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Found 17 results

  1. Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #87. Last week I asked which armour unlock system you'd like to see in Halo Infinite, and the consensus came to Reach's system, with aspects of Halo 3/4's unlcok requirements. There were many great posts, and what made them even better was the suggestion of bringing back the Vidmaster challenges. Click here to view the last poll, #86. Will we see Blue Team again in Halo Infinite? To be honest, there's actually no confirmation (yet) that Blue Team will be in Halo Infinite. Did 343 saying that Infinite will focus on Chief, mean Blue Team will also be cut out the picture? Having them in Halo 5 was great, and needed at one point or another, but was that just a one time thing? Blue Team will be essential in the fight against Cortana, whether we see them in the game or they head back to the books is yet to be confirmed. Do you think we'll see them again, or not? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Spartan out.
  2. Happy 20 years to Pokemon! Many games tend to stick around and warm our hearts throughout generations, Pokémon is one of them! In celebration of a successful 20 years, Nintendo and Gamefreak are sponsoring special promotions including a special edition New Nintendo 3DS that comes with the 2 classics, Red and Blue! (Yellow version will be available on the Nintendo E-Shop along with digital versions of Red and Blue) Pre-Installed onto your console! Along with limited-edition faceplates with 20th Anniversary designs! In other news, The Pokemon Center in Japan is releasing new 20th anniversary merchandise including, T-Shirts, Lanyards, Hats, Plushe, and MUCH MUCH more! What do you think of Pokémon's 20th anniversary? Voice your comments!
  3. Hello to Moderators and other Members, If the recent trouble between Blue Team and Shadow Team has annoyed you/concerned you, The Blue Team, has gone into Hiding for a while and will come back fresh calm and peaceful. Message to Moderators : I am sorry on behalf of the Blue Team, of all the trouble we have caused you, this will be the final Blue Team thread for now and if anyone except from you Moderators post in it i wish for the posts to be deleted, i have posted this to keep peace. So if anyone posts in this thread except from Moderators or Twam, can you delete the post please, thank you in advance. Now Blue Team will go into hiding for a while until this issue has been sorted out, after it has i will edit this thread and ask for permission for us to post and this will be our Thread from now on, any others please delete. I hope Shadow Team does the same thing and goes into hiding until all these matters have been sorted out. And i will say again i am sorry for the trouble that both teams have caused you. Thank You - Please do not post unless you are a Moderator Or Twam, if you need information please send me a Private Message - Thank You Blue Team will return....
  4. FINAL UPDATE: It has come to my attention and many other members attention that this group, Blue Team is just not going to settle down no matter what we do. A change in leadership cannot change how the whole team acts, so I have requested for Blue Team to be permanently locked and to not be brought back here on 343i. Any other thread made in the name of Blue Team will most likely be locked by mods or you may be given warning points, and no body wants that my friends. I know many of you criticize what Blue Team is like now and I just want to tell you that Blue Team and any other team with a different leader than before is going to be different. We will not have the same morals and values, we will not have the same thoughts and ideals as previous leaders. Myself and some others tried to start up Blue Team again in a different way and that has just brought yet another heated conversation to the forum and has put much stress on the mods. Time and time again in the past two weeks we have been told to quiet this thread down and many just ignore those warnings. Farewell. Pbrabbit
  5. Greetings all members of the 343ICF. It is UNSC Spartan-II here today informing you that Blue Team is recruiting members to fight off the evil force known as the Covenant. They are humanities enemy and shall be destroyed. Blue Team was originally formed in November by Ranger447. I was the first to join and have been loyal to the team ever since. Ranger put me second in charge because of my loyalty and support. Not too long ago he left us for a greater cause. He made me the Blue Team Leader and I swore to maintain Blue Team's strength and increase it. Ranger447 has chosen to stay supporting us and giving us advice if necessary but is not officially part of the Team. He was a courageous leader and will never be forgotten. I want to recruit members for Blue Team and fight together against our threat, the Covenant. I will need all of YOU, to do that. Here is some more information about us: Being A Team We are a Team. We are a brick wall that has crumbled, but will not fall. We will stand strong through the roughest times and always back eachother up. We are all about teamwork. No man or women is ever left behind. We always treat each other with respect and are never disrespectful to anyone, even if they are not on the Team. We wish to make no new enemies and build up Blue Team. We are Blue because it is the colour of the legendary Halo Blue Team that consisted of 4 sometimes 5 Spartan-II's including Sam, John, Linda, Kelly, Kurt and Fred. The Team has had different Spartans at different times. http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Blue_Team The Enemy The Covenant are our main enemy. We are willing to ally with any other forces to fight Covenant. We are not against anyone besides the Insurrectionist, also known as the Rebels, and the Flood. We have tried to join before but they don't seem to friendly. Community Events Blue Team community events will be held as often as possible and I will try to make the times suitable for people all around the Globe. They will be based on all Halos and every Team ember is invited. It gives you a chance to show off your skills which will help decide your Specialty. Member Specialty Every member in Blue Team will be specialised in something. This will be judged by their gameplay at our Community Events. There are many specialties such Sniper, Explosives, Close Quarters, Driver etc... Ranks Our ranks are based of the Halo 3 ranks. http://halowiki.net/p/ranks You will be promoted for your contributions to the Team. Giving support, ideas or participating in Community Events or efforts to improve the team will all be recognised and you will be awarded with a promotion. Promoting the Team and showing patriotism is also taken in account. Recognition I will have every member of the Team on my profile page along with their rank, speciality, and our Team logo. You can post your Blue Team rank symbol (Halo 3 Rank symbols) on your own profile page. Spartans Blue Team Spartans are our leading members. Members that have achieved the highest rank and/or have shown amazing dedication and loyalty to Blue Team. They will be at the highest possible stage for any member to achieve. Communication We will be communicating in this thread. All our announcements and updates will be here. How To Join To join Blue Team you need to pledge loyalty to us and be as active as possible. We need intelligent, strong, skilled, and motivated members to take on the Covenant. War games will be perfect training. We hope to build on Blue Team and welcome many new members. If you have any questions just ask by posting below or sending me, UNSC Spartan-II, a Private Message. We wish you all the best. If you need a Team for support against the Covenant or any other enemies of the UNSC, we are here for you. Join today, you won't regret it. Edit: UNSC Spartan-II no longer leads Blue Team.
  6. I_Make_Big_Boom


    From the album: Tacos and what not

    Here is a revised version of my Profile Wallpaper.

    © Self Destruct

  7. Hello! My name is Freelance IND and I am here to tell you about the war simulator community that is Forerunner Conflict. What is a war simulator community you ask? In a nutshell, it is a community that simulates the actual feeling of a real war and military-like feeling in the HALO universe. There are two armies, REDD and BLUE, who "battle" every Sunday night at 6PM (EASTERN TIME ZONE) over various maps to gain control of a "war map" that we have created. In a war simulator, each army has a ranking system, and each army also has Battalions and Platoons. The "Wars" (as we call them) use a variety of gametypes, some simple such as SLAYER and CTF, and others more unique and custom-made, but in the end all feel like an actual war setting. ***See bottom of post if you are already in a clan/community. History of our community: Our community has been around since the spring of 2005, which means we've been around for ALMOST EIGHT YEARS. Our name has gone through various changes, most notable ones are Red vs. Blue Wars, Allies vs. Axis, Galactic Wars, and Red vs. Blue Retaliation, before finally becoming Forerunner Conflict by the start of Halo 3. Through the years we've gone through many positive changes to make our wars more authentic and fun. Currently, there are approximately 200+ soldiers and growing fast each day. This all sounds awesome! How do I join!? Well first off, you should visit our forum boards, register, and enlist for whichever army you would like (PLEASE REGISTER WITH YOUR ACTUAL GAMERTAG, and please put who you were referred by. In this case, it would be Freelance IND. Our forums are http://fcwars.net/. But, you can't immediately jump into battle once you enlist! Even in the actual world, all enlisted must go through a BOOT CAMP. Yes, you heard me, BOOT CAMP. This has been the TRADEMARK of our community since the day it was created. All members must go through a BOOT CAMP, in which they will be told the rules, regulations, and will be shown several few military-like tactics that can come in handy in the actual battles or even matchmaking! We also to use BOOT CAMPS to weed out anyone who isn't interested or not taking us seriously. To receive a boot camp, please enlist on the forums and you will be contacted by a drill instructor. **You MUST be at least 15 years old to enlist. Special cases will be made for people younger who can prove they are mature enough to be with us. Our Most Important Rule: RESPECT! Though our community is a war simulator and we take our roles seriously, our number one focus is about RESPECT and making sure everyone is having fun, because in the end that's why people play video games, to have FUN! If you join, don't hate someone because they are in a different army, our job is to make sure everyone is friendly and having a fun time, while at the same time being competitive! We encourage people to make many new friends. So if you are looking for a fun, yet military-like competitiveness and new interesting experience over HALO 4, PLEASE CONTACT ME (or preferably one of the army leaders listed below) IMMEDIATELY!! I will gladly respond ASAP and answer any questions. MAKE SURE YOU VISIT OUR FORUMS FIRST THOUGH! http://fcwars.net/ !! MAKE SURE YOU POST IN THE UNIVERSAL RECRUITMENT SECTION PLEASE! TL R: If you're looking to join a large and very unique community that utilizes HALO 4 custom games to the max with a spice of authentic war-like feeling, then you should enlist in an army and join the wars of Forerunner Conflict as a soldier in either the REDD or BLUE Army! Feel free to bring your friends as well! Look us up at FCWars.net! Make sure to register an account using your actual gamertag! (Also, please help us keep this topic popular by replying with your interest in the community, THANKS =D) People you can contact for Army information: BLUE ARMY: WSxPhoenix-Field Marshal Purple Gamer 17-General Nicolas Sapien -Lt. General Sicarioano -Maj. General Death758 -Brig. General R.E.D.D. Army: FuzzyStormz-Field Marshal Unlucky Num13er-General Relapsive-Lt. General Gargoyle605-Maj. General VerbotenDonkey-Brig. General ***If you are already in a clan, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR CLAN TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY. Like I said, we are a community, not a clan. You can bring in your clan as a group into these wars and we will give you a set squad/platoon depending on how many people you have. But again, by no means are we trying to destroy or poach members from your clan. If you are interested in affiliating with us, then by all means contact our Forerunners.
  8. If you’ve read any of the Halo books, keep reading. If you haven’t, stop reading, go buy all of them, read them, then come back. Or keep reading. First off. Contact Harvest: The beginning of the Human-Covenant War. SPOILERS TO HALO 3 AHEAD WARNING WARNING The book follows Staff Sargent Avery Johnson, and I don’t need to tell you guys who that is… r.i.p. It starts with the UNSC struggle against the Insurrection, but Johnson soon encounters the covenant. I think it would be a good game, and we’ve all wanted to play as Sargent Johnson. It would be a neat game, and yeah, a lot of people might not like it, but a lot of people like me would. It would reveal a lot of the story to people who didn’t read the amazing books. Next off, Halo: The Fall of Reach. The title speaks for itself. Everyone knows about noble team, and SPARTAN B312, but what about FREDERICK-104? Master Chief regretted thinking sending blue team down to Reach, thinking it was the easy task, but if you’ve read Halo: First Strike, you’ll find that all was not lost and glassed. Frederick, Grace, Lee, Kelly, and this other guy survived. The reason they weren’t glassed, is because the mountain where the Spartans were trained is host to a forerunner space-time warping crystal. The covenants are after it, and it would be great to play as Fred. The game would start out when Master Chief deploys blue team down to the surface of Reach. The Pelican in the books was severely injured, forcing all the Spartans to jump out. With 4 KIAs, the rest of blue team goes on to protect Reach. This would be an interesting game, I think. As long as it’s not like Halo: Reach, and you actually follow the plot of the books, all the way from the pelican drop to the destruction of the Unyielding Hierophant, it would be a spectacular game. I hope 343i looks into this. It would be really cool.
  9. Gods NumaX


    I don't think I'm the only one but I really miss Griffbal and would put it in Halo 4. I don't think I'm the only one who really, REALLY, wants to have them put it up! -Numa
  10. 4th mission, top of the tree on the far right as you spawn. Hard to miss when you're looking for a box on top a tree. Unlike episode 2, the dialogue isn't fantastically funny, but still, it's there. Good stuff, Rooster Teeth.
  11. From the album: RaInCrY22

    RaInCrY22 is a growing legend, I love the halo franchise and have proven myself as a female gamer in the Halo World. Whether it was being challenged for an entire year back on Halo 3 by many male and female contestants either to 1v1 or even 10v1 me, I have always left people in amazement. I do it not for bragging rights, but for the ability to prove myself as well as other females within the so called 'MALE community' that is Gaming. I don't play to prove I am better than others, I simply play for fun. But when I want to, I can get a PERFECTION at any time. TRY ME! ( Not really, people have made that challenge before, So don't challenge me, it got old a long time ago )
  12. iTz Vplus2

    Fishy Avatar

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Matching avatar for the Fishy Sig
  13. iTz Vplus2

    Fishy Sig

    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    Most colorful sig i ever made
  14. iTz Vplus2


    From the album: My avatars/signatures

    My second signature. Didn't keep it for too long lol.
  15. Red team or Blue team? Me: Blue
  16. if any one wants to join send me a message on xbox live it will be a 6 person to 4 person clan for swat and first one to post on this topic will have a spot on the clan and will judge with me
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