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  1. We are recruiting Spartans that have a thirst for blood. We are looking for heartless leaders to push our dark forces on anyone who dare get in our way. We live by the Dark Spartan Code. We are loyal men and woman brothers and sisters who respect our leaders. We are mature and we dont let people make us feel. This is just forming so the first few to join will become leaders. Message me on Xbox Live- MFG XxAFROxX Also its only for halo 4
  2. Welcome to PartyUpGaming https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/partyupgaming We are a competitive Spartan Company that strives to be the best, be ACTIVE, and PARTY UP with each other. We are on throughout all timezones and are not limited to any specific region. We are a strictly Halo 5 Spartan Company for the Xbox One. Our #1 Goal is to Have a Spartan Company that Plays Together, that means Partying Up with other Spartan Company Members and other Spartan Company Alliances. Easy Way To Join: - Simply Click on PartyUpGaming and click "Request to Join" on the upper right ^ - otherwise Message IAmDrrunnmk on HaloWaypoint or on Xbox Live GamerTag: IAmDrrunnmk Spartan Company HaloWaypoint Website: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/spartan-companies/partyupgaming Welcome to Spartan Company PartyUpGaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=635QD9Io-yI Are YOU tired of joining Companies that don't play together? have no good communication? seem unorganized? have no vision? ect..... Well whatever the reason, Look no further. Join and have a part in creating a great and fun Spartan Company to be in.What you will find from our Spartan Company that you will not find with others: - Opportunity: Looking for those that are serious about running a Company on Halo 5 will get a chance to become a Lieutenant for the Spartan Company. - Teamwork: Operating together is our #1 goal and we strive to play together at all times - Public Lobby Stomping: What is more fun than playing Warzone with 8-12 Spartan Company Teammates to Dominate public lobby games? nothing. - Organization: We are organized to the teeth about how we operate giving our Company an efficient way to operate and play with other Members. (Coming Soon Stuff: Forums, Websites, Communication App.) - Communication: We not only communicate with each other more efficiently, but also play together more efficiently. - Vision: I have a dream, that one day Halo player will unite under one belief and that is to play together for total domination of lobbies and we will do everything necessary to make our Company operate more efficiently. Reasons to Join: - FREE REQ PACK JUST FOR JOINING! - Easy access to multiplayer FireTeam teammates to play with in Arena, Warzone, and Co-Op campaign missions. - Want Opportunity to run a Spartan Company as a Commander? We are looking for those individuals with leadership potential to Promote. - Recruit 20 members and earn yourself a $20 Xbox Live Gift Card. (That's $1 per member recruited!) Requirements: - Have a Positive Kill/Death Ratio - Must Party Up with Spartan Company Members - Prefer Everyone has a MicrophoneNew Spartans please add everyone from the Spartan Company Roster as a 'friend' on Xbox Live. This is the primary way to party up / communicate with other members of Spartan Company. Spartan Company PartyUpGaming
  3. So.. I have transformed.. If you can't beat them, join them..
  4. I'm building a team on halo MCC that will do the most challenging thing in halo history, but before you join my question is are you ready? Put your gamertag down OR?? Message me on xboxlive.
  5. Hey on the 05/04/2014 Saturday i will be hosting the one and only fun game night you have had in years hosting for 1 and an half hours for you to play custom. My name on xbox is NoGradea and if you wont to help make these map just contact me dont need a mic i dont have a mic ANYWAY join.
  6. hey, I'm 18 and been playing halo 4 since it came out and I am looking for a similarly skilled clan I can play with. I'm a crack shot with the DMR and have a great k/d if anyone is interested. send me a message, my gamertag is "Deviategeoduck" Cheers, hopefully see you on the battlefield.
  7. We are an army based clan we do fun cutom games, and trainings at the moment you can join as long as you have a mic, and arent an *******, Message LeborrowMyFade or Divine Nine saying you want to join "Nexus" and say in the message you seen this on the forum
  8. I have made a halo 4 clan and was wanting people to join, we have a clan youtube that anyone can get onto and we have a clan website! if you would like to join message LethaL eRuPtS or TC Ozone on Xbox live and well get you sorted! No requirments needed to join just need to be a nice person
  9. What is up my fellow gamers my name is AGUYPLAYINGXBOX. I know that I am kinda new to this website but my friend and I are making this League of football on halo with a map and game we found that is ricochet. I would love if all of you guys could join. Rules are simple: 1. Teams of two 2. You can make up your own team name, mascot, emblems, and colors 3. It will be organized and if it gets popular will probably have play offs and so 4. The main objective is to get the ball in the touchdown or throw it in the field goal If you are interested grab a buddy and make a team than message me on here or on Xbox Live @ AGUYPLAYINGXBOX Please Join it will be fun
  10. Are you looking to join a clan ? a serious clan with good skilled friendly members ? A clan that knows how to have fun ? A clan that produces epic forge maps ? a clan that do amazing custom games ? Well your search has ended here ! Join the Unnamed we are a good clan we are friendly, we have skilled members, good forge maps, cool fileshare vids and pics, fun custom games, and much more. The Unnamed now has over 60 members and we still have plenty of space for people to join. Divisions As I have said The Unnamed is growing and since the start we have been organised into divisions. For example the leader of the Unnamed has a service tag of 2203 the 03 meaning he is the leader. and the 22 is his division number so he leads 22nd division. Another example of this would be the leader of 23rd division he would have a service tag of 2303 the 03 meaning he is the leader of his division and the 23 telling you what division he is in. Members of 23rd division would have service tags such as 2304, 2305, 2306, 2307, 2308, 2309. But divisions currently are only allowed to hold 9 members encase the division leader is unavailable. making it easier for other division leaders to substitute the division with an unavailable leader. How divisions work 22nd division 23rd division Skull box24 - 2203 Skull hex13 - 2303 The 1st command - 2204 Galactise - 2304 TogetherEagle11 - 2305 GradedBagger - 2206 ETC.... Lambet bzrkr - 2207 ETC...... So join the Unnamed today and become a part of all of this Message Skull box24, The 1st command or Skull hex13 to join
  11. 117 GAMING HD BIO We are a military based clan that's has evolved from Halo 2 all the way to Halo 4 we are very competitive and fun at the same time, sometimes we have custom game nights where as other nights we'll be competing and beating other clans, we have our own military base where we can all hang out and chill and we'll create you your own bedroom and we also have clan meetings in the base, all in all the clan is a lot of fun and offers a lot of experience and knowledge about the game... message TanglerDangler on xbox live to join. RULES 1. WE ACCEPT ALL AGES BELOW 17, THIS IT DUE TO THE FACT WE DO NOT WANT YOUNGER MEMBERS TO FEEL IMTIMIDATED BY THE OLDER ONES AND AT THE SAME TIME YOU HAVE TO BE OVER 11, WE MAY MAKE EXCEPTIONS. 2. NO WHINING 3.NO SCREAMING 4. WE ARE A TEAM, TEAMS OF PLAYERS DO NOT ARGUE, BETRAY OR CALL OTHER TEAM MATES 5.ENJOY YOURSELF IMPORTANT INFO***** MESSAGE TanglerDangler ON XBOX LIVE TO JOIN, OR SEND HIM A FRIEND REQUEST IF HIS FRIENDS LIST IS FULL JUST SIMPLY SEND HIM A MESSAGE AND HE'LL ADD YOU http://117gaming.webs.com/
  12. Hello everybody, I am the Imperial Admiral of the Fleet of Divine Reconciliation. We are a small and recently created clan lead by the one and only Oros Urgadro or "Oros 'Jar Xytoee" soon to be. This Fleet has many goals for it's future, one being to become a great community of players and also a force to be reckoned with. If you would like to join send a Message on XBL to -Oros Urgadro -bloodymilkman42 -CerealxKiller7 -Sesa Urgadee (We have just a few more than 20 members and counting!) An example of our ranking system for the Infantry Division is... -Minor (Blue/Blue) Minor -Major (Brick/Brick) Minor -Officer (Rust/Rust) Minor -Ultra (White/White) Ultra -General (Yellow/Yellow) General Join our Fleet Today!
  13. Tactical Gaming is a professional L.L.C with over 10+ years of leadership, and a core of members who are dedicated to making Tactical Gaming a great community to be a part of. We are one of the oldest gaming communities that are alive to date. The dedication of our members and leaders is what makes Tactical Gaming what it is today. If you are interested in joining our ranks please join us in our public TeamSpeak 3 (See Below) to have a chat with our members, and register for free on our forums. If you have the heart and dedication like our current members you will be a perfect fit for our community. Tactical Gaming was established in 1999 and has held a steady group of core members that continue to operate. Stats and numbers do not make a gaming community; it is the members and the attitude of the people who are in it. We promote the values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage in Tactical Gaming. Even some of our leaders are former or current service members. Join our ranks to see for yourself how a small name has become so big. Tactical Gaming LLC is looking for Serious Gamer's for our Online Divisions We are building our TEAMS now for MLG, BOE, CAL, CEVO, TWL and ESEA Also Tactical Gaming Sports is seeking LEADERS who want to lead our Air Soft and Paint Ball Teams to Victory in the 2013 Finals. Space is limited please see our website for more information. We host multiple game servers, and coordinate airsoft and paintball events around the world. The only thing we ask of our members is that you show respect, follow our Code of Ethics, and wear the tags in-game. Most importantly have fun, and enjoy the games, the following are some of the servers we host: PS2, CS: S, GE: S, TF2, ARMA 2, MW3, COD4, BF3, BF2, BF 2142, XBOX 360, PS3, Airsoft, Paintball. We are Tactical Gaming. Cooperative Gaming and Sports Community www.tacticalgaming.org/hq Apply today at http://www.tacticalgaming.org/home/index.php/info/about-tg/join-tg/tg-application Please email [email protected] or [email protected] or PM me on here. Thanks for reading. ESPRIT DE CORPS
  14. Hey guys, I am the owner of a halo community clan called THE N3RDZ So if you are interested in joining please visit our site (then3rdz.weebly.com) for more info. We need all the members we can get. Please do not spam or hate. there is no reason to do so and if you do then get a life!
  15. I am looking to join a professional, competitive clan for Halo 4. My current rank is SR85, and I am very good at SWAT, Big Team Infinity Slayer, Grifball, Regicide, Team Regicide, and oddball. I came 4105th in te Tier 2 rankings for the Infinity Challenge, and I am good at tactical assessments for better competitive games. My gamertag is PuRpLe MadNeSSx if anyone is interested in recruiting me.
  16. Hello Everyone, The Clan of S.P.I III is looking for new members, and we're searching to see who may be the right fit in our close-knit team! Everyone in S.P.I III is an important part to the clan and the team. While other clans have over hundreds of members, reaching the thousands for some, we are not the same. Our Clan, if you should choose to enlist, will become a unique experience if you feel that we are a home for you. If you are interested about who we are, what we do, and what we are about in more detail, come to our Questionnaires. Reply To Reserve a spot in the Questionnaires, where you'll meet other Candidates interested in joining. We will be having another Questionnaire session, on Friday, January 25, and Saturday, January 26, both will be from 4:00 P.M - 5:00 P.M EST. Reply by sending a message to Gamertag "TERMIN TER 360" to reserve a spot. Further dates will be available, just reply to the above Gamertag to find out when they will be. Thank You.
  17. Sign Up for 'The Outlanders' Today: Introduction: Greetings, everyone. This is "RAXS SLAYER" Leader of the Outlanders here to say that we are recruiting members for our faction... Anyone is welcome to enroll, any skill, any rank, you can join us today! What can the outlanders do for me?: The Outlanders are a powerful community of a verity of players. Out faction is divided into a few general areas, anyone can participate in any of these areas whenever they would like: -The Initiators - We build incredible maps, some already have achieved mastery in the arts of forge. -The Competitors - Attend our game nights as we play awesome games on the outlanders very own maps. -The Warriors - As our faction unites we march into matchmaking and reek havoc in infinity. -The Advancers - Groups of 4 head over to spartan ops to advance through the ranks. How do I enlist?: Very simple. once you have enrolled Your name will be put on this post to show that you are a soldier in out faction. There is a step by step guide at the bottom of the page, please follow it to enroll. What do you do? What we do is down to our players. When many of us are online we will join a party, bring along a headset, and decide what we shall do. If there are only a few of us we may play some Smaller Outlander forge maps, or head over to spartan ops to level up, do challenges or some smaller games on matchmaking. Otherwise, we will play massive custom games or infinity. What do i need? You don't need any specifications to enroll in the outlanders. We are open to the public for anyone to join and expand our faction. What are the standard of 'The Outlanders'? When we are online Matchmaking or just having fun, the 'Outlanders' may have some very strict regulations. It is encouraged that we all use the 'Outlander Insignia'. The Howling wolf, featured in out banner at the top of the post. It is a "Green" Primary, "Steel" Secondary and "Forest" Background. We then have the howling wolf with a simple circle background. It is also encouraged that we use "Steel" Primary and "Forest" Secondary armour colours, but not required. How to Enlist: 1) If you haven't already, add me: "RAXS SLAYER" as a friend on XBOX live. 2) Send me a Private message saying you would like to enlist! (No Voice messages please!) 3) Your name will be put on this post. 4) Once done, you are an official outlander, If you would like to leave the faction, please inform me. 5) When you join a Party with me or a fellow outlander, i ask the you change your emblem to the Outlander Insignia. Instructions above in the "What are the standard of 'The Outlanders'?" Section. 6) Whenever i am online or a fellow 'Outlander'. Gear up and get ready for action by joining our games / party! The Outlanders: Raxs Slayer BlackTallTee Jungle Troop BIG IS B A
  18. Hello I am LSG Saint real name Alex. I am part of a new community Legion of Shadows Gaming with only 7 members right now and others ready to join with ambitions to make it pro or help our people get there if we can’t. Our community is extremely structured with a system based off the military to keep it organized. We compete on multiple websites and are currently getting ready for our first boot camp or team building (what I think of it) to get our first possible team together and ready to compete. We are looking for mature gamers only that are 18+ or if they are 17 maybe. We are big with communication both in game and real life. We in LSG aren’t just game friends. Over the past year we have built friendships even if we are in different states. Me personally you can’t find that in other communities. If this is something that you want from a team, clan, or community visit us at legionofshadowsgaming.com and apply or send a message to LSG SAINT, LSG SUPREME, or LSG Immortal if you want to talk. “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”
  19. Hi i'm clan leader pyromaniac2727m and im recruiting for my clan rogue warriors and i'm looking for good people who want to be in a competitive clan. we are mlg we have clan battles and clan meetings but i'm just starting out so it would be better to join now then latter when we are big. And we are undefeated and just know that we are going to make a counsel so its fair to all not just one leader to make decisions. Recrierments ~sr50 ~Be able to talk ~Be good ~Have fun So if you would like to join my clan send me a msg we would love to have you so we can make a good clan and have fun while we make it to the top together. Hi im clan leader deathreacont and i need counsel members you need to be level 80 to be in it and you must have a positive k\d and you must chang your name to rogue space and then what u want the counsel decides if a clan member can be kick from the clan and they can also decides what happens to the clan but the clan leader can kick them to.
  20. Amplify Gaming has newly spread from black ops 2 to halo 4 with over 1000 members, us halo players are trying to push Split it 50/50! Weather you play competitively or just like to kick back and socialize, AGC has it all. Just go to www.amplifygaming.com to sign up and say Johnnyhand18 sent you! also add me on xbox live for more info!
  21. ECH0, the Elite Combat Hellfire 0peratives, Son , you are to join echo, we checked your file and the people at oni have decided we could use someone with your talents, echo has three divisions, all suited to better your style of play, whether you pick the assasins, the predators, or if you make it into the leaders and in time command your own division. We are competitive but also fun, you'll meet new people and take part in some of the most intense battles of your career. Take a leap of faith... TaS x HeKTiKZz- leader 1ic.
  22. Need a hard worker, excellent in learning or calling out area's in a map, looking to excel in the MLG and being know by many gamers in the world??. I'm your guy. I've had many own community that I've created called TheEpiks. Long story short I was very serious and commited but others wasn't. Had to close it down and now looking to join a successful team. I know the ropes for joining and running a clan/community. If anything please feel free to invite me or add me my GT* is iiiiCASTIELiiii and see for yourself. See you guys and girls on the next pelican out.
  23. Hey guys and gals I am RedSniper243 or NFG_Sniper. I am NFG_Fallout right hand man and were recruiting once again. We play Halo 4, Reach, Battlefield 3, and even minecraft...there are also other games we play and you can learn about that by replying or messaging me. We compete in contests and just regular matches. We can be competitive and also have fun like building in the forge or playing custom game types. If you want more information about us please reply with gamertag or look us up on Xbox live and request a party or private chat. Our gamer tags are DryerJeremiah (Leader) and RedSniper243 (Me). Please get in contact with us if interested. GO ORANGE TEAM!
  24. I will be opening my co-owned Clan up to the public soon.. We are called NOVA and we have a really good combat record.. CLOSED FOR NOW.. WILL RE-OPEN SOON.. ANY MESSAGES AFTER THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BE IGNORED. **OPENING IN A MATTER OF DAYS.. FOLLOW THIS TOPIC OR ADD ME AS A FRIEND ON THE FORUMS TO STAY UPDATED WITH MY CLAN AND ITS PUBLIC RELEASE.. THANKS** STATS/Back Story: We come from Halo: Reach.. In Halo:Reach we went by NOBLE, but now its NOVA.. (if you want a explanation message me).. In Halo: Reach we are undefeated to this day. We never lost a clan battle and we always won Slayer Matches in Matchmaking.. We were always a closed clan, but now that Halo 4 is out, we decided to try something new.. JOINING: If you want to join NOVA you must be tested by me or one of my fellow clan owners. You must be on XBOX LIVE almost daily and you must be ready to be called in if we need you in a clan battle.. (Dont worry, the test is really Easy!!).. The chance of you getting in the clan is about 85-90%. But still that doesnt mean you will be guaranteed a spot.. So if you are good at Halo 4 and you wish to join a MLG clan, message me privately, reply below with your gamertag, or send me a message on Xbox. GAMERTAG: xExplicitR4zor
  25. Are website is up now if your interested in C3K we are ready to take you in remember we are a Competive,Custom Game Forge,Clan. If you have an interest in theses give c3k ago XD [sharedmedia=finalCountdown:countdown:1]
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