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Found 19 results

  1. every itme I try to start a matchmaking game i goes well, it finds player and when its time to load the game it drops me and a red screen pops out that says "imposible to join, request time has timed out try again later" something like that but i played de 27 the october all day without any troubles I have no idea whats happening please help. my red nat its open my internet is 40 mb. i really love halo its my favorite game and i really wish somenone could tell me a solution
  2. Is anyone else having an issue with the servers? Me, and a few of my xbox live friends are having trouble with finding and keeping legit games. We search for long periods only to find a game that takes a long time to start. Each person in the game is experiencing the same problem. They randomly spawn in throughout the game for the first time, whether there are 20 kills when you finally enter the game or everyone lags out. Sometimes you get a game and it has a bad host, meaning random spikes in the connection leading to super saiyan spartans. Let me note that my connection is very good, and has nothing to do with it. Recently my roster on the mcc has begun to work again after months of on & off capability. I like that a lot, but do you think it could of had some effect on the over all game? is there coding that mixes in with the multiplayer and roster? maybe it being supported with windows 10 now affected the game in some form? Anyway. Something is wrong, and many of the people i play with on a daily basis are experiencing the same problem. Just within the time it's taken me to type this my friend has been lagged out of a game, and then the next game it started with the enemy team having 18 kills already. Please fix what you've broken. I really love halo, and want it to be playable in some aspect again. -exomy
  3. There once was a mod heralded 'The Director' Feared by the likes of Freddy and Hannibal Lector Noble Six called him a hyper lethal vector And if you fight with him you'll need a crotch protector pls let me go director ohgodwhy FIN
  4. I believe they should fix these following issues on Halo: MCC. Get rid of "Halo 3" Game-mode, replace with "Halo 3 & 4 Grifball" The Sport that started it all. Get rid of "Halo 2 Anniversary Rumble" and replace with "Team Snipers" Add Halo 4 to Team Slayer Fix "Connecting Server" issue when players found and not able to connect to host. Find reliable host to connect to (Like above issue) before launching client. Nerf the Battle Rifle for gods sake (Halo 2 Anniversary) Fix the damage on the Halo 3 Battle Rifle (Up it) Add more preferences to Halo 3 & 4. I didn't just buy the game so I could play Halo 2. Branch out game types, instead of "Halo 3" (The most awkward reason to add that in... we'll never know) And make it so you can chose "Halo: CE / Halo 2 / Halo 3 / Halo 4" games with a variety of game types for said game. Make dedicated servers in the East & West of North America... please (If you don't already) I think that should please me. What about you? Discuss. If this happens, i'll dance like Duane.
  5. Hello, I like to ask about something about MCC for Korean Halo fans. I like to ask aobut do MCC will be fully localized in Korean as previous Halo series does? We, Korean fans believed MCC will be fully localized because that is how Halo series does for past 13 years but things were changed when Xb one have released in Korea. Korean fans are feeling anxious about localization of MCC because two xb one exclusive games-forza horizon 2 and sunset overdrive is not localized. MS Korea don't even know anything about xb one games at all when Korean fans were asked to them. I asked to xbone customer chat service but they didn't know about the localization. I liked to ask about the MCC's localization in Korean directly to the 343 industry but I couldn't find any contact so I am leaving the question of Korean fans here. Do MCC will fully localized as previous Halo series does? I hope I can get certain answer from 343 because we are pissed off pretty bad because Horizon 2 and Sunset over drive is not localized at all this time.
  6. From the album: Vindictus

    Please Delete this
  7. I would love to know who plays Pokemon here at 343. Please answer the poll if you play one of these WIFI Pokemon games.
  8. Does anyone here have a good server they play on MC with that has towny? Let me know. Thanks.
  9. Lets say a grunt sat down at a table, and doesn't blow it up, and asked you for some food, what would it be? What do you think is a grunts favorite food?
  10. Hello everyone. For about 14 days I havent been able to play matchmaking because of the servers not being online. The message when entering wargames lobby is as follows: The Halo 4 servers are not available. Please try again later. Matchmaking has switched to using the default playlist So, I get to choose from Infinity slayer, big, regicide, CfT, KoTH and slayer pro, but with no people online. When google'ing the fail massage, i get hits, but none of them solves anything :/ I have tried the standard things like restarting everything. And I am connected to xbox live. Sincerely
  11. Okay So, they have announced that Halo 5 is an exclusive to Xbox One, and will come out only for it just so people come over to the Xbox one, I can see why but, I plead of 343industries at least to make like a copy of Halo 5 maybe a bit of a while after the official release on 360? It would be so awesome!
  12. Hello I would just like to start of to say the game itself is good it just needs a few extras. Playlist Team Doubles it needs to be added so good When is the skill system coming? with the social and competitive playlists?
  13. Me and a couple of friends came together to make this request list. This list mainly contains bugs within Halo 4.. We hope that you can fix these bugs As Soon As Possible, Thanks.. Feel free to add any other bugs/requests to the list.. Thanks Again.. REQUEST LIST: Please : add Forge World for Forge nerf the Mantis (make less powerful) fix the hit detection when meleeing fix the hit detection in general lessen/nerf the range of the scoped weapons *FIX MULTIPLAYER GAME LAG *Fix random rank crashes nerf frags (by a little) nerf the magnum *FIX FORGE GENERATING LIGHTING BUG (Switching from Forge Bot to Human makes the game lag while it slowly generates the lighting) Fix gun bounce when shot at (getting shot jerks your gun upwards) Fix the escape assassination bug (Some times whiles assassinating the person turns around and kills you) Add more War Games ****PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD ANY OTHER REQUESTS/NEEDS/BUGS TO THIS LIST, THANKS..****
  14. Hello. I don't understand how such a big game like Halo 4 DOESN'T HAVE DEDICATED SERVERS. Halo has one of the, if not THE biggest player base on Xbox 360. Lag compensation in H4 is ridiculous, it made people with horrible connections being able to play and people that are paying a lot of money for a decent connection not being able to. And don't come saying your netcode is good, because it isn't. Just get the dedicated servers, what do you do with our money? BF3 wasn't as big as Halo 4 and they got dedicated servers. Dear 343, We will not stop. We will not pause. We want dedicated servers.
  15. Dear 434 industries, thank you for all your handwork and everything that you guys did to make Halo as successful as it is now. However, I have a request that me and a few 10 others and maybe even more people really would like to have. We were all extremely excited last year from hearing that Halo 4 was going to come out this year after Halo Reach and the anniversary came out. We are all veteran players who owned and played Halo since it came out in 2001. All of us pre ordered Halo 4 in limited edition, and two of us bought the Halo 4 Xbox. However despite all the excitement and expectations, our positive feeling fell to rock bottom when we realized that our games came in Chinese voices. Including all the books and special stuff that came along with it. Halo Reach at-least had the book in English! We are international students living in Taiwan from the U.S. We tried to preorder that game in completely English, but apparently it came in English text and Chinese voices. Which SUCKS!! We are making a request for all the gamers and Halo fans out there who would like to enjoy the game in the ORIGINAL VOICE. Even multiplier is not in English! Please try and make a downloadable English language voice pack for people who needs them. WE WILL BE WILLING TO PAY MICROSOFT POINTS IF IT TAKES! Please help our wish to come true, we can't resist the game in Chinese, it's torture. Master Chief sounds like a robot and Cortana sounds like a little girl. Worse, the War Games voices are extremely lame! Running Riot got translated into, KILL KILL KILL in Chinese For all gamers and Halo fans out there, please help me let 343 hear our voice and help us make this request come true! Please Sincerely, ~ Lolb4udie Edit: I have created a Halo Waypoint page, please support us! https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postsm1756781_English-Language-Pack-Request.aspx#post1756781
  16. Would someone be kind enough to let me have a unused halo 4 preorder bonus code? If so I would be very greatful Xbox gamertag: UNIVERSAL RYDER
  17. For some odd reason i cant play the campaign. I have installed disc 2. All i can do is watch the Prologue. Its SuPER annoying because i was so excited to play it. PLEASE HELP ME.
  18. Can someone make me a good Youtube channel intro based on Halo and Minecraft. I am a nub at animation and stuff and am reaching out to the 343i community for help. If you would like to submit an intro just post a youtube video and I'll look at it.
  19. 343 I am an individual fan and this probably means nothing to you. Please bring back a ranking system where I can brag to my friends. I loved Halo 1-3. Precisely because of their competitive aspects. When reach came out I played it for a month or two before moving back to 3. I still have not gotten a 50 in halo 3 but I love trying because it feels like it actually means something. Whenever I see someone with lots of credits on Reach i think, wow, that kid plays a lot of halo. Will people sell accounts? Maybe but that doesn't hurt anyone. Sure its annoying but who cares if some ******* can get a new account and get a 50, because if they didn't earn it they will lose it. I am so in love with the halo series. Reach was like a cheating girlfriend. But if you guys bring back a game with a good ranking system I will be loyal to 343 forever. Also competitive rating systems solve weapon power discrepancies, if you weight weapons in a way that is strange the good players will figure out the best way to use those weapons and thus solve the problem. This was super stream of consciousness, but seriously make a ranking system where I can feel good about my rank, and I will dedicate all my time to your game. Good luck fellahs can't wait for 4, pregnantteen666
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