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  1. Hey all, I've been working on a Halo: ODST novella for the last few months set in the early Covenant War. I want to share a snippet, so I am attaching a PDF of the first part here. Feedback is welcome! Through Devilish Hands-Part I (Proofread).pdf
  2. Hello there fellow ODST we are Task Force Gamma an ODST clan fresh on the scene. Task Force Gamma is looking for recruits who’s will be trained screened and selected for roles. Weekly and daily training have big opportunities for promotion. We also will train you on how to “Hell Jump” into battle in preparation for raids. We communicate and use a discord server. Reply to this post or add Validwalker9484 on Xbox and send me a message.
  3. Hi everyone, Spartan here with Site Poll 97. We had some nice suggestions on last week's poll, talking about a potential replacement for John-117. With Locke being a controversial option, Jerome-092 was a popular choice. Many others thought we should have a different protagonist for each game, as suggested in the poll. Click here to view Site Poll 96, and here for the Twitter responses. Which Alpha-Nine member do you like most? We may end up seeing the old fireteam back in the newer games, considering they're reunited now. These guys know how to get the job done. They make one hell of a team, but who do you like most? This includes former and current (as of 2558) members, ensure you avoid spoilers from the books. State your choice, and why (spoiler-free). Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  4. is there ever gonna be a game where your actually a Marine. I know strange concepts but I always wanna be a Marine and fight the covenant and actually see things through there eyes and not be the common spartan or heck even be aloud to as well be an ODST.
  5. Hello fellow Installation 01 community I'm mason I have a very big request for this epic new game coming out. First to start I'm a huge fan of halo I absolutely love it and care so much about it. I want to say thank you to the developers of Installation 01 for doing this and creating this game. i always really wanted to be a marine in halo not the epic spartans with shields etc. but a standard soldier of the UNSC or a ODST I would love to see this in the game because what not better than having many options to choose from from being a spartan a marine and a ODST. I do understand that matchmaking must be for spartans and stuff but like for like private matches and different game types can allow the Marines or ODST. This would also be a pretty good way to create like short movies and stuff and having like spartans be the heroes and stuff but any way I thought it would be cool hopefully we can see these and if this can happened make the variety of armor like from marines form Halo 1-5 and from halo wars 1-2 from the cutscenes. Now I would to see a flood gameplay survival like kinda like firefight but will the flood and there endless horde and this fights right in with a marine and ODST if the get lets say get killed they get there dead body can get infected and be a flood mutation. Thank you guys and I hope the community can agree that this would be a neat stuff to have
  6. I'm looking for an active clan on either halo 4 or halo reach. I am a trained ODST with skills in both piloting and sniping, and I also have leadership experience. Message me at eightflames if you're interested.
  7. Hello all, my name is Estibann [A076] and I am a Spartan-III Headhunter within the Unified Ground Command. For the longest time, UNSC clans have been almost extinguished within the Halo 5: Guardians clan community, with some moving to their own military structures and most becoming MLG. However, UniCom is a saving grace. Within UniCom each member will be given a chance to express themselves in a variety of different ways. For example, the more stealthy will find themselves at home with the ODST branch. Fear not, for each leader has had plenty of prior experience within the Halo clan community. For example, our Spartans, and leaders, have all been prior Spartans within Oni, NavCom, FleetCom and those who have not, have been trained appropriately. Let's talk divisions. - Navy. There wouldn't be a clan without a main, fighting force. The Navy, which is the starting point for all members of the clan, seeks to educate both new and existing players with the way we do things. As key as they are, Navy are the first into raids and the last ones out which jobs and ranks ranging from Corporal to Captain and beyond. If the front lines are where you what to be, this is the divison for you. - Officers. The officers mainly operate within all the divisions. Opting for tactics and planning rather than senseless violence, they are always the brains behind the operation. To an officer, each player in the team is a piece within a game of chess and all officers always grab checkmate. Strict, disciplined and wise, the officer branch is a divison only the best can reach. Are you one of them? - ODSTs. Since our clan is pretty set on lore so I'm sure you know what an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. ODSTs don't just act as our special forces, but they're inspirational to all members of the clan. Does supressed, behind-enemy-lines action take your fancy? Maybe ODSTs are for you. - Spartans. The pinicle of the "Super Soldier" title is earned by those within this branch. Both the Spartan-IIs and Spartan-IIIs have been merged into the ultimate fighting force. Within the Spartan branch, there are many pathways you can undertake. The Spartan-IIs are the officers within the branch and handle the more ocmpetative side, whereas the Spartan-IIIs deal with raids, protection and espionage activities. I hope this has given you an insight into what our clan is about. And if you do decide to join, please make sure you have a mic and are over the age of 14. During conscription into the clan, you can meet the team, choose your path and set yourself up for future success. Can't wait? Send a message to the gamertags "II S043 William" or "Falout Mechanic" and I'll see you on the battlefield!
  8. Hello everyone! I want to start by saying ODST was one of my FAVORITE Games, why you ask?!?!??!!!?..... Just the SIMPLE Things Like the ENVIRONMENT! The simple city surrounding that hardly any other game has if the one and only HALO! To really sum things up, I'm going to make an all out Halo game of my very own version! Story Line, The story would start as usual, fighting jackals, grunts, elites aboard a UNSC Ship, or UNSC Military Space Station, while brutes beat the very life out of our city's on our newly sanctioned planet, but when the covenant come to the last place known to the human race on this dark mythic planet, they soon find Man has a newly discovered potential Allie! Now the covenant, not only has to retreat but avoid these dark mythtic creatures man has soul Hartley embraced! Mean while, In the elite homeland The Elite Philosopher or Elite Theocracy Council, envisions a Brute sacrifice that may end man kind and partake in destroying the dark mythic planet and its realm of fortitude from ever lasting life... Now the only thing standing left for man is Syo-Durzaina and the SyoGhost HaZ Op (Green Horns Hazops) wich must contain and stop the infection! Halo 2, Halo ODST, Halo 4 similarities into Halo SyoGhosts: 1). Duel wield 2). Supply Drops- Weapons Drops, Vehicles, ODST Infantry Squads( Via Halo Wars ). 3). Halo ODST Pistol, Halo 4 Pistol, and Duel wield Halo 2 Pistols! 4). Weapons and Vehicle Vaults! Objectives in Halo SyoGhosts: Green Horn extractions- Side Missions Spartan IV's as guides- Side Missions ODST Rescue and Commandeer Member/Squads- Certain Side Missions if kept alive! Items Pertaining to Energy and Health: 1). Medical kit 2). Helmet Energy Canister (Blue) 3). Canister Charging Station 4). S2(Over Shield) Canister (Green) 5). SyoCanister (Yellow, Green, and Blue) Items Pertaining to Key Cards and Passwords: Armory: Passcode Armory: Passcode Armory: Passcode Armory: Passcode Armory: Key Card SyoArmory: Key Card SyoArmory: Key Card SyoArmory: Key Card SyoArmory: Key Card SyoArmory: Key Card and Passcode SyoZone Armory: key Card and Passcode SyoZone Armory: key Card and Passcode SyoZone Armory: key Card and Passcode SyoZone Armory: key Card and Passcode SyoZone Armory: key Card and Passcode Infantry Zone Entrance: Zone Key Card Zone2 Key Card SyoZone Card Military Vehicle Entrance: Sector4-6: Key Card and Passcode Sector3: Key Card and Passcode Sector2: Key Card and Passcode Sector1: Key Card and Passcode
  9. Deep under the city of New Mombasa is an entire hive of super computers controlled by th city's superintendent AI "Virgil". This map recreates a portion of the computer hive and several well known locations from the campaign mission in Halo 3: ODST Download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=BaconMedia#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_BaconMedia_6e2a5ce8-d86c-490a-b988-32cd02d24f43
  10. Halo's sales are down. People who grew up with 1, 2, and 3, and maybe even a little Reach(?), ask yourselves, "How would you feel if Halo started to play more like a story-based—fast-paced, Mass Effect with an MMO aspect to amp up our Halo Culture?" Watch the Video "Call me back, and Let me know if we can make it happen! Ghost Mop
  11. What do you think? Zealot Skimmisher Custom Brown Male Hazops Custom Orange Male ODST Custom Spec Ops Elite Custom Female Black Pilot Custom Grey Male Air Assault Custom Combat Form
  12. Reach Security Force Recruitment Center Follow the steps below to join: 1.Add me on xbox 360:YouTube Xe Sexy 2.Send me a message saying you want to join 3.You must have a mic or be able to hear me through your TV What to expect: 1.Everybody to be active 2.No disrespect 3.People listening 4.Disciplined members 5.Hardcore training 6.Raids every weekend 7.Training during the week 8.Big team battle when it is a free day 9.Days off are usually monday 10.Stay in the emblem that you are given 11.Follow orders
  13. A Rookie figure my brother gave me. The flesh, tentacles and orange flesh is made of hot glue. I finished with coats of paint.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm Lemon, my favorite game is Halo 3: ODST. I was really exited to hear that ODST was coming to MCC, this is actually why I bought the xbox one. What a disappointment when I learned that firefight and forge would NOT be included with the game. I have to use my old 360 to play an old game with old graphics when my xbox one is there lying being useless ? It makes no sense. Either I play the original version and I'm disappointed or I play the new one and I'm disappointed. I understand that you are "focused" on developing Halo 5. But you just released MCC. You're making more instead of making the best."We are halo fans" that's what you said. So, when is Firefight coming to MCC ?
  15. I just think it' sounds like a perfect game if they make it happen halo 3 odst was a really good game and the odsts came out in halo reach so why not make another odst game? Like why were they there ? What happened? Let me know what you think
  16. I haven't completed the game ODST on my console but I took it too my friends it took us 3 hours 38 minutes to get through the game, the urban environment is cool and I enjoy the game but I really think they could have made it a longer story or a sequel (please note: I don't remember the ending as we did it a while ago)
  17. The announcement came along with a series of descriptions about the issue, and a teaser trailer on . July's issue includes the demo of the second mission of the Campaign, a breakdown of the changes to Empire, a rundown of Fireteam Osiris, the reveal of an underwater map called Fathom, and a ton of other things. Head on over to Gameinformer.com to check out the full scoop. Additionally the reveal came with a truckload of images, so here they are for your leisure : Thanks for reading! Sources: Gameinformer: 1 & 2, , Halowaypoint
  18. The announcement came along with a series of descriptions about the issue, and a teaser trailer on . July's issue includes the demo of the second mission of the Campaign, a breakdown of the changes to Empire, a rundown of Fireteam Osiris, the reveal of an underwater map called Fathom, and a ton of other things. Head on over to Gameinformer.com to check out the full scoop. Additionally the reveal came with a truckload of images, so here they are for your leisure : Thanks for reading! Sources: Gameinformer: 1 & 2, , Halowaypoint View full article
  19. Hi, currently I'm collecting the Audiologs of ODST. While collecting the first 10, I realized that 3 of 10 weren't showing up. Number 2, 4 and 6 are missing - don't know why. Here is a picture with the numbered logs I tried this on every difficult. Maybe some one can confirm this or help me with this issue.
  20. Hi, I'm Commander Raptor Just a fan of the greatest Halo game of all so far... Halo: Reach. Although I have made some analysis to this game and discovered a great many things. I've been in clans and led a few along the way. Let me explain to you where it all began. In a clan called United Legion PMCs (Private Military Contractors) I tried to add some real life tactical formations and tactics to the game and to my training operations. Some did actually work to excellent results and others got the entire team obliterated. But during those analysis I discovered the few problems that almost every Halo players have. Here they are; - Smart Field Movement (SFM) - Patience - Bloom control Those are only three of the many more. SFM is extremely important. Imagine yourself in Hemorrhage and you want to make your way to the enemy territory so you head out in a straight line IN THE OPEN and once you cross a hill or a rock Boom! you're dead by a sniper, a DMR shooter or anything. Plan your moves. Think. Smart = Be smart. Don't rush into things without thoughts. Take your time. Field = Look around you. Know where the enemy is at. Scout and recon around locations just to see and locate targets and choke points that you don't want to be caught into. Movement = When all your preparations are made then move on to your plan. Bring a few teammates from the game chat if you want. Make this everyone's victory. Patience is very important as well. Knowing when to attack an enemy and when not to. Also to always wait for your shields to recharge when depleted. Going in the firefight without a recharged armor won't do you good, a single lucky shot to the head and you're gone. Bloom control is about not spraying and preying your weaponry. Use control over these and guaranty every shot hits your target. All these traits can be taught in our ODST Clan. Join now! Message Cmdr Raptor for more intel and how to join. Thank you!
  21. Wam


    From the album: Fan-Made Photographs

    A squad of Elite ODSTs.

    © AhhOldWoman

  22. If you read my last post I said I was in a clan... that didn't work out... so if anyone wants an active, fully trained ODST who specializes in mapmaking, sniping, and piloting message me on 360 at eightflames or on kik at Pike ODST.
  23. Hey im eightflames and im looking to join a fun halo clan! I have an xbox 360 so I cant join if your mcc only. Im a good marksman and pilot and ive been in multiple clans and ive even been through ODST training! Im down with joining a UNSC, elites or anything else as long as its fun and active! Send me reply or a message on 360 at eightflames or kik at eightflames! See you on the battlefield
  24. Hey forum, Executive producer Dan Ayoub has given us further information on Halo 3: ODST and the remastered 'Relic' map coming to the Master Chief Collection. 'Relic' was a well loved map from Halo 2, and ODST was an unforgettable game for many of us. 343 Industries are clearly working real hard to redeem theirselves. He says "our test and community teams have been running daily playtests on Relic to hammer on the map as much as possible." Sounds like 343 are putting in a lot of effort to bring us new content. There will be further details regarding launch dates as they begin finishing things up. Dan states that there is another content update coming in April. There has been a fairly recent update that has fixed up matchmaking, so players should no longer have problems connecting with each other online. There will be further updates to eliminate any remaining issues with the Master Chief Collection. Below are some new images released that show the Relic map, and a shot of Halo 3: ODST. Comparison between classic and remastered graphics Action on the remastered version of Relic The plaza from Halo 3: ODST in the Master Chief Collection What do you all think about these images? Are you looking forward to the major update? Leave your thoughts down below, thanks for reading. - Spartan Source: http://halo4nation.com/master-chief-collection/31315-master-chief-collection-update-dan-ayoub/
  25. Hi im Pike and im an ODST who wants a halo reach/4 clan! Ive done all of the training required and I specialize in piloting, driving, leadership skills, and sniping! I have skills in the clans: UNOD, INAD, The Frozen Onyx, and many more! Shoot me a message on the 360 If you are intrested in having me! See you on the battlefield!! GT: eightflames Forgot to mention ill also work in an elite clan!! Forgot to mention ill also work in an elite clan!!
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