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  4. Fall Guys Crown Clash is underway, and during this nearly two-week-long event, you'll have the chance to earn free cosmetic rewards in Epic's triple-header of live-service games, Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Rocket League, just by completing in-game challenges. In order to earn rewards in all three, you'll only need to actually play Fall Guys, but you'll also need to be sure you've got all three games interconnected via your Epic Games login. If you haven't done that yet, follow our Fall Guys cross-progression guide. Here you'll find the full slate of challenges to complete, as well as which rewards you'll earn in each game for checking all boxes. Fall Guys Crown Clash details and challengesCrown Clash is live now and ends on July 11. Five Fall Guys challenges must be completed in order for you to earn all rewards across all games. While the Fall Guys rewards are limited to Kudos, the game's free currency that can be spent in the Item Shop, you'll unlock things like new skins and sprays in Fortnite, as well as new wheels and boosts in Rocket League. Here's the full list alongside some visuals so you can see what you're chasing. Play 10 rounds in any show - 300 Kudos in Fall Guys / Stacked spray in Fortnite / Colorful Canines banner in Rocket LeaguePlay 20 rounds in any show - 500 Kudos in Fall Guys / Stacked With Love emoticon in Fortnite / Colorful Canines topper in Rocket League Play 40 rounds in any show - 800 Kudos in Fall Guys / Sweet Clementine pickaxe in Fortnite / Medium Rare wheels in Rocket League Play 70 rounds in any show - 1000 Kudos in Fall Guys / Waffler back bling in Fortnite / Octane: Cluster Buster decal in Rocket LeaguePlay 100 rounds in any show - 1200 Kudos in Fall Guys / Major Mancake skin in Fortnite / Fallout boost in Rocket LeagueThe challenges are plain and simple, only requiring a time commitment. You need not win anything or even excel at the game. In theory, you could be eliminated from 100 consecutive rounds in Fall Guys and still earn all 15 rewards spanning three games. While these rewards aren't tied to Fall Guys in the way fans maybe expected--still waiting for that Bean back bling myself--we can reasonably assume that'll happen down the line. For now, get in there and unlock these rewards while you can--they'll disappear on July 11. View the full article
  5. Com2uS, the studio behind the massively popular RPG Summoners War: Sky Arena, has introduced a new monster to the game. Players can now add the Battle Angel to their rooster as a part of the latest update. "Battle Angel" will introduce a new chapter in Summoners War: Sky Arena. The Battle Angel is a new monster from the future that attacks from all angles using all five elements: fire, water, wind, light, and dark. And while utilizing each element, players can use different skills. Summoners War will have a Special Summon event that runs until July 13, and players who participate will have a high chance of unlocking the Battle Angel. Below are changes that'll be happening to the game alongside the Battle Angel update: Monster Evolution Improvements - An autofill function has been added that finds Monsters with suitable conditions for evolution among the Monsters that have been won and then registers them in the slots at once. The autofill function is exposed when there are Monsters that meet the evolution condition (Monster with Mx. Lv). Players can also specify the tab to the location where the Monsters that they want to automatically select are stored through the Monster Storage Menu.Quality of Life Updates - A repurchase button has been added to the repeat battle screen so players can repurchase the Runes and Artifacts of a specific grade or above. These Runes/Artifacts are 5-6 Star Hero+ Runes and Hero+ Artifacts, and players can repurchase them with the same amount of Mana Stones obtained by selling them.Exclusive Theme for Summer - It's summertime everywhere, and now players can experience the fun of the season in Summoners War: Sky Arena when they activate the theme through Game Settings > Options > Others.Summoners War: Sky Arena is a free-to-play mobile game. You can download it on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and PC. View the full article
  6. There’s no shortage of great wireless earbuds on the market nowadays, although popular brands are incredibly expensive--often costing well over $100. Included in that group are the JBL Live Free NC+ earbuds--which retail for $150 at Amazon and other major retailers--but right now you can snag them for just $75 at GameStop Deals. Each purchase comes with earbuds, three different ear tip sizes, two sizes of gel-sleeves, the charging case, and a quick start guide. If the JBL earbuds don’t live up to your standards, you’ll have 30 days to return the product. While the JBL Live Free NC+ earbuds are great for all-around use, anyone seeking a dedicated gaming headset should check out our best headset roundups for Xbox, PS5, Switch, and PC. View the full article
  7. IM30, Life Is A Game Limited, and Bitmen Studios have collaborated to release a new strategy mobile game, The Last Fortress: Underground. In Last Fortress: Underground, players will control a group of survivors in a base underground while trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. Similar to Fallout Shelter, players must expand their fortress underground while maintaining their community's health. As players expand their base, other survivors will be drawn to it. You'll be able to decide if you want to take them in and what task they'll be best suited for in your base. The Last Fortress: Underground will feature a cross-sectional view to make it easier for players to navigate their base as it grows. It will also have a straightforward layout that lets you see what's happening at all times in each section of your fortress. The Last Fortress: Underground is a free-to-play mobile game.There will also be an online feature in-game that allows players to team up with others and form alliances "to push back against the darkness." With the goal of reclaiming the surface one day. Listed below are some features that The Last Fortress: Underground will have: Explore and expand – Delve into the darkness and bring back the materials you need to help your burgeoning community thriveImmerse yourself – Experience a rich narrative that unfolds as you reach key milestones in your endeavorsNever go alone – Team up with other players online to build and battle more efficiently.Order and method – Keep on top of what everyone is doing at all times with Last Fortress' cross-sectional views and intuitive layout.The Last Fortress: Underground is a free-to-play play mobile game. You can download it on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. View the full article
  8. 111dots Studio has announced "Rampage: United" a new update coming to Garena's Free Fire Rampage on June 25. The update introduces a new game, rewards, activities, and more content. This is in preparation for the final in-game story showdown between The Director and the Horizon. In the week leading up to the update, players have unlocked new powers by completing a series of tasks, including: Exploring a dedicated event page to rank up through various daily missions and collecting sign-in rewardsA Rampage Identity Web event to personalize their characters and assemble their favorite Rampage squadFollowing the Rampage: United storyline through the animation teaser and an imaginative comic series to get Rampage spirit.This was part of an in-game event that took players through the Rampage: United storyline. 111dots Studio has also added a new mode, "Rampage United," that went live on June 25. In this mode, players work as a team to capture the manuscript and gain points across the different zones on the map. Free Fire will also be giving away free Rampage: United-themed gear such as: Night BladeAqua Rogue BundleAqua BackpackAqua Loot BoxThunder Blaze PinGarena Free Fire: Rampage is a free-to-play mobile game.Players can also earn a Mars Warclasher Bundle that'll be available until July 8. Garena Free Fire: Rampage is a free-to-play mobile on the Apple iOS App and Google Play store. For more Garena Free Fire: Rampage stories, check out these stories: New Updated Bomb Squad Mode Coming To Garena Free FireBTS Debuts New Music Video As Part Of Garena Free Fire Collaboration Gen FFView the full article
  9. Developer Amplitude Studios' squad-based roguelike Endless Dungeon offers a more rambunctious and silly narrative within the studio's Endless games, a primarily 4X strategy series with traditionally dramatic and serious stories. It's a welcoming first step into a universe I've often heard friends talk about but never managed to actually get into. Plus, it's pretty fun! Borrowing mechanics and features from hero shooters and twin-stick tower defense games, Endless Dungeon sees you form a squad of three from a roster of playable characters. You're all shipwrecked in a long-abandoned space station, forced to work together in order to escape. To do so, you'll need to make your way through the station's 10 districts--which are filled with never-ending waves of monsters--while accompanying a brittle energy crystal that opens up the doors in your way. I got to play through the tutorial and first district of Endless Dungeon during a preview, using a squad composed of metal music-loving Zed, autonomous police bot Bunker, and cowboy sharpshooter Blaze. I hate to stan anything to do with the police, but Bunker was my favorite, filling the tank role on the team with her massive shield. Of the three characters, I also like her storyline the most. Bunker isn't actually trying to escape the station--her partner/mentor has disappeared so she's trying to delve deeper into the station in order to find clues that could lead to what happened to him. Bunker feels like a necessary choice for missions, where crowd control is the name of the game. The minigun-toting Zed also proved valuable, shredding threw whole crowds of enemies with storms of bullets and musical area-of-effect explosions. I didn't enjoy playing as Blaze all that much and didn't see much use for him when he was in the squad. The sharpshooter can dish out a lot of damage to a single target from a distance and create explosive traps. Those mines were also useful for crowd control but every character can create stationary turrets to help shore up defenses, so Blaze felt a little useless at times. Bunker feels far better as she can tank hits and block off chokepoints while on the move. Regardless of who you play, your goal is the same: Protect the squad's crystal. If your crystal is broken (or the party is wiped), you're sent back to the hub where the characters meet to converse and talk about what's happening. Enemies come at you with a hungry frenzy, desperately gnawing at you or any defenses you build in order to get to the crystal you're protecting. It's a difficult proposition when playing Endless Dungeon solo--which saw me frantically swapping between characters as the odds tipped ever more in my foes' favor. Though an AI does take control of whichever two squadmates you aren't controlling, it's really only smart enough to perform the most basic of tasks, like following you and defending a spot. Playing in a three-person party where everyone controls one character is a far more approachable experience, where everyone is working in tandem to overcome Endless Dungeon's challenge. Following my time with the game, I emailed Amplitude Studios creative director Jean-Maxime Moris to ask some follow-up questions. The responses are transcribed below. This isn't an entirely new genre for y'all, having made Dungeon of the Endless prior to this. What lessons did you learn from that game that you're implementing into this new project? Dungeon of the Endless was the crazy child of the Endless Universe, a unique blend of genres and a quite crazy project that turned out amazing in terms of player reception. Its unique identity and tone were defining elements that were loved and that we made sure went into Endless Dungeon. Also, one of the things fans kept talking to us about at community events was the incredible blast they were having with multiplayer. We kept that in mind and thought why not try multiplayer with dual-stick direct control? And Endless Dungeon was born, the first title in Amplitude's history to aim for a simultaneous launch on PC and consoles! What was most exciting about using the world of Dungeon of the Endless as a narrative backdrop for this new game? And, on the other side, did y'all face any unexpected narrative challenges with this game already tied to the world of something else? The background of both Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Dungeon is the Endless Universe, but these two games do not share any connection. Of course, if you look closely, you will find Easter eggs and references to Dungeon of the Endless! Endless Universe is the backbone of Amplitude, and it is great to be able to have a somewhat more serious tone in our 4X series, but then go crazy with Endless Dungeon. Endless Dungeon retains the off-the-wall tone of its predecessor and goes for a space western aesthetic in terms of character archetypes, music, and visuals. We hope it will feel as unique to play in as it is to create. How did y'all come up with the three-man squad? Why is a duo partnership too little and a squad of four just too much? The three-man squad was the sheer result of iteration on single-player gameplay. We had four in mind originally but realized while playtesting that the cognitive load was too much: keeping in mind what three other heroes are doing in the midst of action can be quite challenging. We did try two but that was not as much fun and would have been limiting in multiplayer. So, three it was, the perfect balance between accessibility and fun! How is Endless Dungeon's story told? How do characters discover or unlock more of the narrative? Endless Dungeon's story is told in many ways and its depth grows the further you get in the dungeon and the more content you unlock in the meta. You will unlock new characters to hang out with in the saloon or to go on a run with. They'll have stories to tell and their own quests that you can complete navigating the 10 districts of the game, also unlocked progressively. You will also unlock stories about the station's history and raison d'être (the reason for being). These will echo the notes you come across as well as the game's environmental storytelling. Is the storyline experienced in a linear manner? How confusing is it to keep up with everything? In a procedural roguelike, nothing is totally linear yet there are key beats that will trigger throughout the game for all to experience. Hopefully, it won't be confusing at all although if you are already familiar with the Endless Universe, you get a head start in terms of piecing the lore and story together. And how does gameplay progression work? I didn't really get a chance to see how the characters themselves might grow stronger over time (if they do at all). Characters do grow stronger over time or rather, they are gradually given more and more options to try out in combat through meta progression. All these items and upgrades are purchased in the saloon at various stands using a meta currency that you earn from run to run. For instance, at the saloon bar, you can buy mocktails: passive upgrades that you get to equip for a run. If you collect blueprints in the station, you can give them to the Gunsmith who will turn them into new weapon attachments or new hero upgrades. You'll be able to carry a growing amount of these upgrades. There are also upgrades that you gain during a run: the hero upgrades you buy with Food, or the Crystal upgrades you get spending Crystal Shards. You also meet the good old Merchant who will sell you weapons and devices that will in turn level up in combat! How many different heroes will be available at launch? Number of levels? There will be a total of eight heroes at launch. There are nine districts spread across three floors. You visit one district on each floor, descending into the dungeon. Every new run means mapping out a new path towards the core, the 10th and final environment. Will the game support cross-platform multiplayer? The game does not support cross-platform multiplayer across manufacturers. However, it does support it within a given ecosystem. For example, PlayStation 4 players can join their friends on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players can play with their friends on Xbox One consoles. How is the economy shared between players in multiplayer? Do we all pull from the same pool of resources? All the resources you accumulate in a run are shared in multiplayer. Your chances depend on efficient communication and decision-making! What doors shall we open next? In what order? What turret shall we research next? Who needs an upgrade the most? These are just a few of the questions you will need to ask yourself and your friends and when pressure and mistakes kick in, that's when multiplayer will be the most fun. In multiplayer, how far apart can I be from the rest of my party? Do we have to stick together, or can we be whole levels apart? You can wander as far apart from each other as you want within the same zone. The three players always go through a zone together and need to reach the exit… together! There are times when you will spread out to cover choke points or points of interest, and others where you will need to regroup to escort the crystal for instance. Try out different team tactics and learn to adapt and improvise in the face of more and more monsters! In terms of the waves, how often do they occur? Is it determined by how many rooms I've explored? How much time has passed? Something else? Once you find a monster spawner in a zone, you know the first wave is coming. And after the first will come many more, depending on how fast you are moving forward. The timing between waves depends on the elapsed time since the previous wave as well as the number of doors you open. And we add a slight element of randomness to the mix! Is there an actual antagonist to Endless Dungeon? I only saw the mindless creatures blocking my escape--is there anyone out there I eventually have to worry about? I can't say much more today but there is a lot to worry about inside the dungeon! Fans of the Endless Universe and newcomers alike will not be disappointed! We look forward to releasing new information about the game in the coming months as well as to getting feedback from our community during OpenDev! View the full article
  10. God of War: Ragnarok fans are eagerly awaiting news about the highly anticipated sequel, and now producer Cory Barlog has asked fans to "please, be patient." Writing on Twitter, Barlog said the decision on when to show or discuss more of Ragnarok is not up to him. "If it were up to me, I would share all the information when I know about it. But it is not up to me," he said. "So please, be patient. I promise things will be shared at the earliest possible moment they can be." He added: "We make games for you. We get to make games because of you." Ragnarok is currently scheduled for release in November, according to a report, though this is unconfirmed and the date could change. The game was originally set for launch in 2021, but Kratos actor Christopher Judge suffered an injury that delayed production. The PS4 and PS5 game will face a little less competition this year in the first-party race, as Microsoft and Bethesda's Starfield has been delayed to 2023. Some people continue to believe that Ragnarok will be delayed to 2023, but the game's animation director said earlier this year that Ragnarok remains on schedule to launch in 2022. Before his newest comments today, Barlog gave an update on Raganrok earlier this year, saying everyone on the team is "heads-down, hard at work" on the project. "We are perfectionists," Barlog said, adding that he hopes to be able to share more updates and insights into Ragnarok as soon as possible. "We don't want to hold any of this back. So please, hold tight--know that something cool is coming." For more, check out GameSpot's roundup of everything we know about God of War: Ragnarok, which is the final entry in the God of War Norse saga. In other news, Sony just recently announced that 2018's God of War moved 971,000 units and made $26.2 million in revenue on PC as of March 2022. View the full article
  11. Feeling lucky and have a few bucks to spare? Consider taking a look at The Magnificent Mystery Machine Bundle from Fanatical, which is offering 10 mystery games for just seven bucks. There’s no telling what games you’ll get, but Fanatical did drop a few hints--mentioning possible inclusions from Deep Silver, Team17, Square Enix, and more. See at Fanatical There’s also the possibility to snag five releases from 2022 (although, again, the specifics are a mystery). If you’re curious about the bundle but don’t want to drop $7, several different tiers are available. You can invest anywhere from one dollar to seven to get anywhere from one to 10 games total. All products are offered as Steam Keys, and every purchase comes with a 5% off coupon for your next order. Also, keep in mind that you won’t receive any repeat games in this bundle--but if you purchase a second bundle, there’s a chance you’ll get a duplicate. If you’re looking for a cheap way to add games to your Steam collection but aren’t in the mood for a surprise, be sure to check out the ongoing Steam Summer Sale. The massive sale includes price cuts on Monster Hunter Rise, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, Cyberpunk 2077, and more. Or you could stick around on Fanatical and peruse its Red Hot Sale, which is discounting over 6,000 titles such as Neon White and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Amazon Prime members should make sure to cash in on all the free games available leading up to Prime Day. This includes titles such as Metal Slug 2, The King of Fighters 2002, Hue, and over a dozen others. Once Prime Day kicks off, you’ll also find Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and other big titles available for free. View the full article
  12. Pokemon Go developer Niantic is cutting jobs and has canceled four games--including a Transformers title--according to a report from Bloomberg that has been confirmed in part by the developer itself. The site obtained a memo from Niantic CEO John Hanke, who reportedly said the company was "facing a time of economic turmoil" and was looking to cut costs "in a variety of areas." Hanke is reported to have said Niantic planned to "further streamline" the company's operations to help "weather any economic storm" that may come in the future. Some economists believe the United States is headed for a recession, with layoffs expected at a wide variety of companies in the future. According to Bloomberg, Niantic is cutting between 85 and 90 jobs. As for the reportedly canceled games, Bloomberg said its Transformers game, Heavy Metal, will no longer see release, while the Hamlet game from Niantic and Punchdrunk is also not going forward. The other two games that were canceled were new title called Blue Sky and Snowball, Bloomberg said. No details about these reported games have been disclosed. While Pokemon Go was a massive success for Niantic, its follow-up games, including Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Pikmin Bloom, did not find a big audience like Pokemon Go did. Wizards Unite shut down earlier this year. A spokesperson for Niantic confirmed it canceled "some projects," but did not name them outright. The spokesperson also said it laid off about 8% of its staff to "focus on our key priorities." "We are grateful for the contributions of those leaving Niantic and we are supporting them through this difficult transition," the company said. This news comes just after Niantic announced a partnership with the NBA for a new AR title called NBA All-World. View the full article
  13. With dozens of episodes to watch, Dragon Ball Z's Majin Buu saga is far, far too long to sit through in today's fast-paced age. Fortunately, Mega64 has managed to condense the entire storyline into a more digestible 10-minute package that cleverly uses a low budget to create some convincing special effects. Almost. The big difference here is that right at the end--spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched the Majin Buu saga since it aired in 1994--is that Goku receives the energy for his Spirit Bomb attack from Hideo Kojima, Gabe Newell, Hideki Kamiya, Hironobu Sakaguchi, and Fernando Jay Huerto AKA young Ken Kutaragi. Like previous Dragon Ball Z videos, the Mega64 effort takes a hand-crafted approach to every aspect of the project, from costumes to special effects. Who needs expensive Adobe After Effects visuals when you can replicate an energy attack with an exercise ball and some lens trickery? Each of the game industry veterans has also appeared in Mega64 videos in the past. The father of PlayStation had a cameo in the slightly inaccurate Kutaragi's Way documentary, Sakaguchi revealed how he was cursed to work on nothing but Final Fantasy for the rest of his life, and Kamiya was forced to block the internet comedians from Twitter and the Platinum Games offices. For more Dragon Ball content--that has a more impressive production budget--you can get ready for Dragon Ball Super: Superhero's English dub debut when it arrives in cinemas on August 19. View the full article
  14. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion still doesn’t have an official release date, but preorders are starting to open at select retailers. The remake of the beloved PSP game is expected to arrive on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC this winter, which could mean 2022 or 2023. It’ll offer radically reworked HD graphics, a remastered soundtrack, and an improved combat system. The story also serves as a prequel to Final Fantasy VII, making it a must-play for fans of the iconic RPG. If you’re eager to get your hands on the game, here’s what you need to know about preorders, bonus content, and available editions. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Preorder BonusesNo preorder bonuses are available for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The game still doesn’t have a release date, so we could see a few bonuses pop up once that's established. Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade had a few preorder bonuses, so we imagine there will be some bonuses at a later date. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is an unwieldy name, but hiding behind that quirky moniker is a great RPG. When it arrived on PSP in 2008, our Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII review gave it a 9/10, largely due to its excellent story, lovable characters, and impressive combat. This upcoming remake (which tacks Reunion onto the title), is looking to offer more of the same--but with better graphics, audio, and combat. It's unclear when the game will get an official release date, but gameplay footage revealed so far has been impressive. The enhanced graphics are of particular note, as the game looks stunning compared to its portable counterpart. You can check out some of that early footage below: View the full article
  15. Hit anime series Spy X Family doesn't have a video game adaptation--yet--but at least one of the show's characters will be playable in Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions which releases on July 28. Master spy Loid Forger joins several Shonen Jump heroes in the Switch game, bringing his own unique skills and abilities alongside Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku ninja Gabimaru, 'Tis Time for Torture's Princess, and Kafka Hibino from Monster No. 8. The full character lineup includes: Monster No. 8 - Kafka HibinoHeart Gear - ChromeSlime Life - SlimeHell's Paradise: Jigokuraku - GabimaruSummer Time Rendering - Ushio Kofune'Tis Time for "Torture," Princess - Princess & ExGhost Reaper Girl - Chloe LoveSpy X Family - Loid ForgerCaptain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions follows the protagonist Damien as he retreats into an imaginary world and battles against the forces of evil alongside heroes from his favorite Shonen Jump and Jump+ manga. Each fight has a strategic element to it, and Damien can use the signature abilities of his manga heroes to defeat his enemies. The game was briefly shown off in this week's Nintendo Direct, and you can see the trailer in the timestamped video below: In case you missed it, Spy X Family has emerged as one of the most popular anime series of 2022 so far. Adapted from the original manga created by Tatsuya Endo, the show follows a spy as he establishes a family that will help him get closer to a target who threatens the safety of the world. To accomplish his goals, Forger adopts a young orphan girl named Anya and marries a woman named Yor Briar, but he is unaware that his adopted daughter is psychic and that his wife is one of the deadliest assassins in the world. Also, the family takes in a dog that can see the future. The most popular anime screenshot of 2022.While the concept is wild, Spy X Family has been met with rave reviews for how it balances comedy, action, and drama to great effect. Anya has also become meme material, thanks to her smug anime face. In other animated news, the Lord of the Rings anime movie has revealed more details on its plot and cast, Tekken fighting game series director Katsuhiro Harada has hyped up the Tekken anime series coming to Netflix, and the Cyberpunk 2077 anime series has confirmed a September release date. View the full article
  16. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope finally has a release date. Announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, the company revealed the second installment in the zany strategy series will be arriving on October 20. It’s exclusive to Switch, and it looks to offer another hilarious--yet tactical--adventure. Preorders are now open, with select retailers offering enticing preorder bonuses. Here’s what you need to know before preordering Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope Preorder BonusesFew preorder bonuses are up for grabs, but Best Buy is giving away a $10 gift card with your purchase. Ubisoft also announced the Megabug Collection DLC pack that comes as a preorder bonus and includes nine weapon skins. We might see more retailer-exclusive bonuses crop up in the following months, but Best Buy’s is generous enough to warrant a preorder today. Mario and the rest of the gang are back for another tactical adventure. You'll be able to join forces with Luigi, Rabbid Luigi, Princess Peach, Rabbid Peach, and more as you fight to rescue the Sparks. The quest will take you to a variety of unique planets and pit you against increasingly difficult enemies. A bit of gameplay footage has been released so far, revealing not only its tactical battles, but also some free-roaming gameplay. We also got to see some of our heroes most powerful skills, including Mario blasting away with two guns and Rabbid Peach flying high over the battlefield with the help of a mechanical drone. Fans of the original should find a lot to love about the upcoming title, and you can check out the latest footage below. View the full article
  17. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is the unlikely sequel to the unlikeliest of hits. The original Mario + Rabbids game, Kingdom Battle, was a wild collaboration between Nintendo's most iconic characters and Ubisoft's screaming, Minion-like goofballs, all mashed together with a healthy dose of XCOM. Most shocking of all was that it all worked together beautifully. For Sparks of Hope, Ubisoft is experimenting further with free movement more reminiscent of a traditional Mario game, new playable characters like Bowser, and an emphasis on flexibility with its new Sparks system. "To me, it was a dream project and it was almost unbelievable to have the opportunity to start to work on a game with Mario and Rabbids," creative director Davide Soliani told GameSpot. "I always respected, as a player and as a developer, [Nintendo's] IP, but it was very tense for me to go in front of them and to pitch our idea. And since then, we kept collaborating together because we did Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but we also worked on [Donkey Kong Adventure]. Then we started with Sparks of Hope. "I will say that we are now collaborating with Nintendo for eight years in a row. We never stopped collaborating with them, and this gave us confidence, strength, and knowledge of how to not just be respectful of their IP but also to know more about the Mario universe, going deeper and deeper. But we also strengthened our relationship in terms of exchanging ideas." That bizarre mix of influences--a Mario game, but also a Rabbids game, but also a tactics game with adventure elements--meant Soliani and his team had to convince Ubisoft, then Nintendo, and finally, the players, of the game's merit. That made the team adopt a philosophy of constantly surprising players with humor and strategic depth. In Sparks of Hope, Soliani says he wants to surprise players with "this extra vibe of epicness." That extends to both the story, with a more expansive scope, and in terms of the combat systems. "I believe that this was also true with the Kingdom Battle, but even more true in Sparks of Hope," he said. "There is such a depth in our combat system, which is one of the elements we are mostly proud of. There are others, but this is the core of our game, I believe." Soliani says the combat system this time is heavy on synergy between heroes and skills, letting you customize the heroes to your liking with their skill points and giving you more flexibility and the ability to use combos. The demonstration we saw was a good example, showing a much greater range of ways that the heroes could interact with each other and the environment than in Kingdom Battle. While that game had a few combo moves, like spring-boarding off each other for extra reach, the short combat encounter we saw had a much greater range of synergies--from marking enemies for a combo attack to floating above for a gentle landing to using environmental hazards and enemies like Bob-ombs as weapons. All of this is complemented by the new movement system, which is now free-roaming. Rather than selecting your position on a grid, Mario and his crew move the way you'd expect them to in any other Mario game, jogging around the battlefield, jumping over obstacles, and collecting coins. Combining that level of intuitive movement with more natural combat options, eschewing the last game's menu system, means this looks to imitate classic 3D Mario mechanics. It remains to be seen if Ubisoft nailed the feel of a Mario game, but it looks very naturalistic in gameplay demonstrations. Free movement is a core essence of Mario games. "To me, [the new movement system] adds freedom," Soliani said. "That's the perception I wanted the player to have while playing the game. Nothing wrong with the grid system and the cursor; I love those kinds of games. I did Kingdom Battle because I love those kinds of games. But we didn't want to do just a pure sequel. We wanted to rework the game from the ground up. We wanted to bring a new reason and a good reason to buy another game. So freedom is what I had in mind. The ability to just run inside the battlegrounds, to vault over the cover and jump on the other side, dashing [into] some others that could be flipped and then taken and then thrown out of boundaries, or maybe against other heroes. For example, you can flip and throw the bomb against another bunch of heroes, so yes, it's an enemy that can damage you, but you can turn the table at your own advantage and flipping this guy and using it as a weapon instead. "And this is just within the movement phase. Then you have the attack phase, the techniques, and bags full of items that you will be able to buy along the course of your journey. So there are a lot of elements, but all those elements can be quickly--super quickly--assessed in the combat system, but not like we were doing in Kingdom Battle by browsing different slots. You can quickly assess everything and move your character with the simple press of a button. So the dynamics and the velocity that the players have now with the combat system, it's another level. It's unmatched. And to support that, we also created the various types of enemies. Before they were always moving, attacking, and using the techniques. Now we have different kinds of enemies. So I believe that we have been better at proposing different kinds of interaction with the combat system and different ingredients to have fun with during the battles." At the center of both the story and the gameplay are the Sparks--Super Mario Galaxy's Lumas crossed with Rabbids. The creatures are being kidnapped by the villain Cursa for unknown but certainly evil reasons, and as you rescue them you'll gain new suites of abilities and customization options. In the video we saw both a burst of electricity and a huge area-of-effect ice blast. But Soliani says they also augment the heroes, letting you enhance their existing strengths or make up for their deficits. Gallery"First of all, the Sparks are creatures that you have to save from this malevolent entity that is, let's say, threatening the whole galaxy. But once saved, they can be used in combat, their power can be used in combat, in order to help you out. Those Sparks can also grow up along with you so you can make them stronger. "And their ability and the fact that you can keep them as you want to any heroes, it's what makes the whole difference. You can take a new archetype and a specific Spark can either help what are already the good characteristics of a hero. For example, make it stronger with the Spark that is announcing the damage output of any given hero. So if you take someone like Mario, that has already a quite good damage output, you can make it even stronger. But you can instead keep another kind of Spark, which is helping, maybe, the weaknesses of Mario. Mario is not as tough as Bowser. So all those combinations together is what is going to make the play style of each player shine. So the modularity of the Spark is what is going to make each hero even more interesting than before." Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was a surprising addition to the Mario canon, not least of which because Nintendo is notoriously protective of its characters. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope appears primed to surprise players all over again, with a greater degree of flexibility and more Mario-like mechanics. The bizarre crossover experiment just keeps paying off in new ways. But this time, we aren't surprised at how fun and engaging the collaboration looks. Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 20. View the full article
  18. Hello there everyone and welcome to yet another mid-week Wordle. Today is June 29 and our word today is an awkward one. Everything about most of today’s answer came together for me purely out of chance, but I’m here now to make sure that isn’t the case for you all. Have you tried today’s Wordle? The answer's a very uncomfortable one to me at least, because most of its structure is a little irregular. The surest advice I can give you is that when you're plugging in your guesses, be sure to prioritize some of the letters you normally wouldn't. Make sure you're covering your vowels still (those are always important), but as far as consonants go, show the outliers some love this go around. IN case you're still searching for words that accomplish that, check out our list of the best starting words to use in Wordle. I guarantee you'll find a word or two that'll put you on the right track. Today's Wordle Answer - June 29, 2022As always, the answer you're seeking is at the very bottom, but while you and I are here, I've got a handful of hints that you can take advantage of to potentially get today's word on your own! Today's word isn't naturally suited to games, so no game-related hints today. Hint 1: In literature, many teenagers are described using this term. It's a word almost synonymous with adolescent awkwardnessHint 2: The root of today's word is another, funnier way to say stare.Have you gotten today's Wordle yet? It's alright if you haven't, it's a smidge hard today! Today's Wordle is…gawky. Bet that wasn't the word you were expecting, huh? Thank goodness that so many of us have hopefully gotten over our gawky teenage phases because I couldn't stand another second of it. And please, if you can help it, be kind and don't gawk at other people. That's all I've got for you today but be sure to check back tomorrow for more Wordle hints! View the full article
  19. Despite initially saying automated quest tracking wouldn't be present for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic, the feature is now slated to be added "at some point," according to Blizzard. When Blizzard announced Wrath of the Lich King Classic in April, it confirmed that certain features added towards the end of the popular expansion--like the quest tracker and automated dungeon finder--wouldn't be part of the experience. The reason behind not including those two features was to preserve the original Wrath of the Lich King leveling experience, as well as the social aspect of the MMORPG that frequently requires players to talk to each other and manually group up for dungeons or quests as they explore Azeroth. Instead of simply being told on the map where to go and what to kill, as in modern WoW, Blizzard indicated it wanted to keep WoW Classic a different experience. In a recent forum post, Blizzard now says its thinking on the subject has "changed quite a bit" since those initial interviews. "Just wanted to pop in and say that we do in fact intend to implement the quest tracking features that were added in patch 3.3 of original Wrath of the Lich King into the Quest Log and Map UI at some point," Blizzard writes. Quest tracking is not currently present in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic beta, and Blizzard clarifies that the feature, alongside several others like the in-game calendar and equipment manager, are in active development. It's unclear if the current plan is for quest tracking to be present for Wrath of the Lich King Classic's launch or if it will instead be added post-release. In an interview from April, WoW Classic lead developer Brian Birmingham said Blizzard wouldn't implement quest tracking in order to allow players to level up through the expansion just as they did when the expansion first released in 2008. If that is still true, the quest tracker may not be present initially but could be added to the game towards the end of the expansion's content cycle, just as it was originally. Blizzard recently outlined its philosophy in regards to how it is approaching changes for Wrath of the Lich King Classic and possible future WoW Classic releases, stating it intends to protect and nurture social experiences, keep the game approachable and familiar for players, and preserve Azeroth as the game's true "main character." Adding in the quest tracker does seem to go in the face of some of those stated goals, but the inclusion of the feature is wanted by a considerable amount of the game's community, many of which would simply use community-made mods to restore much of the quest tracker's functionality regardless of it's officially added or not. Wrath of the Lich King Classic does not currently have a release date, but is coming later this year. Modern WoW's latest expansion, Dragonflight, is also slated to arrive before the end of 2022. View the full article
  20. After several of its classic game prototypes and assets were leaked back in 2020, Nintendo has finally acknowledged the event and has increased its security then. As transcribed by Twitter user NStyles (via VGC), Nintendo was asked during its annual shareholder meeting in Kyoto, Japan, what it stance was on iQue, the Chinese brand that was created to release Nintendo content and was included in the big leak. "The PC and mobile games market in China is large, but dedicated games consoles are not so large," Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said. "Together with Tencent, we want to continue to popularize them. We are working with experts on information leaks. We have also introduced information security management." When the leak first occurred, internal documentation and data for N64, GameCube, Nintendo DS, and Wii projects circulated online, giving fans a look behind the curtain of the company and its preservation efforts. One group of fans used the documents to restore a 30-year-old soundtrack for Super Mario World, while another dedicated modder spent nine months repairing a prototype SNES version of Super Mario Kart that included a track editor. The Nintendo "gigaleak" saw a staggering amount of content released online, including the legendary Zelda: Ocarina of Time Space World demo, the shocking reveal that Luigi was actually in Super Mario 64 the whole time, and a number of playable prototypes of famous games like Super Mario Kart and Yoshi's Island. Nintendo is also infamous for its litigation and takedowns related to its IP, as recent stories have seen the software giant take aim at YouTube channels for hosting soundtracks from its games, issuing cease-and-desist notices to fan projects, and calling in its lawyers to cancel a themed tournament. Not even uploads of out-of-print strategy books are safe from Nintendo, as the company issued a takedown notice to an uploader who shared scans of the charming Super Mario 64 guide. View the full article
  21. There's a bounty of new resources that players can obtain on the new expansion map in Ark: Survival Evolved, Fjordur. Many of these resources are relatively easy to acquire, such as using Congealed Gas Balls to craft hazard gear or charged materials. If you're looking to find out how to find and use Congealed Gas Balls, we went over that in a previous Ark guide. For today, we will be going over how to find Sanguine Elixir, which can be one of the most useful items in all of Fjordur as long as players know how to use it. Sanguine Elixir has a fairly basic use, as it simply allows players to tame creatures 30% faster when they consume it. This can be one of the most important resources you obtain in Fjordur, as some of the new unique creatures can be a true hassle to tame. Speaking of those unique creatures, if you've been avoiding them up until now, that might soon change. One of them holds the key to unlocking the Sanguine Elixir, which we explain further below. Finding Sanguine ElixirThe first step in acquiring the Sanguine Elixir in Fjordur is to find the Desmodus, one of the five new unique creatures. Desmodus is a giant bat creature that is especially aggressive and hostile as soon as you approach it. It also happens to be difficult to predict during an encounter, so you will need to have a solid strategy of taming/killing it before you actually stumble across it. In order to unlock the Sanguine Elixir, though, you will need to tame the Desmodus. This is much more RNG-based than taming the other unique creatures in Fjordur. First, you need to craft and equip 10-20 blood packs in your inventory's hotbar. Then, you need to find the Desmodus on the map. The giant bat is located on Balheimr Island, the southeastern part of the Fjordur map. Once on Balheimr, players need to go to the coordinates: 90.0 - 78.0. This will bring you to the Balheimr Trench near the central part of the island. The Desmodus will likely be in or around its nest near the trench. To tame the Desmodus, you need to ensure your blood packs equipped to the hotbar and let the creature see you. Once it does, it will grab you and start flying away. During this time, the creature will start consuming the blood packs. With enough luck, after the Desmodus finishes around 10 blood packs, it will keep flying, meaning you've tamed it. If the creature drops you to the ground after it finishes the packs, then you didn't succeed and need to try again. Once the Desmodus is tamed, you can move on to the next step in crafting the Sanguine Elixir. Crafting Sanguine ElixirThe Desmodus is the only creature capable of producing the Sanguine Elixir. However, it can only do so if you equip it with a saddle and 200 blood packs inside of its inventory. You can either craft blood packs yourself using a Blood Extraction Syringe and waterskin after level five or let the Desmodus produce blood packs itself by letting it attack other creatures. For every one creature that the Desmodus attacks, it will add one blood pack to its inventory. After you've reached 200 packs and have a saddle on the giant bat, you can begin producing the Sanguine Elixir. To do so, go to the "Consumables" menu and then select "Sanguine Elixir." If you have the right ingredients, then the elixir will be produced once. You can repeat this process as much as you'd like as long as you have enough blood packs. Now, you have a concrete way to tame creatures easier in Ark: Survival Evolved Fjordur. If you're new to the game, don't miss our Ark: Survival Evolved tips for beginners. View the full article
  22. It appears Ubisoft's long-in-development pirate game Skull and Bones now has a release date, or at least a rumored release date. Details from a supposed Xbox Store listing point to a November 8 launch. The listings, discovered by @ALumia_Italia on Twitter, also reveal that--like basically every other Ubisoft game--Skull and Bones will have a variety of extra content available. These include some kind of preorder bonus and multiple add-on missions called Bloody Bones' Legacy and The Ashen Corsair, according to the leak. There will also be a digital soundtrack and artbook, as well as a "premium" bonus pack, the leaked listing apparently said. Reporter Tom Henderson replied to ALumia_Italia's tweet to seemingly corroborate the rumored November 8 release date. According to reporter Ethan Gach, Skull and Bones was originally targeting a launch in early summer before being pushed to September, and then again to November, according to this latest leak. Gach also said there was supposed to be a closed test for Skull and Bones in June but plans were apparently canceled. Skull and Bones will finally be released in November, Gach said, in part due to an "existing government subsidy agreement" between Ubisoft and Singapore, which is where the game is being made. Skull And Bones was announced at E3 2017, but its road to launch hasn't been smooth sailing. The game is said to have undergone numerous changes throughout the course of its development, including a shift to a live-service approach in 2020. In April, a lengthy gameplay video emerged from a Skull And Bones technical test that provided the best look yet at the pirate game and what it will offer. After that, the game was rated for release in multiple territories, including North America, which suggests the game could launch in the relatively near future. Ubisoft is reportedly holding an E3-like event later this year, and this could be where the company reveals more information about Skull and Bones, or it could be sooner. View the full article
  23. Blizzard Entertainment is acquiring Boston-based game studio Proletariat, which will work on World of Warcraft going forward to help meet the "voracious appetite" among players for new content. This is happening at the same time that Blizzard is itself being acquired by Microsoft through the Xbox maker's $75 billion deal to purchase Activision Blizzard. As part of the deal, which was revealed first to VentureBeat, Proletariat will become a Blizzard studio, and its 100 developers will contribute to the ongoing development of WoW, including the Dragonflight expansion that is due out this year. Proletariat's latest game, Spellbreak, is shutting down. This is just the latest expansion for Blizzard, as the veteran Activision studio Vicarious Visions was recently folded into Blizzard to help contribute to the Diablo franchise. Terms of Blizzard's deal for Proletariat were not disclosed, but it's the company's first big buyout since it acquired Swinging Ape in 2005. John Hight, the general manager of World of Warcraft at Blizzard, said the deal to buy Proletariat will help Blizzard keep up with the demands of the WoW audience. "As you probably are aware, folks in World of Warcraft have a voracious appetite for content," Hight said. "And what we've seen over the last year is that we need to increase the amount of content that we can create, and the frequency with which we're putting it in the hands of our players." Hight said Proletariat is a good match for Blizzard because the team was experienced with medieval fantasy and stylized art, which are common themes for WoW. Blizzard began talking to Proletariat in December 2021 and the studio has been working with Blizzard since May of this year. With its acquisition of Proletariat, Blizzard now has teams on both coasts of the United States, which could help with the ambition to create more content for WoW and release it faster. Proletariat's staff also includes people who worked on The Lord of the Rings Online and D&D Online. The studio itself was founded in 2012 by people who previously worked at Harmonix, Turbine, and Insomniac. Blizzard, and parent company Activision Blizzard, has been in the news lately regarding reports of sexual discrimination and other issues. Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak said the team had a "very kind and open and transparent conversation" about these issues before agreeing to the buyout. "In some of the earliest conversations, we discussed just how they were looking at continuing to improve the culture and continuing to make a great place for developers to work," he said. "That was encouraging. Obviously, there is a lot of work to be done to continue to make an awesome place for developers to work. But we were pretty happy and satisfied with the direction that teams are going." To the surprise of some, WoW's Dragonflight expansion is scheduled to be released this year. It's set to bring big changes to WoW, including overhauls of the game's class talents and profession systems alongside a new continent to explore. It will also include a new playable race, the Dracthyr, that--for the first time in the MMO's history--can only be a single class, the new spellcasting-focused Invoker. View the full article
  24. Master Chief killed Regret. The Prophet The Arbiter killed was Truth.
  25. The next James Bond movie, which will be the first to feature someone else as James Bond after Daniel Craig leaves the series, is "at least" two years away from filming, producer Barbara Broccoli has said. It's taking more time than usual to get started on the next Bond movie because the producers are searching for the next actor to play the lead role. Broccoli told Deadline that the next James Bond movie will reinvent who James Bond is. "We're working out where to go with him, we're talking that through. There isn't a script and we can't come up with one until we decide how we're going to approach the next film because, really, it's a reinvention of Bond. We're reinventing who he is and that takes time." Broccoli would not be drawn into commenting on which actors may be in the running for the role of James Bond, saying that right now, "Nobody's in the running." Before this, Broccoli said the next person to play James Bond will likely be a British man of any ethnicity or race. "I think it will be a man because I don't think a woman should play James Bond," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I believe in making characters for women and not just having women play men's roles. I don't think there are enough great roles for women, and it's very important to me that we make movies for women about women. He should be British, so British can be any [ethnicity or race]." This lines up closely with what Craig himself has said about the future of the series. Craig said in an interview that he is not on board with the idea of a woman playing James Bond, but commented that women and people of color should get other roles of a similar stature. "The answer to that is very simple," he told Radio Times. "There should simply be better parts for women and actors of color. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be a part just as good as James Bond, but for a woman?" In addition to a new actor coming board to play James Bond in the inevitable next 007 movie, the expected 26th Bond movie will be made by Amazon, which recently acquired MGM. Broccoli said she's been told "things are not going to change" and that the next Bond movie will be an MGM film produced under the banner of Amazon. People are naturally wondering if Amazon might look to put the next Bond film on Amazon Prime Video, but whether or not that happens remains to be seen. Outside of the films, Hitman developer IO Interactive is developing a new James Bond game that tells an origin story for the British spy. View the full article
  26. The latest patch for Destiny 2 is headlined by a fix for the Duality dungeon, specifically issues that players had taken advantage of to deliver some heavy damage to bosses within that high-level PvE activity. Hotfix has addressed an exploit where the Exotic scout rifle Skyburner's Oath could use its Explosive Payload perk to bypass boss shields during Duality's Vault encounter. The weapon has seen some heavy use in Duality because of this exploit, as it was breaking through more than just Phalanx Cabal shields in the dungeon. Staying on the topic of broken shields, players had also discovered a way to break the immunity barriers of certain enemies in the Vault of Glass, Garden of Salvation, and Vow of the Disciple raids by stacking Scorch effects on them. Bungie has fixed this exploit as well, and has also tweaked the Sorrow Bearer encounter which had a tendency to auto-complete after the first bell teleport. Elsewhere in the Destiny 2 patch notes, there'll be no more out-of-bounds hiding in the Crucible, a minor error in the Bound by Sorrow quest has rectified, and the Piercing Sidearms artifact mod has been re-enabled. You can read the full list of fixes below. In other Destiny 2 news, you can catch up on this week's seasonal challenges to see which tasks have been added to Season of the Haunted. Now's also a great time to start working on obtaining the Reaper title in the game, as this seal has a more accessible list of objectives to work through. Raid and DungeonThe Last Wish Fixed an issue where mods were not dropping.Duality Fixed an issue where damage phase lasted for an unintended duration in the Sorrow Bearer encounter.Fixed an issue where the Sorrow Bearer encounter could auto-complete after the first bell teleport.Fixed an issue where Skyburner's Oath and the Explosive Payload perk could bypass the bosses' shields in Duality's Vault encounter.Fixed an issue where players could break immune shields in Vault of Glass, Garden of Salvation, and Vow of the Disciple by applying Scorch to enemies.Crucible and Iron BannerFixed an issue where players could hide out of bounds in the Crucible map, Disjunction. Iron Banner Fixed an issue where the Heavy as Death emblem was not contributing towards the reputation rank boost when equipped.Fixed an issue where the fifth step of the Forging Iron Quest would not progress if the equipped Iron Banner armor also had Iron Banner ornaments applied.Fixed an issue where the daily challenges rank boost increments were not unlocked account-wide.Rift Fixed an issue where dunking the Spark with no time left on the round timer could trigger an infinite transmat loop.Fixed an issue where the Spark would disappear for the remainder of the match if the player that picks it up dies at the same time.DestinationsFixed an issue where The Conflux Lost Sector would not be available in its Legend or Master version for some players.Fixed an issue where the first step of the Bound by Sorrow quest would not complete upon collecting 500 Vestiges.Gameplay and InvestmentArmor Fixed an issue where certain Exotic armor pieces did not offer their airborne effectiveness benefits: Sealed Ahamkara Grasps: +50 to all weapons for 5 seconds after a melee hit.Wings of Sacred Dawn: +50 to all weapons.Lion Rampant: +50 while hip-firing.Peacekeepers: +40 to SMGs.Peregrine Greaves: +20 to all weapons.Weapons Fixed an issue where Players could shoot through Barricades, Ward of Dawn, and thin walls when both the Piercing Sidearms artifact mod was equipped on a weapon with the Armor-Piercing Rounds weapon perk.Piercing Sidearms artifact mod will be re-enabled.Fixed an issue where the Nezarec's Whisper Glaive couldn't be Masterworked in some cases.Abilities Fixed an issue where Hammer Strike was not receiving the intended damage bonus from Roaring Flames.Note: In patch, we fixed an issue where Roaring Flames was not getting the intended reduced scalars while melee boosting Exotic armor or weapon perks were active, but that change was not reflected in that release's patch notes, so we're including it here for posterity.Roaring Flames now grants a 20% bonus damage on powered melee abilities per stack.Roaring Flames will grant a 10% bonus damage per stack if Synthoceps, Peregrine Greaves, Wormgod Caress or the One-Two Punch weapon perk are active.GeneralAdjusted Crucible Vermillion shader's visuals on glowing materials to address potential photosensitivity issues.View the full article
  27. Oprah Winfrey CBD Gummies There is conflicting information at the effectiveness of TENS ache comfort treatment. Research has best been conducted on a few unique styles of ache, and in most of those instances has been proven to be reasonably to distinctly powerful. Effectiveness normally depends upon the character of the illness/injury, and the general health and fitness of the character patient. TENS therapy has come to be a reasonably routine form of treatment for pain and rehabilitation after an twist of fate or operation. https://supplements4fitness.com/oprah-winfrey-cbd-gummies/ https://public.flourish.studio/story/1610079/ https://techplanet.today/post/get-the-hottest-new-gummies-hemp-gummies https://thefeedfeed.com/broccoflower6461/articles/why-is-oprah-winfrey-cbd-serenity-gummies-important https://articlepedia.xyz/oprah-winfrey-cbd-three-how-does-oprah-winfrey-cbd-gummies-works/ https://articleroom.xyz/oprah-winfrey-cbd-gummies-3-how-does-oprah-winfrey-cbd-gummies-works/
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