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  1. Really, I think we need classic maps of HCE, H2, and H3 Classic maps in the official gamemodes in H5, an extended map of bloogulch for warzone might be a great idea in my opinion, just want more maps.
  2. Which of the standard Halo 4 War Games maps is your favorite?
  3. This is for a research purpose; we are trying to conclude which is the best halo 3 map for mostly any given game type. For example CTF, VIP, Team Death Match, FFA, Oddball and etc… In conclusion vote for the map that is your favorite map. Feel free too discuss and add your input of why you like a certain map. (Hopefully the poll shows up correctly otherwise I will have to try again. and some maps had to be excluded from the poll as they couldn't fit in the poll.) The maps that got excluded were: Stand off, Snowbound, Sanbox, Foundry. If you want to vote for these you can do so through the comments.
  4. im looking for halo flood maps,as in new ones,or new custom ones.
  5. In less than 2 weeks we can finally wrap our hands around Halo 5 but today we get to know what we'll be able to play online the moment we start playing. In a blog 343i has listed what playlists will be available at launch and what maps and gametypes we'll be playing with. Here's the list: Keep in mind that this list contains the launch playlists. More playlists will be added later on! What do you think of these playlists and which playlist would you like to see added later on? Let us know down below! Thank you for reading!
  6. This is what halouniverse said about this picture "A few hours ago, it leaked online a fantastic artwork by Halo 4 representing a new Multiplayer/Spartan Ops map, which however do not yet know virtually nothing, except some possible detail due to its appearance. The map, of generous size, and that has some human structures, seems to fit the frenzied clashes Big Team Battle that Halo has always been accustomed. Furthermore, since there are no mountain ranges scattered in the middle of the arena game, you can expect the use of aircraft. I propose to follow the artwork, stay tuned for updates." Write in the comments below what you think this map may be and if its Multiplayer or Spartan Ops.
  7. The upcoming Battlefield spin-off, Battlefield Hardline, is getting the full treatment with new maps and modes, all revealed now! Battlefield Hardline looks to be packed to the brim with content, while it might not all be working content at launch (let's hope it works) it still looks quite fun. On battlefield's website, Battlefield.com, new images and descriptions were given to the game's 9 launch maps, compared to Battlefield 4's 10 launch maps, and the previous entries all being 9 as well. The new maps are, Downtown, Bank Job, The Block, Dust Bowl, Hollywood Heist, Growhouse, Riptide, Everglades, and Derailed. To top all this off, the game will ship with 5 different modes, the newest one being Crosshair. The other modes are Hotwire Mode, Heist, Rescue, and Blood Money. Crosshair will follow a 5 v 5 gameplay trying to keep VIPs alive for as long as possible while trying to eliminate all of the opposing team as quickly as possible. The maps will range from medium to small and will feature the past game's levolution. The game launches March 17th, 2015 with all this content for PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as the PC. View attachment: battlefield_hardline.jpg I must admit, even though Hardline doesn't look to do much to identify itself as a Battlefield game, it has some nice graphics and an overall interesting tone to it, nothing like I've seen outside of Counter-Strike. I'm not pre-ordering after the travesty that was Battlefield 4's launch, but Hardline is sticking on my radar. What about you, what do you think of Hardline so far? Do the maps and modes impress you? Let me know down below, thanks for reading folks!
  8. The upcoming Battlefield spin-off, Battlefield Hardline, is getting the full treatment with new maps and modes, all revealed now! Battlefield Hardline looks to be packed to the brim with content, while it might not all be working content at launch (let's hope it works) it still looks quite fun. On battlefield's website, Battlefield.com, new images and descriptions were given to the game's 9 launch maps, compared to Battlefield 4's 10 launch maps, and the previous entries all being 9 as well. The new maps are, Downtown, Bank Job, The Block, Dust Bowl, Hollywood Heist, Growhouse, Riptide, Everglades, and Derailed. To top all this off, the game will ship with 5 different modes, the newest one being Crosshair. The other modes are Hotwire Mode, Heist, Rescue, and Blood Money. Crosshair will follow a 5 v 5 gameplay trying to keep VIPs alive for as long as possible while trying to eliminate all of the opposing team as quickly as possible. The maps will range from medium to small and will feature the past game's levolution. The game launches March 17th, 2015 with all this content for PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as the PC. View attachment: battlefield_hardline.jpg I must admit, even though Hardline doesn't look to do much to identify itself as a Battlefield game, it has some nice graphics and an overall interesting tone to it, nothing like I've seen outside of Counter-Strike. I'm not pre-ordering after the travesty that was Battlefield 4's launch, but Hardline is sticking on my radar. What about you, what do you think of Hardline so far? Do the maps and modes impress you? Let me know down below, thanks for reading folks! View full article
  9. Here are a few examples of why I hate Halo 4 down to my very soul, I love the series but just what 343i has done to this most recent installment is for lack of a better word an "Abomination". *NOTE* Don't think of this post as hatered towards the series, I love the series, but the recent installment has dissapointed me and makes me regret buying the Limited Edition and ever getting my hopes up that it would be a game that you can have fun in. OverPowered Weapons- For one the plethora of needlessly overpowered weapons, for example the Binary Rifle (Basically a hand held Gauss Cannon with a scope that leads to camping, weapon hoarding, spawn camping, and is just a horrible excuse for a "Weapon", it should be instead named the "Rape-Machine"), the Incineration Cannon (Offspring of a Rocket Launcher, a Shotgun, and a cluster bomb leading to excessive "Cross-Mapping" and is also a great "Bunker buster" as you have a chance to dodge a rocket or use cover to avoid it but "Oh No" the Incineration Cannon doesn't give a care in the world about cover going over it and in some cases through it.), the suppressor (A SAW in any battle within 6 feet, not really that bad but still an issue as anyone who goes around a corner and someone camping with this tool will decimate you 9 times out of 10), the lightrifle (Which makes both the DMR and Battle Rifle obsolete, same issue as with the DMR 4 shots = instant death without any time to react or return fire with the chance of surviving), Sticky Grenades (Really not a huge problem until you can now SPAWN WITH THEM, which is total bull anyways as 85% of the time everyone spawns with stickys in addition to the Explosives Support Perk and the other perk which allows you to carry 3 grenades which leads to no one using guns in CQC anymore its just a flurry of sticky missles being hailed at eachother which makes the winning of the game based on who can camp with the Boltshot and throw the most stickys instead of things like "Skill", "Tactics", and "Teamwork" very underused), Beam Rifle (Offspring of a Sniper Rifle and a DMR which allows for amazing hipfire kills very easily and extremely fast leading to snapshots galore), the DMR (Doesn't sound very overpowered does it? 4 shots kills you fast enough to where you have no time to react isn't overpowered at all [sarcasm]), and last but not nearly the least the unmistakable unthinkably overpowered weapon widely known as the Boltshot (I call it the "No-Skill Insta-Kill as it requres 0 skill and only 2 tactics in addition to you being able to SPAWN WITH SUCH AN OVERPOWERED WEAPON, camp in a corner and wait for someone to walk by and ruin his day with a crossbreed shotgun instant killing machine or they could rush a person with it and with a small amount of hope the defender may kill the Boltshotter but it is in vain as it just incinerates his body instantly with very little chance of success.) Lag- Next on the list of things that make Halo 4 the most poorly designed and executed gane I have played thus far, the LAG and don't respond with something along the lines of. "Oh no your just butthurt because you suck and your connection is crap!" I've heard this all before frankly I don't care if you don't lag if you don't lucky you don't brag about it but for many people with good connections it ruins everything in terms of trying to have fun, the various occurences of lag are as follows, Teleportation (Of me and enemies) spawning under the map and (Committing Suicide), inability to spawn (the game just says "Time to spawn/respawn 0 seconds" for about 1 minute and by that time I'm getting spawn camped by grenades and power weapons), Black Screen Of Death (Because Halo can't have Dedicated servers "OH NO" that be to nice, but no black screens of death routinely happen because the games host or a large amount of players quit (Oh this whole "Drop-In Drop-Out system" is all well and good WHEN IT WORKS because nearly every single time someone quits and I'm playing guess what happens? Black screen of death, some last 5-10 seconds while some last up to 5 minutes leading to me having to "Dashboard-It" just so I can continue playing. This lag I know comes from the fact that Halo "Must" have player host based servers so when that host has a crap connection it leads to everyone in the server getting brought down to his/her level. Were Halo to get some dedicated servers that lag would be DRAMATICALLY reduced. If you don't believe me on this whole "Lag" situation go to YouTube and look it up, you'll see people with perfectly normal connections teleporting all over the place and getting owned. Hackers/Hacking- Now, lets move on to one of the more touchy subjects that people love to start needless flame wars over. Oh yes Im talking about the one thing gamers hate more than lag, Hackers. Now, I could go on a rant on how hackers are obviously bad, ruin the game, and cause people like me regret every buying Halo 4, but I feel this is a pointless venture as someone (Likely many) Halo fanatics will begin posting their opinions on this page about how there isn't any hackers, you just suck at Halo, their just better than you so you have to say they hack. I have heard and seen this before as well and if you think people don't hack Halo than your probably one of them, if you think someone getting temp-banned for 1 or 2 days for hacking is good enough your wrong. So I will restrain myself from doing so and just list as many of the hacks I have seen off the top of my head with some minor comments throughout. Hacking needs to be delt with much more aggressively than it has before because whatever they are doing to hinder the problem isn't doing enough. I have seen countless times examples of "Near fully-Auto DMRs/Pistols", "Weapons with seemingly bottomless clips" (Namely Overpowered weapons such as the Binary rifle, Incineration Cannon, etc...), Active Teleport anywhere in the map, Vehicle jacking beyond the player height limit, Aimbot (VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM, really if you don't fix this 343i there is something very very wrong with your decision making process), the ability for bullets to "No-Clip" through the map, and seemingly infinite health and grenades. These are just a few of the many hacks I have seen throughout the various maps leading to death, again, and again, and again. Maps- How about now I make note of how the current maps in Halo 4 (Including the Crimson DLC) are terrible. Some are good, some are O.K. and many more are just awful. "Haven" for example, one of 343i's poster maps is in the top 3 worst maps of all time on my list. First of all one side spawns at the bottom of a ramp allowing the opposing team to send all of their grenades flying like mortars in and around their position making it difficult to move outside your safe zone, by this time the enemy team has more than likely already rushed over the minor crevice and is on top of the ramp with their advantage of altitude over the enemy team and slaughters them. In some cases the situations can be switched with the side that spawns on the ramp rushing to the top of the ramp uses the fact that the lip of the ramp covers their head almost completely allowing them to fire away and decimate the enemy team with DMR's and Battle Rifles with little chance of retaliation. 3rd possible case that happens at the beginning of the game, both teams rush to the middle but the team that spawns at the ramp gets their first because of their close proximity uses the middle cover and decimates the coverless opposing team. Any of these ways the teams get virtually slaughtered with one side losing little and the other losing everything due to the unbalancedness of the map. secondly this map is a prime location for Boltshot campers due to its large number of sharp inescapable corners leading to death after death, especially at the ends of the man cannons which in addition to Active Camouflage can render the person who lands off of the ground dead without any chance of survival. Another example of an unbalanced map is "Abandon" in which one team spawns above ground and has the advantage of making it to the middle first giving them the advantage of being above ground and they almost in all cases decimate the opposing team which has to rush up from their poorly defended and nearly useless cover coated spawn and pray that they can get some kills before death. Lets make an example of a horrible "Crimson DLC" map, this map is a glorious waste of money, Oh sure they look impressive but in use they are all disgustingly unbalanced. Take for example "Harvest" on the SWAT game type. In this it is just a rush to the top of one of the many excessively tall rocks to get Cross-Map headshots instantly with amazing cover leading to a monotonous game of "Spawn-Die" with little chance of retaliation. There are several more maps I could go on about but this paragraph is getting a bit lengthy so I'll stop this note of unbalanced and horribly designed maps here, the maps may look amazing but looks mean nothing when you are getting spawn killed over and over by enemies. Spartan Ops- Lets get off this topic of "War games" problems for a moment and move on to a different game mode "Spartan Ops" Oh don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy spartan ops but the fact that each chapter can be easily finished on heroic in just around 10-15 minutes with very generic "Go here, pick this up, drop off over here, then go kill this group of people, then hold out against their reinforcements." this gets monotonous and boring amazingly quickly, Firefight In Halo: Reach didn't get this boring this fast. Spartan Ops really needs to be expanded in a more exotic way doing more things that are a challenge and fun to do as most things that happened in season one that looked very impressive was almost always in an uninteractive cutscene. Here's and idea on a cool mission idea: Fly a pelican "Litearally fly it, that would make it more fun" Infiltrate a covenant cruiser, battle-cruiser, frigate. etc... and you have to fight your way through waves of the ships inhabitants to get to the ships captain and subdue him "Likely an elite" and have to drag him to your pelican and then fly away as the infinity nukes the ship from orbit leading to an epic and fun escape and infiltration mission. Also you never see yhe Infinity use it's massive array of firepower on really anything which makes it just a "Dog with all bark and no bite" show off the ships abilities 343i, you made it, show it off make it look good don't make it just some floating paperweight that doesn't help really at all. In addition to the monotonous gameplay, when attempting to play with your friends over xbox live it is heavily difficult to play because the once again lag which is the fault of not having dedicated servers and everyone being forced to run off of one persons connection forcing me to play online with people I don't know who just rush in, take your kills, run you over with vehicles, and troll you in addition to still lagging albeit not as much or alone which isn't very fun when in the missions it always talks about "Team" Crimson, a 1 man team is kind of difficult to believe, you are a Spartan IV not Master Chief. Also why does every time you get extracted in spartan ops you never actually get in the vehicle to leave you just stand next to it and it flys off without you? it's a little complaint but you cant just code an extra 5 seconds of gameplay to actually see your characters walk or jump in? That just seems like lazyness to me. Spawning- How about "Spawning"? which does coincide with maps but I feel it deserves it's own "Mini" paragraph. Spawning has always been a problem I've seen in Halo Multiplayer but in Halo 4 it takes the cake of just unplayability. for example In a dominion match, why would it spawn me inside an enemy owned and occupied base with no chance of survival? Why would I spawn directly in front of the enemy and get immediately assassinated in Slayer? Why when I spawn in Big Team Battle my face gets torn off by the sniper bullet of some player the second I spawn? Why I ask must enemies spawn on your side of the map at the beginning of the map and kill you instantly? please if you could explain why this is necessary please go ahead I'd love to hear it, because it isn't getting any better, the more I play the worse it gets. Forge- Forge, theres a game type many wouldn't complain about but the problems I have for forge are minor in the least and can very easily be corrected should 343i take some initiative. I would like for the build limit for all objects to be increased the needs I have require a much larger variety of resources, Reach had a perfect amount of things to forge with for my various projects but the amount of materials in Halo 4 seems to be lacking to a serious extent restricting me to small pointless maps. In addition to this, it would be nice if there was a map dedicated to Forge like "Forge world" from reach it was monotonous but it was perfect for almost anything you wanted to build, the possibilities were limitless but in Halo 4 the possibilities are very limited by the low amount of resources I am able to use. Weapons and vehicles- Not merely just "Weapons" I am covering in this paragraph, I am asking why. Why does the "UNSC Infinity" have such a "Large and Expansive" armory that holds not only weapons from the UNSC but the Covenant and Forerunners but in such an armory not a single SMG is held? Flamethrower? No missle pods? You would think they might have some spikers? some needle rifles? they had the DMR from reach but not the Needle rifle? No grenade launcher? it may be obsolete now but no plasma rifles? or plasma repeaters? no plasma launchers? Im getting at there were all these great weapons from past games and you advertise how large the armory of the infinity is yet you don't even have an SMG? Really? Come on, the SMG is a great weapon and just adds diversity to the inadequate variety weaponry in Halo 4. The Infinity being bigger than some cities houses thousands of people, and thousands of vehicles in their garage bay and in this garage is strictly pelicans, mongooses, warthogs, and scorpions? No Hornets? Vultures? Grizzleys? No transport warthog? No Falcon? my favorite aerial vehicle the Falcon is not in the infinity? 343i you have set in the lore of the Infinity that it is such a superstructure that houses so many weapons and vehicles but in reality your variety is very little in both vehicles and weaponry, I am not saying you don't have many vehicles or weapons, I'm saying the variety of choices is limited. A majority of the new weapons in Halo 4 are all Power weapons and of the vehicles returning the choices are little especially since you can only fly a Pelican once in the entire game. Also why is it no longer possible to dual-wield weapons? Spartan Palmer can in a cutscene but I cant? Really? Don't say that "Dual-Weilding is unfair and unbalanced" Because almost everything you have done with war games makes it unfair and unbalanced to everyone who trys to play for the fun of it. Armor Customization- I believe this is the last major complaint in this long list, Armor Customization. It seems like something 343i has already done but Reach did an amazingly better job than Halo 4 did, Several of the helmets, chestpieces and vambraces have changed and I believe there should still be the same armor choices in reach in Halo 4. For example the EOD helmet was my favorite helmet in Reach but now you changed it to where I just hate it I should have the option to have Reach's version. Also where did the MK. V Helmet go? I know many people that loved that helmet and to just take it away like you did is really really uncool. It was much more creative when you could put health packs, storage, wrist Tac-Pads and the like on your spartan no matter how useless they may have been they were interesting and added more in the line of armor customization.I know many people that miss the loss of the cybernetic replacement arm and the pilot helmet, as with the health packs, tac-pads etc... they may have been useless but they added a new and interesting way to customize your spartan. You replaced all of these things with the stances.....That is so creative (Sarcasm) it is so creative to have 16 people in a match and every single one of them have either the last stand or the assassin stance. If you wanted to make these limited amounts of stances more creative you could have added where you could customize what weapon your spartan holds in the picture based on what commendation they have mastered and they can choose how it looks. But no of course this didn't happen along with a seemingly never ending list of things that could have been done better but were not even touched upon, What 343i did with Forward Unto Dawn was very creative and I enjoyed it, it helped me get ready for the release of Halo 4 I was so excited I preordered the Limited edition and now after all of this... It feels like just a waste of money, I could probably make another 10 paragraph post on 10 different things I hate but this is growing tiresome and I highly doubt anything I have written today will have even the slightest effect on your future decisions in regard to the Halo series. I have been putting off writing this for weeks now because I knew if i did it wouldnt matter and people would just insult me because of their ignorance.   Good luck in your continued efforts to make Halo a game for people who would see it abused.          
  10. I just noticed that you don't included in the Master Chief Collection the following remastered maps that were included on Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary: - Solitary (Prisoner Remake) - Beaver Creek / Battle Canyon - High Noon (Hang 'em High Remake) - Penance (Damnation Remake) - Ridgeline (Timberland remake) - Headlong/ Break neck I know that could be more work for 343 Industries but would be nice that you can Include them maybe as a apologize for the problems with the matchmakings. These maps are cool and it are already done in a remastered version. Think about it.
  11. Man, it's good to be back here. You guys are probably as caught up as I am, so I'll make this quick. At E3, 343i confirmed that Halo 2 Anniversary "will be getting the full anniversary treatment" (notice the emphasis on "full"), so at first, we thought, "So they will do six remastered maps with a brand new engine and then have the classic and remastered versions of all of the maps, right?" WRONG!!! As it turns out, to my surprise, Halo 2: Anniversary IS the six remastered maps on a new engine: There is no retextured version! What kind of next generation experience is offered with only SIX?!?! That's not my point, not even close. The point is, that means that we can reexperience only six different locations, and the general poll question is... What are the six maps? Well Certain Affinity has confirmed Coagulation and Ascension, so that leaves four maps. Oh, and future people, I won't update this when others are announced, but the common I see is... > Ascension > Coagulation > Zanzibar > Lockout > Midship > Ivory Tower But the two main maps that I think that were EXTREMELY UNDERRATED in this case were Burial Mounds and Waterworks. Now, I played the hell out of Zanzibar and Lockout, so there is no need to remaster what is already in-date. So the list should go like this... > Ascension > Coagulation > Midship > Ivory Tower > Burial Mounds > Waterworks Yes, there is something attractively misleading about the title, but I've got nothing to write! No multiplayer statistics (courtesy of Bungie), nothing! Good thoughts, everyone!
  12. I need a little help 343. I'm getting older, far from old but older. My memory never was the greatest and I constantly call people by the wrong name or forget their name altogether. Now you tell me I have over 100 maps at launch of the HMCC not including what will likely become a floodgate of maps in forge in the first few weeks. If Reach's Forge is any indication, I will once again be utterly lost as to which maps I am looking at in my map list. I could barely keep up with my own creations let alone some of the amazing Forge's out there. There was a time, a more rough and yet somehow simpler time. A time of UT99. Yes waaaaaay back in the past on Good Ol original Unreal Tournament where you could actually take a screenshot of your map creation and post it alongside your map name to be displayed in the playlist. Oh what a wonder it was to not have to look at 800 identical Forgeworld screenshots and guess the verb of the map you wanted to play. Please for the love of God allow us to set our own map playlist screenshot (or 3) so that those of us that control the playlist don't have to leave those of us waiting to participate in a game to suffer as we load 8 maps trying to find "the map". Bloody Mess Blood Gulch Blood Letter Coagulation Debilitation Obfuscation I find it much easier to find: Revenant Rampage Arena - - - - - - - - - - - - - Revenant Slam Fest Revenant Valhalla Revenant Zeta It's a bit of a big image but I was too lazy to resize and you get my point. Plus lets be honest being able to 'one touch' enlarge the map list screenshot would also be a nice Feature Please help me find my maps.
  13. Hello. I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I have tried multiple methods of solution to no avail. I purchased the Halo 4 Limited Edition that included the War Games Map Pass, but, like many others, have come back to play Halo 4 after a few months only to find that I am unable to get the latest two maps because it is not recognizing that I have the Map Pass. "Go to your Download History and re-download it." -- I've looked in my Download History. It shows all of the separate pieces that were included in the War Games Map Pass, but not the War Games Map Pass itself. At least, not under that name (is it under a different file name?). "Make sure to do a License Transfer." -- I've had the same Xbox 360 since I downloaded the War Games Map Pass, but I did this anyways. My Licenses are all up to date on this system. '"Are you using the same Gamertag?" -- It is the same account, but I have changed my Gamertag since I purchased Halo 4. Please, help. I'm so frustrated and sad, but mostly just sad.
  14. I will need some ppl who I can rely on to help me test a maps effectiveness and maybe help forge with me. They need to be able to get on at EST early morning hours
  15. I bought a season pass thinking that it would allow access to all maps added to Halo 4, but these two new ones AND the new gametype I have to buy seperately. Doesn't matter how cheap they are it's the principal, and I'm disappointed in the flagrant false advertising.
  16. i have decided to start posting any new maps i make in this here topic, instead of filling up the forge zone with 1 separate map maps posted before this topic starlight damnation info when i have to upload new maps, i will remove the oldest ones by the earliest date contact me if the map you want to get is not there submit all feedback by a pm and mention "{map name} feedback" in the subject please dont reply to this topic as it can help keep flood down and save valuable posting room information of how new maps are posted new maps this update: 3 map 1: halo store map 2: inner pillar of autumn (1st half) map 3: inner poa (2nd half) info about the next update a btb space map speed training maybe a few others not listed
  17. I can't be the only person to have noticed this, but we're stuck with the same few maps on rotation time after time in matchmaking. I paid good money to get the DLC and there are some good maps amongst these. Even outside of the DLC, there's a good variety of maps that we just don't see in matchmaking. Is there any way in which this can be remadied? It'd be nice to have the option to play more than the 4 or so maps over and over again. Thanks.
  18. I just came back to Halo 4 after a while off. I've got a little time to kill, and picked up the Champions Bundle because I was all like "Right on, new maps y'all"! So I told my brotha Alexander Hamilton to make it happen because I know how he likes headshots, and Pitfall looked like some sweet nostalgic multiplayer goodness. Hamilton digs Halo 4, and he has hooked me up with some awesome DLC maps in the past... his favorite is Shatter cause it "gives him the space he needs to hunt that little punk Aaron Burr down" (his words not mine). The only problem is that in the 75 matches or so I have played since getting back on I have never seen Pitfall or Vertigo in match making as even an option to vote for. Understandably I was a little upset... some things were said aloud, and then I put Halo 4 down to go to bboy practice. When I got home Hamilton texted me from 343 Industries' bank account and was all. "Where you at man, these new map are the shizzle my nizzle, why aren't you online helping me mop up these fools?" ARGH!!! Your right Alexander Hamilton... those online fools need to be mopped! They need it! So I got online again to help my main man Hamilton under the condition that even though I know how he likes to hang out with Snoop Dog on the regular he needs to talk on the headset like a normal adult. "Hey Alex you were the first Secretary of Treasury for god's sake... pull it together son, and lets go do this." So Hamilton and I jumped back online to mop up some fools as we all know he likes to do. We cleaned up SWAT style on Haven, Adrift, Abandon, Solace, and Complex. Had some crazy fun on Exile and Ragnarok. And that when I noticed it. Not only had I not seen Pitfall or Vertigo up for match making I had not seen a single map from any of the DLC that I purchased come up even once for a vote on any multiplayer game type. At all. A ton of the maps that Alexander Hamilton and I were so ready play were the ones we were completely locked out of! That's when he called me... Me: "Yo, Hamilton whats up brotha?" AH: "It's cold and dark in this bank account. I can't get out to romp freely on the digital fields of battle... It's lands are locked to me." Me: "I know... Me too. It is a sad day. Buying Halo 4 DLC feels like a giant rip off right now." AH: "It's no fun here, and I want to make my journey home." Oh My god! I don't have time to write any more of a crazy stupid post so lets just get down to it. Set up Lobbies that allow me play on the DLC maps that I paid for or be good enough to return my Hamiltons to me!
  19. xxMethos

    DLC maps

    The dlc maps only show up if all players in the lobby have them, then why should I have to buy maps that I never get to play on. It is unfair to all the players that purchesed the DLC maps, This also goes for Halo Reach, It used to be you had to have them to play in the ranked formats ( Reach and H4 do not have) point being is i will not down load new maps till they show up in regular mackmaking. But it will not matter if the do Because every one just wants to play on Haven anyway, Why should 343i even make new maps if all everone want to do is play the same map over and over and over and over.
  20. I just wanted to ask, what's the bright idea behind smashing the playlists together? Was it really so difficult to keep up on a separate big team playlists? I'm just curious as to the new updates on the Halo 4 frontier as this is a very disappointing game on the multiplayer flip side. I'm not here to start a fight as I am generally curious as to what the meaning is behind this. I understand games have to evolve to keep up with the current gaming demands but we all loved being able to chose between Big Team Slayer and Big Team Objective! I understand that people want to have more variety in their gaming experience but this is why there was a general assortment of playlists, as different as they were. Are you truly making a large portion of us chose between Halo 3, Reach before 4 even comes into play? I call shenanigans! And now with the new DLC, don't get me started on that... Season pass my a$$. Pardon my language Yours faithfully Halo, XxxHarley
  21. So, you've decided to take part in the contest, ey? Great! Once you have thrown some blocks together, it is advised that you get it tested to help identify any problems. Getting 12 people together can be difficult, so these special BIOC lobbies are being set up to get everyone together and give everyone equal opportunities to improve their maps. Here is a reminder of the rules; The map must be a Free Roam Flood map forged on either Erosion, Impact, Ravine or Forge Island The map will be judged using the Hivemind game-type, found in the Flood matchmaking playlist The map must be suitable for 10-12 players The map must have a creation date on or after July 20th 2013 You are only allowed to submit one map You may forge with a partner, but keep in mind that only one prize will be issued You must tag the map file with 'DFO1' and have it in your File Share for the duration of the contest and judging __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Upcoming lobbies: Lobby Host - El Trocity Lobby Time and Date - 5PM EST, Tuesday 6th August To sign up, follow this template; Lobby: Gamertag: Submission: [Y/N] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Good luck with your forging everyone!
  22. Here are some ideas i dreamed up for halo 5 Halo 5 weapons and vehicles: UNSC Vehicles: -Warthog •Gauss •Rocket •Chain Gun -Mongoose -Scorpion -Mantis -Viper (Light assault aircraft) •Equipped with heat seeking missiles and light machine gun •Highly maneuverable (on the level of the banshee), weak armor -Hornet -Falcon • Assault (has a front mounted chain gun which can be controlled by the pilot as well as two .50 cal door guns, can carry 2 passengers who can shoot their personal weapons) • Light (door guns only, can carry 2 passengers who can shoot their personal weapons) -Pelican (Heavy Transport aircraft) •Pilot controlled forward heavy auto cannon • equipped with 2 .50 caliber door guns on back. Can hold up to 8 personnel who can shoot their personal weapons •contain two small arms racks in cargo area UNSC weapons: -Magnum -SMG •can be used as a sidearm -Battle Rifle -DMR -Assault rifle -SSMG •the silenced SMG from ODST -Frag grenade -SAW •buffed H4 version -Grenade Launcher •fires projectiles similar to the sticky detonator that will explode on contact or await detonation depending on firing mode(Utilizes a 3 round magazine) -Spartan Laser •similar to the reach version -Sniper Rifle -Rocket Launcher •Fires two types of rockets, Anti-personnel rockets (which appear green on your HUD) are unguided and deal high splash damage, while anti-vehicle rockets (blue on your HUD) track ALL vehicles and have high penetrative power, dealing twice the damage against vehicles. -Railgun •Halo 4 version -Heavy Railgun •One hit kill on ANYTHING, including pelicans(comes with 1 extra round and takes 5 seconds to charge and fire) -Hyper Rifle • 3 shot kill, low ROF • battery operated, batter holds energy for 36 shots • emits high intensity atom laser Detachable Turrets: -Machine gun -Flamethrower Emplacements: -Rocket Turret •Fires volleys of 4 rockets, rockets become guided when the operator enters first person mode and looks through the emplacements holographic optics. Range 1000m -Gauss Turret • Identical to the turret mounted on the back of a warthog -Mortar Turret •Starts with a target locator, the player who acquires the locator can use it to call in mortar fire anywhere on the map. • locator creates a red circle around its target and sticks to objects, including vehicles and personnel. •Mortar fires 3 rounds volleys, each round yielding the power of 2 antipersonnel rockets. Covenant Weapons: -Plasma Pistol -Plasma Rifle -Storm Rifle -Needler -Needle Rifle -Covenant Carbine -Assault Carbine • 5 shot kill, fires particle beam with extreme accuracy at extreme range • low rate of fire -Beam Rifle -Concussion rifle -Fuel Rod Cannon -Plasma Launcher • identical to the one in reach but with a longer range -Energy Sword -Plasma Grenade Covenant Vehicles: -Ghost (reach version) -Banshee (reach version) -Wraith -Revenant -Spectre • holds 2 passengers, 1 gunner, 1 driver • equipped with 1 dual barreled plasma cannon, the same as that of the banshee -Phantom (Heavy troop transport) • equipped with 1 forward rapid fire concussion cannon which is controlled by the pilot, as well as 2 door mounted light plasma cannons • Capable of carrying 8 personnel who can fire their personnel weapons •Contains 2 small arms crates in cargo area Turrets: -Plasma turret Emplacements: -Plasma cannon shade •Identical to the one in reach but with higher projectile speeds -Fuel rod shade • like the ones in the reach campaign • Firing homing fuel rods rounds that tracks land and air vehicles Brute Weapons: -Spiker -Brute shot -Mauler -Brute plasma rifle (halo 2 version) -Gravity hammer -Napalm grenades (halo 3 version) -Spike grenades Brute vehicles: -Chopper Armor abilities: -Jetpack -Thruster pack (buffed h4 version) -Active Camo -Evade -Berserk • allows users a brief burst of extreme speed once their shields are removed (like the h2/h3 brutes) -Regen Field -Stability • allows player to remain scoped in while taking fire -Thermal • shows players and vehicles in bright red/white, terrain is darker blue. • Residual heat signatures will reveal enemies hiding around corners by slightly brightening the air next to the corner (YOU CANNOT SEE THROUGH WALLS) Equipment: -Anti vehicle Mine •Fits into a slot on your HUD next to the grenade slots, destroys warthogs in one hit as well as personnel -Bubble shield •remains active until destroyed -EMP field •Immobilizes vehicles and SLOWY drains shields within a 20m radius You may notice that i left out forerunner weapons and vehicles, that is because (in my opinion) the forerunners are utterly boring and annoying to fight. I would love to see the brutes return as a sort of pirate like rouge faction in halo 5, possibly attempting to invade and take control of a weakened Sanghelios which we must defend alongside the arbiter. In addition, many of the vehicles i listed are only plausible if used in a 16 vs 16 or 32 vs 32 playlist (such as the pelican and phantom) which will hopefully be possible with the processing power of the next gen xbox.
  23. I will be hosting an open lobby for map testing/custom games tonight @ 9pm. All are welcome. Read rules below: Map testing is ordered by first come first serve. If you have more than one map, second map in second round. One map per person per testing round. When your map has been played pass party back to host (me, CrimsonVolver) After each test there will be a polite discussion of pros/cons, etc. Emphasis on polite. We want a full lobby. For small /medium maps extra players will be golden tourists and stay out of fight. In this case we can do multiple short games and take turns. If needed we can have someone host second lobby if more than 16 players. As a respect to others don't leave after your map is tested. And if you need to leave communicate to the group and try to help invite someone to fill spot. Respect the host. As the host I can ask for party leader at any reasonable time, esp to resolve conflicts. That's about it. Send me a msg on xbl. I will add friend and invite. Or just join. See you tonight! CrimsonVolver
  24. Alright 343, first things first, I think halo 4 rocks. And that's from someone who was very skeptical before playing. The only problem I have is the map sizes, they're all huge! Don't get me wrong, most are great for big team, and there are a few exceptions (haven, abandon to a degree) but overall the maps are way too big for 4v4. I'm a big swat fan and all we really need is two or three simple, uncluttered, concise maps like haven. There's no way that I'm the only one who thinks this too, I've only once seen haven come up as an option and not seen it selected. Maybe I'm wrong, throw in a reply if you agree or disagree. Anyway, overall good job, but some simple small maps would be greatly appreciated.
  25. 'Halo Blueprints' is the home of high quality competitive halo maps or gametypes. We accept submissions of any new halo 4 maps/gametypes you have produced and if we think your submission is good enough, we will create a trailer for it with our review/opinions of it. Your name will be mentioned in the video as well as a link to your channel in the description. We also upload our own content that we have made into the mix so that we are always actively involved. We only upload maps that are of a good standard and good aesthetic quality for review and showcasing. Subscribe for loads of content in the years to come. Submit maps here Visit our YouTube channel here Visit our website here
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