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  1. Thanks man, and yes you are right, it's that I got so pumped while doing the video that I just wanted to show mostly everything cool about the Halo games and how it has evolved since the very beginning up to now.
  2. Hello, this is my tribute video for the Halo franchise, from Reach till Halo 4, tell me whatcha think! Aside from this, we all know some people think that Halo 4 was a bum, but to be honest I liked the game and I still have hope that it came be better, also not to mention the campaing was awesome! But, it's 343 first game, just like it was halo CE with bungie. So if Halo 2 was like the best halo from Bungie, then Halo 5 will be the best halo from 343 industries! Let's all hope it turns out like that
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