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  1. Gamertag: HTS Torta Gametype: Lockdown Map: Rust Player Count: 12
  2. Good luck to everyone. Forging a dominion map takes more than just forging a map then submitting it. It takes alot of testing and alot of time. Please have patience with your map and don't send an old map that you think would do fine.
  3. looks like extraction 1-site... but... I could be wrong. This teaser shows almost nothing. Sooo... I am confident that it has to do something with extraction...
  4. Didn't know about the Halo 2 thing where it got magnetism started lol. I feel that when every new halo game comes out they seem to say that the previous one was superior. People use to criticize Reach all the time and say it was the downfall of Halo and when Halo 4 came out the started to praise Halo: Reach. Guarantee when Halo 5 comes out people are gonna look back and say Halo 4 was better. People don't like change. But something (possibly the only) thing I dislike in halo 4 is the aim assist and magnetism. Halo players are blinded that the past halo games have had mistakes and it started new things.
  5. Alot of people I encounter on websites, customs or on matchmaking think they are soooo good apparently. I don't know what triggers this encounter in Halo 4 because in Reach it wasn't so many. Their would be the occasional person that would be decent but not even good. Now in Halo 4 people try soo hard and think they're good. Well I'm sure it is the massive aim assist in Halo 4 because people could shoot the torso or beside the head and end up with a headshot. That didn't happen so often in past other halo games where wherever you had your reticle is where the bullet is going to go. But with the massive hitbox's and magnetism in this game even nobody's could out br/dmr a decent player. Then they go ahead and brag about it and say they did this on who. it just irritated me and wanted to know if anybody had these encounters. I don't think it is healthy and that aim assist and the hit box's need need to be reduced ASAP. But of course I'm sure people will argue that it is good to help the people just starting but the fact is that you're not going to get better with fake aim.
  6. Lol, Everytime I use banshee it's OP. It doesn't matter if the vehicle is weak itself... it depends of pilot or driver. In matchmaking I am guaranteed a rampage if I'm in banshee because I got so much experience in it. Also their are unique banshee tricks that are exclusive in Halo 4. If you guys think banshee is weak than you guys shouldn't pilot it and give it to someone else. Randoms take my banshee and end up either getting jacked or ending the game with a killing spree. This doesn't convince you. Watch this clip of one of the top ten banshee pilots in Halo 4- I know people complain about vids with people doing well against noobs so here is a vid against Naked Eli and mlg pros.
  7. It's just 343 wanting a fast paced game mode along with balanced drop sets. This game definitely is determined with individual skill for each person. Not very objective wise in my opinion.
  8. I think lockdown is bad in my eyes but I don't see it in dominion. I feel it is invasion skirmish in invasion if you remember that in reach.
  9. This better get featured or be completely finished before I return soul lol
  10. When is this going to be featured already lol
  11. Why the phrase "play date" it's so girly and so unprofessional in my eyes. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, I just have to say it. You could just call it something else instead of that, you know what I mean.
  12. Take out the version numbers and just call it outpost. It is kind of unprofessional when version number is up because nobody wants an unfinished map if it is entitled with a version.
  13. This looks really cool. Put it on for Saturday Night Skirmish!
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