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  1. Hey this is jet pack and if you want to do some forge this weeks forge creation will be a small scaled slayer map perhaps 2 stories high and were looking at an arena much like monolith but more advanced and with more twists so plz comment by Friday or send a message to camicon007 on Xbox live see you there fellow forgers
  2. i've heard about someone who has hacked halo 4 and found original weapon models and i've seen footage of the promethean weapons and ive found a huge coincidents between the looks of the burst pistol and the hacked originals it apeals to me that the weapon has been hacked from bungie or 343 but its possible they forgot to delete the possible burst pistol or they are leaving it as a possible clue for halo 5 if this is so this could mean 343 are leaving clues down on the ground so keep your eyes peeled and if anyone sees anything please post a reply. oh and bye the way thatsmisterjetpacktoyou;P
  3. I've heard roumers about some kind of undescovered weapon on halo 4 and since I haven't heard about anyone else finding it 'tut' I'm starting to give up looking for it but before I do I want to no know what you guys think. Mod or very clever person with incredible eyesight??? Plz reply.
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