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Found 16 results

  1. Title explains all. Just give me what you all expect or what you hope to expect. It doesn't have to be much. Just something short and simple.
  2. Welcome all to the 29th 343i Weekly Community Poll! Last week I asked if you wanted Armor Abilities or Equipment, here are the results of that poll: This week's poll we'll switch our focus away from the speculation of Halo's future, and take a moment to look into Halo's past. Here's this week's question! What was your favorite gametype in Halo 3? Leave your vote and the reasoning behind it below. DEADLINE: 4/28/14 @ 6:00 AM EST Thanks for taking time to partake in our weekly poll, See y'all next week! Have a question, comment, or suggestion pertaining to the poll? Message BZ1
  3. Im sure im not the only one who actually misses playing Halo3 and would love to go back and play it but nobody does. My friends are too worried about CoD and halo4 just doesnt have the same Halo feel that you get from playing halo 3. We need to get the old halo community back not halo4s
  4. This is jorriley here one of our 5 original leases of this clan and we are trying to expand I think we have about 20 members if you are active on halo 4 or minecraft we do play both a lot add me on xbox and say you'd like to join Autocorrect struck me I meant 5 leaders not leases
  5. I am starting a new halo 4 clan called project freelancer. I plan for this to be clan where team work and cooperation is key. This is mostly for fun but i would like for this to be competetive eventually. Another key feature i am making for this clan is to help improve the skill level of all members. The minimum age requirement is 14+ and must have a mic or keyboard. The last thing is the theme is of course project freelancer or red vs blue so you may change your tag and armour accordingly but its not required.anyone interested in joining or anyone you know is interested message me here or to my gamertag, TonyMFBear
  6. RANDOM POST OF THE DAY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZS8KesKU0&list=LEzH%C2%AD3iADRIq1IJlIXjfNgTpAA&index=1&%C2%ADfeature=plcp%EF%BB%BF
  7. From the album: RaInCrY22

    Now I want water-melon.. don't ask :3
  8. From the album: RaInCrY22

  9. From the album: RaInCrY22

    RaInCrY22 is a growing legend, I love the halo franchise and have proven myself as a female gamer in the Halo World. Whether it was being challenged for an entire year back on Halo 3 by many male and female contestants either to 1v1 or even 10v1 me, I have always left people in amazement. I do it not for bragging rights, but for the ability to prove myself as well as other females within the so called 'MALE community' that is Gaming. I don't play to prove I am better than others, I simply play for fun. But when I want to, I can get a PERFECTION at any time. TRY ME! ( Not really, people have made that challenge before, So don't challenge me, it got old a long time ago )
  10. Red team or Blue team? Me: Blue
  11. Discuss the two new episodes of Red vs Blue in Halo 4! If you haven't seen them, you can find them in Halo Waypoint.
  12. this rp takes place during the time frame of 'free to kill' it is a project freelancer rp, and will go until i start the next series. 'Gumiho' Subject: First Assignment. To: Active Freelancer Agents. It is with pride that i give you your new Assignment for the remander of your time here. As you may know, you have been chosen for your skills, you were the best out of your squad, out of your class. You can do things that most are not willing to, nor able to do. Project Freelancer needs agents like yourself to quicken the war, and bring it to an end. Not all battles can be won with spartans, and where they fail, we will succed. You have been given an agent name, you will be known from now on by that name, your previous name no long exists, for you no longer exist. Welcome to Project freelancer Doctor Leonard L. Church & The Counselor. Rules are simple, same as always. i shouldn't have to repeat myself. the skelly you shall follow is below this, if you wish to play an Cannon Character, please send me an PM with your desired character. after you are done with the skelly. pm the skelly to me i can't stress this enough people. Character skelly: name: agent name: age: gender: personality: armor ability: appearance: NPC'S that is needed to make the rp progress is. Name: [Classified] agent name: Agent Colorado AKA: Ra age: 21 gender: female. personality: she is normally to herself a dark kind of girl who continues to amazes people with her experimants, and inventions. normally she keeps to herself, and shows little to no emotion, only her sister's have seen her when she was emotional, and neither of them like it. armor ability: steath. appearance: http://i997.photobucket.com/albums/af93/hu_tounu/12-06-2011043331PM.jpg
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