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  1. I'm looking for an active clan on either halo 4 or halo reach. I am a trained ODST with skills in both piloting and sniping, and I also have leadership experience. Message me at eightflames if you're interested.
  2. I've been playing halo lately to prepare for halo 4, yeah i know but it makes me feel good and its still fun. anyways i was playing big team battle with my buddys just for some fun, but thats not what i got. I realized that in halo reach the weapons can distroy vehicles without any problems, but im not talking about power weapons im talking about, normal everyday dmrs, if two people teamed up and just used the dmr to shoot a warthog, not the driver the vehicle it self they would kill the driver/ the warthog with in 15 seconds. sure that doesnt sound bad but that is two people but on big team battle there are 8 on the enemy team, nuff said there, plus to add on to this the sniper rifle is the number one choice when it comes to wreaking vehicles, ITS A ANTI-INFANTIRY WEAPON not TANK, 6 shots to a tanks treads and it game over, which is very annoying trust me. so what im saying in general and why this is on the halo 4 forums is because i dont want this for halo 4, i remember the good old days where when someone had a ghost you had 4 opinions Jack, blow up, kill the driver, or trick them off a edge, halo reach you get about 3 more, snipe the ghost, shoot the ghost with the dmr a couple times, or armor lock, but seeing as how armor lock is out of the game, you just need to make vehicles the kings again, i have yet to played big team battle on halo 3 where the tank is left alone because they know, that they are going to die just cause the combined power of a sniper and a couple dmrs, so for halo 4 they need to make the 4 opinions i said before the ones that work not the other two, please answer the poll i will be putting up that way i can get my point to more people fast thanks for reading; Ertle26
  3. Please share your opinions on the new sniper. I think it looks kinda ugly and clustered. But that doesn't mean it is. Here is some pictures: Pic 1 Pic 2
  4. I like how they were tougher, creepier looking, and I love damage sponges.
  5. Hey im eightflames and im looking to join a fun halo clan! I have an xbox 360 so I cant join if your mcc only. Im a good marksman and pilot and ive been in multiple clans and ive even been through ODST training! Im down with joining a UNSC, elites or anything else as long as its fun and active! Send me reply or a message on 360 at eightflames or kik at eightflames! See you on the battlefield
  6. Hi im Pike and im an ODST who wants a halo reach/4 clan! Ive done all of the training required and I specialize in piloting, driving, leadership skills, and sniping! I have skills in the clans: UNOD, INAD, The Frozen Onyx, and many more! Shoot me a message on the 360 If you are intrested in having me! See you on the battlefield!! GT: eightflames Forgot to mention ill also work in an elite clan!! Forgot to mention ill also work in an elite clan!!
  7. Hi im looking a fun halo reach/4 clan I only have an xbox 360 and i specialize in sniping, piloting, driving, Leadership, and map-making. I have ODST training and ive been in many clans and Ill also work as a marine, ODST, or an elite! Hit me up on 360 at eightflames! See you on the battlefield I also have kik! My username is eightflames so if you use kik to communicate I have that too
  8. These walls lurk deep within the gorge that was once know as Trinity City... 2-8 players. Trinity Gorge is a small, symmetrical, arena styled competitive map. It has 3 floors to it, each one connecting to the central tower. Great for Capture the Flag and Team Slayer. Images of the map: Gravity lift to 3rd floor: Blue spawn. Red spawn. Tower 3 and Sniper spawn. Overview of map: Video walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsNu0UJJc54
  9. Ok, story elemets: I think Arbiter should come back, there are many people that want him back I am sure, and new elites would be pretty cool, like, maybe a FEMALE.:} The story can focus on killing of the last of the storm covvies and the Didact, maybe the campaign can be H2 styled, it can focus on Arby's and Chief's story. Also new spartans would be nice, and I strongly suggest ones from the books/comics like Blue Team. Weapons, equipment, and abilities: SMG, MA5B, a select fire BR, carbine, mauler, duel-wielding, equipment from H3, that missel launcher from GOO, and the MA5K. This would be soo cool to have, select fire would be cool too. Armor: MARK 5, why was it not in H4? Hayabusa, SPI, Mark 4, Grey Team armor. Extras: Being able to fight from the ground, to space, and destroy enemy ships in MM and campaign (Like Battlefront!!!!!) The character customization should be like Soul Calibur's. I want to change the face and voice. Let me see your ideas.
  10. Map Name: DECAYED* by MiCkEy O rOuRkE Game-types supported : FFA slayer, koth, oddball, and red vs blue vs green in slayer Amount of players : 6-8 players DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/9f8b53eb-bff6-40a2-900d-1d1cb032dfec Description: This is a medium sized map which works well for king of the hill and slayer, but also other game-types. It has a road around the outside of the map which teams can control using the warthog provided on the landing pad near the crane. The crane contains a sniper and a teleporter which is connected to the other side of the main central building. there is also a man cannon on top of the green over hanging bridge and a broken piece which can be crouch jumped to from the raised platform on the bridge for a silent approach. There is a raised platform at the end of the crane walkway to prevent campers from hogging the sniper. There is a concussion rifle spawn opposite the crane above the upper highway on the upper platform. This can be reached by traversing the the steps of the tower or by jumping into the man cannon at the centre of the map. At the top most part of the map there is a human mounted turret which can be used to combat the warthog as its racing around. This spot is open to fire from the concussion rifle position because they can use the pipes as cover. Behind the turret there is a walkway which goes around behind the building and leads to a little perch where a battle rifle can be found, and following the path round towards the blue spawn base there is a covered bunker placement where a random ordnance drop appears containing a shotgun/ scattershot/ sword/ hammer combo. There is also a few little jumps spots for parkour style players including the aerial which can be used to jump from the bunker straight to the teleporter in a few seconds. At the centre of the map there is a sticky det spawn and the warthog spawn. Players need to take care at the centre of the map because there are so many good firing positions to get ambushed by, the movement is very fluid in this area because the amount of jumpspots and ledges I have added. There are 3 different oddball respawn positions here as well as a couple of king of the hill locations. Through the shield door players can find a needler. The walkway from the centre leads between two silos and connects to the base below the crane through the passage with a shield door. Through the shield door at the centre of the map an alley with a ramp which connects to upper highway. There is a man cannon on the platform below the crane which throws the player on top of the green overhanging bridge and then players can jump in the secondary man cannon on up to the crane or use the crouch jump. Players can also get on top of the bridge by jump crouching from the highway barricade and through the cover crenelation. Here is the spawn, weapon, warthog, teleporter and ordnance locations on an overview of my map. I hope you have fun playing the map and I would like to thank ZANDRIL and MOOSE93 for giving me feedback and helping me improve my map. My gamertag is MiCkEy O rOuRkE, add me if you need help play testing a map or just to play with me. I also have other maps which i need help play testing and getting feedback for on my fileshare, hopefully i will get to do that in the near future.
  11. A request for someone on Deviantart.
  12. GT: TheBloodbath22 Map Name: Callisto Supported Players: 1v1 to 5v5 (2 - 10) Supported Gametypes: Slayer, FFA, Team Snipers, CTF, KOTH, Oddball Size/Budget: Small to Mid-Sized Arena/ 5950 Theme: Mysteriously abandoned mine, named after Jupiter's moon Callisto due to its crater shape. Primarily natural rock, this unpredictable arena with strong flow and adequate verticality plays best with Sniper Rifles, and secondly with CTF. Dozens of crevices and a complex but quickly memorable layout emphasizes strategy and teamwork for superiority. Initial Ordnances: Sniper Rifle x2 (evenly distributed) ReSupply 100/ Railgun x1 (Neutral) ReSupply 150 Random Ordnances: Incineration Cannon x1 Neutral, Sticky Detonator x1 Neutral Vehicles: N/A Now, your favorite part of the show--pictures! Overhead Side Attacker (Blue) Side Defender (Red) Side
  13. The thing that always had be hooked on Halo>CoD as a personal opinion is that someone on CoD can catch you off guard or from a bad angle and instantly destroy you.. But in halo.... Well.. AGL Chicago Loser Finals Pistola out BR'ing Ninja on Station 9 Here you can see Ninja completely messed up and Pistola COMPLETELY DESTROYED HIM WITH GOOD AIM. Here you can see ninja doing big things though also.. AGL Chicago WB Finals Game 4 Ninja "Poppin some heads" The point is... Halo is a skilled game and isn't going anywhere but UP if anywhere in the community.. Halo isn't dying anytime soon.. Not saying CoD isn't good and not saying CoD doesn't require skill because it DOES REQUIRE A LOT OF SKILL.. just different type of skill and a different fan base... both are good games in my opinion.. Anyways here is what I have to say about the AGL tournament from today. As well all know MLG recently had made the decision that the wouldn't OR couldn't pickup Halo 4 for the upcoming MLG event in Dallas... With that being said it caused a major stir in the community from players putting the nail in the H4 coffin to players building their CoD treehouse... either way.. it was a sad moment for the community since Halo and MLG have always been known to go hand in hand with the exception of Reach being a roller coaster ride for MLG. Of course we could not let Halo die, and you can see from the Arena Gaming League tournament in Chicago that HALO ISN'T DEAD and is no way on the way of falling apart... Not to say this tournament was perfect because their were problems and the people hosting and working on it already know what went right and went wrong so I don't need to specify any of those. It was an amazing event to watch with a vast amount of players doing insane plays, callouts, positioning, and of course.. the TRASH TALK.. From Ninja's amazing play on that Haven oddball to Pistola absolutely murdering Ninja later on in a game with a crazy out BR, to FORMAL's AMAZING sniping in the finals, it was all GG's here and there. This event truely showed what the community and the pro's are capable of... oh and just in.. Carbon is getting back together so that's always a light in this dimly lit scene that many portray the Halo community as. Myself personally would view this scene as a time bomb that is about to blow up and bloom some flowers! As I found AGL AMAZING! For anyone who missed it you should go watch the rebroadcast... anyways here are some links.. http://arenagaming.us/ http://www.twitch.tv/arenagamingleague https://twitter.com/ArenaGaming_ https://www.youtube.com/NinjasHyper https://twitter.com/NinjaRTB https://twitter.com/iGotUrPistola https://twitter.com/xHoNNy7 "10h Scott R Lussier Scott R Lussier ‏@Scandhi Lord of the Rings: The Return of #Carbon - coming to a local east coast tournament near you. @GH057ayame RT." Anyways, Happy Gaming. #SaveHalo ; ) <3
  14. http://fav.me/d61tegc http://fav.me/d61zw3n
  15. I'm making a thread open for discussion about the looks of Halo 4. I make this mostly because I am really worried about the looks of the Halo 4 sniper rifle. The art-style of the new UNSC sniper rifle looks horrible. It has a lot of things that don't make any sense and some things that are just in the way and distracts. For example, The scope looks like a radio from the 1960:s. It has an analog sight (or whatever it's called) that can't even be used, and it doesn't need to be there just because of that. Besides, the full-screen digital sight looked a lot cooler in Halo: Reach, and it had an effect, check it out if you don't know what I mean. And Halo 4 doesn't have that. Also on the sight, it needs a cable to be powered? What? did UNSC downgrade the sniper to so that it needs a showing, cheap looking cable to power that small screen? Which by the way, is a lot smaller then the previous versions. It also has a handlebar? Why? Like, did the army get greedy and say it wasn't comfortable enough to carry? Or maybe they want to use the sniper as a mini-gun? It looks like it's supposed to be like that. Also, why have they removed that magnificent, so much more enjoyable sound when you shoot with it? Now, honestly, it sounds like it's driven with gas and old rusty springs that are about to break. Seriously. I don't get it why you have to change this kind of stuff? Do you explain it somehow why the UNSC decided to downgrade it. Or just simply, why did 343 decide to make it look like it was homemade if there was some kind of an apocalypse and someone took the old lawnmower motor and combined it with their kids trampoline springs and made it shoot something. Also, I nearly forgot, The two curved things on the HUD sight when you zoom in, what is the purpose of those? They don't change when you move the sight or shoot or anything so they're just there to distract. Maybe I'm over-exaggerating on this one specifically, but they kind of create an illusion of a circle they make by themselves that distracts a whole lot, at least so it seems. Is that just me or...? For the record, I am not complaining about Halo 4, Only about the sniper rifle. Which all of my friends, that by the way, like me, have played Halo ever since Halo Combat Evolved came out on Xbox.
  16. Sniper0092


    I am new here. I like to draw, so you'll see art related threads. I like to Snipe.
  17. Hi, I am new here. http://fav.me/d5h01nq http://fav.me/d5gulrz
  18. I couldn't find a topic that made this argument (but maybe I just suck). The designated marksman is just that, a marksman rifle. It should not be easily making shots at Sniper distance. The maps are big enough where the DMR can have it's medium to ALMOST long range but the Sniper should take the cake in all long range engagements. The DMR just kills too quickly. It's too easy to use. The bloom or recoil aren't nearly enough because the weapon destroys at any range. Halo is built on balance of basic weapons but the DMR is a preferred weapon, why? Because of its ease of use. And that's boring. I want to see Light Rifle and BR's but the DMR dominates both. The range can be left alone, but it's so easy to make follow up shots. Does anyone agree?
  19. Team Snipers has been an option in every halo. Why would 343 make it rotational? At the credits end, 343 states, Thanks for trusting 343 with Halo. I don't remember having a choice nor am I happy with 343. Campaign was pretty terrible but matchmaking changes are appreciated. However, rotating a favorite playlist like Team snipers is irresponsible. Bring it back and have different variants of No secondary weapon, Alien sniper rifle or pistol. Why is this so hard. Side note: if a company takes over a main title such as Halo, you would think they would preserve as much as possible and change very little in order to keep the fan base. Instead, 343 changed everything but master chief's voice and some of the main weapons. I really do like the matchmaking changes but it would be nice to have advanced the sniper rifle fire, compared to halo 3 instead of keeping it comparible to reach which predates halo 1.
  20. I am looking for anyone interested in starting up a clan with me. I of course will be a leader, but in my clan there will be a ranking system. I currently have yet to select a name for this clan, but I do have 3 ideas. 1.)F.W.S. (Forever We Stand) 2.)Crimson 3,)Immortal/Immortals. I would like to have those who want to join to vote on which name they like the most and when I feel like I've decided on a name based on your opinions then I'll announce it. So please join, vote, and hit me up online so we can play some Halo!
  21. I'm posting this thread to hear veteran halo players opinions. What do you think about zooming in and when your hit, you don't zoom out? This makes cross map BR'ing and DMR'ing easy for any tom, **** and harry, it's ridiculous. Cross map BR'ing was an art in halo 2 & 3, it was what separated the good and the bad. And now cross map shooting requires really no skill involved. Now with the sniper, you unload shots into that guy and he can just sit there and hardscope and he will more then likely get the kill. I must say halo 4 is more enjoying then reach but it still does not compare to bungies franchise. *Oh and one last comment. No 4 shots on the BR?... Seriously? & the DMR is OP.
  22. So 343 you got Halo 4 out! CONGRATZ!! Now it's time to see what playlists you guys unleash! I just want to recommend the next playlist that be introduced to halo 4: TEAM SNIPERS!! So 343 community if you back this please post your support and make it visible. - From a Halo sniper extremist.
  23. Hi guys, I've decided to make a few tutorial videos for those who are completely new at Halo. I personally believe that Halo is a bit more complex compared to other shooters. I thought it would be nice if i could provide new players with a bit of information about the weapons in the game, so that they could improve and hold their own in a match. Hopefully i can push them in the right direction and help the Halo community grow. Some of this information may seem very basic, so Intermediate or advance players please don't be offended. These videos are aimed at those that have no idea where to begin. take care guys The Battle Rifle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31Nq-CDI7J4&feature=plcp) The DMR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTZrqYK0p3E&feature=plcp The rest can be found on my playlist link as this site wont allow me to post more than 2 videos on a topic. http://www.youtube.c...O9SOyxA1tab_nLz The Shotgun The Sniper Rifle The Light Rifle The Suppressor The Assault Rifle The Rail Gun The Saw The Sticky Detonator Ill update the thread as i make new videos. Later
  24. Im Going to be doing a Halo 4 community montage on my youtube WilkemsTV (1.5k subs) if anyone has any clips messag em on youtube and the clips that are used the person wins a free logo!
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