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  1. Hey are you interested in joining a gaming community then look no further than XDG! XDG has a lot of members members and looking to expand. We have a lot of COD players, but are looking to expand into Halo Infinite, Rainbow 6 Siege and Battlefield 2042. If we don't have a group for a game you want, you can work on making a faction on it. Must have discord and a working mic! Please feel free to message with any questions comments or concerns. 17+. All skills welcome.
  2. Started in Halo Reach Undefeated in 1v1s Team player but silent Has a mic Never been anywhere on scoreboard but 1st About 2000+ Hate required armor My gt is TwistedXTornado
  3. Looking for a laid back clan, I'm SR 38 and 15yrs old I'm from Australia so a clan with compatible time zones would be optimal Hit me up on here or my gamer tag is jlind127
  4. Welcome to PartyUpGaming https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/partyupgaming We are a competitive Spartan Company that strives to be the best, be ACTIVE, and PARTY UP with each other. We are on throughout all timezones and are not limited to any specific region. We are a strictly Halo 5 Spartan Company for the Xbox One. Our #1 Goal is to Have a Spartan Company that Plays Together, that means Partying Up with other Spartan Company Members and other Spartan Company Alliances. Easy Way To Join: - Simply Click on PartyUpGaming and click "Request to Join" on the upper right ^ - otherwise Message IAmDrrunnmk on HaloWaypoint or on Xbox Live GamerTag: IAmDrrunnmk Spartan Company HaloWaypoint Website: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/partyupgaming Welcome to Spartan Company PartyUpGaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=635QD9Io-yI Are YOU tired of joining Companies that don't play together? have no good communication? seem unorganized? have no vision? ect..... Well whatever the reason, Look no further. Join and have a part in creating a great and fun Spartan Company to be in.What you will find from our Spartan Company that you will not find with others: - Opportunity: Looking for those that are serious about running a Company on Halo 5 will get a chance to become a Lieutenant for the Spartan Company. - Teamwork: Operating together is our #1 goal and we strive to play together at all times - Public Lobby Stomping: What is more fun than playing Warzone with 8-12 Spartan Company Teammates to Dominate public lobby games? nothing. - Organization: We are organized to the teeth about how we operate giving our Company an efficient way to operate and play with other Members. (Coming Soon Stuff: Forums, Websites, Communication App.) - Communication: We not only communicate with each other more efficiently, but also play together more efficiently. - Vision: I have a dream, that one day Halo player will unite under one belief and that is to play together for total domination of lobbies and we will do everything necessary to make our Company operate more efficiently. Reasons to Join: - FREE REQ PACK JUST FOR JOINING! - Easy access to multiplayer FireTeam teammates to play with in Arena, Warzone, and Co-Op campaign missions. - Want Opportunity to run a Spartan Company as a Commander? We are looking for those individuals with leadership potential to Promote. - Recruit 20 members and earn yourself a $20 Xbox Live Gift Card. (That's $1 per member recruited!) Requirements: - Have a Positive Kill/Death Ratio - Must Party Up with Spartan Company Members - Prefer Everyone has a MicrophoneNew Spartans please add everyone from the Spartan Company Roster as a 'friend' on Xbox Live. This is the primary way to party up / communicate with other members of Spartan Company. Spartan Company PartyUpGaming
  5. Are you tired of getting matched up with uncoordinated, screaming children with dirty sailor mouths? Are you looking for a slightly-more-mature Spartan Company with adult dirty sailor mouths? We've got you covered. Join the Retired Killers! We're an active clan of ~30 casual (but dedicated) adults looking to expand our membership. About us: We've been a clan since the early Halo 2 days, with many of the original members still playing. We are all adults. Some of us have children. Some of us have wives. Some of us are wives (at least on the weekends). We are serious about playing, but we still love to have fun. We require that you are located within the continental US, are over 18, and have a mic. If this sounds like something you're interested in, request an invitation! We'd love to have you! Be forewarned. There will be **** jokes. Lots of **** jokes.
  6. Me and my friend are starting a Halo 4 clan called "Spartans of Dawn," We are trying to go public and find other clans to be friend or foe with and we are looking for recruits. If you want to join or if you are in a clan than message me or my co-leader. Requirments- MUST be over 14 years of age, must have a working Mic, Xbox live gold, on at least 3 or 4 times a week, and have a positive kd. I will make a 1v1 to see your play style and your strengths and weaknesses before you join clan. We do not require gamertage change but you must use our emblem and service tag that we give you message me to join My Gamertag: FRobert616 Co-Leader: FRobert717
  7. Hola gamers, If any of you are interested in starting a clan from scratch, let me know! This is of course all for fun, but hey you never know it could blow up! My ideal clan is one that actually has skilled players. If you remember in the Halo 2 online days, Clan Matches were the best part of the game. If you played clan matches, you know how hard it was to get your clan's overall rank up!(Hope to god that Halo 5 has a clan system! lol) Anyways, clans are more fun in my opinion when they are competitive and have fun playing to win! Of course, its always fun to play some Big Team Battle and run people over with Warthogs, I completely understand that. I stay really up to date with the latest Halo news(H5) and Halo 4 tournaments, so I can add some pretty cool content to our website. I've got some experience building websites, here is the forum software that our site will use: Btw, Elusive Gaming is not the final clan name, only an idea. I will buy a real domain name(.net) when I have a team of clan members decide on a good one! The site has a blog and forums, but is still under construction of course. I can show whoever how to work the software and be a moderator/admin. Let me know! Jake GT: iLLgRiM
  8. Hi, I am the leader of the newest clan entitled The Spartan IV Project. The name is a little bit more involved than some would like considering it is ripped straight from the idea of the game but that's exactly how I want it to be. I have enough skill and knowledge about the game to make this clan worth your while. We expect big things from each member. We don't care how old you are, we just need good players. If you choose to follow me, I will ensure that we become the best and strongest clan in history, all you need to do is enlist. We have a military based ranking system and divisions designed to cater toward how you love to play the game. We have many divisions that focus on explosive combat, objectives and even stealth. This clan has to potential and resources to be one of the best clans you'll ever hear of and I will take it upon myself to make sure that happens. We are not strict, I do not expect to be called Sir or be treated as if I am better than you, I only expect to receive your best effort to make sure we win no matter who we are up against. Here is the website: http://thespartanivprogram.weebly.com/ Gamertag: Coap YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CoapXBL Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Coap
  9. I have made a halo 4 clan and was wanting people to join, we have a clan youtube that anyone can get onto and we have a clan website! if you would like to join message LethaL eRuPtS or TC Ozone on Xbox live and well get you sorted! No requirments needed to join just need to be a nice person
  10. Hello, my name is Roberto, im an ex member of the "fist of the north star clan" due to leaders problems i decided to get out of the clan, im currently looking for a clan that has plenty events and good leaders that are currently hosting games and matches, my. KD:1.13 but i've not been playing halo a lot since reach, my best KD on halo reach while on the "NSC" was 6.12 so yeah i am real good, and by the way im a crazy ninja assasin so watch ur back, anyway im just looking to have fun and friends to play with all day, i can play almost every day... Anyone interested, as i said i just want to have fun and make new friends!!! (; My gamertag is changotito1 (;
  11. I am the general and leader of Team Artemis, and we are current recruiting. We have two squads of five set up so far, but we are in need of more members. So if you're looking for a clan that's skilled, then we want you on our team! The basic requirements for Team Artemis are as follow: - Emblem change - Service tag changes due to rank assignment - Main armor color will be white (secondary will be the same color as the background of your emblem) - Motto and Bio change to show rank and represent Team Artemis In December, we'll be doing a recruit drive, and the prize will be 1600 Microsoft Points! If anyone is interested, message me on Xbox, I am Cr00kedMuse. Hope to see you then! -We are Team Artemis, and we're on the hunt for YOU.-
  12. TDM

    First Better Photoshop

    From the album: Halo 4 Screenshots

    Kindly leave feedback.

    © The Dumb Marine

  13. Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, Spartans and off world species. My Name is Scotty. After years of watching RVB, and other similar Machinima Based videos and feature lengths, i have taken it upon myself to become more involved within the making of Machinima. With this said. i am looking to bring together a group of people who have similar interest's in machinima, voice acting and of course Halo. I would like to start small, making videos of a spoof nature similar to RVB. Then move onto more intrinsic videos, such as the later Red Vs Blue series. These videos will be comedy related in nature for the most part. But also with a mix of serious nature about them as well. Not only this, but i would like to push to podcast and other material if the opportunity arises. I have a HD PVR recorder already at my end, other graphic's recorders on your part + Mic's would be an advantage and appreciated, but not 100% required. The material will not solely be written by myself, and i would like to give budding writers the chance to script the episodes as well. This is to be a group effort, and not something over seen and run by just me. If you have no experience with machinima, its not a problem either. It's all part of the learning and fun aspect. If you wish to help start this new project from the ground up, please get in touch. At present we have no name, and no episodes scripted. So as i said before, this is a start up project. It will be you, me and the entire group pushing to write and produce these episodes for internet distribution. If this interests you, in anyway please get in contact. I am currently UK based, but there is no restriction on locations throughout the globe. Age on the other hand, this is up for a group debate. Due to the nature of potential scripts and episodes, i would like a mature, 'and by that i just mean over 18' perspective. But don't let this deter you from getting in contact. You never know, the answer might be yes. Cheers Guys. Girls. and everyone else. -Scotty-
  14. FDS stands for Fatal Death Squad. Formed in 2007 with the release of Halo 2, FDS continues to strive forward with it's message of gaming with honor and integrity. This is what drew me to FDS. It's a community where you can login, go to the community gamertag & see who's playing. Join a friend or rally some members for a round of SWAT or a match on Slayer!! FDS has the goal of creating a safe haven for like-minded gamers regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion, marital status, or disability. However you must be 16 or older to join. We believe that all gamers should have a place to play where they won’t have to put up with any type of drama or problems and be free to enjoy the game to its full extent. In the FDS Community we do recognize player skill; however, we believe that gaming is more about having fun and enjoying the game with friends. FDS has both casual and competitive gamers that actively participate in our community. Keeping that in mind, there is always a place for anyone looking to join. You don't have to change your gamertag but we do ask that you change & remain in uniform colors. Our main reasoning behind this is recognition. Your teammates & other community members are easier to identify in the heat of battle!! Please message me anytime with questions, if you wanna hook up for a round online or if you're interested in joining. It's a great community of boys & girls, just looking for some like minded gamers to have fun with. We have a saying, "No tea bagging unless you were tea bagged first." Thanks for reading! Game on! Btw guys, we are looking for people interested in starting a forge team. If you think you might be interested, hit me up!
  15. Starting clan in halo. Clan battles, Online matchmaking, Very fun custom games, Forge, Spartand ops we pretty much will be doing anything message me on Xbox if interested. (Still need name a possibly a Co-leader)
  16. Starting clan in halo. Clan battles, Online matchmaking, Very fun custom games, Forge, Spartand ops we pretty much will be doing anything message me on Xbox if interested. (Still need name a possibly a Co-leader)
  17. Hey, Just looking for a decent clan to join for Halo 4. My gamertag is Omnious92. I'm a pretty good player, and while I don't have the best Kill Death Ratio, I generally almost always finish in the top 3 of a match. Give me a shout if you want to talk.
  18. New clan for Halo 4. Competitive clan. Contact administrator at ZBMW7 (gamer tag and 343i username) online or through Xbox LIve.
  19. I'ma pretty good forger and I'm looking to find a clan that needs one or even better has a division for forge or is wanting to start a forge division, post back here or get in touch on xbl which is would prefer Gamertag- zerocortex
  20. The first to PM me will get my code.
  21. looking for a heavy forge/custom game style clan but not just forge/custom maybe a millitary style clan GT= zerocortex
  22. Amplify Gaming has newly spread from black ops 2 to halo 4 with over 1000 members, us halo players are trying to push Split it 50/50! Weather you play competitively or just like to kick back and socialize, AGC has it all. Just go to www.amplifygaming.com to sign up and say Johnnyhand18 sent you! also add me on xbox live for more info!
  23. any british members add UmaraiL and we'll talk on xbox and anyone who wants a clan but cant start it up or only has a couple of members we can make you a team leader and your recruits can stay in your squad remember add UmaraiL and we'll talk on xbox mate
  24. I'm looking for a clan for Halo 4. I'd like it to be organized, with a ranking system if possible. I'd like people to forge with, because all of the clan's I participated in Reach were chaotic, unorganized, and almost nobody wanted to forge. I do have a busy schedule, so I won't be on 24/7, but I'll try and log on for an hour or two if I can manage. I'm 14, with decent internet connection. I'm normally pretty calm, except when I rage, but when I do, I make sure and mute my microphone. If anyone is wanting me, either post on this forum, or better yet send a message to my gamertag: TheGingaNinja34 Thanks, and see you on the far side.
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