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  1. During this final month of the year for 2015, we come to recognize somewhat differently to the normal process with who we decide most deserves this title. Typically the Moderators of all ranks discuss people on this forum who are active, contribute positive content and are friendly to not only their friendship groups but people they have nothing in common with. This month, we decided to keep online those three criteria as norm, however we're extending the domain to which they apply. Halo is the common interest all of us share, we are united not only as a forum here at 343i.org by it, but rather all of the community of Halo is. That extends from general game playing of the franchise, reading the books and becoming a lore expert, cosplaying as your favourite characters from the series or even joining the ranks of professional players. Whoever you are, you love Halo and that's what this month we're here to prove. Additionally this promotion differs in the fact that we are not promoting one person, but rather a group. Not many people may know these members who are being promoted as the representatives for what we're recognizing. These three members are part of the development team known as i01, are have created such a beautiful creation "Installation 01" which aims to connect Halo players who loved the original trilogy through a multiplayer experience. Not only will it bring back classic memories that have long passed, but all of this will be available for free for all people in the community when completed. However, you don't need to personally know them to be hyped by their work. This applies to all of us who wish to experience the good old days of Halo again, all upon PC, Mac and Linux. As before, our intention is recognize people who bring a wealth of positivity not just to our forums, but to everywhere and everyone that celebrates Halo as something that they hold dear. December, the final month of 2015 recognizes the team of i01 as those who brought us their latest development news on this great undertaking of a project. All members from the team* will be awarded MoM for this month to recognize our appreciation for their work for the Halo community in general. This is the first time that more than one person in a single month has been awarded MoM, but we're not awarding this to one person, we're awarding this to a team who works for all of us. TheChunkierBean ISJTrigger Progo And all of the i01 Team! !!CONGRATULATIONS!! You three as part of the i01 team on our forums are recognized as our top choice for bringing together the Halo community even further, we trust that your eventual release of the full project will bring the classic and new Halo community together in the way that Halo MCC was meant to. You can find the i01's latest trailer as the time of this announcement here and information regarding their project here! Additionally their social media pages are provided; Twitter and Facebook *Note that our very own Community Moderator Church is part of the i01 team, but due to his status of a moderator, cannot receive this award that his colleagues are, but do not forget that everyone not only on the forums here, but in the team in general is being awarded this as a group.
  2. Yep it's that time again. Let me start off by saying this took me by surprise, I thought I would have to wait forever to achieve this, but either way I was more than happy to wait patiently and keep being the member I set myself out to be. I'm very grateful to be chosen as September's MoM. It's kinda been a goal of mine for awhile and I'm honored to hold the title of Member of the Month. The forum and the members has really taught me how to treat people with kindness. Like I said before we are really one big family here, we all have our likes, and our bickering, and a passion in video games, anime, etc. The thing I truly love about this forum is the community, members, staff, even the people who come and go, everyone of you strive to make this site the best as possible, and we have seen throughout the years to know this is true. This forum is a special place to me, and I hope it is for you too. So first and foremost, I would like to say a big thank you to all of the mods for keeping this place totally awesome. Azaxx for always having interesting conversations with even though I pick on you too much. Thanks Senpai~ Tony Stark, what is there not to say about you? You're an awesome friend, funny and kind, you should pop in the shoutbox more often, please? xD. Drizzy_Dan Haven't really talked much, although we both share a anime passion that makes me happy, and the PM is always giving me new suggestions I'm always eager to watch, you seem pretty cool. Btw Death Note is amazing! Ash, I remember when we were purples always teasing Azaxx and causing mischief, we had some good times messing with people in ToD and in the forum all together, and now you are blue and I'm really happy for you. I miss talking to you, you are very smart and kind, hope being a moderator doesn't put too much pressure on you. GSD, woof, woof! Here have some bacon. :3 I need to v.s you in a game of Halo one day, I'm not afraid to lose. xD. Church, I believe I've talked to you a few times. The fallout 4 hype is real. o.o Nice to see another fallout fan to talk to. DocO07, Good luck with your Military Service, it takes a lot of bravery to fight for your country and I respect that. Hope to see you around here more often, I would love to talk to you sometime. The Director, someone I can always count on if I have trouble understanding something, or to simply ask a friendly question. Keep it up TD. RedStarRocket91, possibly one of the funniest drawings of a spartan I've ever seen, it has a certain charm to it that I absolutely love. Keep being awesome RSR. You all do your jobs very well and professionally, I'm really happy I got to know most of you, and I hope to talk more to the rest of you in the future. Friends: In no order. ^^; Yang Xiao Long - Hey Yang! Yang what can I say, you are really a great friend, I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate the friendly shoutbox conversations we have, and when it comes to teasing you in ToD I can always count on you being a good sport. ~I'm not totally evil yang! I just want the forum to be decorated with Hello Kitty and pink is that too much to ask?! >.< Jack of Harts - Always a friendly face on the forum and a good friend. Jack there is a lot of things I can say about you, from your funny humor in the shoutbox, to picking on Caboose for the funnies. You have always been the light of the shoutbox, or should I say mint of the shoutbox? xD Fishy - Such a good friend, he's caring, compassionate, and very friendly. I have yet to uncover the mystery of the artistic fish, Fishy you are a joy to talk to and be around and one of the members on here I honestly look up to. Keep being awesome Fishy, I really appreciate it. ^-^ Wam - The king of trouble, and a great friend. :3 I will always know you by Glitter Destruct! Hehe~ Hayley Kenway - Possibly one of the most interesting news articles I've ever read, you're a good friend always in the shoutbox sparking my interest with something clever and newsy. xD.^-^ Yoshi1176 - Your love for a poofy-hair TV show television host has always interested me. xD. Yoshi you are funny and always a good friend to have around. Delpen9 - Always has something wacky and enjoyable to say, I guarantee you will never be bored with him around. Keep doing what you do Mr. Penguin. ^-^ Halo5 Follower - All hail Keko. :3 How have you been mate? Winry Rockbell - Where have you been? We should totally talk sometime. I hope you are doing well. Sweet, funny, and always energetic. Kawaii Trooper - Friend! :3 May the way of the ninjas guide you. :3 Such a great friend, oh and your Hello Kitty halo helmet is too cute! Congratz on your Event Management position. Caboose The Ace - Possibly the most outrageous, and funniest member on the forum. Keep messing with Jack, it's cute. But in all seriousness, you are really funny and always using that smiley, you will fight tooth and nail to make your point across. Caboose, you really are a character which is why you made my list. Keep being yourself Caboose. Archangel Tyrael- Cupcake It really is a cute nickname. Thanks. Twinreaper - Such a sweetie. Thank you for being an awesome friend Twin! <3 Everyone Else - I apologize if I left anyone out, but I want you guys to know that you all are special to me. You guys keep the forum alive and thriving! Each one of you has a special place in my heart as friends. Thank you very much, all of you. For being there, and supporting the forum and the members. You all are awesome in your own ways. :heart: ❤ All hail the cuteness! *MoM Wish: If it's not too much trouble I would like my own Eevee emoticon for the forum. *
  3. Oh man, I don't even know where to begin with this. I'm really honoured to be this months MoMmy. I thought it was going to be an American member because of July 4th but meh, I'll be your British American Paladin. This community is just amazing. It really is, the staff, mods and members are just incredibly welcoming. It is the reason that I'm in this snazzy pink honestly. The first event was the Staff vs Members event ages ago (we need more of them so we can destroy the staff). Some members here have grown into really amazing friends that I thought I would have never found in my life. This forum has changed me, I feel like I have evolved from a wee little cub to a giant lion who just strokes his main all the time because the hair gets blown into my eyes. Thanks to your witty conversations and banter in the events, it has made me learn a lot from all of this. I just want to thank you all for the confidence booster and butt whoppings I get when I play Halo. A big shoutout (and the first) goes to Jack of Harts for trying to abandon me on Halo: Reach for a community event. He told me that I have to sign up if I wanted to play, I agreed and thought I was never going to come back... I proved myself wrong with the very welcoming, kind and hilarious bunch of individuals here at 343iCF. Here's a list of people that I want to thank the most. Ash - Where do I start with you? You are very caring and a pleasure to talk to. You have helped me out with a few problems that I've had and I just want to thank you for being there for me. You are an amazing member Ash, thank you for everything. Well... Almost everything... The dares were evil of you but someone had to take them. In all serious though, thank you for being there Ash! Melody - The other female member who is both the leader of cute things but also the leader of the evil darers group. You are just an amazing friend! I always enjoy talking to you and we have never once had a single quarrel. You will get your pink soon Bubbles, carry on being you Fishy - The recent powerhouse of stealing chicken nuggets and community events. You are a really cool guy who deserves MoM pretty soon. Maybe next month or the month after. Either way, your time will shine. You're a great member who contributes a whole lot to the forums. Keep it up you smelly sardine AhhOldWoman - A very new member who I stole this title off of. What can I say you nunsense creator? You are a very cool and funny member who has very quickly risen in the ranks to be last months MoM. After talking to you for a bit, I can see why the mods gave you the swaggy title :3 Cooliest - Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam! :3 Edward/ Hayley Kenway - Ahh my news partner in crime who is now my Destiny partner in crime. You're cool, I guess. You are entertaining and we have some... Interesting conversations... Quite interesting if I say so myself. We do the nightfall every week and at least a raid, as well as talk a lot about things. I couldn't ask for a better Destiny partner in crime (maybe I could for flawless ) Self Destruct - You and your nonsense are on another level of crazy my friend, you are quite entertaining with your gibberish and destruction you cause where ever you are. Community event or shoutbox, you turn it into mush. You've also came up with a few nicknames you as Yangarang and OYangatang which I still use to this day rrhuntington - You and your backstaybs are on a whole other universe Schpy. Very entertaining, very funny, very random as well. A very unique person you are Bnus - You just take all of them insults and turn them into another joke or something weird. I have no clue what you did that made RSR go on a craze about you, that will forever be a forum mystery... Yoshi1176 - The recent staff member but the long time Conan lover. You have been a supportive friend throughout my journey on the forums. Funny and dedicated, your accents are top notch such as your Italian one. You'll have to improve your British one though... >_< Unease P33nut - A well known great member. You are funny and a cool guy. You also destroy everyone's butt in Halo except GSD... He's like future Superman... O_O I will beat you one day... Just watch me... O_o Cheap Piece of Plastic - Your profile picture synergies very well with your username, it speaks the truth. You are quite a randomly cool person, hopefully you don't change any time soon Plastic, stay classy you cheap piece of plastic and one day, just one day, you'll be worth my money. D38Boss - Well what can I say? You was the go-to guy if I wanted to get my events promoted, you're now one of them weirdly coloured art people. I'm really interested in your signature, also you keep us all entertained no matter where you are. Podcast, Youtube channel, shoutbox and events. Never a dull moment with you sir. Pengu - The Mafia fanatic, all I have to say is you crazy person you. The stuff you say is either completely random or even more random. Thanks for making this title weird with your last status update... Thanks Delly... >_< You also spelt birth wrong Caboose the Ace - The other Mafia fanatic, crazy for Mafia, crazy for PS4 and currently going through the ESO phase. You are quite a chatty and interesting character, keep it up Caboose TDM - It's great to see you trying your hardest to become an active member here recently! Your complementary art is just as cool as you (very). Hopefully you can be an active member again just like in the past, I'm working on some art for your next art week Halo5 Follower - You are so much of a follower, you are now known throughout the forums as a Follower. You're also an Aussie! You and Keko are need to do more unboxing videos! Also have Keko try to open a box Tell Keko I said hello and that he cannot take over England yet. I don't want to be your cats slave... Other staff/Mods - I want to give out a huge shoutout to the staff and mods of 343iCF. Their work has been able to keeps this forum active and alive, striving for new members and filling us all in with news. Let it be Forge Group to Art Department, Event Management to News Group, Community Mods to the two Site Mods. All of you have done your job extraordinarily well, I couldn't think of anyone else that could take your places! I salute you all for all of your hard work and efforts that you put in daily for the forums Twam - All hail Twam! All hail Twam! So then, what will I do now? Very simple really, I'll carry on being me. I'll do all I can to make the forum even better. I will be having a playdate sometime at the end of this month on MCC, I'll try and break my own record like I did on Halo: Reach (I probably won't but I'll give it my all). I'll carry on being active until another Bnus fanclub is made or until Church finds a way to break the forums for everyone because he's just into that sort of thing . I have decided on my wish! My wish would be yet another smiley. We need a fully British emote with a monocle, top hat and a cup of tea Thank you all for being such an amazingly incredible community!
  4. Welp, it's that time again. The time for another member to be chosen as the following month's best, top-notch, out-of-this-world person within the next several days. I have been here for only 3 months, since 3/20/15, and I would like to say something. As a Greenie, I'd like to say that this forum is terrifying amazing. Many of you have become my dearest friends. I've seen and noticed that just about every single one of you guys and gals, are really talented, and amusing, and just plain awesome. I'd make a list, but to avoid Church attacking Fishy, I won't. You all know who you are. And I thank and love every single one of you. I seriously, really care about each and every one of you. As only a 3-month-old Greenie, that says a lot. Within next week, Staff, Moderators, even the community itself will choose the next MoM (But mostly the mods). It's time for the torch to be passed on. I'd like for my name to be changed back to my original, AhhOldWoman. Consider it a wish. --I love all of you.-- Even Caboose, kind of.
  5. Thank you 343 Industries Community Forum for being patient in the announcement of our latest Member of the Month. This month our choice is one of the friendliest members to ever hit the site. He's always got something nice to say and likes to contribute to the forums a bunch as well. Interests include: Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Halo, long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Members, give it up for: Congrats buddy We had a couple strong candidates this month as well. There were a good amount of you who put in a lot of work and The Moderating Team is really hoping and encouraging that you continue to put that same effort in this month.
  6. After so many long and draining battles, so many heated debates, so many spambots defeated... I HAVE RISEN TO THE PINK!! >:3 But really, none of this could've been possible without all of you, who make it worth coming back here day after day!! (Unless Caboose is on degrading Halo's character development >.>) 3+ years... 3+ long years.. Some of you who have been on here for a month, to some who have been here longer than I, all of you have made me feel at home in the shoutbox with lively conversations and our shared affection for HELLO KITTY! Or in the forum threads with so many enjoyable games and Halo discussions where I can feel at home (in my grave.. 'cause I usually die right away >.<) Before I get into how much I love round 1 executions.. I have some people that really need to be thanked for all they've done to help me get to this point! Azaxx ~ You've been there since the beginning, and you've always been a good friend, even if you have fallen to the evil aura you now posses. You may have changed since back then, but i'll never forget how caring and adorable you were, and still are (on the inside). I will always remember Nagisa-san.. ;-; Austintacious ~ Ebola. Axilus Prime ~ The one who always does something crazy and awesome, who plays with swords in school, and now hosting a mafia. Always there when I truly embrace my blonde nature, and laughs non stop. You will never let me live that illiterate thing down, will you? BATMAN ~ You know how to make a girl feel at home, with fire... And drinks.. And good music. Always a pleasure to talk to, even after you stabbed me to death. (I will get my revenge!) Black Wolf ~ Ever since you joined the Rwby PM, I've always enjoyed our discussions and the characters we've created in there. Bnu.. Bnus ~ Bnus Bnus Bnus.. You have been a good friend and not someone who loves Last Of Us. Never leave ;-; I remember the days long ago when you were another colour. #bringbackbluebuns. Oh, and you owe me a day of pink. Church ~ Not just a name change request station, but someone who really cares about the community, and has been around for almost as long as me. You know how to get a conversation going, especially when it involves Austin, and a certain disease. Connor Kenway ~ At first I thought you were related to Edward, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Always nice to me in chat, even when you tease me. ~.~' Go team Tracer! Delpen9 ~ Saber is best girl! :3 Onsokumaru ~ Onii~chan!!! I couldn't believe that you were legendary when I first met you, now I know why. Super kind and sweet, always one to brighten my day when you pop in the shout box. Dr Biggles ~ You are one of the few on the forums I would not want to meet on halo as enemies.. Though I wonder, what are you a doctor of? Drizzy_Dan ~ The double D..... That aside, you are a super kind and fun mod who always lightens the mood, either by discussing anime, or banning Jack! :3 Edward Kenway ~ News is love, and you are one to always bring to us. I really enjoy your articles, and your weekly wrap ups. Equinoxe ~ It's been awhile since I've seen you, and I'm glad to see you back. Frankenzer ~ I will always see your name and think, Santa.. You always make Mafia interesting, and I never know what side you're on, a valuable ally, or a challenging opponent. GermanShepardD ~ Halo5willbecool ~ I hope it will be too, and also I enjoy our SB encounters. Hercu.. Fishy ~ Always one to make my day with you book series, and any crazy ideas you do (like your name/SD). And for the last time, I never said I was having a baby! >.< Jack of Harts ~ Jack.. Jaaaaack.. I'm eternally grateful that you have taken the burden of being the mods punching bag, I don't think there is anyone else who could withstand such punishment as you do. Stay strong, stay black. Kakashi_Hatake ~ Grif, always such a delight to see in chat, I've never met anyone who is more upbeat and happy about life before.. Ever.. But really, you are fun to face in mafia. Legdend1221 ~ Tanks for being a good friend :3 lilsilmarillion ~ Even though I've only known you for a short period, you are such a friendly person, and really kind in chat. Lisanna Strauss ~ So few posts, but so much trusted. The only person I know who can keep Twin in check, never leave my side. LODT Cal18 ~ So friendly from our first meeting, and always so kind when greeting me in the SB. Halo Mega Bloks are the best! Lu... Self Destruct ~ Maestro ~ What is lenny? Where did it come from? Maggie ~ *gives pink* Melody ~ Ever since I first met you, I knew we would become great friends. From cute things to Hello Kitty to Eevee, our love for these has only been rivaled by our kind dares we give to others in ToD, especially Yang. Mr Kittens and Gibberish ~ This name always makes me smile, though I will always know you as Ruby. RedStarRocket91 ~ You are not illiterate, this I know. It was fun being the first Rockette though. ;P rrhuntington ~ The best mafian ever. ;P Rue ~ Roses are red, vio... Ah, you were always better at poetry. Such a good friend! ShadowFiend216 ~ Now I can finally type your name.. Though I will miss those special letters. Spyro ~ Your "discussions" with Orbis were always so.. Enlightening.. Other than that, always a joy to talk with. The Director ~ Not just a name changing tyrant, but a very, very knowledgeable name changing tyrant. You always kinda felt like a big brother to me on here. (hope that's not weird >.<) Total Mayh3m ~ Such a sweet guy, always looking out for me, even when I had first joined. TM <3 Twinreaper ~ So evil, yet so sweet. I still remember that poem! Unease P34nut ~ When EK isn't around, you bring the news, and the halo skills. One day I will challenge you. >:3 UNSC SPARTAN II ~ A fellow lover of Rwby and a great friend, always so kind in the SB and in the Rwby PM Vaulting Frog ~ Always behind his trusty couch, and always super sweet and caring to me. Vitamin Pwn ~ One of the first mods I ever met, always upbeat, and a fellow Fairy Tail fan. Yang Xiao Long ~ Bnus Bnus Bnus.. Aha. You're always a sweet person everywhere on the forums, and such a trooper in ToD. Thank you for inviting me to the Rwby PM, and for always being such a good friend! Also, I only do those Eevee dares, because I care. Yoshi1176 ~ Not a green dinosaur, not a gree.. President! You are a strong leader of the USF, and I thank you for letting me partake in the congress. I thank you for all your contributions to the forums, and I know 343i is in good hands, with a bright future in store. - Twam ~ Almighty Twam, I thank you for creating such an amazing place for us all to come to, one that I can call home! I look forward to all the future updates and changes. (even if Red takes all the credit ^.^) - And thank you to anyone I may have missed, I'm so grateful that I could meet and get to know all of you, and that we could grow as a community! MoM Wish: I wish for a Hello Kitty smiley to be added. Thank you 343iCF!!!
  7. Thank you everyone for waiting through the hectic April Fools put on last minute by your lovely Community Staff and not abandoning ship from the sheer frustration of Bnus somehow being praised by our site. Bnus being MoM should never ever be a thing ever again. What SHOULD be a thing is this month's MoM. Member of the Month is for members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for months on end and have finally earned their time to shine in that color that only one member gets for the whole month. If we had given it out seriously yesterday it just wouldn't have been as special. So now that my rambling is done, let's give it up for: ASHLYNN
  8. Thanks everyone for waiting patiently for this month's Member of the Month to be announced. I understand it was an agonizing struggle waiting for this post to be made and the anticipation was literally not figuratively killing you but WHY SO SERIOUS? A6ENT of CHA0S is this month's Member of the Month for setting high quality examples in his posts and discussions. Good posting will get you noticed. CONGRATS to A6ENT of CHA0S on his achievement and have a great month being minus green!
  9. I realized in the time I've been here I never even posted an introduction on the forums, so here it is. Hi, I'm rrhuntington. I joined this forum two years ago, after watching this place for a good time. Before I came here, I had not known a place like this even existed. A Halo forum where fans of the series and some former fans could find themselves and talk about Halo and games in general. I joined 343ICF because I love Halo, and that statement holds true to today. It really is a magical game to me, and it was a staple of my childhood. So to join a place that prides itself in the enjoyment, news, and following of the franchise was an easy deal. During my first few weeks I had signed up on here, I had no intention of staying as long as I have, and I really didn't. I stayed until December of 2012 and then left for over a year. I joined in what I like to call "The post Halo 4 period." Where the community of Halo still seemed shell-shocked on what kind of gamed Halo 4 truly was. At that time, I couldn't see the good this site had to offer. Realizing now how I felt back then, I must have been blind. When I came back late in 2013, I don't remember what told me to come back. Maybe it was a rekindling of interest in Halo, maybe it was just curiosity. Whatever it was, I'm glad it happened. I started becoming more active, engaging in more conversations, and writing posts on thought provoking topics. It's like something just clicked in my brain. I saw through whatever cloud blinded me the previous year. I joined play dates in Halo and other games abroad, and I mingled with people. I started to make friends on the site over the past year. They have made me laugh, and made me think and have given different viewpoints on many different topics. I rose from GREENIE to Trusted to Dedicated very quickly. There was so much to talk about in threads and in the Shoutbox, that it made ranking up easy, but it was never about that. After a while, I just wanted to be around you guys, everyone on this site. This place has become a (sort of) home for me. It wasn't just about Halo anymore, it was this site, and the people who dwelled here. I'm sorry I couldn't see that before. I come here everyday... because of all of you. Everyone that's ever been here has made it a blast. All the GREENIES, All the Trusted, All the Dedicated, Art Department, News Team, The Moderators, Admins, TWAM... Even the Banished ones who are no longer with us. I want to thank all of you. You are my reason to keep striving here. We'll go through tough times, and we'll go through some of Great moments together, and I'll be honored to be a part of it all. As we step upon the door to a the dawn of a new era in Halo, and this site alike, I'll keep walking with you through the door and beyond. You've all made it a journey I'll never forget, and I don't think I ever want to get off this ride. Let's make some more memories eh? Look Buddy... See ya around.
  10. I'm not very good at speeches so this may be short. I'd like to start this by saying that I never expected this to happen to me. It was a real shock to read the announcement topic and see my name in pink. Since I joined as prometheanpwner last November, I have met plenty of great members who are the only reason I stayed here. But I owe my pinkness to JackTheRipper (close enough to the colour) who brought me back here in April. Without that, I wouldn't be here today. I have seen lists of names in MoM speeches before but I'm not posting one. If I began to list I would go through 98% (the other 2% would be spambots and those who should not be named) of the members here. So I'll simply say thank you to everyone here for keeping me here on these wonderful forums. And I would like to thank all you blues (my sworn enemies...jk..........Red Team rules) for choosing me as MoM for this month. That's all I have to say. Dexter out!
  11. My month has come to an end, Blake BellaMoMa had her time, but now it's time for a new MoM to take the throne. I'd like to thank all of you for being the great members you always have been, I appreciate all the praise and support I've received from you all this month. I am looking forward to seeing a new member achieve this honour, there are many of you that deserve it. Tomorrow marks the end of my reign as MoM, but it also marks my 1 year anniversary on this forum. It's been one helluva year. I'm glad I joined this forum and met all of you guys and girls. It's been a year of great community events, memorable moments, and good friendships. Thanks to all of you who welcomed me when I first joined. And thanks Twam for creating and running this community, and to all the staff who spend their time and put effort into this community. I don't have much more to say, so I'll end things here. Thanks everyone for being great people to talk to and kill things with, and I'm sure I'll be here for years to come to say the same thing again. The MoM of September 2014, Shinya Kogami.
  12. [the MoM banner is causing derpness within the thread, sorry] This has been a loong time coming... and it's finally here (ala 666th post :spiteful: ) Sunday, August 17th, 2 pm EST, 7 pm GMT Converter: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc [the time is subject to change] [banner, and topic name will be changed to suite a game change] I know, you're wondering how I'm going to do this... well here's my plan. 1: Say you're joining, and post your GT. I will then include you on the list. I don't care if you post things that have nothing to do with the Gamenight on here, but please tell me if you can join beforehand before you do. 2: A few hours (maybe just an hour) before the actual time of the playdate I will host a pre-party to screw around in. Send me a message, and I'll invite you. It is not mandatory to join the pre-party, so you can wait until the actual party starts, or a little after if you're a "late bloomer". If you can't join, please tell me, and I'll remove your name from the list and open a spot for joining. 3: When the time comes I will be lurking in the Shoutbox to invite people, and after everyone's in I will launch the game-night... and the shenanigans will begin! The rules have been skimmed. Must read though: - - - - - Thanks to everyone who came! DarkAngel Unease P34nut Coldfreeze TheMaskedMan GermanShepherdD Delpen9 Sub ZeroX7 Honorable mention to these dudes! They may not have made it, but they will always be in remembrance... *cue weird funeral music* Bnus Edward Kenway Ardent Prayer ShadowFiend216 Blake Belladonna Butch Flowers Ruby Rose
  13. This is how it's all going down. First part, Halo 3 custom games for an hour. We'll be have slayer matches against eachother. Then Halo: Reach Multiplayer for another hour. Custom games will also be happening if you are all up for some. To end this, a final hour of Halo 4 custom games. This clearly adds up to 3 hours. This will be on Sunday 7th September and will be from 2pm EST - 5pm EST. You are free to submit any game modes/maps you want. So to recap: Halo 3 is from 2pm - 3pm EST. Halo: Reach will be from 3pm - 4pm EST. Finally Halo 4 will run from 4pm - 5pm EST. Thanks. Attendees: DarkAngel Self Destruct Berriesboo -Sparky- Bnus x Pyro OTP Unease P34nut Butch Flowers
  14. Last month we had an explosive MoM... And this month we are going to tone it down... by 1mm. ish... This person has shown what it takes to be an outstanding member on the forums. From making quality posts throughout the forum, attending many of our community events as often as possible, and even posting a news story here and there, our newest Member of the Month is one heck of a Spartan and could be 'two' much for you all to handle! Yes, if you had not picked up on the subtle (but pathetic attempt) hints by now, our new Member of the Month for September 2014 is.... -drum roll- (err.... good enough) Blake Beladonna (aka. UNSC Spartan II)!!!! Congratulations Blake Beladonna on your month in Pink!!!
  15. So, where to start? I'd like to thank every single one of you for being great friends and all those who welcomed me to the forum when I first joined last October. I personally could've thought of several other Members more deserving of this title. When I first joined here, there were so many great Members to meet and talk to and plenty of interesting topics to discuss. It was the best place to be when everyone was predicting things and creating theories for the next Halo game. I loved this place ever since I had signed up as UNSC Spartan-II (Spartan will be back). I had something in common with everyone here: Halo, RvB, and RWBY. It was great meeting all these friendly Members and I enjoy coming online everyday just to chat to you all. I'd like to give a personal thank you to everyone I've met here. Self Destruct - The most explosive guy I know. The Dumb Weasel - Probably the only weasel I know. Church - You'll get the hang of that Sniper some day. GermanShepherdD - 1v1 me bro (Jk, I'd rather not get torn to shreds). Jack of Harts - You know how to deal with an MA5D Assault Rifle. Butch Flowers - This is the month where you can assault me with all your 'Yo mamma' jokes. DarkAngel - You put the Y in Team RWBY (and thanks for suggesting the MoM name). Mereel - One of the best Clone Troopers out there. Edward Kenway - One helluva Pirate. The Masked Man - Keep up the great scripts. RedStarRocket91 - The ultimate lady killer. Adam91 - Looking forward to your great News articles. Bnus - #Stinky Berriesboo - How are those Mini Waffles? EliteSpartan - The UNSC needs you. Mr. Biggles - Mad skillz bro. Unease N3wsnut - ...p34nut butter... Coldfreeze - One of the funniest guys I know. -Sparky- - Those assassinations though... Ruby Rose - RWBY's Team Leader, make us proud Gravy. Cooliest - Is there anyone coolier? 343iBot - Gives the warmest welcomes on the forum. Arachny - Fish food? BaconShelf - Lore Master. BubblePopX3 - Bubble gum, 'nuff said. Caboose the Ace - Founder of Blue Team. Dog - You 'da dawg. D-38 Boss - Dragon Man! The Director - Want to play some more race maps on Halo: Reach...no? Halo5willbecool - Yeah, it will. Glitch100 - Great work on you website. Jay El - You have possibly the best name change history on the internet. Axilus Prime - Awesome artwork man. Frankenzer - I know who to team up with when it comes to Halo Wars. Ledgend1221 - An absolute Legend. Drizzy_Dan - Always looking forward to reading your WSWs. Azaxx - Nagisa... AnimeAddict - Does anyone love Anime more? Halo5 follower - A really modest guy. HaloGeek - You're teach History better than my History teacher. Austintacious - Great videos, keep it up. Gemini Dragons - Cool guy. Delpen9 - Derpen. Helljumper425 - Awesome cosplaying man. Krissy Mallot - Enjoying the Halo Books? DocSpartanO07 - Dude, where've you been? Vitamin PWN - You taking all your Vits? Tucker - Bow Chicka Bow Wow! ShadowFiend216 - You're my personal sniper. Vaulting Frog - What's it like being a frog? Vigilant Intellect - Humans FTW. Yoshi1176 - President of the forum. BeckoningZebra1 - Keep away from the lions. Wonder Wombat - The real Arbiter. Rue - Great taste in music. ShockGazm - Shocky! UncookedMoa - Great Halo MVs, you could teach me a few things. Zandril - Diarrhea? Pbrabbit - Keep up your performing. rrhuntington - Don't worry, your EVAC will come sooner or later... Shun 'Kanamee - One tough Sangheili warrior. Taffbag - Where you at Taffy? Sikslik7 - Looking forward to your Events. The Stig - Friendly guy. The British Spartan - The UNSC could use you too. Twinreaper - The forum is here for you. TheSilverCenturion - Mr. Mayh3m Spyro - The forum Dragon. Onsokumaru - You've hosted some of the best events I've ever attended. Maestro - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Halo 5/ Disney Frozen 2014 - Dude, that's a long name. Silent Orbis/Alpha - The Silent Siblings Zaguroth - ...Swaguroth. Zoobkillerninja - That profile picture... And the Almighty TWAM - Thank you for creating this amazing site. I've tried to mention everyone I know in this list so please say so if I forgot to mention you. Thanks everyone, you're all great Members and I appreciate all the support I've received from all of you. Keep up the awesomeness. - Blake BellaMoMa
  16. Hey everyone. So I'm thinking of hosting a MoM event on Destiny on the Xbox One. I'll be getting my Xbox One in about a week and Destiny a few days after it's release. I'll be packing away my Xbox 360 because of a lack of space in my room. This leaves me with two options. I can either A. Host an Event on Destiny on the Xbox One, or B. Host an Event on any Halo game this weekend. This weekend leaves little time and would be rushed, but an Event on Destiny on the Xbox gives more time. I'm not sure how many people will be getting Destiny on the Xbox one though. So vote in the poll and comment below to see how this will all turn out. Thank you. - Blake BellaMoMa
  17. Hello, and welcome to the speech thingy! I'm not good as speeches... like at all. But I will try my best to make this bearable for everyone! This speech will probably be shorter than most of the MoM speeches, but I don't give a hoot. I had fun, and that's all that matters! Prepare for weirdness... 1st and foremost... hey there... 2nd... I like tacos. 3rd... and this one is important... This. Is. MY. SWAMP. . . . . . Seriously, this is such a great honor. I'm flattered that the powers at be bestowed upon me such a renowned title, and I can never fully express my gratitude and gratefulness for that fact. You are the best people around, and I'd never trade you in a million years. Yeees, even you Greenies and Burples. #RedneckSelection2014 It's hard to believe that just last year, in the wee month of June, that I was just a Greenie lookin for some change on the streets, and occasionally haggling some Bystanders with my weird Hobo speeches. (Greenie PRIDE). I joined thinking this site was the official 343 Industries website (I thought Waypoint was just for Halo), and I bopped into the Shoutbox to chat with a few members... I don't remember which ones specifically BUT I remember I did leave a good impression on some of the people who were there. I thought the place was iight (don't judge me), and lo and behold I decided to stay. Due to hard work, and dedication I managed to reach the o-so-burple rank of Trusted Member. Then Dedicated slowly followed suite! Hail Hydra Keeping up with my naturally strange, and off-putting demeanor, most people would see me haunting the Shoutbox for hours on end (in rural Texas you don't have much to do). I would post allot: always trying to make the highest quality posts I could, while still being myself. That is pretty much my Forum life in a nutshell. c: .....GREEEENIIIEEEESSS!!!!! .....BUURRPLLEESS!!!!! Hmmm I don't really know how to continue with this speech... life story? NAH most people here already know me as the crazy Artist Shoutbox Loon, and I don't really need to reveal information regarding my personal life, since 1: It's not important, and 2: I'd rather not be self absorbed and post a whole biography (Forum biographies don't count man). I don't want to point out specific "friendos" since I don't want someone to feel left out. You are ALL my friends. The TWEM, the numbskulls, the loonies, hehe... the greenies, the burples, the mob, the sheep herders, the used car salesmen, the TWINS, them who shall not be named... , the laugh-riot spambots, and ALL of you people. C: Thank you CMods, Mod, Staff, and Twam for keeping this place running, and putting up with our shenanigans!! We need to go derper. Oh yea, here's a message for Derpin9... So... without further ado.... I bring this MoM speech... to a close... *hears booing from the croud* HEHEHEHE EDIT: I remember Bnus saying something about a MoM wish. I've never seen one mentioned before, and I don't know if it's mandatory.... but I guess I'll have a crack at it. My MoM wish is... I don't know what kind of wish Bnus was referring to, but here goes nothing: A little Gallery Window on the Forum main page to preview the actual File Share Gallery. That way people actually look at the images instead of just skipping out on the Gallery altogether. The old gallery can still reside where it is. The little window can be closed like all the other Tabs. I don't care if it's up top, or at the bottom. This is for people who want to share their art in the Gallery, but can't get enough recognition because of how neglected the Gallery is. And I'm not referring to myself. I can give a reference picture of how another Forum has the Preview Window of it's Gallery if requested. That's it. You people have already given me enough. c: So that's the end. I'll see you starside!
  18. I must confess something... There's no food here. Tricked! Treated! Trolled! Heehaw haw! don't click this Anyway let's continue, shall we? My time as MoM is almost over. The torch will be passed and all that jazz, and MoM Destruct dies forever... but Self Destruct rises from them charred pinkish ashes. Thanks for putting up with me this month, and thanks to whoever chose me as MoM (I forget how it's determined actually), be it the Mods or Staff: I am eternally grateful. Thank you to the regular members as well: you guys are great! Finally, thanks to the Staff/Mods/Twam for keeping this place running for all us! It was fun while it lasted, but I know the mantle of MoM does not persevere forever. I wish the September MoM (and all future MoMs) good luck, and that he/she will be the greatest MoM yet! Lastly the MoM wish... it hasn't been granted (at least I don't think it has) but that's alright. Just getting the title of MoM was enough for me. c: And with that the Outtro comes to a close. Thanks for reading! Thanks, thanks, thanks, 2000x thanks. - - - - - I'll just leave this here... ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)
  19. [the MoM banner is causing derpness within the thread, sorry] Yep. My time as MoM is nearly over. In a few days I'll have to relinquish my Pink Pride... At least I went out with a BANG (well almost)! I'm grateful that the Mods/Staff/Everyone Else decided to bequeath me with the Pinkyness. I can never fully show my gratitude for that, so I hope this Event will be nearly sufficient as payment! (At least for everyone except for Azaxx... he wants Blood Payment :spiteful: ) Keep being the all-around trippin-strait-rippin bada$$ forumers you are! - - - - - Thanks to everyone who joined! Butch Flowers Edward Kenway Unease N3wsnut Bnus DarkAngel Coldfreeze GermanShepherdD ...and an Honorable Mention to the people who signed up, but could not make it due to circumstances rrhuntington Berriesboo Mr. Biggles Church
  20. Custom Games Matchmaking [Waiting since Halo3] [Fixed] Halo 4 forge with more features = Adding Ai [Ai as in everything from UNCS Grunts, to enemies, to campaign bosses] New Forge Mode: Campaign Forge [Lets you go into a campaign mission, choose a checkpointed section, or area, and build there and complete the mission how you would've liked too, or just use that area to make a game mode in] Remove armor abilities from starting load outs and make them pick up if you still choose to keep them in. Make the DMR a pick up, not the BR. Dynamic Animations such as juking to the left or right as you hit jump. [Maybe] Graphics. Coop. Fun mode where you get to play as an ODST. [Maybe as an activated skull, or a custom setting.] In Custom Games allow you to play as: Forerunners, Elites, Hunters, Etc. Be able to use the War Sphinx in custom games.
  21. Well guys and gals... Can you believe it? It has been One year, Three weeks, And Three days ever since I have joined this amazing site, And who knew that I would ever get here? When I first started, I remember I had just been glossed down in a fresh new coat of Green, And boy did I love it. I had never known about the five post rule until I had actually tried using the shout box (A.k.a My Natural Habitat to This Day). I had popped up thinking this had been the official 343 Industries forum site like a lot of disappointed customers popped up for, But I wasn't disappointed, I was actually full of ideas. When I had saw the thread of Ideas for Halo: Xbox One, I had thought it was official and thought my word could've been put out there. But I had read Sweaty Bagels message on the thread speaking of a certain deadline for ideas. And being my dumb self at the time, I went and sent him a message asking, "Where could I put my ideas for the next Halo?". It was then and there after receiving not a single reply that I realized... That co-worker must be busy!! But that was also the day I happened to find out that it was just a community of people that I now know today, A community that was very supportive of everyone and cared - Just like a family. That had been the day I also met BanishedRick, We both hung out on Halo 4 for a while, Exchanging ideas, Talking and just chilling out. We were both pretty good friends, But after a while I had sadly detached from the friend ship as my major amount of gamer tag changes had brought a big confuzzle into the community. There was the time I had been upset and I wanted to quit, I posted that thread. It is locked now, But here is what it was. I was practically leaving with no specific reason... Honestly, I had felt upset as I would speak in the shout box and not get a single answer and feel left out, Resulting in me feeling like no one cared. This was also at a time when I had not yet discovered my ADHD and therefor had issues managing my patience. So, I'm pretty sorry for making that thread just to grasp some attention - I still slap myself for that one. Later on through life, I started to get some more friends, I had become friends with Spartan OMEGA, Now known as Edward Kenway - The big man when it comes to news, Because he does a lot of stuff with news. (Sorry Zebra, He paid me pizza and weasels.) Edward and I were close friends, We would make random roleplays in the PM system and sit there in the shoutbox and make a bunch of "mail" puns every five seconds. That stopped after Azaxx had told us to cut it out or we were gonna get cut out of the Shout box. (Azaxx pls.) Edward and I also stopped role playing in the shoutbox after Austinacious (Sorry if I spelt it wrong) had dropped in on a role play of ours that really was just funny with his reaction, But was the most serious thing ever. Literally. Well, Until I got slapped. I later had grown a little more, Under the ever lasting impression of 343iBot being my MoMy at the time, I had learned that my father was Father Bullet, Until Zebra had married iBot. There were even rough times, I remember when the whole Shadow vs. Blue team broke out. I still feel sorry for that event, And I will say now, Caboose - Though sometimes I can get a little annoyed, It still doesn't give me the right to take authority away from you for not having a valid gamer tag, Listing it as Ranger447 at the time it was off the charts. Either way, I shouldn't have tried taking your leader ship away from team, And I am sorry. Same thing for you Eren Yeager, After you left for a few days and I took over, I am sorry. I shouldn't have stolen your operation from you, It is the wrong thing to do. I remember when I first held an event, It was pretty fun! Not everyone showed up, But I made friendships to last a life time, And that is priceless to me, And I am thankful for what you all have given me. I also remember joining one of the THFE test lobbies with AbleSir Thomas. Although I had a map to share, A.k.a The Delfino Airstrip, I never showed it off as I had caught on to the fact that it was the type of map testing for mainly game type maps and not just for fun. (It was still fun to play the game though.) After some time I had really changed, I had times where I barely showed a single pixel of text 'round these parts, And I will say, I regret that. So much has changed here, So many new groups, new members, new mods, new everything. And that has opened tons of doors for me. After some decent time, TGS Shadowless and I had started a YouTube channel, In which was HymanionStudios, and was my Gamertag at the time. Until I had dropped out of HymanionStudios in the hopes to make a lead a channel all of my own. (Still debating when to make it). But, When one special thing happened to me... When I first turned Purple, I'll admit... I kind of spammed at the last twenty posts, And that... Is a terrible crime. Although I wanted to be purple, I should've been more chill about it rather than just go RUSH RIDGE on it, Y'know? After turning Purple, I really didn't do anything. I just sat and did that - Nothing. Now onto the list of amazing people I know here. The Stig, Who I have yet to take on in Forza. Which I know I'd probably get beaten, I just wanna have fun driving. -Sparky-, The guy "who" really likes the TARDIS and Dr. Who himself!! (And Pikachu) GermanShepherdD, And he always gets fresh bacon. No matter what. Drizzy_Dan, Who will always be known as Drizzy_Doge in all of our hearts. Fishy, The man who was the first to acknowledge my map of The Delfino Airstrip, Thinking it was pretty cool. Maestro the Stampede, Or Maestro, Or Lenny, Who was a good forger himself and also acknowledged my works. Lycaoni, And she was a role player with us all in Edwards awesome Halo: Radioactive role play. AI Gamer Girl, Who was very good at being a citizen of Shout box Island, And to this day barely shows up any more. (Why ladeh...?) Ledgend1221, He was pretty sincere with some pretty serious stuff. And by that I mean he can take a family friendly joke and make it your worst nightmare. (All ur jokes are belong to meh.) Zelda, Who pretty much liked to watch Connor Kenway and I have Gravity Hammer/Energy Sword duels, Because why not? Twam, Who is always watching. (Thanks for making this amazing site, My life wouldn't be complete without this site or anyone here. Your all an essential part of me.) I'm decent friends with RedStarRocket91, Who must've been laughing when he got that PM from me claiming.. "I wan be C Mod, Can u doez that pls?" (No but seriously, You can ask him, I did send a message regarding that.... RSR.... Pls.... ) Absolute Dog, Who I met on Halo: Reach at an event that was slowly dying down, He was very awesome, And he dared not to use a single AA, Just played the game clean. Spades N 'AZ, I went to one of his Friday MoM game nights, It was crazy fun!! (Miss you man.) Self Destruct, One of the best artists I know, He is also the bearer of the awesome birthday gift known as... HOLA!! A very amazing picture he made, A commission from me to sponsor #RedneckSelection Yoshi, Who is pretty good at Cards Against Humanity... Pbrabbit, Who should be in a movie, That'd be cool to see. Keep those dreams up man! Azaxx, Who even though is quiet all the time, Is still the best shouter to ever exist. Also the scariest of mods... Maybe... Maybe... Bnus, Who would get in arguments with TGS Shadowless about the colors of spartan armor... #ImOnYourSideOnThisOneBuns (Bnus also helped lift Art week a little further into the air, Big thanks for him owning the Facebook/Twitter pages) #CommunicationsRule TwinReaper - Who gives me the hope to some day be able to fully modify a Halo game, More like inspiration... But hey, We all have heroes. Silent Orbis/Alpha - I'll be honest, I don't know how this happened, But it just did, And it is pretty funny. :3 HungryKestrel78 - "*Comes back in with elite blood on armor holding pizza*" E Sword of Lord - He was really good with Energy Swords, He was the sword. O.O UNSC Spartan-II - The soldier who will always be a little less saturated than me. (Until I am grey at least.) DeathByFae - She thinks me waving at her like this is cute. c: (P.S Lemme see dat smile.) Yoko (Hater of 343iBot) - Brah, Dem name changes brah... Just stahp... No, But seriously, Your a pretty good role player, And I must apologize for my absence on the RWBY forums.. Yang Xiao Long - "When they call the dragons, The dragons come and get me." Ruby Rose - Sometimes, I will say. Bloodshed is nice, But I think a red room is too far. Caboose The Ace - He is the owner of all domesticated cookies. And the destroyer of vehicles. DocSpartan007 - He may not be on often, But he does more than just a simple forum moderation, And that is why I salute you. TGS Shadowless - Why do you have to get banned on the first day? Brett - I love your videos man, Keep it up, And lets hope for some good E3 coverage! Delpen9 - I envy your ability to have an arsenal of over 9,000 weasels in your closet. Spyro - The everyday friendly dragon. Also that guy DragonMonday from Halo 3. :3 Zoobkillerninja - The guy who is really good at games... And calling Spyro that MLG guy DragonMonday from Halo 3. :3 Onsokumaru - I'm not sure exactly how you got to staff so fast, But keep it up. The story line events are amazing, As they require more interaction and team work to get the good or bad ending. D-38 Boss - Remember that game of Halo 4 where you were speaking in the type of Boston accent? Well, I laughed way too hard at that... It was just amazing!! More GTA V events... Pls Boss... Pls... HaloGeek - Though you say your a cannon foder, We all know your the smartest you can be, You know tactics better than I know the back of my own hand. And also, Your accent is cool. :3 BeckoningZebra1 - The Zebra to find the best mistake I've ever made! Question marriage after marriage anyone? natemcg24 - You may be new, But you've got some style!! We gotta play Halo 4 some other time. Tyrone King - Glad to have you back on the forums, We all missed you man. JXZAW - Don't believe what others tell you, Just know you are yourself, And no one can change that, And no one should hope to do so as every human being is different. Frankenzer - I don't really see you that much... Good thing I added you on Xbox!! Halo5 Follower - Though you aren't Chris, I will say... Keep following the path of the Killtacular! Torrenting - What... What is that mouse thing..? Th3RubyPr1ncess - Don't worry, Practice always makes perfect. So don't be mad or sad... Get glad!! Church - Its a... Half liiiiiiiiiiiiiifffeeeee......... *Que awesome music follow up* Mr. Biggles - I like your ability to have so many posts... I wan some posts... Biggles... Pls... Unease P34NUT - I am sorry for taking your Pink MoMy, I just wanted to see how the color looked... Adam91 - You bring news to the table, And you make sure it is the news of the news. The Director - Today... The glasses come off!! *Watches the last episode of Season 11 as if it came out today* Total Mayh3m - You know "What's Golden". (Anyone who has heard "What's Golden" by Jurassic 5 would get my reference.) Jester - Today... We aren't clownin' around. I hope you come back one day buddy, I never spoke to you much, but hey, Time is time. Choot 'Em - Your art really moves people. That picture... It isn't christmas sadly... Bob - "The picture is good! But there is slight clipping with the knife." Krissy Malott - You really liked to read the Halo books! Get a status update out about how many you've read! OMG Treason - Meetings? We just met yesterday!! Woo!! Altair Ibn-La'Ahad - You may be an assassin, But I am a robot. A spartan robot. A dumb one... Hmm.... Oh yeah!! Remember, The canned moose Jello is in the fridge! (I don't even know where my thinking is going at this point. I've been typing for two hours now?) Mothman - The legend says you cause bad luck. But all I've seen is a friendly person behind all the light. Screech - Want to play some guitar!? SikSlik7 - I gotta say, I just love those glasses. ColdFreeze - The man of security, He can really freeze you in your tracks. ShadowFiend - You can be a stealer of the shadows, But stealing shadows brightens up peoples days! By that I mean your job rocks, Making people happy is pretty fun. :3 ShockGazm - Came back to say Hi, Nothing is nicer than a visit. Just like grandparents, Except imagine you've got thousands of 'em. :3 Brony - Art, If anything - ART!! If anything, Your a soon to be legendary for sure. Insignia - To think I literally forgot..? My gosh... Well, I've seen your art, It is amazing and is the reason as to why I see you as a legend. But seriously, You are an amazing artist, Just like us all. Lil' Dog/Dog - I look at you and think, You'll be the Absolute Dog around here someday. AnimeAddict - I like anime, But the thing is... I am not addicted though. [Please properly place hate hash tags here ] No...Pls. 343iBot - I love you mom. Archangel Tyrael - I want some wings man! Tyrael.... Pls... Donut - You ever think about comin' back? You know, Azaxx is catching up to you. skummgummigubbe - I never met you, But I support you. Sometimes you need the good tires. Thanks mascot who's name I do not know. O.O Vitamin PWN - PROTECT ME CONE!!! SweatyBagels - Umm... You ever thinkin' about replying back..? Halo 5..? Dude..? Tucker - I will be honest, I do believe the Master Chief picture suits you. ZB-85 - I still don't know how to get a GIF image. BCAM - You fight that cancer gurl!! Cooliest - Dear Cooliest, I mean... Drizzy_Dan. (Altair, It was your idea... Weasel.) DaveAtStateFarm - Lemme try dem khakis. The Masked Man - See my initial right now as yours, Except they include two of these "". Halo5WillBeCool - Indeed it will. And if it isn't, I'd best get to Waypoint ASAP. Weasel - Stop stealing my socks. The Smart Marine - Two plus two equals fish. Thus, I win the competition. (Dat spoiler) undr zid - I'll go for a.... Large window, double latte. Vinyl Scratch - I had a nice car. And you took your keys. And in spite of yourself. Your scratched my vinyl/decal for short even though it is the same length. I love your art though, So it's okay. Scotty - Dat yearbook though. Vigilant Intellect - You shall reign supreme!! (Maybe. ) The Silenced - No, I shall not be turned into a host yet. The dedicated servers aren't even up. Rockubot/Halo 5 2014/Disney Frozen - Your getting quite close to JL there buddy. Small story here: Did you know that when I was in the Shout box I always said I was a robot..? Well, I am. Not. I am as human as you are, And The Smart Marine? Just a simple trick of the mist made with my older laptop. (Too bad I used this account on that laptop at the same time, I think one of the mods saw the IP and was like - "DAMN IT MARINE!!" Either way, T'was funny.... Mods... Pls....) I know so many people, So many people I would love to list... I will update this with any names of the people I forget. I don't mean to forget, I just have so many people in this community that I love to talk to and hang out with... You guys and gals are awesome!! My MoM wish is this... After reading this long MoM post, I want to wish you all a safe and fortunate future. Though you may feel down in the gravel, or you feel like you aren't doing well, Just remember that every dark tunnel has a light at the end. No matter what, Everything turns out okay. No one is perfect, But we shouldn't have to move mountains or untie those from the tracks of a train to be recognized - We should just have to be us. Thank you for reading all this, And thank you all for the doors you have opened for me and the opportunities I have been given. You all are a piece of me, You gave me friendship and a reason to make and host cool things. I can't thank you all enough. See you all around the forums, Stay safe and be sure to have a fun time here! -TDM (Your MoMy. c: )
  22. Member of the Month is a special award given out to those who excel at being members who go above and beyond the standards that we expect of quality members. They do not complain, they help others in need, and they make something out of nothing to bring delight to others. This Member of the Month was chosen from these traits, and many more that they have shown over not only the past month of April, but also those beforehand in a consistent manner. That being said, it was his time in April that had him shine, his creation of the Art Week thread allowed so many artists to come together and share their love for a common interest, something that's been tried before but never successfully achieved. Truly something that really got the Staff's attention. If you couldn't guess from that mystic write up, I'm here to present to you the Member of the Month for May 2014. You may see his purple name in the shoutbox, you may see it in forums, or you might just catch a glimpse of him in a PM. Wherever the place, he is a well known member of our forums, I'm proud to present to you our current MoM. The Dumb Marine! May his month of glory be an epic one, and enjoy that sweet new award you've just been given. If you haven't seen his first Art Week thread, check it out here. It may be closed, but many great artists are yet to be seen.
  23. So with the month of jokes comes a new MoM, someone who is not only a good influence and a fun guy around the forum, we bring you the 1v1 master, Unease P34nut! Unease P34nut has shown great character over the last month, not only as an enthusiastic Halo player, but an enthusiastic player in his role in our community. If there's anyone to take seriously, even on April Fool's Day, it's this guy when you're up against him in Halo! Keep on being the great member that you are P34nut. :D YAY :D We hope you enjoy your month in the pink P34nut, well deserved!
  24. Hear thee hear thee! As you mother is about to speak (And you should listen to your mother) This has been quite a wierd week for me... And absolute rollercoaster from happyness to sadness and back to happyness and sadness again. This news made me go back to happyness again! I've been on this forum since '11. Wans't quite active in the shoutbox then but boy was I posting alot in the Halo section. Then I left for about 2 years because the 'I hate 343i' posts were annoying the living hell out of me. Earlier this year I made my return and hardly recognised any of you (Sowwy ) But I had a warm welcome back which made me active on these forums again. One of the best decisions EVER! Never thought I'd be MoM... And Church... Never send me a warning again! That scared the crap outta me! (My reaction when I saw I was MoM) My next goal: Becoming staff Now I'd like to thank: My own mother, obvious reasons Cooliest, for nominating me in the April MoM thread Church, for putting this through and not keeping me banned on April 1st GSD, for constant motivation to kick your a** Coldfreeze, we're still a team buddy Mr.Biggles, *TF2 heavy voice* we make good team Yoshi, for letting me know about the MoM post Everyone on my casualty list, you make great cannon fodder! Twam, for providing me with a forum to be in. And Ad-free! And last but not least Pistachio's and TicTac's, for always being there! If I have forgotten anything please let me know!
  25. This is my first time posting the announcement of a Member of the Month and I'm glad I have the honor of giving it to this member. This member has shown utmost dedication to the site lately, even if he is purple! Color does not determine rank here, it is quality and that is why he is getting our site's most prestigious Award. For being a wonderful and friendly member with undying dedication to the site, and for perfect punctuality when it comes to his original idea of the United States of the Forum Elections; Ladies and Gentlemen: SPYRO
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