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  1. The Bandit is a terrible weapon. Not sure why it even exists considering we already have the commando rifle. I’m not saying it should be removed from the game as a whole. But please remove it from the SWAT/Tactical Slayer playlist. BR’s and Sidekicks ONLY! Everything else is garbage for this game mode. We need to go back to the good old days of SWAT. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
  2. Since the introduction of the spartan killers I had wondered if that there could be a way to do a darksouls type invasion multiplayer in the campaign where some spartan killers (players) would drop down to hunt the main players. Function could be set on or off of course, but would make it fun for sure. Maybe spawn as any enemy even grunt squad? Maybe the more you win the stronger enemy you can become like grunt all the way to brute? until you fail? Could add lots of replayability and would make fun multiplayer if you could use different types of troops, but hey just an idea. If this is 10 year game it would surely add longer life.
  3. 343i, Let me start by saying that I think the work you've put into the multiplayer has been great. The game mostly feels amazing to play, and when the game launched, my friends and I all had a blast experiencing moments that could be likened the the days of old during a good LAN party. But, I regret to say, those good feelings have really sizzled out over the first season and now into the second and I'd like to explain why. First, and most agregiously, why there is no input matching in anything other than Ranked blows my mind. For clarity, this is coming from the perspective of someone who started playing the original Halo on a console with a controller, and still does to this day. While I do not claim to be a tournament-level player, I have historically played more often than my friends, and I would roughly place myself as above average on the sticks. However, because of this, we are constantly matching players on PC, on keyboard and mouse, who will just wipe the floor with our team. I don't care who you are, I highly doubt anyone will dispute being on the recieving end of that is enjoyable. The ease of use for both inputs is not even remotely comparable; from average-skilled PC players to the top 1%, pairing a 'similarly matched' console player gainst them is almost always a blowout. For gametypes that are not Ranked to feel sweatier than the dedicated playlist itself is incredibly painful. Not only for me, but moreso for my friends who do not have as much time in the game. This has been an ugly stain on what would otherwise be a great experience, and the sad thing is there's already a system in place to fix this. Additionally, similar to the above point, I don't know how the matchmaking is set up, but whatever logic is being used is not working optimally. There seems to be almost no team balancing, where if my friends and I queue up (who have varying skill ranges) we will be queued with teams who seem far outside of our combined skill bracket. To make matters worse, even if the teams ARE balanced, the input issue mentioned before exacerbate this, where we will be matched against an entire team of mouse and keyboard players and does not remotely FEEL balanced. Beyond that, it seems like there is no lobby protection in that we will be matched against the same players that have destroyed us over and over, even if we back out and try to re-queue. This matchmaking, in tandem with the input lopsidedness has driven my friend group apart, where it's preferable for us to play separately so that we don't ruin each other's experiences. Which, may I add, is one of the worst things players could be thinking while playing a multiplayer game. This only reinforces my belief that the implementation of input choice will reduce this significantly. The only alternative I can see would be to create a better way to more accurately weigh the skill ratings depending on the player's input, i.e., PC players are queued in higher skill brackets when matched against console players. As an example, this would ideally put an average PC player against a higher-skilled console player to make matches feel more evenly balanced, but I wouldn't bank on this one, considering there is already a much easier solution available, as previously mentioned. Even if these matchmaking changes would cause us to wait longer, I would much rather have that and enjoy my time with my friends, than really dislike where we are currently and go play something else, leaving behind a game I truly want to love. In regards to the new season and game type, I understand every launch will have it's hiccups, but challenges have been an issue since launch, and that has not changed with this season and the addition of Last Spartan Standing event. It seems as though some progress from some kill challenges may carry over, but from my experience, when the game specifically tells me that I may leave without penalty and I will not lose work I have put into my challenges, only to discover that was not true and I have wasted my time and must re-queue for another match, is aggravating to say the least. Leaving early does not count towards match completion or score, and I don't have the time or patience to find out what other challenge issues still plague the game, which is not a good thing for a returning player, and is even worse for new ones who may come into this without prior experience with this from the previous season. For a new mode, that everyone will want to play, this needs to be addressed ASAP. Beyond this, there is seemingly no spawn protection. I know some maps are smaller and harder to control some of this, but when you're spawned directly in front of an enemy, scoped in on you with a sniper, and that same thing happens multiple times a match, it's hard to understand why. It does not feel great to be matched against someone - or more significantly, a team - who knows exactly where every spawn is and how they can spawn split and farm you the whole match. This is much more noticeable in coordinated teams in Ranked, but the pain is still felt in other playlists. Not much else to comment on here, but bottom line, you should not be able to spawn in line-of-sight, nor should you be as vulnerable off the spawn. Other games have strong spawn overshields or immunity for a short time to punish thise who attempt to force this snowball effect during matches. Food for thought. Furthermore - and credit where credit is due - the weapons across the board are in a pretty decently balanced spot, with a few outliers such as the Pulse Carbine that have been woefully neglected and feels unusable in anything other than exactly medium range. Any further or closer to your target and the weapon is incapable of tracking accurately or dealing enough damage to secure a kill before a player can escape the next burst. A tweak in damage or the aggressiveness of the bolts may help to make enough of a difference to give it a place in the sandbox. Finally, the grenades seem far too plentiful, to the point where they are almost limitless. When every player starts with two, plus the ones picked up from killed players on top of the pickups on the map -- they just become inescapable. While this is felt a bit less outside of quickplay or similar playlists, the frequency of being assaulted by grenades because of how free they are remains. Instead of being a scarce but powerful tool that needs to be used intelligently to outplay an opponent, they have become part of the kit to be spammed at every convenience, which ultimately detracts from how fun the gunplay of the game can be. If players were forced to either start with a single grenade or even without them, it would further incentivize the use of scavenging for them off of other players or making the tactical decision to either grab or bait pickups, giving them more meaningful usage in the game. I know this was a lot of my own personal opinion, and I'm sure there are plenty of other things that could be addressed with content, other weapons, game types, the store, etc., but these specific issues have negatively affected the experience of both myself and the friends that I would love to play this game with. I truly commend the commitment to keeping your staff working normal hours and not crunching, but I have to say that if these things don't get ironed out with the staff and talent you have in a timely manner, myself and others are going to find it very hard to want to come back. Six months each season is an awfully long time and I hope that the game will see meaningful updates within that window, especially on these points. We desperately want you to succeed and to help give us a reason to love Halo, a series that we all have a special place in our hearts for. Thank you for your time and all the hard work you've put in thus far, 343i. Respectfully, - Nihil
  4. Why can't we have split-screen play, particularly coop? It was one of the funnest aspects of previous games and would go great in halo infinite open world, but no dice. Its 2021 and my friends and I are reduced to handing the controller over when we die like its 1996.What's going on?
  5. The multiplayer progression system is still a brutal grind. Yes they made a small fix by each game only granting 50 points, but I feel like that's a bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. It doesn't provide incentive to win because you get the points regardless. I've play multiple games in quickplay and 1/4 games there was someone afk the whole game. If 343 implements a system to just kick them out then players will just rubber band their controllers. Also a whole progression system base around a battle pass is a terrible idea when coupled with the only real way to level it up is through challenges. That brings up another issue. People working on the challenges won't care about winning, just the challenges. Challenges should be a bonus to the main progression of playing well like how Halo Reach was designed. I finished all my weekly's for the first week and lost interest playing because there is no incentive to keep going until the next week. 343 if you see this please take all of this into great consideration and if any Halo fans noticed I missed anything feel free to add on.
  6. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #85. Last week we talked about whether you wanted the REQ system to return in Halo Infinite's multiplayer or not, and we got a few mixed responses. Some of you thought it was 'repulsive', some thought it was just fine and should return, others thought it needed improvement but isn't a bad idea. We had a lot of great, detailed posts. Click here to view the last poll, #84. What's your favourite multiplayer playlist, ever? I got the idea for this poll when Invasion was brought up during discussion in our Discord server, which you should join if you haven't yet. Invasion. A classic from Halo: Reach which revolutionised Halo matchmaking. It's like the Infection of it's time. Halo was leading the video game industry for many reasons, one of which is it's unique matchmaking playlists it has on offer. Invasion, Infection, Grifball. You catch my drift. Whether it's classic Slayer, larger-scale BTB, or high-adrenaline SWAT, I'm sure many of you have a favourite game mode, what is it? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  7. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #84. Last week we discussed whether Halo Infinite will be open-world or not, and there were some great points made by community members. Click here to view the last poll, #83. Do you want the REQ system to return? Halo 5's REQ system is controversial, that's for sure. Some love it, some hate it. Frank O'Connor said in an interview at the start of this year that the REQ system is "well-liked", which caused quite a stir considering how many people in the Halo community are opposed to it. The REQ system is something very new to Halo, who could have seen it coming? It's not a very unique idea, but it's something I would have never imagined coming to Halo. The main issue people have is that it can benefit users who have more money to spend on the game. Sure, there's no direct impact on your performance in Arena, but there can be in Warzone. I think the "unbalance" argument for the REQ system isn't a good one, because 343 integrated it really well and fairly. My problem is that it's boring, like really boring. Think Halo Reach's credit system, but you don't necessarily get what you want. I personally believe Halo 5's armour "unlocking" is the worst way in any Halo game out there. What if you just want this one set of armour, but the chances of you getting it depend on an RNG, and how many REQ points (or how much cash) you have to burn. What's your stance on the REQ system? Stances, those are something else you can only get randomly by an "RNG pack"... Let me know whether you want the REQ system to return or not, and why. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  8. Halo 5 has huge potential with custom games and forge, and so many people have made incredible maps. I'm sure we've all seen flapjack frenzy! However, there is a fatal flaw with custom games that prevents a lot of maps from being played the way they were meant to be.Player stats/traits are the same for EVERYONE! There are no leader traits in Halo 5, or any way to make one spartan/team different from another! This severely limits and game types/maps that require one or more players to be stronger or weaker than another. One example is Slenderman, where one player is supposed to be the invulnverable Slender Man that hunts the other players as they run and hide.But if the Slender Man is invulnerable, then so is everyone else. So players have to use honor rules for this to work. This fatal flaw prevents a lot of maps and game types from being played properly and I hope 343 sees this because it is such a small, manageable addition that would add SO MUCH to Halo 5's Custom games, and Forge.I go into more detail in this video:
  9. The Spartan Laser is the most wildly inconsistent weapon in Halo 5. Which is surprising, because the weapon balance is really fantastic for the most part. But I've seen a lot of clips showing just how bad it is. Sometimes it can't even kill a mongoose and in the Youtube Link below, I posted a video where the Laser didn't even kill a Spartan with a direct hit! The Spartan Laser desperately needs a fix in the next update. 343i can we please fix the Spartan Laser? It's really not worth grabbing in game if the hit detection and magnetism is so screwy that players can't even kill spartans with a direct hit!
  10. I did some of the H2A multiplayer achievements, some of the Easter egg multiplayer achievements, and all of the ones on the campaign level "Metropolis" but they aren't unlocking. What can I do to fix it? Does it need to be updated?
  11. I'm sorry if I appear a stick in the mud.But lately I've been noticing things very upsetting to me.I've been playing Warzone & Arena(Mostly Slayer) lately.I've played long enough to know I'm not going to win every match.Win some.Lose some.But it doesn't mean I have to lose EVERY match.Too many times lately when I've lost.It was EXTREMELY LOPSIDED.Which obviously means there are STILL BALANCING ISSUES.I thought this was supposed to be dealt with.I can't be the only one.I've heard other players complaining as well.I really enjoy WELL BALANCED matches against players of EQUAL skill.NOT the kind of matches I've noticed lately.Once again.I apologize.WHAT'S THE POINT IN PLAYING WHEN YOU GET DOMINATED ALL THE TIME.WHAT GIVES?????
  12. I'm just wondering if 343 will add more interesting vehicles to Forge and Multiplayer, and I think some players would like to see these types of vehicles useable (I know I do!). Covenant Phantom UNSC Pelican UNSC Hawk UNSC Elephant These are just some ideas.
  13. Before every third game I play, I get the error code "Disconnected from local network" and am returned to the main menu. This issue is really annoying, as if I am playing with friends they have to carry on with the match. I have never lagged out during games and my internet is pretty fast. My router is ASUS and my ISP is Plusnet. Thanks.
  14. here, this is an 86 page long thread talking about this issue: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/e0d9938206f04a598ce84f2c8cadce02/topics/warzone-dont-work-south-ameria-africa-australia/06223e76-9c6e-45fe-af01-fb00160803b0/posts?page=86 i will still give my opinion: since the 27th of october, the times i was able to get a match at halo 5 multiplayer´s were few to none, afteer looking unsuccessfully for players (1/4 looking for spartans) for 5 minutes it displays a message saying "unable to match - there may not enough players to support this play list" ITS BEEN MORE THAN A MONTH, PLEASE 343I, PLEASE, WE AT SOUTH AMERICA WANT TO PLAY HALO´S MULTIPLAYER TOO!
  15. I have seen multiple posts about this, with almost 0 acknowledgement. Everyone who has been experiencing the lag issues have enough internet speed, and by now have spread all the basic troubleshooting info to no avail. I myself have done everything possible, to the point that my entire network was completely unprotected and it still did not work. I have been waiting for this game for a long time, and I do like it, but as far as multiplayer goes, I have had maybe 2 games that didn't have game breaking lag for me. I understand that the people experiencing these issues are in the minority, but to be ignored the way we have is completely unacceptable. If the issue can not be fixed then we should be given a full refund of the game. This is supposed to be the ultimate competitive online experience, yet I consider it a huge stroke of luck to see an opponent not jumping across the screen, or running into a wall. Finally I have some pictures I was able to take while lagging, since I was able to walk around the out of bounds areas at leisure.
  16. Help please I can't access online because thes messy has come up all but one time I have opened the game. Does anyone know how to fix this problem
  17. How was this playlist not the first one completed for H5? It has had a large following since H2 and during peak H4 days, was by far the largest populated playlist. Idk what 343 has been up to as far as multiplayer design but getting rid of DMR starts for Multiplayer ( which I hope isn't the case for BTB since the large size of map justify it) is not a good start. I hope the BTB playlist, with its massively larger than normal maps is excluded from the extinct DMR starts and all the goodies are firmware updated rather soon. This is an unfinished game. Why did you release without the most wanted ( again by H4 player count) playlist? BIG TEAM 4 LIFE-Bring back a BTB Skirmish ( Objective) playlist too. The playlist population can support two variations.
  18. My son just got Halo 5, and has been playing multiplayer. He keeps getting dropped from games, so much so, that 343 banned him. I double checked with Xbox, my connection is stable, so it has to be a game glitch , right?? Any devs that are reading this, or anyone that can help?? He worked hard to save the $60 to buy this game, only to be banned for something he has no control over? Xbox also told me that this is the ONLY way to communicate with 343 regarding any issues. I do hope this is an effective way to do that.
  19. This long-awaited instalment in the Halo series finally sees 343 come into their own with a host of gameplay additions, but does it all come together to convince us this is Master Chief's finest outing?
  20. First off I would like to say Hi to the community. This topic is about how the Halo 5 : Ranking System is broken. I have logged over 10+ hr on halo 5 multiplayer and talked to a lot of other players in the community about how I feel and they feel about the Ranking System and it brokeness. Lets look at facts. From what I understand about the ranking system is that you need to look up your status and over all rank in Halo Waypoint. If you dont know how it wroks then please go there and look up your own status and follow along. There is your K/D stats.The emblem off to the left of your K/D is your RANK stats that show after your 10 games of playing.Then there's your SR rating (equivalently to your lv in multiplayer.) The ranks go in this order "Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Onyx, and Champion." So now we know the rank progression. lets look at how we Rank UP. Note; not LV UP like SR rating. You Rank up on if your team wins or not.That is how you are personal judge on whether you win or lose your rank. How I know that this is true is because I watched my Rank lv go up and down from wins to loses.That will be the blue ring that moves up or down when you win or lose. Please look after all games it will change from half a bubble or little more if your team won. Note it might cange from Slayer to any other game mode. If your ring is 1/2 of the way and lose then it will go to 1/10 of the ring but you will not lose your rank if you lose again then it will. If it is the frist time your are in that rank then you wont at 1/10 of the ring . If you are 1/4 or higher. If you win your ring will go to 3/4 but it might be different from rank lv to rank lv. Also wanted to tell you if you leave a game for any reson. You will lose all the way down to 1/10 unless your there already. So now you know how the ranking system works. My View point about ranking system and how I think the 343 team FAILED and OVER LOOKED THIS or does not CARE: First off all players in any multiplayer wants to know their PERSONAL RANK.Not the teams.The team at 343 should of learned their lesson about how players like to advance in multiplayer from their big YES big mess up in Halo 4. Buy the Deluxe edition you get 1 month to pass all the poor people up.(sounds like a total way to scam money from the community.Mabye not a month but pretty close to it.) Yes 343 I remember it still to this day and will not forget. Now you want to rank me with others,so I have to pull their weight to, AKA (Piggy Backing). Thats not fair to the other players. FAIL FAIL FAIL . I know I am not the best player in any way shape or form. But I know how ranking should work and the way you have put it in this game was a fail. But it is not just a fail in my book but a EPIC FAIL.So this is my feelings about this broken ranking system of your.If I was the person in charge of this it would be my first priority. I dont want to just focus on the bad about the system but there is nothing good about it so fix it. If this is how you feel and want 343 do something about this problem then please comment and place your view point or if its not then hey comment and place your view point down here. This is BloodLustLegon signing out...
  21. Hi, halo 5 came out in England today and I have been trying to play on multiplayer mode however when I attempt to join any server it reads a message saying' unable to connect to the halo 5 Guardians lobby service' my internet is fine as I can connect to servers on destiny. Can somebody please guide me through how to solve this problem. thanks
  22. I have seen the dev diary that showed in campaign the spartan's HUDs are based on what their helmets look like so that got me wondering and I haven't seen this anywhere else. Does this mean in multiplayer the helmet you pick will effect what your HUD looks like? That sounds really cool to me and would add an additional factor to picking helmets, I welcome thoughts and if anyone knows the answer please share.
  23. Hi, I am starting to share game clips on YouTube and this is one of my favourite overkils I did... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r78fw5unP8s Thanks for watching and please subscribe to it. There will be plenty of Halo 5 clips coming! Toldale15
  24. Hello everyone, I'm Lemon, my favorite game is Halo 3: ODST. I was really exited to hear that ODST was coming to MCC, this is actually why I bought the xbox one. What a disappointment when I learned that firefight and forge would NOT be included with the game. I have to use my old 360 to play an old game with old graphics when my xbox one is there lying being useless ? It makes no sense. Either I play the original version and I'm disappointed or I play the new one and I'm disappointed. I understand that you are "focused" on developing Halo 5. But you just released MCC. You're making more instead of making the best."We are halo fans" that's what you said. So, when is Firefight coming to MCC ?
  25. Check out my Halo 5 Guardians Beta Montage from a while ago! Sorry i haven't been active on this Community i been busy.
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