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  1. Hello everybody, I would like to introduce you to a map of me. Gamertag(s) of the map creator(s): Medizinmann92 The map's player count: 8 Map: the Woods The name of the map's gametype: Cabin in This map is inspired by the movie Cabin in the Woods. This type of game according to the rules of Lone Wolf. Best wishes Medizinmann92
  2. So I need to say something, I dislike the forum it's much too blue! There needs to be so much more pink, and cuteness. The only reason why I stay here is for the noble member Caboose! His light leads the way out of the dark pit of despair.
  3. Fellow forum members! A great age is upon us! The Reign of Hello Kitty is in due time. Now admire your new fluffy cute kitten in awe! Join now and become a wonderful part of a noble cause! What might you ask would a wonderful team do exactly? This is a great question! We will strive to keep the forum safe from all baddies that may try to spam or do other bad stuff! Also you will have the honor to help maintain cute and cuddleyness around the forum! ♥ ♥ Unofficial Team Hello Kitty 1. Melody 2. Twinreaper 3. Ash 4. Mr Kittens and Gibberish 5. 6. Caboose The Ace 7. BATMAN 8. 9. 10. Arbiter747
  4. Hello forumers! My second event for all of you (expect my third one in a few days) Following with my tradition to bring life into the calendar I give you... Thanks again Jacko! This event I feel like doing something a bit more newish so I thought of GTA V. Has quite a lot of game modes we can mess about in, kill each other over and over again, race cars and probably kill each other a few more and roam around Los Santos with a lot more killing and running each other over. Murder, it's fantastic! So you want to kill your forum buddies huh? You can kill your friends on the 23rd October (Thursday) at 9pm GMT So who wants to become a wannabe? Sign up below criminals By the way a side note !DO NOT POST SAYING YOU CANNOT MAKE IT! Makes it easier for me to sort out who is coming. Saying that you might make it is acceptable. So is saying that you cannot attend AFTER saying you can make it with a valid reason (like issues, work/school etc) or saying that you might be late Wanted list: SlenderYang Undead P34nut Spooky Scary Skeleton
  5. the master chief gets infected but partially and retains his mind and body but now a flood infected one with the traits of one and the weaknesses and the ability to be hated and loved by all things flood and sentient except the gravemind will tell him what to infect (thats YOU sentient life) so hide from the master flood chief infection and eventually he will break free from the infection and kill the flood (again again again) please 343 add this to the game or as a seperate campaign
  6. I just wanna personally thank Bungie for making me and my family have nostalgia with halo 1 and halo 2!!! And of course all the other halos! Thank you 343 for continuing the halo series! i don't know what i would have done without you guys! thank you all for halo and its community!
  7. As August rolls in, the weather turns more mild and the greens of the trees and grass become so much deeper green. The days are already growing shorter, and our eyes turn more and more to the coming events of the year. And with the turn of the month comes another thing to look forward to, the announcement of the new MoM. And this month's MoM is a veritable bombshell to kick off the month, give it up for... Self Destruct!!! Aside from his (joking aside) explosive personality, Self Destruct has really been a good member around the forum, one who contributes much. A regular at Community Events, and a dedicated bringer of news, Self Destruct is really an example of the caliber of member that the community has to offer. With his in-depth reviews and lengthy articles, Self-Destruct brings the news with wit and charm, and doesn't hesitate to make his topics long to make his point. And on top of that, even his posts are well written and detailed, and again show what a fantastic member he really is. I certainly hope that his MoM post is another testament. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please give it up for Self Destruct!
  8. Hi guys and gals!! I've just made a good idea, I think at least... So, it is 2014, nearing 2015. We've come a long way from the 8-bit games we used to play, and why not make comparisons from then to now? RULES: 1. Old to new - Try your best to get the same angle. If you can't, use your imagination. 2. This is obviously an old to new system. You could use Mario Level Creator for Wii U since it used two graphics engines, no worries. Alright, I'll go first!! Old: New: Whoever goes next (if someone does), choose whatever you got! And yes, Any Halo: CE - Halo 2 Anniversary photos work too.
  9. Hail to the King! With my recent Dominion event coming to an end I immediatly thought of another type of event. HAIL TO THE KING! This time we'll be playing: Halo 4 Regicide/KotH Sunday 29th of June 2PM EST Which is 7 PM GMT No more problems with balancing teams... No more fighting over who gets GSD on their team... Because this is going to be an all out rumble! Featuring the first gametype I've ever played on Halo 4. Which was at a games convention before Halo 4 even released. AND I WOULD HAVE WON IF IT WEREN'T FOR SOMEONE HIJACKING MY BANSHEE!!!! (...Anyway...) Regicide is fighting over who gets to kill the most fabulous person. (me) While King of the Hill is all about grenade spamming the absolute crap out of anyone and anything within a circle of certain death. This should switch it all up a little. The lobby will hold up to 15 players. So what are you waiting for?! Sign up! 1. rrhuntington 2. Bnus 3. P1NKZAW 4. Butch Flowers 5. Delpen9 6. DarkAngel 7. Halo5willbecool 8. Rue 9. Coldfreeze 10. UNSC Spartan-II 11. Sub ZeroX7 12. 13. 14. 15.
  10. Hello 343i Community, potential voters, and future Presidents! Under Spyro's permission, I've conducted interviews with each of your Presidential Nominees to help you, the voter, more easily make your decision. We will begin with the Promotion/Events team's very own D-38 Boss! 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? Pretty cool. I met a few of the older members (Many of which are no longer here.) and I was informed that this was in fact, NOT 343's official site. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? Activity. with many of the more prevalent members taking leave of the forum, a lot of responsibility is falling to the newer members. while this isn't a problem in and of itself, everyone feels the impact when a major member leaves. 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? Offbeat. It's more free form, and better accommodating to my idiotic brand of humor. 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? You should know better then to ask that. 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? Reach. I love the feeling of being my own hero in a game, and Reach delivered that feeling ten-fold. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? The M6CSOCOM (Automag) from ODST. Everyone loves that dang thing. 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? Make my own award, and give myself ten of them. 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? "Yo dawg. I herd you leik forums." 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? Let me thinNO. 10. Why do you feel you should be President? There you have it, good luck on your attempt to gain the office of Presidency Boss! If you haven't seen it yet, D-38 Boss encourages you to look at his promotional video in the spoiler below: Moving on we have our next candidate from the Dedicated members group, he's a very helpful member, (and a pretty impressive driver ) everyone give it up for The Stig! 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? The first day I was a member was exciting. But also nerve racking... You know what I mean? I wanted to set good impressions (First impressions are everything) and I also wanted to become friends with everyone I could. I was really nervous I might screw it up. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? The biggest problem we have to face I would say, would have to be the threat of us all becoming disunited, or a break in our unionization. Elections like this help bring us together. To me personally Its more about the community than it is about the election itself. Like the saying... "Its all about the journey, not the destination". 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? Whichever one has the conversations I'd like to take part in that day. 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? I don't wanna name names. But my vote is on any one but me. (But my guess as to who might win would be down to Legend, UNSC, Edward, Yoshi, Drizzy, or Azaxx. I don't mean any disrespect to the other nominees. I know that I for one don't stand a chance against those big six.) 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? I know this might sound cliche (and maybe it is) but I don't have a favorite. It's to hard to pick one, and saying one is my favorite means I like it more than the others. And that is not the case for me. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? The Needler. (Energy Sword, Fuel Rod, Assault Rifle, and Battle Rifle tie for second.) (The Pistol from CE comes third) 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? Ah... That's a tough one... Well, that's to much power for me, so I don't think I would be able to accept that much responsibility. Its best to leave it to the pro's who are worthy. 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? I would ask him whats up with airline food. With a follow up question of why my jokes are so lame... 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? Yes. (Custom games, Campaign, Firefight 3.0/Spartan Ops 2.0 for sure. For it being in Matchmaking? They should let the community decide that...) 10. Why do you feel you should be President? Hmmm.... That's a good question. I don't think I deserve to be presidnet. I bring nothing special to the table, and there is nothing I can do, that Azaxx, or Drizzy or any of the other nominees can't do themselves. And they would probably be better anyways.... But no need to worry, if by some miracle I do win, I promise to be the best president I can! All great answers Stig! Good luck campaiging! Next up is one of the most prominent members of the Community and a senior Community Moderator, Drizzy_Dan! 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? My first day on the site was very welcoming. I made my intro thread and felt like this place was something I had been waiting to be a part of for a long time. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? The biggest problem within our community today is the lack of support for each other when in certain places. For example, putting down threads and OPs that people disagree with which leads to flaming and high escalating arguments and discouraging members from doing certain things that they want to do. 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? Offbeat topics because that's where all my interviews go and it's more for entertainment. I aim to please! 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? There are a lot of good candidates in the running and I'm happy to be running again. I think Maestro could win this one! 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? My favorite Halo game is Halo 3 because it was the golden age of competitive gaming and I used to love watching the MLG championships on a live stream as well as the Stride Championship Series. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? My all time favorite weapon in Halo is the Sniper Rifle. It's my most used weapon on all of the Halo games haha 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? If I could use a Moderator action other than the ones I have permission to now I would give myself permission to control 343iBot. 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? If Twam were in the Shoutbox right now I'd say "Hi Twam ." 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? Armor Lock is actually kind of a fun and cool idea but no. Armor lock should stay exclusive to Reach and Halo 5: Guardians should keep it out. 10. Why do you feel you should be President? I should be Forum President because I've been it before and I didn't fail us before so I wouldn't fail us now! As usual a great job by Drizzy_Dan taking part out of his busy schedule to answer some questions, thanks D_D! Our next member is a former MoM, an excellent forger, and an overall great member of the community- SikSlik7! (Soviet Bear) 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? My first day as a member of 343Industries.org was Saturday April 14th 2012. It was a warm and sunny day, but there was a chance of severe thunderstorms that evening. But concerning what happened on the forums that day, we need to back up a second here. Firstly, the forums was in a state of disarray. Some random member made a goodbye thread, and everyone went crazy and was all sad. However as it would happen, this member would be back and kicking within three months. This guy actually thought he was a dog (Absolute Dog if you guys haven't gathered already). People were genuinely sad, but there was an active and cheerful forum. At this time I was one of the last of my friends who played Halo regularly. I had gotten into forging and had made a few maps (more than a few). I was looking for friendly people to play Halo with, and I disliked the format of Halo Waypoint at the time. For some reason, most of it would not load. Yes, I joined knowing this was not the official Halo site. It was a miracle. When I joined, there were a few conversations going on in the Shoutbox at the time, one of which was about Computer programming between two members. Those of you who knew them would not be surprised to know that it was Luke and Twinreaper. I was welcomed and was able to enter into conversations that other members were having. It was great, and exactly what I was looking for. I had found some people I would be happy to play Halo with. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? The biggest problem that faces our forum today is the lack of green. In the shoutbox it is Staff, purple, or silver. Very little green, and when there is, the green is only there for a few minutes. In forum posts, there is very little thought by many green members, or very little commitment. This is to be expected, but the forum is not drawing as many people who are going to stay on the forums. 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? I generally prefer the general discussion section, as most of it requires thought and leads to interesting or important discussion, not just in the world of Halo. Offbeats is fun, but there are many members that basically live there, and I think that is hurting the forums. 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? The forum will win the election if I get elected, simple as that. 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? Halo 3, hands down, not even including the dlc. Great maps, gamemodes, and campaign. It is one of the most polished games I have ever played. The map DLC just made it better with a more elaborate form of forge. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? BR55HB SR: Need I say more? Best multi-use weapon in Halo, other than the Plasma pistol. 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? Ban Azzax 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? Well, This would be assuming that Twam showed up in the Shoutbox because I asked him to appear. I currently hold the record for any non-staff member summoning Twam to the Shoutbox (twice), and believe I am third to summon him to comment on a post (Zelda and Twinreaper definitely have me beat). I am ahead of most of the staff in this regard as well. Therefore, I would rub in yet again in everyone else's face. The real question here is, what was the sacrifice to summon him? 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? Potentially it could make a return, but there would need to be some changes, as I assume there will be some of the new armor abilities and brand new ones in Halo 5. It was fine if the gametype and map balanced it in Reach, but I hardly see a great use of it in Halo 4, as the game is so much faster. Speed and movement is the key, and Armor lock in Halo 4 would have literally been a free kill for the enemy team once you popped out. 10. Why do you feel you should be President? I should be the Premier because I have the best interests of the forum at heart. The social classes of this forum tear apart the interconnectiveness of the members to each other, as we are all Twam's children. For those who have heard the voice of Twam, you know this to be true. This would also fx the problem of not having enough greens, as all members would be of one color. Very well-written responses Slik, good luck on your quest for power! Our next interview is with the Legendary Lenny Face! Maestro! An ever-existent shoutbox presence and a lifelong Trusted Member, here's his interview! 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? Oh boy, that's going back. I was only a young Maestro back then, and I certainly did not behave like the man you see before you now. I talked about forge mostly in the shoutbox and spammed a couple emotes until Zelda asked me to stop. You may have been there too, back when you were a young purple zebra. Then I posted topics for my first two publicly released minigames: Halo Gear Solid and Tesselatorium, both of which have been removed from my file share. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? Believe it or not, one of the biggest problems that I think 343iCF has today is an overabundance of playdates. While it shows that the members are dedicated to this community, which isn't bad at all, it lessens the impact of each playdate. Last year, when someone hosted a playdate, everyone got pumped for it. There were far fewer playdates than this year, but attendance was huge. Now that everyone and their dog (no offense, GSD or Dog or AD if you lurk in the shadows) have started hosting playdates, less people are getting excited; if they miss the one coming up this weekend, chances are there will be another one next weekend. 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? Until I make post #500, I'll stay in Offbeats. The only reason being that I don't want to be a silver member yet. Offbeats are more fun, and if you've attended a playdate that I've hosted or played Halo in general with me, all I want is to have fun. Offbeats offer fun. General Discussions aren't nearly as fun as Offbeats. Ever see a forum minigame in General Discussion? 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? I'm really hoping that I make the march to victory, but I think that Da Boss is my greatest threat. He lost by one vote in the previous election, and since the current presidents aren't in the running again, there's a good chance he'll make it. 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? Halo 3. It introduced a bunch of new weapons, vehicles, equipment, and greatly changed the Brutes from invincible Wookiees into a diverse bunch of strong warriors with different tactics, strengths, and weaknesses. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? The Incineration Cannon. No other weapon can compare to scoring a one-hit kill on pretty much every type of enemy you see. Promethean Knights, Elites, enemy Spartans, the Mantis, they all fall the same when hit with the Incineration Cannon. Plus it's just so scary. Red bolts of death hurtling at you at breakneck speeds, then a red blast followed by bouncing red bolts and smaller red blasts. Did I mention red? And the sounds it makes. 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? Add a new rank above Dedicated, to give all members something to strive for when they join. I'd call it the Mythic rank, and it could be attained when a member reaches 5000 posts. 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? I'd ask him how the weather is out east. 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? Not in its useless title update form, but not in its overpowered original form either. I'd re-release it as equipment like Invincibility or Bubble Shield, and make it a one-time use only item that lasts for five seconds when you decide to use it. You have your precious Armour Lock back, but use it wisely! 10. Why do you feel you should be President? I shall serve the forum well, under the guidance of Shrek. Plus, if I'm elected president, the people shall get a presidential playdate! Oh, and I'll save the economy and get big business OUT of politics once and for all! Great job Maestro, we not only wish you good luck on your march to Presidency, we wish you happy Lenny face! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Yoshi1176 hails from the Dedicated Members group and has a very friendly presence in both the forums and shoutbox. I'm sure you'll enjoy his interview. 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? My first day on the site was like most of the people that are no longer here, I left after the first ten minutes and disn't come back for a week or so. I then came back and saw how all the elder members acted and how they were like a family and I wanted that. And now I am here today with friends, and even a sort of family. Although I wasted my first day I make everyday here worth wild. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? The biggest problem we struggle today would probably be communicating with the new members, there are a few that came in and made a name for themselves but others are still shy and don't get involved. It is the responsibility of the older more prominent members to welcome them and get them involved. 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? Personally I like the offbeat section, I love the games and topics that dwell within that forum. I do like the general discussion forum as well because its a bit more serious and a good place for learning stuff. 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? I think while I would love to win this election, I belive Drizzy has a good chance at winning. He is very popular around the site and is a genuinly good guy. (I still want to win) 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? Halo 3, The first game (including non Halo) that I played. I loved the story and the gameplay. And not to mention the countless hours of customs and forge with my cousins. Halo 3 delivered some of the most memorable experiences for me. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? It's probably the DMR. Although it isn't a orthodox Halo weapon I enjoyed everypart of weapon it was balanced or so I belived and it was effective. Not to mention how cool it looked. 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? I would probably give out some sort of award to all the loyal members of the forums, they work hard to keep this place the nice, friendly, and enjoyable place that we all dwell. 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? I would probably discuss the ins and outs of the forums with him. See how it all works and how he manages it all. 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? I actually liked armor lock. Many people had other opinions on it but I enjoyed it, especially on BTB on Halo Reach. Whats more fun then taking down a warthog with armor lock? 10. Why do you feel you should be President? I feel I should be president because I am one of the commoners, I see the members trusted members and dedicated members and I enjoy talking with all of them and I feel there voice is important. And I would be the mouth that there voice flows. Thanks for the great replies Yoshi! Best of luck to you this election! I remember meeting UNSC Spartan-II in the shoutbox for the first time last year, we hosted a spur of the moment Halo 4 Birthday event, and he has continued to be a helpful and active community presence. Here is his interview: 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? My first day was definitely one of the most interesting. I had so much to learn and explore about this Forum. So many friendly people to talk to and interesting topics to discuss. It felt like home. I was real happy to be here and since that first day I've loved this place. I was extremely active in the forum and enjoyed seeing all the replies and interesting ideas everyone had come up with. That day encouraged me to become an active Member here. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? I don't see many problems myself. The Staff here seem to have everything under control all the time. If I had to choose something, it may be a bit of site lang from time to time. Many Members suffer from this and I have before too. Sometimes it's a personal problem such as bad internet, not the site. 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? Well, to me it really depends what the topic is about. Offbeat has some fun threads and games, but General Discussion usually contains some interesting information and news about the forum or Halo. I'll go with General Discussion on this one. 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? I think that Ledgend1221 will win this election because he's always happy to help other Members out and is very friendly. He is always talking in the Shoutbox and making a few jokes here and there. How can I forget his roleplaying? He would make a great Forum President in my opinion. 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? My favourite Halo game is Halo 3, but just by a bit. I choose Halo 3 because of the memories I have from that game. I remember first playing it, one of the best moments of my Halo History. It is definitely one of the most Memorable Halo games to everyone. It introduced so many new features and was loved by many. It was also massive for Red vs Blue. Halo 3 had a great Campaign, it's campaign developed on so much of the story and left us with a massive cliffhangar which brought up so many possiblilites and theories. It's multiplayer lasted what felt like forever and still entertains many today. Halo had something unique about it, something that made it my favourite Halo game. It was full of new experiences. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? Assault Rifle. I choose the Assault Rifle because it's one of your best friends when it comes combat. It's a standard issue UNSC weapon and is with you from beginning to end. It has many different models, some better than others in different ways. It's one of Halo's most iconic weapons and is well known to everyone who has played Halo before. I find it to be very reliable and is great for close to medium range combat. It's always used by Marines and Spartans and you learn a lot about the different models in the books. Your Assault Rifle won't let you down...unless it runs out of ammo. 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? I would probably create a section on the forum based on Halo Lore. This could be discussed anywhere, but having an entire section dedicated to Halo Lore could allow all members to learn so much more about Halo and spread their knowledge. Halo Lore covers many things, the games, comics, books, videos etc. A section for Halo Lore could have all these things compressed to one section and discussed there. Halo is full of things to learn and a lot of those things actually exist today or are being developed. We can learn so much from each other. If that doesn't work out, I'll just have a Doge smile created. 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? "Thanks Twam for everything you have done and are doing to make this forum what it is. Without you, we wouldn't all know each other like we do today and we'd be missing out on all of this. Thank you for all the time and effort you've spent for this forum. Your work is successful and we are all grateful for it. Keep up the awesome work Twam. :twam:" 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? I personally think Armour Lock should not return to Halo 5. Although some liked it, the majority of Halo gamers developed a strong hatred towards it. Some people would agree that getting rid of armour lock in halo 4 was one of the best things 343 industries have done. If they bring it back, the game will only have a bad reputation for it and 343 may gain some hate, and trust me, they've had enough hate that they don't deserve. For most people's sake, I think that Armour Lock should not return to Halo 5. It would also make no sense if Halo 5 if set 5 years after Halo Reach and they bring Armour Lock back for no reason. It wasn't in Halo 4, no good reason to have it back in Halo 5. Armour Lock should be a one time thing. 10. Why do you feel you should be President? I think I should be president because I'm a friendly Member and love playing Halo with others. I'm active and always welcome new Members that join. I never offend any other Members and always follow the forum rules. I respect every Member here and think that you are all awesome. I bring a positive impact to the forum. I'm generally a nice guy. I'm well educated in Halo. I try to help out others when possible. I get along with everyone. I will continue to support the forum no matter what. Very good replies by Spart, good luck on your campaign! I'm sure all of you will recognize our next interviewee. He's always in the shoutbox, and always cracking jokes, ladies and gentlemen... Ledgend1221! 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? It was great craic. Baconshelf introduced me here to get stuck in Halogeek's forum RP, which I happily did. The first day was pretty much that forum RP and getting to know the members involved. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? Well, personally one of the things that I see is wrong is the people who say they will attend an event, then don't without ever saying they can't make it. This is a somewhat common problem that needs to be rooted out and destroyed! 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? Offbeat. Offbeat represents the ultimate freedom. Where you can say what you want and discuss it, no matter how goofy or thought provoking it is. 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? Maestro. He carries the spirit of what makes this forum great. 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? Halo: Combat evolved. Halo at it's purest, simplest form. It's the game that defines Halo. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? Warthog. Prepare for ramming speed! 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? Shoutbox ban Azaxx. Justice for all! 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? G'day 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? Yes, after it was refined from Reach. More content is always better. 10. Why do you feel you should be President? Because the people want a figure, someone to rally around as we rise up against the iBot. What the people want, I shall give. We will make the forums a better place for everyone. Great job Ledge, very good answers (except for the last of course ;D ) I wish you luck on your run for for office! Our last interview is with the King of The Shoutbox and former Australian President of the Forums, Azaxx! 1. What was your first day as a member of 343i.org like? Don't remember from 3 hellish years ago. 2. What do you feel is the biggest problem our Community struggles with today? The lack of praise I get. 3. Would you rather post in the General Discussion or Offbeat Topics? Why? Neither, secret forums is best forums. 4. Whom do you feel will win this election? Me, I have a 100% success rate in all the elections I've stayed in. 5. What's your favorite Halo game? Why? Halo 3. Because it's the best. 6. What's your all-time favorite weapon in Halo? Halo 4 Sniper, and the Halo 2 Needlers. 7. If you were allowed a one time moderator action, what would it be? Able to edit admins without getting permission blocked. 8. If Twam were in the ShoutBox right now, what would you say to him? Hi Twam, your favourite member is here. 9. Should Armor Lock return in Halo 5? Sure, no reason why not. 10. Why do you feel you should be President? Because I actually use my term, unlike the others who are all talk but take no action. Thanks for your time Azaxx. Well there you have it, I hope this has helped you better know your candidates. Remember voting ends this Sunday, and if you haven't already cast your vote, you can do so HERE. (For Drizzy ;D) ALL HAIL TWAM!
  11. Yoshi For President This is the campaign thread for the peoples voice, Yoshi1176! You may be asking why vote for Yoshi? Well it is simple really, I here what you guys have to say, I can voice your concerns and issues and get them fixed. As president I will help rid the forum of all bad things like Shrek. ---- Credentials: I am one of few canidates that can say they are not communist. I know a lot of people on the site and have no problem talking to everyone I studied at Harvard ---- You have anything that you want voiced? Post it below! If you want to help support your voice and friend wear one of these snazy signatures - Thanks to Vitamin PWN for making these so wonderfully! -Supporters- 1.Vitamin PWN
  12. Redcoat The game: After a bloody and gruesome civil war in the US, a rag-tag group of rebellious militia known as Redcoats retreated underground, ruining most of the landscapes above. Many years later we ascend from the darkness only to find the New World a mystic and rustic paradise, but what lies beneath this paradise is humanity's own perdition as Wildlife, Machines, and Psychotic Bandits from the Old World remain in the scattered and destroyed society, you, as a member of the Redcoats, must explore and advance in this frightening heaven and decide for yourself whether the world above is truly better in our hands, or the hands of mother nature. We are looking for people that will help put the game together, Application 1. Position (design, music, etc) 2. Past experience 3. What can you bring to the table? 4. When are you most readily available? 5. Any questions? For any additional information contact Edward Kenway or Yoshi1176
  13. Member of the Month is a special award given out to those who excel at being members who go above and beyond the standards that we expect of quality members. They do not complain, they help others in need, and they make something out of nothing to bring delight to others. This Member of the Month was chosen from these traits, and many more that they have shown over not only the past month of April, but also those beforehand in a consistent manner. That being said, it was his time in April that had him shine, his creation of the Art Week thread allowed so many artists to come together and share their love for a common interest, something that's been tried before but never successfully achieved. Truly something that really got the Staff's attention. If you couldn't guess from that mystic write up, I'm here to present to you the Member of the Month for May 2014. You may see his purple name in the shoutbox, you may see it in forums, or you might just catch a glimpse of him in a PM. Wherever the place, he is a well known member of our forums, I'm proud to present to you our current MoM. The Dumb Marine! May his month of glory be an epic one, and enjoy that sweet new award you've just been given. If you haven't seen his first Art Week thread, check it out here. It may be closed, but many great artists are yet to be seen.
  14. HALO 4 : The Anunnaki is actively recruiting new members! HALO 4 : The Anunnaki is actively recruiting new members! We have a military style rank Private through General within 3 different divisions and we run off of a chain of command. There is a clan code, which is necessary for functioning properly. We also have 4 subdivisions. We have 2 game nights a week on Wednesdays and Fridays (not required), and 1 meeting on Saturday evenings where the latest news, discussions with other clans, and promotions take place (required unless excused), and a Training program that takes place on Mondays along with "RSA" or Raid Safety Awareness. We have a set list of jobs (10) to assign members of the clan, allowing each individual to have their own unique contribution to the clan and more than one job is possible. Each job withholds responsibilities and a list of duties and protocols to abide by under the necessary conditions and requires job training. The Anunnaki also has a qualification ranking system that allows each individual to have an equal opportunity to achieve each rank. The Anunnaki plays Matchmaking and really enjoyable customs. The Anunnaki has a really huge and impressive HQ that was built around security purposes with a total of 44 callouts. Everything The Anunnaki does is for each member in the clan to have a protective, fun, and involved ultimate gaming experience in Halo 4, respectfully. The Anunnaki is also involved with other clans and schedules battles, some unscheduled. If interested in joining, contact me for more information... GAMERTAG: Brent McKenley
  15. Took me a while to fix the legs and the torso. I don't know were the scanner is. The hair was not that hard, it was easy to make the wrinkles and stuff. Glad my style fits Borderlands. I'll do request, who do you want me to do next? Maya the Siren
  16. Welcome to the 20th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Wow! 20 of these already? Let's start with the Results of our second ever tie-breaker poll! It was extremely close, but we do have a winner: As for last week's poll, the results are in. The favorite helmet for our forum users is: This week's poll stems from all the talk about a rebooting of one of Halo's most beloved games. There are many rumors, though still no official word from Microsoft. So this week's question isn't "Do you think 343 industries will make Halo 2 Anniversary?", but rather: Do you want 343 industries to make Halo 2 Anniversary? Be sure to list your thoughts and reasonings below, along with your vote. Voting ends February 24, at 6:00 AM EST Thanks for reading and see y'all next week! Have a complaint, suggestion, or question pertaining to the poll? Message Me.
  17. Welcome to the 19th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week I asked what your favorite weapon in Halo was. A lot of members voted and well the results are in: This week's question is that of aesthetics, they don't really do anything but they're one of those many things that made and continue to make Halo great. Armor sets have been a staple for Halo since Halo 3, and no doubt will continue to be a big part of the franchise. But onto the question: What is your favorite Helmet to debute in all of Halo lore? Be sure to cast your vote before 8 AM EST, February 17. See you all next week! Have a complaint, suggestion, or question pertaining to the poll? Message me.
  18. This is a competitive remake map reimagined in Halo 4. It's simple enough to follow, it's non random weapons with other weapons scattered around in your base, each team gets a bunch of armour abilities, two Shotguns, DMRs, a sticky detonator, plasma pistol, rocket and sniper but they all have limited ammo with medium respawn times so don't waste the ammo. Also each teams gets a mongoose. Here is a neutral banshee in the middle. My Advice: Don't go for the banshee at the start as it gets chain hijacked until it is destroyed, my advise stay back and try to hold the middle where the banshee spawn is as it pushes the other team back plus just throw your grenades as you leave your base. Requires a custom gametype: Classic CTF adaption Credit goes to Xerbase for the original idea for this in Reach If you remember any spots or are rewatching the video of it to find some techniques it's called Frontline and it was reviewed on THFE. Good Luck Getting That Flag... Original map from Reach: The remake: and
  19. As the leaves fall and Halloween passes, ('cept for you southern hemisphere types, but you've got it all backwards) we look to a new month, a new MoM. This is the month of Thanksgiving, the calm before the storm, the anchoring up shelter for the fast approaching winter. This month we have a member that is fairly new. But he has warmed the hearts (and other...parts...also perhaps types of bread) of the members and has made many good friends. A regular in the ShoutBox, he never hesitates to offer sage advice, crack jokes, or just be an all around funny guy. Master of video editing, and capture man extraordinaire, we present to you... :thumbup: Bnus!!! :thumbup: We hope you enjoy your month in the tried and true Minus Green Bnus! Keep doin' what you're doin'!!!
  20. So, over the past few days on these forums I've heard, time and again, people asking 'What the heck is CSR?' Well, since before I was on this Forum, I was on the much worse, much messier Halo Waypoint, and as a person there, I have known of this, and I do know how it works. So I decided to help explain it. CSR - Competitive Skill Ranking. Well, if I lay out exactly what it means, does it make it easier or harder to understand? I'm hoping that by now, some of you are going 'Ooooooohhh!' and are now thinking 'What are the specifics?' Easy. -CSR is a 1-50 ranking system. -There is a CSR for every War Games playlist. -For games like BTB and TS, it is calculated more from your personal skill in game but that doesn't mean wins don't count. -For games like Grifball and Action sack, it is calculated more from using your wins and losses. Personal skill still counts. -'Personal skill' that I am talking about generally means your medals, kills, deaths, betrayals, all into 'one'. Now, you might say, 'Cool! So did 343 put back competition? Awesome! Where can I view each of my playlists' CSR?' And now I'm gonna have to shoot you down. It is NOT visible in-game. Why? Because 343 decided to make CSR not during the games creation, but AFTER they released information that there won't be a real skill based ranking system. Where is it visible? Halowaypoint.com, or the Halo Waypoint XBL app, or Halo Waypoint on your Android/iDevice. That is it. Why is it there? According to 343, 'Because those who truly care about their rank can access it, but it will discourage buying accounts, hacking, cheating, boosting etc. and also for players who are below average, they won't always be trash talked.' Sadly, what I read from that was something along the lines of 'Because during game planning we decided our target audience were the bad players, and so we wanted them to feel like they were doing good, and the only reason we even bothered making CSR was because when we said there wasn't a ranking system everybody on our forums were mad, which is confusing.' AAAAAnyways, what this means is that while you can still do things like compare CSR with others (Specifically, others here or on your friends list), gone are the days where you could prove you were better than someone else by comparing rank because nobody even bothers to have a mic anymore. What more do you want to know of CSR? Uhhh.... Oh, yeah. Sometimes they might reset everyone to 0. Thankfully they promised that they'll give us a reason. Is that enough? TL;DR - CSR is a ranking system which is only visible on the internet on Halo Waypoint, not on game. Therefore, it is a ranking system that applies only to the 10% or so people who actually care about the game to visit websites. Each playlist has one, and your best is displayed on your stats screen.
  21. Welcome to the 7th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's most popular Magestic Team Spartan was: Ah, 7 my favorite number, the number of completion, the number of this week's poll! Anyways here's the question: What is your favorite UNSC Starship? -Short-sword class Bomber -Skyhawk Fighter -AV-22 Sparrowhawk -AV-14 Attack VTOL -GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor -YSS-1000 Sabre -F-41 EMSF Broadsword -Pelican -D96-TCE Albatross -Calypso-class exfiltration craft -Black Cat-class subprowler -Chiroptera-class stealth vessel -Prowler -Laden-class freighter -Parabola-class freighter IF YOU WANT YOUR VOTE TO COUNT, VOTE BEFORE 10:00 A.M. EST on October 7!! Don't forget to cast your vote below, let us know why, and Thanks for Voting. Enjoy your week, and see ya next time If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, or just a comment pertaining to the Poll, message me.
  22. Welcome to the 6th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week's poll question asked you if Cortana died or if Cortana lived and the result of all your votes is: I really enjoyed reading all of your answers, and I think SturnuS really covered the general opinion about Cortana in his post Anyways it's time for this week's poll This week's poll will be a familiar subject to those of you who regular Halo Waypoint (or just go to check for Halo news, like myself) here it is: What does the fox say? JK For real here it is though: Who is your favorite member of Majestic Team? -DeMarco -Grant -Hoya -Madsen -Thorne Don't forget to Vote below and let us know who your favorite Majestic Team member is and why. Enjoy your week, and see ya next time If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, or just a comment pertaining to the Poll, message me. EDIT: Sorry about the way the OP looked at first, had a problem with the BBCode
  23. Ok, let's get to the point shall we you inferior bunch. I'm not gonna waste my time making it dramatic like the other candidates, even though they're gonna lose I lack the knowledge to why they bothered in the first place. I don't really mind about wasting your time making you read this piece of art amazingness no... crap, yup that fits it perfectly. Ok right, well, as the smarter individuals of your pathetic human race know, I was nominated once again (seriously, how many times have I pulled out at the last moment?), it's kinda become a sort of brainwashed tradition. Whoever started it without my knowledge, I applaud you. *clap* To the less beings, the statement above in short terms means I'm going for the Dictatorship Presidency of the Forums. If you can't understand that for the lack of brain power. I'm going to win is all you need to know. Since the birth of time it was known that I would claim this day as my own, a day of a new dawn, a new darkness and a new terror joyfulness and bliss. You can see the proof below if you don't believe me, which would be a foolish mistake of you since I am just never wrong, I am always correct, I just choose to bend it a little. From that day onwards the Grand Matriarchs lived in awaiting, praying that the day of hope would come soon as the darkness was slowly making a return to the known world. That darkness being any other candidate voted into position. On 9/10/1995 a child was born and raised in a household of beings called humanity, these creatures took care of this blessed soul, they did not realise his potential was so great and halted his greatness in so many areas it was disgraceful,. but then, they came to the realisation that when he started to achieve greatness in his life such as the Great Journey to the Realm of Outside, the Search for the long lost Model Train, the suffering endured due to the Great Tree fall and the Inner self discovery of the love for massively ring shaped super weapons. These achievements were seen as triumphs for all of mankind, and he was revered from then on. However, his greatness came at a terrible price as when he found himself alone in his room on a powerful invention called the Great Computer of Power. This beast with an Intel Pentium core processor allowed him to travel the Sea of Bytes & Bits to the Land of Google. Eventually his great journey ended him up in the place of 343i.org. This discovery made him feel at home, his presence shocked thousands around him, no one had heard of his whereabouts for such a long time that he had turn back into a being of legend. His quick revival allowed him to seek the status of MoM in such short time, his greatness was viewed by all, which allowed him later in his life to take on the Continent of Facebook adminship. He settled down later to let others take over such great challenges, none which would ever be as momentous as his history. He then started to drain away his eternal life on the site, reporting, gaining oh so many sweet awards, and that unreachable 148000+ shouts, to which this day has passed over 151000 shouts. Obtaining Twam's rare slice of pizza without even being a moderator. Gaining the greatest amount of profile views the site has ever laid its puny eyes upon. His incredible quality of posts was admired by all, every, single, last, one of them. All of those 1000 or so Offbeat posts were totally legit and good alright? Kthx He then started to lead a peaceful life that reached over 200 days on the site, that was the light touched the shadow. A new dawn became apparent, the Title of Forum Ruler shall be his. He silently left subtle messages into peoples minds knowing one day that it'll come to great use when needed. He then started to prepare for the Great Election which he is destined to win, it cannot change, it is a fixed point in history that can never be undone. So just give up already other candidates. He promised 3 things from the birth of time itself; 1. Free rashers of Bacon to those who vote and continue to support his almighty greatness. 2. Freedom from the Grandmapocalypse, the nightmare that lurks under our feet, in which the other candidates have no hope in challenging. Which is shown below of their horror. 3. Total control over the inferiors, controlling those weak enough to look after themselves and also controlling those who think they can look after themselves. This is the day of change my friends subjects. It is a new era, an era of pain, suffering and control. You will not be in 'happiness' under the leadership of others, you only hope is to follow the cat of truth and see that I am your true savoir.
  24. In this forum game , the goal is to create a unique top ten list that helps us recognize your interests. However, because this is a game, it must have rules: 1. The list cannot consist of reasons. ex., Top Ten Reasons Why Sony is Better Than Microsoft 2. The list cannot be about anything that breaks the forum rules. ex., Top Ten ****stars 3. The list cannot exceed or underfund Ten Items. ex., Top Eleven Favorite Games I will start with Top Ten Consoles: 1. Xbox One 2. Fairchild Channel F 3. Xbox 360 4. PC 5. Xbox 6. SEGA Saturn 7. SEGA Genesis 8. Atari 7800 9. SEGA Master System 10. Super Famicon
  25. 4 Team SWAT CTF This game is a highly competitive, fast paced version of capture the flag. The map is completely symmetrical and in the shape of a large square. There are 4 teams of 2-4 and each team spawns on one side of the square. From there they can attack any other flag or defend their own. All guns are one hit kill headshots and the respawn is relatively slow. This leads to a very fast paced, all out attack style game. Played with a full lobby of 16 competitively it is an absolute blast. The gametype can be found here: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/5628c35f-e525-428b-9c3d-73cbbd85ba2e and the map can be found here: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/xander%20de%20gr8/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=c8d2931c-1598-47ea-beaf-93f98aeaaa40 The attached pictures give a good overview of the general layout of the map. If you ever want to play or talk to me about it. XBL GT: xander de gr8 I would love feedback, too! Thanks for taking a look!
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