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  1. If you are looking for a clan to join hit me up! My clan name is Unnatural Cause and we are looking for new members. I will try you out to see how you play. This is a competitive clan so I am looking for good players always wanting to win. We will also be doing Gamebattles, but is not required. Send me a friend request if your interested. Gamertag: iRush God (Leader) or Gamertag: Budweiser X 702 (Co-Leader)
  2. Definitely gonna try this character. I think every character looks amazing except the gunzerker, but i may grow to love him.
  3. I have just started the clan Unnatural Cause. If you would like to join hit me up! I will test you and this is not a clan with matching anything. We will just be destroying the other team. Unnatural Cause will be playing halo 3, reach and of course halo 4. Let me know if you are interested. Also we will be doing gamebattles but it is not required. Gamertag: iRush God
  4. I completely disagree! The bugs in halo 2 were so much fun and I am sure most people would love to relive the glitches again. I hope they bring back the multiplayer and all the maps, especially Lockout.
  5. Halo 2 had the best multiplayer ever! I hope it does return.
  6. Xbox live should have a shout box. You create it and people can chat with you like how party chat works except more people can join in. You can put it on invite only or whatever you want. IDK just an idea.
  7. Sent you a FR so just hit me up whenever.
  8. No Halo is not DEAD on Gamebattles. Halo 3 and Reach still are on there and plenty of people play. They even have Halo Wars, but not many people play that on Gamebattles.
  9. If you are looking for ppl to play with I will give you a tryout to see how good you are. Hit me up on live! I'm trying to get a team together for Halo 3, Reach, and of course Halo 4. I am not looking for a clan battle at this particular time. We will be doing Gamebattles, but that is not a requirement. Hit me up!
  10. Actually 50s are still pretty good and yes vehicles are cheap. You suck kid just get over it. If you wanna 1v1 make a gamebattles. I'm done lol
  11. Maybe they are covenant rebels or the arbiter was labeled a rebel idk
  12. I am not going to argue with a child. Now please stop wasting my time. oh and fyi, this was a recruiting thread not a challenge thread dumb ass!
  13. Yep because I can stomp any one of your clan members, but alas you are all marked as cowards.
  14. Too late my dude. You are already marked as a coward and I do not play cowards. Have a nice day kid.
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