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Found 27 results

  1. UNSC Epsilon Fleet epsilonfleet.com -Register Here first! Enjin name = GT Spartan Companies EpsilonFleet EpsilonFleet2 Welcome to Epsilon's Halo Embassy Hey everyone, my name is Nyygma, I am the Valkyrie Squad Lead and 4th platoon commander. This is a clan currently on Halo 5. With a vision in mind we hope to create a home for Competitive and Casual Gamers. We have the best Administration team in ONI as well as Field Commanders to lead us in the right direction. Thus, we will become a great clan that is organized and still be able to have fun and Game! This clan will be following an UNSC Theme and organization. We will have a similar chain of command as that of the UNSC. Under the direction of Fleet Command we have Naval Command which consists of the leadership of the different divisions: -Marines, players who are dedicated and active within the Fleet. --ODST, the best Marines -NAVSPECWAR, competitive team -ONI, handles administrative and logistical affairs of the Fleet So now I have some questions for you! Are you tired of playing by yourself? Would you want to lead a group of people? Want to have a bunch of friends online, playing games you have, around the clock? Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions you're just In Luck! Here Are Some of the things that We offer in the Epsilon Fleet! ~A wonderful website -Forums that are very active -Able to sign up for events ~ A 300+ member family ~Excellent Officer and leadership (not biased at all) ~An intriguing and fascinating ranking system -It will blow your mind (maybe) ~The chance to lead your very own squad if you aspire to lead ~A fun-filled environment ~And Lastly, A clan that works for you! Requirements for Joining ~Must be at least 15 years of Age ~Must have an Xbox One and Halo 5 ~Join the Forums ~Be respectful ~Have a mic ~And Most of ALL, Have common sense With humanity at war against multiple threats The Epsilon Fleet has answered the call. Will you answer the call as well? Will you join one of newest and greatest clans and be a critical part in its early success? We will love to have you be part of the Fleet and if you have any questions feel free to ask me at any time. Please let them know I sent you so they know I'm doing my job! Also feel free to message me on XBL with any questions (I'll see it there 1st)! Haha Sincerely hope to see you soon, Nyygma, Valkyrie Squad Lead, ONI section II recruiter, ONI section I app tech, Platoon CO
  2. After the last MCC content update (the big one that was supposed to fix everything) I noticed the faster search times, more stable games/lobbies, etc. But one big problem (for me anyways) I found was that 343i changed the max players on the Big Team Battle playlist. Before the patch it was 16 players 8v8 max, but after the patch its now 14 players 7v7 max. They didn't mention this in the patch notes at all, and every time someone brings it up it just gets ignored, from what I've seen. It might seem like a small minute problem to some of you, and I can understand that. For me though (and I'm sure I'm not the only one), Big Team is my favorite playlist, and in every single Halo game, Big Team Battle has always been 16 players 8v8. Always. For 343i to just all the sudden bring the max players down to 14 and not explain why, or even mention it at all, is a bit wrong honestly. I really hope 343i gets better at communicating with the community, and works on their public relations as a whole. The small things like this actually matter and add up. I'm totally not trying to be one of those "SCREW 343i, BURN BONNIE ROSS AT THE STAKE" type people XD (you all know the type of people I'm talking about. Just check /r/HaloCircleJerk on reddit hahaha), but I'm just saying how 343i should work on a number of things.
  3. Hello everyone, as you may have read recruiting for the Team Barays on the message board during the summer, well, we return. We were successful near the end of summer on Halo 4, but many leaders of divisions within the clan couldn't find the time to get online for a while. Well we have completely transferred over to the Xbox One for halo. For those who didn't read about the clan during the summer, we have leaders for the main playlists online. For example, we have leaders for SWAT, CTF, Team Snipers, etc. But as you should know, the luxury of those playlists aren't on the MCC. So we will have leaders for playlists such as Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3, SWAT, etc. We already have leaders for some of the playlists. Unfortunately, we will have tryouts for those who want to lead divisions. Message me online, GT: Z1kz, on what division you would like to lead, and i will schedule a tryout time. If you just want to join the clan and have a fun time, also message me. **Please note that we will have a CLAN BATTLE TEAM for each division (or playlist)** **you will also have to tryout for the team, so message me online** Thank you all and have a nice day. -- Z1kz
  4. From the album: Halo reach foam armour

    just a shot of my shot up shoulder.
  5. Hey everyone, We have recently started a new clan called VzS and hope to be playing a variety of gamemodes and leagues/tournaments on the upcoming Halo:Masterchief Collection. We hope to be posting these videos of multiplayer, custom games and clan battles to youtube as well as other PC and Xbox games. It would mean a lot if you could check out our website, and sign up to participate in the clan tournament we have undergoing in december. You can check out our website and all other details HERE Many Thanks and please share with your friends! VzS Clan
  6. Star Wars: Battlefront is going to receive a greatly anticipated reboot in 2015 by Dice Studios. I was a huge fan of the Battlefront series and had a lot of fun blasting droids and rebels alike. So I've compiled a top 3 list of battles I'd like to see debut or return in the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game! The Battle of Umbara This battle debuted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The battle consists of the 501st battalion (normally led by Anakin Skywalker, but led by Pong Krell because of the situation) and the 212th attempting to take the capital of Umbara. I think the plot from this battle would be great for the campaign and the map would be a quick favorite for matchmaking. The map would be very dark, neccessating the use of night vision. There are many vehicles and weapons (some exclusive to this battle) that could be implemented, and would be excellent for a large sized map. The Battle of Kashyyk Another large scale map, The Battle of Kashyyyk looked absolutely beautiful in Battlefront 2. I liked how the map played, and it featured some very fun sniper spots, and excellent tactical gameplay. I'd like to see this map reappear in the upcoming game, but I'd like to see it expanded even more to fit the depiction of the battle portrayed in Episode III. The Battle of Hoth The battle of Hoth almost doesn't even need a description. Held in high regard among those in the Star Wars community, this map is a fast favorite. The huge AT-AT's seem to be quite the advantage at first, but this is balanced due to how slow they move and how easily they can be destroyed if a skilled pilot is around. I want this to be an exact remake of the map from Battlefront II. It's already perfect, nothing needs to be changed. That's my Top 3, list your Top 3 below along with a description, and why you want them below.
  7. Hello everyone, I am ROYSTAGE V2 and I present you: Raymundo (download link at the bottom) Raymundo is my best forged map, it's also symmetric and supports all gametypes! (except multi-team & Grifball). You can basically walk through the bases or walk on top of them. Red base: contains 3 ways to enter the top floor, has a initial 60 sec needler spawn, a 90 sec respawn timed Warthog and a Ghost with a 90 sec respawn timer. Blue base: contains 3 ways to enter top floor and also has a initial 60 sec needler spawn, a 90 sec respawn timed Warthog and Ghost. On the left side of blue base I tried to recreate the rock structure on the right side of red base, it has a initial 30 sec plasma grenade x2 spawn and with Dominion it also brings forerunner weapon ordnances, a turret, shields and a Vehicle Pad Warthog. The middle of the map contains a few little bridges and are quite important to control and also has a initial 180 sec Rocket Launcher spawn. The mid-right side of blue base: contains 'Dominion only' turret, UNSC weapon ordnances, cover, shields and 2 Vehicle Pad Ghosts, without Dominion it has a Machine Gun Turret and cover barriers. The mid right side of red base: contains 'Dominion only' turret, banshee and shields. With- and without Dominion it has a initial 180 sec Sniper Rifle spawn. And without Dominion it has a Mantis with a 180 sec respawn timer. This piece of the map contains: a (Dominion only) turret, shields, Covenant weapon drops and a Vehicle Pad Warthog. With- and without Dominion it also has a 30 sec plasma grenade x2 initial weapon drop. And here you see the middle of the map from a different view: Each base has in front of it a shotgun random ordnance drop: In the middle of the map under the bridge you can also find this random weapon drop: And on the other side of the middle of the map you find this random weapon drop: I started forging this map when I entered a contest on Forgecafe. I ended 3rd place with this map which was great because I never expected that when I started to forge this map. I haven't been able to test the map but because it finished 3rd in the contest I assume that the gameplay is fine. After I entered the contest I had to download a map which already had some things in it you were not allowed to change anything from. It looked like this with only the 5x5 block flat and the window things. Also, because I had to download this map for the contest the author name will read: Wildcaters45 Map download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/roystage%20v2/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=39c81010-8d3f-4dc8-b1b1-3bc3950daed1 I hope all you guys and girls enjoy my map!
  8. We are a Halo clan thats been together for a while. We have done many clan battles over the Halo years but are looking to run some friendly 4v4 clan battles in the new Halo 4. We are just trying to get better so this is mainly just for fun. If you are part of a clan that has at least 4 players and are looking to run some 4v4 slayer matches hit me up on here or better yet my gamertag PotaytoeHead. We always have enough players on and are always looking to get better. thanks Clan: FrozenShadows Gamertag: PotaytoeHead
  9. Map: Tank Superiority (link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/eliteisnip3r/halo4/fileshare#?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=960d03d8-f1d3-4da6-8ba9-90e362c80b65 ) Gametype: Tank Superiority (link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/eliteisnip3r/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=805e2f4a-3ece-4161-a018-09349fd291b1 ) Description: Does this sound fmiliar? If you have played this in BF3 it should! Two teams of 4 are located on the opposite sides of the large island (on Forge Island), and they have 4 Scorpions each. The players spawn with a Rocket Launcher in a safe "garage" where their Scorpions are located. Each player has 2 choices: Either hop in the tank and go head on with the enemy or try to sneak around supporting their team on foot. There are 3 heavy weapons to help the players on foot, 2 Sticky Detonators and 1 Spartan Laser. The map is in a forest, and the scenery is compiled by trees, rocks, buildings etc. (No images) I'd like some feedback
  10. Large valley with great structures and vehicles, map works with a 4v4 infinity slayer match. By: DARKxFALLENx209
  11. Playing halo 4 on the day it came out and got a perfect game. Tell me what you think on my new YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe and leave comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aju0Vu401tg
  12. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Final layers of shading, final ink detail. Completion of piece.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  13. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    First layer of shading.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  14. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Additional detail to background areas.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  15. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Adding ink to HUD details and Rocket launcher.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  16. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Addition of black band.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  17. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Adding title band.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  18. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Finalising shape of whole piece.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  19. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Adding detail to background areas.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  20. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Finalising shape of rocket launcher.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  21. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Adding detail to surrounding areas.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  22. From the album: Halo; Reach Rocket.

    Initial pencil lines.

    © Most rights reserved, contact me for details.

  23. I am looking to run some 4v4 or more clan battles this week. We are a fun clan to battle and are just looking to have some friendly competition. Currently we are 20-1 in Halo 4 and 314-44 in Halo since Halo 3. All our clan battle records can be found on our website and any other information you want. Message Jamgel23 if you are interested. Thanks http://frozenshadows.weebly.com
  24. Thought it would be fun to create a happenstance battle between the Covenant and Prometheans and see what people think and how it would play out. It's an all out brawl, and whoever is left standing wins. Covenant: 1 Elite Field Marshall - Fuel Rod Gun, Duel Energy Swords, master of evading and CQC. Instructs the entire Covenant side. Has an overshield and Active Camo. Extremely difficult to deal with. 2 Elite Zealots - 1 with a Fuel Rod Gun, 1 with a Plasma Turrent. Both have Energy Swords for backup. Know how to evade efficiently and know great CQC. Hard to take down. 4 Elite SpecOps - All equipped with Carbines and Plasma Rifles with 2 Plasma Grenades. All know simple evading techniques. All have Active Camo (invisible to Promethean Vision). Much weaker than Zealots. 3 Elite Rangers - Jetpacks. 1 Has a Focus Rifle, the other 2 have Carbines. All have Plasma Repeater backup. Stronger than SpecOps. Known to act as Marksmen/Scouts that report back to the Marshall. 1 Hunter - Obviously equipped with it's mounted/modified Fuel Rod Mortar. Slow, but extremely powerful. 1 blow to a Knight demolishes it. 6 Jackals - 2 of which have Beam Rifles and are positioned in the distance, the other 4 have Hardlight Shields, Carbines, and Plasma Pistols. Very accurate. 6 Skirmishers - Extremely agile, evasive, and smart. Equipped with Carbines and Needlers. Personal Hardlight Shields adorned on forearms and legs for controlled damage intake. 2 of them have Focus Rifles. 10 Grunts - Plasma Grenades, Needlers, and Plasma Pistols. Weak in health, but provide excellent cover fire in groups. Start to panic if their respectful Elite gets killed. Suicide-grunt if necessary. 20 Drones (Bugs) - Very annoying and persistent. Only carry Plasma Pistol, but are great distractions for higher-ranked comrades to take their best shots. Also are very invasive and agile since they can fly very erratically. Weakest of the team. Prometheans: 5 Knight Lancers - 2 have Scattershots, the other 3 have Light Rifles. All have Supressor as backup. Know how to Teleport and use Promethean Vision. Each have 1 Pulse Grenade. Can be resurrected by Watchers if given enough time. 1 Knight Battlewagon - Much slower than the Lancers, but brutally powerful. It dual wields an Incineration Cannon and a Supressor. 2 Pulse Grenades. Basically works like a Hunter, but can still Teleport. 6 Watchers - 1 for each Knight. They catch grenades and throw them back, can supply shields for Knights, and can resurrect Knights if given enough time (let's say 10 minutes). Wield Supressor if proximity is too close. 15 Crawlers - All over the place. Use Boltshots (uncharged) from far away and close up. Very agile, but also pretty weak. Known to overwhelm the opponent with their numbers. 3 Alpha Crawlers - Lead the other Crawlers and determine their positioning, formation, strategies, etc. Each control a squadron of 5 Crawlers. Equipped with Supressors and Boltshots (charged). Stronger and smarter than regular Crawlers. As for the arena, this fight would take place on a landscape almost exactly the same as Valhalla/Ragnarok; plenty of hills, rocks, trees, and uneven terrain. No vehicles included. As far as their strength/health/shields go, imagine Legendary difficulty in Campaign. This battle is obviously non-canonical. Just play it as you see it. Although the Covenant are still highly advanced, I gave them higher numbers since the Prometheans are much more advanced and strategic. but all-in-all, I believe this could be a very compelling fight. Now what I'd like from you is what you think would happen. The more detailed and "play-by-play", the better. GET CREATIVE I'm hoping to see some great ideas.
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