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  1. Sorry guys i wont be able to test tonight. I've been working on my car for several hours, my brakes are having issues. I also have work in about an hour from now. I will be hosting a special session of TNT Wednesday to play the maps that I missed.
  2. Hey guys testing was good. Most of the map creators made it to the lobby. The only map we couldn't play is Monsoon but i will play it tonight. I have films of Kiran, Surge, and Inquisitor in my FS. You can expect written reviews later today.
  3. Sorry guys I had some things come up and I was unable to host customs. I will be hosting a supplementary lobby tonight at 6pm cst. All current submissions will be played
  4. Maps can be made at any time. From launch to the submission deadline.
  5. Hey guys I've moved this testing lobby to Thursdays, to make way for another custom event. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  6. I'm downloading now. Be sure to check out the official MYM map testing thread
  7. Meet your Maker Testing Lobby Welcome to the new weekly testing event for MYM. This event is meant as a testing resource for forgers, looking to polish maps before submitting them to MYM. As a Judge on the MYM contest and Dominion Host at THFE, I will be able to provide valuable feedback for potential MYM Submissions. What kind of maps can I test? This event is centered around potential MYM maps. Since MYM is focused on dominion, we will only test dominion maps WE WILL NOT TEST A MAP THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SUBMITTED TO THE MYM CONTEST. Can I test with a custom gametype? NO, Since MYM does not allow custom gametypes, we will be testing with the standard Dominion Matchmaking gametype Should I post my map in the submission thread before requesting testing? NO, Maps will not receive feedback or changes after being officially submitted to the contest How do i get my map tested? Simple just reply to the thread as follows Example: Map: Corrosion Gamertag: AbleSir Thomas Film: Yes, I may not make it to testing How do I join testing? Attendance is NOT required but It is recommended. In order to join testing send a message the reads " inv123 " to the available hosts Hosts: AbleSir Thomas What if I don't have a map? Testers are welcome be sure to message the host for an inv When does testing start? Testing begins at 6PM CST every Thursday. How will feedback be provided? If you attend the testing: Feedback will be provided in the post game lobby, immediately after the game is played. If you don't attend the test session: Feedback will be provided via PM over 343i.org within 2 days time of testing. Also game-play film will be available in My file-share at player request. What are the rules? (1.) Be sure to include your Xbox Live Gamertag. If you don't, then we won't be able to find you in-game to provide an invitation to the event. (2.) Two gameplay request per player, please. This policy will allow for more players to get tests, and prevent the lobby from running too late. (3.) Deadline for map admission is Thursday at 5pm. This deadline may be announced sooner if there is a high rate of map submissions. (4.) Maps must be available in your fileshare. This allows the host to quickly progress between submissions.
  8. Three bases only are required for this contest. Also custom gametypes are not accepted. We will be judging maps based on the current MM gametype. Random drops do not show up during Dominion. It's recommended that you use semi neutral re-spawning initials for your heavier weapons. There is no exact "allowance" on power weapons. I recommend you reference the latest versions of longbow, vortex, meltdown, and exile in MM. I plan on making a tutorial on dominion weapon sets soon. If you need more help, feel free to msg me on Live.
  9. This is quoted form the submission thread *Base Resupply Sets Four Drops per base: 2 Grenade Drops Plasma Grenades 2ea. Frag Grenades 2ea. Pulse Grenades 2ea. Assault Weapon Drop Assault Rifle Supressor Storm Rifle Magnum Plasma Pistol (optional) Precision Weapon Drop Light Rifle Carbine Battle Rifle DMR Spartan Laser Spartan Laser (optional) This is per base as set to the matchmaking standard. This means 2 grenade drops, 1 assault weapon drop, and one precision drop per base as outlined above. As for your second question, custom game-types are not permitted. All maps will be judged by the criteria outlined in the submission thread. "Space Battle" maps tend to have many reoccurring issues. Including but not limited to: player disorientation, lack of meaningful movement options, inability to strafe, forcing players to use select Armour abilities, lack of safe spawning areas, long and/or cluttered sight-lines, framerate issues, and awkward choke points inside ships. I recommend a more conservative design, closer to the MM dominion maps, but I am only one of many judges. I also have not played the map. If you would like some feedback or to further discuss the submission rules, we can talk over live.
  10. I will be providing feedback to any and all dominion maps posted in the forge forums. Tuesday night tests will be available to all forgers who need additional map testing. I recommend all forgers do extensive play testing before submitting to the contest.
  11. Gamertag: Ablesir Thomas Map: Impasse Gametype: capture the flag playercount: 14
  12. Gamertag: Ablesir Thomas Map: Impasse Gametype: capture the flag playercount: 12
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