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Found 41 results

  1. I believe they should fix these following issues on Halo: MCC. Get rid of "Halo 3" Game-mode, replace with "Halo 3 & 4 Grifball" The Sport that started it all. Get rid of "Halo 2 Anniversary Rumble" and replace with "Team Snipers" Add Halo 4 to Team Slayer Fix "Connecting Server" issue when players found and not able to connect to host. Find reliable host to connect to (Like above issue) before launching client. Nerf the Battle Rifle for gods sake (Halo 2 Anniversary) Fix the damage on the Halo 3 Battle Rifle (Up it) Add more preferences to Halo 3 & 4. I didn't just buy the game so I could play Halo 2. Branch out game types, instead of "Halo 3" (The most awkward reason to add that in... we'll never know) And make it so you can chose "Halo: CE / Halo 2 / Halo 3 / Halo 4" games with a variety of game types for said game. Make dedicated servers in the East & West of North America... please (If you don't already) I think that should please me. What about you? Discuss. If this happens, i'll dance like Duane.
  2. I want to get a full lobby for Halo 4 and Halo Reach custom games. We will either play this afternoon or this evening. Refraction is my only finished map on Halo 4 since making maps on Halo 4 is a pain compared to Reach. I have some great Halo Reach maps we can play, some made by me and some others once we play Refraction a few times (should be the most fun). Post here if you are interested in playing either Sunday afternoon or evening (today). Also, tell me which time works for you! Attendants (2/16): Sindronian Sindronian's room mate I hope to get a full lobby today : ) LET'S HAVE SOME FUN! These are a few screenshots of the map "Refraction" which I just finished polishing up!
  3. I don't know about you guys but whenever I was in a pre-game lobby on Halo 3, I'd pass time by checking out the file shares of other people in the lobby, in search of a laugh or an awesome picture snapped at just the right moment. Over time, I probably viewed thousands of screenshots... Most were funny, others were epic, and some were beautiful and made me wonder how they had even been created in the game. These are the best of the best. (click on screenshot names if you'd like to download the high res version to use as a desktop) OMG RuN!!!!!!! This guy is an elite hater! by: ATOMIC x KILLA (01.25.2008) Win an elite! The claw game by: o0JAKEOo (06.11.2009) Halo CE Recreation of the Halo 1 box art on Valhalla. by: Redd Hedd (10.29.2007) Morning Chief! im cooking waffles by: TribeSpartan (07.23.2008) My BR iZ... If You 4 Shot Noobz In MLG, Out BR Randoms, Or Just Like The Weapon Put This In Your File-Share by: oI DreZZy Io (01.27.2009) ultimate camo he wont see this coming by: rolyaT13 (06.14.2008) Chief Drumming Chiefs Drums by oO SLiK Oo by: oO SLiK Oo (11.29.2008) Shockwave no desc. by: xiTz OLM5CH3IDx (07.16.2009) Quit camping We will get you, camping is for noobs by: asrto man 3 (01.24.2009) Eclîptiç Techni-Fusion by: Ultimatum VI (04.13.2009) Green Goblin no desc. by: xiTz OLM5CH3IDx (03.13.2009) Halo-O's The offical Halo 3 Cereal. Part of this nutrious breakfast! With Trip-Mine Marshmallows! by: MayorOCrazyTown (04.04.2009) Tell me!!!! How you get recon armor? by: o Br Shadow o (10.24.2008) Dark Shadow I will spare no one. by: EPIC DarkSHAD0W (04.16.2008) MARK V SHOCK dedication to crazyhippiez by: JdOt SODMG (12.16.2008) Aaaand, that's all folks! I hope you all enjoyed this trip down memory lane If you have any favorite Halo 3 screenshots, feel free to share them below!! And speaking of Halo 3, be sure to join me for some fun H3 custom games next Monday, May 19th @ 8pm est! More details can be found in my signature (or by clicking here).
  4. Hey everyone! Check out my newest song for one of the best video game series of all time! My Youtube channel is full of songs of original compositions by me for my favorite video games and movies along with some topics of my own and I think you all MAY love this one. Hope you like! The Video My Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj94C4suvdSD-3wrenh4Cdw/videos Thanks!
  5. Hey guys my name is Nogradea but just call me matt, I have been playing Halo since Halo 3 because I have just got in to video game in 2011 but I grow bigger every day to be the master of the Halo universe. My Favourite halo has got to be Halo reach because of all the ranks system and the credits Because I like to collect and achieve the best of the best. I'm stuck on halo reach at the moment Because I have to wait till my birthday to buy halo 4 or the other ones to master that game. I did have Halo reach but that was 2012 when I met this awesome person who helped he get throw the Halo universe to get to this point his name is Khamal Thomas/DestroyerBFG/Khamal1221 and I wouldn't be playing halo with out him but sadly it ended we part-ways so ye. I'm an a road to inheritor on halo reach and I need some people to help me and rank me up Legit. I don't cheat on halo and other games I don't get the point in doing it but ye. I'm a forge master and like forging on halo iv been doing it lost and made epic maps for the community like Fat lady Cops and robbers on my other account but I lost it, before my name was Ifrex/Proifrex Gamerz Thanks for reading vote if you thought it was interesting. Thanks
  6. Come check out my montage that's coming soon! ~XBL Gamertag: GIG Prophet PS. If you want to join Global International Gamers hit me up!
  7. From the album: Church's Pics

    Here it is, found it!

    © None.

  8. Hello everyone! Church here bringing you a tidbit of forum news: our first official Podcast is up! We hope you enjoy listening to us make total fools if ourselves on the internet...we quite had fun doing it! From now on the podcast should follow a regular format, we will record every fortnight and then I will edit and upload it within the next few days. Recording happens on Fridays, so that means you will get your podcast fix on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. If you have any requests for what to talk about, or suggestions as to how we could improve the format of the podcast, post them here! We're going for between 35-45 minutes for each episode, so tell us if they should be longer or shorter, and if we should expand the scope of what we talk about, or really anything. In the future, we will bring guests in to star in the podcast, and that could be you! We will contact you if we want you on the podcast, but for the most part the crew will be these four members until further notice. Again, hope you all enjoy the podcast, and all hail !
  9. In game on Spartan Ops "Episode 3 - Chapter 5" Don't no if this is a Glitch, Easter egg or what? Playing with some friends of mine, Lvling up my Spartan & some how we thought it was just the covenant guns shooting at us running around but up close you can see that the covenant them self about 1" & a half short lol. If you stop the video at 4:10 you can see one. I don't see 343 industries saying anything about this so it could be a glitch. What do you all think? Comment on my YouTube channel if you can and thumbs up if you like it thanks.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0MEgkcszcg Edited by me. Check it you and let me know what you think! Go halo!! - hastings
  11. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/revrsepalndrome/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=479c8ea6-6507-4119-8ee7-d7813d9c13d5 Under Map Varients. Small competitive map for 2-4 players. Supports Koth and Slayer Variants.
  12. My name is matt but in the gaming world I'am "Gamerocalypse" I'am a PC Gamer that live streams "VideoGames" From Battlefield, Halo 4 to League Of legends. I Entertain people by playing my favorite video games by interact & invite people around the world in my games to hang out & have lots of fun. Ill be placing my halo 4 clips to the new channel this week. Right now I have a battlefield 4 theme up. Check it out and comment on the channel telling me what you all think of it. http://www.youtube.com/GamerocalypseTV
  13. SGC

    Lost Within

    From the album: Green Screen Fury

    A bunch of image's taken by myself alone with the help of some in game Halo 4 mods by me. Please leave your thought's, improvement's and suggestion's. GT Callumsvnetwork Recent images Thank You SGC
  14. Hey everyone, glad to be here. I made this account mostly because I want to try and promote my forge map. Still new to forums but I'm gonna go to the appropriate topics to post the details of my map. Search for me! Hope you enjoy it if you download it! And I hope to play some halo with all y'alls
  15. TLC is a BRAND NEW clan dedicated to the pursuit of epic fun whilst playing Halo 4. We realise how much of a bore it can be to be in clans which don't really play games together, or worse yet - play games as a group of individuals instead of as a CLAN. Look no further, you've found your true clan-mates here. By joining a new clan, you'll also be part of its growing stage so you can even help shape it. New recruits are put to the test via basic training. You don't need to be amazing at Halo 4 to make it in, but you must generally know how to point your gun at the bad guys and not accidentally hit a clan-mate with a sticky grenade. Yes we like stickies, but preferably when they're pointed at the guys shooting at us. We are a merit-based clan with a ranking system. Once recruits have passed basic training, they will be promoted. Clan-mates can progress further in the clan by either playing well at Halo 4 or by contributing to the clan community (e.g. being an active member of the forum). By upholding the ethos of 'having epic fun wherever we go', a clan-mate can be sure to work their way up the ranks fast. Check out our forum and introduce yourself to get the party started: Trigger Loving Chumps (TLC) forum Welcome to TLC - where we like to shoot, party and throw stickies.
  16. Tuesday Night Testing now has an additional host and time-slot. If you want to test your map with THFE or play maps from other people sign up HERE
  17. Scrapyard is a Meltdown inspired layout and built on the Erosion forge canvas. Scrapyard is an enduring battlefield that is strong for dominion, extraction and infinity slayer. This map uses the human drop set from matchmaking and their are X2 initial Rockets and X2 initial Snipers. Vehicles: Alpha Base: Gauss Hog X1, Ghosts X1. Bravo Base: Banshee X1, Charlie Base: Ghosts X2 Information: As Alpha base is on the lower grounds and farther away from B, it contains nice routes, a gauss hog and a more defensible base. Bravo Base contains a lift closer to the alpha routes and is also a self-positioned structure to the middle in the field for it to not be ignored. Their is a banshee on the second floor and their is accessibility on the second floor for it to be intruded. On Charlie Base, it is closer to the Bravo Base and is on higher ground which is the reason why Charlie has two ghosts and no supportive vehicle. Also to add on this is that their are teleporters on the map that work meltdown style where from the outskirts of the base it could teleport them into the base or onto the side of it for closer access. Alpha Base: Bravo Base: Overview 1 Bravo Base: Overview 2 Charlie Base: Download map: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/mexican%20torta%207/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=6d41948f-e582-4f30-a1f2-994deedd1ae3 I hope you all enjoy, This took a while to be perfected and it's still not perfect... but it got to the very best it could be. Featured on THFE
  18. Still can't believe we won this game. The other team found a glitch spot on monolith....
  19. Hey guys, just wanted to try and promote my Uncaged remake: Cage of Death. With Forge Islands released and the whole gamertag and tag searches I hear being fixed I thought now would be a good time to try =] My gamertag is thelimoiscoming; to any readers that might not now how to search, just pause the game, press down, and go to the file browser, then follow these steps: File Browser -> Map Variants -> File Share Search -> (Forger's Gamertag) -> Choose Correct Map -> Download It leans more towards a spiritual remake and it's not an exact replica of the original map. But I'm very proud of it with my own very slight variations to the original which was one of my favorite maps on reach. It was created on Ravine and should work with pratically any game type besides Dominion. This is my first time posting in this forum and I hope you guys enjoy my map remake. Should be the one that has (Final) at the end. Edit: Ok, awesome just found out how to post pics. Again, new to forums, bear with me guys
  20. Hunger games is a free for all game. Only one survives Gamertag: Azpekt297 Map: Hunger Games Gametype: Hunger Games I recommend to play this with 8-16 players trust me, its gonna be fun!
  21. Gamertag: AnEpicPotatoe Map Name: NZ_Deadlock >Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/anepicpotatoe/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=50623699-1858-46c2-a69d-0c1c0196062c Gametype Name: NZ_Survival >Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/anepicpotatoe/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=d3ccca5c-6b6f-47c2-a668-4dd870e6a339 Description: Deadlock is my second Nazi Zombies map. If you don't recall, I am the creator of NZ_Insanity, which you guys already featured, and so I figured I'd submit the second map. This map was a labor of love, and I put a huge amount of effort into both gameplay and aesthetics, going as far as to choose a location in which I'd be forced to forge on a 15 degree angle, but it was worth it. Survivors, chased by zombies, escape momentarily, only to realize they've awoken a sleeping city of zombies. They can't go back, so they must go forward. 10-16 Players I had a little help from Pol Wah and IMAROLLINGSTONE, but this was primarily my project. (I took advantage of the ability to choose routes with this one, rather than Insanity's progression style.)
  22. hi, aim Gamerocalypse and i make Halo 4 videos on YouTube.com for a Hobie. I Great video that i think people will enjoy watching. I Just place some clips together that are funny and i think you all will like. I place Drowning Pool - Mute on the video to give it some feeling to it. The next montage is going to be even batter. Iam learning new tricks on editing videos so i Hope you enjoy my YouTube channel. http://youtu.be/URMCIZ-HdIo
  23. Hello, I've made a very extensive sharship map where the defending team defends it and the assault team flies to it and tries to capture the hangar, bridge, and communications area and kill all survivors to win. I've tested it quite a bit but never on a large scale and would like to try to get an 8 v 8. I am also very fond of custom games and if anyone would like to add me i'll start hosting custom games regularly. My gamer tag is: Dirty Ravers Thanks for your time and id appreciate any help starting these games/ suggestions or comments.
  24. Sign Up for 'The Outlanders' Today: Introduction: Greetings, everyone. This is "RAXS SLAYER" Leader of the Outlanders here to say that we are recruiting members for our faction... Anyone is welcome to enroll, any skill, any rank, you can join us today! What can the outlanders do for me?: The Outlanders are a powerful community of a verity of players. Out faction is divided into a few general areas, anyone can participate in any of these areas whenever they would like: -The Initiators - We build incredible maps, some already have achieved mastery in the arts of forge. -The Competitors - Attend our game nights as we play awesome games on the outlanders very own maps. -The Warriors - As our faction unites we march into matchmaking and reek havoc in infinity. -The Advancers - Groups of 4 head over to spartan ops to advance through the ranks. How do I enlist?: Very simple. once you have enrolled Your name will be put on this post to show that you are a soldier in out faction. There is a step by step guide at the bottom of the page, please follow it to enroll. What do you do? What we do is down to our players. When many of us are online we will join a party, bring along a headset, and decide what we shall do. If there are only a few of us we may play some Smaller Outlander forge maps, or head over to spartan ops to level up, do challenges or some smaller games on matchmaking. Otherwise, we will play massive custom games or infinity. What do i need? You don't need any specifications to enroll in the outlanders. We are open to the public for anyone to join and expand our faction. What are the standard of 'The Outlanders'? When we are online Matchmaking or just having fun, the 'Outlanders' may have some very strict regulations. It is encouraged that we all use the 'Outlander Insignia'. The Howling wolf, featured in out banner at the top of the post. It is a "Green" Primary, "Steel" Secondary and "Forest" Background. We then have the howling wolf with a simple circle background. It is also encouraged that we use "Steel" Primary and "Forest" Secondary armour colours, but not required. How to Enlist: 1) If you haven't already, add me: "RAXS SLAYER" as a friend on XBOX live. 2) Send me a Private message saying you would like to enlist! (No Voice messages please!) 3) Your name will be put on this post. 4) Once done, you are an official outlander, If you would like to leave the faction, please inform me. 5) When you join a Party with me or a fellow outlander, i ask the you change your emblem to the Outlander Insignia. Instructions above in the "What are the standard of 'The Outlanders'?" Section. 6) Whenever i am online or a fellow 'Outlander'. Gear up and get ready for action by joining our games / party! The Outlanders: Raxs Slayer BlackTallTee Jungle Troop BIG IS B A
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