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Found 15 results

  1. Before I give the description for the rest of Greywatch there are some restrictions and thoughts to keep in mind. A.) An average K/D or higher is required, there are some exceptions. (Arena or Warzone) B.) We're looking for players in a similar age group as us so that nobody feels uncomfortable or left out. That age range is anywhere from 15-19 with some exceptions. C.) You're going to need a Facebook, if you don't already have one. We like to get to know each other, help each other, text each other at anytime, and ultimately improve our communications and friendship between us and you. When we get online we do group calls and/ or text when we're active to try and play together. We're all nice people, very laid back, with a dark sense of humor. D.) We're going for roughly 20-35 members as we'd like to keep things small, right now there are 12 of us. E.) ACHILLES PROGRESS: We have not yet unlocked any of Achilles, if you join us and help out, you'd be getting the armor yourself and helping us as well. We currently need to prioritize Spartan Kills, we've been kicking *** in Firefight to boost our REQs and REQ points, some of us are still doing this while others jump around; because of this we ask that if you join you help us boost those player kills. F.) Final bit here. At Greywatch we are a family, we love and support each other, we do almost daily group calls, we laugh together, and we take care of each other. We only ask you be understanding of us and we'll be understanding of you. With that please look over the rest of the clan info if you're interested and meet the requirements. Greywatch is a small clan/ company of coordinated Spartans with different skill sets working as a unified, organized, tactical team. Only those capable of fighting against impossible odds or giving teammates the opportunity to do so are qualified to join. 1.) Clan colors are White and Black. (It is required that this be set while partaking in Clan Activities) 2.) Our clan emblem is Team Crimson (rare tier) with a White Primary and Black Background. The Secondary is up to you, but should be unique from other members. 3.) Teamwork is essential in combat. Move as a group or in groups. Watch each others backs, keep each other alive, coordinate strikes, and strive as a team. Each individual has strengths and weaknesses, make sure yours boosts your team or covers another ones weakness. 4.) Each member should have a unique armor set, unless you'd like to duo with a friend, this way each member sticks out better as an individual. (Some groups may share armor sets. Achilles is also an exception as it demonstrates strength and unity as a clan.) 5.) A clan base is being designed; as well as a possible clan ship. Each member will get their own quarters that they can adjust to their liking within each via personalization. Ex; Favorite/ go to weapons, toys, symbols, etc. 6.) Not everything will be clan related, it's good that members interact with each other and build friendships to boost combat efficiency and teamwork. (It's suggested this be done over various games such as other Halo titles, Star Wars Battlefront/ Battlefield, Minecraft, GTA, Rainbow Six, etc. To help with team building.) 7.) Members will be categorized into groups of Soldiers, Pilots, Marksmen, Bounty Hunters, Forgers, Drivers, War Masters, etc. (Groups will change and be adjusted over time and an individual may be part of several groups or commonly linked groups.) On Facebook you can find me if you search Clark Sampels, my profile picture is my girlfriend and I in skeletal makeup from Halloween; it also has a blue filter over it. If we accept you, you will be added to the official group chat with the full members and be given a spot in the Spartan Company. Thank you for all the reading. -SkeleClark [Other members to contact are:] -The Hibble -TwistedKarma605 -ARC Nano (By Gamertag)
  2. My friend and I are looking for a smallish halo 5 military clan to join, we were both fully conscripted Spartans IIs and are looking to join a clan, we dont mind starting from the bottom and earning our ranks because we are sure we can do it. message TRAP Odysseus to contact us.
  3. These walls lurk deep within the gorge that was once know as Trinity City... 2-8 players. Trinity Gorge is a small, symmetrical, arena styled competitive map. It has 3 floors to it, each one connecting to the central tower. Great for Capture the Flag and Team Slayer. Images of the map: Gravity lift to 3rd floor: Blue spawn. Red spawn. Tower 3 and Sniper spawn. Overview of map: Video walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsNu0UJJc54
  4. In game on Spartan Ops "Episode 3 - Chapter 5" Don't no if this is a Glitch, Easter egg or what? Playing with some friends of mine, Lvling up my Spartan & some how we thought it was just the covenant guns shooting at us running around but up close you can see that the covenant them self about 1" & a half short lol. If you stop the video at 4:10 you can see one. I don't see 343 industries saying anything about this so it could be a glitch. What do you all think? Comment on my YouTube channel if you can and thumbs up if you like it thanks.
  5. "Winning the fight won't save you from the storm." Map: Paradise Party size: 1v1 (3 FFA only for fun) GT: Desson1A Weapons: 1 stormrifle- 120 sec Download links MAP:http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/players/desson1a/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=a1650909-389a-43b7-8559-7a14fdef59b0 GAMETYPE (optional): http://www.halowaypoint.com/de-de/players/desson1a/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=2950bf5a-f34b-45bb-9742-54c8d7400248 Map info: This is a map that iv'e been working on for a while now. The map is called 1v1 Paradise and is forged on Vertigo. I wanted to make something special, so i came up with a good looking map on a non-forge map. It looks pretty small, and it is, but it plays extremely well, and I'm not just saying that. I have playtestet a lot, both 1v1's and 3 players FFA. The map plays best on 1v1. You can play 3FFA, but it is recommended to play for fun only since it is a pure mess! You can try to play with more players, but I can imagine that it wont play well. Map game experience: The map plays well for beeing so small. It has a lot of verticality, jumps, and power positions. Every two minutes a Storm Rifle spawns, which is effective in close combats. There are many encounters, so you do fight a lot. That beeing said map movement and map knowlegde is still important. I do recommend to play 1v1 br's so that the storm rifle becomes more important. In case you dont have that gametype you can download it above. If you want you can still play with own loadouts/ gametypes, but it doesnt get that competitive. I hope you download and enjoy the map ^^
  6. Min. Players: 1 Max. Players: 12 Supported Gametypes: Capture the Flag , Oddball , MLG , Infinity Slayer , Slayer , SWAT Canvas Map: Ravine Download Link: http://www.halowaypo...1c-3d545e4d5927 Gamertag to Search on Xbox LIVE: FaNeNL 'm happy to announce my third, and maybe the best competitive map (in my opinion) i've made. Exidus is a small map perfect for CTF and 4v4 slayer, you can play it with more but 4v4 is recommended. It's a symmetrical map and I build it again in an octagon shape, because I think that works great. I wanted to let the map easy to understand how it works, and that's why I made it very open so you have a clear sight, and I made the ''buildings'' easy. Because of this I think this is a really good competitive map. There are Red and Blue bases, a large aesthetic building in the middle from where you can reach the whole map. Around the middle there are 2 walkways on the side that give some hight to the map. Information: Name: FaNeNL Initial: Overshield (140) Weapons: Scattershot (155) Sniper Rifle (180) Ammo (50sec): 8x Br 6x DMR 3x Carbine 2x Light Rifle 2x Plasma Grenade(2x) 2x Puls Grenade(2x) 5x Frag Grenade(2x) Screenshots: Overview: FileShare: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/fanenl/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=49098d71-a15f-46cd-8b2a-f60323552abf *Check out my this map and my other maps on forgehub, forgecafe and halocouncil *Made a Twitter account: FaNe_NL:https://twitter.com/FaNe_NL Enjoy it!! and as always just send me a friend request or give me an invite if you want to play it!
  7. Limitless Made by: THE SLAMMERSS Limitless is a small 2v2 to 4v4 symmetrical CQC arena. Limitless was originally built on Impact but due to frame rate issue was rebuilt on forge island and fine tuned. Limitless was designed to feel like the player is on top of the world, which they basically are as the map was built near the top of forge island. Link to map: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/the%20slammerss/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=87762c49-4f1c-498f-8df7-da6944078937 Images:
  8. Gamertag: HeroAnarchy Map: Amphitheater Gametype: Maggot Meat Brief Description: 4-6 players Small circular map Urban Themed Humans have four different choices in weapons ​Assault rifle with three grenades Sniper rifle SAW Shotgun Flood have higher damage resistance, no shields, low damage (two hits) No armor abilities, vehicles are for aesthetics, no radars Six Locations ​Bakery Food Stand On top of Bakery Streets Alley Way Gas Station Small aesthetics Other Details: The map is outside of Erosion It has already been tested with four people NOTICE: THE LINKS ARE INSIDE THE NAMES OF THE GAMETYPE and MAP. SO JUST CLICK ON THEM TO GET LINKED TO THEM IN MY FILESHARE.
  9. Malevolence is a small and symmetric 1v1, 2v2 map. Map name: Malevolence Recommended number of players: 2-4 Supported gametypes: KOTH, Oddball, Slayer, Infinity. Slayer, SWAT, Regicide Download Link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/fileshare/details/415533fd-ae77-48af-b1e3-e41112ec4e20 Map description: This map is located on the smallest island in the Forge Island map. There are decent aesthetics and plenty of cover. In the map there is a middle bridge with a Railgun that players will have to fight for. There is also an outer ring that spans the entire map. This map was inspired by a map called "A-Block" which was made by NoLo Conosco. The weapons and powerups in the map are, - 2x Sniper Rifle - 1x Railgun - 1x Overshield - 1x Damage Boost - 4x DMR - 4x BR - 8x Frag Grenade - 4x Plasma Grenade - 2x Carbine SCREENSHOTS
  10. Map: Cutthroat Creator: Did4ct Gametype: Slayer, KOTH, Oddball Budget: ~5000/10000 Description: Cutthroat is a small symmetrical map inspired by elements from Construct, Chill Out, and Guardian. It is perfectly nestled on the side of the cliff with a very small walkable space on the shelf of the cliff. This map has an exposed center with a mid-level wrapped around it, and two high-levels opposite each other. While it plays somewhat like a small arena map, it has only 1 line of symmetry but is pretty balanced. There are many places for strategic jumps. Most of the jumps allow the player to cross higher levels without dropping to the bottom. It is also easy to get from lower levels to higher ones. It is a clean simple forge with the classic Halo weapon spawning. There is a sniper at the bottom, needler at the top, shotgun on a top level, and BRs, DMRs, ARs, and Magnums throughout. There is a plasma pistol, a carbine, and some stickies and frags. There are not too many weapons on the map but just enough for fast gameplay. This map is mainly intended for classic slayer gametypes but can work well with others. Player count: Supports 16 players but is best for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 Video Link
  11. Name: Dusk Gamertag: YamaMX Gametypes: Slayer (1v1, 2v2, x4 FFA) File: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/5b4f085c-009c-4a4e-9b07-38e8181b3ca3 Please watch the video in full to understand the mindset behind the map and it's many intricacies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El8Edz4m6B4 Dusk is a smaller competitive map focused on 1v1 and 2v2 gameplay. Aesthetically pleasing set pieces and competitive fundamentals are unified to form an overall enjoyable map. This project started as a sketch on notepad paper and has since evolved into what you now see. Through multiple rebuilds and refinement, it has came into it's own as a successful smaller map. Different from most of my other creations, Dusk is highly centered around structure. If my other maps gained any inspiration from Lockout, this one gained it from Ivory Tower. All tiers are accessible through various routes with both basic paths and trick jumps available. Like most competitive maps, the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it. There is much trickery to be had, yet enough open space and vivid lines of sight to end it with precision.
  12. Name: Collection Gamertag: YamaMX Gametypes: Slayer (2v2, 1v1, x4 FFA), CTF Collection is a different type of challenge than my other forge works in that I'm working around pre-determined areas to allow them to work outside of their intended element. The result is a small competitive map that has official visual standards not possible within the forge templates, yet forge is put to work in order to allow the intended competitive play. The other challenge in doing so comes from the lack of any forge pieces to work with and forcing these substitutes to work in a manner not to be detrimental to visual fidelity. Please watch the video for a full explanation and walk around: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2JoVbnifF4 Update: An updated version is available with a few small tweaks and a second teleporter in glass hallway (every gametype except CTF). This allows greater movement around the map without the ability to camp an exit.
  13. Gamertag: T3NAC10US M (3,1, & 0, are numbers) Map name: Outpost: Icarus Gametypes: Slayer and KOTH The map is on my file share. Outpost: Icarus is a small semi-symmetrical map surrounding an open central area. There are two main "bases" where each team spawns to start the game. One base is almost entirely enclosed and features two long hallways for close-quarter combat. The two hallways lead to the central room with a station console that has a teleporter in the center, also the shot gun spawns in this room to aid in the close-quarter hallway combat. the teleporter takes you to the structure below the window in the middle room, giving that team quick access to the center of the map but also opens the center room up to intrusion. The second base consists of a three story tower with a sniper spawning on top. This base is alot smaller than the other base but it has easier acces to the central features of the map. The middle of the map has an initial sword spawn which is replaced by a random spawn afterwards that spawns either rockets, SAW, needler, or sticky detonator. There is a boltshot and a railgun also.
  14. GT: Snyder1991 Map: DOOM 3 Gametype: DOOM or Flood Normal (both are in fileshare) Reccomended players: 5-16 DOOM 3 is a small crowded space station map inspired by the creepy lighting and corridors in Doom 3 (example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFvKBa3anq4). Most rooms are extremely dark(but not unplayably dark) along with some having flashing red/white lights in them. I also added the "Juicy" special effect to make the lighting/darkness look even better. Everyone I've played it with found it really fun and creepy. It's only made for Flood gametypes, the DOOM gametype gives humans a shotgun and SAW, removes motion sensors and AAs. The last man standing gets 3x overshields with no recharge in order for an epic last battle. Flood Normal gametype removes armour abilities and has one starting flood. Both work great for this map. I have some other flood-only maps in my file share also worth checking out. Let me know what you guys think! Also there are screenshots and gameplay footage in my file share now
  15. Hi everyone! I'm new here but I have had a strong map making past. This is one of my works I've done in the past. It is a re-imagining of a Metriod prime hunters map for Nintendo DS called Data Shrine. -----DOWNLOAD LINK HERE------ The map follows a circuit that runs around the outside of a central combat area (shown in the picture above). It is built for 4 - 12 player FFA/Team Slayer and Capture the flag. The map is designed for players to easily locate themselves to 6 distinct locations: *Blue Territory/Starting point (Flag spawn etc.) located on Blue edge of the circuit. *Red Territory/Starting point (Flag spawn etc.) located on Red edge of the circuit. *Lower Combat area (including DMR, Needler, Needle Rifle, and Sniper Rifle spawns around the edges of the map) *Central upper combat area (where the rockets spawn) *Half way Circuit Hatch A (with Shotgun and Oversheild) *Half way Circuit Hatch B (with Energy Sword and Active Camo) The map is very well balanced in terms of combat arrangement. A distinctive way I've separated the outer-ring circuit with the central combat area is by making "capture-plate" doors. As well as blocking damage like energy shields, they stop the player from seeing what's on the other side, keeping that feeling of not knowing what's around the corner. Hope you guys like it! Feedback would be great guys!
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