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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, my name is El Zuroh and I am the leader of the newly formed 'Hunters of war' clan. We are interested in new recruits to join us and if you want to please contact me on xbox. Send a message to either El Zuroh, Wizardpebble, PoloXII. It is preferable if you are 13 or above with a mic. Our clan is a militaristic style clan, but we like to have fun and mess around on custom games. We are quite banterish. We have also got a devised ranking system. We have a few divisions also (basically a sector you will be in in the clan, it will mean what kind of weaponry and veichles you use). Right now the current divisions are: Army Artillery Heavies Honour Guards Navy Air Force Hunters And a mercenary group called Zuroh Special Forces. If you are interested to join or even ally please message one of the above on a XBL and we will sort you out with a division.
  2. I would like to thank everyone that made me reach 500 subscribers this is a gun sync special, hope you guys like it. together we can reach for 600 subs lets do it please share this video it'll mean the world to me :') Hope y'all like it sorry i haven't been posting my gun syncs, but here is my new one Enjoy Hope you like it guys and girls and 343 Ind. Please comment Rate And sub :') Took me 12 hrs but i got it still learning D: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bipLrKOP2DI My Second gun sync My third Gun sync http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwaM8w3MU4Q this is a little preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6ahh8NztNE my brand new halo 4 gun sync this one is actually 2 mins long i changed this one up a bit i actually put in the halo 4 announcers voice, i wanted it to be amazing a new mix for halo 4 gun syncs if this video gets a lot of likes ill make more of these with the announcers voice 
  3. Yes you read my title correctly! (Check again if you have to) I'm going to host my very own event! (I know you're excited) So yea let's do this. This event will take place in Halo 4. Now I can hear some of you thinking, "But P34nut, I don't have Halo 4!" My answer to that is "WHY THE HECK NOT?!?!?!one!" (Calm down P34nut... Nothing to worry about) We will be playing a variety of stuff depending on the turn-out. Little turn-out? Doesn't matter! We can hop on multiplayer like a fun group of friends and gossip about anyone who didn't show up. Great turn-out? Great! We'll play some competetive custom games on some maps you've created! I'll download some maps that are linked in this forum. I already have one from Zandril. Shoutout to him Diarrhea and Wang We can of course still play some custom games with a low turn-out and multiplayer with a high turn-out if you all want to. No restrictions! After all this event will be about having fun time! Now about the time and date: On a sunday! (SO NO EXCUSES!) 4th of may (I heard there is another event in the making on this date so it might change) 7PM GMT Which is 2 PM EST Check here for other time zones I hope to see you all! Have a good day! List of people who will be joining us: thank you guys (: -UNSC Spartan-II -Mr.Biggles -Yang -Warm Bnus -Halo5willbecool -Gemeni Dragons -DeathByFae -Tyrone King -JXZAW -EliteSpartan -ShadowFiend -The "MoM" Marine
  4. Come check out my montage that's coming soon! ~XBL Gamertag: GIG Prophet PS. If you want to join Global International Gamers hit me up!
  5. Want to see the top 10 most useless Pokemon? This video really sums it up well. Click HERE
  6. Have about 10 hours to kill? I recommend listening to this. This guy, Edvard Khil, is amazing. Check him out for 10 HOURS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJL4Y3aGPuA
  7. Please Comment Rate and Subscribe for more Gun Sync's and Twixtor effect's This is my thrid gun sync for halo 4, everyone wanted a longer version of this song, so here you go. hope you like it Please support this sexy band song name: The XX-Intro http://thexx.info/
  8. From the album: SpecOp518's Album

    In the last 5 years, dragons have evolved and taken their carnage starside. -SpecOp518
  9. Halo is filled with moments like these, and I'd like to know what is your favorite jaw-dropping moment in the history of Halo. Post what and why (if there is an explanation lol) it has amazed you so much, or even if it is kinda nostalgic Mine would be on Halo 4, when you first step out of the Dawn's crash site and look at this amazing landscape. It was the most beautiful combination of sight and sound in any Halo game in my opinion, and I would like to see more awe-inspiring environments / moments in Halo 5 and 6.
  10. GT:H3YL0W Map: The Halo º Ring Gametype: The Halo º Ring Player count: 2-16. Recommended: 8-16 Description: Humans begin starting off on the (halo ring) and have to grab a vehicle and start driving and get to the teleporter across the map without getting sniped from the 1 flood. This game is sort of like duck hunt, but you drive a vehicle and it makes it sooo much better! Visuals: ( waypoint links in description of video)
  11. Gamer Tag: l0 000 people (that’s a lower case L at the front) Map: Station 07 Optional map variants: Station 07 1v1, Station 07 FFA Game Types: Slayer, KOTH, Oddball Player count: 2-6 player This is a great 2v2 map Weapons on map: -Sticky Detonator -SAW -Energy Sword This is a small map, oriented around 2v2 and FFA slayer. I miss the epic CQB moments I used to have in Halo: Reach so I created a map with CQB in mind. !PLEASE NOTE! this map will have frame rate drop if you play it on split screen. I really wanted to make a role-play style map, so I really hope you enjoy this and here goes... The Lore: Station 07 is the 7th of 10 experimental Cruiser Class Anti-Air weapons stations deployed on Requiem. It consists of one massive thermo-nuclear pivotal gun battery, crewed by a team of five men. The ammunition is too unstable and volatile for conventional reloading systems; therefore an external, manually-operated system was designed for each station. Although there are 10 stations, Station 07 is the most famous due to its hazardous location and impressive kill count, currently boasting the destruction of 3 Cruiser class, and 8 Corvette class covenant ships. Fame however, comes at a price. With Station 07's casualty rate being the highest of all stations; averaging the loss of one crew member every 3 weeks.
  12. Hey guys! If your interested in playing customs message me at 7:00pm AUS time zone We will be playing every Saturday. and I will invite new people every time to be far. My tag is: JA1E35 We will be playing these types of game modes: - Infection - Race - Mini games Australian players. We will be playing at 7:30. message me before 7:30 and I will invite you. American players. We will be playing at 5:30 message me before 5:30 and I will invite you. If you don't make it in I'm very sorry please forgive me. Steps to joining 1. To find me go to chat, 2. Send private chat invite, 3. Enter gamertag then go to my profile and send me a message saying you want to join! 4. then hopefully you get in!!!
  13. Halo 4: Custom Game Nights! Introduction: Hey guys! It's Raxs Slayer here! I have been forging long and hard (No it's not funny!) and i have been producing amazing community maps for me and my friends and all of the community to enjoy, and now for the first time on Halo 4, i have decided to organize a massive public play day! (Update: 1st January 2013) Hey guys, If you missed out Game nights don't worry about it! You will still be able to add me and join in a game night on any random weekend! Thanks guys! Anyone is welcome, the general times are going to be as follows: - Christmas holidays: 18th December - 21st December _ Pre-Play days! For the community to add me and my friends and get to know each other! and play a couple of small games at random whenever we can. - Christmas Time! Here i will allow the community to just enjoy Christmas! December 22nd - 26th. - Official Play Day: From the 26th until the new year! Every day all day, is a chance to tag along in one of my big community plays! I will be on most of the day, and a lot during the evening, until 11PM on most days (UK Timezone) For America: I will be on most of the day, and a lot during the evening, until 6PM on most days (US Timezone) About the Maps: I have successfully created about 9 maps, they are as follows (In order of creation) -Eviction: Small Erosion based map, completely synthetic, asymmetrical map. Is great for Free-For-All gametypes like regicide. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (8.2) - Appearance: (9.1) - Compatibility: (9.4) - Balance: (8.2) -Refuge: Large symmetrical map, for all game types, based on Impact. Brilliant for all scenarios and players. Vehicles included. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.4) - Appearance: (9.6) - Compatibility: (10.0) - Balance: (9.3) -Cordinant, a massive dominion specific map with 3 large bases, and optimized ordinance drops. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (7.9) - Appearance: (9.2) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (8.9) -Autumn: An aesthetic map based on the pillar or autumn's interior from halo Combat evolved. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (7.6) - Appearance: (9.8 ) - Compatibility: (5.2) - Balance: (4.2) -Vanquish: A Flood specific map based in a gloomy cave, all Spartans are equip with custom loadouts for epic gameplay values. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (8.9) - Appearance: (9.9) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (- -) -Vansion: A Tiny impact based map for close quarters and epic mayhem! Great for 2 V 2 for 4 player free for all. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.8 ) - Appearance: (9.8 ) - Compatibility: (3.0) - Balance: (10.0) -Conservatory, a beautiful aesthetic map, great for team games like capture the flag and team slayer! (Symmetrical) General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.2) - Appearance: (9.8 ) - Compatibility: (6.0) - Balance: (10.0) -Excavation, Currently a favorite, this epic halo reach quarry remake satisfies all big team battle lovers with amazing aesthetics and optimum gameplay, this map truly is a crowd pleaser with it's heavy ordinance and vehicle gameplay, maxed out budget and more bases, weapons and abilities you could ever hope to use! General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (3.0) - Balance: (7.7) -Holdout: This very recent map is a desirably fun, and possibly the most fun map i have made, it a gloomy dark map where the survivors will spawn in a house, with barricaded windows and custom classes, they must fight for ordinance and against the flood as they try to break into the house! General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (- -) (Newer Maps) Currently being Tweaked. -Compact: Awesome Interactions, great for team games of any description, this map a huge crowd pleaser with it's unique layout and transport. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.8 ) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (10.0) - Balance: (9.8 ) -Contact: This map is a full blooded rumble pit, with awesome close quarters action. Great for any number of players. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (9.8 ) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (1.0) - Balance: (10.0) -Longfall: This has to be one of the funnest maps. Man cannons everywhere, plenty of ordinance, and lots of action. General Map rating: (Out of ten) - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (- -) Being developed. - Balance: (8.1) (This Brand new map does not appear on the poster below) -Citadel: This epic Big team map is by far one of the best looking, best playing and funnest maps I've ever made. It's guaranteed a massive crowd pleaser with all of it's vehicles, structures and weapons. This map is the grand finale! General Map rating: (Out of ten) *HIGHEST RATED MAP!* - Gameplay: (10.0) - Appearance: (10.0) - Compatibility: (10.0) - Balance: (9.8 ) Guidelines and Rules: Every successful game night isn't complete with some kind and honest gamers. I wish to bring everyone together, make new friends, and have truly tremendous time! So i am going to lay down some ground rules: - First off, "Respect" I encourage everyone to be nice, not bully, teabag only out of pure comedy, and not to wind people up! - Next Up, "Try not to Swear" It would be really nice if we could control our language, i don't want anyone to feel intimidated, uncomfortable, or awkward, If you do swear i'm not going to 'make you sit of the naughty step'. just try to control yourself - Next up, "Try not to rage" nothing says "AWKWARD!" Like someone getting their rage on. We are all cool, trying to have a good time, don't be competitive, just have a nice time and it shouldn't happen, we all get annoyed sometimes, but why should you when we are just having fun! - Please "Criticize" I know it sounds weird but your opinions count! Only you guys can show me what could be better about my maps! - Finally, "Don't exploit!" If you find problems, glitches or issues with my map, don't exploit them! Tell me and i'll fix them within 12 hours. To Wrap up: While you wait please go ahead and add me on Xbox live! My GT is (With caps and spaces) "RAXS SLAYER". Please feel free to bring a microphone, we will all be in a party, having a laugh and commentating. If you like, you can use a capture card to record our gameplay, and if you like i will take in the footage, process it, and upload it to my channel! Thank you so much for reading! Happy Gaming! -Raxs Slayer / Chris
  14. Looking for you fan art! I have posted some of my drawings to get the ball rolling. Please feedback and share stuff on this thread as it does everyone good to have their work publicized!
  15. Hey guys you probably don't know me but I make Halo Montages. I made this just now with all the clips me and my buddies have got so far. Give it a Like and Sub if you enjoy I'll be making many montages for my clan (Gander Squad) so be sure to look out for them in the near future! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKnTZ1tkPWI Thanks for watching, Tunney
  16. When Halo 1 came out, it's graphics were just like all the other video games of its time. Same with 2, 3, ODST, and Reach. Halo Wars has amazing computer graphics for it's cut-scenes. During the making of Halo Wars, they actually spent most time on the cut-scenes, and it turned out amazing, it was near photo-realistic. Halo Wars wasn't the only ones who did this. Like the old Play Station 1 games like Dino Crisis, and Resident Evil. Their game graphics were terrible (but that was normal for PS1) but their cut-scenes were like Play Station 2 graphics. The graphics weren't photo realistic, but amazing for that console. Everyone was thrilled for that! It takes a lot of time and effort to make graphics really great. So they did it for cut-scenes because they didn't want to make the whole game hardcore with graphics, that would be tons of work. Now when you play Halo Reach, the graphics for that game was "normal" for Xbox 360, but the art was phenomenal! However, the cut-scenes were just like the gameplay graphics... normal. If you take a look at the games that are going to come out in the next few months, their graphics are nowhere near Halo 4's. Like Call of Duty Black Ops II, their graphics have not improved much since their last game. I am a COD fan (I like Halo WAY more for it's stories, COD is more like a normal, pointless shooter. Example: We need to blow up this bridge, done, now kill these troops, done, WW3 is starting, a little info, kill these guys and get to the command center, done. Halo isn't like that, it's more deep and dark, hopefully 4 will be just as deep and dark as the other series.) But I'm not here to complain about games! Back to topic, anyway, when you watch Halo 4, don't just look at the gameplay, look at the AMAZING graphics! I've not seen a game near this yet. Imagine how much effort they put in Halo 4, tons. I believe 343 Industries have started a new generation of graphics, Halo 4 is literally photo-realistic. I use Autodesk Maya, and it's HELL to make something photo-realistic. Literally 7 hours to make a 15 second video, and it's even harder for video games. Just imagine how much it took to do this for 343. These graphics are so insane, I'm shocked that the Xbox 360 could even handle running the game! I bet after Halo 4, there will be a new generation of graphics. Great job 343. Tell me what you think of the graphics
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