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  1. So I was wondering about multiplayer as I don't have gold, and I know this probably doesn't belong in Halo, but what if we could have bots for offline multiplayer? I know this is kinda a COD thing, but I was thinking of buying COD Ghosts and Advance Warfare because I could finally play multiplayer, as they have bots. It might not fit, but it would be a great opportunity for non-Live players to have the amazing experience of multiplayer. This was just an idea I had in mind, and feel free to post your opinions below.
  2. I was thinking that there could be bigger, beyter vehicles in Forge to enhance gameplay and building. Here are some of my ideas, what do you think? I know most if not all of these won't even be in Halo 5, but it's a cool idea.
  3. I know Halo 4 had some skins, but they were only accessible by completing the Specializations. So I thought for Halo 5 it would be pretty cool to have weapon skins which we could buy with xp/credits like past systems. It would be cool to customize your weapons to make them more personal and cooler. Just an idea though, and I hope to see your thoughts.
  4. Hopefully you were curious enoguh to click the link, and up front, I thank you for reading this post. If at anytime your confused about a gametype, feel free to click a link below to learn about. So lately, I been thinking about mixing some game modes from Call of Duty (Ghosts) with Halo 4. I find it rare for someone to actually like both of these gaming franchises, so you may look at me strange if I say im am one of those people. I like both of the companies and the products they had/have to offer. Back on topic, I been thinking about making compatible gametypes from Call of Duty to Halo 4. Now, I know there are already some gametypes inspired by CoD such as "Cranked" (More can be read about "Cranked" here http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Cranked") that has been remade for Halo 4 known as "Rush Slayer" (Play it yourself! https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/60402f9d-b730-4c61-b00e-d02f2b943811) and im sure others exist that im not aware of. But hopefully other forgers, along with myself can make that happen. Search and Destroy: http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Search_and_Destroy Im sure this exists somewhere already, but heres my version: 2 teams of 4 (or 6?) spawn and one team, the attackers must carry one bomb (a grifball) and must move it to one of either two locations where the must promptly "arm" the bomb. After the bomb as been "armed" the attackers must defend the bomb until it explodes, thus winning them the round. Keep in mind that every player in the game has one life, so when your down, your out. This also brings to light that at any point, if all players of a team is eliminated, the round ends and the point goes to the team left standing. A few more points on this gametype: I think this would be difficult to pull off without a mod, or map formed around this gametype, it cant be formed on every map. Also, this would have to be made with grifball, beacuse no "Assault" exists pre-loaded on the Halo 4 disk. But this should'nt keep the gametype from being created. It has strong capabilites and is a game that can't be won with out teamwork. Drop Zone: http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Drop_Zone I don't think a gametype exists for this, but I may be wrong. Heres my version: 2 teams of 6 spawn and the objective of both teams is to capture a hill that rotates every 45 seconds. The catch here is that whichever team controls the hill, will recieve ordanence. This is difficult to capture because you could either make a mode which players from either team can earn ordnance from points only earned in the hill, or, a hill that belongs to one team will automatically recieve ordnance. I believe the first gametype would work the best because every player would be motivated to get to the hill and every player in the hill would get there ordnance other than one team getting over-powered and unbalacnced. This strays from the original gametype, but I feel these changes would improve the game for Halo. This mode is within reach of any good forger. Even modifying on-disk maps to comply with this gametype would be some what simple. Blitz: http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Blitz_%28Game_Mode%29 Again, I doubt a gametype exists for this, but I may be wrong. Heres my version: 2 teams of 6 spawn at thier side of the map with thier own goal inside. Now, the goal mechanic would be the hardest to pull off. Aside from the goal , this game would run smoothly. Basically, the goal must be able to teleport you and have a hill to count a point when you enter it. Very straight forward. But theres a problem with two solutions. 1. Use a regular gametype so when you pass through the goal, you score, then die, then respawn normally or 2. Use a modded gametype so when you pass through the goal, you score, then are teleported to a spawn and live. Either would play alright, but the little details count. This is possible, but very difficult to pull off properly. This concludes my article. Thanks for reading and tell me what you think of these ideas or ask questions if you have any. Thanks! P.S: Please ignore my spelling and gramatical errors. Its late.
  5. So i'm sure this has already been said by someone somewhere upon the forums but has anyone considered both of Chief and the mystery spartan working like the Halo 2 Campaign system. Where as you would play maybe a mission or 2 as chief and then maybe switch over too the other spartan and repeat until their paths collide. Just an idea to throw out there. Not sure what to speculate on the silver spartan. Maybe he is looking to bring chief back if chief went rouge maybe he has a completely different goal or maybe he is out to kill chief. So many questions but im sure some of them will be answered at E3 discuss on here freely!
  6. Hello, respectful Community! I'm I new member of the 343i community. So, on topic: there are many speculations about the story of Halo 5. I went through, and came up with a fan-made cover art. There have been speculations that halo 5 should return with Cortana, and will have much to do with Dr. Halsey. So I came up with this: So, I want you, the wise community, to give your valued opinions. Edit: Stay tuned for another H5 cover art
  7. I'm sure destiny will be one of the best game ever invented, but i was wondering about something that was never even thoight. A "fusion" between Halo Wars and the common halos we know now, such as Halo 4 and in the future Halo Destiny. The idea was to make multiplayer battles starting in one of the two factions: Covenant or Humans. Who starts in the covenant one, is an élite with just a basic equipment and who starts in the cst one is a spartan with basic equipment too (assault rifle and grenades). The covenant faction has a wraith near the spawn point and cst has a scorpion. The first task is to conquest a rebel base near the spawn point of each faction, and when the rebel base is destroyed, one of the players can start to be a commander of the game building a base. As Halo wars, you must upgrade your technology and produce units (guided by AI). For example you can produce marines to help the players who are fighting on the battle field (which must be big). Players can drive all vehicles that commander produces and the commander can upgrade them during the match, for example scorpione could have a second ability and become grizzlys to encrease the power. The commander can use powers too, and can transport players to a determined area of the map when they request it. The covenant faction can produce the leader and use his power on the map. A player can be the commander of only one base, every base has its spawn points and when a player makes the commander he can't use his character (spartan/elite). When a base is destroyed, its commander respawns as a normal player. The game ends when a faction hasn't got any bases for 5 minutes. There could be added new factions, such as floods, and game types you can do only doing the commander or only a spartan/elite. What do you think about this? I know that it will take a long to be realized(years) but i'm sure a new Halo forged like this will be the best strategy/first person shooting game ever done.
  8. I have an Idea of an Armor set for Halo 4. Its called "Haloween Armor". It would be a perfect amount of lights on the wrists, helmet,legs,torso, and shoulder pads.......and cape. It should have a real time reacting cape. The cape would show your emblem and you get to pick the design of the cape as well. Bullets would make holes in the cape. And it should be free and be released on Halloween of course. Please 343 Industries, make this happen. This will be the best armor ever.
  9. hey i was screwing around on youtube and found this guy who made skins with photoshop check them out Links:
  10. Hello everyone I would like to make a topic speaking a little bit into the future, the future being Halo 5. I have a few unlikely ideas for H5, but that's what I want this to be about. Unlikely, cool-if-it-happened, kind of things. Things that are probably not going to make it into the game, but you would talk about it all week if they did. I have a few ideas... Pulse field (new AA): Startup time and recovery time like autosentry/regen, range slightly less than regen field. Sends out a strong pulse of kinetic force that pushes upwards and away on everything around it. Vehicles, teammates, active grenades, you name it. Could provide a BLAMing awsome solution and punishment for splatter-happy ghosts, make for some great grenade theater clips, and force enemies to stay away from cliffs. Drop Pod: ONE ITEM in forge. get in, nullifies fall damage, breaks off when you hit the ground. Vehicle pods could also drop vehicles, nullifying fall dmg, and a timer could be set on when the pod drops after being activated. Small splash dmg to nearby enemies, death if dropped on someone's head. Damage Despawning: Set a dmg value on any forge item. When it takes that amount of dmg, it despawns with the forerunner 'disintegration' effect. Collapsing buildings made easy! Halo spleef made way more awesome! Vehicle Constructors-: Forge-only single-use items, costing as much as their respective vehicles. One type for every vehicle in the game, another for random. Replaces grenade. carrying cap of 1. Use to digitally construct a vehicle on yourself, Tron Lightbike style. Useful in obstacle corses as well as creative maps. Imagine Jumping off a cliff and digitally constructing a banshee around you, or doing something similar with a mantis.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GBLtnxxtzQ Share your ideas/thoughts!
  11. Before I begin, I just want to say I get it. Being in the game industry can be extremely tedious. Also, people get the idea that there is a shortage of ideas and that ideas are easy to just throw in a game. Also the final product has to be marketable and turn out profit for all your hard work which a lot of people who get on here to tell you how to do your job disregard. I'm here to say an idea or two hoping you'll look at it and see if you haven't thought of it yet, find it practical or if you'd want to do something like this. Idea 1: make a game without campaign that just has multiplayer and forge and just call the game Forge. Why? So you could devote more disk space to endless forging fun and play it with friends on multiplayer, think Minecraft. You could even work out a way to put AI into forge with all of that disk space, which is what a lot of people want. Why it's a bad idea, Halo is marketable largely because of the campaign, reason why I bought Halo 4 so people wanting Halo not Forge probably wouldn't buy it. But the reason why I bought Halo Reach was largely because of Forgeworld. Idea 2: let us play as anyone or any creature in the Halo universe, at least for funsies. Gears of war 3 has beast mode, although making a game mode for only playing as creatures isn't as cool as it being what you'd play as when your not in map edit mode.
  12. This was in my mind some time now and I wanted to share it with you. How many times you've been in an area with 2+ people while assassinating someone, and eventually you get killed? It would be cool if you can "execute" your enemies with your current weapon. Let's say you have the Sniper Rifle and you want to assassinate someone but fast, you would press RT almost the same time when you trigger the assassination. I imagine some cool move, like you turn him around and shoot right in his face! Of course you still spend ammo with this move, but it may allow you to survive after assassinating someone (if there are enemies around). Well, with some weapons it would be hard, like the Rocket Launcher or Incineration Cannon, but there is always a possibility. Like, when carrying rockets, you push the enemy forward and fire in his face again! What do you think? Please post and rate
  13. Okay, so there are some things i liked about halo 4, and some things that they made even worse than reach. Vehicles: They are too week. Vehicles are what make halo stand out among the other shooters. There fun and are necessary for when you want to mix it up for a while. The counter argument that people will abuse vehicle use is useless and unfounded, as well as counter productive to the halo series to not have or have weaker vehicles. What's with magically punching a vehicle and having parts from random pieces break off? It's unrealistic and doesn't make you feel any better about defeating a vehicle because its too easy. In reach, killing a wraith was a skill, here no one cares. Plus, you should be able to hijack a vehicle by breaking only the cockpit protector and killing the occupant. This will keep the balance of the one who got there first has an easier time staying alive, while the new occupant is easier to kill. You should be rewarded for doing something hard, not a watered down you get nothing for doing something boring It degrades the experience and will give cod and battle field more players- bad biusiness. However, the grenade thing was a good idea. I also think that instead of busting the tank if you have no grenades when you hop onto the back, you should be able to climb up onto the gun and cause damage to that. if you hop onto the side, it should take just a bit longer to get to the front How to fix it: patch the punching crap, I consider it a glitch and it was annoying enough in Reach Fire arms: Nice job! I love the amping up of the covenant weapons and making them farther, faster, more accurate, and more painfull. I don't need to comment on the foruners as everyone likes them. Forge: Bad job, discraseful and shameful job. The maps are smaller, and they should have kept the tin cups old traits because it slowed some objects when dropped from the sky, so you could bury them in the ground and have the only succesful drop pods that didn't kill you and without the other tacky, second-rate solutions. Marketing scam in dominion: I don't apretiate being lied to about dominion, I only bought halo 4 before hearing critics because there was a comercial with the buildings actually building form the ground and they mentioned strategy, which seems to be abandoned and watered down to just plain shoot'em up with a slight twist. Vehicle selection: Lazy half-*** job guys, bravo. Cut the crap and add all past vehicles into the forge and make the hornet control like the pelican and have faster ascent/decent and straif. There was also hype about being able to fly serefs, pelicans, and scarebs in forge and custom games. you guys disapointed us by being so failure-oreinted. Campaigne: Great job with few issues. cortana's death was un-emotional, thus defeating the purpose of killing her off, though if she survived again I would have been iritated also, because it would defeate the pourpose of her death being an issues. As a side note, I would like to note that the cut scene with the scientists was the sadest part because it was more emotional, and you could feel so bad for them. I was glad they were killed because now they don't have to suffer emotionally their whole life, making me feel like it was justified. diadact ship: epic diadact last fight, but dum ending. the fight was epic, but the nuke didn't make any sence. It didn't even detonate when triggered, and chief got teliported after it should have exploded. it was also unnecesary as the the ship was no longer a threat even though it was still firing. It would have only been firing on the same city it already composed, and the composer could have been taken by the unsc and been usede as a political weapon against the covanent. plus, the fact that the librarian is still alive could have been exploited in that she would inherit control of the ship (as long as she didn't murder him, of course). Earth assault: the covanent could have destroyed the earth, but were probably told to leave as the diadact had an ego the size of a planet, thus making sense, but i would like to note that earth is no longer the strongest planet, siince it has already been over runned, and humanity also has other planets, which would be easily upgraded as earth's demand for resources was lessened do to the masecre Elites and covanent: makes sense. the profits obviously want the elites back in to end their alliance, and they only would have to honour them for saving the covenant and put them back into power to reastablish control. The more ***-kissing they do, the more control they have. For the brutes, there is no reason why they shouldn't have been replased shortly after their rise to power, since they failed and were and unstable society. All they were was a tool for the new covanent party anyway, and it was the elites that saved every single one of them, and even though they rebelled and were independant for a while, their future reloyalty was highly likely anyway. They only joined us to save life, but they rebelled because they were replaced. if they were only replaced, they would still have rebeled and not allied themselves with us. Forge nuances- problems and good things: obviously the magnet and quick dupe was a great idea and i'm sure user data is too, once it is understood enought to be used. however, the physics where you put things on normal and they become fixed after a while has prevented many good ideas in forge on reach. We could have easily made psudo destructable ship wars where the buildings stayed on normal physics and when the bariers and explosives would hold them up until destroyed. forge ideas for the future: bbesides needing all the vehicles, as well as fuel rod gun wraiths and fuel rod gun shade turrets and those blue flack turets in fogre, there needs to be a few more options. You need to be able to: glue pieces together so they act as one building (when paired with my persistant normal phisics idea) and beable to de attach after enough force is applied. we need to beable to set some destructible objects to triger events in buildings such as physics change and destruction, and noncolide so parts can fall through them map and get deleted, thus saving data. buildings need to be modable to where they can take damage which would be user specified and the type of weapons efect it diferetntly. there needs to be some sort of shield thing (in halo 5) that can be alloud to cover buidlings, and air locks need to be scripted so efects like from Reach's map anchor can hapen. imagine how epic the experience would be if the environment changed, even just a bit, when damage is dealt. Why the developers need to head my advise: because you need to keep your investment interesting so you get your money back and gain a profit? DUH! halo is already on the downhill slope, so you need to act now. dont save the changes for later, because it may already be to late one example is given by nintendo. The reason why they are failing is because they banned the cod franchise so long that people like me had time to save up for an xbox (finally) thus deleting the interest i had in the wii. I loved the wii more than xbox because i could easily become more coordinated with the game by using my eye hand coordination skills to make me better faster. I was headshotting people with the most inacturate guns accross the map within a few months with the wii, but the xbox anologue stick makes no sense whatsoever and thus needs years to get a fraction as good. plus, the new kids would like the ease of being able to skill up faster. An extra tip for developers: theres no reason you can't change your halo 4 game now and fuel the interest in the series. patches already are constantly addes so i do't know why things cant be addressed, now before your customers jump ship. I had an idea for the connect of how to achieve the wii effect without having to get new controllers, but i don't want to give my idea away. as soon as i can pattendt that idea, I'm going to sell it.
  14. With the weapons I'm hoping for a much larger variety, like having both assault rifle's where the 32 round is stronger, more accurate and is thinner, the 60 has a faster fire rate, is weaker and looks thicker, so in the end it will equal the 32 AR. Just things like that, having a larger weapon choice, bringing back old weapons like the mauler and brute shot. as well as adding in new ones. Also with the needler, the halo reach one needs the shield down to go boom, and halo 4 one doesn't (but needs 7 needles), the reach needler could be a loadout weapon a halo 4 needler could be a power weapon. If they are bringing elites back as a playable specie then they should be fully customizable. And if they're keeping the unlock the weapons yourself thing then they could have separate ranks for spartan and elite, you unlock the weapons for that specie as it ranks up and the weapon become usable for both. when you first start your spartan you get to choose between the 32 or the 60 round AR and either the 8 rounds (scoped) or 12 rounds (faster fire rate), when you first start the elite you can choose between plasma rifle, repeater, or storm rifle with the plasma pistol (and maybe a new pistol for the covenant). If they do this then for promethean weapons (sorry for the huge read) you should be able to be humanoid promethean knight or even a forerunner. If they bring brutes back you should be able be one of them as well and you choose start with either the spiker or the brute plasma rifle. with assassinations, if you can showstop someone by a beat down then you should be able to assassinate someone performing an assassination, if you're saving a team-mate then the medal should be called something like "Not on my watch", if it's a free for all and you have a headshot capable side-arm then you should not only kill the attacker but steal the victim as well with the medal "The Spotlights Mine". However you need to be really lucky to getthis because whenever i assassinate on reach or 4 i always change the camera angle so i cant beat down. It would awesome if 343 did this, and made eacg save/steal different for each assassination.
  15. Hello 343i community, I came up with an idea yesterday in my head and wanted to see the community's opinion on it. I think that there should be a Leader-boards to promote friendly competition among this website. I have noticed the small lack of competitiveness among this website's members. I think it would add a different option for being known on the site rather than having quality posts. How it would work: The leader-board would be hooked up with Halo Waypoint or Halo Tracker to show individuals' stats. There would be different categories for things such as K/D, Wins, AVG Score, Skill Rank, and gametypes. I think that many members would be able to show off their Halo skills with this. This is just my opinion, please tell me what you think about this idea.
  16. I've been playing AC III multiplayer and at the end of each match, the top 3 accolades are shown on screen along with an animation for the best one. For example, if you had the most kills, you character is shown stabbing, punching and killing 3 enemies like a boss! What if a similar system was brought in Halo 5? Like "Most multi kills", showing your Spartan/Elite killing some enemies in a flash or "The Assassin", your player performs an assassination. It would be great to have this in the game. Rate, comment and sub- wait, just post your thoughts
  17. I don't know if this has been posted before, I apologize if it does. So, what if you could customize your own helmet HUD for your Spartan? Like change the color, outlines or add your own design to make it look awesome. But if this isn't possible, every helmet should have a different HUD, but everything should look clear when wearing it. Ok, now there might be some problems, like the Gugnir helmet lol But I'm sure it can be tweaked. What do you think on both ideas?
  18. This has been around my mind for a while so I decided to share it here. It would be like normal Invasion (capture territories, destroy targets etc.) BUT, one major difference is that you play as ANY character of the side you are. For example, if you are on the Human side, you would randomly spawn as a low-ranked marine, an advanced marine with more armor, maybe ODST, and Spartan. And for the Covenant, grunt, jackal, elite etc. Or maybe even Prometheans would be awesome too! Imagine an Invasion match: Human vs Covenant vs Prometheans vs Flood! That would be incredible for us to see/play! Like the Humans defending their base form the Covenant and the Flood trying to sabotage or kill everyone, while Prometheans try to stop them! Now for the balancing part, players have 1~3 loadouts to choose, depending on their rank. I know that the only problem is the game balance, the gametype would work well, I believe. Post your thoughts or your ideas
  19. I am hoping that this information gets passed along to the 343 Developer Team. I loved the halo series and even 343 games. I hope they take this idea into account in a meeting or something one day. I been playing planetside 2 now on my PC. The battles are intense. Reminds me of halo a bit as well. But i think 343 industries should do something similar. Planetside 2 Motto is "Massive Combat On An Epic Scale". Do something similar but for the halo series. I could only imagine using halo vehicles and weapons. Being on the human / flood / and Covenant. Man, I would so play that kind of a game everyday. I can this imagine the intense battles over territory on the halo rings. I am sure the xbox360 be able to run it too, that's if 343 industries has perfected the rendering system to render FOV. Hopefully the developer team checkout planetside 2 to get a very good idea of what I am talking about. I am sure halo fans would love something like this and sure microsoft would too. I hope an admin of this website takes this information I shared, this great idea and share it with the 343 developer team. I am sure they would like it too, that's if they love halo as much as I do. This a dream for now. If I could do it myself, i be happy to but don't got resources or the knowledge to do it myself. EDIT: I am also thinking of making a small sample level on the source engine for gmod. To see how it could look one day. I spend a lot of time in making game worlds. Mostly do it as a hobby sense its this awsome how you can make a digital world. Later I post a image if I get any progress this for fun .
  20. hello guys its skout64 andi wanna know whats way you wanna see the halo 4 ending i might post 1 my self when i get an idea also this is my 2nd ever forum post on this site (just saying)anyways leave you ideas down below i will loock forword to them
  21. Sacrifice (may change name if a better one comes up) Concept idea for a new mode Based on the campaign Librarian Memory sequence Concept- A survival mode that doesn’t end till you and your team die from the Flood (The Halo Arrays fire) Description- The Spartan fire team(you decide) enters a Forerunner construct and accidently re activate an ancient ancilla that links all the Spartans to the last moments of the Forerunners memories .The Forerunners have lost and the remaining survivors huddle in their defensive place as the flood pours in. The Halo Arrays are charging and readying to fire. This is not about survival the Forerunner race this is the last fight the end of the forerunners. The Classes The Builder Security- The builder Security an architect of the Forerunner Empire’s defense is also the architect of its people’s demise. The builder Nightborn lost his people, his home, and his way of life… but he hasn’t lost his family and fights for them. (When the Halo Array finally fires he has a holo link with his family showing them disappear like composing then he himself and he flood invading disappear in a flash) Abilities- Construction- Construction allows for the creation of specialized constructs ranging from Turrets to Synthetic Constructs. Construction type Turrets- Nightborn can create a turret a specified local that can be upgraded and repaired/reconstituted by watchers. How upgrading would work- When using the D-pad selection for turret you look at the turret you want to upgrade and press the D-pad selection. Construction type Sentinels-Nightborn can teleport in sentinel class constructs to assist in the defense. How Sentinels would work- Using the D-pad look at any location and a group of sentinels will appear to assist by either repairing defenses or attacking enemy forces same upgrading method works. Construction type Promethean-Nightborn has access to the Didacts elite warrior constructs and can teleport them into assist in the defense. How Prometheans would work/Upgrade- Same as the Sentinels Construction type Weapon pack teleport pad-The builder can teleport in a weapon teleport pad for allies to use to teleport in new weapons. How the teleport pad would work- Players would use the pad to use points they’ve accumulated to get new weaponry or ammo for their current weaponry. How upgrading the teleport pad would work- As the teleport pad is upgraded heavier weaponry will be teleported in. (Weapons would be randomly selected with heavier weaponry being harder to get) Recycling- Anytime there is excess weaponry on the field you can chose to recycle these weaponry for resources needed for construction. The Promethean Hunter-The Promethean named The Hunter was deemed by the Didact too important to join the other Prometheans in composition and instead sent him to fight and coordinate the Forerunner forces in threat of the Floods advance. His title was earned by his ability to ruthlessly kill Flood key targets and escape unseen. He has nothing left in this world but his people and will do anything to protect them. (His death scene involves watching the last of the Forerunner people being vaporized) Abilities- Advanced Camouflage-The Hunter can remain completely cloaked while moving and running and firing (this deception doesn’t mean you can walk into the enemy wave and snipe everything.) The Lifeworker- The Lifeworkers were the saviors of all life protecting and evolving it now with the Halo Array the Lifeworkers final project was to save life. The Lifeworker Life given to the Mantle had finished his goal and saved the last of the index now with nowhere left to flee he heals the mortally wounded and injured soldiers helping ease the last of their pain. With nothing left to save he helps the others in the defense helping his fellow Forerunners. (His death scene would be watching his fellow comrades be vaporized in front of him knowing he could do nothing to avoid this fate.) Abilities- Advanced Regeneration Field- The deployable field grants temporary Overshields as the users are in the field once they leave the field the Overshield is gone. The Promethean Warrior- When the Didact was originally attempting to make himself immune to the Flood he experimented on his fellow Prometheans. Fallen born of light, one of the elite Prometheans was among the first to assist the Didact in the experiment. While Fallen was considered a failure his brevet mutation allowed him to have an increased combat efficiency against the Flood. Due to the nature of the Flood the Didact informed Fallen that should the Flood ever attempt to infect him his suits ancilla would begin an immediate self-termination to prevent the flood from using his brevet mutation against the Forerunner people. (His death scene is that a flood forcibly attempts to infect him and he then hears his ancilla telling him goodbye.) Abilities- Telekinetic Push/Pull- Fallen can use his brevet mutation to either pull an enemy towards him or forcibly send an enemy flying away. Using the D-pad you can change the polarity from push to pull. Enemy Types- Flood- Infection Form- Simple infection form easily destroyed Combat Form-These are infected Human and Forerunner people who have been turned against their own people to further spread the infection. Combat forms come in two varieties ranged and melee forms. -Combat Form Ranged- These combat forms use ranged weaponry to attack you. -Combat Form Melee- These human combat forms have lost the ability to use ranged weaponry and has grown blades out of their arms to slice enemies to pieces. Carrier Forms- These combat forms bodies have lost their utility and have become mobile suicide infection spreading Flood bombs. When they detonate they release multiple infection forms. Pure Forms- These Flood are not made from host infection but the very Flood mass itself and have the ability to transform their forms. These types of flood are very deadly and require heavy weaponry to destroy. -Tank Form-This juggernaut is a heaving mass of destruction that will rip anything near it to bloody shreds. -Stalker Form-These annoying pure forms harass and sneak upon you defenses. While less armored and easier to destroy, this type will become bothersome to destroy. -Ranged Form-This form of pure form relies on firing spines at enemies as their only means of offense. -Mortar form- The tripod like Mortar form releases explosive spores at the players position and must be destroyed if defenses are to be made safe. These forms transform directly from ranged forms. Juggernaut Form- This beast of the flood forms is rarely encountered and is incredibly deadly. This form uses whip arms to smash defenses to rubble and splatter defenses to paste. Renegade Forerunner Sentinels- Sentinel-Average sentinel that has fallen under the control of Medicant bias consider it a threat. Sentinel Major- An enhanced version of the average sentinel that takes much more punishment and can dish it out even more. Enforcer Sentinels- These colossal Sentinel constructs are forward shielded and require heavy ordnance to destroy you have been warned. Waypoint Link https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst143574_Idea-for-a-game-mode-for-Halo-4--Sacrifice.aspx
  22. Ok so i'm not sure if this is already a topic somewhere, but here it is (maybe) again. As many of you fellow Halo players know, there are a whole bunch of diffrent armor that was given out. For instance, Fotus w/ the console, Recruit Prime w/ the limited edition, and Deadeye w/ bestbuy. Now i got the Limited Edition, but i really want all the other armor to. So i thought that maybe 343idustries could create a DLC Pack or two that contained all 12 Armor sets. I mean who wouldn't buy tthis? Heres a list of all the special armor with how you had to get it. 1. Raider: Halo Waypoint Classified Unlock 2. Strider : War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition Halo 4 3. Scanner : War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition Halo 4 4. Recruit PRIME : Limited Edition Halo 4 5. FOTUS: Limited Edition Halo Xbox 6. Hazop FRST: Pre-order from Gamestop 7. Vernator Raptor : Pre-order from BestBuy / Mighty Ape 8. Oceanic CIRCUIT : Pre-order from Walmart 9. C.I.O. WEB : Pre-order from Amazon 10. Gungnir Pulse : Pre-order from MS Store / Mighty Ape 11. Deadeye : Pre-order from BestBuy / Play.com 12. Locus : Pre-order from Future Shop / Mighty Ape or Play Mountain Dew King of the Hill iPhone app game
  23. Hello everyone, RaInCrY22 here, I have just watched the making of halo 4 part 2 and had come up with a brilliant, yet simple trait that 343 Industries may want to add into the game. Okay here's my idea : Scorpion/vehicle Emblem customization. When watching the video I noticed the new scorpion was so detailed that it actually had a skull emblem on the side + I think the UNSC logo. Imagine this.. You enter a scorpion tank, and the emblem changes to your current emblem, which will then display on the outside of the tank. COOL ENOUGH FOR YOU?!? How about.. 10 tanks with the same emblem on the side - awesome enough for theatre mode? Teams would have a whole new detail to enhance video 'uniqueness'. NOW FOR ALL THE FORGERS ! - LIKE MYSELF, I <3 FORGE Now that my brain is bubbling with ideas, I think it would also be cool if they could make a 'plate' - like the objective plate shape you see in forge mode, or even a square one. Imagine if it could display YOUR unique emblem, then PLACE THAT BAD BOY ON YOUR BASE! Don't forget, my main focus is customizing emblems on vehicles. Try to get enough attention to this so that 343 might consider it! Remember, the game is less than 60 days away from being released!
  24. Halo 4 forge option I think you should be able to change the weather of your map that you make in forge. For an example, if your making an infection map you can change it to a thunder storm or you could use the idea for machinimas.
  25. Me and my friends were playing halo reach in a custom game, after i was playing i wondered, " What if when your driver dies and you are in the passenger seat you can switch over into the driver seat, or turret (if nobody is in the turret) if anybody has any further ideas about this please post it below. (if i stole anyones idea, i am sorry) thank you!
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