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  1. This place... I've been here before...

  2. They have thus far never released or confirmed any details about the release other than... soon They have bi-weekly updates about whatever is going on though if you want to check up. https://installation01.org/
  3. If only the EU would get some of those events...
  4. The sentence was too long so I voted both options without actually giving it any thought.
  5. Hey Vitamin. I was lurking and saw your cool idea for a giveaway. Where do you get these from? Maybe I'll go over there when I'm bored.
  6. I don't think they'll implement those kind of exploits (like BxR as well) because theyw weren't really meant to be in the game like that in the first place.
  7. Looking dapper in those shiney new suits gentlemen.
  8. Did you lose power or turn off whilst updating? That sort of thing might cause the software to corrupt and get stuck in a loop or endless update. Disc drive shoudln't have anything to do with it, but it might. You never know nowadays. If it won't stop the update process try to hard reset it (hold down power button for 5 sec) or disconnect power completely. Maybe unplugging the network cable might help. If everything fails you might want to look into factory resetting your Xbox. Take note that you'll lose all saved data in the internal HDD in the process of this. Only use this as a last resort.
  9. I could be available any evening, weekends work best. I can't plan ahead too much though and I don't have a solid schedule.
  10. I still have some ancient Gears of War 1 and 2 codes, dunno if they're still alive so I'll back them up with actual gifts of these games should they no longer work. I also have 2 codes for "Unit armor" in Star Wars the Old Republic that I'd like to add since I don't own that game. Happy Xmas
  11. From what I've seen on site and in de i01 Discord there will be armor variants. For example, you can unlock Recon by completing all "Beanmaster" challenges (specified on the i01 site). How all others are unlocked remains a mystery for now I think.
  12. PC will indeed always be stronger and whatnot. Even so I still buy an Xbox for casual gaming and the ease of plug and play. You buy a game for the console and you know it's gonna work, can't say the same for PC where you'll need to check your specs against the recommendations and then find out you'll need to configure and upgrade or whatnot. Not that this happens everytime, but there's always doubt. How about hybrid master race?
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