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    I have always liked games, in particular the Halo games.
    Therefore I have started to study in Game Design at Uppsala universitet in Gotland.

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  1. Thank you all for your input, I appreciate a lot that you take your own time to answer in this short poll and add your point of view in the comments, though I wish that more people who just view the poll could also pick a map that they like. If you can or want to help with this, please encourage others to cast a vote. Thank you for your time.
  2. This is for a research purpose; we are trying to conclude which is the best halo 3 map for mostly any given game type. For example CTF, VIP, Team Death Match, FFA, Oddball and etc… In conclusion vote for the map that is your favorite map. Feel free too discuss and add your input of why you like a certain map. (Hopefully the poll shows up correctly otherwise I will have to try again. and some maps had to be excluded from the poll as they couldn't fit in the poll.) The maps that got excluded were: Stand off, Snowbound, Sanbox, Foundry. If you want to vote for these you can do so through the comments.
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