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  2. Signal Studios, the developer behind the Toy Soldiers series, has confirmed a new game is in development: Toy Soldiers 2: Finest Hour. It's coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and first footage of the game is available now on the game's website. It shows toys fighting against one another, as was the case with the original game. According to the game's site, it will recreate several moments from World War II. "Survive Dunkirk, siege the beaches of Normandy, battle the Imperial Navy in the Pacific, and beware the dreaded arsenal of secret Nazi weapons," the site reads. It's not clear when Toy Soldiers 2 will release, but like the original you'll be able to both deploy and direct units while also taking direct control of forces to fight the enemy directly. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  3. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will usher in the next generation of gaming when they release later this year. Both systems are stacked with a multitude of improved features and capabilities, but there is one in particular that Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon believes that people are underestimating. During a recent livestream, Boon said the first thing people tend to ask about with new consoles is how much better the graphics will look. But he believes it's the dramatically improved loading times that might end up being the bigger differentiator between the current generation and next-gen. "It's funny when these new consoles come out and everybody goes, 'OK, what do the graphics look like?' I think people are underestimating the impact that the almost zero loading time is going to have," he said, as reported by Twinfinite. "That's suddenly going to open doors that weren't considered possible before and I think we haven't even scratched the surface of what will eventually be done with those systems." Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  4. Players of The Division 2 might want to be careful if they don't want spoilers. Ubisoft has recently acknowledged a major Division 2 story leak thanks to some audio files left over on the Public Test Server (PTS) which hint at the reappearance of old The Division characters and more. Massive Entertainment, the studio working on The Division 2, appears to have kept audio files on the PTS which give away the story for the next three seasons of Manhunt targets in the game. For the uninitiated, Manhunts are missions available to those who own the Warlords of New York expansion pack. Essentially, your job is to hunt down major antagonist Aaron Keener, and eliminate his lieutenants along the way. Each season, Manhunts for new agents (called rogue agents) are introduced, allowing players who have reached Level 40 to continue gallivanting through the city streets in search of bounty targets to take down in exchange for skill mods. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  5. A new trailer for Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection has been released, and it reveals that the new compilation will contain a game never released before. One of the seven games included in the upcoming Switch, PS4, and PC collection is Samurai Shodown V Perfect--an updated version of the final Neo Geo entry with new content. The game, which was meant to be the final release for the Neo Geo, was cancelled despite being completed--and now fans of the series will be able to play it for the first time. You can see it in action below. Seven games in total will be included as part of the compilation: Samurai Shodown (1993) Samurai Shodown II Samurai Shodown III Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge Samurai Shodown V Samurai Shodown V Special Samurai Shodown V Perfect Each game has been updated for online play, complete with rollback netcode for a smooth experience. You'll be able to choose between ranked and casual matches. A new museum mode contains concept art, design documents, and video interviews with the game's developers, and a music player will let you listen to over 200 tracks from the series. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  6. Those who have been waiting for an update on Wasteland 3 will be glad to know that InXile Entertainment has released a new Dev Diary with details on the game's world, characters, and more. This is the second dev diary for Wasteland 3 after the first dropped on publisher Deep Silver's official YouTube channel last week. While that particular video focused on character creation and combat in the tactical RPG, yesterday's dev diary release has a bigger focus on the narrative. InXile's studio head, Brian Fargo, spoke briefly about Wasteland 3's relationship with the previous titles in the series, describing the protagonists' start in this third installment as involving working with "the new patriarch of Colorado who's an authoritarian". Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  7. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has acknowledged that it's been challenging to demonstrate the true leap that the Xbox Series X will provide over the Xbox One. In Reggie's new podcast, Spencer said one of the most defining characteristics of next-gen games is how they "feel" with faster and more stable frame rates. It's not possible to demonstrate this with videos, Spencer said. And with physical events canceled or postponed due to COVID-19, Microsoft is facing a new dilemma in trying to communicate the appeal of faster frame rates. This is a new challenge, Spencer said, because for previous console transitions throughout history, the power of new systems was immediately apparent with better graphics. "One of the things I've talked about publicly ... but it's hard to come across, is the way it feels to play games on a box where frame rates are higher, frame rates are more stable," Spencer said. "The fluidity of it, showing that in video form, is just impossible. How do you show how something feels?" Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and the free-to-play battle royale spin-off Call of Duty: Warzone, will be offering double XP over this coming weekend. This will also signify the end of Season 3, which will wrap up at the same time this bonus ends. The Double XP weekend, announced in the latest Call of Duty briefing, will run from Friday, May 29 at 10AM PT until June 1 at 10 AM PT. You'll also be earning Double Weapon XP and Double Battle Pass tier progression over this weekend. This will give you a bit of a boost if you need to hit tier 100 in the Season 3 Battle Pass, which will unlock Alex's Indomitable skin. It's also a good reason to jump back in if you've been away from Modern Warfare for a while and check out the newly added maps. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  9. Action movie star Tom Cruise is going to film a movie in space with the support and help of NASA and Elon Musk's SpaceX, and now more details about the film have come to light. The movie will be directed by Doug Liman, who previously directed Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow and American Made. Deadline reports that Cruise and Liman came up with their idea for a movie in space together, and Liman wrote the first draft of the script. Cruise, Liman, and others will travel to space to film the movie through a partnership with NASA, which contracts SpaceX for space travel. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  10. In another swathe of streamer signings for video giant Twitch, three of the platform's most popular variety streamers have entered into multi-year exclusive deals involving content and partnership support. Summit1G, Dakotaz, and JoshOG follow the likes of DrLupo, honored at last year's Game Awards, in committing to using Twitch as their only streaming platform for the duration of their deals. Summit1G, whose real name is Jaryd Lazar, has been streaming with Twitch since 2013 according to his channel, while Brett "Dakotaz" Hoffman has been broadcasting Fortnite gameplay to an audience of 4.3 million followers. Both Hoffman and Lazar have enjoyed fame on Twitch while streaming multiplayer games, and are full-time streamers according to the Washington Post. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  11. In Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima, horseback riding is very important. It's the most efficient way to get around the map, the developers say. And now, they have also confirmed one very important detail about your horse--it cannot die. "Your horse is not gonna die," Sucker Punch creative director Jason Connell told USGamer. "Your horse will get scared and run away. You may not be able to bring them back for a brief, brief moment, but nobody's gonna in combat, in gameplay, kill your horse." Animals play a part in Ghost of Tsushima, helping your character find shrines--but you can't kill them. There is no hunting system in the game, Connell added. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
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  13. Actor Josh Gad's quarantine show, Reunited Apart, is seemingly going to feature a Lord of the Rings reunion for a future episode. Gad teased the news in a tweet. There is no word yet on when the episode will air or who may feature in it, but presumably it will be actors from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. Frodo actor Elijah Wood has already appeared in a show that spawned from quarantine, Star Wars writer Gary Whitta's Animal Talking. It's possible some behind-the-camera talent could appear, like Peter Jackson. Gad's Reunited Apart series has already released reunion videos for Back to the Future, featuring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd; Splash, featuring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah; and The Goonies, featuring the main cast of the movie including Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, and Josh Brolin. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  14. Hot on the heels of Hi-Rez Studios' announcement regarding the latest Smite Final Boss Battle Pass is news that Cthulu will be officially announced as the MOBA's next god. Smite will be showing off their next big update, called The Great Dreamer, as part of a streamed show on May 26 at 3PM ET. The stream will give fans a better idea of what's to come. The Great Dreamer update show will debut on Smite's official Twitch channel, offering players a chance to catch their very first glimpse of Cthulu in action. Cthulu will be the first god in the Old Ones pantheon added to Smite, and others could be introduced over time. The fact that the pantheon is called the Great Old Ones likely signals that there will be more Lovecraftian horrors to look forward to in the future. Cthulu is going to be available for players to access from early June, which will give those who haven't quite familiarised themselves with the Smite battleground a chance to git gud. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  15. Fortnite's Storm the Agency challenges have gone live alongside the game's 12.61 update, giving you a few more tasks to complete before Season 3 officially begins. One of the trickier challenges from the bunch asks you to open a faction locked chest at three different spy bases. If you're having trouble tracking those down, here's a guide explaining where the spy bases are and how to complete the challenge. Where Are The Spy Base Locations? Much like the safe houses you need to visit for a separate Storm the Agency challenge, spy bases have been a fixture of the map since the start of Season 2. These are a bit more overt than the safe houses, however; while those are disguised to look like regular buildings, the spy bases are all named locations, so they're much easier to track down. We've marked down where a few of the chests at these bases are located below: The Grotto Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  16. Fortnite's 12.61 update has arrived, and it's brought one more set of challenges to complete before Season 2 winds down and Season 3 begins soon. The Storm the Agency challenges are now live, and one of the missions asks you to eliminate henchmen at different safe houses. If you're having trouble tracking those down, this guide will show you where the safe house are located and how to complete the challenge. Where Are The Shadow Safe House Locations? Shadow's safe houses have been a fixture of the map since Season 2 began, but they're tricky to find because of their inconspicuous appearance. The safe houses are all disguised to look like normal buildings from the outside, but there are some telltale signs that give them away. You'll know for sure when you stumble upon one as they're swarming with AI henchmen, so you'll need to be cautious when approaching them. We've marked down the safe house locations on the map below: Shadow safe houses map Pleasant Park East of Craggy Cliffs South of Sweaty Sands Middle of the island east of Frenzy Farm On the small island north of Misty Meadows How To Complete The Challenge The trickiest part of this challenge is actually tracking down the safe houses, so once you know where those are located, all you need to do to complete the mission is head to them and eliminate henchmen. You need to eliminate a henchman at three different safe houses in total to finish the challenge, so you can't return to the same one across multiple matches, but you shouldn't have much difficulty regardless. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  17. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting some new vehicle skins, and who better to help you pimp your ride than Xzibit? Yes, the latest Warzone ad stars the rapper and broadcaster flexing some of his signature personality as he talks about you "staying frosty" and ruling the multiplayer streets with some fresh decals. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is launching the Plunder Pack, which seems designed to enhance your ability to flex on everyone that you play with. According to the ad, filmed like a Pimp My Ride rerun, you'll be able to equip any whip with gold trim and metallic finishings, tinted windows, and a bunch of other luxury trimmings to make you the envy of any 150-player map. The Plunder Pack carries skins for every vehicle in the game, accessible across the Warzone, Multiplayer, and Special Ops modes. This is the first bundle available on the store of this size, and yes, when we say "every vehicle" we do genuinely mean every vehicle. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  18. Minecraft Dungeons, the recently launched spin-off of global blockbuster Minecraft, is different to its predecessor in a variety of ways. There’s no mining for diamonds in the depths of a cave, nor is there an option to build your favorite landmarks out of sand, stone, or netherrack. Instead, your goal is to make your way through dungeons filled with monsters, slaying all kinds of enemies as you make your way towards the castle of the dastardly Arch-Illager. This is made a lot easier by enchanting your weapons and armor. Minecraft Dungeons, like Minecraft, features a full-fledged enchantment system of its own, but it works a little differently in this case. Although it’s easy to understand once you get the hang of it, it might take a little while to figure out how it actually works. Fortunately, we’ve put together a handy guide on how the enchantment system works in Minecraft Dungeons. If you’ve got the hang of enchanting already, be sure to check out our essential tips and tricks for Minecraft Dungeons. On the other hand, if you’re curious about what Minecraft Dungeons even is, here’s everything you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  19. Another week is upon us, which means more content additions and adjustments are on the way to both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Modern Warfare First up is Modern Warfare, which is seeing a bevy of changes this week such as some alterations to the game's multiplayer moshpits. Gun Game has its own collection of Gunfight maps now, and two game modes--Deathmatch Domination and Drop Zone--get their own dedicated playlists. Furthermore, two specific maps--Shoot House and Shipment--also have their own 24/7 moshpits that mix and match a variety of modes. There is also the Tracer Pack: Purple bundle available for purchase in the game's store, which comes with a Legendary AR and SMG, a charm, sticker, vehicle skin, emblem, and calling card. Additionally, Raines now has a purchasable Lumbertactical bundle that features a character skin, a Legendary LMG and shotgun blueprint, and the Hatchet melee weapon. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  20. Minecraft Dungeons, the new dungeon crawler Minecraft spin-off that puts adventuring, looting, and combat above building and crafting, is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (included in Xbox Game Pass), and Nintendo Switch. The newly renamed Mojang Studios has put a lot into expanding Minecraft's crossplay options over the years so that players can join up in cooperative multiplayer together across different platforms, but does the recently launched Minecraft Dungeons, co-developed by Double Eleven, also support the popular feature? Here's what we know about Minecraft Dungeons crossplay. Does Minecraft Dungeons Support Crossplay? No, Minecraft Dungeons does not support crossplay across PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch--at least, not yet. According to the official FAQ for Minecraft Dungeons, you will only be able to play the game with other players on the same platform for now, but Mojang Studios is looking into "enabling cross-platform play in a future free game update." However, Minecraft Dungeons still supports both local and online co-op with up to four players at launch, meaning you can still enjoy its multiplayer elements as long as it's on the same platform. But Mojang Studios does note that local co-op and online co-op cannot be played at the same time at launch--so you can either team up with friends locally or connect online, but not both at once. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  21. Many of us are stuck inside for the foreseeable future. To help people kill the time, online storefronts and developers are giving away a bunch of free games right now across PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. Because there are so many freebies floating around right now, we've rounded up all the games that are free for a limited time so you can easily claim any you're interested in. This list won't include any games that are normally free-to-play--like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends--but you're sure to find something to fall in love with, whether it's an old PC classic, a must-play iPhone game, or a brand-new game. The freebies span multiple platforms and storefronts, with most of the options available on PC from stores like Steam, GOG, and Itch.io. Ubisoft is offering up some free games on its Uplay client. You can also snag Civilization VI for free right now over at the Epic Store. You may already be subscribed to a service that gives you access to free monthly games. PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, and Twitch Prime all currently have free games available for the month of May. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  22. Niantic has announced two new features that are coming soon to Pokemon Go, both of which will continue to enhance the game's AR capabilities. The first is dubbed "Reality Blending," and it will make Pokemon blend more naturally into the environment around you. Utilizing the AR tech in certain modern smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Google Pixel 4, Reality Blending will allow the game to display Pokemon partially or fully behind objects. As you can see in the sample clip below, Reality Blending will make it so that Bulbasaur will be obscured when you move the camera behind a tree. Pokemon Go with and without Reality Blending Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  23. It's been a long six years since P.T. changed the face of horror gaming forever. But while the long-cancelled Silent Hills may never emerge, you can at least get your Silent Hill fix in Dead By Daylight. The team behind the frighteningly popular asymmetric horror game--which pits four survivors against a super-powerful monster--has announced some upcoming Silent Hill DLC, which releases on June 16. According to the trailer, the DLC will include Silent Hill 2 antagonist Pyramid Head (also known as the Executioner) and Silent Hill 3 protagonist Cheryl Mason as playable characters, along with Midwich Elementary School, an important level from the very first Silent Hill. While the trailer doesn't mention a price, Dead by Daylight's licensed DLCs vary in price from $7 to $12, and are not able to be purchased with the game's free currency. All aspects of the new Silent Hill Chapter are now live in Dead By Daylight's Public Test Build. Dead By Daylight's latest DLC, Chains of Hate, was released back in March. Last September, the game's Stranger Things DLC came out, which added the Demogorgon and several other features to the game. Rumors of a Silent Hill revamp have swirled throughout 2020, and Konami flatly denied them back in March, but with this reveal, it's hard to know what to believe now. View the full article
  24. Razer has a line of mouse pads that sync with its Chroma lighting tech, but if you're a bigger fan of soft mouse pads that offer great friction control and a non-slip rubber bottom, then Razer has just revealed the latest edition of its soft Gigantus mouse pad. The Gigantus V2 features better friction control than its predecessor and is now being offered in a variety of sizes. You can snag the Gigantus V2 in four different sizes--Medium for $10, Large for $15, XXL for $30, and 3XL for $50. You can also customize one of them with art from a specific game, esports team, or Razer itself. The medium Gigantus V2 sits 14 inches long and 11 inches wide on your desk, roughly the size of a standard mouse pad. If you want it a little bigger, then the large version sits at about 18 inches long and 16 inches wide. The XXL version can house your keyboard and mouse pad, measuring at 37 inches long and 16 inches wide, while the 3XL model can almost cover an entire desk at 47 inches long and 22 inches wide. You can see examples of what each mouse pad would look like on a desk in the images below. Razer Gigantus V2, sizes medium to 3XL See at Amazon Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  25. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic still disrupting in-person gatherings, Blizzard has confirmed that this year's BlizzCon is not happening. "During this time, we've had many discussions about what holding a convention could look like in light of all the health and safety considerations we'd want to make," BlizzCon's executive producer, Saralyn Smith, wrote in a statement. "We've also talked about different paths we could take, and how each one could be complicated by fluctuations in national and local health guidelines in the months ahead. Ultimately, after considering our options, we've come to the very difficult decision to not have BlizzCon this year." Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  26. Grand Theft Auto VI is presumed to be the next title in development at Rockstar Games, and now an SEC filing by publisher Take-Two Interactive might indicate that it won't be ready until 2023. A 10-K filing by Take-Two, which includes presumed marketing spend for the next five years, shows that the company is planning to spend over $89 million in its 2023 financial year. This period starts on April 1 2023 and ends on March 31 2024, with double the marketing budget than any other year during this five-year stretch by. According to analyst Jeff Cohen of investment firm Stephens (and reported by VentureBeat), the budget is likely for Grand Theft Auto VI. Cohen points to previous 10-K filings by Take-Two where the marketing budget accurately predicted the launch windows of games before their announcement, with Red Dead Redemption 2 being the most recent example. Although timeline can change over a five-year forecast, it seems plausible that Take-Two's current plan is to launch the next Grand Theft Auto instalment a decade after Grand Theft Auto V. Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
  27. If you've yet to jump into Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends or just want to unlock some new, exclusive gear, the battle royale's new Pathfinder Edition is gearing you and the game's zip-lining robot for action. It will cost you $20. Out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC (via EA's Origin), the Pathfinder Edition of Apex Legends features two legendary skins--one for Pathfinder, the other for the Havoc Rifle--as well as an exclusive gun charm and badge. You'll also get 1000 Apex coins (which is around $10 alone) to spend in-game, be it on the recently released character Loba or the game's ongoing battle pass with Season 5. The full contents of the Pathfinder Edition are: Continue Reading at GameSpotView the full article
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