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  1. Hey guys I was just checking out some random halo 4 pics when i came across something that i didn't like at all. A new Legendary symbol. I have attached it here, tell me what you think. A like would be appreciated!!!
  2. What was the reasoning for patching the campaign bugs with the launch of season 2, such as the tank gun, fusion coil launch, and pelican glitch? Was it messing with how co-op would perform on a technical level? Please make it make sense.
  3. We are AWI - A Worthwhile Investment - Created by AWI IK H2PLY GD and me, AWI Your Fear now known as AWI Golgari You will not get a spam message from us, only a friendly party Chat, we believe that recruitment starts with friendship and a conversation.. not a spammed out generic message or dialogue that is pushed onto members who need to recruit. We give responsibility regarding recruitment and freedom for ideas building on collective and individual strengths. Unlike other clans where every decision is dictated by Higher ups". You will have a welcome opinion here. We want to represent a fun-loving, tight knit group of FRIENDS that also happen to play Halo too. Most commonly played games among us are: PC League of legends Magic The Gathering: Arena Dota Halo Series Runescape. Xbox Halo Series Magic The Gathering Dead Space 3 Fortnight COD series and more What we offer We offer a "Trial" in AWI. This is just a period for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. That way you can either become a full member at the end, knowing that you are having a wonderful time in AWI... Or we can respectfully and politely part ways if we are not compatible for each other. We have Chinese, London, Los Angeles, and Australian time zone members. Plus side is we have English, Chinese, and Spanish language speakers. Message us if you are tempted to join us across PC, 360 AND Xbox One consoles. We let people create Squads and encourage Mini Branches to promote friendly competition and ensure that you play with friends. Prerequisites/Clan rules 1. Name change, Bio and Motto - if you decide to stay in after a month, we respectfully request that those listed above be changed to show unity and help passively recruit potential members 2. Headset - to ensure we can "Call out" and also helps us to connect and bond with each other, keep up with Clan information and speak whenever needed. 3. No under 16's - We like to have Adult humour and also trash talk/be subject to trash talk back. To save awkward situations regarding the use of language or topic discussion by our towards our members we prefer to admit those who are only over 18, but we do consider 16 as the minimum age for recruitment. 4. Willing to cooperate - We would prefer people who can take instruction or be open to constructive criticism/help, I am more of relaxed myself in Slayer games and enjoy freedom but if we are playing CTF (Capture The Flag), We will need to be obedient and listen to whoever is in charge of directing an attack or defence of the Flags 5. Trash Talk and receive in good spirits - Trash Talk can affect game-play Positively and Negatively. We need people who are happy to occasionally Talk trash and also realize that the Opponents will use the same tactics occasionally. 6. Be aware of Clan Directives - If we are doing something like Recording a match via Capture Card, then we will not be tolerating other member of the Clan using extreme Trash talk or Tea-bagging during that match UNLESS specified before the match. 7. No Quitting, We promote Loyalty and respect towards our Opponents and Team mates. If you leave a Game, not only do you let down the Team and your friends, but you narrow down any chance that the team had to catch up or lose with Dignity. I Hope to welcome you personally to the clan. Please post below, even just your Gamer-tag and if you want... we shall contact YOU. Thank you From Clan Recruiter and Head of AWI Human or Non-Human Resources AWI Golgari.
  4. The Warthog and Razorback could benefit from a remain in vehicle button for marines. Some objectives are inaccessible for marines and when they attempt to follow you to those objectives they just run away and get confused.
  5. This is also posted in r/Halo on Reddit... Thread: Halo Campaign 'Offline' (even tho EVERYTHING is PAID, Up to Date, NO Errors... but still 'Offline'. 343? Anyone? Gameplay Hi All! You know the UPPER RIGHT-HAND Corner of the Screen where the small 'offline' shows? The one that keeps you SIGNED OUT of your Battlepass, even tho you are not even close to the expiration date? I've been with Halo since 'Day 1'. I'm about to end it.... Off and On the 'offline' shows up and EVEN THOUGH I'VE PAID FOR IT, when this 'gatekeeper' decides to... it will randomly, of it's own accord, just decide NOT to let me play the Campaign. (I'm already 1/3 thru it...) Here's what I've done. Troubleshoot the XBox S THREE TIMES with 100% accuracy. Troubleshoot my Local Network THREE TIMES with 100% accuracy. NO latency. NO Packet Loss Reboot the XBox S several times and different ways. Never any problems. All Network and XBox options are all set to 'ALLOW'. I'VE ALREADY TRIED THE 6 OR 7 'FIXES' LISTED ON THE INTERNET. (THAT DOESN'T WORK EITHER.) EVERY XBox Game on the System works perfectly (Thank You Division 2! Never a problem!) with the EXCEPTION of Halo Infinite Campaign. I have 40 years of IT experience and this issue is just 'lazy' (and costing them incoming dollars). This 'gatekeeper' problem should have NEVER been allowed to pass UAT. If this doesn't get fixed (and consistently works) I guess I'll do what other Halo Players do... Shelve this Game and move on, with no more purchases to from 343 and/or Microsoft. I hate to do it, but... Anyone have an actual solution to this problem? 343 if you're reading this and want to test, I'm wide open for working with you! Thank you all for reading this and your input! Happy New Year to You All! - cgarduc1
  6. Hello! I am currently having a very hard time fixing my FPS issues. When I hit the open world after the initial mission, my FPS instantly tanked to 30-35. I have all drivers updated, settings set to 'medium', and I have the caps set as high as possible. I am at loss at what to do moving forward. Multiplayer does not have this issue, I am at a constant 120+ fps when playing.
  7. Between the five available iterations in MCC (Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo 3: ODST), which do you think is the hardest, and the easiest? Feel free to leave them in a list from easiest to hardest, or the other way around. My thoughts: Hardest Halo 2 Halo 3: ODST Halo: CE Halo 3 Halo 4 Easiest What do you think?
  8. First of all, how nice is it of bungie to give us a level that is a cutscene lol. Anyways, I think my favorite mission is winter contingency, I play it a lot, and it has a lot of good enemy set up in it. What are your favorite campaign levels?
  9. Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll! Poll 32 - 'Which Boss Battles do you love or hate, and what is the hardest Boss Battle you've been involved in?' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply. Moving on, this weeks questions regards a very divisive subject in the Halo community... What do you love and/or hate about the Halo 5 Campaign? Also, what would you do to make it a better experience? The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted on 7/16/16. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response! Twam, out!
  10. Was anyone kinda shocked when they seen the crew for blue team? I mean these are Spartans that Cheif knows not some pick up team but people he grew with. I read some of the books and was thrilled to see Kelly is back R.I.P Sam but wow this was a huge reel in for me. I just want to know is 343i going to include some of Chief's past in this game will we really get an inside peek at behind the Spartans II program and how they manged to find each other
  11. PANZER ELITE is a gaming community playing HALO5, DESTINY, WORLD OF TANKS. We play every night 8pm to after 11pm eastern. Skill level is not important, respect, communication, maturity, proper etiquette, ARE important. In PANZER ELITE you will never be asked to pay, change gamertag, purchase packs. We want you to have fun playing the way you want. We offer the same opportunity to every member. You can lead your own fire team of your friends, or simply be in a fire team. Our ranks are designed to show position not status. Our owner has the same rank as any other platoon leader. We believe the game should be a GAME, and the only games we play are listed in the first line. If you want to join our community, simply LOG IN (create an account) on our iclans site. panzerelite.clanwebsite.com or message HYPERBLOODLUST on XBOX LIVE. SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD SPARTANS HYPERBLOODLUST
  12. This long-awaited instalment in the Halo series finally sees 343 come into their own with a host of gameplay additions, but does it all come together to convince us this is Master Chief's finest outing?
  13. I beat the Halo 4 campaign on Legendary, Solo. Only used the skulls Grunt Birthday Party and IWHBYD. No matter what I try to do, it does not give me the achievement for beating the Halo 4 campaign at all. I've tried playing each mission over again, mainly Midnight. No matter what I try, it absolutely refuses to give me the achievements. I'm missing the achievements for beating Midnight, beating the par score on Midnight, beating the campaign on Easy, beating the campaign on Normal, beating the campaign on Heroic, beating the campaign on Legendary, and beating the campaign on Legendary alone. I'm tired of retrying each and every mission. I've asked and asked and asked people why it won't work. I'm trying to be as cooperative as possible. I'd really prefer if I just got the achievements instead of someone giving me a "trick" on what mission to play, but any assistance at all is much appreciated.
  14. I was finishing up Halo 4 campaign on legendary when I got disconnected from xbox live, but I did not notice this. I finished up Halo 4 and realized I was not connected, but I still got the achievement for soloing the campaign on legendary. I could not sign in due to some error (I forget the code). I restarted my xbox and signed in fine, but when I checked Halo 4 I did not unlock any of the things you get for completing it. I went to xbox support and talked with a person and they redirected me here for help. If you cannot help me yourself, can I please have a redirect to somebody who can? I worked hard doing legendary and dont want it all go to waste, because all my progress reverted back to when I was still connected. 2nd mission.
  15. Image from IGN IGN has released a number of gameplay videos from the upcoming Halo game Halo 5: Guardians. The videos show them taking on a pair of Hunters in a 4 player co-op battle, we get to see a Banshee battle between Fireteam leader Jameson Locke and Covenant Remnant forces. We also get to see almost 4 minutes of Locke taking on the new Remnant Covenant weapon "The Kraken" in the new Forerunner aerial vehicle "Phaeton". Here are the links to each gameplay video. 4v4 co-op Hunter battle Banshee battle Kraken battle IGN also released a video featuring a new cinematic of Blue Team. Click here to watch it. Halo 5: Guardians releases October 27th for the Xbox One. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about the new gameplay.
  16. I haven't completed the game ODST on my console but I took it too my friends it took us 3 hours 38 minutes to get through the game, the urban environment is cool and I enjoy the game but I really think they could have made it a longer story or a sequel (please note: I don't remember the ending as we did it a while ago)
  17. Just getting back into halo and I'm doing a legendary run through of all the games on legendary. Just looking for players to keep company through the long haul.
  18. I don't know about any one else, but I would love to see the Brutes at least make some sort of appearance in Halo 5. I understand they are not at the numbers of what they were in previous halo titles, but none the less I would love to see a Chieftain with a gravity hammer go up against Promethean Knight. I understand some people are sick of Brutes and may not want them, but I think They are at least owed an appearance of some sort. Not just a cinematic scene either, but something physically in the game. I know the story might not allow for this but still would be cool in my book.
  19. Here is a comment Frank O'Connor replied to Louis Wu regarding Quick time events. We have seen some quick time events in video, trailers and vidoc's, such as the Chief climbing over some scaffolding/ wreckage, prying open door and the part where the Chief throws an Elite over a ledge. But the the questions is do we control those quick time moments or do they happen automatically like they do in Reach? Here is the comment Frank O'Connor gave: "I would point out these moments are rare and only happen during events that are things you can't normally do physically. The first level has a couple of them to "train" you, but they won't be frequent or presented as QTE problems. They're transitional or cinematic vignettes that don't yank you out of the action. Also, if you don't smash that Elite he tosses you down the shaft". Original Link to Frank O'Connor's Comment Here
  20. This article will be based on the features shown, and not necessarily the story elements that were revealed. You can go to Greenskull's article here if you would like to read through the whole experience. Universal Campaign Features: The AI system is very similar to Left 4 Dead in which 3 AI teammates (the 3 other Spartans besides the Leaders in each Spartan Team: Fireteam Osiris, and Blue Team) will follow around the host until another player joins in. These AI companions will accompany the host throughout the entire game. Each of the 8 Spartan characters have unique HUDs, starting Loadouts, and of course voices & personalities. Chatter between the characters will be commonplace. The player can use D-Pad commands to order around their Spartan Teams. Greenskull stated on the matter, "If you are looking at a weapon and press up on the D-Pad, a teammate will run over and pick it up. Point at an enemy and your team will focus fire on it. You can even direct them to cover..." Similar to Borderlands, every player can be crippled or "downed". The player will crouch onto the ground, and will die if another player, or AI doesn't come in to revive them. The player will still respawn if they're in Online Coop, but if you die in Singleplayer you'll revert to a previous checkpoint. When downed you can press a button to notify everyone else to save you, and all it will take is the press of the "use" button (the button mapping will be different if you're using an alternate control scheme) by a teammate to get you back up. The time it takes to revive a player is around 2-3 seconds. Online Coop: Utilizes a "jump-in-drop-out system", which allows anyone to join in and leave without impacting the host's game too much. This means that Join In Progress is in Halo 5. Any new player joining the game can choose which character they want to be (Fred, Linda, Kelly - Tanaka, Vale, Buck). The original Host will ALWAYS be Chief or Locke. Both of the leader positions (Chief or Locke) have access to the D-Pad commands, while every other character doesn't. The commands are somewhat the same in Online Coop in comparison to Singleplayer. Continued from Greenskull's quote above, "With a team of human players, the party leader (Master Chief or Spartan Locke) can still perform these commands (the ones listed above in the Universal section) to help direct their teammates to locations, enemies, or hidden weapons." Lastly, difficulty will be scaled based on how many players are in the game. A mission played on Legendary with 4 players will be more difficult than a Solo run on Legendary. Prometheans & Enemies: Prometheans are returning with a new type being introduced: The Promethean Solider (pictured in the image at the top of this article). The only other information there is is that it moves fast, and is around the same size of a Spartan such as the Chief. An ENORMOUS new enemy called a Guardian has been introduced, though Guardians have existed in Halo lore long before Halo 5, and it's currently unknown if these Guardians are connected to the old ones. Standing at 4,635 feet tall, the Guardian easily is the most massive enemy ever featured in a Halo game (the Gravemind is probably another good candidate). Here's an image from Greenkskull's video on Youtube based on scale. ALL Covenant enemies speak English due to Jul M'Dama's authority loosening. He originally banned the usage of English and other human language which is why the Covenant spoke their native languages in Halo 4. This comes from the Halo 5 Gameinformer issue that was recently revealed. Environments: The playtesters were shown a brief Campaign teaser, and Greenskull named the things he saw to the best of his ability, "It moved so fast it was hard to point anything out. That being said, what my eyes feasted upon was jaw dropping: massive enemies, space battles, and more. I saw Hunters forming from worms (Lekgolo) on the ground, Banshees flying past a space station, and a flying Forerunner vehicle shooting at a massive covenant station (it almost looked like a mining rig).", he went on to say, "The scale was unlike anything we’ve seen in Halo, specifically the giant vehicle scene. There were vehicles flying around, Covenant shooting plasma through the air, and explosions illuminating the landscape. It was hard not to get excited." The maps have plenty of alternate routes, and passageways aside from the main path. The many nooks, and crannies also harbor secrets. Greenskull found a specific easter egg (a black alien skull looking thing) in Singleplayer, and confirmed that many other eggs are within the game. The reveal came with an absolutely HUGE amount of screenshots, and HD images, and you can see them all here. Halo 5: Guardians releases on October 27th of this year, and a full reveal of the game will be in Microsoft's press conference at E3. You can see the whole E3 schedule at IGN. Sources: ReadyUpLive,
  21. Agent Locke's voice sounds really off and I feel like it's going to ruin HALO5: Guardians. Is there anybody else who agrees? I know it's probably late to change the voice, but I mean c'mon agent Locke sounds like he's trying so hard to have a deep voice. Makes HALO look like a child's game. Master Chief worked too damn hard for agent Locke to ruin the game with his wannabe MAN voice.
  22. New details from 343i point towards a new Halo 4 theme coming out October 2nd for 240ms. Will you be getting it? I have a few leftover points so I'll get it. Details are below! Halo 4: Infinity Campaign Theme You will soon be able to customize your Xbox 360 Dashboard with the above Halo 4 Campaign-themed images, should you so desire. The Halo 4: Infinity Campaign theme will run you 240 Microsoft Points and is slated to release on October 2. There are more Halo 4 avatar goodies coming (perhaps even some Promethean ones…) so keep an eye on Halo Waypoint for details that will be coming in a semi-soonish manner. Source: http://blogs.halo.xb...tin-92612-.aspx
  23. Here is a render image of the Halo 4 hunter that has been uploaded on halo waypoint. Unlike the Elites, Grunts and Jackals the Hunter remains basically the same and as intimidating as ever. Have a look below and leave your thoughts and opinions about it in the comments.
  24. Hey forum, Ever since E3 2013, we've been hearing rumours about how Chief has gone AWOL, and we now know that those rumours are true. Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 is a Spartan-II. Spartan-IIs have nothing below the best training the UNSC have to offer. They are professional soldiers, trained in many aspects. One of those aspects is loyalty. A Spartan-II would not betray the UNSC for whatever reason. After being indoctrinated, contained, and trained, they are under the influence of the UNSC and would follow every order until death. No Spartan-II would betray the UNSC for their own personal reason(s). Now we have the well know Master Chief, becoming a so-called 'traitor'. This is something that seriously bothers me because it is almost wrong. Out of all Spartans, Chief ends up leaving for his own emotions. No matter how long he fought with Cortana, he would have still let her go. He wouldn't abandon the UNSC for her. He has had longer lasting relationships with his fellow Spartan-IIs, and he would accept their death and carry on. Now maybe he's doing this because he can actually bring Cortana back unlike other dead soldiers, but this is not a legit reason. He would never go off course just because he gained an emotional attachment to Cortana. He is more professional than that, and his duty would always come first. To me it seems as if 343 have just broken Halo's lore, and have ruined the whole universe (Halo universe) all together by doing this. Am I thinking a little too extremely? No, because the Spartan-IIs' behaviour plays a vital role in the Halo universe. It's as if everything we've ever known about Spartan-IIs (Chief in this case) has been a lie. All this knowledge from books, games, comics, and so on has been burned to ashes. I believe 343 can do a good job with the gameplay, but affecting Halo's lore is something else. I personally take this far more seriously than the gameplay, because it's what makes Halo. If it were Bungie, they may never have made Chief go AWOL. Chief is far too professional to do such a thing, it just wouldn't happen. I just hope that it won't get any worse than this. There is still some time left and lots we don't know, so hopefully we'll get a better reason overall. What do you all think about this? Thanks for reading. - Spartan
  25. Im sure this has already been talked about but after getting bored searching the internet for a while, ive turned up nothing, so here it goes: I recently got an electronic version of Halo MCC and since my internet is crap it took a long time to install. But now that it has, I go to play one of the campaigns, and if i do custom start the timer ticks down to 0 and then I just sit there. If I do quickstart, I select difficulty and it locks up the game and i cant do anything with it. Little advice or help would be appreciated, thanks.
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