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  1. Hi Everyone ! I was just wondering what's your favorite weapon in Halo Reach ? For my part, It's the ''Designated Marksman Rifle'' (DMR) because i'm making a lot of Team SWAT then i'm very accurate with the DMR and my second one is the ''SRS99D-AM'' (Sniper Rifle) because i'm accurate with a sniper 2 and I like the feeling to make an headshot over the map, like an Elite Shooter What's about you guys ?
  2. Open Hand | Rare Weapon Showcase | Halo 5: Guardians Right hand of Endurance-of-Will, the Didact's loyal lieutenant. Advanced Boltshot that fires a swarm of tracking bolts with each press of the trigger. Hey guys i just wanted to let you all know that on youtube no one has done a rare weapon showcase for the Open Hand (bolt shot Variant) So i decided to make one my self on my channel as no one has done it yet and its come together really well and my channel btw has just got over 1100 so yeah if you dont want to see what the open hand can do then thats fine! Anyway Thanks heres the link to my video!
  3. I hope I have posted in the right forum..... Hi there, I am building a map variant (and will later design a game type variant to go with it) for a 1-life, round-based game where it is 1 versus many. I need a specific weapon (Energy Sword) to respawn at it's original location and orientation each time the lone-wolf player dies and the round restarts. The lone-wolf cannot spawn with a sword; they MUST go get it. Any ideas? Am I missing something?
  4. NEW HALO 4 PROMETHEAN WEAPONS VIDOC! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15Ksq4dvLuk&feature=g-all-u In other news the Halo Bulletin was released today, Here's what 343 has to say has to say about the weapons: *Lots more info coming soon!* Chris King (Lead Sandbox Designer), David Ellis (Spartan Ops Designer), and Christopher Blohm (Senior Sandbox Designer), along with Josh Holmes, Alyson Szymanski, Humberto Castaneda, Jeremy Patenaude, Brad Welch, Vic DeLeon, Paul Featherstone, Ali Zandi, Bill Clark, Kynan Pearson, Robert Pearsall, Chase Thompson, Jayce Diaz, Annie Wright, Leonard Holman, Sam Wolpert, and Tom Mathews joined me to share their thoughts about this particular subset of weapons. The Forerunners utilize the following base weapons: BOLTSHOT DESIGNATION: Z-110 Directed Energy Pistol/Exotic MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 10 Forerunner particle dilator used for both its precision at mid-range and its burst functionality when up close. David - It’s taken a while for me to completely wrap my head around all the combat options the Boltshot provides, but I think I’m finally there. In fact, for non-vehicle maps it’s pretty much my go-to secondary weapon at this moment in time. Timing the bolt blast effectively sets the average player apart from someone who will gladly wreck your face with a pistol. The animations in particular help to set this weapon apart as a beast. The first time you pick it up, your Spartan’s entire arm convulses as if you’re not sure if your Mjolnir will be able to contain all the energy packed into this tiny weapon of destruction. Chris B. - This is a fascinating secondary weapon. With two fire modes, it gives you options… and we all need options. I rate it slightly under the Magnum when firing normally. The beauty comes when you figure in the charged shotgun-like blast. For players who enjoy the corner fight or lurk-about it can be a killer. Also on some maps, like Adrift, it can be used to great effect. I should say great effect in the right hands. It takes some skill and time to get a feel for the optimum range and the timing, but it is extremely satisfying to disintegrate a hard charging enemy that dismisses your pistol. Chris K. - This gun has a bit of a learning curve on it but once you figure it out, it’s a ton of fun. It features two firing modes (similar to a Plasma Pistol). The primary firing mode does headshots and fires extremely fast. However, it doesn’t have a scope and each individual shot is relatively weak. This makes it a great option for playing cleanup on enemies up close. The secondary firing mode is where things get really interesting. If you hold the trigger down, four flaps on the gun flip open and it does a powerful charge shot that functions like a shotgun blast. The blast is extremely powerful but it is also hard to pull off as you will need to learn the timing as you can’t hold the trigger down indefinitely (much like the Railgun, it will eventually auto-fire). It’s also only effective at extremely close ranges. I think of all the Forerunner weapons, this one has the coolest animations of the bunch (and that’s saying something, as they are all pretty cool). The reload and charge-up animations are totally rad! Paul (Assistant Director of Photography) - The Boltshot has become my go-to sidearm in MP because of the double functionality of the charge blast. Nailing someone coming around the corner with a one-shot kill is always satisfying. Sam (Software Development Engineer) - I love the Boltshot because of its secondary fire mode. It's the ultimate risk/reward trade-off: you have to start charging at exactly the right time or the blast will fire before your enemy is at point-blank range. Get your timing right, though, and this handy little Forerunner pistol will send your opponents straight to deathcam with a single shot. Unleashing the Boltshot on an unsuspecting player coming around a corner is immensely satisfying. It's also a great weapon to pair with weapons that are more effective at longer ranges, like the BR, DMR, and LightRifle. Charging opponents wielding short-range weapons got you down? Don't worry, a couple of encounters with your trusty Boltshot will make them think twice about coming near you, making it that much easier to pick them off with a series of well-aimed headshots from your rifle of choice. SUPPRESSOR DESIGNATION: Z-130 Directed Energy Automatic Weapon MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 48 Fully automatic Forerunner infantry weapon, firing bolts of hard light in rapidly accelerating succession. Chris B. - People say “spray and pray”. I say, in the right situations, feather the trigger and dance on the corpses. On tight maps, one of my favorite loadouts is the Firepower package with a DMR and Suppressor (DMR for the heavy lifting and the Suppressor for the CQB and cleaning up). Mid-range combat with a Suppressor, just say no. Seriously. David - At first glance, the Suppressor might seem like a less accurate cousin to the AR, and you might not be entirely wrong in that initial assessment. However, this Forerunner SMG has a special place in my heart as it just plain shreds enemy Knights at close quarters. As Chris said, this weapon should only be used at closer ranges, but if you’re smart about positioning your Spartan relative to sightlines and geo, you will be rewarded. Chris K. - If you like close-quarters combat in tight spaces, this is the gun for you! Individual shots are relatively weak, but it more than makes up for it with sheer brute force. It features an enormous clip (48 bullets) and the fastest firing rate of any of the fully-auto primary weapons (roughly 150% faster firing than the AR or Storm Rifle). The projectiles slow down over time so to be effective, you really need to use it like an SMG, although you can still psychologically overwhelm enemies at range with a barrage of projectiles. I find myself always rolling with the Suppressor on Adrift as the tight hallways really favor the strengths of the gun. It’s oh-so-satisfying to have someone come around a corner and be able to unload half a clip into them before they even realize what hit them. Alyson (Producer) - The suppressor has slowly won me over and become my favorite Promethean weapon. It feels good, sounds good, and breaking a Knight’s shield just before finishing him off or the popping death of a Watcher is a satisfying kill. Annie (Editor) - There are players who operate like armored ninjas with guns: Swift, precise and most of all stealthy. This gun is not for those people. This gun is for players like me, whose strategy (if I can be said to have one) is more along the lines of “Expect to die, shoot anything that moves, and try to take as many of those moving things with me when I go”. I’ve always preferred closer combat to long-range attacks, and the Suppressor allows me to get fairly near and still cover a pretty decent area without sacrificing too much in the way of power. Combine with the Ammo Upgrade to put your carrying capacity over the top and Shield Package to make up for lack of cover if you want to experiment with the Suppressor on larger maps, and you’re in pretty decent shape! Brad (Lead Designer) - At very close range, the Suppressor lays down the smack far more quickly than either the AR or Storm Rifle. It's a great weapon in maps such as Adrift where you have plenty of cover and corners. If you play the ambush game or use cover to quickly close distance, you can be devastating with it. The Suppressor's effective range drops off quickly, so you don't want to get caught in the open or a long hallway with it. Pair that sucker with some form of precision weaponry - a Magnum or use the Firepower Tactical Package to get a second precision primary. SCATTERSHOT DESIGNATION: Z-180 Close Combat Rifle/Asymmetric Engagement Mitigator MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 5 Close-combat weapon with a deadly blast at short-range and a versatile ricochet effect against hard surfaces. David - The Scattershot is a perfect example of the combined efforts of the sandbox designer plus the animation, art, and sound teams really creating a showpiece weapon. I think it’s been mentioned before, but the Scattershot (in its current incarnation) helped the team for a cohesive vision about the Forerunner weapons in general. Much like the UNSC shotgun, it’s absolutely satisfying to blast away foe after foe in close quarter encounters. Word of warning though: Because of the lightshow ignited with every trigger pull, this weapon is more difficult to conceal than its human-themed counterpart. Chris B. - Not your Dad’s UNSC Shotgun. It’s not as straight of a beast as the raw power of the human tech, but it gives you a little more tactical flexibility. I find its range slightly extended from that of the a shotgun and occasionally will try to bank shots with the higher ROF of the Scattershot. Plus… disintegration. Chris K. - By now, I’m sure most people are pretty familiar with this one. It’s a Forerunner shotgun, with ricocheting bullets that allow for really interesting tactics in tight spaces. Oh, and if you blast a guy up close, you get that totally sweet Forerunner incineration effect. This gun is definitely in my top three favorite power weapons. The FX, the animations, and it’s just so satisfying to fire. If you use it correctly, you can go on an absolute terror. One pro-tip – I see some people try to use this from longer distances than they should. Don’t be fooled by the projectiles; this weapon is lethal up close but you won’t have much luck starting a dual against a DMR player 100’ away. Vic (Lead Mission Artist) - I love the Scattershot because it’s so much freaking fun to use. I can’t compare it to any other weapon. You can aim for your target like most weapons, which is no doubt how you will fire it for the first time like I did, but once I understood the projectiles and how they ricochet off hard surfaces (the non-meat-made surfaces), I started using it more strategically – aiming at floors, walls and ceilings. I’ve been able to bounce shots off corners and nail players, taking out shields then going in for the death blow. (It’s true, I have been known to shriek wildly when I get one of these in a game). Josh (Creative Director) - The Scattershot is what would happen if a shotgun and a roman candle made deadly babies. Essentially a futuristic shotgun that explodes with the heat of a miniature sun, the Scattershot will disintegrate anyone that takes the full brunt of its attack. As an added bonus, you can bounce projectiles off surfaces, making bank shot kills utterly possible. Kynan (Lead Multiplayer Level Design) - I like the Scattershot because Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww… Brrrrauwwww!! LIGHTRIFLE DESIGNATION: Z-250 Directed Energy Engagement Weapon MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 36 Precision weapon that uses particle acceleration to fire beams of hard light for mid-range to long-range combat. David - Best of both worlds, master of subtlety, these are terms that I just wrote to describe the LightRifle. Neither quite captures the complexity of this piece of kit. I find both firing modes are a tiny bit less forgiving than the DMR and BR, but definitely put in the time to master the subtle idiosyncrasies of the LR. Your efforts will be rewarded. Chris B. - Of the rifle class, the LR offers a bit more tactical options for the player (I’m sensing a theme here). It gives you the best of the BR and the DMR, depending on if you are scoped. Don’t be thrown off by the distinctive sound or the scope; use it to its strengths in all encounters, and you will be happy. Chris K. - The LightRifle is a long-range semi-auto precision rifle. It features a 3x zoom, hitscan projectiles that do headshots, but, most importantly, it features two firing modes. The best way to think of it is a hybrid of the BR and DMR. When firing from the hip, it fires in three-round bursts, similar to a BR. Once the player zooms however, the gun switches over to a more powerful firing mode and combines the normal three projectiles into a singular shot. When zoomed, the LightRifle can kill a Spartan in four shots (w/headshot). That being said, there are still tradeoffs here that make it balanced in line with the other semi-auto weapons. It fires slightly slower when zoomed, and it’s just a smidge less viable from the hip versus the other stuff. Overall, this is a formidable weapon and has developed a cult following internally at 343. Josh (Creative Director) - The Light Rifle provides the ultimate in versatility when it comes to a mid-to-long range precision weapon. In many ways, it's a combination of the BR and DMR. It's a little slower to transition into zoom compared to the BR and DMR, and you give up some additional situational awareness, but the sound alone is enough to strike fear into the heart of your opponent. BINARY RIFLE DESIGNATION: Z-750 Special Application Sniper Rifle MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 2 Extreme-range sniper rifle, designed to take down even heavily armored infantry with a single shot. David - Poo-inducing. That’s how I describe the gut-clenching terror shuddering through my body every time I see the telltale laser sight of the Binary Rifle projecting across the map. Unlike other sniper rifles, this beastly harbinger of death is a one-hit kill rifle. ONE HIT. It’s a pretty rare ordnance drop and in Matchmaking, it doesn’t carry much ammo. But if you see the HUD marker announcing its arrival on the battlefield, RUN. Either towards the Binary Rifle in a mad, Hunger Games-like scramble, or away as fast as possible in the hopes that person wielding this weapon has difficulties tracking targets over extreme distances. Chris B. - Boss. That’s really it (This gun rules. It has a hefty tell, but when your enemies are nothing more than carbon blowing away on the wind, why do you care?). Chris K. - This gun is absolutely devastating! When someone manages to get one of these in MP, it’s a game changer. At its core, it’s a Forerunner sniper rifle. Unlike the other sniper weapons in the game, you don’t necessarily have to get a headshot though to score a kill. If you hit a Spartan anywhere, they will quickly incinerate from the point of impact in a spectacular fashion. That being said, there are some significant tradeoffs in using this weapon. For starters, it has a clip size of two, meaning you will need to reload more often than you will with the other sniper rifles. In addition, it is extremely inaccurate when shooting from the hip (think shotgun-sized firing cone, meaning you shouldn’t expect to have much luck no-scoping unless you are in someone’s face). And finally, when scoped, several laser sights on the gun are enabled that act as a tell to opposing players (think a more in-your-face version of the Splaser tell). I love the way this gun instantly changes the dynamic in MP, though. When someone gets one and scopes it and you see the lasers aiming towards you, it’s time to stop what you are doing and get to cover pronto! Humberto (Producer) - I absolutely love disintegrating enemies with the Binary Rifle, which is essentially the Forerunner sniper weapon. Watch out for Crawlers peeking out with that ominous red light, though. All they need is an instant and then… ZAP! Total protonic reversal. Josh (Creative Director) - Like the name implies, the Binary Rifle is a one-shot instakill when you hit anywhere on your opponent's body. Nothing is more satisfying than zooming in and nailing an opponent from across the map, and watching as they are immediately incinerated from the point of impact. Chase (Audio) - I love watching someone derez after a headshot with the Binary Rifle. That weapon just feels so dangerous and powerful, and sounds so huge that I can’t resist picking it up every time I see one! Jeremy (Franchise Writer) - This weapon is no friggin’ joke. Last week, we were playing Regicide on an unannounced map, which is a large symmetrical map that fans will unquestionably dig – evergreen, plenty hilly, and Forerunnerlicious. Generally speaking, you don’t play Regicide on maps this large, but we were doing it, and it was AWESOME. At any rate, I had been trading the King spot with one other player the entire match, and it looked like he was going to pull away with it because time was running out and he had just climbed into a vehicle that is a straight-up death dealer. He was about to square-off against three other players who were rushing him with small arms (not sure what they were thinking). They didn’t have a chance, it was a certain win for him... until an ordnance drop fell from the sky: The Binary Rifle! I raced to it, drew it up and fired on two of the other players, instantly turning them into ash. I reloaded, fired on the third for another instant kill, and then fired on my nemesis to secure the victory. And his -Yoink!- exploded into a million pieces. Such a crazy ending to such a crazy match. Jayce (Spartan Ops Designer) - The Binary Rifle, or Bi-Ri as it’s affectionately called, is my favorite Promethean weapon hands-down. It’s incredibly powerful in the right hands (or wrong hands, if you’ve come up against a Knight Ranger). The trade-off here is the two-shot ammo capacity, but two shots are all you really need. If you’re good, an Elite will go down in one hit, while a Knight typically takes two. Just don’t miss. Ali (Systems Designer) - The Binary Rifle is a great way to spear through multiple Spartans with one shot. It’s quite interesting because it will give away your position when you are zoomed in as a counter balance to its lethality. You can also try to use it like a shotgun, which is quite BAUS! Robert (Test) - Lift the Binary Rifle to your eye, double zoom-in on a Promethean Knight, reticle between his eyes and pull the trigger to feel the WHUMP of the energy leave the weapon as he derezzes. Kynan (Lead Multiplayer Level Design) - The Binary Rifle is my favorite Halo power weapon ever. It’s like Christmas every time you pick it up. A one-hit kill no matter where you hit an enemy. It’s sooo good when you just barely clip someone’s foot and then watch as they fragment into thousands of angry burning embers. I also love that even though it’s incredibly powerful, when someone is zoomed in and looking to take a shot, you can see a laser leading to everything they are looking at. Points you right to where they are. INCINERATION CANNON DESIGNATION: Weapon/Anti-Materiel Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 1 Powerful shoulder-mounted weapon that launches highly charged particles at a target with explosive results. David - I love watching someone use the Incineration cannon for the first time, as it often ends in hilarity and self-immolation. The submunitions offer a new wrinkle to the concept of the traditional “rocket launcher” weapon class. You definitely want to make sure you keep your distance from your intended target in as many situations as possible, but I try to use the particular personality of this weapon to my advantage. Enemy camping around the corner? Well, fire your main shot as close as possible and watch the submuntions bounce and explode right on top of your unsuspecting foe. Campaign pro tip: Beware the Incinerator-wielding Knight Commanders. They are deadly. You cannot outgun them so you’re required to outthink them. Chris B. - Devastating, and at times fickle. The main round is slightly less deadly than the UNSC Rocket Launcher but also MIRVs into four submunitions. These subs can catch the people that try to jump the main round, as they can bounce out and hit people on the edge of the area-of-effect that survived the main, and they can break your heart occasionally by missing entirely. With great power comes great heartbreak (or something like that). It’s a fun weapon to use in all cases, especially against vehicles and groups of enemies. Try shooting it at a low ceiling above an enemy sometime. Chris K. - This is another Forerunner Weapon that has the ability to incinerate opponents. This can lead to especially impressive multi-kills given the large area-of-effect/submunitions. Not too long ago, I was able to kill four enemies with one shot, and watching them all dissolve in front of me was about as satisfying as it gets. Another cool moment I witnessed with this one involved a teammate firing it near a speeding Warthog with three enemy passengers, all of which were killed and starting dissolving while seated in the ‘Hog. Rad! Worth noting here, this weapon has an especially long reload time; you have to reload between every shot, and the projectile itself is fairly slow. This means you really need to connect with your shot, or you will be at a disadvantage to your opponents. Bill (Software Development Engineer) - My favorite weapon is the Incineration Cannon. Even just the initial warhead is punchy and powerful. When you add in the chaos of the submunitions flying around, it’s a recipe for mayhem and destruction. The fact that whoever you just wrecked is dissolving into a million glowy bits is the icing on the cake. The awesome reloading effects as you prepare for another shot is the cherry on top. Leonard (UI Engineer) - You just gotta love the Incineration Cannon; it’s like a Rocket Launcher that spawns baby Promethean bombs. It’s a pain in the ass when your enemy has one aimed at you since you know you’ll likely turn into Promethean fairy dust. However, when the tables are turned and you’ve got one of these bad boys slung on your shoulder, you know whoever you see next is pretty much dead. Another cool thing about this gun is, if the initial hit doesn’t kill, the splash damage will likely finish what your aim couldn’t, plus it will likely take out anyone or anything near it! The only real drawbacks are the reload speed and that you’ll likely shoot your eye out if you’re not careful... splash damage works both ways. Sam (Software Development Engineer) - Apparently, the Forerunners don't mess around when it comes to blowing stuff up. The Incineration Cannon is probably my favorite weapon in the game. It's like the Rocket Launcher, if the Rocket Launcher fired an oscillating cluster of energy that disintegrated any unfortunate soul it came into contact with. Rockets explode on impact; on impact, the projectile fired by the Incineration Cannon divides into *more* packets of energy that *also* disintegrate anyone unlucky enough to be in the way. Explosions are awesome. Fountains of disintegration are awesomer. Tom (Software Development Engineer) - This thing is a beast. If you see it pop up on your HUD, get ready with your grenades as you close distance because there’s going to be another few Spartans making a beeline for it. Once you have this beauty in your hands, aim carefully because you have to reload after each shot. But it’s so very, very worth it: the gentle pull of the trigger sends out a number of projectiles weaving towards your foe. Upon impact, these projectiles then blossom out from the initial detonation into a cascade of secondary explosions. Nothing feels better than slamming a fresh round into the cannon while watching three or four of your enemies disintegrate into electronic dust. PULSE GRENADE DESIGNATION: Z-040 Attenuation Field Generator/Localized MANUFACTURER: Unknown/Forerunner Origin MAGAZINE CAPACITY: N/A A field-effect-generating attenuation device used to overload both simple and complex power networks, forcing them temporarily offline. David - The Pulse Grenade is an odd beast. It’s extremely powerful in the right hands, but it requires you to use it differently from other Halo grenades. I find it be most useful as an anti-vehicle or area-ofdenial weapon. Chris B. - The Pulse Grenade adds a lot to the dynamic of the battlefield. It does constant damage for the life of the sphere, but you should be most concerned about the blast when the sphere forms and when it collapses. Since it doesn’t bounce, you can place it accurately. Try throwing at a person’s feet for a huge hit on their shields, or throw it behind them and force them back into it. Or, if you need to run for your life, throw it down and go. Enemies rarely will charge through it, and the screen shake can throw off that final killing shot. Remember, you only get one with a normal loadout, but it can change the battlefield, so don’t shy away from its use. Chris K. - Functionally, this is somewhat similar to the Halo 3 Power Drain. It’s a bit different from the other grenades in that it doesn’t bounce off surfaces; instead it will stick to the ground/walls and then pop out and detonate a split-second later. This means you can be a bit more precise with it than you can with the frag or sticky ‘nades. It also makes for some interesting ambush options when you consider the bounce (for example, toss it above the ceiling in front of a door way to surprise someone before they run through). It’s great for area-of-denial and is a favorite of mine for objective-based MP modes. As mentioned above, one significant tradeoff with the Pulse Grenade is that you only get one grenade by default in MP (two w/the Grenadier Armor Mod). And that wraps up today’s feature about Forerunner weapons. Stick around, though, because I still have lots to talk about. And “lots” is an understatement.
  5. We know melee weapons exist. We've seen enemies using swords, and apparently also gotten hints that players may use them as well. But exactly how do you want them implemented? Because, yes, this is kind of a mix between a FPS and an RPG, and I would really love to use swords running around cutting into people in a swifter way than the Energy Sword's clunky 1-slash-then-cooldown-timer in Halo games. Not only that, but think of how fair it is that in competitive MM you've got a gun, put down some bullets into a guy, only to have him sprint up close and slit your throat? There's fairness issues, but I desperately want to use swords at the same time. How do you want them implemented and how do you think they will be implemented?
  6. Gamertag: Juggernaughyy1 Map name: Weapon People (Not the most creative name ever) Description: This is a purely aesthetic map in which I built two statues out of nothing but weapons and armor abilities. One is about the same size as a spartan, and the other is larger (it wasn't based off of anything in particular). Unlike my other submissions, which were things you could build in a competitive map, these serve no other function than to look pretty.
  7. The main problem with the current Halo 4 weapons is that every race seems to have their similar version of each weapon type, like the AR, Supressor, and the Storm Rifle. There needs to be more unique weapons, like the Needler. I have an idea for a good unique weapon. This weapon will probably be best as a Forerunner or Human weapon. Basically, it will be a new type of rocket launcher. It has 3 missiles per mag. In order to fire it, you have to lock on to targets first. They will heat seek any enemy player. You can lock onto vehicles or players by holding RT. It will take about 2 or more seconds to lock on. You fire each missile by tapping RT. You can lock onto up to 3 targets at once. When you lock onto a target, they will be labeled or highlighted. The weapon will be able to lock onto a single target multiple times, too. The lock-on indicator or label over the enemy will have a number next to them showing how many times they are locked on. For example, when using this weapon it might take 1 shot to kill a foot soldier and 2-3 shots to destroy a vehicle. I can lock onto the foot soldier once and the vehicle twice, then tap RT 3 times to launch all the missiles. I can also lock onto a soldier multiple times so the second one will hit them if the first one fails. When you are locked onto an enemy, they would get un-locked after about 20 secs or so, or if they go out of range, or if you switch weapons. If you get locked on, it might be good if a warning sign appears somewhere on the HUD. Please 343i, feel more than free to use this idea in your game.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks they should put some sort of boat or at least an amphibious vehicle? I mean come on! Spartans can't swim and having the ability to fight from the water can add a new type of gameplay to the series. Just imagine naval battles or bombing a shore from a boat!
  9. Weapons are placed in the world of Destiny for you to find while exploring the unknown areas of Earth and other planets. Some will be common while others are what Bungie is calling "exotic". In a previous story, I brought you "Red_Death", an exotic assault rifle with unrelenting power and a paint scheme to match it's name. The next exotic weapon revealed and explored by Bungie is what they are calling "Gjallarhorn". This exotic rocket launcher has been seen in action during the PS4 E3 reveal and in Destiny's most recent Vidoc "Out Here In The Wild". Bungie's Art Lead Tom Doyle explains, “This is Hulk Hogan’s belt in weaponized form. This is the gilded weapon of a City Champion. It’s a very decorated Guardian weapon to say the least. Feared and revered, with no attempt to be stealthy, it loudly announces its presence with a howl.” Concept: Adrian Majkrzak 3D Model: Mark Van Haitsma “The initial block model for Gjallarhorn was cool looking, but it was missing some detail that would make it shine in first person view. Mark just kept adding a wolf every day that he was working on the high resolution model.” “This Rocket launcher has the highest WPG count of any Bungie weapon ever. WPG, of course, is the ‘Wolves Per Gun’ statistic. I thought this concept said a lot about the world we are making, mainly the mythic elements of its fiction.” Gjallarhorn will be "buried silently in the rubble" awaiting it's next 'Master of Arms' to wield it. Will your senses be acute enough to locate it and if you do, will you have the strength "to tame it"??
  10. All right, "Elite" said my poll was one-sided, so I'll remove my influential opinions (lol) and make some unbiased, boring points. There are many options for Halo 5's Magnum. Each iteration throughout the saga has had its perks and flaws. In CE, the "Pistol" was great--a lightning-fast three-shot kill with 2x zoom, deadly accuracy, and a high skill-curve. Its two major flaws in my opinion were that it had a large clip (12 bullets, I believe), which forgave errant shooting, and it dominated all other non-power weapons, leading to sometimes monotonous--yet consistent--matches. In Halo 2, it was christened "Magnum" and received some new features. It was a five-shot kill and the first iteration to have an eight-bullet clip. These nerfs were added to balance out dual wielding, which brought some epic combos to the game (Pea-shooter/Magnum, SMG/Plasma Rifle). While it was rewarding to use, its kill time still made it a clear secondary to the Battle Rifle. In Halo 3 the Magnum did not change much. The Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle clearly outshone it in many respects; it was used mainly for cleaning up headshots when the primary weapon of choice ran out of ammo. It also didn't have a scope, as I recall. In Halo 3: ODST, the Magnum underwent a dramatic change. It became silenced and was pretty much useless against the Brutes; however, its scoped ability remained highly effect against Jackals and Grunts (yayyyy!!!). In Reach, the Magnum was either a 5sk or 6sk, but it shot much faster. To compensate for this, bloom was added to prevent spamming. It remained an effective weapon; in te beginning of the game, the bloom reset faster than that of the DMR. In Halo 4, the bloom remains and the Magnum is a six-shot kill. It is actually surprisingly effective--if you can manage the bloom. Firing faster makes for random outcomes, so pacing is key. Some say that a six-shot kill is not rewarding for the skill it takes to deal with bloom, or because the primary weapons are now buffed (#Halo4Turbo). Its damage was increased to promote teamshooting, but it remains a 6sk. 343i now however have the ability to tweak it with ease, so opinions on its transformation are welcome. Which Magnum was the best? the worst? Do you think there should be different variants for multiplayer and campaign (stealth levels) or should it be consistent throughout both faculties? Leave your thoughts below; I'll reset the poll questions so they are less biased and so I can recollect the information after writing this lengthy post.
  11. Hello, my name is Acer, and I think it'd be great to help 343i get a more precise response of what the community wants regarding weapon balance. Over the next few days, I will be updating this post with a new survey for each weapon, so 343i can see exactly what the community wants from every weapon. After all the weapon surveys are finished, I will post the results in a nice infographic. If you have any suggestions to what you guys want to see in these surveys, feel free to PM me or leave a comment in this thread. You can retweet this thread here! Day 1 DMR SURVEY BR SURVEY LR SURVEY AR SURVEY BOLTSHOT SURVEY PLASMA PISTOL SURVEY Edit: Just realized this should probably be posted in the Weapons & Vehicles thread. Sorry about that; I'm new here. If someone could move it, that'd be much appreciated.
  12. So the basic premise of this AA is you send forth a one-directional pulse wave that pushes objects, vehicles, weapons, grenades, and even people back. You could deflect grenades, splatter people with crates, force the camping noobs of the map, and catapult that pesky Mantis into the ocean on Ragnarok. Theboriginal idea was a telekinesis or zero gravity device, but the former is a bit too much like the thing in Dead Space, and the latter doesn't seem useful. What do you guys think?
  13. This was in my mind some time now and I wanted to share it with you. How many times you've been in an area with 2+ people while assassinating someone, and eventually you get killed? It would be cool if you can "execute" your enemies with your current weapon. Let's say you have the Sniper Rifle and you want to assassinate someone but fast, you would press RT almost the same time when you trigger the assassination. I imagine some cool move, like you turn him around and shoot right in his face! Of course you still spend ammo with this move, but it may allow you to survive after assassinating someone (if there are enemies around). Well, with some weapons it would be hard, like the Rocket Launcher or Incineration Cannon, but there is always a possibility. Like, when carrying rockets, you push the enemy forward and fire in his face again! What do you think? Please post and rate
  14. With the weapons I'm hoping for a much larger variety, like having both assault rifle's where the 32 round is stronger, more accurate and is thinner, the 60 has a faster fire rate, is weaker and looks thicker, so in the end it will equal the 32 AR. Just things like that, having a larger weapon choice, bringing back old weapons like the mauler and brute shot. as well as adding in new ones. Also with the needler, the halo reach one needs the shield down to go boom, and halo 4 one doesn't (but needs 7 needles), the reach needler could be a loadout weapon a halo 4 needler could be a power weapon. If they are bringing elites back as a playable specie then they should be fully customizable. And if they're keeping the unlock the weapons yourself thing then they could have separate ranks for spartan and elite, you unlock the weapons for that specie as it ranks up and the weapon become usable for both. when you first start your spartan you get to choose between the 32 or the 60 round AR and either the 8 rounds (scoped) or 12 rounds (faster fire rate), when you first start the elite you can choose between plasma rifle, repeater, or storm rifle with the plasma pistol (and maybe a new pistol for the covenant). If they do this then for promethean weapons (sorry for the huge read) you should be able to be humanoid promethean knight or even a forerunner. If they bring brutes back you should be able be one of them as well and you choose start with either the spiker or the brute plasma rifle. with assassinations, if you can showstop someone by a beat down then you should be able to assassinate someone performing an assassination, if you're saving a team-mate then the medal should be called something like "Not on my watch", if it's a free for all and you have a headshot capable side-arm then you should not only kill the attacker but steal the victim as well with the medal "The Spotlights Mine". However you need to be really lucky to getthis because whenever i assassinate on reach or 4 i always change the camera angle so i cant beat down. It would awesome if 343 did this, and made eacg save/steal different for each assassination.
  15. sgt moroni

    Combat Knife

    Hi everyone. My first post. I was wondering about the combat knife? I saw specs on the old knife (and images). The "new knife" seems much different but there are no specs on it. The image of the new knife is on the game in the "stances" menu. I haven't found any references to the this new design. Thanks! Sgt. M
  16. Similar to a recent post: Create a Vehicle for Halo 5 UNSC Gauss Rifle: Instant shot, magnetically accelerated slug cannon, small replaceable battery, high damage but not instant kill. Multi-shot detonator: Fire several smaller explosives at once, instant kill if stuck on target but not if on wall or ground, reload to detonate multiple explosives. .40 Caliber Sniper Rifle: Smaller than the standard Sniper Rifle and does less damge, larger magazine and instant kill headshot, 3-4 fully shielded body shots, 2-3 unshielded body shots. Not as much magnification as Sniper Rifle. .60 Caliber Revolver: Large hand cannon, 5 high damage bullets per cylinder. Innacurate at long ranges. HMG: Slow-firing heavy machine gun, innacurate at longer ranges, cannot rip off of mounts, possible warthog application. Riot Gun: Semi automatic shotgun, 12 guage shells, less damage than 8 guage Shotgun, less recoil. Promethean Blaster: Semiautomatic, high damage pistol, more damage than Boltshot. Slower firing but larger magazine. Trio-Shot: Fires three high damage hardlight slugs at once, not a burst shot. Low ammo capacity. Nailgun: Fires large hardlight nails. High damaging but slightly inaccurate, can pin bodies to walls, floors and ceilings. Low magazine capacity. Shieldgun: Encases taget in extra hardlight shielding. Support weapon. Incineration mortar: Mortart that fires incineration shells, larger damage radius and more damaging. Covenant Gravity Cannon: Can be used to pick up and launch objects and vehicles, battery drainage depends on weight of object. Can also push away objects and vehicles. Players unaffected. Fuel Rod Beam: Slow moving continuous fuel rod cannon, lower damage that fuel rod cannon, but higher ammo capacity (battery). Plasma Tracker: Fires slow moving plasmic projectiles that target the player fired at, High damage but large battery cost. Needle Cannon: Large shoulder fired cannon that shoots several needles at once, tracking player fired at and causing supercombine explosion if enough hit. Plasma Spreader: Fired plasmic shells in the style of a shotgun, battery operated. High damage at close range. You guys have any ideas?
  17. Now, we will discuss which weapon is harder to use overall, the DMR? Or, the Battle Rifle. Pros and Cons of the BR: The BR is a 3 round burst weapon with bullet power vs. shields = to 1/3 of a DMR round. Thus, if all rounds from the Burst connect, it is = to the 1 bullet of the DMR. The BR appears to have perhaps, slightly more aim-assist than the DMR, and has a wider reticle. However, in a typical fight, both players move back and forth while firing to make it harder for your opponent to hit you, unless your Ninja or something, you will probably miss at least 1/3 of the burst with the BR. The logic is simple, when an opponent is moving like this,, he will dodge part of your burst unless your reticle is following him the whole time. Now, this is harder than it sounds, when following an opponent with your reticle, he has a step in front of you, meaning, he can initiate a change in direction before you change your reticle's direction, so he acts first, you then miss a bullet. As you should know, the BR is 13 bullets to kill, last being in the head. Thus, a 5 shot. You then see that the BR has some "forgiveness" to it. But, if you miss a bullet in each burst, do you still have your last forgiveness shot? Lets count, 1st shot, 15-1=14, 2nd shot, 14-1=13. You now see that you can only miss 2 bullets to have your last forgiveness shot in the head. Missing a bullet in a BR burst is very easy to do, and very hard not to do if he is attempting to "Juke" you. Pros and Cons of the DMR: Slightly less aim-assist. Single Fire, high rate of fire, accuracy, low bloom, 5-shot kill. Now, if you miss a shot with the DMR, then there is no forgiveness, you will go from a 5 shot, to a 6 shot. However, with the DMR you only must land 5 shots, not 15. Lets say your opponent is going left, you then aim left at his head then start firing. Bullet connect bullet connect bullet connect, you then land 3 bullets on your opponent, he changes direction you then pump a shot at his head, but your reticle is away from him after you hit him, you then quickly re-aim and finish the kill. If you were fighting with a BR, at the point where he changed direction, you would've missed part of a burst. All this being said, I would have to go with the BR being more difficult to use. If you disagree, then tell me why. Know something I missed about either weapons? Then tell me about it! And I will research and take it into consideration. Thanks for taking the time to read this thread, and happy 2013! I wish you all good games, and good times.
  18. I thought that since most people just hate on the Boltshot (which is totally understandable), I thought, why not just do a topic making fun of it (or having fun with it). I mean, not every game has a secondary weapon that's an accuracy back-up and a shotgun as well. I mean, not that there's something wrong with that *cough cough*.
  19. So over the last few months ive been working on this nice little project inspired by Halo 4 i have the whole progress on my flickr and on the 405th. lol still need to glue the bolt trigger on Untitled by Joseugai, on Flickr Untitled by Joseugai, on Flickr
  20. I have always thought of gameplay mechanics for games, and things to break particular problems to make games better, and because I love halo so much... I have decided to write out a LONG suggestion paper on all the things that I THINK would improve halo in future generations. note: sorry for my horrid spelling/grammar.. try as hard as you can to read this please ===================================================================================== SPARTAN IV ARMOR SYSTEMS ===================================================================================== one of the most frustrating things to me about multiplayer in any halo game is loosing battles purely because of being outnumbered, this made me think about something that could solve this problem. as some of you might know, in the real world there are materials and liquids that resist more and harden more when more force is applied. My thought is, if more then 1 player is shooting at you at once, your armor should harden causing more resistance when multiple players are shooting you at once. also players should slow down more by the amount of players shooting at them. It would not be a significant resistance, obviously players should die faster when they are shot at by multiple players at once, but still as an example: a player would normally take x1 damage by 1 player shooting at them, and move 80% normal speed a player would resist x1.5 damage when being shot at by 2 players, and move 60% normal speed a player would resist x2 damage when being shot at by 3 players, and move 40% normal speed a player would resist x2.5 damage when being shot at by 4 players or more players, and move 20% normal speed. also maybe have a perk or specialization to make it so you move less slowly when being shot by multiple players at once. this could also maybe tie into the story sense Dr.Halsey is back, maybe she helped with the improvement of the UNSC SPARTAN IV project ===================================================================================== NEW WEAPON IDEAS: ===================================================================================== I also had a few other ideas for weapons that could be added to give more options. - Scoped SMG: would take the place of a secondary and would be similar to the scoped SMG from halo:ODST - needle rifle: bring this back from halo reach, could basically be a more long range version of the carbine. - classic plasma rifle: yes, I am aware that there is the storm rifle in halo4, but this would be similar to halo:reach's plasma rifle, and would serve as a secondary weapon. - new forerunner rifle: this would take the place as a weapon that would do less damage then any other primary weapon, but would slightly break through the armor idea I came up with above, making it a great team player weapon. ===================================================================================== NEW AI IDEAS: ===================================================================================== I have far too many ideas for AI, so, Im just going to cram all this together...sorry for my crappy organization skills. the AI have a lack of human intelligence, or adaptability. if one covenant is being singled out, the others should defend that one and that one should move toward cover. all AI should shoot at a MUCH faster pace and be less accurate when the player is closer, and be more accurate and shoot much slower when the player is further away. some AI have been seen walking into walls in place, so they need to detect the environment around them a bit more. grunts are far to accurate and run away to much, jackals should be the most accurate due to the fact that they are covenant snipers. jackals and grunts should also back up when the player gets near them, sense they are much smaller. hunters should shoot players at a much further range, because you can just stand back and shoot at them from afar on halo 4. hunters should also be sensitive about their backs because thats were they are exposed, when the player is behind them they should rotate. they also should go berserk when they see another hunter die, like in halo 3, 2, and 1. watchers should shoot a bit more when they are shot at, knights should move to cover or closer depending on the players range, and should be almost impossible to sneak up on unless they are distracted. knights should also teleport behind cover, and not just teleport in the middle of the field. crawlers should rush from as many angles as possible, and see and hear you very easily. elites need to be much more sneaky when they have a sword, because when they are running in front of all their team with a giant glowing sword they are basically saying "hey look at me!" and then die very quickly. in fact, I have yet to even been killed by a sword elite. I also know the AI has the ability to not only see the enemy, they can hear the enemy as well, they should hear the player less when there is lots of gunfire, and even less when gunfire is closer (for example one player could sneak while the other shoots at them to break hearing.) ===================================================================================== Thanks 343 for halo 4, keep making great games and I will be a guaranteed customer. -PS I am 17 and unemployed, would gladly take a job.
  21. Incoming wall o' text transmission There are a few serious topics going on in this forum as of late (nothing wrong with that of course) but I thought I would change the mood and dim the lighting a bit. After all there is supposedly a release coming out on the 29th and I wanted to inspire a little extra Halo love to float through the ether. I was thinking about assassinations the other day because I realized again that energy sword wielding players forgo knife assassinations and a entirely different set of animations is substituted. After playing too much grifball and searching the web for people's opinions I wanted to make a poll for your opinions of whether or not Halo 4 should include this idea of substitution for every weapon's assassination animation. Some people believe that assassinations are simply not a good thing to include at all because MC has never had a knife ingame before, I think that this could solve that problem. We can all agree that maybe players should be able to switch assassinations on and off, and the duration for holding down the melee button could be longer. The question is should weapons have different animations for assassinations? Should these animations show ammo being used (and use it, or not use it) or not? Should this not even be an issue and assassinations should be done with the hands, knife, or both? And finally should Master Chief throw in some more technical martial arts moves; kicks, Steven Segal inspired necksnaps, jujitsu, etc.? A couple ideas from me for this are: Gravity Hammer: smack to the head jab to the spine with spiked end choke hold and neckbreak with shaft Needler: normal whack but some of the needles get stuck, break off, and explode (non damaging) Magnum: spins enemy around and pistol whips in the opposite direction, breaking the neck
  22. Hey I was just wondering what everyone's favorite weapon was. I personally love the new forerunner weapons. All in all my favorite weapons are probably the boltshot, energy sword, needler, assault rifle,
  23. Hey everyone! On my channel I do Halo 4 weapon review, in which I take a weapon (as requested in the comments of the previous episode) and I go in depth on the details of the gun, talk about what it does and how it's used, then give a visual example of what I explained! This episode is all about the INCINERATION CANNON! Click the link below to check it out, you can learn a lot you didn't know about the cannon! Also, there you will find a link to episode 1, the PULSE GRENADE! Both are very education videos, which will make you better at the game! Check it out! INCINERATION CANNON : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtXbf8w93Zw Maqboul @MaqboulArts
  24. Hello again everyone! On my YouTube channel, I do Halo 4 weapon reviews, in which I go into detail about a certain weapon and how it's used, then take you into a custom games match to give you a visual example of how the weapon is used. These video help you better understand the weapon, and hopefully get you more kills in-game! This is episode 2, in which I review the Incineration Cannon, in episode 1 I reviewed the Pulse Grenade. Be sure to click the link below to catch this series, and subscribe to get updates on when they come out, which is a couple times a week! Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 2) - Incineration Cannon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtXbf8w93Zw Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 1) - Pulse Grenade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXjihR1NPBM In addition to the H4 Weapon Reviews, I also do gameplay commentaries on my channel which consist of varies topics. These gameplays include Halo 4, Black Ops 2, and more! Click the links below to see my... YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/MaqboulArts) Twitter Profile (http://www.twitter.com/MaqboulArts) Website (http://www.MaqboulArts.com) Thanks guys, hope you enjoy! Maqboul Professional Graphic Designer & YouTube Director
  25. Hello again everyone! On my YouTube channel, I do Halo 4 weapon reviews, in which I go into detail about a certain weapon and how it's used, then take you into a custom games match to give you a visual example of how the weapon is used. These video help you better understand the weapon, and hopefully get you more kills in-game! This is episode 2, in which I review the Incineration Cannon, in episode 1 I reviewed the Pulse Grenade. Be sure to click the link below to catch this series, and subscribe to get updates on when they come out, which is a couple times a week! Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 2) - Incineration Cannon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtXbf8w93Zw Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 1) - Pulse Grenade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXjihR1NPBM In addition to the H4 Weapon Reviews, I also do gameplay commentaries on my channel which consist of varies topics. These gameplays include Halo 4, Black Ops 2, and more! Click the links below to see my... YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/MaqboulArts) Twitter Profile (http://www.twitter.com/MaqboulArts) Website (http://www.MaqboulArts.com) Thanks guys, hope you enjoy! Maqboul Professional Graphic Designer & YouTube Director Quote MultiQuote Edit
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