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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, Fishy here and I would like to say WELCOME to my Titanfall Event. I will be serving as your host, and maybe your date. (If you're lucky.) Please read the following carefully, if you have any questions, please read it again: When: Saturday, February 14th, 2015 @ 3 PM EST -- ENDGAME Game: Titanfall on Xbox One. Information: We will do private lobbies if there are more than 6 p layers. If not, we will do campaign as a fireteam. DLC is not required, but if everyone has it we can play it. Game Length: The game keeps going as long as the players are there. Playdate will extend ending time if players wish to continue playing together. It may also end earlier if everyone gets bored and leaves. It's up to you, you control the end time. Quick Rules of Mine: Harassment/Bullying in lobby to one another is not tolerated. I will kick you if you wish to do so. If you are joking, let the other person know. Harsh put-downs aren't acceptable as jokes, even if you say "I was just joking." It causes trust issues and might cause stress. Nobody wants their day to be any harder than it already is. Treat each other equally. If you're a female gamer, don't judge the male gamers. If you're a male gamer, don't judge the female gamers. If you have opinions or suggestions to make, say them freely. You're not going to be judged. Everyone deserves to get a chance. Everyone please sign-up with the following format: (Asterisks mean it's required.) Username* Gamertag* Credit Card Information Players who said they are attending: Fishy - l Fishy l Vitamin PWN - Vitamin PWN Yang Xiao Long- DarkAngel 343i Yoshi1176 - Yoshi 1176 (Redacted)
  2. [the MoM banner is causing derpness within the thread, sorry] This has been a loong time coming... and it's finally here (ala 666th post :spiteful: ) Sunday, August 17th, 2 pm EST, 7 pm GMT Converter: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc [the time is subject to change] [banner, and topic name will be changed to suite a game change] I know, you're wondering how I'm going to do this... well here's my plan. 1: Say you're joining, and post your GT. I will then include you on the list. I don't care if you post things that have nothing to do with the Gamenight on here, but please tell me if you can join beforehand before you do. 2: A few hours (maybe just an hour) before the actual time of the playdate I will host a pre-party to screw around in. Send me a message, and I'll invite you. It is not mandatory to join the pre-party, so you can wait until the actual party starts, or a little after if you're a "late bloomer". If you can't join, please tell me, and I'll remove your name from the list and open a spot for joining. 3: When the time comes I will be lurking in the Shoutbox to invite people, and after everyone's in I will launch the game-night... and the shenanigans will begin! The rules have been skimmed. Must read though: - - - - - Thanks to everyone who came! DarkAngel Unease P34nut Coldfreeze TheMaskedMan GermanShepherdD Delpen9 Sub ZeroX7 Honorable mention to these dudes! They may not have made it, but they will always be in remembrance... *cue weird funeral music* Bnus Edward Kenway Ardent Prayer ShadowFiend216 Blake Belladonna Butch Flowers Ruby Rose
  3. I want to get a full lobby for Halo 4 and Halo Reach custom games. We will either play this afternoon or this evening. Refraction is my only finished map on Halo 4 since making maps on Halo 4 is a pain compared to Reach. I have some great Halo Reach maps we can play, some made by me and some others once we play Refraction a few times (should be the most fun). Post here if you are interested in playing either Sunday afternoon or evening (today). Also, tell me which time works for you! Attendants (2/16): Sindronian Sindronian's room mate I hope to get a full lobby today : ) LET'S HAVE SOME FUN! These are a few screenshots of the map "Refraction" which I just finished polishing up!
  4. Are you a fan of Halo reach??? Are you bored of the same maps, and gamemodes? THIS IS FOR YOU I, doomedhell33, AM HOSTING CUSTOM GAMES UNTIL 2015 EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT AT 1PM Central Time Zone STARTING SOON 06/04/14 FRIEND ME IF YOU WAN'T TO JOIN (OR YOU CAN JUST MESSAGE ME SO THAT I CAN INVITE YOU...) RULES ARE IMPORTANT RULE NUMBER ONE : LISTEN TO THE HOST / BE A SPORT Play as you are told, try NOT to frendly fire (UNLESS TOLD OTHERWISE). I could boot you. RULE NUMBER TWO : NO CHAT SPAMMING / DON'T BE RUDE This is explained very well, I'll mute you if you do this. HAVE FUN
  5. HOW TO JOIN: 1) Go on to your xbox live message inbox 2) Create new message 3) Enter gamertag (NinetysBorn) 4) Enter text "inv90s" 5) Send message 6) Wait for my game invite 7) Accept game invite and have fun!! (If you RSVP on HaloCustoms.com that'd also be extremely appreciated and helpful) WHAT MAPS ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY ON? SpeedRun, Netherden, Jump Rope, CLUE Maps, La Grille, Crash-Up Derby, The 3 Switches, Smashy-Chase, NZ_Insanity, Ro Sham Bo Hallway, Gun Game, Nowhere USA, Vacant, Bowser's Castle MK64, Shroom Plague, Rainbow Road, Undead Cinema, Dead Space, Hollow Wood, Ghost in the Mist, Blood Gulch v.2.1, Burrows, Dodge Ball, Serpent Rally, Tremors, Derailed, Off the Grid, NZ_Deadlock, Sparta, Ravaged Relay, The Trenches, and much much more!! WHAT TIME DO YOUR CUSTOM GAMES START? The custom games lobby will be starting around 10:00am PST and ending around 1:00pm PST If you're in a different time zone check this out http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ NOTE: - Be respectful (if you want to act like a little kid that's fine, but please not in my lobby) - Members who RSVP on HaloCustoms.com will be given priority - Help me host a great lobby (enforce the rules, give out advice, converse with others, and pretty much just be cool with everyone) - Don't forget your mic (you could get booted for being in a private chat or for not having a mic) - Please no screaming, playing music, or interrupting others (we can hear you just fine, if you're too loud I'll let you know) - I keep a max of only 14 players to prevent lag - Last but not least quitters never win
  6. HALO 4 SUNDAY CUSTOM MAPS GAME NIGHT 8pm PST / 11pm EST "FFA SLAYER ONLY" 16 PPL ADD GT: PURIENCE HALO 4 SUNDAY CUSTOM MAPS GAME NIGHT 8PM PST / 11PM EST "Only FFA SLAYER" 16 Players "Come early to get in" Add GT: Purience "Will Send a reminder message on XBOX LIVE a few hours before gametime "Online Matchmaking is terrible" "Now this is a playlist" SMALL PLAYER MAPS Breach Lagoon King's Throne Talisman Skyward Crucifix Cavern Puncture Static Electrify Shadow Propulsion Beaver Creek "Halo Remake" MEDIUM PLAYER MAPS Hangtime Guardian (Erosion) Guardian (Impact) Blitzkrieg Flying Waterworld Deathmatch Battle Arena Symmetria ALG Epitaph Cloudhall Buckle Odyssee Select LARGE PLAYER MAPS Warlock Space Rock Deathmatch Channel Sputnik Office Transverse G.I. Joe Deathmatch BumperCars Artisan Dr Doom Deathmatch Behemoth Assassination "Only" 0 Gravity Arena Duck Hunt Cobra Deathmatch Burlap Crystalise Hollow Wood Contingency Haunted Mansion Basketball Castle Wars Underground Cave Deathmatch Tunnels Crash-Up Derby Graveyard Deathmatch Hulk Lockout (Impact) Lockout (Erosion) Griffbowl The Prison "Halo Remake" Dicium Nether Den Sinister Deathmatch Leviathon Ascension Downlo Hang Em High (Erosion) Agoraphobia The Pit "Halo Remake" Eviction Train Station Burghal Turf "Halo Remake" Goldfinger Deathmatch Sub-station
  7. I will be hosting a Halo Reach game night Thursday October 24th, add me on xbox; Xokerfish321. If you are willing to join, please add me, send a message as well so I don't decline XD. Also, if able to, other people can host the lobby as well, thank you for participating!
  8. I will be hosting a game night with TheDragonSlayer sometime in late July. We are looking for people to host games (or game types) and gametypes to play. This will be an all out game night, anyone can join and we want to have rooms open for all game types. PM me if you are interested in hosting or want another gametype added.
  9. All, I'm sure by looking at that topic one of two things is in your head. 1)What's FraggedNation? 2)Sounds fun...What's the catch? Well, FraggedNation is a competitive gaming site which is home to several games across all major platforms. The one major thing that sets FraggedNation out above all other competitive gaming sites is the ladders aren't setup by someone that might never play the game or have only played it once. Our public ladders are there for the gamers by the gamers which means if you don't like something we'll change it. Another thing that sets us apart for the others is the fact that all members are allowed to set up their own ladders and tournaments. So if you don't like what you see make it your own! Enough about FraggedNation for now. This Community Game Night will take place on May 19th, 2012 from 9p to 1a EST. Join the staff of Halo Combat Evolved/Custom Edition as we frag it out with both members and non-members. We will be in the FraggedNation Official Server and will also be streaming. More information on streaming in a latter post. IP Addresses of the servers: (Halo Custom Edition) & (Halo Combat Evolved) So, join and check out FraggedNation. You won't regret that you did. -King Thomas 92
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