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  2. In Overwatch 2, the free-to-play title replacing the original Overwatch, all original heroes will be free for new players--but unlocking all of them requires hitting certain milestones. According to Blizzard's blog post, new players are those who are making their accounts post-Overwatch 2 launch and aren't those who already have an account in Overwatch. New players will first begin with a restricted pool of modes and heroes. In the first half of Overwatch 2's First Time User Experience (FTUE), they'll unlock all the modes. In the second half, players will progressively obtain original Overwatch heroes. It will take 100 matches to unlock the full original roster. FTUE will not apply to players entering in a group, so new players can play any mode--with the exception of Competitive--that they so desire with friends. Access to Competitive requires new players to first win 50 Quick Play matches. This is to make sure players are ready for the higher skill level required of Competitive and to not discourage veteran Overwatch players who have new players on their team, according to Blizzard. Requiring players to first win matches in order to get into Competitive will also make it harder for griefers and cheaters to jump into Competitive matches. An introductory experience for new players is hardly unusual for first-person shooter games. Valorant also sets up new players on a progressive path to unlock characters. Overwatch 2 goes live on October 4 and will replace Overwatch, the original game going offline on October 2. For unlocking future new heroes, Overwatch 2 has a new battle-pass system. If players pay, they can immediately obtain the new character, otherwise they'll have to complete the pass. Blizzard recently announced new character Kiriko's arrival in Overwatch 2. Returning players will obtain Kiriko, Junker Queen, and Sojourn. View the full article
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  4. 2K has introduced new content to its mobile game NBA 2K Mobile with season five. Modes such as blacktop courts in crew mode have been added with exclusive cards, rewards, and more. Players can collect cards of iconic NBA players and teams from the 2022 to 2023 season and NBA legends. They'll also be able to compete in a limited-time event to earn additional cards and rewards. A new tourneys mode has been introduced that'll have players facing off against specific opponents in a seven-game championship mode. The new blacktop court for crews mode allows players to customize their MyPlayer before going out to play three on three freestyle games. In addition to the new modes, a new mentoring system has been added. With the new system, players can now create mentors that'll give them a boost when attached to a MyTeam player card. Lastly, the game's UI has been completely redesigned and can now support up to 120 Hz on the latest devices. NBA 2K Mobile is a free-to-play mobile game. You can download it on the Apple App Store and Google Play. For more mobile gaming news, be sure to check out these stories: Desta: The Memories Between Review – Dodging ConfrontationWhy Does Shovel Knight Make So Many Cameos? "We Think It's Funny"Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile Is A Separate Game, Not A PortView the full article
  5. The Grounded Insect Axe is one of the most important early tools you'll need to craft in order to open up the crafting menu further and grant yourself access to a whole new slate of recipes and tools. Better than the starter item, the Pebblet Axe, the Insect Axe allows you to chop down objects like husky weeds, apples, toadstools, and more. The Pebblet Axe can only get you so far, so read on to find out how to quickly gather what the crafting ingredients you need and make yourself the Insect Axe. Grounded Insect Axe crafting recipeThe Insect Axe requires eight total items split across three categories. This includes: 1 Ladybug Head3 Bombadier Parts4 Silk RopeEach of these items can, in theory, be gathered very soon after you begin the game, but they'll each require some skillful combat abilities and/or expert sneaking. Silk rope is crafted from spider webs, which you can find wherever spiders dwell, like along the wooden stumps just south of the Koi Pond. You can break these webs apart using a melee item and you'll instantly gather the webbing, but be sure to do this while the local spiders have left the area, even if they only tend to do this briefly. Ladybugs are found all over the map, including right by where you first begin, but they're quite tough to bring down solo. You should either take one on in co-op with some friends or, at the very least, have a melee weapon and some armor equipped. The simplest armor set to craft is the Clover set, which takes 13 clovers, six crude ropes (crafted from plant fibers found all over The Backyard), and 2 sprigs. Once you've taken down a ladybug, you'll need only some Bombadier parts. You can find these green and black-spotted bugs in the southeastern portion of the map. The Insect Axe gives you access to otherwise untouchable crafting ingredients due to its superior chopping ability.Bombadiers possess a unique ability in that they can lob acidic blobs at you, so while they won't test your parrying ability as much as, say, spiders will, you'll want to dodge their acid projectiles and be sure not to step in the puddles they form when they hit the ground. Remember that due to the way they may roam, you are liable to find these and other insects in places far away from their spawn locations at times, so these are just some of the more reliable ways to quickly locate them. Once you've got all the parts you need, head to your workbench and craft the Insect Axe. Now you're ready to take on a big, and perhaps newly intimidating, portion of Grounded. For more on Obsidian's kid-minded survival game, check out our glowing-like-a-firefly Grounded review. View the full article
  6. World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic's September 26 launch hasn't exactly been smooth, even if the primary problem players are encountering--server login queues--isn't a new one. Ever since the arrival of the pre-patch for the beloved expansion's re-release several, many of WoW Classic's most populated servers have dealt with queues in some form. It's a problem Blizzard warned weeks ago would only get worse come the official release of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. The developer has gone on record to say there isn't a technology or hardware fix for the issue, instead encouraging players on high population servers to take advantage of free server transfers to avoid long waits. On launch day, it seems most players on crowded servers had not taken that advice, as queues soared up to five hours or more in order to play. Players who don't have the luxury of working from home have resorted to using Google Chrome Remote Desktop to access their PCs while still at work to help skip the line, or asking their roommates or partners at home to queue them up. Even the MMORPG's in-game public transportation systems seemed to buckle under the load of thousands of eager adventurers. As players crowded together to board boats and zeppelins bound for Northrend, some initially found it a struggle to make it to the new continent, as an issue preventing players from properly loading into the new region reared its head. The issue appears to have since been fixed, with Blizzard allowing players to teleport directly to Northrend by talking to specific NPCs instead. It's unclear what additional efforts Blizzard will be taking to help alleviate the server queue situation. In a recent interview with GameSpot, Blizzard said if there was an easy button it could press to fix the server queue problem, it would have done it already. Wrath of the Lich King Classic may be a re-release of the MMO's most popular expansion, but it's not an exact recreation. New features, like harder Heroic dungeons, will be added in the coming months. One feature Blizzard has gone on record to say it won't add is the automated dungeon finder, a subject that has become a hot-button issue for many in the WoW Classic community. View the full article
  7. The special-edition Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Nintendo Switch OLED is available to preorder now at Walmart for $360. Walmart is the first retailer to list the console ahead of its November 4 release date. Though the listing indicates that the console will ship immediately, that's a mistake on Walmart's end, as the console will not hit shelves until a couple weeks before the games launch in November. Preorder at WalmartThis story is developing... View the full article
  8. Call of Duty Season 5: Last Stand's mid-season "Reloaded" update is just around the corner, and this will be the last seasonal update for Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. New weapons and operators are set to arrive, so here's everything we know so far about the big update. Call of Duty Season 5 Reloaded start timesCall of Duty's seasonal Reloaded updates usually hit at the halfway point of the season, and a tweet from Sledgehammer Games confirms Vanguard's console update will be available to download on September 28. The tweet also mentions the PC update is being withheld until a later date, as the developer works to investigate a crashing issue. Warzone's updates usually follow the day after Vanguard's, so it will likely be available to download on September 29. These updates usually go live at around 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 5 PM BST. What to expect from Season 5 ReloadedCall of Duty's "Reloaded" updates generally bring additional weapon balancing and bug fixes to both games, but players can also expect some new content in Season 5 Reloaded. The mid-season update is set to bring new operator bundles to the shop and weapons to unlock with challenges. New weapons and operatorThe mid-season update for Last Stand includes two new weapons for Vanguard and Warzone. The BP50 and the Lienna 57 assault rifles will be available to unlock for free with in-game challenges, or the weapons can be purchased outright in cosmetic bundles. Continuing Call of Duty's villainous theme for Last Stand, two classic Call of Duty antagonists are getting operator bundles in the shop. Gabriel Rorke from Call of Duty: Ghosts and He "Seraph" Zhen-Zhen from the Black Ops series will both be arriving sometime during the Season 5 Reloaded update. WarzoneFew details are revealed about Warzone's Reloaded update, but the Season 5 roadmap did tease two limited-time modes. There's vague mention of a new LTM for Caldera, and a Resurgence Supreme mode coming to Rebirth Island. Resurgence Supreme is described as a mode where squads of four drop in with the "best weapons" and with respawning enabled to earn prizes for winning the match with over 15 eliminations. Vanguard MP and ZombiesFor Vanguard multiplayer, Fortress will likely be the final map for the game. Fortress is described as a medium-sized map set in the Mediterranean, where the remains of old ships litter a desert landscape. Nothing has been announced for Zombies in Season 5 Reloaded. Archon, the final Vanguard Zombies map, arrived at the start of Season 5: Last Stand, so players shouldn't get their hopes up for any additional new content. There will likely be some weapon tuning and bug fixes coming to Vanguard, but given how light the game's content has been in recent seasonal updates, Season 5 Reloaded could be more of the same. With Vanguard and Warzone Pacific's time quickly coming to an end, here is everything we've learned about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Warzone is also getting a sequel this year, and here we highlight all the details surrounding Warzone 2.0. View the full article
  9. The Finals is an upcoming free-to-play first-person shooter developed by Embark Studios, which previously revealed it was working on free-to-play first-person shooter Arc Raiders. Both games couldn't look more different though, with The Finals leaning into the extraction-focused gameplay of something like Escape from Tarkov or Hyenas, but with a hefty bit of environmental destruction, not unlike what is seen in the Battlefield series. At a preview event, I got to see some gameplay of The Finals and hear from The Finals creative director Gustav Tilleby about the game. The Finals sees squads competing over a case they need to extract prior to other teams. With every extraction, a new case is added to the map, and the process repeats, with the team at the top of the leaderboards by the end of the match taking the win. As seen in the gameplay reveal trailer, The Finals features fast-paced action and highly destructible environments, allowing you to create new sightlines, drop rooftops on unsuspecting foes, or even demolish entire buildings that are in your way. "The vision has been to make a team-based first-person shooter that pushes environmental dynamism and destruction and player freedom to the very limits of possibility," Tilleby said. "That's what we set out to do. So we want to build a game that provides players with the tools to fully interact, change, and use the world as they play. So it is a shooter--it's a game where aiming and shooting are important. But it's also a game where it's the players that can use the environment and adapt to the changes in the environment that will succeed." In The Finals, you get to fully customize your character's appearance and the abilities that they have. During the presentation, I saw a variety of body types and heights, as well as masc, femme, and androgynous features. The presentation didn't provide the full breadth of what players can expect, but from what I saw, I'm hopeful that The Finals will feature an inclusive offering. The developers were even vaguer about what sort of hero abilities you'll be able to apply to your character, though Tilleby referenced making characters geared towards stealth kills or characters that specialize in demolishing buildings as examples. The main idea of the game is that you're playing as someone who participates in a virtual game show, and so you're customizing your appearance with the currency earned from sponsorships or your winnings from previous rounds in the competition. "It's an over-the-top brutal experience where you and your teammates fight for fame, riches, and the favor of generous seasonal sponsors," Tilleby said. "And our inspiration comes from a variety of places--everything from Formula One to American Gladiators and Smash TV. And, if you're familiar, that old arcade game Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, The Running Man, and more recent influences like Squid Game." The most interesting seems to be The Finals' immersive sim elements. The game features a gun that fires blobs of white material that's very reminiscent of Prey's Gloo Gun, even allowing you to shore up pathways and crumbling structures, as well as create makeshift bridges and platforms between buildings. Objects in the environment seem to react to whatever is happening, so more explosive and flame-based weapons can cause items like furniture to catch fire, and the fire will spread as fire is wanted to do. You can interact with almost all of the objects in some way, including picking many of them up to use as makeshift weapons. Plus, there's the whole environmental destruction aspect, with buildings crumbling in realistic-looking chunks. Frankly, as an online multiplayer game, I can't fathom how The Finals is going to work. For now, the default extraction mode will feature 12 players divided into four squads of three. With that many players running around destroying buildings, picking up and using any number of objects, and seemingly being able to create anything they want with the same level of freedom that Prey's Gloo Gun allowed, how will this game not crash in the middle of any of its eight-minute matches? But the team seems pretty confident that there won't be any problems. "One of our key innovations that we're bringing to The Finals is our own server-side movement and destructions, where movement and destruction doesn't happen on the client side of the game; it runs on the server," Tilleby said. "And this means that the moving platforms and realistic collapsing of entire buildings is possible just as our players are running around. Service side movements and destruction has really been a thing that we've been chasing for a long time. And in the multiplayer space especially, it opens up for so many possibilities. So it's kind of like a holy grail that we've been chasing for a long time." Tilleby added that the team wants The Finals to be a game that rewards intuitiveness, much in the same way an immersive sim would, where "if you think something should work, it probably will." Without actually playing the game, I can't say for sure whether The Finals has what it takes to hold its own in the shooter market, a genre already dominated by the likes of Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant, and Rainbow Six Siege. But this focus on player intuition does sound pretty cool, and I think that could be the game's saving grace if Embark Studios manages to pull it off. The Finals' first closed public playtest will begin September 29 and continue until October 3. You can sign up for a chance to play via Steam. The game is scheduled to launch for Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC. View the full article
  10. A World of Warcraft player has somehow managed to already hit level 80 a staggeringly short nine hours after Wrath of the Lich King Classic launched. As reported on by PCGamer and spotted by user Stan on Icy Veins, Echo Guild member Naowh shared on Twitter that he is possibly the first player to hit level 80 in Wrath of the Lich King. Naowh posted the tweet just before 3 AM ET, about nine hours after the expansion launched, a ridiculous feat in such a short timeframe. As noted by other Twitter users, to accomplish this, Naowh went to a grind spot present in the original expansion, which let him tag multiple zombies that are repeatedly spawned in by an elite enemy, but is still able to claim the XP from them when they despawn. WoW was known for its slightly grinding leveling process back when these expansions would have first come out, making the achievement all the more impressive. Blizzard announced that Wrath of the Lich King would be returning to WoW Classic earlier this year, much to the joy of many fans, as it's fairly widely regarded as one of the MMO's most popular expansions. Also announced at the time was the new expansion Dragonflight, which made GameSpot's Cameron Koch excited to play WoW again after spending some time with it. Dragonflight will add playable dragons to the MMO, and will bring talent trees reminiscent of those seen in Classic back to the main game. GameSpot's original Wrath of the Lich King review gave the expansion a 9/10, giving particular praise to the varied classes and your actions actually having an impact on the world around you. View the full article
  11. Microsoft has unveiled a new special-edition Xbox Wireless controller, which wraps the device in "Mineral Camo" colors. A collection of blue, grey, and navy colors, Microsoft says that the design has been inspired by geode crystals and the layers have been arranged to find the perfect balance between striking and subdued. Beyond the eye-catching design, expect the usual features of an Xbox controller to be on display here. Out of the box, you've got a hybrid D-pad and textured grip on the triggers, bumpers, and back case, and you can choose between regular AA batteries or a USB-C rechargeable battery pack (sold separately). See on Xbox StoreXbox Mineral Camo controllerThe controller also has a lightweight design, excellent ergonomics enhanced by its molded textures, and Bluetooth technology for wireless gaming on Xbox consoles, PC, mobile phones, and tablets. A $50 Mineral Camo quick-charge stand from Razer will also be sold separately and can refuel the battery in under three hours. You can expect to pay $70 to get your hands on this controller. Since the Xbox Series X|S consoles launched in late 2020, Microsoft has released a handful of limited-edition controllers. Last year saw Forza Horizon 5 and Xbox 20th anniversary controllers hit the market, and on the third-party side, there are a number of options from manufacturers such as Razer, 8BitDo, and more. For more options, you can check out GameSpot's feature on the best Xbox controllers. View the full article
  12. Fanatical almost always offers some of the best gaming bundles on the web, but this week things are more enticing than usual. Fanatical kicked off Bundlefest last night, an event that’s launching a new pack of discounted games every single day from now until October 2. Killer Bundle 24 kicked off the event with a package that pulls together $150 worth of games for just $5. Meanwhile, the Prestige Collection just launched, and it features up to three games for $22, including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition, Fallout 76, Metro Exodus, and more. See bundles at Fanatical Most of the titles in the Killer Bundle 24 are indie darlings or underrated gems--so there’s a good chance all seven games will be new to your library. This includes the western FPS Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, sci-fi adventure Deliver Us The Moon, and quirky RPG Anuchard. Considering each game in the bundle typically costs at least $15 on their own, getting all seven for $5 makes this an incredible value. Below you’ll find a full list of games in the Killer Bundle 24, all of which are offered as Steam keys. Killer Bundle 24$5 gets you every listed game Survive the Nights Interstellar Space: Genesis Deliver Us The Moon Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy Darkwood Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Anuchard See at Fanatical Prestige Collection Build Your Own Bundle2 games for $15, 3 for $22 Road 96The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary editionRage 2 Deluxe editionFallout 76 - The PitPumpkin JackParkasaurusDreamscaperViscerafestEldest SoulsBPM: Bullets Per MinuteMetro Exodus Enhanced EditionIron Harvest Pathfinder Kingmaker - Enhanced Plus editionLegion TD2HellpointTrailmakersRokiSee at Fanatical Also included with your purchase is a 5% voucher for your next order. Bundlefest is about more than just bundles, as several big games are on sale at Fanatical right now--so be sure to swing by and check out the full catalog. As an added bonus, any purchase of $10 or more will get you a scratch card that comes with a random prize (which could be anything from a $10 voucher to a free game). Be sure to check back tomorrow for more great sales, and browse today’s savings while you can. View the full article
  13. Nvidia has released a new set of Game Ready driver software for a number of games, including Overwatch 2 ahead of its early access launch on October 4. Once installed, the drivers will optimize performance on Nvidia GPU hardware for several games and offer support for new G-Sync compatible gaming monitors. For Overwatch 2, players can expect faster target acquisition, quicker reaction times, and more polished aiming precision thanks to Nvidia Reflex support. On the technical side, increased frame rates with faster graphics cards and more motion clarity when using a compatible 360Hz G-Sync monitor will also be available. If you're upgrading to one of the new Nvidia RTX 40-series GPUs, you'll be able to run the game at 360fps and higher at a resolution of 2560x1440p. To get the game-ready drivers, simply install the GeForce Experience app on your PC, and select the update from inside that program or download them directly from Nvidia. Here's the full list of games that the new update targets: Overwatch 2Call of the Wild: The AnglerDestroy All Humans 2: ReprobedF1 Manager 2022Farthest FrontierInside the BackroomsIsonzoLego BrawlsMarvel's Spider-Man RemasteredMetal: HellsingerMultiVersusRumbleverseSaints Row (2022)ScatheSteelrisingTwo Point CampusWay of the HunterMicrosoft Flight Simulator players can also leverage their Nvidia GPU to provide plenty of graphical power without taxing their PC too much, as the update includes DLSS 2 support for Asobo Studio's flying game. The Nvidia RTX 40-series goes on sale in October, but don't expect the hardware to get cheaper in time. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang recently confirmed that high prices are here to stay, with the new hardware starting at $900 for the RTX 4080 12GB version and going up to $1600 for the flagship RTX 4090. View the full article
  14. Battlefield 2042 update 2.1 is launching today, September 27, bringing with it a reworked version of Renewal, a new buggy, and more. The first update for season two of Battlefield 2042 is out today, and has a whole range of changes and fixes, as well as some major improvements to the map Renewal. One of the big changes for Renewal, in order to improve the infantry and close-quarter combat experience, is that flags and objectives are now much closer to each other. Entire sections of the map that the team felt broke the game flow or were too far away have been removed too. You should find better opportunities for cover as there are more military fortifications, and the terrain has been altered too. The full patch notes go into more detail about the different areas of the map that have received specific changes. As part of the update, the Polaris RZR, a lightweight buggy, is now available as an in-world vehicle. There are four new vault weapons too, which you might recognise if you've played Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2, which you can find in the All-Out Warfare arsenal. These weapons include the P90 from Battlefield 3, as well as the GOL Sniper Magnum and M1911 from Bad Company 2. You'll be able to get them at your own pace through the new Assignment system. The changelog has noted a large number of fixes, additions, and tweaks. A variety of visual bugs related to the HUD and other instances of gameplay have been fixed, and the Battlefield Portal has received a number of fixes and adjustments to "resolve issues with assets and collision across classic era maps." The Rules Editor has added a range of options, like an audio asset library and a world icons asset library. You can check out some of the fixes that have taken place for Renewal and other maps too, with adjustments for maps like Discarded, Kaleidoscope, and Exposure all receiving some changes. Battlefield 2042 had a bit of a rocky launch and has struggled to fully recover since its release last year. Vince Zampella, overall boss of Battlefield at EA, recently shared his thoughts on what went wrong with the series, noting that some of the game's ideas were too ambitious and "strayed a little too far from what Battlefield is." But that isn't putting a stop to the multiple Battlefield "experiences" coming, including a narrative project being led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto at his new studio Ridgeline, and another project at Battlefield Portal developer Ripple Effect. View the full article
  15. Outriders developer People Can Fly has announced that Take-Two has terminated the "development and publishing agreement," of the studio's in-development Project Dagger. People Can Fly announced earlier today (September 27) that it received a letter from Take-Two Interactive informing the developer of the termination of the agreement, which pertained to the development of Project Dagger, a new action-adventure IP that has been in development for two years. As noted in the press release, People Can Fly has retained the intellectual property rights to Project Dagger, as Take-Two apparently decided not to buy them out. People Can Fly notes that it is "determined to grow the project out on its own." People Can Fly's CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski also provided a statement for the announcement, saying "I assume we will part on good terms, and I don’t see reasons why we couldn’t work with Take-Two on some other project in the future. We strongly believe in the Project Dagger’s potential and are now committed to continue its development within our self-publishing pipeline." Wojciechowski went on to say that the game is still in pre-production, with the team focusing on closing combat and game loops, as well as moving from Unreal Engine 4 to UE5. The CEO also did not rule out working with another publisher "if this creates a compelling business opportunity." The press release also notes that Project Dagger is "one of seven projects" in the works at People Can Fly. One is in the works at Square Enix, two are planned for self-publishing, another is in the concept phase, and two others are VR projects. People Can Fly's most recent title, Outriders, generally received average to good reviews, with GameSpot's Outriders review giving the game an 8/10. View the full article
  16. Apex Legends Mobile's fourth battle pass is about to come to an end, and the mobile game's developers have finally announced the launch date for the game's next update--and revealed its name. In a recent tweet from the game's official Twitter account, developers confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile: Aftershow will go live on October 4 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. Precisely what this update consists of is anyone's guess, but given the fact that the developers have given the update an official title, one might assume that Aftershow is the name of Apex Legends Mobile's third season. But the tweet describes the update as "small" and doesn't go as far as calling it a new season. The game's current Hyperbeat battle pass is set to end the same day that Aftershow goes live, but both the Hyperbeat Event Hub page and the Hyperbeat Seasonal Store have a different "expiration date," with both of them slated to disappear on October 18. Thus far, the game has set a two-legends-per-season pace, with each season split in half for a total of two battle passes per season. New legends have historically launched alongside new battle passes as well, with a mobile-exclusive legend debuting at the beginning of a new season, and a second legend sourced from the console and PC versions of the game arriving in the middle of the season. Since players aren't scheduled for a new season of the mobile game until October 18, this announcement suggests that Season 3 won't debut when the Aftershow update goes live on October 4. The same can presumably be said for the next legend--we're due for a mobile-exclusive legend next, and it's hard to imagine the developers describing a new character's debut as a "small" update. So what, exactly, does the Aftershow update have in store for players? It's hard to say. The timer on the Hyperbeat battle pass page suggests that a new battle pass may soon be on the way, but this would mark the first time players have seen three battle passes launch in a single season. If Season 3 is set to debut on October 18--as seems to be the case--debuting a new battle pass on October 4 and giving players two weeks to complete it hardly seems fair, unless Respawn is planning to decouple season launches and battle pass launches. The tweet announcing the update suggested that patch notes are on the way, and will be revealed closer to the Aftershow update's launch. Until then, all anyone can do is speculate on the contents of the Aftershow update (or go on a wild datamining spree and find out for themselves). Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices. View the full article
  17. Despite Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty being a day one Game Pass title on Xbox, Team Ninja has no plans to bring Nioh to the platform. In a recent interview with VGC, Wo Long producers Fumihiko Yasuda and Masaaki Yamagiwa spoke about their previous work and how that's influenced the game. The team's previous game, Nioh, was obviously brought up, but when asked if the game would be coming to Xbox considering Wo Long is a day-one Game Pass title, Yasuda said that it won't be. "There’s nothing really to note about that," said Yasuda. "Currently, there’s not really too much of a possibility of having Nioh on Xbox platforms, but we do hope Xbox fans enjoy Wo Long and look forward to that game coming out. That’s probably all we can say on that at the moment." That might be disappointing to Xbox players hoping to try the PlayStation- and PC-exclusive title out, but as noted, Wo Long is coming to Game Pass, so those looking for a new challenge from Team Ninja mostly just have to play the waiting game until next year, when the title is expected to release. Yasuda did note in the interview with VGC that there's a growing presence for Xbox in Japan, and that Game Pass is "helping a lot more people get acquainted with the Xbox platform." GameSpot recently had a chance to go hands on with Wo Long, saying it feels like it's "riffing on a riff," and that "Team Ninja once again borrows some of the underpinnings of From Software's lauded series, but takes a faster, more Ninja Gaiden-like approach. It's some of the same ideas but with a different feel, which will challenge action game fans in a lot of different ways." View the full article
  18. If you're a big God of War fan, now's your chance to secure a cool controller to use to play God of War: Ragnarok on November 9. The God of War-themed limited-edition DualSense controller is available to preorder now for $75. Target and PlayStation Direct have opened preorders, and we expect them to sell out quickly. We'll continue to update this article as more retailers start taking orders on the limited-edition PS5 controller. See at Target See at PS Direct This story is developing... View the full article
  19. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 has been keeping folks busy for over a week now, and it's finally time to dig into what the first of many updates has to offer. And the answer is--well, not a whole lot. In addition to Boogie Bombs landing back in the vault, the only notable addition in this update is the unvaulting of the Ranger Shotgun. Read on to find out where you can grab one and why you should use it. Where to find a Ranger Shotgun and how it worksFirst introduced in Chapter 3 Season 2, the Ranger Shotgun quickly became a favorite due to its extended range and high damage capabilities. After being vaulted for only a season, it's back for now and can be found on the ground or in chests and supply drops. The Ranger Shotgun is a single-shot firearm with a tight spread and one of the highest ranges in the shotgun class. It uses shotgun ammo, of course, and comes in Common (329 DPS), Uncommon (345 DPS), Rare (364), Epic (383), and Legendary (402 DPS) versions. While it won't replace your AR or sniper in terms of range, you can score some pretty big damage with this unique shotgun at short to medium range. Damage dropoff doesn't start until you're 11 meters from your target, so chunking some shields off someone as they rush you can be easy, giving you a moment to reload or switch to another gun before you're forced into close-quarters engagements. The downside to the Ranger Shotgun having only one shell per magazine is that missing your shots can be punishing, especially once you're in close quarters. Make sure to carry an SMG or AR to ensure that you don't get caught out of sorts after your Ranger shot, and you should be good to go. For more on Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, check out all of the new map changes and the best landing spots. View the full article
  20. Xbox has launched a new project aimed at supporting Black youth who are interested in getting into the gaming industry. Late last week Xbox shared an Xbox Wire blog post announcing "Project Amplify," a new video series from the gaming company that features Black members of the company in a variety of roles, sharing their experiences in the games industry, and offering advice on how young Black voices can work towards a career in the industry. The series features 14 Black team members, including head of ecosystem Sarah Bond, who you may have seen at previous press conferences. The creation of the series follows a recent study from Historically Black Colleges and Universities Connect that was commissioned by Microsoft which found that out of 200 respondents, about "95% of college students and alumni from HBCUs across the country shared that they have interest in a career in the gaming industry." Xbox's blog post notes that only 2% of professionals in the games industry are Black, while 13% of the US population is Black. So it created the series in order to "magnify Black voices within Xbox to inspire, educate and motivate youth across the U.S. to aspire towards careers in the gaming industry through real-life storytelling from Black leaders and employees across the Xbox ecosystem." The blog post also shared various resources to help those interested in a career in games to learn things like Unity, game design, and programming. In recent years, more organisations have been putting effort into highlighting Black voices in the games industry, such as the Black Voices in Gaming stream held yearly by the Guerilla Collective. View the full article
  21. It's Tuesday, September 27 and we're back with another edition of our Wordle guides. For the past week or so, the Wordle gods have not been too forgiving to the player base, giving players some difficult words to guess. Unfortunately for those who don't enjoy these types of Wordles, today's answer has continued to follow that trend. It's another difficult answer, and that means that players everywhere will need a little nudge in the right direction. Luckily, most players should at least know this particular word, which should give them an edge when attempting to guess what it is. If you haven't started the Wordle yet, you can check out our list of recommended starting words to give yourself an advantage before you've begun. However, if you're already a few guesses deep, then you might be searching for a lifeline. Luckily, we're here to provide just that. Below, players will see two hints for today's Wordle in addition to the full answer. If players don't want to be spoiled, they should avoid reading past the hints, as that's where the full answer will be located. Today's Wordle Answer - September 27, 2022We'll begin with two hints that directly relate to the Wordle answer, but won't immediately give the word away. Hint 1: This word describes what happens to cereal when people leave it out for too long without eating it.Hint 2: This word has two vowels and one repeating letter. One of the vowels comes at the end of the word.If you weren't able to guess the answer from our hints, then fear not, as we have the full answer right here. The full answer to the September 27 Wordle is... "soggy." Certainly a common word, but the repeating "g" will almost definitely trip some players up along the way. Hopefully, every player was able to get the Wordle correct and continue their streak. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides. View the full article
  22. Moonbreaker was one of the coolest announcements to come out of Gamescom over the summer, combining turn-based strategy gameplay with a miniatures aesthetic that should feel right at home for D&D and Warhammer players. It also has quite the science-fiction lore behind it, and today's Moonbreaker Lore Showcase, presented by GameSpot, will give you the rundown. Here's how you can tune in to watch the show, which just so happens to feature legendary author Brandon Sanderson. How to watch the Moonbreaker Lore ShowcaseThe Moonbreaker Lore Showcase will air on Brandon Sanderson's YouTube channel as well as the official Moonbreaker Twitch channel at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET today, September 27. You can also watch it right on the GameSpot YouTube channel. The showcase, as the name implies, will focus on the science-fiction universe Sanderson has created for Moonbreaker. He'll be joined by game director Charlie Cleveland to discuss the project. Moonbreaker is a big departure from developer Unknown World's previous game, Subnautica. As detailed in the initial announcement, not only do the units in Moonbreaker look like miniatures--they actually are miniatures within the universe. A robust painting tool lets you design them exactly how you like, and more than 50 different units are going to be available when the game launches. It's first planned for an early access PC launch on September 29, where it will remain for roughly one to two years. View the full article
  23. We're less than a month away from Gotham Knights, and WB Montreal is using the time it has left to showcase the game's visual features for those who will play on PC. From ray tracing and 4K to ultrawide mode and ultra-high framerate options, the PC version of the open-world action-RPG may wind up the prettiest and smoothest version of them all when it arrives in October. Check out the trailer for yourself. Even if you won't be playing on PC, it might be fun getting another look at the game if you're excited to put on one of the story's four heroic masks. Gotham Knights arrives during a busy October but is expected to be one of the biggest games of the month. Though Batman is allegedly not playable in the game, it does seem to take some cues, both visual and narrative, from the Batman Arkham series, though WB has made it clear that 2023's Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is the next DC Comics-based game to actually share a story universe with Rocksteady's revered Arkham games. Gotham Knights is, thus, a sort of reset that imagines a post-Batman Gotham where the Court of Owls has emerged from the shadows to disrupt the city's already-hanging-by-a-thread civility. Still, WB Montreal is no stranger to the Bat-Family, having earlier developed Batman Arkham Origins, a prequel to the Rocksteady trilogy, which even included an asymmetrical multiplayer mode where two players would take on the roles of Batman and Robin as they pummeled rival goons caught in a firefight of their own. Gotham Knights swoops in on October 21. View the full article
  24. Warner Bros. and Player First Games have revealed the MultiVersus Version 1.03 patch notes, which marks the addition of portal-hopping genius Rick Sanchez to the game's playable roster. The update releases today, September 27, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. Rick joins after being confirmed for the game during San Diego Comic-Con along with his grandson Morty Smith, who is already available in-game. Rick will use his trademark portal technology in battle, as well as a Meeseeks box to summon helpers and a fart bomb that will send enemies into the sky. The MultiVersus 1.03 patch will increase the amount of experience needed to level up a single character between levels 3 and 15, as the developers found that "players could get to level 15 of the mastery track too quickly." The patch also makes Shaggy free to everyone who completes the in-game tutorial, replacing the previous free character, Wonder Woman, who can now be purchased with in-game gold or Gleamium--the game's premium currency. The patch will also introduce a "light projectile" system--projectiles that deal damage but don't stop the opponent's movement--as well as an "anti-infinite combo system" that will decay all attacks from a character that uses the same move four times in the same combo. Roster changes in the 1.03 update include increased abilities for both Garnet from Steven Universe and the game's most recent addition Gizmo, two new skins for the original character Reindog, and a slight reduction in power for the Man of Steel, Superman. The full MultiVersus 1.03 patch notes are below. MultiVersus is now in open beta and available for free on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Season 1 runs until November, with Black Adam and the villainous Stripe from Gremlins still to be added to the playable roster. MultiVersus 1.03 patch notesGeneralRick Sanchez joins MultiVersus! Rick is a new Mage character joining the roster.The XP required to go from level 3 - 15 on the character mastery track has been doubled We were finding that players could get to level 15 of the mastery track too quickly. This is to help us make it a bit more of a journey.Loading performance improvements for PS4 and Xbox One.Initial free character from completing the intro tutorial has been switched to Shaggy from Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman can now be purchased for Gold or Gleamium.Attack decay steps have been added to the intro tutorial.Fixed an issue in Coop-Versus-AI that was causing only Wonder Woman and Reindog bots to appear.Fixed a bug where some players weren’t able to equip profile icons.Fixed a bug where the game would occasionally freeze at the end-of-game screen.CosmeticsReindog Skins Chef ReindogGolden Reindog (Must be purchased with gold, not Gleamium)Steven Universe Skin Tiger Millionaire StevenTwitch ExtensionMinor visual bug fixesAdded 'Fighter Voting' which allows broadcasters to poll their audience on which fighter to play, viewers who have MultiVersus get bonus votes.Added the ability for viewers who have MultiVersus to claim free toasts from Twitch channels running the extension.Gameplay SystemsAnti-Infinite Combo System We’ve implemented a new anti-infinite-combo system that will decay all subsequent attacks if the same attack has been used 4 or more times in the same true combo. The goal is to put a global soft-cap on infinite combos and make combos more creative. We hope the change pushes players to explore new and more exciting combo routes. We were considering the max number of the same attack being used to be 3, but we wanted to more slowly evaluate the change. We’re going to be evaluating the change and are open to feedback on how we can improve the system!The option to choose between 4 direction or 8 direction for the right-stick control (c-stick) has been added to the settings menu.Projectile SystemsWe are continuing the projectile systems update in this patch. The most notable addition is the inclusion of a new “Light Projectile” classification for projectiles that deal no knockback. The only Light Projectiles in the game for now are Rick’s uncharged blaster and the pies fired by the Neptr assist item.Character UpdatesLegend Nerf: -Buff: +Change: /Bug: xArya x Fixed issues where Arya could deal much more damage than intended.x Neutral Special - Fixed issues that were causing hit boxes on stolen attacks to not hit reliably.We are still looking at updates to Arya’s up special, but could use more time to make it right. Expect an update in the near future.Bugs Bunny - Down Air Attack - Hitbox is slightly smaller to better match the visualsFinn x Side Air Attack - Can no longer ignore air special limits when branching into the attack.- Air Down Attack - Instant cancel on hit removed.- Ground Side Attack - Instant jump cancel on hit removed.Garnet + Ground Down Attack - Garnet now retains some of her velocity moving into the attack.+ Ground Up Attack - Recovery reduced by 3 frames on hit. This change should improve Garnet’s ability to follow up on a successful attack.+ Air Down Attack - Hitbox active frames start 2 frames earlier+ Air Neutral Attack - Recovery reduced by 3 frames on hit. This change should improve Garnet’s ability to follow up on a successful attack.Gizmo + Jump Speed - Increased jump speed to 3700 from 3400.+ Air/Ground Neutral Special - Music note lifetime extended to 10 seconds from 9.+ Ground Side Special - Car now classified as a heavy projectile+ Air Side Special - Recovery reduced by 5 frames+ Air Down Special - Can now jump cancel out of the attackHarley x Down Special - Fixed an issue where jack-in-the-box would sometimes not hit overlapping enemiesIron Giant x Neutral Special - Bolts will no longer be destroyed when they exit the blast box but Iron Giant is not KOedJake - Air/Ground Down Special - While in the House and on the ground, Jake will no longer bounce grounded opponents.- Ground Down Attack - Recovery increased by 4 frames on whiff(miss).LeBron / Experimental Tag removed.x Fixed a bug that would cause the ball to disappear when thrown close to the enemy.+ Air/Ground Neutral Special - When an ally receives a pass, they emit a small explosion to knock away enemies. No-Look pass basketball speed increased to 3200 from 3000- Air/Ground Down Special - No longer blocks heavy projectiles- Basketball Air Neutral Attack - No longer breaks armor on first hit.Morty / Experimental Tag removed.Shaggy - Air Side Special - Recovery increased by 3 frames on whiff (miss).- Air Neutral Attack - No longer breaks armor on first hitSteven Universe / Air/Ground Up Special - Smoothed out movement so the attack won’t hitch+ Ground Side Attack 1 - 3 - Smoothed out movement so the attack won’t hitch First attack can now branch earlier into the second attackSecond attack can now branch earlier into the final attackForward movement during attacks increased so that they hit more reliably.+ Air Side Attack - Increased knockback scaling to 14.5 from 13.5 Steven’s horizontal kill power was very low. We hope this change will help him in this aspect.+ Air/Ground Side Special - Increased projectile speed slightly.+ Air Down Attack - Hitbox active frames start 2 frames earlier. This change makes the active hit frames more accurately match the animation.Superman - Ground Up Attack - Reduced charged knockback scaling to 1.5x from 2.0x. Charge cancel reduced by 4 frames This should make the attack slightly more of a commitment- Ground Neutral Attack - Charge cancel reduced by 4 frames.- Air Up Special - Recovery increased by 12 frames on whiff(miss). Lowered base knockback of down throw. This should help make the wall camping strategies less effective.Tom And Jerry / Ground Side Attack 1 - Hitbox active frame window increased by 2 frames. Recovery increased by 4 frames on whiff(miss).- Ground Side Attack 2 - Recovery increased by 4 frames on whiff(miss).+ Air Side Attack - Recovery reduced by 3 frames. Recovery land cancel reduced by 7 frames.+ Air Down Attack - Recovery reduced by 3 frames. Recovery land cancel window moved forward by 3 frames. Pushed knockback angle to be more horizontal.+ Air/Ground Neutral Special - Jerry returns back to Tom if he is killed when attached to an allyVelma x Ground Up Special - Fixed a bug where Velma’s vial wouldn’t apply stacks of ice reliablyx Air/Ground Neutral Attack - Toodles speech bubble no longer consumes 1 additional ammo. Ally Enhanced Speech bubbles no longer apply 1 stack of weaken./ Air Down Attack - Pushed Knockback angle to be more horizontal- Air/Ground Up Air - Recovery increased by 3 frames.- Air/Ground Neutral Special - Ally enhanced beam no longer applies 1 stack of weaken. Ally enhanced beam base knockback reduced from 1750 to 1600.View the full article
  25. Garena Free Fire has released its latest video in the Free Fire Tales animated series. The short, called Double Trouble, introduces new character Tatsuya Garcia, the brother of Shirou Garcia, following the two on their adventures working for Dasha in the city of Griza. The video's accompanying event, Double Trouble, debuts in game on October 1, when all players will be able to unlock Tatsuya for free, and join the brothers' adventures in game. Players will take on Tatsuya's role in the game event, and compete against Shirou. The event will also include an accompanying web event called Griza Fighter, where players will work through a gauntlet of villains to reach the final boss. Tatsuya is live in the game now as of Free Fire's latest update, which also added free plays for the game's customizable Craftland mode, and a new Droid Apocalypse template for the mode. Garena Free Fire is a free-to-play mobile battle royale. The game follows a familiar template for the genre, seeing players dropped on an island to compete in 50-player survival battle royale matches. The game has recently had a number of high-profile collaborations, including a Justin Bieber concert, and a BTS music video. View the full article
  26. Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team's regular weekly schedule has come with an unusual warning this week, as Florida braces for the arrival of Hurricane Ian. EA Tiburon, which is based in Orlando, has anticipated potential disruptions to its usual content schedule as Florida enters a state of emergency. The weekly schedule for Madden Ultimate Team content looks pretty similar to its usual weekly announcement, with new content drops planned for AKA, Team of the Week, Gridiron Guardians, Team Diamonds, and Legends. The Good Morning Madden stream is also planned for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. More unusually, the schedule comes with a warning that "content is subject to change or experience delays due to Hurricane Ian." No delays or changes have currently been confirmed, but it's not surprising the studio is being wary, with Ian expected to heavily impact the state including disruptions to power supply and other services. The storm is likely to cause flash flooding and strong winds across Florida, and is expected to make landfall on the west coast of Florida by Thursday. Ian has recently been upgraded to a Category 3 storm, and has the potential to intensify into a Category 4. EA will keep players updated through social media if Hurricane Ian does end up impacting the Madden Ultimate Team schedule. View the full article
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  28. Square Enix is having a month-long celebration for its mobile game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. As a part of the celebration, there'll be special missions, log-in bonuses, and a collaboration with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Tactics. Players who participate and complete the special event will be rewarded with Visiore based on the amount of Visiore they spend. They'll also be eligible for triple the number of Fragments of Thought for all elements for completing the anniversary campaign. Players will also be able to perform ten free summons a day for the next month. Players will also receive in-game prizes whenever Brave Exvius reaches a specific amount of followers on its social media accounts. Whenever players log in, they'll receive the Hope (UR) unit and the Alexander's Chosen Vision Card (UR) for free. In addition to unlocking those cards units for free, players can also unlock the new Lightning (UR) and Snow (UR) units, as well as Odin's Chosen (UR) and Shiva's Chosen (UR) Vision Cards. Those who log in to play from September 29 to November 1 will be rewarded with the Gaffgarion unit and the "Blades of Grass" Vision Card for free. Lastly, Final Fantasy Tactics content, such as the Scion of House Beoulve Red Chocobo and characters like Ramza, Orlandeau, Delita, and more, will be unlockable in-game. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a free-to-play mobile game. You can download it on the Apple App Store and Google Play. For more Final Fantasy Brave Exvius news, check out these stories: Final Fantasy X's Tidus, Yuna, And Lulu Come To Brave Exvius This WeekBrave Exvius And War Of The Visions Team Up For Final Fantasy Universe CollaborationFinal Fantasy Brave Exvius Celebrates Its 6th Anniversary With Massive RewardsView the full article
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