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  1. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 93. Last week we talked about your favourite ships, both Covenant or UNSC. We had many great mentions that certainly make for an interesting read. Click here to view the last poll, 92. Who's your favourite Captain/Shipmaster? Both Captain and Shipmaster mean the same thing. The head of the vessel. The leader. One term's more commonly used with the Covenant, whilst the other with UNSC personnel. Not that "Captain" in this case simply refers to the ship's CO, not the rank. A Ship Captain may be an Admiral or a Commander, whoever's best suited at the time of appointment. There are many names to list. Hood. 'Vadum. Cole. Von. Some more moral than others, but they all had a brave heart when it came to their ship and crew. Some are long gone, others remain alive. Who stands out to you the most though? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  2. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 105...yes, I'm really back for it. Please, contain your excitement. Hold your applause. Keep your underwear on. Unfortunately both Yoshi and Maestro failed to uphold my legacy with the Site Polls that I greatly invested in, thanks guys (love ya really ). Honestly wanna thank them both for producing five more polls after I stepped down, it was much appreciated. I can't say for sure whether I'll be doing these weekly like I used to, but you can expect one every now and then. This community had and will always have a special place in my heart, and it's all of you, the people, that make it. Speaking of this awesome community, let's dive into Poll 105. Will Halo: Infinite reignite the 343ICF? I joined in 2013, just over over 6 years ago now. When I joined, the place was starting to buzz with life. It was warming up again after a previous period of inactivity. I can't speak too much for the 2011 to early-2013 state of the site, but from what I made out, 2013/2014 was the peak of this community's activity. Members were like family with each other, I'd come back home everyday to join my new-found friends here. We all had something in common, various things in common in many cases. Remember the days of forum games? Now we can't even get a flowing convo in the shoutbox. I'm guilty of inactivity as well, the already-present growing lack of activity here didn't give me anymore reason to return and stay for long. I always end up coming back though, because there's truly no place like home. Now Infinite is shaping up to be impressive, and we're getting a sick port of Reach to Xbox One and PC soon (hopefully). The Halo community is still very active, and will only get more hyped as time progresses. But what about our community? Waypoint's a nice house, but it's not home. Do any of you think the upcoming Halo content, namely Infinite, will bring the community back to life? Will it potentially bring new members that'll be here to stay, or have older members return for good? A familiar face is always nice, and a fresh one with passion is just as good. Or do you think the community has had it's time, and will begin fossilising soon enough? There's always potential for life to be breathed into this old dog. If Infinite won't do it, Reach and the MCC port to PC may. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. As always, Spartan out.
  3. Hey everyone, it's Yashi here bringing you Site Poll 101! Before we get to the poll, I would to thank UNSC Spartan-II, for doing such an amazing job creating these polls, and making them such a hit. I have been appointed to carry on the legacy for the time being, and I will try to not disappoint. Last poll, the question was asked, what do you like most about the forums? We received many answers, but unlike most polls these answers were largely the same. It seems that the community that has grown here, the people, relationships, and memories made between all of us is what keeps everyone around, and in love with this place. Recently there has been some more news on Infinite. One of the things we got to see was a possible design change to the Master Chief's armor once again. While 343 has said this is not the final product, it is likely this will be close to what we see in Infinite on our hero. Everyone has there favorite Chief look, and we saw a drastic change to our hero between Halo 3 and Halo 4, and a slight change in Halo 5. It appears however, that Infinite is going back to Halo's roots and taking inspiration for Chief's armor from earlier games. Which version of Chief's armor do you want to see? Halo 4 and 5's newer, bigger armor, or Chief's classic nostalgia scented armor? Let us know below! As always the poll is also available on Twitter Twitter: 343iCommunity Love, Yoshi
  4. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 100! Last week I asked who you all thought would win in a fight between Thel 'Vadam and Ripa 'Moramee. Thel came out on top by the number of votes, though Ripa did have his advantages and would certainly put up a good fight if Thel was to win. Click here to view Site Poll 99, and here for the Twitter responses. What do you like most about the 343 Industries Community Forum? Now it was recently 100 years after the official end of the First World War, may all those who fought rest in peace. Centenaries are big this year. Besides WW1, we also had the Royal Air Force celebrating 100 years since its formation just over 7 months ago. Another big 100 is this site's 100th Site Poll. Honestly this community has come so far, and it's great to keep things buzzing around here. Many thanks to Twam for creating and hosting this site, the same goes to all staff members who have maintained it, and most importantly the members who come here and post content, form bonds, and share information. We've been around for over 7 years, and I look forward to many more to come. For this special site poll, I want to lay off Halo's lore for a bit (which I'd rarely do on this site), and focus more on this community in particular. I'm aware some of you voting on Twitter may not be registered on this site, but now's the best time to do so! A new member is family from Day 1. For those of you familiar with this site and the community it's created, tell me, what do you like most about it? As always, I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  5. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 99. Last week I asked you all what your favourite novel/comics were, the victory goes to The Fall of Reach. I'm not surprised that TFoR came out on top, though I did think it would be close. Strong competitors were First Strike and Ghosts of Onyx. Despite all Halo novels being great, Nylund's three were the most voted for. Click here to view Site Poll 98, and here for the Twitter responses. Thel 'Vadam vs Ripa 'Moramee? This is is not a poll for who you like more, it's for who you think would win in a duel. Any weapon(s) may be selected, but both warriors must have the same weapon(s). Assume both are the same age in this duel. There have been many threads and videos on this before, but I want to see what members of this community think, especially in this day and age. There are advantages each Elite has over the other, and they're both exceptional Sangheili, but who do you think would win? Let me know how you think it'll play out and why. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  6. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 98. Last week's poll had us asking ourselves which Alpha-Nine member we liked most. This included all past and present members of the fireteam. There was a lot of competition, but Spartan Buck ultimately came out on top. Interesting to see who people voted for and why. Click here to view Site Poll 97, and here for the Twitter responses. What's your favourite Halo novel/comic? This was one of the first poll ideas I originally thought of, but wasn't going to do this one because I thought most people wouldn't have read any novels or comics pertaining to Halo. Looks like many people are well-educated with the lore and have read a lot material, especially with those on Twitter, so I've had a change of heart. The external media is what really defines Halo. The way I see it, the games are only a small add-on. Regardless of how good they all are, I'm sure there are some pieces that are more favoured than others when it comes down to person choice. Which novel, graphic novel or comic did you like most and why? There are many to choose from, and I can imagine it'll be a tough choice for those of you who have read a lot, so if you want you may list one novel and one comic/graphic novel. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  7. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 97. We had some nice suggestions on last week's poll, talking about a potential replacement for John-117. With Locke being a controversial option, Jerome-092 was a popular choice. Many others thought we should have a different protagonist for each game, as suggested in the poll. Click here to view Site Poll 96, and here for the Twitter responses. Which Alpha-Nine member do you like most? We may end up seeing the old fireteam back in the newer games, considering they're reunited now. These guys know how to get the job done. They make one hell of a team, but who do you like most? This includes former and current (as of 2558) members, ensure you avoid spoilers from the books. State your choice, and why (spoiler-free). Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  8. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 96. Twitter tore last week's poll apart, and there were some strong thoughts on the future of the Reclaimer Saga here on the site too. Many thought it won't all be about John, and will move on to someone else in the same saga. Others thought he's too valuable for MS to let him be killed off. Click here to view the last poll, 95. Who would replace John-117? This poll was inspired by last week's. Now Halo will either die with John, or continue to live with someone else (or other people) representing it. As iconic as the Master Chief is, unfortunately Spartans do die. Now assuming Halo continues to live without him, who would be his replacement? Spartan Buck? Could Locke come back in? How about another Spartan-II? There are many possibilities. It may even be someone completely new. Again, this is assuming Halo continues to live after Chief dies. Anyone specific you all have in mind? Or, would it not follow a single person? Would the future of Halo be a series of spin-off games, with someone different each time? That may be unlikely, because it probably wouldn't sell too well to newcomers. Thing is, there may always be an icon. Chief has been that icon for a long time, but if Halo is to survive without him, who'll take his place? Would it even be an individual, or a group of people who have their own series? Imagine if Alpha-Nine had their own series of games, for example. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  9. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 95. Last week we talked about your favourite Spartan-IV, and one soldier came out on top by a mile. There were some competent rivals in Poll 94, such as Palmer and Buck, but Thorne was the community's favourite. It was great to see such a large response from users on Twitter, which more than made up for the underwhelming number of answers left on the site here. Click here to view the last poll, 94. The future of the Reclaimer Saga? Originally named "The Reclaimer Trilogy", the Reclaimer Saga is currently at a standstill, to the public eye at least. Halo 4 was beautiful. Five years after we last saw John, was great to have him back. Halo 5 wasn't as well received, by most of us, but it expanded well in the Campaign. We know very little about Infinite, next year will be a lot of information, that's guaranteed. The way things are at the moment though, Halo's future is not clear. It'll certainly clear up when we know more about Infinite, but for now, the Reclaimer saga's up in the air. The name of this week's poll isn't clear, what I'm looking for is your thoughts on this saga. A big questions to be answered: How many episodes will it include? Infinite would have been the last if it was a trilogy, but it's not. The thing is, due to its name, John-117 must be included. I can imagine the four installment being the last, as if Halo 5, Infinite, and the one after that are their own trilogy. It's really hard to speculate, and I personally don't care too much for speculation, I'm more eager for time to pass so we know what's happening. Something that's essential is how long the saga will be, what do you all think about that? Things you could cover are how and when the saga will end. Would it be the final end? Will it be a long, but final saga? Would it ever be able to top the original trilogy? Many things to be said here, go nuts. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  10. What do you predict Halo will be like in the near future? Curiosity poll, feel free to explain your choice below as well.
  11. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 92. Last week we talked about whether we could have defeated the Covenant without the Great Schism occurring, and the clear outcome was that it would not have been possible. Community members Drizzy_Dan and RedStarRocket91 took the stage with some great detailed responses. Click here to view the last poll, 91. What's your favourite naval vessel? Infinity. Pious Inquisitor. In Amber Clad. Enduring Conviction. These are only a few names of some of the most impressive vessels ever built. Each one of these beauties has its own story. Each its own history. Its own kill count. Crew. Adventures. Tech. Weaponry. This week I want to ask you, which ship is your favourite? Be it Covenant or UNSC, there are many legendary ships to choose from, which do you like most? And hey, no funny answers, I don't wanna see any watercraft showing up here. UNSC and Covenant spacecraft only, Forerunners will have to sit this one out I'm afraid. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  12. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 91. Last week we talked about which Elite you like most. Thel 'Vadam topped the poll, with some other interesting individuals also mentioned. Was great to see the community's thoughts on the topic. Click here to view the last poll, 90. Could the Covenant have been defeated without the Great Schism? The Covenant Civil War, also known as the Great Schism, was a climactic and disastrous event for the Covenant. The Elites weren't easily stomped out, unfortunately for the Prophets. Despite being the Covenant's primary warriors for thousands of years, the Prophets had to try replacing them, as many Elites were beginning to realise the truth and chose not to support the Prophets any longer. As the Brutes took their place, and Elites began getting slaughtered, a massive civil war erupted within the Covenant. This event, many believe, caused the Covenant to fall apart. Would the Covenant have been defeated without it though? Many will say that there's no way the Covenant would have lost if the Great Schism didn't happen. Do you think humanity could have defeated the Covenant without it, or would we have lost for certain if there never was a Covenant Civil War? On a side note: I'd like us to remember Miguel Ferrer, the man who voiced Sesa 'Refumee in Halo 2, as he passed away last year. Sesa (pictured above) was one of the first known Elites to realise the Prophets' words were a fallacy, unfortunately the man who represented his voice in English is no longer with us. Rest in peace Miguel. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  13. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 90. Last week we talked about your favourite Covenant species. Unsurprisingly, Elites came out on top. People love their honour-based warrior culture, and they are certainly the most respectable out of the species when it comes to fighting the Covenant. Click here to view the last poll, 89. Which Elite do you like most? With Elites winning the spotlight last week, I figured this'll be a Sangheili-appreciate week for the community. Many of these can be inspiring. The eat, breath, and speak honour. Many Arbiters were brave, and there were many "heretics" heroic enough to defy the Covenant's false foundation. There are many Sangheili out there, from Rtas 'Vadum to Let 'Volir, but which Elite do you like most? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  14. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 89. Last week we talked about which alien races we'll be seeing in Halo Infinite, and there were many great responses. We had members wanting to see something new, or a species we've previously encountered in past games. One thing was certain though, the Covenant is gone and there shouldn't be any more factions, at least nothing big enough to be seen in the games. Click here to view the last poll, 88. What's your favourite Covenant species? Be it the masterminds we know as the Prophets, or the warriors that led for so long which we call the Elites, the Covenant has had many species. Some may appear more effective than others, but we know they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The Covenant's clearly the most impressive empire to have ever existed after the Forerunners were wiped out, and one reason for that is its policy of absorbing species. All started with the Prophets and Elites, then along the way they picked up the Hunters, Grunts, and others. With an ancient history and one hell of a roster, the Covenant has been comprised of various species. Which do you like most? I know there are many Elite fans out there, but you find the same with Brutes, Jackals, and other species. What's your favourite Covenant species? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  15. I've excluded a few species that no one will even vote for. Votes are public. See what others people voted for. Please state why you voted in a reply, if you'd like to. HUMANS SUCK.
  16. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 88. Last week we talked about the likelihood of Blue Team being in Halo Infinite. On the whole, the community thinks we will see Blue Team, but whether they'll be playable or not isn't clear to us. Click here to view the last poll, 87. What alien races will be in Halo Infinite? Despite all the talk about Halo Infinite, I am yet to hear discussion about which species will show up. It's almost certain we'll see Sangheili (Elites), but how about the Yanme'e (Drones) or even the Huragok (Engineers)? Cortana broadcasted to pretty much the whole Galaxy, right? We know the Unggoy (Grunts) are siding with her. In this case, where there's no order, all species of Jackal will go to piracy, as they have always done. We shouldn't see them ally themselves with Cortana, but it's not surprising for there to be a few individuals who would join a mercenary group. The Jiralhanae (Brutes) would most likely not be seen, unless some join Cortana. Issue with them is they really are scattered all over the place, so it's unlikely we'll find some major Brute faction, the Banished were the best there'll ever be unless they all unite. Then there are some other minority species, such as the Yonhet and Sharquoi. With Cortana trying to get all buddy-buddy with every race, and many others opposing her, what alien races do you think we'll be seeing in Halo Infinite? A few familiar faces from previous games/media, or even something entirely new? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  17. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #87. Last week I asked which armour unlock system you'd like to see in Halo Infinite, and the consensus came to Reach's system, with aspects of Halo 3/4's unlcok requirements. There were many great posts, and what made them even better was the suggestion of bringing back the Vidmaster challenges. Click here to view the last poll, #86. Will we see Blue Team again in Halo Infinite? To be honest, there's actually no confirmation (yet) that Blue Team will be in Halo Infinite. Did 343 saying that Infinite will focus on Chief, mean Blue Team will also be cut out the picture? Having them in Halo 5 was great, and needed at one point or another, but was that just a one time thing? Blue Team will be essential in the fight against Cortana, whether we see them in the game or they head back to the books is yet to be confirmed. Do you think we'll see them again, or not? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  18. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #86. Last week we compared our favourite matchmaking playlists, and the thread will give you one hell of a throwback. Click here to view the last poll, #85. How do you want the armour-unlock system to work in Halo Infinite? We talked about the REQ system a couple of weeks ago, and one strong point for criticism is how it has completely flawed the armour-unlock system. I personally see Halo 3 as having the best armour-unlock system out of all games. Halo Infinite needs to not only consider realistic designs (no idea what they were thinking in Halo 5 with some helmets), but the means of unlocking each armour piece needs to be seriously reconsidered. What armour-unlock system do you want to see in Halo Infinite? One of the older ones, or something completely new? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  19. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #85. Last week we talked about whether you wanted the REQ system to return in Halo Infinite's multiplayer or not, and we got a few mixed responses. Some of you thought it was 'repulsive', some thought it was just fine and should return, others thought it needed improvement but isn't a bad idea. We had a lot of great, detailed posts. Click here to view the last poll, #84. What's your favourite multiplayer playlist, ever? I got the idea for this poll when Invasion was brought up during discussion in our Discord server, which you should join if you haven't yet. Invasion. A classic from Halo: Reach which revolutionised Halo matchmaking. It's like the Infection of it's time. Halo was leading the video game industry for many reasons, one of which is it's unique matchmaking playlists it has on offer. Invasion, Infection, Grifball. You catch my drift. Whether it's classic Slayer, larger-scale BTB, or high-adrenaline SWAT, I'm sure many of you have a favourite game mode, what is it? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  20. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #84. Last week we discussed whether Halo Infinite will be open-world or not, and there were some great points made by community members. Click here to view the last poll, #83. Do you want the REQ system to return? Halo 5's REQ system is controversial, that's for sure. Some love it, some hate it. Frank O'Connor said in an interview at the start of this year that the REQ system is "well-liked", which caused quite a stir considering how many people in the Halo community are opposed to it. The REQ system is something very new to Halo, who could have seen it coming? It's not a very unique idea, but it's something I would have never imagined coming to Halo. The main issue people have is that it can benefit users who have more money to spend on the game. Sure, there's no direct impact on your performance in Arena, but there can be in Warzone. I think the "unbalance" argument for the REQ system isn't a good one, because 343 integrated it really well and fairly. My problem is that it's boring, like really boring. Think Halo Reach's credit system, but you don't necessarily get what you want. I personally believe Halo 5's armour "unlocking" is the worst way in any Halo game out there. What if you just want this one set of armour, but the chances of you getting it depend on an RNG, and how many REQ points (or how much cash) you have to burn. What's your stance on the REQ system? Stances, those are something else you can only get randomly by an "RNG pack"... Let me know whether you want the REQ system to return or not, and why. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  21. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #81. Last week we talked about whether 2013's E3 teaser was actually Halo 6, and some likely possibilities were suggested. Click here to view the last poll, #80. Why Halo Infinite, and not Halo 6? Initially it looked like a prequel, but it's pretty much been confirmed that Infinite is Halo 6. Besides the first game, every mainline Halo title has had a number as a suffix, why change now? Some may say 343 don't wanna sound like Final Fantasy (e.g. Halo 15), but I'll miss seeing the number after "Halo" in that classic Halo font. The fact it isn't "Halo 6" further influenced the thought that this will be a prequel, but now we know that most likely isn't the case. What we don't know, is why "Infinite"? What does it mean? Someone leaked that a "Halo Infinity" is set to be shown at E3, and they were close with that name. When I heard this, I though it would be a side-game and or potentially a series, appearing alongside Halo 6, but now we know it's Halo 6 itself. What do you all think this means, and why do you think 343 decided to make this change? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  22. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #80. Last week we got hyped over E3 possibilities, talking about what you want to see a this year's E3 which is now right around the corner. One popular demand was Halo on PC, which I believe is likely if not certain for Halo 6. Click here to view the last poll, #79. Was E3 2013's Halo 5 teaser, really Halo 6? Halo 5's reveal at E3 2013 was a memorable one, but was it even Halo 5? To this day it was still technically 'Halo for Xbox One'. We didn't see any of it in Halo 5, apart from John getting his visor smashed. One good theory is that the teaser we saw 5 years ago is actually for Halo 6, and this does make a lot of sense. Think about it, Cortana has the Guardians now (as of October 2558) and Chief's visor is indeed cracked. This teaser could be Chief after the ending of Halo 5, and the UNSC is in too much of a state of disarray to actually hook him up with a new helmet. It could make sense. A couple of months after it was shown I had always thought of that trailer as being non-cannon, and just a way to build up hype because it looks interesting, but now I consider the fact that it may all be true. (Re)Watch it here: What do you all think about this? Chances are, we may find out over the next few days, if 343 decide to reference this teaser again. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  23. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #79. Last week's poll was about your favourite vehicle. There were some great responses including the Elephant and, of course, the Warthog. Click here to view the last poll, #78. What do you want to see at E3 2018? Halo is the event at Microsoft's E3 reveal, each and every year...sorta. We haven't seen anything about a Halo FPS game since 2015, and the last we saw of Halo at all was HW2 at E3 2016. Something Halo-related is guaranteed for this E3, and that date is approaching fast. I'm feeling the hype, you're feeling the hype (yes you are), and the whole Halo community's feeling it. We may have two games announced, who knows? Halo 6 is likely, but what about an ODST sequel also being teased, or another game completely? There are a few possibilities, and I wanna know what you all want to see most. It doesn't even have to be a game, it could be the TV series/movie, or another experience altogether. Note: I'm referring to Halo content only. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  24. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #78. Last week's poll was about your favourite character. There weren't many answers, but Jack of Harts and I_Make_Big_Boom had great choices and it was nice reading their reasoning for their chosen characters. Click here to view the last poll, #77. What's your favourite vehicle? From Halo: CE all the way through to Halo 5, there are many vehicles to destroy your enemies with. Besides of course the forklift, which won't be an option because of how obviously overpowered it is, what's your favourite vehicle? This includes UNSC, Promethean and Covenant (all factions) vehicles only. Vehicles from FPS games only are allowed, as these are the only ones you can "experience first hand", that means no Halo Wars/Spartan Assault+Strike-exclusive vehicles count. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  25. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #76. Last week we talked about your favourite enemies to fight. There were some great points from each and every member, and it's honestly hard to disagree with anyone's points, because there were some really well thought-out comments being made. The prometheans weren't a popular option, and to be honest I can see why. Click here to view the last poll, #75. What's your favourite mission? Honestly, pretty much every Halo mission is iconic. That's what you get when you have such a well-developed campaign. Many think this tends not to be the case with some of the newer titles, Halo 5 for example, though it does really depend on the user's personal enjoyment with each mission. You may find yourself playing one mission or one campaign a lot more than another. I believe we have compared the campaigns of the MCC in one of my earlier polls, but now I'm asking what your favourite mission across the whole franchise is. I'm sure some of you will have clear answers, and others will be torn between two or more options. From Halo CE to Halo Wars 2, the world's your oyster. (Yes this does include the top-down games.) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
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