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Found 30 results

  1. The Director's Lesser Known Games Volume 9 Mount & Blade: Warband Console Edition Rating: 9/10 Type of Game: Role Play Game with Multiplayer Platform: Xbox One, Playstation 4 Synopsis: Mount & Blade Warband takes you into the war torn land of Calderia. What you do once you get there is up to you. Will you be a bandit, robbing caravans and villagers while running from the law? Will you be a merchant, hiring mercenaries to defend you from bandits as you sell goods from town to town? How about a lord, loyally serving your chosen king and helping him (or her) become Emperor? Or would you rather become the emperor by taking over the entire realm? You can do all this and more if you feel like it. Pros: There are a ton of great things about this game. The graphics have improved upon the original release, the controls are a bit more fluid than mouse/keyboard, and there are fewer bugs. For those of you who aren't familiar with the original release, here's the great stuff about that! Combat - The combat in this game is set in third person (but you can go to first person if you'd like) and features melee, ranged, and cavalry attacks. That's right, you can fight on a horse. Or you can fight a horse on a horse. Or you can fight a horse while on the ground with just your hands. Weapons/armor - The weapons in this game are varied. There are multiple types of melee weapons with different effects (like bonuses against armor or shields), multiple types of shields, multiple armors, etc. This game has the most varied arsenal I've personally ever seen. The weapons range from swords to lances, from arrows to javelins, the list goes on. You can equip up to 4 different types of weapons (3 if you equip a shield). Oh? You're wondering about the lances? That's right, you can act like a knight and joust people. Awesome, right? Horses - They have several different types of horses in this game that are suited for different play-styles. You plan on being that guy who charges head on into the enemy on your horse? Get yourself an armored one. Are you more interested in speed? Grab yourself a fast one. You want a fast horse that can take some hits? They've got that too! They also have slow, weak horses for those of you who are a bit cheap. Map Movement - The map movement is similar to how you move troops in strategy games. It's eagle view, and you click to travel. When you get to your destination, the game pauses automatically so time doesn't pass while you are deciding where to go next. Worried about not finding anyone to fight with? Don't be. There are raiders and such wandering around the map looking for fools to take their gold. Worried about fighting too much? Get a large enough amount of troops with you and they will flee in terror before your might. Skills - Nearly everything in the game is based on what skills you have (and don't have). From combat to movement speed on the world map, I'm not exaggerating when I say that if you can do it (except cheat) then there is a skill for it. Locations and Characters - They appear one dimensional at first glance but if you pay any sort of attention things get pretty deep pretty fast. The locations are similar yet unique and vary by type. Each separate kingdom has its own design for its villages and towns. Last but not least, the price. This game (as of this review) is only 19.99 USD + tax and has more content than your average AAA 60 buck game. Like, a lot more content. Just one playthrough can take you weeks, months, even years depending on your play style. That doesn't even take into account replayability. Cons: Not many of these, but gotta be fair here. The graphics, while improved, aren't great. The learning curve for this game is pretty steep, and a few stops to the wiki are pretty much guaranteed. The controls are fluid but not very intuitive. For instance, the directional indicator is not an aiming reticle but it makes you feel as if it is one. Aim with the blade, young padawan. There also isn't much voice acting, but that's probably due to it being a budget game. Indie for the windie. Summation: Right now this game is pretty cheap, and it has a ton of content to offer. If you've got a lot of free time and are looking for a way to pass that time try it out.
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen, if you didn't already know by the thousands of reminders in the shoutbox, IT'S MAH BERTHDEY. So, I figured the best way to celebrate would be to write a review to please your eyes and brain. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the box office dinosaur known as Jurassic World! There will be minor spoilers, but if you haven't seen the movie, don't worry too much. You're not going into this for the story, you and I both know that. No, you're going to see Jurassic World for two things: Nostalgia, and DINO WARS. So, let's talk about the film's story a bit, since we're on the subject. The film begins following the tale of two brothers going to visit their aunt, who helps run the new and improved park. Chris Pratt plays a raptor trainer who is probably the best part of this movie, but that might just be because he's Chris bloody Pratt. Basically, the park has begun to dip in ratings, so they decide it'd be a fantastic idea to genetically engineer a new dinosaur, made up of many species. Of course, this backfires, and we have our plot. Now, is the plot believable? Not in any way. Is it fun to watch? Absolutely. It entertains me to watch dinosaurs chew into people and just cause chaos. Not every film needs to be an art-house philosophical journey. Not discounting the greatness of those films, however. Jurassic World's plot basically works for what they are trying to convey. So, how is the action and CGI? To me, a lot of the CGI work was very well done and the animatronics were a nice touch. The fighting is what tops this movie off though, it's so cheesy and fun to watch dinosaurs fight dinosaurs, dinosaurs fight humans, etc. I'm going to mention one action scene here, but don't worry, no real spoilers. Eventually, they chase down this genetically engineered dinosaur to a pterodactyl enclosure WITH A HELICOPTER AND A MACHINE GUN. They just rip through the dinosaur but it manages to break into the enclosure and the pterodactyls SWARM the helicopters, like getting stuck in the rotors and all that jazz. You watch as the helicopter EXPLODES and it's just beauty. The next scene after is even better, but I won't spoil it for you. Acting and directing, you say? Well, it's really a mixed bag. I mean, you have fantastic actors like Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard who light up the screen with their passion and you can truly see they ENJOY the role. But then you've got Vincent D'onofrio and the two brothers who feel SO PHONED IN it's truly disappointing. Again, I don't expect Whiplash or Dawn of the Planet of the Apes level acting, but come the hell on. Directing is fine, I'm not really a critic in this area, I wouldn't know too well. So what was my overall opinion on Jurassic World? I felt that it was a criminally underrated pop-corn flick that will be extreme fun to watch every now and then. It's a better Jurassic Park than Lost World and III, that's for sure. Chris Pratt and the movie's action are really where it shines it's brightest, and it's dinosaurs are certainly a delight to watch on screen. I think this movie can really been a great time for some friends who just wanna go see a fun film about dinosaurs tearing up a park. And the last 30+ minutes are some of the best movie moments I've ever seen. It's certainly not going to win an Oscar for best film, but as far as action movies go, it's a killer time. For my movie ratings, I use an F-A+ system, F being the worst, and A+ being the best, and anything inbetween being, y'know, inbetween. I give Jurassic World an: B+
  3. One of this year's hottest hits on the gaming market was Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, a tale of debauchery and death as gamers around the world donned the swords of the infamous Pirate Edward Kenway, but they were soon to discover his secrets and an emotional journey in the seas and shores of the West Indies. Sounds like an interesting plot on paper right? Well, the real question is if Assassin's Creed IV is truly one for the history books it takes after, or just another annual action game that doesn't deserve an ounce of attention. Find out the answer below! View attachment: Review.JPG So, I would like to start off by saying Assassin's Creed IV is visually stunning, from purple-violet skies on the midnight sails through the sea, to shining sunny days spent looting on the game's breathtaking jungles and shores, to even blistering winds and rains as you swing from ship to ship battering your enemies down with sharp quick blades and heavy cannons. You can expect this on both Next Gen and Last Gen, as playing the game on the PS3 only lead to slight graphical issues that were barely noticeable. You'll never be muttering to yourself, "Wow this game looks great for an original Xbox game!" when playing Assassin's Creed IV. The game even manages to keep it's stunning cutscene graphics in-game, as you'll never feel age with the game. View attachment: Assassins-Creed-IV-Black-Flag_2013_07-22-13_002.jpg Next, we look at story. Without spoiling anything, you start out as the Pirate Edward Kenway, and are tossed ashore, where you are pushed into an intriguing plot of twists and turns involving the assassin order, as Edward fights for his own desires, making great friction in the game between him and other Assassins. Through-out the first three quarters of the game, you don't feel at all disappointed, rather, it's quite the immersive and adventurous narrative. The game immediately switches gears in the last act, and it just amps you up as you can't help but give a round of applause to Edward, and as well, it hits an emotional chord that you never expected from a game about betrayal and killing for your own goals. After playing, you sit down, pause for a moment, and ponder as to Edward's origins, and you'll become fixed on Edward's driving points, but the game has one scene that I refuse to spoil, that shows when it immediately brakes and does a right turn, this scene could be watched for hours on end and it's meaning could be wondered for years before we can decipher it fully, it succeeds as one of the most breath-taking events in a game I have seen in a long time. View attachment: ku-xlarge.jpg Now, the actual gameplay. It keeps its familiar button mashing system, a tad disappointing to some, but just the flexibility and pure righteous fun of it kept me playing more. Ship to ship battles are hands down the most fun side activities to do in a game in 2013. Just the thrill of seeing this huge hulk of a man o' war, putting in all of your effort and speed, and taking it down is enough to make this game well worth $60. Money and Crafting play a huge part in upgrades, and you'll spend hours going around collecting items and cash to upgrade your ships, weapons, and character. This can get tedious at times, but it's satisfactory when you finally do it. In the end, the most innovative mechanic added was the whaling system, which I know received quite a bit of fire from PETA, though I think this is hilarious fun to fool around with. The biggest slap in the face the game has to offer is in it's ridiculously downgraded hunting, where it seems as though they just didn't have the time to bring back or improve upon the old system, as this was likely left until the last minute, and forced to be rushed out of the door by Ubisoft's publishing team. View attachment: ACIV Multiplayer.jpg Getting past that, we have multiplayer. Now I wasn't a fan of Assassin's Creed II's multiplayer, and Assassin's Creed IV follows the same system, so it's a mixed bag for me. I give them massive credit for adding the ability to make modes, and for having a polished multiplayer though. It feels very bland and uninteresting, nothing is driving you to keep playing. There's no real fun communication and large scale actual fighting, which doesn't at all fit Black Flag's massive battle system in the single player, though it does go along with the lines of traditional Assassination, so I give it credit there. Multiplayer needs to have more of a replay value, otherwise it is going to continue downgrading the games. So wrapping it up, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is an incredible game, with a few flaws, but it's overall value far exceeds that of most $60 titles in 2013. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag earns an: 8/10 Expect more reviews in the upcoming future, until then, thanks for reading and leave your thoughts on the game below!
  4. [DISCLAIMER: BELOW IS A REVIEW OF 3 GAMES I HAVE PLAYED AND MY THOUGHTS ON THEM ANY NOTATIONS OF PREFERENCE,THOUGHTS ABOUT THE GAME OR OPINIONS THERE OF ARE OF MY OPINION AND DO NOT REPRESENT FACTS. ANY INFORMATION GIVEN THAT IS NOT MINE HAS BEEN SOURCED WITH A LINK AS WELL] First off we have South Park: The Stick of Truth. In this game you are The New Kid who has moved to the eponymous town and becomes involved in an epic role-play fantasy war involving humans, wizards, and elves, who are fighting for control of the all-powerful Stick of Truth. Their game quickly escalates out of control, bringing them into conflict with aliens, Nazi zombies, and gnomes, threatening the entire town with destruction. SOURCE: Stick of Truth Wikipedia Page This is a Turn-Based Strategy game At the Beginning of the game you are able to create your character which involves picking out your skin color,clothes, hair and makeup after which you enter the world and your parents tell you to go meet new kids. So you leave the house and you end up meeting Butters after which he takes you to the "Grand Wizard" Eric Cartman and then you are able to choose your class Fighter,Mage,Thief or Jew After that you are sent on a variety of missions involving recruiting allies and such. The best way i can think to describe this game is OUTRAGEOUS ....O yea did I forget to mention Kenny is a girl in here [MY OPINION] This game was freaking hysterical there are so many references and jokes. You are able to roam around a fully rendered version of South Park and even a old school looking version of Canada. There is only one major flaw that I can really see with this game which is that it doesnt really do much to bring people into the world of south park as there are many jokes and references from episodes of the TV show that would leave many people not understanding the humor. If you are interested in getting this game I would suggest you watch a bit of south park first so you will understand alot of the references because otherwise they will fly right over your head and the game will not be as funny and outrageous as the creators intended it to be. FINAL VERDICT For this game as a loyal south park fan I would rate this at a 9/10 Next up is MAFIA II The game is set in the late 1940s - early 1950s era of Empire Bay, a fictional city based on New York City,Chicago,Boston and Detroit. The storyline for Mafia II is a gritty drama and chronicles the rise of Vito Scaletta, the son of Sicilian immigrants. As the game progresses, Vito joins the Falcone crime family and becomes "a made man" along with his best friend Joe Barbaro. Source: Mafia 2 Wiki [MY OPINION] To be completely honest and forward I loved this game, it was dark gritty and the entire time I didn't know what direction the plot was going to take. I really only have one small complaint about this game and that is that the AI's(especially the police) arent the smartest out there but then again this game was made back in 2010 FINAL VERDICT I would rate this game a 9.5/10 Last but not least is Max Payne 3 In Max Payne 3, the player controls Max Payne, a former NYPD detective who had became a vigilante after his wife and daughter were brutally murdered. Nine years after the events of the second game, Max meets Raul Passos, who gets him the job as a private security contractor in Brazil. He quickly finds himself constantly encountering difficult situations, which leads him on a search for the culprits of deaths and betrayals. Source: Max Payne 3 Wikipedia [MY OPINION] This game was actually alot of fun. I played throught it on the Medium difficulty and it presented quite a challenge there are a total of 5 difficulties for this game Easy,Medium Hard Hardcore and Old School The Story is 19 Chapters long split into Part 1 2 and 3 on two disks I honestly didnt think there was anything wrong with this game aside from the fact that you will see alot of flashing and moving images on screen that are not part of the cut scene its self but are a part of the game they get kind of annoying well that and Im not too keen on the dual disk thing that alot of companies have been doing but thats besides the point FINAL VERDICT I would rate this game a 8.5/10
  5. The start So anyone who didn’t live under a rock in late 2011, remembers the hype the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim caused when it released. It became one of the top sold games of late 2011 and early 2012. The music in the game went straight to the classic music hall of fame and it scored a lot of awards. It also opened the series up to a new audience. People who never played an Elder Scrolls game before. There were several games in the series which weren’t as popular as Skyrim, but nonetheless great games. The new fans asked for co-op, multiplayer, not knowing that the series had always been a single player game or did not know what could be wrong about a multi player version of those said games. The change But Zenimax looked at this from a different position, why couldn’t they at least try? The development process for what would be known as The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) started. The game this time not developed by Bethesda, but by Zenimax Online, divided the fanbase into two sides: The lovers The haters The lovers saw opportunity; the haters saw their favorite game series go to waste. I fell in the latter category. This couldn’t work I said to myself. The games are SP and they should always be. But on one faithful day, I had the chance to test one of the earliest versions of the game and it changed my views. The review Character creation and combat I played several betas of the game and my hopes went up with every beta. Finally last Sunday I played the early release after pre ordering my game. The game starts out simple, you are a sacrifice to Molag Ball, one of the deadric princes from the series. You wake up in a prison, in his realm, known as Coldharbour. Prisoners seem to be rioting outside, but before you start you create your character. All the races are there from the other games, the only one not available to the normal edition players is the Imperial race, this content is exclusively reserved for the Imperial edition buyers (collectors edtion.) Character creation is deep and detailed; I went with a Nord since I always play as Nord since Daggerfall. I could choose out of several classes: Dragonknight (warrior style class) Templar (speaks for itself) sorcerer (mage class) Nightblade (rogue class) This seems like a rather small number of classes, but in a minute I will explain why this all doesn’t matter that much. I went with dragonknight, because I feel more comfortable with a warrior role. But as soon as I could play, the game did something completely different than most MMO’s I played. It did not give me any armor or weapons at all. Weapons were found later on into the tutorial and armor was everything I could wear. As a dragon knight I could still be a mage or a rogue, the only things that defined my class were its core abilities. So after I claimed a sword and shield, it was time for combat. I could fight third or first person, but since I like the games for their first person perspective I went with that. Combat seemed easy at first: Left mouse button for attack, hold it for a heavy attack. Right mouse button for blocking and both of them to do a shield bash. Fairly simple, but as I continued into the depts of Coldhabour, enemies got smarter, no more dumb skeletons, but skilled deadric warriors, these guys could block, heavy attack, dodge and counter my blows as well. The game went from simple combat to tactical combat, oh he is doing heavy attack I should block and counter him or he is winding up a spell lets bash him with my shield and knock him down. The further I progressed into the game the more enemies became skilled. Some enemies jump over you and knock you down from behind, others break your block, all this makes combat feel alive and fluent. Did I mention that this is an MMO? (I did some sentences back, but I like being dramatic.) The whole game doesn’t feel like an MMO, it feels as an Elder Scrolls game, sure some things do feel like an MMO (all those other players), but with their own twist, other players can be interacted with, whispered to or helped and joining a group doesn’t mean sharing quests anymore. Join a group, you both have that quest? Great, you share goals now. A difficult boss, here comes another player helping you and you still finish the quest. The last example is quite defining, it doesn’t have to be in a group, that person doesn’t need to have that quest, the only thing he needs is the urge to help you and act on it. This defines the game in every way. You can do what you want, whenever you want. I have seen sorcerers wielding two handed axes, nightblades with heavy armor and dragonknights wielding spells and staffs. Talking about quests, every quest has a back story and influence on the world, a village could be burned down and you saved it, opening up shops for you. You could save a mage from goblins and later on you’ll find him in the mages guild thanking you and giving you a reward. This makes the game incredibly immersive. Your actions matter and that feels incredible in a MMO (did I mentioned this already?) Crafting Crafting is quite addicting. You can: Refine (turning raw materials into ingots for example) Create (creating armor, weapons etc) Deconstruct ( harvesting materials from items) Improve (improving items past their limit) Research (researching traits for improvement of weapon) Creating items is incredible; I’ll take an iron dagger as example: First I mined Iron nodes, after acquiring ten of those, I went to refine them into iron ingots. Now I have ten iron ingots I got to create, I select the iron dagger, which requires two ingots for a level one dagger, but I am level 10, so I increase the number of ingots to 8. I select racial motif, which requires other material, for the Nord motif its corundum. (For the sake of this review I’ll add a trait, which on level ten is quite impossible.) I add a trait to improve its speed and I created the dagger. But I am not quite satisfied yet, so let’s improve the dagger. I can see in the improvement tab, that I have 4 honing stones, every honing stone increases the chance of succeeding by 20% and lowers the chance of my dagger getting destroyed. I select four honing stones and press “R” to improve my item. I get to hear a hopeful sound and a blue glow around my dagger’s stats menu. I improved my dagger, making it do more damage. But wait traits are impossible to add on level ten!? Yes, see a trait research takes 6 hours in real life for weapons and can go up to 24 hours in real life for armor. Traits can only be researched by destroying an item with that trait, the upside being that trait research does not fail. Graphics The game stands out with its graphics from most MMO’s I play the game on ultra and I must say it looks amazing. It’s by far one of the most beautiful MMO’s out there, things like lighting are incredibly well done and makes sunrises, candy for your eyes. Things as rain and ash (volcanoes) change the world, rain makes your character wet, ash reduces your vision. The weather system is incredibly well done and snow, rain, storms, ash look amazing. The daytime system changes things as well, at night you are less likely to be spotted while sneaking. Final verdict The good incredible combat system Standard classes are thrown out the door (Be a dragonknight who stabs people with tiny knifes for all I care.) Amazing graphics. Immersive storytelling and every quest gives you a back story and a good reason to do the quest. A really addicting crafting system. Fun PVP ( I didn’t discuss it here, but it is definitely amazing) The bad Bugs can stop your quest progress sometimes, relogging usually works. Small dungeons could be full of other players, which makes some dungeons incredibly annoying. PVP has a strange respawn system, sometimes it takes at least 20 minutes to get back to the fight, because you spawn far away. The neutral The game is subscription based; this doesn’t bother me, but could be a downside for some people. It’s incredibly addicting, this isn’t good or bad, just my personal view. The game is incredibly well made and of the more fresh MMO’s out there. It takes standard MMO features and turns them upside down and then throws them away. The only MMO features I have seen which are standard is the mail system and the chat system. Even guilds function differently. I love the game and if you love the Elder Scrolls, I advise you to get this game, who are looking for a standard MMO will be dissapointed and people looking for a standard fanatasy game, should go play the lord of the rings online. The Elder Scrolls online is out now for PC and Mac and will be released on Xbox one and PS4 later this year. Images are from the courtesy of IGN and are not made or owned by me.
  6. Hello guys, I again find myself with nothing to do and decided to make another review. Before I start I wanted to thank Total Mayhem for providing me with great feedback on my previous review. So...Let's get started. The Xbox One As you all might have noticed about a week ago I got my very own Xbox One. And I have never been so excited to go home from school and wait for a mailman! Once he delivered I rushed upstairs to plug it all in only to find out they gave me an english power cable (I live in the Netherlands so it is useless here)... Thank you local gamestore! My parents are still making fun of the face I made when I pulled the power cable out. Luckily I was able to 'borrow' the right cable from my 360 console. (Don't worry, My local gamestore was nice enough to still send me a power adapter for free) The console needed to apply some updates before I could play so I decided to take a look at... The controller. One of the first things I noticed was that it was almost as smooth as silk in my hands. And the removal of the battery pack at the back made it look less bulky. It fit like a glove. Then I noticed the changes to the analog sticks. They were a bit smaller and didn't have as much resistance as the xbox 360 controller. You need about 0 effort to push them around which makes it easier to react in shooters. The triggers have the same thing. Very little resistance on the pull. Only these are made larger and your fingers can kinda curl around them, which feels nice. The one thing that did bother me a bit were the bumpers. I don't know why but you have to press a lot harder in the inside parts of the bumpers than on the outside parts. Which makes it a bit more difficult to press for players with larger fingers. After the console did what needed to be done and I ran the setup. I was surprised about how the kinect recognized me and automaticly signed me in. So I decided to play around with the kinect for a bit. The Kinect I have never used a kinect on the 360 so this thing is kinda new to me. After walking through a tutorial on how to use it. I tried some of the gesture commands. My room isn't the recommended size but I can still use the gesture commands to go around the dashboard. The commands are not hard to memorize which is a plus aswell. The only problem I've encountered so far is to 'push' buttons or tabs that are in the lower areas of the screen. But I think that is because I too close to the sensor. Then I tried to use voice commands. Whilst my Xbox One was set to Irish. Needless to say It didn't work because it didn't recognize my dutch accent. Even telling it to "Tern yerself on ya bloody -Yoink!-, I'll reward ya with a good 'ol scotch" didn't work. After changing it to the US it worked a lot better. The only times it doesn't work now is if I try to put in commands that don't exsist. I so far really don't get how people are complaining about how it doesn't work. Even with a heavy Dutch accent I'm able to put in voice commands 99% of the time. Overall a very nice adition to the console Now onto the... Dashboard The Dashboard is very familiar to the xbox 360 dashboard. Only now the 'Home' page is all yours. No more ads. It only displays the stuff that is yours. (The ads you see to the left are from the 'Store' section) You have quick acces to eveything you are playing or have recently played. With the Home button on your controller, the gesture command or the voice commands you can easily switch between games and apps without needing to shut one of them down. So while your game is loading or installing you can watch some youtube video's to kill the time. Very nice feature. The lesser amount of tabs makes it easier to move through the dashboard but I found myself wondering where I could acces my xbox settings and or storage. Now onto my conclusion because this post is getting rather long. Overall the Xbox One is a very good console. It has it's minor flaws here and there but hey... nothing is perfect. Is it worth the €600,-? That remains a question for yourself to answer. In my opinion is is a bit at a high price. But I still think it was totally worth it. Thanks for reading through this and please leave some comments and or tips. Have a nice day!
  7. Hey guys! It's that time again. Since I got great response on my previous Review on the xbox One I decided to review... Battlefield 4! (Xbox One edition) Ah yes... The next game in an epic franchise. I'll be honest I'm not a grizzled Battlefield veteran since I've only played Battlefield 3 before this. But hey... now you can get a review from someone who doesn't keep reffering to 'the good ol' days'. Let's start of with the campaign This game is not known for great campaign gameplay. And now I know why. I'll start by saying that I've not completed the entire campaign because it won't save my progress for some reason... I don't know if this is because of the xbox One or poor design but it is most certainly very frustrating to keep starting the campaign over and over and over and over and over and over and over an... I think this pretty much sums it up. For what I've been able to play, which I think was half way through, I've gotta hand it to them. The graphics are awesome. But besides that it was pretty mediocre. The story line in my opinion is wierd... I don't know how else to put it. Maybe I've been looking at it wrong or simply I don't understand but I don't knwo why China banned this game because their reputation was at stake. It's a complete unrealistic situation and far fetched to say the least. Again, maybe I've not played it enough but this is what I think about it. Now the mechanics like blowing up stuff is still awesome. But the AI is as dumb as a leaking tea bag. Taking cover behind a tiny fence post or sitting at the wrong side of the wall is not what I call clever. At least it's fun running through hordes of enemies like it's no sweat. Now onto the real battlefield! The Multiplayer With the upped graphics of the Xbox One the multiplayes is amazing to look at. Building blowing up left and right and getting shot at from all sides makes this feel like real war. It is all a bit overwhelming when you first step in. So many thing to see. So many customizable things! But you'll adapt quickly, I'm sure. Once settled down, I had a great time going all tactical. It really is much different from battlefield 3. Less arcady in my opinion. Although the netcode is a bit frustrating from time to time... There are a few down sides to this game though. Like there are no player owned servers for the xbox One. I'm not sure if those are still comming but for now playing 32 vs 32 on operation Metro is a bit too much of the good thing. Speaking of too much of a good thing, I know explosions are awesome but there are far too many. Again operation Metro is a perfect example. From the american side it is impossible the move up. Even with the new ways te get up, there is no possible way past the barricade of grenades, grenade lauchers and other explosives which can be reacuired from ammo packs with relative ease. Another example of too much of a good thing is Commander mode. A great new feature which can be accesed by tablet as well. Adds a bit of tactical gameplay too... If the commander commands it's troops. Which does not happen all that often sadly. Most commanders I've encountered only used tools and didn't order the troops around. I know most of 'em won't listen and do whatever they want. But there are players out there who are willing to follow. Now another annoying little gimmick is the constant UAV's in the air. Sadly it's almost impossible to be stealthy if UAV's are a constant threat. All in all a great feature, but Battlefield could have done without it really. I think I'm gonna wrap up right here. I know there is much more to be said but this review is getting too long already. I've put up a lot of bad points and didn't really counter weight it with a lot of good points but there are just so many things to talk about. I do recommend picking up this game if you like shooters. Although it is frustrating from time to time it is still hella fun! Thanks for reading! And as always leave any tips in the comments! Post edit: So yeah... appearently a couple of images went missing when I posted this. Just fixed that! (I hope)
  8. Hello all, I had not much to do so I decided to review the new game I just got. I recently recieved Titanfall in my mailbox and didn't hesitate to eject my former only game for the Xbox One (Bf4) and insert Titanfall. After watching some Youtube video's while it was installing, I really love the multi tasking on this console, I could finally boot up the game. After some general pressing start and A procedures I was finally able to get into the game. I really liked how they set up the tutorial but after 10 stations it was getting kinda boring and the Hammond industries (I belive that's the name) logo appearing after each station was a bit useless. After that was done I could finally play some myself. I launched the campaign and was really surprised to see that it was a multiplayer campaign! I was amazed by how they combined multiplayer gameplay with a campaign story line. Although I still don't know how the side your playing against views this campaign story. You really get immersed into the game. And the AI grunts and other troops make it look like a real battlefield. Although it's a bit weird how the AI decides to crouch down in the open and fire in the general direction of the enemy basicly painting a gaint bulls-eye on their heads. Lost a few matches in there, but hey I'm new to this. I decided to check out the regular multiplayer so I was able to decide what game mode to play. I went with the regular TDM like gametype. After some time playing I noticed how quickly you are able to obtain a Titan, and how easy it is to lose it again . My first Titan didn't last longer than 30 seconds as it was instantly crushed by two enemy titans and a Pilot who was riding me like a little piggy. After I got used to the game some more I was really able to defeat enemy titans and even achieve some awesome streaks and multi kills, which also invoke funny or witty comments from the officer talking through your HUD. And seeing enemies try to flee to their evac and seeing them get shot out of the air while they 'try' to escape really brought a smile to my face. Overall I really really enjoy this game. A fast pased FPS with gaint mechs? What's not to like about that?! For now I give this game a 8.5/10 and I highly recommend picking this game up and if you do not own the Xbox One yet buy the bundle. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for reading through this massive wall of text. It is the first review I've ever written and I'd like to get some tips and tricks for future reviews. That's it, Good day to you all! Post EDIT: Thanks to Total Mayhem for the better lay-out!
  9. Halo 4 Armour Review: Hey Guys! Raxs_Slayer back here again on teh 343 forums. Today i'm goign to rant about halo 4's armour. These are my opinions, maybe yours a different, please share them respecively thanks! The Armour: Recruit: - A Really nice looking armour! It has a nice classic halo feel, sort of reminds me of ODST. - I rate this 8/10 CIO: - Very unusual! But i do appreaciate the idea of spartan secret forces. Whereas i might not appreacite the looks as much, it's a great idea! - I rate this 6/10 Gungir: - Very nice! An Excelent twist on the classic. I must say i do like Halo reach's gungnir much more but this one does hit the spot, heavy armour, that's what it's about. - 7/10 Fotus: - Well, you may not look like a spartan but you are BE-AY-UU-DIFUL! Very nice aethetics, agressive and intimidating. - 10/10 Hazop: - This for me is almost a perfect helmet. 343 really did manage to make this look like a heavy spartan. Looks very UNSC, and looks a much better Hazard Operative helmet than reach's! - 9/10 Infiltrator: - Well, well. This is very wierd for halo. But that doesn't mean i don't appreacite it. This guy looks like he can take some damage, if they body armour was bigger this guy would look perfect! But that is however quite a big flaw in this armour, too skinny. - I rate this 6/10 Mk.VI: - Well! Looks who's back! Nice helmet, god ole' classics, you can't beat em! - 8/10 Oceanic: - Great idea, but for me, this helmet is massively lacking detail! And sadly looks a bit outdated. Looks more 1900s that 2200s. - 3/10 Orbital: - 343! What's that skull dooing there! No, i get what you were tryign to do, but it doesn't work for me. Beutiful design, i loved the origional models without the skull. But now looks like he should have been more careful painting his house! - 5/10 Recon: - Well done 343! This is defintly helment that looks good as a classic! I did like the heavily armoured model you were origionaly going to introduce more but this works too! Nice one! - 6/10 Strider: - I just though wow! when i saw this one. Really awesome. Looks likes a deathsport spartan. Propper griffball armour. Super nice! Definitly a fave! - 9/10 Scout: - Cool! I like how you have gone with the risk of using the halo 3 model. Definitly matches halo 4's other helmets more. Good job! - 7/10 Solider: - Agressive, Intimidating, This is what you need in a helmet. Really good Job! If onyl the mouth piece was better :S - 5/10 Vanator: - Wow! Where did this come from? Really unusual, but you can't say it's not awesome. Big risk! But nice armour! - 7/10 Warrior: - Cool helmet! Looks like a blast pyro mask! Nice design, heavily armoured. but not for me. - 4/10 Deadeye: - This is a funny fellow. But he does look awesome. I love the narrow squinting design. Truly looks like a sniper! - 8/10 Locus: - Simply looks brutal! Amazing helmet! Possibly the best helmet i have seen in halo! - 10/10 E.O.D: - Beasty! He looks just like the reach model with a heavily armoured look! The best it's ever been! Nice one 343! - 9/10 Aviator: - Looks exactly like it short, shot and sweet, this helmet is epic! - 6/10 Warmaster: - Does look a lot like a promethean. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to carve a skull into their visor! but hell it looks awesome! - 6/10 E.V.A: - Classic, yet modern. I like the more curved look! - 6/10 Enforcer: - Some swanky new armour! Looks cool. Heavy, agressive. I just think the visor looks a little too sunk in. - 5/10 Vanguard: - Incredible, just incredible. One of the best looking helmets in halo history! New, futuristic, unique. - 10/10 Air assault: - Very nice. I'm not sure if it's better than reach's but it's different. I wouldn't wear it though, doesn't suit me. - 2/10 Scanner: - Really interesting design! I would love that helmet without the scanner though. I can see somethign awesome underneath! - 5/10 Commando: - Massive, agressive, heavy, just plain awesome. Looks exactly how a field commander should! Flawless design! - 10/10 Ranger: - Oh my. Looks very wierd. Definitly a love hate helmet. But i suppose it's one that is more about the principle of unlocking rather than show. It does remind me of starwars for some reason though. but i do think it is rather awesome. - 7/10 Protector: - Definitly one of the best! Heavy, no visor? Who cares! When you look this good who needs a visor? - 10/10 Raider: - This does look rather cool. Very interesting. I don't think i'd wear it but it is a nice idea. - 4/10 Defender: - This really does match the name. The face seems flat and shielded just like you'd imagine. A very clever design. - 6/10 Engineer: - A very, very nice helmet. I love the unusual design and aesthetics. Especially the small visor. Amazing design, very out of the ordinary. - 8/10 Operator: - A fantastic new looking armour, very circular and mechanical design. Looks pretty damn good. - 8/10 Pioneer: - Looks very alien indeed. However i love the two visors and how the helmet looks as a whole. Very intriguing, love the design, but not something i'd wear. - 4/10 Pathfinder: - Possibly one of the most ingeniously designed helmets out there! Amazing aesthetics, angular and agressive. - 9/10 Wetwork: - Very nice design! I remember a halo 3 fan submitted helmet that looks just like it. Very assassin style, streaked, looks very agile. but not for me. - 4/10 Stalker: - I'm going to be honest. That thing looks like a damn lizard! But hey? That's awesome. It looks really interesting and very far fetched. But i love it. - 8/10 Rogue: - Very, very cool. Looks like a hard and heavy style Orbital helmet. Looks completely bad*ss to me. - 8/10 Tracker: - Love this one! Has those awesome 3 lights on top of the visor. Looks very space age and futuristic with that classic halo feel. Genius design! - 9/10 Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoyed my review. Let me know what you think in the comments! Over and out.
  10. She is obviously very hot!! And I dig her thoughts on the game! Opinions?
  11. Hello community, I generally do not post on game forums unless there is something that seems to be giving me problems (duh). I want to start by saying that I am exceptionally satisfied with Halo 4. I think 343 did an excellent job in creating an opener for the new Halo Trilogy. Now, please read the following with an open mind, I would prefer people to not rage on this topic / take what you see and completely disagree with the avid-Halo fan attitude (we do not want to create issues that we saw in Halo Reach in the opening months). First, the campaign was brilliant. The story was engaging and I felt like I was in a movie. This is a good thing, and I think more games need to follow suite. Second, the multiplayer is exceptionally good. I am a SR - 42 and I will tell you at times you want to throw the game out the window. The playlists add a degree of competitiveness and innovative (or combined) styles of play, i.e. dominion. Dominion is by far one of the best playlists out. It is so freaking good. Now, (please read carefully and do not jump to conclusions), I have been playing competitive first person shooters since Halo CE. I absolutely love Counterstrike and I loooove Halo 3. The problem I am seeing with Halo 4, that can be fixed, is lag compensation and the style of matchmaking. Lag compensation is evident in the matchmaking system and glaringly obvious when you are DMRing people. I actually did not notice for awhile until today. Maybe it is because Counterstrike GO and Source were similar in the respect that the game would cater to bad connection players. This is fine because Valve made an option available to the players to TURN DOWN the lag compensation if the player had a good connection or TURN IT UP if the player had a bad connection. This NEEDS TO BE ADDED INTO HALO 4! You cannot have a competitive multiplayer game and expect it to survive when good connection players are being punished without an option to damper the lag compensation. At the very least they can add an option in the menu to turn it up or down with settings like: low, medium, or high and give the players the option to select one. The game can even tell you what would be prefered under your connection type and would not break the game but make it awesome! Now any other opinions or suggestions would be great to give to 343 . Matchmaking, is whole other story. (I am not crying about matchmaking and trying to flame, etc. just want to give my opinion.) I think in the next few weeks or even a month from now, Halo 4 should have separate matchmaking playlists for ranked and unranked. What made Halo 3 so successful was the fact I could choose when to play competitively or choose to play not competitively. Much like Counterstrike (which is arguably the most competitive shooter), there were unranked playlists and ranked playlists in GO (Global Offensive). I am not trying to say "MAKE THE GAME LIKE COUNTERSTIKE OR BLACK OPS OR I QUIT" but I would like to have the ability to select if I want to try or not. Personally, video games are for fun. I do not want to play Final Boss and company (lol) every single game. Side note, please fix the connection issues for coop and spartan ops please 343 (Not detrimental but would be nice). Now, Halo 4 community, let us try to come up with logical and DOABLE fixes for the game. Taking out lag compensation would mean recreating the game, so that is not an option but to add something like an option to select your degree of lag compensation would BE EXCELLENT AND IT WORKS! The playlist issues we might see change soon, as ranked playlists will be out, but I would like to KNOW that I am doing unranked or ranked and be able to adjust my play accordingly. Please listen and take this opinion, as an opinion and a suggestion. Thank you, Unseenz EDIT: I want to add that I am only trying to give a suggestion that could save 343 money rather than completely reworking the servers (making them dedicated, etc.) This way it saves them money and helps us as gamers! EDIT EDIT: This is a new game, so let us not talk about imbalance of weapons, gear, etc. The game is near perfect, just needs a few tweaks.
  12. Before you bash me on my title, read my opinion on the game. I try my best to make my points logical and not made out of rage alone, even if rage did help me make them. The gameplay: Note, by gameplay, i mean the engine and how it flows. Quite frankly, i love the game engine. The introduction of halo 3's health system did sadden me a bit, since i couldn't see how close i was to death with my shields down. One thing i hate with a passion though, is the fact that if someone shoots you while you are sprinting you slow down significantly. This has killed me so much, since in halo reach i had taken advantage of sprint so many times. War games: Quite frankly, this is the largest clusterfudge in the game. The balancing and maps are some of the most awful i have ever seen. The boltshot is the primary source of rage for me, since it's literally a shotgun, and it isn't even a primary weapon! They replaced armor lock with something even worse. Some may argue that the boltshot has a charge up time, but ask yourself this: Can the boltshot charge up before the user even loses his shields even from an assault rifle at point blank range? The answer is yes. Once again, players, in big team especially, always vote for one map and one map only (in big team this is Exiled). Plasma grenades make their OP introduction again as well. In my opinion, it is the most useful and OP of the bunch. It can turn vehicles and their drivers to smitherines, varying upon which vehicle it is. The gauss hog enrages me more than any other vehicle in the game. Of course it was the same in the other halo games, but never really used in MM due to is kill power. Quite frankly, I believe that the engine is remakarbly fantastic. The primarily problem is the balancing of the weapons themselves. Quite frankly, I believed halo reach was a much better game. For those of you that love this game, i practically adore you. I have been a fan of halo my entire life and played reach alone for 1200 hours on both of my accounts, yet i'm terribly dissapointed in this. Also, on an unrelated note, Yesterday was the 32nd anniversary of John lennon's assasination. R.I.P
  13. Hello everyone. I thought I'd go ahead and put this thread out there since a lot of people have been asking me about what I like and dislike about Halo 4. This is going to be a very long thread, but it still saves me from having to explain it over and over again. This is all in my own opinion, and is based off of my personal experiences with the game. Likes Campaign: I loved the storyline and the campaign gameplay. I've played it through six times so far, and of my own free will rather than for challenges. That's something that Halo Reach was not able to do for me. The campaign engaged me, and left me feeling satisfied but wanting more. Vehicles: 1. I like that they balanced the banshee a little bit. In Reach, the thing was far too OP. The only people who couldn't get at least a frenzy in it were those that didn't know what left bumper did. Now, there is a small delay between flips, and the weaknesses are easier to exploit. This doesn't mean that it's a cardboard vehicle, just means that it can be taken down fairly quickly and needs an experienced pilot in it. 2. The Gauss Hog in matchmaking is one thing I missed about Reach. Yeah, I'm one of "those" guys, who can use the gauss hog as a sniper rifle. It doesn't feel as OP as the Halo 3 gauss did either for some reason. Also there is no "shot drag", which I think is pretty fair. 3. The Mantis is one of the best defensive vehicles in the game. I'm not exactly pro with it, but I can get a killing spree with it. I can also take it down pretty quick. The sniper rifle is excellent against this vehicle mainly because of it's slow movement speed and it's size. Weapons: 1. I like the way that you need to adapt to each different map with your loadouts. I've never been a weapon fanboy, so it doesn't bother me that the DMR beats the BR in long range and vice versa in short range. I do like that I do better in close quarters maps with the BR and better in long maps with the DMR. Puts a little bit of strategy into the game. 2. I like the sounds of most of the weapons. I'm glad that they now sound more realistic, albeit slightly quieter. 3. I love the way that the weapons are balanced out now. That there is no "king weapon", because all of them are made for different scenarios. 4. The power weapons for the most part feel like power weapons now. 5. The needler is boss again. 6. Bullet spread is a whole lot less than it was in Reach, and I'm thankful for that. Gameplay: 1. I like the new unlock system. It takes the feeling of Halo 3, where you actually had to accomplish things to unlock different armor, and adds the simplicity of Halo Reach. I like that some items are difficult, but that they tell you how to unlock them. 2. The spawns seem to be a step up from Halo Reach, where it was so easy to spawn lock people that it was ridiculous. There are still some hiccups, but it's definitely an improvement. 3. It feels like I'm actually playing as a Spartan again, rather than an overhyped GI-Joe knock-off. The jump height is back to what I like to call "weeee" level, the fall damage is greatly reduced (still there, but a trip off a curb won't take your shield all the way off), and the ability to punch through a sliver of shield is back. 4. The armor abilities feel useful without feeling OP to me. With each and every one, there is a different tactical approach you have to take to use it effectively, and I love that. 5. The ability to ninja people without having to be on an incline or jump crouch is back. Nuff said. 6. Overall the gameplay feels familiar, but new and refreshing. Dislikes Campaign: The only thing I didn't like was the ending. I simply wish they had gone in a different direction with it. Vehicles: 1.The "power" vehicles still feel like overburdened cardboard boxes with cannons attached to them. In the grand ol' days, the tanks used to be the map control vehicles. In Reach, they were laughable. Someone would shout "Tank!" and everyone else on the team would laugh as they nade spammed it into oblivion. Now, the scorpion is slower than it's ever been, and feels as if it does less splash damage. One of my biggest pet peeves is when things get nerfed to the point that they are nearly useless, and that fits the bill perfectly with the tanks. These are supposed to be the vehicles that everyone rushes for at the beginning of a match, and now they sit there gathering dust, or getting the crap blown out of them with SMALL ARMS FIRE, which they are supposed to be immune to. Seriously, it's a few hundred years into the future in this game. Even in real life a magnum isn't going to do jack against a tank. C'mon. -.- 2. The spontaneous ordinance drops make the maps less vehicle friendly than they have been in past Halo games. One thing that separates Halo from games like CoD is vehicular warfare. 3. The ghost's weak point is less exploitable than it has ever been, making the ghost into a force to be reckoned with unlike in Halo 2 and Halo 3, where it was mainly a hit and run vehicle. 4. All of the vehicles weapons (with the exception of the ghost and banshee) seem to have been nerfed a little bit. As I've said before, I hate nerfs. Weapons: 1. The DMR/BR five-shot seems to slow things down a little bit in slayer. I honestly would have preferred that they make the DMR 4-shot instead of the BR 5-shot. 2. The grenades don't do as much as they used to, and seem a bit glitchy at times. I've seen people at medium-low shields walk right over a frag grenade and just lose their shields. This seems to encourage grenade spam, rather than slowing down how many grenades are thrown, which is annoying. 3. "Flinching" is very, very annoying. Especially in games like Team Snipers, where accuracy is king. For instance, if I am aiming at my opponents head and he hits me in the foot just as I fire, I feel as if I should get the kill rather than having my shot go wild. Flinching makes it more difficult to "make a comeback" during a firefight. Normally I prefer a challenge, but when someone who is blatantly spamming manages to get a kill on me simply because my character is flinching and thereby I cannot hit him, it awakens a primal fury inside of me. 4. While bullet spread is down, I have noticed bullet spread in sniper rifles. The most "precise" weapons in the game. The fact is, in the human sniper the shot speed has already been turned down. There really is no need to add bullet spread into a weapon that can't be spammed. 5. The Light Rifle is supposed to be a mix between the BR (when unscoped) and the DMR (when scoped), however that's ruined due to the scoped 4-shot it's capable of. 6. The BoltShot seems to have supposed to be a mix between the Magnum and the Plasma Pistol, with the magnums headshot capability and the PP's overcharge capability. However, it turned into a spammable Magnum/shotgun. This is not supposed to be a power weapon, and yet it can easily be considered as such. 7. The overcharge on the Plasma Pistol takes up far more ammo than it ever has before. In previous Halo games, you could go for an extended period of time with it oc'd. Now, however, you cannot take your time and aim it at an oncoming (or outgoing) vehicle. It has turned into a knee-jerk reaction weapon, which I do not like. Gameplay: 1. I do not like that it's based off of score rather than kills. This allows someone who goes 20/25 to top someone who goes 20/10 on the scoreboard simply because they got more revenges. In objective games, I get it, but non-kill based scoring doesn't feel right to me in slayer gametypes. 2. The glitchiness of certain aspects of the game. For instance, the Legendary Armor Unlock glitch. It didn't happen to me, but it has happened to quite a few of my friends, and I don't like that. The challenges glitching out are also annoying. 3. Black screens now aren't always a black screen for everyone. In previous Halo games, when someone went into a black-screen, EVERYONE went into a black-screen. This prevented certain modifications (e.g. lag-switching) from being super-effective. Now, players will be in black screen while other players are still playing, and will appear to be afk in the actual game itself. I've only noticed this twice, but it definitely left a sour taste in my mouth. Overall I love this game, even though certain bits of it annoy me. It's not everything I always wanted out of Halo, but I'm still happy with what I got. I waited five years for this game, and it was well worth the wait. I cannot wait until Halo 5 comes out.
  14. EDIT: BEFORE YOU READ THE REVIEW (now that it has gotten a bit of attention) I just want to let you know I am not really enjoying multiplayer right now. Every game just seems really stressful. It feels like 95% of the gun-fights I get into if I'm not perfect I lose. Also I think I'm running into organized teams because I'm ALWAYS fighting more than one enemy when I'm deliberately trying not to and I rarely survive when I'm "one-shot." I don't know if this is because 343 has failed to separate social/ranked but for me; the kind of person who plays to "play" and not so much "to win" the game it's been pretty frustrating and I actually haven't played much at all for the past few days/week. In Halo 3 I ran into people who were better than me but it was never so bad that I had to try my best every single gun-fight. I got to SR-41 in like the first week so that might be why? The following review seems really positive but I think the ranking/match-making system is pretty messed up for someone like me who wants to "pug" games (even with friends). I guess it's the same for organized teams because they run into people they just stomp on. I will be reviewing the maps, the guns, armor abilities, perks, instant respawns, gametypes and armor. Look for titles in bold. If you want to get an idea of what kind of Halo player I am check out my stats: Halo 3 Rank/Stats http://www.bungie.ne...ayer=sindronian Halo Reach Rank/Stats http://www.halowaypo...onian/haloreach Halo 4 Rank/Stats http://www.halowaypo...indronian/halo4 Firstly, I loved the campaign except for a few things (like the didact boss fight. Why wouldn't 343 take advantage of their talent and make it amazing? Not enough time? Who knows). The multiplayer is FUN (well at first I thought it was! It's Reach all over again). Theatre doesn't even work for campaign yet (I think?). The fine editing tool from Reach is gone which honestly, nearly ruins forging for me. No, magnets do not entirely replace the tool. That's really unfortunate. It's too time consuming without it. What were they thinking :/ Now for the war games review! GUNS I FEEL SHOULD BE PRAISED OR SHOULD BE CHANGED: Before you read the following reviews about guns I should say I have been getting a CRAPLOAD of lag in Halo 4 and have had very few games without at least a little bit of lag. So my observations about how the weapons behave may be a little inaccurate but I think it's ok. DMR - Great weapon. I personally like the look of it in Reach better but it still looks cool. The bloom is perfect IMO. You only have to pace your shots at very long distances (VERY, long). Now, is it over-powered? Just a little bit. The gun is way more effective just beyond medium range which is the way it should be. At medium range I do believe it is better than the BR not because of the bloom reduction or damage but the rate of fire. I'm not sure about a solution. Tiny decrease in rate of fire may fix it. Then again we don't want the DMR to feel like a semi-automatic sniper rifle either.The BR realistically should be a winner at medium range and it is often not. Decent sound. Change to performance needed. Please note: INCREASING BLOOM WILL NOT CHANGE THE DMR FOR THE BETTER. IT WILL SIMPLY MAKE IT A FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING WEAPON AGAIN WHICH WILL JUST NERF IT COMPLETLEY. BLOOM IS NOT THE ISSUE. Frag Grenades - They have a small blast radius because there exists a perk to increase it. What makes a lot more sense is to have the grenades at normal blast radius and have no perk to affect radius. IMO. BR - Fantastic. I was never a BR fan in Halo 3. However I always used it over the assault rifle when I found it. I never played Halo 2 online so that probably explains why I don't have an attachment to the weapon. I really do like it in Halo 4 though. More than the DMR simply for the feel. The DMR's bloom allows for headshots on the outer circle of the expanding reticle which just feels like BS to me and almost like you can shoot someone around a corner. The BR performs as it should at medium range and I believe its feel is spot on. No BS. Concerning it's shape it looks great. Overall it is visually a bit strange though, but only compared to other BRs from past Halo games. To be blunt it sounds like crap. At least it doesn't need balanced!. Assault Rifle- PERFECT. It is finally a real weapon along with decent sound. It melts at close range AS IT SHOULD. It barely wins out fights at medium range but stands a chance and it's useless at long range. Great job 343! I only use it if I'm using firepower though Carbine - Looks and sounds great. One less headshot to kill might fix it. Landing all of those shots perfectly is not realistic while with the DMR and BR it is realistic because it's 5 shots and not something like 8. Which is why the Carbine is too weak. Carbine should be an issue for the BR at medium range. Binary Rifle - Sweet addition. Not OP at all (seriously). Low ammo and clip size along with a laser sight only the enemy can see AND a huge reticle balances it. This gun is probably the sweetest thing you could pull out of your ordinance minus the Incineration cannon. Incineration Cannon - Awesome. My favourite weapon in Halo 4. Sometimes I feel I don't get kills with it when I should though. For example I've hit a guy directly and the blast just knocked him back (pretty sure he didn't have overshield). I love the weapon and it acts differently from the rocket launcher and is more desired. It's forerunner, it should be better. Rocket Launcher - Sound is a step down. Why can't I lock on? If that's over-powered give the vehicles more durability. Two things about this gun could be changes but only one thing HAS to be. Either buff the radius of the explosive or make the rocket travel faster. That's all. Sticky Detonator - Sad this is the replacement for the Reach grenade launcher. The first explosive weapon I ever used in a video game that was rewarding to skill and perfectly balanced. Not enough people could use it well, so they took it out. Really unfortunate. My favourite weapon in Reach. The sticky detonator is an easier to use version. The blast radius is huge. I don't really see anything wrong with it. It's a real power weapon. Like a rocket launcher from Reach. Be afraid of it. Needler - I don't think people realise this is a power weapon now. I mean, it was always a power weapon, but a pretty weak one. Now it's something you should be really afraid of. I really don't think there should be more than one that drops at the beginning of a match COUGH - that impact 343 forge world variant which I haven't even played yet but I think there are 3 needlers on it (WTF) Storm Rifle - Reduce the spread. Vehicles - Damage is perfect. Ghost and Banshee cannons aren't useless like in Reach and are a tiny bit more powerful than Halo 3. I think it's great. Durability not so sure about. Since there is a "fuster-cluck" of power weapons on the map thanks to the ordinance addition to the game I think they could be a little more durable. The problem with this is that the one player who doesn't have a power weapon is screwed. Verdict Human weapons - great job, some need changed. Promethean weapons - great job Covenant weapons - great job, plasma is scary now that it travels so fast (does it travel faster now? Idk, turrets hit me more at super long ranges). Spread could (SHOULD) be decreased for some guns. Great job 343 never have we had such a balanced level of weaponry along with such variety. Vehicles - Give us a forerunner vehicle and a falcon you sillies. Vehicles are balanced but could be more durable MAPS AND SPAWNING - Great. Some people feel like there are not enough maps. There will be. I still haven't gotten to play a few (forge world variants from devs). - Less needlers - Favourite map is Solace. Second best is Haven. Ragnorak remake is awesome. - Spawns are great. Only had a couple bad ones. Instant Respawn doesn't help. EDIT: Spawns aren't that great (lol). - Don't integrate community forge world maps into matchmaking, leave it to the professionals. They will never compare to real maps even if the colours could be changed. If we get 3 voting options of garbage forge world maps every time we try and play war games like in Reach the game WILL break and get REALLY boring AND no one will play it. INSTANT RESPAWN When did anyone ever ask for Halo to be a fast-paced game? We asked for sprint, but only to make it more intense. It worked, while increasing the pace to an appropriate degree. If we want to be killed by the guy we just killed two seconds ago we would play "that game that shall not be named." This feature does not belong in halo and is not NEEDED and will not SELL halo any better. ***BTW INSTANT RESPAWN BREAKS KING OF THE HILL ON SMALL MAPS GAMETYPES IN GENERAL - Firstly I want to talk about the social vs ranked playlists. Why are people complaining there are no ranked playlists and the game isn't competitive? I think (may be wrong) every gametype matches you up according to skill and rank (maybe just rank?). So it seems to me what's missing is a social playlist lol. I've already been getting my ass kicked playing regicide because I'm playing against people way better than me most of the time. I don't want to fight people my own level I want to plow noobs lol. Please correct me on how this works! In halo 3 did the social playlist match you up randomly? I thought I remember separate ranks for each social playlist. What made the social playlists social? The ranked playlist matched you up based on your highest skill which was based on wins/losses right? Halo 4 will be ruined for me if I can only play with people my level or above that will just be stressful lol I need to practice on noobs. when did people ask only to be matched up with people their level why would 343 do that? - There weren't enough shipped with the game IMO, despite the reasons for holding some off. - Oddball is a playlist? Lol. - Headhunter is an epic gametype and 343 could have made it better and brought it back, along with Invasion. - VIP dammit. Slayer/Big Team Slayer - Good. More map variety please. The same 3 maps come up a lot. King of the hill - It sucks because of instant respawn. So hard to control the hill. Unless you are T^2 or Kampy himself. CTF - I don't like it because I can't drop the flag. Flagnum? More like, the-good-luck-defending-yourself-against-any-other-weapon-weapon Regicide - Pretty awesome! Regicide gave me my first killtrocity. This is how it works: You're the King with a power weapon - Awww Yeuh You're the King without a power weapon - This sucks Verdict Not bad 343, not bad at all. ARMOR ABILITIES THAT SHOULD BE MENTIONED Active Camo - OH, 343 WHY. Why is this an armor ability??? IT IS SO ANNOYING. WHY DID YOU BRING IT BACK? People literally sit behind a rock crouching with camo, wait for me to pass and beat me down twice, not once in the back because most who use it are idiots (You're not an idiot I'm just mad-bro). Some people use it to snipe. Good, that makes it over-powered. I hate this thing it is second-worse to armor lock. Now it doesn't even jam the radar. While the jamming was annoying at least it told you the damn person was there! Now we have no idea! Thruster Pack - It is sick! Despite it being a tiny bit under-powered it has saved my life a lot and makes me look awesome while using it! This is my favourite and WAY better than evade in every way. Props 343. Give us half a meter more and it's all good. For those wanting the distance of EVADE, shut up. That will make it overpowered. Hardlight Shield - I think it's OK. Not over-used otherwise it would be REALLY annoying. It is not needed and doesn't add much. EDIT: This armor ability totally choked me at a killtrocity (potential naire) Promethean Vision- I think it's good. I don't really use it and it doesn't seem to be overpowered. I can understand why this would be good but I've played Halo so much I just know where people are it feels redundant using it unless I'm looking at people out of my radar range. PERKS THAT I WANT TO MENTION Shielding - Shields regen slowly because there is a perk to increase the rate. No. Make the regens normal and have the perk increase them by a tiny amount. The default regen is so slow...like REEAAALLLLYYY slow. Grenade Perk (forget the name) - Shouldn't exist. Radius is so small I almost feel forced to use this perk. - I think the rest are ok (or are they). ARMOR - Venator armor: Did 343 make camo so OP just so people could get this armor easier? Uhhh... - Wow. There is a lot of armor. - It all looks really awesome except for the Helmets. Some people like ugly helmets. 343 are addressing those people. There are a lot of great helmets too. Overall best looking armor out of any Halo game by far. - I can understand how some pieces may be hard to differentiate Reach was a little better at this but Reach failed in proportion. The sizes didn't make much sense. I guess it's going to depend on opinion for the armor. At least there's tuns of it. - Colors. Good variety. They are not washed out like in Reach but solid. Great. Proportion - Everything is sized beautifully. Unlike Reach's "world of warcraft" shoulder pads. Variety - There is so much and enough of the pieces are cool. Thank you so much 343!!! Emblems - Where are they? ---ranks up--- Oh there they are. Where are the new ones? ---ranks up--- Oh...I can't comment on the emblems they are weird. There are a decent amount of them and there are new ones. Some returned some didn't. Nothing new here. Visors - Wow, dayum, freaking AWESOME! Hard to get and awesome looking! You nailed the spot 343. Stances - Sweet new addition! No harm done! INTERFACE - Step down from Reach. Better than most games. Good enough imo. Bugs - Haven't run into any except for achievement/completion bugs. - Accommodation bug, SUPER annoying! Not tracking correct number of accommodations! - Spartan Ops achievement issues. Specifically Chapter 1 mission 5 survival achievement. - Some generic rank reset bugs - Haven't run into anything game-breaking Final Verdict - Really worried about this social/ranked playlist thing. I don't want to get my ass kicked every match because I always get joined up with people my level or higher. This could potentially ruin the mutliplayer. My highest skill in Halo 3 was 40 but I mostly played social. - A lot of network issues. I haven't had issues with other games but Halo 4 lately has been pretty hard to play with the amount of lag I am experiencing. For some reason just after the midnight release I had no network issues. Other than that I am impressed. I highlighted my serious issues and some other nit-picky things. Thank you. Great job. I think a lot of people posting about this game have missed bringing up the good things about it. Hopefully this accomplishes that. Care to add to my review?
  15. Hey everyone! On my channel I do Halo 4 weapon review, in which I take a weapon (as requested in the comments of the previous episode) and I go in depth on the details of the gun, talk about what it does and how it's used, then give a visual example of what I explained! This episode is all about the INCINERATION CANNON! Click the link below to check it out, you can learn a lot you didn't know about the cannon! Also, there you will find a link to episode 1, the PULSE GRENADE! Both are very education videos, which will make you better at the game! Check it out! INCINERATION CANNON : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtXbf8w93Zw Maqboul @MaqboulArts
  16. Sorry, I just got fed up reading all the negatively titled threads so I'm starting a good one... Best parts about halo 4 Campaign -The Campaign was so in depth and detailed and just generally awesome -It has been by far the best game I've ever played at getting by emotions involved and yes by the end I was in tears -The new race of enemies put me out of my comfort zone as I was getting to learn the best ways at killing the Forerunners, this was particularly noticeable on my second play through on legendary, which surprisingly I am finding easier than when I first played Heroic. -The new weapons were very nicely done and apart from the incineration canon none of them are too overpowered , despite this though they still got across through the weapons how much more advanced the forerunners are. -The development of Chief's and Cortana's characters was incredible and really made you even more attached to them -I like the new supporting characters - mainly Lasky and Palmer Multiplayer -Despite complaints from some about no respawn time etc, I personally thinks it just adds to the madness that is a Halo fight -I think all the maps are brilliantly designed so there is virtually no camping what so ever -I like having custom classes, it allows people to specialise their gameplay but it doesn't give new players too much of a disadvantage as the weapons and abilities aren't too powerful -Spartan Ops is just a genius alternative to firefight and adds more story to the game -I think the player cards as opposed to just names is a very nice touch along with changing infection to flood and not allowing people to change their vote - stops people voting with the majority, happened all the time on Reach Improvements for Halo 5 -BRING BACK CORTANA... my preference anyway -Make it ASAP.
  17. Before I start, I'd first like to announce full awareness that my thoughts are most likely going to be disregarded and/or ridiculed. I'm aware of this because I'm aware that most of the halo fan base consists of obsessive pixel junkies that would indulge in any piece of garbage with a Halo logo on it, then proceed to defend it and call it "god's gift to man." With that being said, I can now continue and finish without being tempted to deck my screen every time someone throws a slop of bad grammar and inane insults my way. Let's talk about the campaign. I beat it on legendary out of a nostalgic lust to see where our rather indifferent war hero was going to end up. Turns out it's mostly just him finding a bunch of dust under the rug and having it blow up in his face.*Spoiler* So here's the whole story in a nutshell, because it does literally fit in one. Chief awakes, drifting in space, only to be plunged on some planet. As Chief is going through his old routine, suddenly the covenant attack. Even Chief is confused so you know it was a horrible plot element. Anyway, he gets to the middle of everything and finds some unknown guy, I'm assuming he's a forerunner but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense cause this whole time I thought forerunners were ancient humans. Chief goes on an "epic" mission to stop this guy from destroying something (probably the world), and that's it. Oh ya, there's this whole thing with Cortana going through some kind of psychotic menopause. There is quite a bit of other mundane stuff going on but it's just that, mundane. Looking at the story in full, they might as well have just given Chief a super technological robotic attachment for a broom and have him sweep up the rest of the dust that someone blatantly tried to hide. Gameplay-wise, it was almost a constant sense of irritation, one that you would probably have were you a fly running into a window. I'll come out and say it was hard, yes, but not the satisfying type of hard, like being 5 feet tall and able to slam dunk a basketball. No, this was stupid hard, like trying to catch that ball in your mouth while it's being propelled from a tennis ball launcher every second. The mobs do a ridiculous amount of damage and take about just as much, never mind them rolling in packs of 5 with two extra guys reviving them, yes REVIVING them! So after you've taken out all the main enemies, one little mosquito thing can fly around recompiling them, and he might just recompile a f*** you turret laser just to make your day that much worse. This happens ALL the time considering that the whole game is just a string of choke points, the lazy man's gameplay. The mobs are not smart at all, if anything, I'd call them borderline retarded with the strength to compensate. There wasn't one moment that I thought, "oh that guy did something really clever, I suppose that's why I'm now a body." It was just alot of "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SO STRONG?! AND WHY CAN YOU TELEPORT?! AS IF YOU NEEDED ANYTHING ELSE!" Multiplayer, the only reason most would buy a Halo game nowadays, including myself. The mulitplayer, in short, is the deformed baby that an actual Halo game would have were she to be railed by Call of Duty. That's right, I said SHE. Too many comparisons can be made from this game to any COD game. I'm not even going to bother going into great detail as I'm sure you could find someone who already has. Loadouts, ordinance, HUD, controls, 'nuf said. However, I'm going to stress the controls cause they bother me, despite now being used to them. They ruined crouch jump, ruined it. I no longer have the precision I need when attempting make some of the larger gaps as now you won't be able to control where your looking by reaching for that B button. Even more bothersome is the fact that you can't change the controls, sure you can switch the setup and sacrifice another button for another problem, but you can't make a custom setup. What the hell is up with that? How was that a good idea? I really only have but two problems with Spartan Ops, the lag and the spawns. Everyone should know about the lag, the spawns may be something only I noticed. It seems like every time I die for the first time, it spawns me right in the middle of the guys that killed me and continues to do so until I clear it out. I don't understand how it works. Ill be doing fine up to the point of first death, then it seems like it's just punishing me for being killed by having me be killed a bunch more times. I've quit game because of this. It's actually gotten to the point where I'll sit at the very back in an attempt to have them come to me, or, I'll sit on the sidelines killing everyone from 50 yards away until a group inevitable spawns right behind me. Forge, it probably has the most problems of all. I only have an angry rage towards it because of the numerous claims of it being "better". Instead of listing all the faults right away, I'm going to paint a scenario that ACTUALLY happened to me. So I jumped into a map with my imagination buzzing away. "Oh," I say, "I know what I'll do, I'll make a sweet predator map!" (In which, one guy is invisible and must hunt the others without being killed.) So I started, all is well, I noticed "ooo, I can duplicate items, that should be helpful!" "Oh I thought it would be in the same spot, not 3 feet above and to the left, no matter, at least I don't have to spawn one in and adjust it." That was about the peak of my amusement. I'm working on the map and noticed some high up cliffs that I wanted to do something with. All the sudden "What the hell?! Why is there a kill-barrier up here?! Had I wanted one there, I would have made it myself!" I noticed some other cliffs and tried to go to them, I was stopped just before them by a wall. "What a damn tease!" So I finish the map despite this and am well happy with myself, two of my friends then wanted to play it so I started making a gametype. Right away I noticed some things were missing, "restrictions?!", I thought. "So you can't give flood weapons?" " So you can't take off that green mist on them?" "You can't let them run?" "You can't change their loadouts?" Just a long list of can'ts. I tried to work my way around this and came up with a fairly usable gametype, I thought. Then we got into the game and again, I noticed something was off, the buildings in particular. I had used the coordinates system to align all my buildings perfectly, but it looked like someone did it by hand. I went into forge and checked it, EVERY SINGLE PIECE of anything was twisted by 1 to 2 degrees. My friend suggested that I use magnets to fix it. I turned them on and grabbed a piece only to have it flip twice and attach itself to something I didn't want it to, without me doing anything. After an hour of fixing things with magnets OFF, the map was back to how I had originally made it, then I spent a bunch of time locking all the pieces into place hoping that would be a fix. "Pff magnets are for people with no patience, in which case, why are you making a forge map anyway?" So we attempt to play the game a second time, but there are no weapons on the map. Looked through the game options, nothing concerning weapons on the map. Back to forge, checked all the weapons, changed their settings to "Game specific : True" "Game label : Flood" "Game label : Floo_Spwn" and thought that would be the end of it. Still no weapons, turns out you can't spawn them in. "What the hell is up with that? How was that a good idea?" Eventually I gave up on the whole Forge. All in all, this game has much more nostalgic value than it does actual value. I wouldn't be surprised if 343 laughed at you from their leather chairs made of your dollar bills as they threw down this nicely wrapped piece of trash, but I'm still going to play it.
  18. Hello again everyone! On my YouTube channel, I do Halo 4 weapon reviews, in which I go into detail about a certain weapon and how it's used, then take you into a custom games match to give you a visual example of how the weapon is used. These video help you better understand the weapon, and hopefully get you more kills in-game! This is episode 2, in which I review the Incineration Cannon, in episode 1 I reviewed the Pulse Grenade. Be sure to click the link below to catch this series, and subscribe to get updates on when they come out, which is a couple times a week! Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 2) - Incineration Cannon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtXbf8w93Zw Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 1) - Pulse Grenade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXjihR1NPBM In addition to the H4 Weapon Reviews, I also do gameplay commentaries on my channel which consist of varies topics. These gameplays include Halo 4, Black Ops 2, and more! Click the links below to see my... YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/MaqboulArts) Twitter Profile (http://www.twitter.com/MaqboulArts) Website (http://www.MaqboulArts.com) Thanks guys, hope you enjoy! Maqboul Professional Graphic Designer & YouTube Director
  19. Hello again everyone! On my YouTube channel, I do Halo 4 weapon reviews, in which I go into detail about a certain weapon and how it's used, then take you into a custom games match to give you a visual example of how the weapon is used. These video help you better understand the weapon, and hopefully get you more kills in-game! This is episode 2, in which I review the Incineration Cannon, in episode 1 I reviewed the Pulse Grenade. Be sure to click the link below to catch this series, and subscribe to get updates on when they come out, which is a couple times a week! Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 2) - Incineration Cannon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtXbf8w93Zw Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 1) - Pulse Grenade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXjihR1NPBM In addition to the H4 Weapon Reviews, I also do gameplay commentaries on my channel which consist of varies topics. These gameplays include Halo 4, Black Ops 2, and more! Click the links below to see my... YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/MaqboulArts) Twitter Profile (http://www.twitter.com/MaqboulArts) Website (http://www.MaqboulArts.com) Thanks guys, hope you enjoy! Maqboul Professional Graphic Designer & YouTube Director Quote MultiQuote Edit
  20. Hello again everyone! On my YouTube channel, I do Halo 4 weapon reviews, in which I go into detail about a certain weapon and how it's used, then take you into a custom games match to give you a visual example of how the weapon is used. These video help you better understand the weapon, and hopefully get you more kills in-game! This is episode 2, in which I review the Incineration Cannon, in episode 1 I reviewed the Pulse Grenade. Be sure to click the link below to catch this series, and subscribe to get updates on when they come out, which is a couple times a week! Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 2) - Incineration Cannon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtXbf8w93Zw Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 1) - Pulse Grenade http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXjihR1NPBM In addition to the H4 Weapon Reviews, I also do gameplay commentaries on my channel which consist of varies topics. These gameplays include Halo 4, Black Ops 2, and more! Click the links below to see my... YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/MaqboulArts) Twitter Profile (http://www.twitter.com/MaqboulArts) Website (http://www.MaqboulArts.com) Thanks guys, hope you enjoy! Maqboul Professional Graphic Designer & YouTube Director
  21. This game has been greatly anticipated by many around the world, being called the greatest game in the series thus far. While I did count down the days till the election was over and Halo 4 was on the shelves, I kept wondering the same thing, "What will Chief and Cortana get into this time?" Overall the game deserves an A. It is a beautifly crafted peice of art that is well balanced, from multiplayer gaming to AI enemies to weapons. However, nothing is ever perfect and falls short of glory. Going years back, to Halo: Combat Evolved, the character of Master Chief was established early on: he was this super soldier of a human being with the latest in combat technology. Paired with the one-of-a-kind AI, Cortana, the duo was an unstoppable team. But what made Master Chief so good? In the Halo universe, there were several spartans created along with Spartan 117, with a spartan program before and after him. Several hundred spartans have ever existed. Chief was on Reach when the Covenant invaded and had Cortana with him. He was dispatched ground side to defend a power plant that provided energy to the orbital defense cannons. In the end they had to nuke the plant and escape on the Pillar of Autumn. Before the invasion of Reach, Chief and Cortana were on a mission with other spartans to go and capture a Covenant Prophet. It was Cortana who was chosen to be the AI leading this assault. Why did she choose Spartan 117 over the others? According to Cortana in the book Halo: Fall of Reach, she chose him because he was exceptionally lucky. Luck is Master Chief's main attribute. In Halo: Combat Evolved, Master Chief overloads the engines of the Pillar of Autumn, races down the spine of it, and escapes in a Longsword. In the first mission of Halo 2 Master Chief disarms a Covenant bomb aboard the orbital defense cannon in the nick of time, jumps ship with said bomb and plants it in a Covenant cruiser, and lands on a UNSC ship flying low orbit. Master Chief lands on Earth after jumping the Prophet's forerunner ship the beginning of Halo 3. All of these are examples of how Bungie develpoed Master Chief's character. Master Chief could have had a bad attribute about his character, but as long as the games and books held to that attribute, then it became a part of his character. 343 messed up the campaigns story tromendously when they blaitently disreguarded Master Chief's luck as part of him. After Cortana gets kidnapped by the Librarian and Master Chief runs into her, she explains how he was some kind of prophecy/well planned out scheme. It was at that moment that killed the whole story telling experience for me. Yes, the story was more about Cortana, but you can't have Cortana without Master Chief. They are the dynamic duo of the Halo univere. Their bond can be interpereted in many ways: MC is the human, Cortana the machine; MC is the machine, Cortana the human; MC the body, Cortana the soul; MC the brawn, Cortana the brains. They offer this deeper philosophical level of understanding that most players and fans can relate to or understand. This basis for Master Chief and Cortana needs to be present for thier relationship to work, but when you take away the one thing that makes Master Chief Master Chief, then you lose the relationship and lose Cortana. Besides the hickup where the librarian tried to sum up everything about Master Chief in 2 minutes, everything else played out well. My suggestion for the future games (343, you should pay attention to this), keep Cortana. If you can somehow incorporate her "spirit" into the Master Chief/Cortana duo, now MAster Chief solo, without bringing her back physically, then that would work. She still needs to be there guiding Master Chief along the way. Second, make no more mention to the Librarian or how Master Chief is this prodigy. He needs to have that mysterious shroud of luck that keeps him alive. Again, overall Halo 4 is an excellent game. 343 will have to do some overhauling in the storyline department if they hope to keep the Halo universe alive.
  22. This is not a rant post, if you want to flame please do not do it here. I know 343 has a lot of updates planned, but as of right now we have no idea what there future intentions are for the game. So, here are my thoughts of what I think needs to be improvised about Halo 4 Matchmaking for the most part. SLAYER Pro/ Infinity Slayer:Matchmaking has ALWAYS been the competitive side of Halo. The system should not allow a game to start without an even number of players on each team. Too many times have I entered into a MM game and we have been outnumbered sometimes 5v3, but for the most part 5v4. This altars many things and causes a lot of issues. Such as: K/D ratio (Many players wish to keep this number in good standing), Win/Loss record (another stat a player would wish to keep in good standing), it takes the fun out of most of the game especially game types like oddball where one team mate has to hold a skull with no weapon to fire, thus making it practically 5v3 or 5v2 if the teams are unmatched like mentioned earlier. Team Doubles / 3v3 playlist: I have never heard of a playlist dedicated to 3v3, but I believe it would be quite a hit if it were made into a real game type. Some of us can not find a 4th player to play with, or maybe some of us are just like my team and would love to stick to a smaller more tactical 3v3 schematic setting. As far as Team Doubles..This game type should have never been removed from the Halo series in the first place. This is a huge game type not only in previous Halo games, but also GameBattles and MLG. Doubles is the one game type where you can use the chemistry with only a yourself and a friend, making it much more diverse, tactical, strategically difficult and would require more communication. Capture the Flag: Why is their no single flag game types? Single flag sets a whole new type of strategy for the two teams playing each other. You have to have a complex defense strategy for defending your flag only, as well as a well planned offensive strike against the opposing team set up to defend the flag. With only multi-flag it is like a slayer match with 2 flags on either side. Given it is fun and all, we all need a break from 2 flag CTF every now and then. Oddball: ....343 let me just start off by saying BRAVO with the ability to throw the ball. I love it, it gives it that extra sense of urgency and maneuverability that both teams need in order to win. The strategic setting of this game type has not doubled if not tripled in my own opinion. Not only that, but it opens up room for fun recreational custom game types like football or basketball. The one hit beat downs also do this game type justice. I like the fact that a defenseless player can 1 hit beat down another player, it makes the ball holder more useful and a skilled ball holder just as deadly as a defending team mate. Assault: Assault was such a fun game type that I can't imagine the reasoning behind taking it out of Halo 4. The fact that you had to get into a base by either sneaking or killing the opposing team, plant the bomb, and run out of the area to win the round..was just down right awesome.Assault is one of those game types that people would grow instantly excited when they realize the game they were playing. This should be implemented back into Halo! A few smaller things that kind of annoy me are: When sprinting, the time it takes for your reticules to show up after you stop the sprint. The fact that when hitting "back" to check the score, your guy can't move. There not being an ability to pair up with another team of 3 to make it 3v3 like back in the older Halo games. How weak the grenades are. The lack of the ranking system. Matchmaking feels more like "Social Slayer" rather than competitive matchmaking, even guests are allowed to play in MM....Not cool. The last thing I can think of at this time is the DMR being way to powerful. It is now a 4 shot kill (just like the BR), it shots WAAYYY further than the BR, it has up close precision and in my opinion it is more accurate due to it only shooting 1 shot per trigger pull rather than 3 shot burst (making it more accurate than the BR)..thus concluding that it is overpowered and if you wanted to bring the BR back in style then you need to downgrade the DMR to equal the playing field. Trust me on this one, You have converted many die hard BR fanatics over to the DMR scene because the BR just doesn't compete with it. I know you guys are trying your best, but hear us out about some of this stuff. Being different and making a drastic change to Halo is a good thing, 343 has done an AMAZING job upgrading the game since Halo 3. But, you can not take everything away and rid too many things just to be different, players had an expectation required for 343 to meet and they haven't quite gotten to that point yet. What do you guys think about this..- FaTaL
  23. Hey everyone! I'm doing a series called "Weapon Review' in which I breakdown all the specifics on different weapons in Halo 4, and explain how the weapon is used, what it does, the damage caused, and the best situations to use it in! My first episode is on the Pulse Grenade! If the video helped you better understand the weapon, please let me know in the comments, and by liking and subscribing! If you have any requests on a weapon, also let me know in the comments and I might just do it! Thanks! Halo 4 : Weapon Review (Ep. 1) - Pulse Grenade Maqboul @MaqboulArts
  24. I have been a halo enthusiast for a very long time now I played halo ce as a kid. I am a very competitive player first and foremost and I think that is important to consider with my review. I play halo 4 and I like the game but I don't know how much longer I will be playing it hopefully it grows on me. With that said here's my likes/dislikes vs halo 3 Halo 3 was simple and very halo for the lack of a better word. Halo 4 has adopted c.o.d. Policies and has the feel of unreal tournament. The major problems arise in the same manner as the recent election. When you end up trying to please everyone(Obama) u end up pleasing no one. Where's if you make the system or game competitive people get really excited and work hard/play hard(Romney). I hate politics but it made sense for this and I didn't vote for either so don't judge me. Halo 3 you had nothing given to you you had to earn it. Now you are given loadouts with 100 different options and 10 new reasons to camp (ie invis, bigger radar, promethean vision ect). Remember when you couldnt camp right out of the whole because you would get rocked by rockets ifnyou did. Rushing rockets and sniper was half the fun of halo. Now we just give those things to you for free completely unearned. This leads to not knowing what people have and therefore no idea what to prepare against. And sprint makes for a lot of chasing and a lot less fighting. There are also more weapons in halo 4 than it needs I mean 4 different long range rifles with be, Dmr, light rifle, carbine. I mean come on did we need an alien shotgun identical to a normal shotgun ? I just want halo to be competitive again. Don't get me started about ordinance packages that would take me 5 pages to talk about how dumb those are. The ranking system is a total joke and I could go on and on about other things but I would like to know what the community thinks about my review.
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