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  1. So that pretty much means that I have to get a One before Christmas. I never owned a Worms game, but I used to play Worms Revolution with my best friend and loved it (Let's not talk about scores...*cough* she was always kicking my butt *cough*)
  2. The picture really talks by itself... The Boltshot. Or they could remove the charged shot and just leave it with a quick firing rate.
  3. I love how some of these achievements are well known easter eggs or glitches! Also, is "Naked Tyrant" a reference to Naked Eli and Mythic Tyrant who do speedruns? If so, it's awesome!!
  4. I'm in! (EliteSniper) Let the spooks... BEGIN!!
  5. Killer's Conviction IV: Dark Banner
  6. Awww you're leaving too? Good luck with anything that troubles you, and I hope we see you again soon!
  7. Don't worry, I'll do my best to keep the forum roads clean from those scums... I couldn't afford a motorcycle so yeah.... THIS IS MY AWESOME SCOOTER!!!
  8. Man, I love these wrap ups!! Great job Drizzy!
  9. Definitely the Hornet, or any UNSC aircraft for that matter. What's better than touching the sky AND wrecking havoc down below?
  10. Oh, come on. What's a Halo game without an epic story to tell? Halo 5 will have a very interesting campaign as I've seen so far.
  11. Congratulations, sir! Honestly, I thought you already had been a MoM waaaaay back, but I guess I was wrong. Enjoy your month in pink and remember... Spartans never die.... they just become MoM
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