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  1. I feel like 343 should make another game with noble six. Noble six is the strongest MK III spartan and I feel there should be more games with him in it. 343 should make an offshoot series of halo following six instead of chief. They could have a system similar to call of duty modern warfare and black ops, where one is more realistic. They could have noble 6 loose his helmet, explaining the final scene in reach. Afterwards, being pissed off, he boards a covenant ship and starts going crazy slaughtering covenant, similar to doom. He would have no contact with anybody he just starts killing covenant. Maybe he could also have a moment where he meets Cortana, but briefly. It could be an alternate timeline or something, too. I feel like the community would seriously appreciate a Noble 6 game, and people would buy that game up like crazy. I took a lot of inspiration from this idea from a video on youtube called “ghost of reach trailer,” in which a fan is creating a 30 minute movie on this. Lastly, I was also thinking six could be captured by an absolute crapload of elites, and manage to take down another elite while being in prison, causing his execution. And if the whole offshoot series is a little much(which it is) even a single game with six would be a dream come true.
  2. Since Reach was the most played online Halo. Why chance the weapon input? There is not one weapon which can counter the sword properly, like the shotgun in reach. I honestly think infinte will be a great game. But there is a lot to chance to make it perfect. Lets take the maps for example. It doesn't feel like the great map making, which u have in halo 3 or even reach. Maybe Im to focused on the old halos but why chance a winning system? The perks are kinda unbalanced too. Love Halo and just want to have a better game experience.
  3. Previous vid had audio issue so this one should be better
  4. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 105...yes, I'm really back for it. Please, contain your excitement. Hold your applause. Keep your underwear on. Unfortunately both Yoshi and Maestro failed to uphold my legacy with the Site Polls that I greatly invested in, thanks guys (love ya really ). Honestly wanna thank them both for producing five more polls after I stepped down, it was much appreciated. I can't say for sure whether I'll be doing these weekly like I used to, but you can expect one every now and then. This community had and will always have a special place in my heart, and it's all of you, the people, that make it. Speaking of this awesome community, let's dive into Poll 105. Will Halo: Infinite reignite the 343ICF? I joined in 2013, just over over 6 years ago now. When I joined, the place was starting to buzz with life. It was warming up again after a previous period of inactivity. I can't speak too much for the 2011 to early-2013 state of the site, but from what I made out, 2013/2014 was the peak of this community's activity. Members were like family with each other, I'd come back home everyday to join my new-found friends here. We all had something in common, various things in common in many cases. Remember the days of forum games? Now we can't even get a flowing convo in the shoutbox. I'm guilty of inactivity as well, the already-present growing lack of activity here didn't give me anymore reason to return and stay for long. I always end up coming back though, because there's truly no place like home. Now Infinite is shaping up to be impressive, and we're getting a sick port of Reach to Xbox One and PC soon (hopefully). The Halo community is still very active, and will only get more hyped as time progresses. But what about our community? Waypoint's a nice house, but it's not home. Do any of you think the upcoming Halo content, namely Infinite, will bring the community back to life? Will it potentially bring new members that'll be here to stay, or have older members return for good? A familiar face is always nice, and a fresh one with passion is just as good. Or do you think the community has had it's time, and will begin fossilising soon enough? There's always potential for life to be breathed into this old dog. If Infinite won't do it, Reach and the MCC port to PC may. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. As always, Spartan out.
  5. Hello ladies and gentlemen, for I am Melody your loyal champion of the halo threads that are somewhat interesting and random. MCC will be getting a massive update in the upcoming months, if you are curious as to what is being updated and reworked check it out here on waypoint. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/news/mcc-development-update-3 So my question for all of you lovelies today is.... do you think Halo: Reach should be added to the MCC? As always rock on 343i CF
  6. Hello there, Where can I buy Halo Reach for PC, please? Have a good day!
  7. First of all, how nice is it of bungie to give us a level that is a cutscene lol. Anyways, I think my favorite mission is winter contingency, I play it a lot, and it has a lot of good enemy set up in it. What are your favorite campaign levels?
  8. I wish there was a playlist in firefight where you could fight both covanent and flood. A three-way battle between us, the covanent, and the flood would be epic. Having some of the covanent get turned into flood while fighting. Who here agrees with me? What are your opinions on what I think?
  9. Hello my name is ScoffingWand6 and I am the leader of the Fallen Angles. We are a laid-back clan just looking people that can follow simple orders,and are willing to have fun.We would prefer you have a mic but if you don't that's ok to. For More info visit www.HaloFallenAngles.weebly.com
  10. Project Resurgence is a Multi-Halo variety tricking video, spanning across three console generations worth of Halo games. This two-part, 30 minute behemoth is a community driven, metal infused project, born from the labor of those who desire to push the limits of the Halo engines to their breaking point. After over a year of work, we are very proud to present part 2 and to bring Project Resurgence to a close.
  11. Im leaving my Discord server open to those who like Halo Reach. There server is about modding Halo. Check it out! https://discord.gg/mDyhNFJ
  12. Halo's sales are down. People who grew up with 1, 2, and 3, and maybe even a little Reach(?), ask yourselves, "How would you feel if Halo started to play more like a story-based—fast-paced, Mass Effect with an MMO aspect to amp up our Halo Culture?" Watch the Video "Call me back, and Let me know if we can make it happen! Ghost Mop
  13. Welcome one and all to the SoJ recruitment page. We take our teachings from the UNSC but we use them in our own way. We welcome human and elites alike (we arent racist hue hue).So thats the introduction lets get down to business. Branches (Divisions, teams) Army, the army are your average foot soldiers, but with a bad attitude and kick ass trigger finger. In the army we have three sub-classes, MP, EoD and vehicular specialist. Mp is the military police when you are needed you use your shotgun and DMR to protect the games highest rank (unless you guys are having fun in custom games). EoD is the Eplosixes expert using heavy weapons to thier advantage to turn the tides of battle in our favour. Vehicular specialist or VS squad is a group very self explanatory they use vehicles to pick up troops, splatter enemies and help fortify bases Marines, these men are raid specialists eight man teams form in this branch these teams are used to raid and help allies. Rangers, the ranger subclass need to know how to climb mountains to get a good eye on the battlefield these soldiers use precision weapons to thier advantage. Brachers, these men fight thier way to the entrance of bases using shotguns and energy swords to dispatch their foes these men also breach bases in advance so the leaders can enter safely. Leadership, these men are leaders in training use thier whit to make plans to take bases or to help the RIDA (you will find out about RIDA once you join) these men also take over training sessions when the trainers have to go. Airforce, airforce use flight to thier advantage, taking control of the sky is a big part of raids. Pilot, using flight to pickup or kill these men will be trained to best dodge explosives and other abstract things Gunners, gunners will have jetpacks and know how to hell jump using the falcon turrets to help get troops past enemy lines. Engineer, these men call out flight using vehicles to pilots and then either help in the sky or take the battle to the ground. We also have a few branches you need to be hand chosen to join i will list them below Gādo, this isnt a branch but i will explain the Gādo only come into use if a RIDA joins they turn into security at that point keeping an eye out for enemies foriegn and domestic. Shadow hunters, we use these men to gather information using contacts to thier advantage Berserkers, are non cannon spartans with only four month conscription theyre not spartans but trained as they where obviously not fully or i might break one of UNSC's many rules Ghosts, only the knowledge that they exist isnt classified RIDA, we are the leaders of the clan we will have RIDA in our service tag to show we lead Before you can join any branch you need to be a recruit, not being a full member of the clan yet we put you through training to see where you will be most best suited. then comes alignment where we put you through spartan level training to weed out the ones not dedicated. We then recommend a branch for you to join but you can go against our recommended choice if you dont feel we chose right (kinda like divergent sorry im excited). If you want to join please contact these gamertags Tom20Cole 1st in command SoulSniperS059 2nd in command TheNnjaway 3rd in command If you have trouble with that contact either Our silver tag account: SoJ Clan Our E-mail: [email protected] Thank you for reading this See you on the battlefield soldier My bad sorry if you want to become allies please contact the same gamertags ECT.
  14. The paint I used felt too sticky. I was a bit unhappy with the texture. But I was happy when the figure dried. Needler round XD
  15. They don't seem to be the in-fashion thing nowadays, usually when a new game comes out (Halo 5 guardians this time) there's usually torrents of content made within days, but that doesn't appear to have happened this time (as far as I can tell). Is there a different kind of player who Halo appeals to now? Or are we all just tired of the usual over-used storylines which youtube has been filled with ever since the release of Halo reach? ...that reminds me of something (I didn't come here intending to self advertise), but I did a video about a month ago which satirizes over used Halo Reach machinima cliches. I won't go into detail, but the short version of the name is AoRoAS69RECT... bet you'll never work out what that acronym is for. You can take a gander at it if you're interested: https://youtu.be/EPA6u65lZ3o But anyway,back to the point. When's the last time you've seen one of these video game movies? Do you think they've become more or less common? And do you think there's any reasons for any change? I don't know very many Halo fans to be honest so please share your thoughts...
  16. The fact there is going to be another animated Halo has me hyped. But "animated" is a vague term. How will it be done? Now, some of you might automatically leave the post but.. I'd love another anime like Legends. I felt it needed to adapt parts of the books. If they are going with the anime route then this makes up for that. Maybe Mad House, Studio Bones or Studio I.G. could animate it. Another idea I had that has been boiling inside me is this: A stylized American series. Remember Genndy Tartakovosky's Clone Wars? Imagine something on that scale. This topic was on Bungie.net once. Imagine the Clones as ODSTs https://youtu.be/wmJqgdaTArM I am pretty open about the series. I have not read the novel so this will save me time. As long as the show looks cool I am up for it.
  17. In future updates of Reach, or the upcoming Halo 4, I would actually like to see more custom game options. For example, I would like to make a custom game where a player who aquires the custom power up keeps it till the end of the round, but there's no "infinite" for the time on custom power up options. Other people may want to make the colors of players more manipulatable, if that's a word... What would you like to see done to the Custom Game options list?
  18. Join our clan today! We are in a time of need, needing people such a yourself. Join and get your name in a place of honor. Don't hesitate for greatness, we need troops as we are preparing for war with P.O.N (Phoenix of Nations). Jump in our BCT's get your colors join the SII's or Our Security Squad and cannot forget our Sangheli division. Message me on Xbox, my GT: Evil Lemon 33
  19. SPARTAN-III specialist sent to Reach cruise by hoping to find survivors. There is little hope for the glassed planet deep in Covenant presence. My OCs, Rachet and Revy.
  20. What are your 5 favorite Methods to kill an opponent?
  21. Imagine if you have never played halo before, you've always been a CoD/Battlefield man, and you are about to delve into the world of halo, it can be quite scary, but also quite a fun experience as you will notice while obviously the game is very different, it always to seem to have a competitive aspect, something that both CoD and BF lack in that respect. So lets get started, so again, imagine you've just bought halo reach, and you have never played any other Halo's before, and you are worried about what its gonna be like, if your going to suck at it or not, or if you will do well. 1. Play the Campaign. You'll be surprised how many people don't actully play the campaign and just go straight into multiplayer, this is never a good idea as if you don't know the weapons and how to use them, you will get ****** over quite badly. Now i understand that the Campaign in Halo reach probably isn't the best campaign ever, but it is quite good at letting you use every weapon (Sniper, DMR, AR, Etc) and letting u get good with it at your own progress, the campaign is pretty good for a new halo player, & can certainly help you a lot and make you much a better player, by the time you finished the campaign, you will be surprised how much better you are at the game already. 2. Play with Friends! (Campaign/Multiplayer) You'll be surprised how much friends make a difference in a game, as they can guide you in the right direction and try to tell you mistakes you make, and can overall can just make the game more fun and exciting, as you know you can have fun while playing. Instead of finding some super-serious Kids who think winning is the be-all and end-all, you can play with friends & have a much more fun and enjoyable time because, they will kind of let you learn at your own pace as you won't have people screaming down their mic "YOU SUCK! QUIT THE *Insert Language* GAME!* Im now going to Imagine you have finished the Campaign and have played a few multiplayer matches, and you are kind of experienced. 3. Play Team Slayer and stick with it for a bit. In my opinion, Team slayer is a nice way of getting up in skill levels and skill in general, because, in team slayer, there are a LOT of people who don't know what they are doing, bit like the person who is going to read this (presuming they are new) and will be in the EXACT same position as you, new, just got out of the campaign, and are ready to try their luck at multiplayer, i will talk about winning/losing next, but for now, just stick with team slayer and play it for a bit, until you have a good idea of what you are doing and are enjoying the game mostly, if you aren't enjoying the game, you mighyt as well not play it, because the #1 reason you play any game, is because you enjoy it, hell, if you don't enjoy something, don't do it simple as. 4. Don't worry about winning/losing The one thing that makes me mad in ANY game, is people's Ego's and the fact they think winning and losing is the be all and end all, because, in reach anyway, Winning and losing means **** all, as long as you are enjoying yourself and want to keep playing, that is good enough. As Day[9] would say: "GET YOUR EGO OUT OF THE F****** GAME!" don't go into a game thinking your going to be the best instantly, because, lets be honest, unless you are naturally talented at gaming, you are not going to be great at it instantly, just keep playing and ignore all the hate people will give you 5. Move Onto Other Playlists Im going to presume now you are doing Ok in team slayer, getting about 8+ kills,and dying a lot less then you were, lets say when its your first game of Team slayer, you are a better player already, so now you should move onto different playlists, whether is Team Objective, BTB, or Swat, any of them are good, just, again, as long as you are learning and enjoying yourself, for now, that is all that matters. I wouldn't recommend the following playlists until you are really good (i will explain why not to pick them in the next entry i do.) 1. MLG. 2. Team Snipers In Entry #2, i will be explaining about the DMR in great detail, why not to go into MLG and Team Snipers, as well as Positioning in certain maps and how to use a sniper effeicentally, i hope you enjoyed reading this, and i hope you can't wait for entry #2 (Will Be Done Every Wednesday & Sunday Until Told Different) Have fun in halo reach!
  22. Halo: Reach is a beloved entry in the Halo series, but in recent times it has had some neglect from it's publishers. Please help Microsoft realize that Reach deserves the Xbox one Ultimate treatment: https://www.change.org/p/microsoft-please-bring-halo-reach-along-with-odst-s-firefight-to-xbox-one-with-all-of-reach-s-dlc-s
  23. I know, I know, we might sound like one of those small tiny clans filled with little kids screaming and yelling. We aren't. Don't judge a book by it's cover, silly, Chaos Gaming is one of the biggest and most respected gaming communities on Xbox. We span across CoD and Halo Reach and will expand into H4 when it comes out. We contain over 1700 members registered on out website, with well over hundreds more unregistered on the website. Our Halo Reach division contains 7 Branches; Backlash, Dynasty, Impact, Intensity, Shockwave, Revolver and Supremacy, and our CoD side has well over 15 branches. But I'm here to recruit for Halo, not CoD, so let's go ahead and talk about us. Chaos Gaming has been around for about 3 years and is built around one rule: Treat others the way you wanna be treated. We value respect and integrity above all else and just want to make others have fun, make friends and enjoy themselves. We hold tourneys that yield prizes that range from Microsoft Points to Xboxs, but our main attraction is our Game Nights: One hour, give or take, dedicated to just playing games and having fun. Each Game night is different and is hosted by a different person. You can expect anywhere from 10-40 people attending a single game night. Here in Chaos, we treat other like family, because we kind of are like one. Into competitive and MLG play? No worries, we also have Elite Squads, for not just MLG but I'll get into those later, where the best of the best in a branch get together to practice, play and improve on their skills in Halo and MLG. One of my good friends, Dalton (Gamertag lBoba F e t tI), went to MLG Colombus and made it to losers bracket round 3 and placed top 100. And he was a Chaos Gaming Major. We even have Elite Squads for Snipers, Grifball and other types of games as well. Seem interested? Well like all other gaming communities, we have rules. You should be willing to change your colors, motto and emblem, and keep it like how we ask, at all times to represent us. You also should be at least 16 years of age to join, but if you are as young as 13 you can be accepted under the grounds that you are mature and willing to contribute. (You will have to wait a couple more days to earn your first promotion if you are not of age, sorry) If you are interested and are willing to comply with the rules stated above, please contact me on XBL, my gamertag is "Im Frosty Chaos" (No you do NOT have to change your gamertag to join.) Wanna see out site? Check it out at "360chaos.net!!" Thanks for reading and/or replying!! ~~ Frosty
  24. Is anybody down for a prequel to Reach? A game involving Noble Team with the original Noble Six.
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