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  1. Hey guys it's CAMS24 I just want to know what you think about Halo 4. You can say whatever you want about Campaign, War Games, Spartan Ops, Forge......Everything ! I want your opinion guys ! For my part i think Halo 4 is very nice, the multiplayer is pretty cool, the graphics are beautiful, the campaign is a little bit weird put still very good and nice to do. Personally, Halo 4 is better than Halo Reach (my opinion, it's ok if you disagree). The forge is very interresting and easy, but you don't have enough map for it. The armors are... specials. But they are nice Tell me what's on your mind ! (For those who are interrested,CAMS24 is my gamertag. lvl79, Stalker, Campaign done in legendary)
  2. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if i am the only person wh'os tired to play in a forged map, in matchmaking I mean, play in the universe forge. The majority of multiplayer maps are made in Universe forge and i'm exhausted of this map. Always the same landscape, always the same gray structures, etc. Then are you like me or not ? Say your opinion please.
  3. Hi guys it's CAMS24 I have a new annoying question for you. I'm asking this question to every person who played and/or play Halo 3 ODST and Halo Reach. The question is: ''Which Firefight mode do you prefer'' ? Do you prefer the old/original mode of Halo ODST ? Or do you prefer to be free to change the settings and modify everything, in the Halo Reach/New mode? Personally, my favorite mode is the Old one. I could not explain it. I just think it was better, the feeling of making a firefight, survive... Then what's about you, everyone ?
  4. Yeah it's look great Really What's your grade ? And does my armor is ok ?
  5. I agree with all of you, You all said great maps What do you (everyone) think of ''The Spire'' ?
  6. Hi Guys I'm just wondering what's your favorite map in all the games (Halo CE to Halo Reach) For my part (that's was hard to choose) this is probably Zanzibar(Halo2) Sandtrap(Halo3) and Sword Base in Halo Reach. I know i said 3 maps, but that's too hard to choose only one in all games. So you're free to say more than one if you want. You can tell why you like this/these map(s). Scroll down for all the Halo Maps (Maybe i forgot some maps, tell me if it's the case) Halo Combat Evolved: Battle Creek Sidewinder Damnation Rat Race Prisoner Hang 'Em High Chill Out Derelict Boarding Action Chiron TL-34 Blood Gulch Wizard Longest Exclusive Multiplayer maps (PC/Mac) Death Island Danger Canyon Infinity Timberland Ice Fields Gephyrophobia Halo2 Lockout Ascension Midship Ivory Tower Beaver Creek Burial Mounds Colossus Zanzibar Coagulation Headlong Waterworks Foundation Containment Warlock Halo 3 Construct Epitaph/Epilogue Guardian High Ground Isolation Last Resort Narrows Sandtrap/Sand Tarp Snowbound/Boundless The Pit/Pit Stop Valhalla Halo3 ODST/Downloadable Content Foundry Rat's Nest Standoff Avalanche Blackout Ghost Town Assembly Orbital Sandbox Citadel Heretic Longshore Halo Reach Boardwalk Boneyard Countdown Forge World Powerhouse Reflection Spire Sword Base Zealot Noble Map Pack Anchor 9 Breakpoint Tempest Defiant Map Pack Condemned Highlands Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary (Halo Reach Bonus Map Pack) Battle Canyon (Battle/Beaver Creek remake) High Noon (Hang 'em High remake) Penance (Damnation remake) Ridgeline (Timberland remake) Solitary (Prisoner remake) Breakneck (Headlong remake) Note: I didn't put the Firefight map because i'm talking about the multiplayer/matchmaking maps. But if you want you can say a firefight map.
  7. Is this Spam ? i don't wanna spam... But Yeah the beta was wonderful, maybe more amazing than the real game ok maybe not, but it was really sick
  8. I don't dislike it in all te mode... I don't like it in swat, even if i make good score, but in living dead or in slayer it is ok. A made a team sniper in it , but i very disliked it
  9. We should make a team and go in team sniper... and destroy everyone
  10. Yeah the betrayal are... raging -.- But I agree Sarge, map are ok, but what i mean is that... i'm exhausted of Universe Forge... Always the same landscape... It finish to be boring... that's my opinion, but i agree with you Sarge.
  11. Hi, i'm talking to every fans of Halo Reach! (I know i'm posting a lot of question or opinion, but i'm tired to be a stupid Grunt Minor -.- And at the same time it makes me know what's the communauty thinking.) So i just want to know what is your favorite map in HALO REACH. Not in all the games. Just in Halo Reach. (I'm making another topic for ''What is your favorite Halo Map in all the Halo Universe) : http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/11965-what-is-your-favorite-map-in-all-the-halo-universe/ For my part, it's Zealot Arena when i play SWAt, or Countdown, Boardwalk and Hemmorhage.
  12. Hi Everyone, After a while I restarted to play Halo Reach, and i realized that there's a lot of annoying game mode. I explain: I went in the Grifball matchmaking and then i saw a lot of new map, i saw Grifball with jet-pack... i was like ; What tha... Before there was Grifball, and Grifball evolved... Personnally, nothing will beat the Halo 3's Grifball DXP Weekend... That was amazing. Now the maps in Halo Reach are too much special, and i'd never put a jet-pack, and everything else like Sprint... If you think like me, please make it know. RIP Double Exp Weekend, with your Wonderful Grifball Games
  13. Hahahaha Yeah , another one !
  14. Hey Guys, I just want to know if i am the only one who HAAAAAATTTEE Asylum -.- I playing in SWAT and i don't know, I hate this map. I don't know why, or how to explain it. Of course that's a good map for Slayer or something like that, but i really dislike it. I'm wondering if I am the only one cause when i play everyone vote for this map then... That's my opinion, if you like it say it, if you don't make me know i don't want to be alone
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