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  1. This is the Halo Infinite Bete with Halo 2 Metal remix by Vincent Moretto. Hope you Enjoy the video and don't forget to like and subscribe. Leave a comment to let me know if you enjoyed this video and if you like help me reach my goal of 100 Subscribers! See you all on the battlefield.
  2. Can't wait to see the customization colors.
  3. I like the idea. Wish I can Drive and when your in the gunner to have a FPS view and not the 3rd person view.
  4. Yes! The multi-player online going to be free so any one can join the fun.
  5. Hi everyone, am Dethnade. I use to be Gamerocalypse on here. I created a new user name because I forgot the e-mail and password's to my Twitch and YouTube channel. I'm a variety streamer mostly play First Person Shooter Video Games. I have some really good Halo infinite Beta montages so go and check that out. You can find the links on my profile. I hope to share positive energy with laughs, scares and epic moments. Hope to make new friends and make some memories. Add me up on steam or add me on Discord. You can find me on 343i Community Discord playing BTB (Big Team Battles). Discord User name: Dethnade#1114
  6. Did some one delete Mᴀᴇsᴛʀᴏ ᴛʜᴇ Sᴛᴀᴍᴘᴇᴅᴇ post on here?
  7. In game on Spartan Ops "Episode 3 - Chapter 5" Don't no if this is a Glitch, Easter egg or what? Playing with some friends of mine, Lvling up my Spartan & some how we thought it was just the covenant guns shooting at us running around but up close you can see that the covenant them self about 1" & a half short lol. If you stop the video at 4:10 you can see one. I don't see 343 industries saying anything about this so it could be a glitch. What do you all think? Comment on my YouTube channel if you can and thumbs up if you like it thanks.
  8. My name is matt but in the gaming world I'am "Gamerocalypse" I'am a PC Gamer that live streams "VideoGames" From Battlefield, Halo 4 to League Of legends. I Entertain people by playing my favorite video games by interact & invite people around the world in my games to hang out & have lots of fun. Ill be placing my halo 4 clips to the new channel this week. Right now I have a battlefield 4 theme up. Check it out and comment on the channel telling me what you all think of it. http://www.youtube.com/GamerocalypseTV
  9. thank you. I'll try not to break any of the rules
  10. A lot of kids play call of duty, that's y, not saying its bad. I was thinking on geting Forza Motorsport 4 soon.
  11. hi, aim Gamerocalypse and i make Halo 4 videos on YouTube.com for a Hobie. I Great video that i think people will enjoy watching. I Just place some clips together that are funny and i think you all will like. I place Drowning Pool - Mute on the video to give it some feeling to it. The next montage is going to be even batter. Iam learning new tricks on editing videos so i Hope you enjoy my YouTube channel. http://youtu.be/URMCIZ-HdIo
  12. DethNade


    When you play CTF, team up with your friends only or find people that's good to play with and has microphones, make new friends that way.
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