:i would tell you if i was sure it wouldnt come under hate speech
  22. I recently beat the game solo on legendary, I have the achievements to prove so. However I did not obtain master chiefs armor from halo 3. Can somebody help me? :c I really don't want to re-do the campaign -w-
  23. When beating the campaign, I only unlocked two things, a full set of Mark VI armor. Also, a new emblem. My friend however unlocks a weapon skin, the armor another emblem How come I get apparently half of the rewards.
  24. We need new members for the VGC! The Legendary clan that raided fleetcom and won is looking for new members. Anyone who sends a friend request to XxSniperman1 will probably be accepted!! Join our military clan and become more than you ever thought you could be on Halo! Here are our clan recruitment videos: (one of which was featured on Halo 4 Clan's channel) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUun4OU0OYQ Send XxSniperman1 a friend request and join our awesome clan!!
  25. I want to beat halo 4 on legendary & cant be bothered on my own! Anyone who wants to play from start to finish add me o0 sniper360 0o
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