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Found 207 results

  1. How to make a Valid Argument Hello, and welcome to my essay about how to make a valid argument. In this article, you find the essentials that are needed to make your argument valid. It will also justify what is bad, and what is optional. The key elements to a valid argument is determining comparisons and contrasts, showing multiple perspectives of the debate, providing logical reasoning, and citing all possible sources. Determining Comparisons and Contrasts In order for a debate to perform, it needs an organized table of pros and cons, which leads to my second point. A valid argument MUST have more pros then cons, otherwise it is not valid, and these pros and cons must also have logical reasoning and cited sources, otherwise the advantages of these supports will not be valid. The reasoning must not have filler, it needs support that has an advantage over the opposing lead. Showing Multiple Perspectives If your argument has only support from your own self, then obviously, no one will agree with you. It needs to have thoughts from someone who is closer to the crowd, someone who can help you reach your voice out. Also remember to cite other people quotes and speeches if your text includes them. Don't quote not as important stuff, because this applies as "filler". Logical Reasoning Do insert filler into your debate to make the article seem longer, it does not defy as reason for validation. If you are going to convince someone, you have to have evidence to back up your statement logically. This may or may not apply under the circumstances of religion, as for religion may be offended by certain types of logic. Citing Resources If your sources are said to be correct, and your information does not have the same information, your information will be considered bias, and is not exactly valid. Cite address links to each piece of info, this will allow instant proof of your information. Make sure that your information has a variety of sources, or else it just the opinions of a single source being transferred to another. In Conclusion, If your debate follows these guidelines, then there is no margin for error, and your argument is automatically valid. These guidelines do not apply for prior arguments, they are just setting a bar for you to reach in the future. Maybe if someone pinned this, you could always refer back to this when you are lost in making a topic yourself.
  2. Hi I just wanted to know what you guys think about MW3 and other COD games. Personally I like MW3 for the multi player, the campaign's pretty good too. If you've got it, tell me your weapon, perk and map preferences.
  3. Our clan has fun customs everyday and for those competitive swat, and slayer players we have teams for you. Message me on Xbox gt: xxunheard0fxx. The o is the number zero in my gt. Halo 5 clan name: chaos gaming Yo
  4. Reach Security Force Recruitment Center Follow the steps below to join: 1.Add me on xbox 360:YouTube Xe Sexy 2.Send me a message saying you want to join 3.You must have a mic or be able to hear me through your TV What to expect: 1.Everybody to be active 2.No disrespect 3.People listening 4.Disciplined members 5.Hardcore training 6.Raids every weekend 7.Training during the week 8.Big team battle when it is a free day 9.Days off are usually monday 10.Stay in the emblem that you are given 11.Follow orders
  5. Hi, I am starting to share game clips on YouTube and this is one of my favourite overkils I did... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r78fw5unP8s Thanks for watching and please subscribe to it. There will be plenty of Halo 5 clips coming! Toldale15
  6. Best Halo 4 Loadouts Introduction: What's up guys! I'm here to make a new post to help all of those out who are looking for the best possible loadouts for halo 4! Obviously there is not a 'Best loadout ever' because different loadouts are good at different things, and i am going to do my best to tell you what those are! The Loadouts: Name: 'Fronteer' - Primary Weapon: Carbine Secondary Weapon: Plasma Pistol Grenade: Plasma Grenade Armour Ability: Regen Field Tactical Package: Mobility Support upgrade: Ammo - Description: This class in incredibly useful in spartan ops. The carbine with the 'Ammo' Support upgrade provides massive amounts of ammunition and endless kills on infantry. Grunts, Jackals, Crawlers No problem... Elites, A Plasma pistol overcharge followed up by an accurate carbine round will finish any elite off easily. Plasma grenades provide an excellent backup. Especially when fighting Knights. Simply Plasma pistol overcharge on them, then stick them for an easy kill. The Regen field provides excellent space to hold up against large swarms of enemies. On dominion this class also works amazingly. Mobility provides the ability to move around the maps seamlessly. If you encounter a single player, then you could easily sort them out with your carbine and plasma pistol combo. And that Regen field is great for holding up a position against multiple foes. Name: 'Ranger' - Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle Grenade: Plasma Grenade Armour Ability: Jet Pack Tactical Package: Fire Power Support upgrade: Dexterity - Description: This class is amazing for any Free-for-all Gametypes. The battle rifle and assault rifle hold up for any battle situation. Plasmas are great for taking out foes quick or just keeping them out of the way. The jet pack provides an excellent way to navigate around the maps, into or out of battles. And especially on regicide, when you finish off an enemy you want to be ready to take on the next foe, dexterity provides good time to reload or change weapons quick. Name: 'Grenadier' - Primary Weapon: Assault rifle Secondary Weapon: Boltshot Grenade: Frag Grenade Armour Ability: Hologram Tactical Package: Grenadier Support upgrade: Explosives - Description: This class works great for oddball and other team games where teams will be close together, this class is designed to break up team members so that your team or you can finish them off. The best thing to do with this class is find a group of enemies and throw all of your grenades in the kill or break them all up. Out of grenades? Don't worry, This class is designed to help out your team an earn quick points, not keep you alive, (Your K/D May go down using this) Anyway, once you are out of grenades, use your hologram to lure out stray foes and take them down with your AR or Boltshot. Stay close to your team with this class, seeing as it is support more than anything else. Name: 'Harbinger' - Primary Weapon: Light Rifle Secondary Weapon: Boltshot Grenade: Pulse grenades Armour Ability: Promethean Vision Tactical Package: AA Efficiency Support upgrade: Awareness - Description: This class is great for if you want to go lone wolf and pick of enemies. The light rifle zoomed in will only take 4 Well placed shots to kill a foe, compared to the BR and DMR's 5. However zoomed out, the Lightrifle takes 6 shots to kill, but note it's high rate of fire. The boltshot is great for picking off close enemies. Crouch and sneak around the map, using your Promethean vision to seek them out. If you get any tail gaiters or what to take out a group of enemies, your pulse grenade should sort that out nicely. Also keep in mind your AA Efficiency will give you the ability to use your Promethean vision very frequently so you can be aware of your surroundings. Great for Team Infinity Slayer or CTF Name: 'Dispatcher' - Primary Weapon: DMR Secondary Weapon: Boltshot Grenade: Plasma Grenade Armour Ability: Active camouflage Tactical Package: AA Efficiency Support upgrade: Wetworks - Description: As the name suggests this class is most like an assassin. Designed for either waiting for foes to cross your path, or seeking out high value targets. The active camouflage provides an excellent shroud for enemies aware of your presence or foes careless enough not to check their radar. Because be aware that when you use Active camo, the radar becomes swarmed with multiple blue dots, telling enemies you are hiding nearby, so for most situations just try crouching. The wetwork package should also make it difficult for enemies to pick up your presence while you are not using camo, by making you almost invisible to Promethean vision and making you absolutely silent when moving around. Sadly, due to the wetworks package this class if difficult to obtain and hard to substitute. O recommend on the most skilled players to use this. The class is great for Regicide, Dominion, Big team battle, and Oddball. Send in your own loadouts! You've seen my loadouts, now tell me how i could make them better, or better yet send in your own and have them featured on this post! How to submit your loadouts: It couldn't be easier. Just send your message (Optional) And below, copy and paste the following text in your post and fill out the areas that say "[blank]" (Feel free to post as many as you like, And if it's good enough, i'll feature it on this post!) ________________________ Name: '[blank]' - Primary Weapon: [blank] Secondary Weapon: [blank] Grenade: [blank] Armour Ability: [blank] Tactical Package: [blank] Support upgrade: [blank] - Description: [blank] _________________________ Fan Loadout Submissions: Featured Loadouts: Name: The Wingman (By LiQuid BioniX) - Primary Weapon: Battle Rifle Secondary Weapon: Plasma Pistol Grenade: Frag Armour Ability: Regeneration Field Tactical Package: AA Efficiency Support upgrade: Dexterity - Description: The BR, in my experience, takes shields down pretty well and I get lots of assists when using it. The plasma pistol also is good because it's a decent combo with the precision weapons, plus if I overcharge and take their shields down, but I still die, then they've got a very likely chance of getting the kill. The Regen Field is for the same thing, if I see one or more of my allies struggling or losing health, I'll throw a Regen Field down. This is also why I use the AA Efficiency, it lets me further support my team. Dexterity is just because, well, I like getting the quick reloads. It's just personal preference. Basically, I'm a pretty solid team player. I've got about 4500 kills and about 1500 assists, so a pretty solid ratio. Lots of people are hesitant because they think their K/D ratio will drop, but I'm still managing about a 1.5, so that's not true if you play smart. Submitted loadouts: Name: Guerrilla (By NAMUH38) - Primary Weapon: DMR Secondary Weapon: Assault Rifle Grenade: Frag Armour Ability: Thruster pack Tactical Package: Firepower Support Upgrade: Dexterity - Description: allows for a near seamless transition between various ranges. I've found thruster to be the ability that has the most versatility. whether it be short or long range, attacking or defending, chasing or retreating, combat or just map control. Name: Doppelgänger: (By NAMUH38) - Primary Weapon: DMR Secondary Weapon: Boltshot Grenade: Plasma Armour Ability: Hologram Tactical Package: AA efficiency Support Package: Sensor - Description: here you would rely on the hologram for both offense and defense. you see where enemies are on the radar before they see you, and you can get a general idea of their direction of travel. use the hologram as a decoy and flank around, those seconds it fools the enemy are precious in halo 4. - duck around a corner and a lot of enemies will follow you. that second or 2 of time they can't see you, send a hologram out. either back toward the enemy, more often than not making them spin around to attack it and expose their back to you. or send it away from the enemy at a wider angle than you would be traveling along so they see the hologram first Name: Pro Loadout (By sponge) - Primary Weapon: DMR Secondary Weapon: BoltShot Grenade: Frag Armour Ability: Jet Pack Tactical Package: Mobility Support upgrade: Dexterity - Description: The Pro Loadout is what I think is a good loadout. The DMR does a little more damage than the BR because of the DMR has a one shot while the BR has a three round shot making the BR just a little less accurate. The BoltShot is like a shotgun in your pocket. Great for killing enemies when they go around corners. The frags are just frags. Mobility allows unlimited sprint. So getting to power weapons such as: Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle and Energy Sword. is much easier. Other people have to wait a few seconds before they can sprint again. Dexterity allows faster reload time, faster weapon switching. That is my loadout. Whats yours? What Next? Please don't hesitate to drop a like on my profile (: Feel free to check out the rest of my content, a please don't hesitate to add me on Xbox Live! I need lots of players for plays on my epic forge maps (: Thanks guys! You've been great!
  7. Hello everyone, I'd like to take this time to say thank you. To all of my friends that have made the forum a fun and inspiring place to be I thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most. The forum means a lot to me because it helped me understand what true friends mean to me, also it has taught me how to become a better person, and also to help me correct my mistakes.. and for that I show my deepest gratitude. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about staying after the first year that I have been here, but now realizing how much this community, friends, and even the people who I don't really socialize with truly mean to me. The thing is, we are like one big family here, helping others with problems, answering politely when someone has a question, fun events to keep the community on their toes, these are the little things that make me feel welcome to be apart of this forum. I may not be the most honorable member, but I like to be here because it's truly special to me, and I hope it is for you too. - Just wanted to show my appreciation for the forum, for my friends, and for the good times I've had on here so far, and hope to have many more in the future.. *Also if this is in the wrong topic feel free to move it, sorry ahead of time.*
  8. Source-EscapistMagazine With Halo 4's Castle Map Pack now available, Microsoft wants to offer you a bit of incentive to grab the rest of the game's extra content - but you'll need to hurry to grab it all. The Castle Map Pack for Halo 4 debuted this week. That would be news in an of itself, but in an effort to pull in even more extra cash from Halo fans, Microsoft has opted to discount all previous DLC releases for the game. The big caveat here? This sale runs for one day only. Either you buy these packs at a discount today, or you're stuck paying full retail price tomorrow. So, what kind of discounts are we looking at? According to Microsoft, both the Crimson Map Pack and the Majestic Map Pack are each now now available for $7.50 (instead of their usual $10 price tag). Likewise, the War Games Map Pass has been discounted from $25 to a more wallet-friendly $20. You can find all of these discounts on the Xbox Live Marketplace, but again, they're only valid for today, so if you're interested we'd recommend you hurry over and grab your discounted content ASAP. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Castle Map Pack will set you back $10. It's too early for this addition to see a discount, though buying the discounted War Games Map Pass will allow you to grab all three DLC packs for what is effectively two-thirds of their normal pricing. If you've got the scratch and don't already own any of the DLC packs, that's definitely the way to go.
  9. These Two New Vehicles Are BAUS!! Halo 4 is just around the corner and 343i does not want us to get tired of waiting. So here you go some brand new vehicles to check out. One belongs to UNSC and one to Covenant. The Lich and the Broadsword. Broadsword Lich (Sorry for the difference in picture size. Couldn't get them to resize properly.) Both of these bad boys look sweet. I can't wait to give them a spin. Let me know what you think. Source Halo WayPoint
  10. Microsoft has aired the first North American Xbox One television ad, to coincide with the start of the NFL football season. As you'd expect the ad is heavy on NFL and, as Microsoft has done throughout its promotional campaign, highlights the various entertainment features of the new console, including Skype and TV functionality. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmD0vPOd5Rk The Xbox One release date was confirmed this week as November 22, 2013. The console will launch in 13 markets including North America, UK and Australia simultaneously. Speaking at a technology conference this week, Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi said Microsoft believes it will break even or even profit marginally from sales of Xbox One at launch. This differs from console launches in recent years, with firms usually taking a loss on early-life hardware sales with an eye to turning profits on software sales and services, and later on hardware following manufacturing cost reductions. They've made so many steps in the right direction and then they make the first commercial about football.... something people can watch without Xbox. Tell me what you think about the very first Xbox One Commercial. Get the full scoop at CVG
  11. Capcom has fired off a new Dead Rising 3 gameplay video featuring more zombie death from the Xbox One exclusive. It shows more of the game's vehicles, locations and wacky weapons which you'll be using to slice through the dense zombie hordes. Some GORE included in the following clip, so be warned. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uVdv67r0to Microsoft recently detailed the exclusive content that will be included in the Day One editions of its first-party Xbox One games, which includes Dead Rising 2, Forza 5 and Ryse. Dead Rising 3 will come with a Dead Rising Tribute Pack, with two exclusive outfits. The first is a Frank West outfit with Frank's Zombie Slugger weapon, extra gory attacks and a custom skill move (it also includes attribute perks for increased melee damage and tougher survivors). The second is a Chuck Greene outfit with a Paddle Saw combo weapon (also includes attribute perks for vehicle and weapon durability). Dead Rising 3 will be an Xbox One launch title, with an as-yet unspecified launch in November. Get the full scoop at CVG What do you think about this new adventure in the Zombie killing franchise? I personally enjoyed the lightsaber.
  12. Titanfall's Beta has been out since Valentine's day but there is still a lot to uncover. Titanfall has had a few exciting weeks with all of the praise that the beta is getting, but there is still more to learn that lies just beneath the surface. Reddit user FallenFusion has leaked some behind the scene images of this upcoming Respawn Entertainment Title. He shows us four new aspects that the common population still has yet to see; Zipline, Generations, Pilot Hunter, and Turrets. Pilot Hunter is the game mode that was released with the beta, but we finally get a description of what that game mode is: Kill the enemy team’s Pilots to reach the score limit and win—one point is awarded for each Pilot killed. Although killing Grunts and Spectres in this mode will not earn points towards your team’s score, doing so will still give you build time reductions on your replacement Titans and Titan Core Ability. Turrets will be able to destroy anything including Titans. They are often in very urban areas such as onto of building, and will have an incredible range of motion. They can also be switched to fight for the other team when nearby consoles are compromised. Generations is something that we already know a little about thanks to another reddit user named RazorUK. But we finally got a screenshot to further our understanding. Click Here Ziplines travel both ways up and down. Just hold the reload button to latch on and ride. Source: Reddit.com Thanks to Yang Xaio Long for pointing me to this article.
  13. Look into the Eyes of Flood Mode Now we can see through the eyes of these mysterious creatures. Up until this point we have only seen this picture but now we get inside of them. We get to see what will be on our HUD. And we hear a little information on the attacking style that these creatures will have. Ducain also talks about the new map called Complex, but it's a very brief analysis. Here is the video. Watch till the end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IZfuB5jIDk&list=UUzGLSfWbq4CiqKFO9lU9HLg&index=2&feature=plcp Video by Ducain23 I hope you enjoyed let me know what you think in the comments below. Edit: One more Screenshot from Flood Mode
  14. So Far Cry 3 is Just Around The Corner And It Looks Sweet Far Cry is not a game that I've ever gotten into, but this review suddenly makes me want to. Our very own, The Halo Forge Epidemic, has done a stunning review for this up and coming game. They did the review because they are technically a "gaming" channel so they fall under all gaming categories. But they also fit well with this game because of it's stunning FORGE EDITOR! Here is the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO8p3WA5_ic Video By THFE What do you guys think of this impressive forging engine? Just Imagine what you can do.
  15. Hey guys! I'm super excited, one year ago from today I created an account and met all of you awesome people! Thank you so much for the support when I asked questions, and making me feel welcome into an awesome community! I'm so blessed to have made such great friends here and hope I will stay for even longer to make new ones. You guys have been so amazing, every last one of you Members/Staff. Keep the forums a thriving lovely community for people to come back to and notice such a professional forum grow bigger and stronger. ^-^ So yeah that's pretty much it, happy 1 year to me. I hope I will have many awesome years to come on this forum. ~Katelyn
  16. That is right guys, I M Back!! I know I've been a bit active before, but I've finally caught up with homework and school and stuff. I'll definitely be getting more active here now that I'm all caught up, and I'll hopefully stay.... JK!! I know I'm gonna stay!! You guys are great friends that always help me and put a smile on my face!! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  17. Primary Announcement: Shocktobers Caption Contest Winner: To celebrate this month of giving thanks, and turkeys I decide to get us a festive picture of the beautiful beast that we love to consume. Now for the... Rules: No inappropriate captions. Try to keep it PG. *Looking at you Turkey Destruct!* One caption per member, so try to make yours really count. Please have your comment only pertain to the picture. Don't just comment saying "oh, I really like what my mom said in their hilariously funny caption, wish I could come up with something as totally funny as she did. Wait when did my mom ever join the forums. Man, now I'm going to have to behave myself and obey the rules or she'll make me clean my room. But still she had a hilarious entry to this months caption contest." If you like it then just hit the like button, silly! Have your caption submitted by 5 days prior to the end of the month. If there is an EDIT BY line in your post made by you, you will be disqualified. Have fun, PLEASE wear boxers on your head, ALWAYS say I love you to your mom, may the odds be ever in your favor, get busy livin' or get busy dying. Alright now with the rules out of the way, get typing: Thx to Myself for the image suggestion. If you have any questions, concerns, or pictures that you'd just love to see me use in next months caption contest please do not hesitate to PM me.
  18. Cooliest


    From the album: Pictures

  19. Xbox One can read the HDMI signal from a PS4 and thus allow Microsoft's console to host Sony's, an executive has confirmed. Because of the Xbox One's HDMI-in port, users will be able to feed the PS4's HDMI cable into the rival system. The on-screen result would be a PS4 running within an Xbox One overlay. Microsoft executive Albert Panello confirmed that Xbox One users could theoretically multi-task between both consoles. "Any application can be snapped to a game... so if you wanted to be playing Ryse and Killzone at the same time, you could snap that," he said, as quoted by Gamespot. Killzone is a PlayStation-owned IP, with a new instalment in the series due for the PS4's launch. Panello's comments also imply that any games console outputting through an HDMI cable can be displayed on the Xbox One, from Xbox 360 to PS3. The Xbox executive, who was speaking to gathered journalists at the Tokyo Game Show, also warned users against vertically standing their Xbox Ones. How nice will it be to sit back, relax, and play both consoles without even thinking? Full articles at CVG
  20. A New Trailer Of Bungie's New Gaming Frontier: Destiny Has Hit The Internet. At PS4 release yesterday, Bungie showed us another peek into their new and expansive world. In this trailer we see The Vex another one of the "Unknown Enemies", we see a new environment, and possibly another hint at some multiplayer. Here is the trailer brought to us by: VISO Games http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uyn-BXeaaE Then if we look back and break down what we saw there are some key take home pieces of info that we got out of this new trailer. Lets here what Above Infinity from GoBeyondEnt has to say about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OMOtKIaWs0&feature=c4-overview&list=UUS0qH6GMm_abVn-bmOgy1qQ Destiny is slowly showing us how much it has to bring to the table and it is a lot at that. What do you like most about this new trailer is it the new moves/trump cards or is it seeing that cool zero G fight scene? Leave your comments below and thanks for reading.
  21. Primary Announcement: September 2014 Caption Contest Winner Sorry I'm a couple days late. But it's here nonetheless!!!! To celebrate this bright and cheery month of angels and healthy food... wait... I think I said that wrong, let me try again To celebrate this dark and eerie month of demons and candy (ya that's more like it) I decided to pick a non-halo picture but a picture that I personally found funny and I wanted to try using a picture that is more challenging. Now for the--- Rules: No inappropriate captions. Try to keep it PG. *Looking at you GreenMoonship!* One caption per member, so try to make yours really count. Please have your comment only pertain to the picture. Don't just comment saying "oh, I really like what Other Person Implode said. :hrhr: :hrhr: :hrhr:." If you like it then just hit the like button, silly! Have your caption submitted by 5 days prior to the end of the month. If there is an EDIT BY line in your post made by you, you will be disqualified. Have fun, PLEASE wear boxers, ALWAYS say nothing, may the odds be ever in your favor, get busy livin' or get busy dying. Alright now with the rules out of the way, get typing: Thx to Myself for the image suggestion. If you have any questions, concerns, or pictures that you'd just love to see me use in next months caption contest please do not hesitate to PM me.
  22. Primary Announcement: Secondary Announcement: August 2014 Caption Contest Winner I am posting this one day a head of schedule which gives you guys one extra day to accomplish the goal, and gets one more of my endless tasks off the Event Management Table. But I am also doing it today because tomorrow I will be inactive due to the fact that it is a very special day in my life as well as my parents. Tomorrow we mark the Anniversary of my parents biggest burden being brought upon this planet. And even though I no longer dwell with my parents I'm sure that the constant phone calls for money and such are still just as bad. So this month I decide to go with a party theme to celebrate the occasion. Grunt Birthday Party to be exact. Enjoy. Rules: No inappropriate captions. Try to keep it PG. *Looking at you GreenMoonship!* One caption per member, so try to make yours really count. Please have your comment only pertain to the picture. Don't just comment saying "oh, I really like what Drizzy_Dance said. Wolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol." If you like it then just hit the like button, silly! Have your caption submitted by 5 days prior to the end of the month. If there is an EDIT BY line in your post made by you, you will be disqualified. Have fun, PLEASE wear underwear, ALWAYS say never, may the odds be ever in your favor, get busy livin' or get busy dying. Alright now with the rules out of the way, get captioning: Thx to Myself for the image suggestion. If you have any questions, concerns, or pictures that you'd just love to see me use in next months caption contest please do not hesitate to PM me.
  23. For The First Time Ever In 343i CF History 343i CF PaintBall Tournament Is Here That's right ladies and pretty ladies an official tournament from your friendly Event Management Staff. Now lets get down to business (to defeat the Huns) ...sorry :right: :right: :right: TIME ZONE CONVERTER :left: :left: :left: When: Sat. Sept 13th 2014 Time: 2pm EST Game: Halo 4 Gametype: Paintball (duhs) The tournament will consist of 5 matches, with each match consisting of 5 rounds. (remember these are one shot, one kill rounds) The teams will be 2 player teams. The two player team with the most matches won in a set, will be the winner of that set. If a tie occurs (which is highly likely) the tied teams will compete in one 5 round match for the tie-breaker, to move onto the potential next set. The rounds will be 2v2v2v2 no more and if we have more people sign up for the tournament then we will have separate "sets" of matches. Somewhat like brackets work, so if we have 16 people sign up then we will have the first 8 vs each other then then the next 8 vs each other and the 2 winning teams from those matches will vs each other in a condensed 3 match 5 rounds "set". In between matches players will be given a five minute opportunity to go into private chats and formulate strategies before the next match begins. Team setup: Sign up individually, We will place you in teams randomly. This will help you to meet a new member that you may not have played with before. It will also give staff a chance to balance teams accordingly. (hopefully) There will be a staff member there (most likely me) to host the event, make sure correct maps are played and everyone plays fair. We will keep you informed on who is hosting closer to the date of the tournament. This will be a one day tournament since paintball rounds are so short, we will be able to get through all contenders in a small amount of time. Please sign up below, and remember I don't care if you can't make it. ​So don't clutter the thread with "I won't be there" It's unfortunately that you can't make it but I'd rather be able to focus on who can. :/ If you have any questions that I did not cover here, please feel free to post them below as well. Thx.
  24. From the album: Pictures

  25. You Can't Get Older Without Birthdays (or Can You?) So as I sat in my room this morning talking to BZ1, going through a bunch of old members I knew and what the forum looked like when I joined I realized something, among the excitement of my 24th birthday and the start of a new month with great events and activities: I missed my 2 year join day!!!! So BZ1 insisted that I create the thread to celebrate the occasion. In the past, I was all about shootouts to other members when I'd write these types of things basically just listing people on the forums that I had come in contact with. But I want to focus more so on the memories and times I've had. I'd like to start with my join. I had never once seen or heard of forums too much before I hopped on here. Quite frankly, I hadn't played too much halo for a long time. I maybe stopped playing halo half way between H3 and Halo: Reach. Then a friend showed me forge... Aww forge... It really pulled me back into the scene. ​Becoming so fascinated with forge lead me to find channels with helpful tutorials of forge, and beautiful map showcases. Thus, I found THFE as one of those and wasn't too frequent to their channel but I did see one video that caught my eye. That video happened to land me here because I saw a community filled with people that loved the game and quite a handful of people that loved forge. So I started looking around, and I will say I was completely lost... Had no idea how it worked and was utterly helpless like so many of our new members are, no offense. But over time I started to get the hang of it and how things were suppose to go. What gets you in trouble and what gets you praise. When I first got here (get ready for the first shout out) I hit it off immediately with 2 members one was our very own Austintinacious the other being Robius5991. Austin and I were somehow always on at the same time and always popping up in the shout box together. He joined just a mere 5 days after me and so we made a new member bond. As we both met new members he always seemed more dedicated to the forum than the others and now look at him I also took a stroll down Staff memory lane and realized that the staff when I first joined was completely different that the one we have now. Azaxx, Archangel Tyreal, Adamj004, EgyptianGhetto, Insignia, Undead, Luke, Biggles, Quantum, The Director, GSD, Total Mayh3m, One, Drizzy_Dan, Absolute Dog, Spectral Jester, and of course Twam. I mostly just liked these folks because of their silly colors. I immediately became entangled in this idea of how to make news articles and how to get them "featured". I'd stay up late just so I could find articles in the weird hours before anyone else. I felt like I tore my arms and legs off trying to get things posted to the front page and trying to get people to enjoy what I had written hints the colors and spacing and all that garbage. SJ and Archangel Tyreal Didn't like the way I posted. So I always had to wait for AD and Adamj to get online so I could ask one of them to post my things to the front page. I kept getting put in the shadow of a member by the name of ItzVplus2. At first, I really didn't mind but once I started to realize that I was getting much less recognition than him I tried even harder. Nothing against him personally, but I really wanted to achieve what he was achieving. He still has more awards than me to this day and he's not even active. :/ Once Halo 4 came out there was a major drop in news to be posted and I felt left out since I was never the one getting posted to the news page so I slowly peaked out. Definitely more of a sub-conscience decision than a fully willing one. I went on a hiatus of about 7 months..... I would come on once every.. oh.. Idk 3-4 weeks. I'd check my notifications and look around for a short bit then off again. Then for some reason I finally came back and I came back hard. Since september last year in fact. I came back and picked up right where I left off. I started to post news again as much as I could and at the time AD noticed and asked if I'd like to be apart of the staff I said of course. But I still needed to talk to our newest Site Moderator at the time RSR. RSR told me I was in, obvi. Shortly after I joined the News Group I realized so many tasks that the staff takes on and how much they are responsible for. Made me start thinking and I realized that I wanted something different. So I eventually made the switch to Events Management (then Promotions/Events) I felt that there was more need for someone on the events team as we are a community based forum where we like to spend time together. It's been great ever since and I couldn't be happier serving such a great and awe-inspiring community. As I bring this to a close, I'd like to take the time to do some shoutouts. To the people that make this community what it is and help inspire me to try harder everyday. Encouraging. Laughing. Punishing. I want to keep this list to a minimum but I have a few. BeckoningZebra1 To my main pal and fellow follower of Christ. You deserve your name at the top of this list You're always there and keep me company even when I don't want it. You correct my grammar even when it's just fast typing Skype convos. You've become a real friend over the year or so I've known you now. Drizzy_Dan My idea partner that never has a dull pen. You are so encouraging and motivating that when you are around I can never find a reason to stop moving. Thx for that. Always down for a good time and lending some of the biggest hands with projects that end up too big for me. RedStarRocket91 You use too many words and I don't understand half of them. Your accent is funny and as BZ one said earlier today "I love Red's Accent, Full Homo" You have become a good friend. We share a lot of similar dreams, real life goals and just general story except for the whole I'm in America and you aren't thing. It's been really fun to get to know you since we are similar age and have similar experience. Obviously makes for some easy conversation. I'd consider you one of the top. Appreciate you and your hard work. Couldn't find a proper image of you so: ya? I know these are only staff members but that's not because they are staff it's really just because these guys have made their imprint on me and I want to thank them for that. Good group of fellers right here. So in the end you will go through far too many changes with your time here on the forums, such as I don't know anyone except Austin that was active back when I first started. You will go through different eras of staff sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Lose friends that you thought were close and gain friends that you thought were distant. But in the end you can have some pretty swell outcomes. But who am I minding this story doesn't end! If you just spent the time to read this whole thing I applaud and thank you. This post took me far to long and I'm literally losing sleep over it. Thanks again for being a swell community over the past couple years.
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