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  • ISBN 0345467817

    Halo: First Strike

    By Eric Nylund
    With the destruction of Halo, the human-Covenant war rages on as the SPARTAN super soldier Master Chief, aided by the artificial intelligence Cortana, race against time to rescue survivors of the disaster and evade Covenant warships that still patrol much of space, in a third novel based on the award-winning Xbox game. Original. (Science Fiction & Fantasy). Original.
    • Published on 2003
    • 340 pages
  • ISBN 076531570X

    Halo: The Cole Protocol

    By Tobias S. Buckell
    In the first, desperate days of the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC has enacted the Cole Protocol to safeguard Earth and its Inner Colonies from discovery by a merciless alien foe. Many are called upon to rid the universe of lingering navigation data that would reveal the location of Earth. Among them is Navy Lieutenant Jacob Keyes. Thrust back into action after being sidelined, Keyes is saddled with a top secret mission by ONI. One that will take him deep behind enemy lines, to a corner of the uni
    • Published on 2008
    • 368 pages
  • ISBN 0345451325

    The Fall of Reach

    By Eric Nylund
    Before the Human-Covenant War engulfed Halo, the planet-colony Reach came under attack by the Covenant, and Earth's specially trained and augmented warriors, code-named SPARTANs, stood alone to fight for humanity's survival.
    • Published on 2001
    • 340 pages
  • ISBN 0345459210

    The Flood

    By William C. Dietz
    Fleeing the destruction of the planet Reach, the Master Chief and a few human survivors crash-land on Halo, where they race to unravel its secrets in order to gain control of a great source of power before the alien occupiers do.
    • Published on 2003
    • 341 pages
  • ISBN 0765315696

    Halo: Contact Harvest

    By Joseph Staten
    On the distant colony world of Harvest, humankind experiences its first contact with the Covenant, forcing a desperate struggle for the very survival of all humankind, in a novel based on the video game series.
    • Published on 2007
    • 404 pages
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