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  1. I understand where you're coming from but to I don't think it would make her sacrifice in vein or would prevent Chief becoming human. What if much needed to be sacrificed for her return? Chief finds his human side on an epic adventure where he then has a decision to make. Obviously that's not the only way but I think it's equally 'badly informed' of you to say her sacrifice was in vein if she returns as it is to not give the game a chance if she doesn't return. I also think your Anakin comparison is very wrong. It's completely different circumstances, other than there being two trilogies there are no similarities. I mean the trilogies were even made in a different order for goodnesssake.
  2. I don't see how... If done properly, Chief finding her could make the Halo 4 campaign mean even more to us. That's the issue though, if they get it wrong then they'll be screwed.
  3. Considering the Xbox One has had such a negative reception so far, especially when you compare it to the PS4? Do you think it's possible if the Xbox One sales are terrible even after the release of Halo 5 that MS might realise their mistake and release some of their exclusives onto the PC so they at least get some money from them?
  4. This trilogy is going to about the relationship of Cortana and Chief... I hardly think they've killed her off.
  5. To me it sounds like trolling... Why would he be on a Halo forum if he doesn't like Xbox, which was implied as he said the next Xbox would have the RROD despite the fact the slim doesn't get it.
  6. That's based on the limits of our current technology and knowledge. It's very possible that we will learn how to digitally interact with a nervous system and brain, we just can't now or the near future. Just bare in mind Halo is set 500 years into the future and now involves a race that has the technology to turn humans to digital information.
  7. I doubt you're right but I know what you mean when you listen to it the 'come' sounds separated but it still sounds like 'wel' to me. I'll upload a vid in a min, so we can work it out cause "welcome home John" never made any sense to me... Yeah sorry but this is fairly conclusive proof you're wrong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvJOoQCfUGU&feature=youtu.be
  8. You joined just to say that?! Wow, go troll somewhere else...
  9. Well the new Xbox is supposedly going to have 8GB ram (16x more than the 360), Quad core CPU (nothing else about it has been 'leaked'), a much more powerful GPU so I wouldn't say it's impossible for something similar to be made in the future . I really hope they do as well!! However if they did they'd either have to put loading screens between different sections or just allow your console to only render the section around you.
  10. I'm pretty sure they won't because now they've begun the new trilogy I think most people would want them to focus on Halo 5 and 6 as opposed to remaking earlier games.
  11. They won't release if for the 360 and the new console because the new console is supposed to be so much more powerful and it would be like making two games for them. Also MS would want them to make it for the 720 to boost sales, I know many who will only buy the 720 when Halo 5 comes out. Also has anyone noticed all the DLC is being released early (December to April?), I think that's right. Anyway doesn't that seem odd to anyone, you'd of thought they'd drag it out a bit until the next game?
  12. I disagree, the new Xbox is expected next year and I doubt they'll make the remake (if at all) before Halo 5.
  13. You get the armour when you get the commendation for completing it on legendary, not the achievement. So check commendations for which one you need to do again.
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