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  1. Below is a summary of requests for the Halo 5 Forge by the 343i Forums community. I took the time to gather unique ideas from two separate discussion threads: This one by Urban Bobcat, and this one by Squally DaBeans, with a few addional suggestions I have of my own. I wanted to pool together the various Forge suggestions by the community for Halo 5 as a preparation for a new thread I plan to compose stating the argument for greatly expanding the Forge capabilities and the community role in aiding with the design of DLC, and how this can work to both the benefit of 343, the Forging community, and a way to assist in reviving Halo to it's rightful place at the top of FPS multiplayer games. Once I start this thread I will update this one with a link to that discussion. Read through the summary and add any additional suggestions you may have below if there is something missing, or you are inspired by what you read and have some new thoughts or expanded ideas from the list. I will eventually create a new thread with the expanded list. Here is a summary of what several 343i community members have requested to be part of the next Forge: List of useful suggestions for updated forge: What We Need Most: *Precision editing and zoom: We had this in Reach. Apparently we don't in Halo 4 because of a bug that has not been fixed. We want it back in Halo 5 and into infinity (no pun intended). Sure, you can sort-of precision edit objects horizontally from above/below while holding objects, but there is no way to precision edit with height. Additionally, precision editing should also be possible when editing coordinates. *Inversion: It would be nice if all asymmetrical objects had mirrored cousins. We have asked for this since forever, but having the ability to invert/mirror asymmetrical objects such as ramped platforms/buildings and other non-symmetrical objects would make symmetrical map-building, well, more symmetrical. If for anything than for its aesthetic appeal to advanced Forgers. *Scale Object: Ability to expand dimensions of certain objects, such as blocks, natural objects, decorative, etc. This would be amazing, for obvious reasons, not the least of which means we would be able to have a larger selection of blocks/natural/inclines, but the ability to increase/decrease the dimensions, symmetrically or asymmetrically. Just think how many endless possibilities Forge would offer if we could take a standard medium rock and expand it to be as big as the rocks at the base of the Islands. There would need to be a limit to how much you could scale, and you would have to keep frame rate in mind. I would just like struts to be smaller sometimes, ya know? *Batch Select: This includes: 1.Batch Grab, 2.Batch Duplicate, 3.Batch Editing (Basic and Advanced Settings), 4.Batch Lock/Unlock, 5.Batch Invert and Batch-Scale. (Did I miss anything? Let me know) 1.Batch-Grab: This would give the Forger the ability to “group” or interlock two or more forge objects; objects can be Batch Grabbed whether or not they are merged or even touching. Batch-grabbed objects could be moved/rotated, duplicated, lock/unlocked as is standard now in H4, batch-edited in object settings (i.e. team color, phased/fixed/normal, etc) or likewise in Advanced settings. Batch-grab would be an essential function, esp when building structures or object configurations that will be duplicated in other parts of the map. The forger would be allowed to add or drop objects/spawning from batched items. 2.Batch-Duplicate: Besides being able to move a group of batched objects simultaneously, Batched objects could also be duplicated as a group as well. This is basically the same as the duplicate tool in Halo 4, but applied to a group of objects linked by Batch-Grab. 3.Batch-Editing: As it says, Batched objects could be edited individually in basic and advanced settings, or as a group. With objective Gametypes specific objects/spawning would be have advanced settings set prior to being Batch-grabbed. 4.Batch-Lock/Unlock: Batched objects/spawning could be locked/unlocked as a group, as is now standard with H4 with individual objects/spawning. Individual objects must be released from Batch-Grab in order to be individually unlocked/moved. 5.Batch-Invert: Basically, able to invert or mirror batched items horizontally or vertically as a group. We still don't have the ability to invert individual objects such as asymmetrical buildings/platforms, etc. (see Inversion Function above Batch-Editing Function for more details). 6.Batch-Scale: Batched objects can be scaled as a group. This would give a unique opportunity for creating some hybrid symmetry between objects (hybrid symmetry is when you position two or more objects so that they align as if on the same plane, but you can only really notice this at a specific angle. This comes in handy when creating art installations. New Object pallets: 1.More dynamic objects like the station core or the console on Impact. 2.Doors with similar properties to the Extraction targets that have a “switch” for opening/dissolving the door (think back to campaign and Spartan Ops Episodes). 3.Interactive objects like elevators, sliding doors, gates that open/close (like High Ground in Halo 3, and other varieties), 4. Adjustable Light Bridges: Remember Halo CE when you had to activate the light bridge and other Halo campaigns? If you remember, than that is what we mean. As a forge-able item we would be able to set the width/length to some extent. The Light Bridge would be customizable to team and objective gametypes, have a on/off switch option and not behave like one way shields of shield doors. It would feel like a regular bridge, but look way cooler. 5. Activation Switches: currently when we forge elevators, traps, sliding doors, etc we have to use a bunch of objects and special placements to make things work. Interactive switches would revolutionize this and would lead to even more innovative creations. The Activation Switch would probably work better than using time resetting with man cannons and crates to create elevators. One example of a switch would be a button, that when pushed, would have an expandable arm. This arm would push or thrust objects. There could be different types of switches. Some would be like a short hydraulic burst, while others would slowly extend and contract. Either of these ideas could be used as an elevator and gravity volumes. There are other uses for switches. These are just a few easily explainable examples. 6.Teledoor: This interactive object would allow forgers to essentially “cut” a door into objects like blocks walls/coliseum rock walls, two merged objects, etc. and would be able to be expandable. To understand this, think of a coliseum wall. You take this Teledoor, place it where you would like an opening, and when the object is set right the wall within the door boundaries becomes either clear or transparent, like a shield door or an object boundary. To make this work this Teledoor would function like a teleporter, with a sender/receiver node on either side, but the player would not really notice he was teleported as it would be seemless and almost instantaneous. This tool would really change the way we forge maps and would open up a flood of new ideas and designs due to less limitations. 7.Water Volumes: Think of Far Cry 3. With their map program you can add Water Volumes to map. Think of them like cousins to Gravity Volumes. 8.Fog/mist volumes. Not much description needed here. Think of Water and Gravity Volumes. 9.More varieties of all objects, especially Natural, Blocks, Decorative, Doors, Ramps and Walls, and new Palette categories. 10.Give us rocks with more forge-able properties such as at least one smooth edge, and some that are slightly curved, like curved walls, and block shapes (think Sandbox, H3. Remember building pyramids?) 11.*Add spherical to object shapes for objects (currently only Cylinder, box or none), trait zones, spawn items, etc. Experienced forgers use object shapes to define larger object boundaries and other aesthetic or symmetrical aspects of a map. As far as Spawn items go, like Safe and Kill Zones, having Spherical added to the other two shape options would make zoning some maps, such as geomtrical spheres and air-vehicle based maps easier to set boundaries. *Dynamic coordinates and rotational points system: At the moment our coordinates and rotational system is set to fixed axis points. This works OK for basic object rotation, but it is otherwise cumbersome in many other situations where the object requires more than one axis shift. Experienced forgers can work around this, usually be finding the position you want, and then rotating the object to fit the updated coordinates. The option to use a secondary, more Advanced Mode. There are two aspects to this Advanced Coordinates System: 1. The Coordinates are fixed on the Forge Monitor itself (fixed on you and your screen's orientation). Which ever direction you face, the coordinates would move with you. When you move while holding an object the object would keep whatever orientation it had when you grabbed it. And, when you reset the object coordinates while holding the object in the Advanced Mode it would reset oriented to you, not the fixed standard coordinates system; 2. The second Advanced function would allow you to “lock” or “fix” specific coordinates. This would be very helpful when rotating an object into a position that only requires one (or two) axis directions. Currently when you rotate objects freehand you have to make fine tuning adjustments (which works easier with precision editing as an option) *Give us more varieties of rocks, trees, bushes and include other natural items. *Canvass and Object DLC: Basically, giving us new Standard objects (blocks, decorative, etc) with updates as DLC. We should have many more objects with the standard release anyhow, but in addition to that suggestion we would like to receive object DLCs with either add-ons to current palettes, or completely new Standard Palettes. There should be no problem with Object DLC. We have 300 GB harddrives, for the love of Pete! *Change time of day (night/day): This can be done on the Far Cry 3 engine as well. And, as I recall, in the classic tank game Tanarus maps were either dusk dawn, day/night on their own cycle. If you played a game match long enough (Tanarus matches would last hours if possible—not like Halo matches, which are very fast paced in comparison) you would see the sun set and would be driving in night vision. From a Forge perspective, it would be nice to either set the time of day, or have a period of time elapse, like starting the game at dusk or dawn, since most games don't last that long in Halo. I miss Tanarus.... *Interchangeable pallets: This would be the ability to import the palettes of other maps (Erosion, Impact, forge Island as three examples in Halo 4). An example would be forging on Impact, but being able to exchange the Impact palette for the Forge Island palette. If you had already used some Impact objects than the Forge Island would be missing as many from it's palette (equal exchange?). *Expand boundaries on forge maps: Some of the time spent on locking out forgers from parts of the map seems like wasted time, and frankly just annoying. Give us more areas to explore. If there is a frame rate issue, than no one will use it. But, for the love of Pete, stop locking us out of areas of the map that should not be unaccessible. Examples would be the area above the Foundary (the back corner) and the ceiling in Erosion and the cavernous areas off the Green pool and parts of the ceiling, and the Green pool (would be nice to get a green fog effect like the waters on Forge Island) or the decorative boxes surrounding the Foundary Griffball area; the far sides of the asteroids on Impact, etc. You get the point. It makes no sense and it would give hackers one less reason to hack the maps. Seems like a win win to me. *Expanded options in Advanced settings for objects/vehicles/spawns, etc. One of these would be seeing customized gametypes that you created show up in Advanced settings lables, rather than just Slayer or CTF/Flood. This would allow Forgers to have multiple Slayer or Flood variant modes in a single map, rather than having to make multiple versions of the same map to create various game types with specific spawn locations and object/vehicle spawns. Ability to apply multilabels to specific objects or spawns. An example of this would be designating spawns or vehicles to appear in multiple gametypes, and not spawn in others. *A(n increased) Forge Budget that does not come with specific object limitations per palette; or, in other words, just a budget and when you pick an item you see the total number of objects you have available to you, rather than just the specific object you are selecting. This would come in handy for those maps that require more bridge/platform palette items, for example, or more natural objects. After all, maps with too many reflective or other objects have decreased frame rate issues, so no matter what the Forger will have to make adjustments to get the right environment for playability anyhow. But the point is, we should have more freedom in choosing how many of a certain type of object we want to use. If we did it would be yet another reason to not be curious about modded maps with extra pieces. With this new idea of the Budget we could use 200 blocks if we so choose, it would just show us how many total objects we have less. *Dynamic Magnetic System: This new system would be: 1. An improvement of the current system, with points in pairs at the corners and mid points of object edges in a uniform way; 2. The ability to activate/deactivate magnets, either as a whole, or selected groupings of magnetic points, allowing for rotation along certain axis points; 3. Addition of magnetic plates, which would be magnetized sides, rather than just points. The plates on objects would form polygons that could be expanded or collapsed. For example, you want to have objects slightly merged, you collapse the magnetic polygon dimensions; 4. You would have individual magnetic points and magnetic plates available in your inventory. These could be used for custom made objects, for example, or aligning natural objects, etc.; 5. Magnetic plates can be set to three basic forms: Circle, Triangle, Square. Each can have dimensions adjusted symmetrically (locked), or asymmetrically (select axis locked), to create ovals, rectangles, longitudinal triangles, trapezoids, etc.; 6. You could use magnetic plates of points to form limitless 3-D shapes, that could become the "core" of new custom objects; 7. Building upon what was mentioned with the second point, with magnetic plates you would have different properties with different magnet strengths ( weak, medium, strong); 8. Another aspect of the new magnet system is "chaining." Chaining is when three or more (usually more are link via the magnet points/plates and can be moved as one from a stationary position. The chained objects (i.e. several 1x1 blocks) can be moulded in two specific ways: a. Chained objects can be formed into pre-set forms (triangle, square, circle, polygon, hexagon, octagon, etc) or grab-dragged and twisted into organic, fluid forms. Using the batch-grab tool described earlier in this list the monitor can move the chained or batched objects and rotate them as a unit. This could come in handy for both functional and purely aesthetic purposes. Especially using tools like Invert/Mirror. *Separate the object budget from the Spawns (initial and Respawn), and spawn zones. *Ability to customize the loading screen screen shot in custom games for maps/custom game modes. *Ability to use a spawn/trait zone system that can label call-out areas, such as with the standard maps in Reach. “Elbow” “Blue Room” “Infirmary” etc. There could be standard descriptions or custom labels. *Custom Loadout labels: You would be able to add custom labels to the Game Loadouts in the same way you can label your own personal Loadouts. *Ability to turn on/off the fuzzy loadout screen, or add other effects. *Bring back Assault, multiflag, neutral flag/bomb, VIP, Juggernaut, Race, Invasion, Stockpile, Headhunter and other custom game types, or at least give us the level of Advanced customization options we need to create these and other new gametypes. Expand our customization options. There can be specific gametypes that come with each new Halo, which is what you see with Battlefield, but we should be able to put together any of the known custom gametypes in custom games. *Spherical objects: These objects could be spherical, with stone, Forerunner/Covenant design, or marble like textures or reflective metal. *Timer/Delay/Reset: Ability to set a timer, instant reset (unspawn and wait to respawn again) and delay time on object spawning. This would make creating elevators A. less expensive, less meticulous, and more functional in competitive and mini games, and B. If you need an example, think of fusion coils/kill balls. You can set them to constantly respawn by setting them with fixed, unselecting item, manipulating max/min count and nudging the object to “fall.” This does not happen as fast with crates and other non-fixed objects, and you can't get a timer/reset spawn with fixed objects like blocks or man cannons. If you could set a man cannon to spawn in coordination with a crate (or perhaps a specific elevator non-fixed object you could have a real, simple, functional elevator. And who knows what else creative forgers can come up with?! *More dynamic grid options, such as expandable spheres/cubes/tetrahedrons and other 2D/3D polygons. This options would be useful esp if 343 does not allow terrain manipulation. *Hybrid gametypes: This would be the ability to create gametypes that include more than one individual gametype (Think of a CTF game with Dominion locations with trait zones that can be activated when either team controls the Dominion sites (read next block); or Flood CTF, or how about Flood Griffball. *Expanded use of trait zones connected to gametypes, such as trait zones that can be activated with gametypes, like Dominion; and the ability to have trait zones that have specific traits for one team, and a separate category of traits for the opposite team. Meaning those who control Dominion sites would have certain advantages, such as quicker shield recharge time, or camo, while the team trying to take the Dominion site might experience dampened shields, slightly slower movements or jumping, but maybe increased damage to enemies. The options are almost limitless. One example of this would in the classic pc tank game Tanarus you had CTF combined with a type of Dominion and Slayer. The Dominion aspect were these Recharge Stations where you could repair your tank, reload/modify weapon Loadouts turbo boost, rockets, mines, etc, charge batteries, etc. They start out neutral at initial game start, and teams expand their territory by capturing drone sites. If you come near an enemy recharge station you will have batteries affected, and the drone above the station would shoot you. You could not use the station until you captured it. There was usually only one team mate that was the designated flag stealer, while the rest of the team would capture drone sites and seek and destroy enemy tanks. Each game had either four teams of five tanks, or two teams of ten tanks. So, from a Halo perspective, if trait zones could be tied to gametypes like Objective items/targets in Dominion or in the older Territories, this would be interesting and add a new level of customization to the game. I know I would attempt to create the perfect salute to Tanarus by creating a similar gametype in Halo. What would make me particularly happy is if the next Halo had vehicle repair stations, where if you get your vehicle there in time the station will heal and repair your vehicle. *Keep Green Screens *Flood mode similar to H4 (visually speaking), but with ability to turn on/off weapon usage, as seen in modded Flood gametypes. *Expanded Flood Gametype options, such as in previous versions (Halo 3, Reach) *Better selection of man cannons, and perhaps an option in forge to customize the thrust properties of specific man cannons. *More dynamic objective pallets like Dominion (I'm thinking Flood specifically) *Gametype-specific object pallets (think Flood or Griffball or Extraction) *New FX (Flood-like FX, etc) *Able to label spawning items like initial spawns or respawns for multiple game specific gametypes I basic editing. Example: I want to have team spawn/respawns at same location for multiple gametypes, but not for others. Currently you need to do multiple spawn set ups if one gametype initial spawns at different location. *Different Object Palettes for Human/UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner, Flood, Promethean, etc. The ability to change skin of object to fit one of these themed categories. *We should have the ability to designate gametype spawns as instand vehicle spawns, (like Race Gametypes in Reach. But we should have the ability to signifiy whether it is normal spawn, or a hybrid spawn, such as spawning directly into vehicles. Please PLEASE, for the love of Pete, give Forgers this freedom. My vehicle-themed maps would be happy if you did. *Random objects.... like scenery objects that have normal physics like the way the containers used to be on H3 oil drums, radio antenna, wire spools, dumpsters, and lets not forget exploding forklifts. *With Trees: It would be nice to be able to change to different skins. One with leaves/needles, one with snow, one without leaves/needles, one that's dry/dead. *Much more scenery limits and options- crates, barricades, boxes, computers, radio towers etc. What We can live without, but don't want to: *Fragment Editor: This would be a place or Mode where you could take any Forge item and engineer them into completely new “custom” pieces. One example would be to cut a doorway through a wall. or as far as to build an entire arena and have that available in your Forge menu as one "custom" piece. The Player can add textures and skins, and even even lights and other effects. The other part of this would be to have a market, perhaps connected to your Waypoint Fileshare, similar in some ways to the market found on Forza 3. In that game the player was able to build cars, set ups, skins, and vinyls... then load it to the store and sell it for a form of currency that is only usable in that setting. From a Halo perspective, the items would probably be available just like anything else in your Fileshare, with the exception that you could have more custom items listed on the Forge Market. This function would also allow the player to set the physics of each custom object. *An ability to switch off/on object colors in Forge and test a map with colors/without to see the difference in possible lag. This could help maps with lots of aesthetic details and object colors used for orientation/appeal, etc to have the right number of objects left neutral if it brings down possible lag. This should also include the ability to turn off/on other types of objects that effect frame rate, such as reflective objects. *Drone Camera: The DC would be similar to the loadout camera. It would be deployable and would help when forging in tight spaces where the program will often throw your monitor into spaces where you can not directly observe what you are doing. Experienced Forgers will often sign into Guest and use the Guest as a stationary viewpoint, but at the sacrifice of loosing half your screen. With a Drone you would be able to switch views. It would be nice to be able to “deploy” the drone while still holding an object. An alternative to this idea would be to allow your monitor to move through solid terrain and objects. The terrain/objects would become transparent, except for the basic contour edge lines and magnets. *Terrain editing: Another cool feature to the Far Cry 3 map engine. Players can brush over the landscape and create hills or pockets, and yet other tools, such as erosion and smoothing. *Environmental conditions: Yet another Far Cry 3 ability. Being able to add weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, fog). Also, earth quake tremors, such as with Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps. *Add AI (Firefight game modes): This is another benefit of the Far Cry 3 map creator engine. So far as it is known, to make this work for Halo Forgers would also have to have control over the Bot Paths/movements of the AI in order for a custom gametype like Firefight to work. You would want the AI to recognize the physical environment of your map (object placement, etc). I have read this in the thread linked above by Urban Bobcat, but even in that thread the concept of Bots and Bot paths is not really clarified. Perhaps those that know and understand this concept more should chime in on this thread and provide more in depth information for those of us that are not programmers (hint hint). *Ability to revert to a previous version of a map: This would be reverting to your previous save. *Object Texture palette: Ability to change or edit, create or import object textures, or to receive texture DLCs. *Firefight added to custom gametype editing options. *Ability to Forge on Spartan Ops/Firefight maps *Expanded solids besides blocks, such as the pyramidal stones in H3 Sandbox. *Make Gravity Zones expandable like trait zones and capable of being connected to Objectives (like Dominion). *Allow Forgers to have more control over modifying gametypes similar to how hackers have created modded gametypes like Gravemind, but make it official. *A Custom Game option similar to Invasion, where there can be multiple rounds, like Flood, but with each “round” customizable. This would be a take on the hybrid gametype idea. Basically, allow Forgers to create a gametype with multiple rounds, each round a different gametype of their choosing, like Invasion in Reach, but, say, the first can be CTF, second, Assault, third Flood or Infection, Last Snipers, etc.) This is just an example of what could be done. There are almost limitless options or variations.I could think of a type of Gun Master, Halo Style. *Map rendering: I wonder sometimes if being able to rendering our maps so there would not be all the objects but locked and merged objects smoothed into each other, etc. If this was possible would it reduce lag? [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]
  2. After such a long time of not being on the site (but dropping in to the shoutbox with little response xD), I’d like to introduce my latest work in forge: Siege. Siege is a new infection map set in a forest at an abandoned research site once known as the “Siege Research Center”. After a terrible accident nothing but dead bodies remain. It features what I believe to be a unique integration of verticality by having little wooden towers connected by bridges, allowing for many great opportunities to implement the use of Halo 5’s mechanics such as ground pounding or thrusting from one bridge to another as a shortcut. As far as gameplay is concerned, the infected players’ spawn room is a little lab (once part of this research center) at the end of the map, featuring a pipe that launches players into the jungle. The jungle is the survivors’ playground. Also, I highly recommend that survivors take advantage of the towers and bridges, rather than linger in the confusing forest on the bottom. Of course, certain weapons might be worth swooping down and taking a risk for every now and then. Speaking of which, weapon placement is not yet finalized on this map. I intend to change them up based on feedback, including which weapons and where they should go. The aesthetics had a lot of thought put into them. I decided to use the perfect combination of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors with the right level of metallic finish, all working in unison with the new textures feature to create what I believe to be very beautiful and artistic aesthetics that I don’t think are too common on forge maps at this point. You’ll also find that I decided to make the lab very sleek looking as compared to the slightly aged look of everything else to create some contrast, which is essential to any work of art. Of course, this isn’t intended to primarily function as an aesthetic map, but being a huge design geek I had to try my best. Now I know this map isn’t perfect, and I’m very willing to take feedback. I would love to get this featured, because I really want to get out there. My dream is to get this into matchmaking, and I will work as hard as it takes as ridiculous of a goal as that may sound. Here are some more pictures which might show you a little of what I talked about. The map is called “Siege” and is under my files, gamertag being “Dezert Fuze”. Please do not hesitate to give me feedback. CLICK HERE FOR HALO WAYPOINT PAGE
  3. Halo 5 has huge potential with custom games and forge, and so many people have made incredible maps. I'm sure we've all seen flapjack frenzy! However, there is a fatal flaw with custom games that prevents a lot of maps from being played the way they were meant to be.Player stats/traits are the same for EVERYONE! There are no leader traits in Halo 5, or any way to make one spartan/team different from another! This severely limits and game types/maps that require one or more players to be stronger or weaker than another. One example is Slenderman, where one player is supposed to be the invulnverable Slender Man that hunts the other players as they run and hide.But if the Slender Man is invulnerable, then so is everyone else. So players have to use honor rules for this to work. This fatal flaw prevents a lot of maps and game types from being played properly and I hope 343 sees this because it is such a small, manageable addition that would add SO MUCH to Halo 5's Custom games, and Forge.I go into more detail in this video:
  4. Now, this map was made way back last year around July. On Halo 2 Anniversary. I liked the map, as well did others. However, with MCC's terrible stability. It didn't seem to last. Now, with Halo 5 out and the servers that beat MCC to a pulp. I decided it was time to do a map, however I decided I wanted to do a remake. Of Salient. Mainly because I never could do Scrimmage... Here's a preview of the sketch of the map, as I've shown you all before: Now, before I show you the make of the map and everything. Let's go over the details. The map supports 2-8 players. Medium Sized map, Breakout oriented. Strongholds, CTF, and Slayer are all compatible on this map as well. It is symmetrical. There are also named locations throughout the map. Everywhere you go, has a callout. Featured Weapons on the map: 4x Frag Grenades, 2x Plasma Grenade, 4x Splinter Grenades, 2x DMR (0x Spare ammo), 2x BR (1x Spare ammo), 1x Hydra Launcher, 1x Active Camouflage, 1x Flag. However in game modes that are NOT Breakout, the following are available: 4x Frag Grenades, 2x Plasma Grenades, 4x Splinter Grenades, 2x DMR (1x Spare ammo), 2x BR (2x Spare ammo), 2 Storm Rifle, 2x Boltshot (2x Spare ammo), 1x Scattershot. However, unlike the previous Salient. There is gadgets, terminals in fact. However they do not do anything, they are merely appearance/decoration. Alrighty, now that that's all clear. Let's do a map overlook of the finalized product: Overlook Blue Yard Red Outside Blue Spawn Red Sneaky Bunker Red Spawn/Decoy Here below is a video of me, just meandering the map. Showing you a few details I could not capture in picture. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIYtTeAYWtc
  5. Do you need a few Custom Game maps to improve your Halo 5 experience? If you answered YES than you have come to the right place. I have compiled a few maps that are worthy of any great Custom Game playlist. MINI-GAMES (Please Note that certain gametypes will need to have Honour Rules in play for effective and fun gameplay) Map Name: Tankworld Gametype Name: Tankworld Elimination Map Author: Home World Hero Map Name: Reaper Gametype Name: Reaper Map Author: ChewyNutCluster Spoiler: Please Note that one player must be on the Red Team and all other players must be on the Blue Team for this gametype to work properly. Map Name: Battlegoose Stadium Gametype Name: Battlegoose Map Author: Debo37 & CaptainPunch Map Name: The Great Griddle Gametype Name: Flapjack Frenzy Map Author: SplinterBL Spoiler: Please Note that one player must be on the Blue Team and all other players must be on the Red Team for this gametype to work properly. Map Name: Simon Says Gametype Name: Jump On the Colours! Map Author: FatAussieFatB0y (Forum Owner) Map Name: Warthog Sumo Gametype Name: Team Sumo, FFA Sumo Map Author: TurbTastic Map Name: Crash Up Derby Gametype Name: Demolition Arena Map Author: NGX Alpha Map Name: Rocket League (Big, Small) Gametype Name: Rocket League by Turb Map Author: TurbTastic Map Name: They Spin Me Right Round Gametype Name: They Spin Me Right Round Map Author: UnknownEmerald Map Name: Turf War Gametype Name: Turf War Map Author: ChewyNutCluster Map Name: Mantis Arena (1.0) Gametype Name: Mantis Breakout Map Author: MorsLupus Map Name: Deadly's Dodgeball Gametype Name: Deadly's Dodgeball Map Author: Deadly Daybreak Map Name: Avalanche Gametype Name: Avalanche Map Author: Julianoz1224 Map Name: Interstate Gametype Name: Splat Splat Map Author: Mr Q Prime Map Name: Trenchwars (V2.0) Gametype Name: Strongholds Map Author: RBG RAMPANT Map Name: Mongoose Sumo Gametype Name: Team Sumo, FFA Sumo Map Author: TurbTastic Map Name: Jenga Tower Gametype Name: Jenga Tower Map Author: UnknownEmerald Spoiler: Please Note that one player must be on the Blue Team and all other players on the Red Team for this gametype to work properly. COMPETITIVE AND REMAKES (As suggested by Infurnomancer) Map Name: Delta Ruins Map Author: Eshkii Map Name: Havalla (V1.1) Map Author: No God Anywhere Map Name: Sandtrap (26) Map Author: WyvernZu Map Name: Rust Map Author: Kr1pL3r Map Name: The Pit Map Author: IISilentII Map Name: HCE Battle Creek Map Author: AUREL1EN Map Name: HCE Boarding Action Map Author: Blackmist523 Map Name: Chill Out Map Author: JoeDannyMan Map Name: Chiron TL-34 Map Author: Evilbrothers4 Spoiler: Please note that a few of these maps will not be playable on current Halo 5 Gametypes such as Strongholds and CTF. Those were a few maps that you don't want to be caught without inside your Halo 5 Custom Game Playlist. Now get out there and grab your friends and enjoy all that Halo 5 has to offer. (Remember to check up on this list from time to time as I will be adding new maps every week) Well that's all guys/girls, hope that this list has come in handy for you all. See you on the WarZone. <3 FatAussieFatBoy
  6. Hello, I play Halo 4 on Xbox 360 and have a YouTube channel. I am looking for people to come play some custom games with me and record them. I already post daily content on my channel and many of it is Halo content. Go check it out if you want to know more.
  7. So I decided this Morning that I would go on a hunt to find all the Classic Halo 3 Maps from Pre-MCC and download them for whenever I would decide play good ole Custom Games again. Or when ever I get gaming internet back... AHHHHHHHH- While Looking I could not find a single mention of 30 Days of Night for The Master Chief Collection. So I decided to make it. 30 Days of Night is set on Cold Storage with only 1 infected throughout the entirety of the round. The Infected starts in a box and the Survivors spawn in front of him. The Infected has Good Camo on. Survivors start with an Assault Rifle and Shotgun, but trust me, you'll be using the shotgun the most. It IS possible to get inside the infected's box, but that is not a wise decision. After 30 Seconds, the map will dim and a few doors will lock themselves with Energy Shielding. If a survivor hasn't gotten to a hiding place now would be a good time to do so. After another 30 Seconds, The Lights will almost completely go out, leaving the map in a very, very dark state. Most of the Doors on the map will lock, leaving few pathways for all players to take. A gravity lift will also spawn for the infected to get out of his Box and hunt down the other players. This extreme Darkness makes seeing the infected very difficult and creates a Paranoid situation for the Survivors. Basically it's Predator in a very dark and CQC environment. Band Together or seperate, your choice. Another Basic Map I have made, but still a fun part of my memory and I hope you can have fun on it too. Both the Gametype and Map are saved in my fileshare [EVOL SPARTAN II] on the MCC under the same name.
  8. Greetings 343i Community forum! As we all know by now, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has had a terribly rocky launch and even to this day, over 4 months later, the game still suffers from numerous issues. Today I present to you the latest Halo movement: #FixMccCustoms. Matchmaking has finally had its chance to work as it should have after the latest update but since then, custom games and forge have still been left forgotten about with its own plethora of issues. This is not a complaint nor is it bashing towards 343 Industries, our only goal with this movement is to spread awareness to the public about the many issues relating to custom games and forge and to hopefully get them acknowledged and fixed by 343 Industries as soon as possible. Custom games and forge have been a very substantial part of Halo for many, many years and these issues in MCC basically render custom games virtually unplayable and the forge modes extremely difficult to work with. This is #FixMccCustoms Click here to view a public document which lists all known issues with custom games and forge If we want to help get custom games and forge to work as intended without issues in MCC as soon as possible, we all must do our part and pitch in to help get these issues acknowledged and fixed by 343 Industries. You may take the steps detailed in the video description but even simply sharing this video in any way possible helps a lot. The current state of custom games and forge is greatly hurting many great Halo communities and content creators. We need custom games and forge in MCC to be fixed as soon as possible! So far, a couple of well known Halo channels and even websites and blogs have started to pick up this movement and hopefully everybody everybody else can too! That's about it and I hope everybody can help by taking their part in this movement in some way possible. Thanks!
  9. There should be a custom games playlist/lobby, players in the lobby choose to "host a game" (pick gametype and map that anyone in the playlist could join) or "search for a game" (join a random party of other people playing a custom game) Parts of helmet incorperated into multiplayer HUD like halo 4's campaing. Feels so much cooler to land a big jump and see your helmet shifting around you Also make the rogue helmet look like halo 3's helmet instead of looking like an elite helmet from halo reach
  10. If you want to play some custom games in halo mcc every now and then, just tell me. my gamertag on xbx1 is BISCITBALLER21. Shout this to your friends too, might get some full lobbies.
  11. Please, with all of my heart and nostalgia. I am begging for a way to join user-created Custom Game lobbies in Halo: TMCC and Halo 5. A list of open and available lobbies for user-created game types would be at the top of my list of wishes. Please 343i, say it will be so! I want to join private super bouncing lobbies, hide n seek, cat n mouse, Trash Compactor & other creative user-created game types! I don't want matchmaking to be the only way to join a public game. And trying to find friends/friends of friends to invite to a private custom game is a huge pain when all it takes is a custom game 'server list' of available user created lobbies. There are so many fun game variants created by users! Please give us a way to host custom games and have them available to the public for people to join. It would be an identical feeling of a big LAN party... Well, one with voice chat only xD - Lou This is what someone said in the Halo Waypoint forums. I couldn't have said it better so I copied and pasted it. Here's the original forum post: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst249152_Suggestion--Halo2-MCC-NEEDS-custom-lobby-list.aspx
  12. I only have a halo 2 infection map, but bring your own and well test and play them. gt Dawn117
  13. So here are a couple of issues that I've been having with the MCC in custom games. 1. Game stuttering while in the cave on Ragnarok near the pelican. 2. In Halo 3 custom games, cannot do any Team games. Free for all are ok, but the second I change to Teams it immediately says that Red Team wins (even though in the lobby 2 of us are red and 2 are blue). Then when we change our team colors thinking that it could work, it will load the game and then immediately crash a few seconds afterwards. 3. Even though I select a new map, sometimes it does not always stay on the map I selected. This is throughout all game modes. 4. Random movements even if I am not doing anything. Last night the game changed my weapon eventhough I had not press the change weapon button. Sometimes I'll push one direction on the stick and i'll move a different one. Sometimes there are choppy controls while flying a halo 4 banshee. 5. Missing gametypes? Ricochet is in the Halo 2 anniversary mode, but not halo 4 even though it use to be an exclusive Halo 4 mode? No griffball in halo 4? 6. Also, fileshare? Is there not a community file share to pull game modes and maps from? That is all I've encountered so far. The campaigns play ok for the most part.
  14. Hello everyone! Just like all of you I recently bought HMCC hoping to play Halo 2 matchmaking again and to relive those happy days I had as a younger self. Unfortunately there are numerous issues with this and that is a bummer; however, there is still CUSTOM GAMES, right? WRONG!!!!! Everyone is so concerned with matchmaking that some of the most annoying problems are being temporarily overlooked. We must have the ability to party up and stay together otherwise what's the point of fixing matchmaking if we can't play with friends.Below are a list of issues me and my friends are having while trying to play HMCC custom games: 1) The in game roster doesn't load or doesn't allow joining a friend where 'join player' is grayed-out 2) If you finally get everyone into a game the team switching is bugged and teams are completely different on other players' screens 3) When the teams are finally even and the game finally starts HERE COMES THE LAG! Teleporting, dropping frames, jumpy killcams, and so much more. These seem more prevalent if someone disconnects while in the middle of the game 4) After that frustrating game ends your party may or may not be broken up and be forced to re-join. 5) Ok, here is the most frustrating thing in the universe besides the holocaust. When trying to re-join a friend there is some cache data bug that is telling the person who is joining's xbox that he/she is already in that session. The only way we've found to work around this is by letting EVERY SINGLE PARTY MEMBER restart his/her game completely to allow re-joining. And the viscous cycle of frustration continues until everyone just gives up. I'm posting this because I haven't seen any talk about it and would like to know if it is just a second priority or if we are the only ones this is happening to. PLEASE comment and tell me if any of you are having these problems. These issues seem just as bad as the matchmaking ones to me and should be fixed first in my opinion. Thanks for listening to my rant!
  15. I want to get a full lobby for Halo 4 and Halo Reach custom games. We will either play this afternoon or this evening. Refraction is my only finished map on Halo 4 since making maps on Halo 4 is a pain compared to Reach. I have some great Halo Reach maps we can play, some made by me and some others once we play Refraction a few times (should be the most fun). Post here if you are interested in playing either Sunday afternoon or evening (today). Also, tell me which time works for you! Attendants (2/16): Sindronian Sindronian's room mate I hope to get a full lobby today : ) LET'S HAVE SOME FUN! These are a few screenshots of the map "Refraction" which I just finished polishing up!
  16. I'm going to start off by saying right off the bat I LOVE the Halo universe and personally see it as more thrilling and entertaining than most other popular xbox games including Activision's Call of Duty cash cow. I own all the games, Halo 3 being my favorite, and the Limited Edition of Halo 4. While I do have a lot of issues with Halo 4, I still do respect 343i's hard work, just not as much as Bungie's. And note this is MY OWN OPINION, respect mine and I will respect YOURS. To be honest I do no know where to start. I guess i'll tackle the problems in order of the main menu. Campaign: SPOILERS! While the sounds of Master Chief's armor scraping against rocks and the skulls of elites were fantastic and the visuals were over the top, it was overall kinda of weak. Though 343i did do a fantastic job with the soundtrack. (While it truly isn't quite what were used to, I personally enjoyed it all.) Anyways, the campaign was full of flaws. Within the first few hours of owning the game and playing through the campaign I was frustrated at how I had no idea what was going on. I had to turn on subtitles and totally restart to catch any clue. I also found the Didact's ship being a ball to be totally lame and not something to fear. I remember in a later mission ( i'm not sure which) that a Pelican was sent to pick up Chief. Upon walking up the ramp it just cuts to black and a second later I'm under the crashed Infinity? I just don't get that. And then that ending. You detonate a nuclear bomb with your fist and live? I know that Cortana is one heck of an AI, but how on Earth, did she save you from a point-blank nuclear explosion!? She's code just like the game! If code stopped nukes then..well....i don't know, but it doesn't. I just had trouble getting into this whole thing. I remember sitting in awe as I saw the amazing sights of the first 3 Halos, but I only got that feeling when once in Halo 4 when Chief saw whatever Halo was outside the Composers base. All in all though i just felt that 343i put too much effort into making epic CGI cutscenes and music than story development and it's not even a continuing story. That's just lame. The enemies don't speak English....Moving on... Infinity - Matchmaking: Overall it is a little enjoyable. The first thing i'm going to stab at is the Custom Loadouts. I don't get why every game has to be like Call of Duty? These are totally unnecessary. We don't need perks and the weapons should be scattered about the map as usual. The ordnance is okay i guess. It just hands everyone a power weapon after five kills, but since there are no weapons lying about it is better than nothing. Next comes the armors. Personally I do like a lot of them and am glad that 343i chose to give some armors a sense of accomplishment by making them unlockable through commendations, but all most are is a bunch of skins which only the trained eye can even tell the difference. I loved earning the katana and other armors in Halo 3 through achievements. I think I would have honestly rather seen a return to the CR system so I can show off of my hardwork. As for the maps I think there are maybe a handful of them I enjoy. Haven is cool, kinda like guardian or blackout. Longbow is my favorite with its snowiness and vehicles. Complex is good too. My main problem with these maps is all the freaking symmetry. I know the maps have to be fair to both teams but half of them are just totally mirrored. Solace especially. With my limited edition I also received all three map packs which are all okay. Though have hardly played them since the current Castle DLC playlist only holds about 100 active players. Although I already expressed myself about weapons I forgot to mention the skins.... Ok, the skins are cool but theres like 1 or 2 for each weapon. And you can only get them though maybe mastery (haven't done it yet so i don't know) and specialization. If there was more and they were varied on how to get them I would love to work for them. Almost at the end here now but why did you have to take away the Falcon? It was the most fun vehicle ever! I throughly, honestly enjoyed getting shot down in it in Reach with all my buddies on the guns. It was great!.. Also my rank is a number now? Im level SR68 as of today and thats just boring. I'm a General Grade 4 in reach and thats cool. The moral of the story is Halo was* in itself a unique game. You don't have to suck ideas from Call of Duty for it to be good. Seeing as there is only about 10,000-20,000 players now from the 400,000 at day one hopefully that is obvious. Infinity - Custom Games: I'm going to be frank Halo's Custom Games are my favorite part of the entire series. I love playing fun mini-games and competitive matches with my friends. However, 343i you smothered this one in the crib. I know how cool it is to change Infection into your own Flood and I love the zombie skins, but come on! You trashed almost every custom game ever made! Say goodbye to hours of non-stop action and enjoyment. It's like you found a successful man named Custom Games, took him out in the back alley behind the 343i studio, and then beat him relentlessly with a metal pole just because. Quit using the Ghost on Snowbound and fix this already! Infinity - Spartan Ops: Personally these are pretty cool and I like the story to them, but they are a bit repetitive. I was unaware every sensor array on requiem was located in the same spot. Im sorry, but use different maps including the multiplayer ones to mix it up a little and throw in some new interesting enemies and objectives. Like for instance the shootout in Vallaha (thats right. thats what it is called.) with the mantises was awesome and the covenant cruiser actually worried me a little. Whether firefight is better than Spartan ops I'm not really sure, but i've had more good times surviving the waves of helpless grunts in the end. Infinity - Forge: I do NOT have a single bad thing to say about Forge. It is spectacular! The magnets are a gift from the gods! And all the aesthetics and scenery! I LOVE it all, especially Forge Island. However it is stifled by weak Custom Games. Fix those and then your in business. Infinity - Theater: It's theater. How can you mess that up or make it any better? Infinity - THE FREAKING MENUS!: I apologize for ranting about the game thus far, but here comes more. I'm sorry but the menus are just lazy. Don't deny it. The only valid excuse is that you were too busy sacking Custom Games' house and dragging him out into the street and beating him again, relentlessly with a metal pole. Compared to Halo 2, 3, 3:ODST, and Reach these are the plainest yet. It's just a blue card. Everything is blue. It makes me want to stab my eyes out with the fuzzy end of my mic. What happened to the imagination? Couldn't you at least have put in a background like the main menu? AND THE MUSIC OH GOD! The constant thu-doom-doom is the worst part of it all. You composed epic music! USE IT! So that's pretty much all I have to say about that. I'm sorry for possibly offending anyone, but I felt it was necessary to give a little "constructive" criticism. If your planning on pumping out Halo 5 I would think long and hard about how its going to turn out first. If I made any mistakes on something besides grammar feel free to correct me. And now let any ranting or comments about how inconsiderate I am as a person commence, because frankly I don't care anymore. Sincerely, PopDeer
  17. Hello and welcome! My name is Joseph, but you can call me Aardvark or Broseph. I am here to introduce a collection of Halo 4 gametypes that I think truly recapture that competitive Halo magic again, while at the same incorporating some of the new features from Halo 4 that were done right! Before we get into specifics about these gametypes, let's talk about how this gametype came to be and how I want it to become a new platform for the competitive Halo community! Back in the Halo: Reach days, I was starting to really get into competitive Halo. MLG and AGL matches were absolutely sensational in my eyes. I loved them. When V7 settings came around in Halo: Reach, however, I didn't really like them that much. Not sure what it was that I didn't like about these settings, but I certainly wasn't a fan of them. It didn't stop me from watching matches or playing the game, in fact it did something better. It inspired me to make my own competitive gametype. Eventually though, I wanted something more from that, I wanted my own competitive Halo platform, with official leagues and tournaments for competitive players to compete in! Thus, The Kingdom of Hell Pro League was born! ... it died pretty early on though. For a lot of reasons, one of the most prominent being that, as you can tell, that was just a horrible name. I was young and had no Idea what I was getting myself into. I made a website using webs.com because I don't know how to program and that website was a disaster as well. The idea behind the website though was perfect. Give competitors and the public easy and quick access to full career stats and season stats for each and every competitor. Not only that, but I made promises of footage for every single match in every single season, to be published on the website and to YouTube complete with an entire archive of past matches organized by players, teams, seasons and brackets. Still, the website was poorly built and ultimately the entire project got nowhere. On the plus side, though, my gametype and its compatible maps made by myself made it pretty far on the most downloaded list, which certainly shocked me! Still, KOHPL didn't last. When I realized KOHPL had failed, I had a determined attitude. "We'll try again!" , I said confidently. And try I did, in Halo 4! This time though my cousin and I actually put some thought into the name. In the end we decided on Competitive Console Gaming! We wanted something simple, that didn't lock us down to one game but also was straightforward enough for people to know what it was right away. So with the name CCG fresh in our minds we set off to make a new website and competitive community. Still working in Webs, the CCG website was a tremendous improvement to the KOHPL design. It looked almost Halo Waypointish with dark-blue and black colors and had a far better layout than the past design. This is where we started to get more likely to succeed and we could feel the rush of excitement we would get before the finals of an AGL tournament! I've been working on the CCG gametypes for a little over a year now. I in fact thought that I was finished at one point and saved my "final" gametypes as V1 gametypes. It was time to spread the word! But then the unthinkable happened... the Halo community seamed to just drop off the face of the Earth! I was as if everyone just stopped playing, and stopped looking for Halo related content. At first, this was scary. I thought, "We don't stand a chance now!" But I did some digging around the internet, and I found that clearly, people still wanted Halo. They were asking all the same questions as me. "What happened to all the Halo content?" "What happened to AGL?" I then realized that I should see this as an opportunity. I made it my mission to help bring back competitive Halo, but in a new form. So I got back to work. However, after going back and playing the gametypes with my friends and my play testers for a few months we said, "This needs more originality!" So I said screw it! I decided instead of focusing on the website, and thinking of how to get my platform out on the Halo scene, I would focus on finishing the platform. I took my time with the maps I was making for the gametypes, I spent hours of my time in the gametypes settings alone, just analyzing everything and putting pieces together. I spent SO many hours play testing my maps with these gametypes. Now, a year later, It has finally paid off! FINALLY, CCG Settings are a truly competitive, unique, and fresh Halo experience! But there is still work to be done. There are still things that need to be worked out. First and foremost, I need you lovely guys and girls! I need the Halo community! I know the mother of all gaming communities still exists, she just needs to be awoken! That is what I hope to do with Competitive Console Gaming! Now let's talk about what makes these gametypes unique! Before I tell you anything, I should tell you that I think that the one thing that was balanced in Halo 4's Infinity settings were the armor mods. The weapons were horribly unbalanced and made the whole thing a wreck. The Tactical Packages and Support upgrades though, are a different story. They instead let the players decide on one situation they want to have an advantage in. Everybody gets two, but these advantages are not pocket shotguns, mini-sniper rifles, or map destroying jet packs. These actually allow the player to play the game their way, while still providing a fair and balanced experience. Through manipulation of the Halo 4 gametype options, I have made a competitive gametype in which everyone spawns with a Battle Rifle, 2X Frag Grenades, no armor abilities, and in most cases no secondary, but players still can have the tactical package and support upgrade of their own choosing. This means a couple of things. If you are like me and abandoned your personal loadout editor a long time ago, time to open that baby back up again! But don't bother editing their armor abilities or grenades (actually feel free if you like wasting your time) and just focus on the two armor mods that best suit your play style! One of the coolest things that these gametypes bring to competitive play though, is weapon skins! While the gametype forces all players to spawn with BR's the game still recognizes the players' selected BR weapon skins, so if you are a competitive player who loves your weapons skins and is sad that they never get any use, now they can! Pro Tip: if you want to see a super secret weapon skin and have the Champion's Bundle weapon skins, use some of those nifty Assault Rifle skins in your loadouts and see what happens! Now onto the more basic stuff, in CCG game variants each player does 15% more damage. This means that each precision weapon's shots-to-kill has been reduced by one. Additionally, players' radars only show ally movement and their ranges have been increased by 40 meters. Two gametypes are exceptions, however, those two being FFA and Ricochet where the radar functions normally and reverts back to its normal range. Now onto the maps. Even back in the KOHPL days, I wanted to include maps from as many different forgers as I could into the mix, not just shipped maps and maps made by myself, so I have compiled multiple maps to be compatible with CCG settings and I am going to list them here for you right now! Keep in mind, the map pool may grow and these decisions are not final, however, it is most likely that if a map is on the following list it will make it into the final map pool. Here we go: Cryptic by Sgt x Slaphead Acidic by aardvark09j Cyclone by aardvark09j Status Bloom by aardvark09j Treetops by MockKnizzle008 Angst by IKorlash Splashes by SE7ENGINE Townsville by aardvark09j Simplex by Big Papa SaLot Stigma by Squally DaBeanz You will be able to find some of these maps on my file share, but in the future I will have Waypoint links to these maps so you can download them there. My gamertag is aardvark09j And there you go! Shout out to all of those VERY talented forgers who made those maps listed above. Now for the slightly lamer stuff here are the shipped maps that will be thrown into the mix: Abandon Adrift Haven Now I have a question for those of you who are interested in playing CCG in the future. If CCG gets big enough I plan to eventually start holding online tournaments and events and possibly official leagues in the future. My question is, if I were to do this, how many of you would be okay with certain DLC being required to participate? I know it may be a little bit early to ask that, but I want to know what you guys think. If DLC were required, only the Majestic Map Pack and Champion's Bundle maps would be required. Keep that in mind when typing your responses down below. Currently, a CCG prototype website is being built using webs.com, however this is just being used as a temporary test site to see what an official CCG website might look like. Until then, you can get any and all info regarding CCG including news updates and game nights, here on the forums, or you can follow CCG on Twitter @CCGOfficialT . Stay here and hang on, because I've got a lot more incoming So there you have it ladies and gents! CCG is a big endeavor for me and hopefully for the Halo community as a whole. If you are reading this post and you're on board, then please, spread the word. We all want Halo to make a return, but it's up to all of us to make it happen. In fact, let's make #HaloComeback a thing! Tweet about it, tell all of your friends, get excited, and let's start playing some Halo! aardvark out! Halo 4 Life
  18. Anyone want to play some forge or 1v1? I have been wanting to test my skills for a while :3. Just hit me up, my GT is WardoMichael if you didn't know xD. Anyways I look forward to it. You can be any rank, legit I will take on an SR-130 to an SR-1 if I have to. But overall I would like someone in my rank range. Thanks, WardoMichael
  19. Not alot of my friends play halo 4 anymore, and I wanted to play some custom games.. like racing maps or infected, random stuff like that. (don't have a hard drive so I can't on my own) anyone playing custom games right now?
  20. Well I hope it works lol The trainer was made in Cheat Engine Took me awhile to find the address lol (it was right in front of me lmao) So any who, I hope this works for everyone and should be useful for games and matches. You dont have to alt tab out to make it work, just push the numbers accordingly on the Number Pad Also, if you suicide or betrayal on, those timers will still be there. so turn em off* lol cheers! Click below to get the file for your halo 2 pc desires, needs, wants and what not's. The link below will provide the download free of charge of course, there is also a virus scan along with the post and file, that is all in the link below on the halo2vista.com website. Thanks and I hope someone will enjoy it...lol Go here for the download and information you may need. Halo 2 Vista H2PC H2V H2 H2MT H.2.M.T. Halo 2 Map/Mod Team H2MT members past and present: AvengerofDeath2 B4M_TwinReaper Baltic Beazt Computron Garanas Himanshu01 JohnnyBlaz20 Kantanomo KILLER CHIEF Kills Alone Kirby_422 PCTechmaster07 PirateEggs Shock120 Skiddy 632 Slaters Fury StatutorytrOy Super PolarBear SuperSniper XHN_SCRAPY ZeroErrors http://www.halo2vista.com
  21. I was browsing the submissions and I noticed that there was no Halo 4 submissions... Are you accepting them? I also want to know how to get a link to download maps for Halo 4, so I could start posting my own submissions.
  22. Sense i got back on the xbox just for Halo3 id like to play some good old fashion CUSTOM GAMES! if anyone has the maps, i have the mythic cd so i got them all, My gamertag is thepossumface i do play online social and other things but i dont take it to seriously im all about having fun and killing people lol fair warning.
  23. Just looking for some people to play halo 3 custom games again. Its free on the marketplace and i believe two of the map packs are free. If youre interested hit me up GT: Ghost Soldier07
  24. If you have any really good 2v2 film clips that you would like to offer for a chance to end up in a video announcement on THFE, please submit them via Private Message (PM) to me, Absolute Dog. Clips must be short film sequences of amazing team work, great shooting sequences or anything that would provide a good perspective of two players working together. Please submit all clips by this Friday, November 22nd, by 10:00 am EST via the PM system on this site to Absolute Dog. All clips must be from Halo 4......tea bagging is optional!
  25. Hey people of Halo and clans. I am searching for a Halo 3/reach/4 clan that just wants to have a good time on the games. Im looking more for a custom game clan but i will play public as long as its not being taken too seriously. I want to win but not if everyone is mad. My friends don't really play any halos anymore so this is why im searching. If you have a non small (6+ players) clan i could join send me a message on XBL gt: RaRe Lego Piece. Or here i guess THANKS
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