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Found 51 results

  1. What is your favourite emote on this site? Mine personally is because it's the closest thing to greatness I kinda am apart of in terms of emoticons.
  2. If you like weird, wild, and stupid...check it out. If you are an 80's baby...you should check it out. If your mother slept with many men... you should check it out. If your father slept with many men...you should check it out. If your dog is a cleptomaniac...you should check it out. If you spank your monkey too much...finish up...then you should check it out.
  3. Creators: I is Bulimic & I is Dislexic Map Name: Beer Pong Map Gametype: Beer Pong (Assault) Players: 1v1 to 2v2. I've even had 4v4 and it was still fun so as long as it's even teams it should be good. Description: Red vs Blue. Spartan slam the ball into the cups. After you make it, hit the switch to sink the cup. If you get a rim job you die instantly. If you miss the cup completely but still land on the table you can go back to the teleporter in the middle of the table and get another shot (a roll back) however the other team can shoot at you. DON'T SHOOT AT EACH OTHER UNLESS THE TEAM GETS A ROLL BACK.
  4. Finally got a match in and ended up shooting a guys nade in his hand and killing him haha. Hopefully fixes come soon to have more moments like this.
  5. Hey everyone! Well as it said on the title (sorta ) I am a script writer. And well I want to be the lucky guy to help create a machinima for you. I'm asking this for many reasons to gain experience, have fun, and.... . Actually that's it lol . But mostly to have fun. I hope anyone out there is willing to give me a chance. And if you do I'll try my best to not let you down. Hope to hear from someone who's interested soon.
  6. I don't know about you guys but whenever I was in a pre-game lobby on Halo 3, I'd pass time by checking out the file shares of other people in the lobby, in search of a laugh or an awesome picture snapped at just the right moment. Over time, I probably viewed thousands of screenshots... Most were funny, others were epic, and some were beautiful and made me wonder how they had even been created in the game. These are the best of the best. (click on screenshot names if you'd like to download the high res version to use as a desktop) OMG RuN!!!!!!! This guy is an elite hater! by: ATOMIC x KILLA (01.25.2008) Win an elite! The claw game by: o0JAKEOo (06.11.2009) Halo CE Recreation of the Halo 1 box art on Valhalla. by: Redd Hedd (10.29.2007) Morning Chief! im cooking waffles by: TribeSpartan (07.23.2008) My BR iZ... If You 4 Shot Noobz In MLG, Out BR Randoms, Or Just Like The Weapon Put This In Your File-Share by: oI DreZZy Io (01.27.2009) ultimate camo he wont see this coming by: rolyaT13 (06.14.2008) Chief Drumming Chiefs Drums by oO SLiK Oo by: oO SLiK Oo (11.29.2008) Shockwave no desc. by: xiTz OLM5CH3IDx (07.16.2009) Quit camping We will get you, camping is for noobs by: asrto man 3 (01.24.2009) Eclîptiç Techni-Fusion by: Ultimatum VI (04.13.2009) Green Goblin no desc. by: xiTz OLM5CH3IDx (03.13.2009) Halo-O's The offical Halo 3 Cereal. Part of this nutrious breakfast! With Trip-Mine Marshmallows! by: MayorOCrazyTown (04.04.2009) Tell me!!!! How you get recon armor? by: o Br Shadow o (10.24.2008) Dark Shadow I will spare no one. by: EPIC DarkSHAD0W (04.16.2008) MARK V SHOCK dedication to crazyhippiez by: JdOt SODMG (12.16.2008) Aaaand, that's all folks! I hope you all enjoyed this trip down memory lane If you have any favorite Halo 3 screenshots, feel free to share them below!! And speaking of Halo 3, be sure to join me for some fun H3 custom games next Monday, May 19th @ 8pm est! More details can be found in my signature (or by clicking here).
  7. Hey everyone! Check out my newest song for one of the best video game series of all time! My Youtube channel is full of songs of original compositions by me for my favorite video games and movies along with some topics of my own and I think you all MAY love this one. Hope you like! The Video My Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj94C4suvdSD-3wrenh4Cdw/videos Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, Here is a video about me playing in firefight. Something really funny happened... Enjoy!
  9. With April Fools out of the way, lets strike up some more laughs with this month's caption contest. Rules: No inappropriate captions. Try to keep it PG. One caption per member, so try to make yours really count. Please have your comment only pertain to the picture. Don't just comment saying "oh, I really like what so and so said. lol." If you like it then just hit the like button, silly! Have your caption submitted by 5 days prior to the end of the month. Have fun, wear underwear, never say never, may the odds be ever in your favor. Alright now with the rules out of the way, without further hesitation:
  10. Hello everyone! I am hoppin' back into the groove of things here on the forum. I had to leave for a bit due to the hecticness of the theatre life and with life being busy in general. I am back again, and ready to party. I hope I can talk to all my old friends and new ones to come! So glad to be back. XD
  11. Hey everybody, I recently finished a Fake Movie trailer using cosplay footage from the 2014 Portland Wizard World Comic-Con. There's some GREAT Halo cosplay, including a small child in a Grunt costume, and a Halo 5 Master Chief. I also edited in some dialogue from various Halo games. Enjoy!
  12. Want to see the top 10 most useless Pokemon? This video really sums it up well. Click HERE
  13. In game on Spartan Ops "Episode 3 - Chapter 5" Don't no if this is a Glitch, Easter egg or what? Playing with some friends of mine, Lvling up my Spartan & some how we thought it was just the covenant guns shooting at us running around but up close you can see that the covenant them self about 1" & a half short lol. If you stop the video at 4:10 you can see one. I don't see 343 industries saying anything about this so it could be a glitch. What do you all think? Comment on my YouTube channel if you can and thumbs up if you like it thanks.
  14. Here is a video of Morgan Freeman and some other big actors reading some of today's most popular songs. Enjoy and Goodnight!
  15. Have about 10 hours to kill? I recommend listening to this. This guy, Edvard Khil, is amazing. Check him out for 10 HOURS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJL4Y3aGPuA
  16. So as I come back to 343, I notice more and more new and exciting names here on the site and I want to get to know some people better. So I want to do a little ice breaker with question. What is your favorite moment in any of the Halo games? PS. You may get to see some of my abstract posts later on this new year.
  17. Hey everybody, first time posting in the 343 forums, but I used to post on the bungie forums a lot back in the day. Anyways, I made a short sketch about Master Chief having a crappy morning, and I thought you all might find it interesting/funny. Also, I'd appreciate some feedback as well. Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUNw_DHaDw0
  18. Paranormal Pests By Rabid MidgetMan Here is the map, gametype, and a link to my fileshare thrown in for free! Player count: 5-14, the more the better Boo. My god, you're very pale, you look like you've seen a ghost! This building has become infested with pesky spirits, so you've been sent in to clear them out. But don't lose your nerve Mr. Ghostbuster, these ghosts are actually pretty harmless, so it's just a question of catching them all. Should be simple, right? Nope, the slippery specters have a trick up their sleeve... They can walk through walls! Okay, okay, the ghosts can't actually 'walk' through walls, but they can choose to instantly vanish and reappear somewhere else on the map at the push of a button, whenever they please. Every time they do this, they leave behind a flash of a ghostly blue trail. Overview The map is essentially a large maze. I must confess that the map itself (the basic maze) is not mine, it was downloaded from the internet after the maze I was building fell victim to a save overwrite bug. 'Cereal Noob' had intended the map to be yet another slender game, but I gave it a makeover (reorganised spawns, killzones, a few corridors) and then I got to work implementing the teleportation system that defines Paranormal Pests. Some corridors are very long, whilst most of the map is made up of tight corners and small rooms. There are no dead ends so you can move around with ease. Warping The basic idea of Paranormal Pests is that the ghosts (humans) move very quickly and can avoid the Ghostbusters (infected) and their sword lunges by warping. "But Rabid, how on earth do I warp?!?" Simple! Just jump! Every time you push that A button, you will warp to one of many carefully selected destination points on the map. I gave the warp ability a half-second cooldown to prevent spamming. It is virtually impossible to predict where they will end up, and the distribution of players throughout the map is kept even. Gameplay Remember when I said the ghosts were harmless? Psych! You may have 2000% resistance and enough shields to teabag a killball, but you can still be assassinated so WATCH YOUR BACK. There is one GhostBuster 3000 (or as the UNSC naively named it, scattershot) on the map (at the infected spawn) which can vaporise ghosts, leaving no more than a pile of spooky ashes. With such a powerful tool in your hands you may feel indestructible! This game is a real laugh because you can wait for the humans to run all the way along a corridor to get to you then just jump at the last second. Or as I like to do, run up and punch them in the face then disappear before they can return the favor. Oh and while you're busy swinging at air, you might want to WATCH YOUR BACK. "guesssssssssssssss who!" "OH COME ON!" :wallbash: Flying Did I mention that the ghosts can fly? Yeah, they float about the corridors (thruster pack). They move so fast you never see 'em coming. Sometimes, if they get real mad, they will swoop in and grab someone, clean off the ground, then fly away with them, screaming, never to be seen again... Lobby Advice First of all I would advise telling the players in the lobby that you can assassinate people, as the gameplay feels much more balanced once everyone realises this. The game still functions if you don't, but few players pick it up on their own. I originally designed this for large lobbies of 8-14 and it works really well with that amount; a lot of quick fun and assassinations are much easier because the radar becomes redundant when there are so many dots on it. I found that the game is surprisingly enjoyable with lobbies of 3-5 as well. It is much stealthier, you often have to crouch to go off radar in order to get kills. It also feels a lot more personal because you're being taunted by the same person over and over. "Hey, what's that on your face?" "Eh? I haven't got anything on my-" A small YouTube channel did this feature of my map. he mentions balancing issues, but don't worry the gametype has been improved since. If someone is spamming the teleport, just watch for one of the places he lands and then keep swinging your sword there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB4E8ELg_o4 Once again the creator of the structural map was Cereal Noob, and feel free to subscribe to this guy's channel he does some great reviews
  19. Bring Back the Original Grunts! Halo 4 was an amazing game, graphic wise and story wise. However, this small change has made it lose its 'Halo' feeling. The little voices of Grunts. Yes, strange. However, don't you miss just running around and keeping a couple of the critters alive just to taunt them? Hearing the common word of 'nipple,' or the absolute nonsense of a Grunt panicking, trying to hide behind the rest of the pack or behind a Sangheili. Hearing the Grunts even try to taunt you, but to fail miserably, allowing you to have a little laugh. Most importantly, their little voices. The voices were amazing. The voices also can help mediate you while playing Halo on Legendary. In Halo 4, there's nothing to help you be 'happy' while playing. All you really get is raspy voices, that really only tick you off. But the memories of past Halo's on Legendary. At the moments of most anguish, you'd hear a little squeaky voice of a Grunt, either in panic or taunting. This always made me laugh a little at least, and helped motivate to go on. Lastly, the look. The look of the original Grunts fit them, and I actually kinda miss it. They now look like turtles that are in heat. Hopefully, 343 will bring back the original Grunts. Most importantly their voices! (Including the comical language.) Thanks for reading! Comment please, and be sure to vote!
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7bvgQvHUlw I played my first game of MINI Slayer and the name and title say it all. I guess it was a mod before then 343 seen it and implemented it into the game and called it MINI Slayer. It was fun to play and there are multiple things that you will need to know so you won't look like a noob. If you listen you will hear I'm getting advice from a friend, so just listen and you will end up on top.
  21. So i've been recently getting these urges to get into machinima again (earlier attempts were... lets not talk about them) and i've found myself getting few ideas. I finally got one good idea which i want to turn into a series but im gonna need help. I have already gone into halo 4 and made the map so all I need now is the storyline and scripts... and filming it and- you know what i mean. So the idea which i liked so much is an attempt at a comedy (of sorts). It follows a shop, more specifically a guy who works in the shop. Im very early in planning right now so we'll call this guy Jaime (better names are accepted). Anyways, it follows Jaime and his co-workers (number needs to be specified) in they're crazy events at the shop and from time to time outside the shop. They're rivalling with the next door shop which always has big shipments and better overall merchandise. Everything will be within Halo 4, as stated before. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. -Ian
  22. If you had the power to summon one of the moderators in real life at any time, Which one would you summon and what would you make them do? I'll start. I'd summon Spectral Jester and make him cook me dinner while I play video games. I just think he'd probably be good at cooking.
  23. Here's a funny side to Bungie as they explain why "Tigerman" just didn't fit in Destiny! Rather entertaining! Rest in peace "Tigerman"! Tigerman was wise. Tigerman was bestial. Tigerman was wise. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxJVDZpUEHI&feature=player_embedded Could have made for an interesting character, especially dressed in a suit, lol!
  24. Hello everyone and welcome back to Doctor Pbrabbit's Analysis Blog. Todays topic: Assassinations, and what you can do to get them! So in recent studies I have found that Assassinations today are on the brink of being easier and easier to get. Might I say almost easier to get than any STD. This is a very serious matter, so i talked to some people in this case study I like to call, "Give people $20 to lie and make my statements sound better". I asked one gentleman, "How is Halo 4 so far?" He immediately replied with, "Halo 4 is Assassinations!" and ran away. I feel that he might have had some brain damage due to the woodpecker on his head, but I did not care. I'm not that kind of Doctor, or at-least I think I am not, I might have to check the P.H.D again. Then I moved onto a really hot chick, who was a gamer, and asked her, her thoughts on Assassinations in Halo 4. She had to say this, "Personally Halo 4 is so dumb, I play Call of duty Black ops 2 and MW3 so those are way better than that stupid game." After that Interview at 5 O'clock on the evening news there was a hot chick missing for some reason. I could not comprehend what was going on. It was not like I released the info and the names of everyone who did this. And finally I had one last patient come in. He was 6 years of age and was cute as a button. I asked where his mother was and he said "shut up, lets get this over with." Right away I knew this kid was one of those COD trolls, but then again I was a doctor, and I was taught to not judge a book by its cover, so I began the interview. I asked the boy his thoughts on Halo and with Assassinations, and he replied with "Well first of all Halo 4 is the first step into 343 industries trying to make it big with this already big franchise....(he went on for a WHILE!). Secondly Assassinations in the game have turned out to be way to easy to get. So I personally think there should be some nerf to that. I do not know how, I just think they should." I was shocked, amazed, and you could even say flabbergasted! I was such in awe that as a doctor I PASSED OUT! Well when I woke up the boy was gone, there was a pen mustache on my face and he took $50 out of my wallet. Though he was nice to leave a thank you note. All in all a good interview. Ahem! ( clear the throat ), back to the analysis part of the blog. It seems to me that my case study of 3 random, country folk have proved to me and to you, the scientific community of HALO, that Assassinations are as easy to get as STDs and can be prevented by looking at your Radar. Thank you very much. Until my next Discovery I bid you a goodbye. This document is from the Un-federal archives of Doctor, Professor and Pimp, Pbrabbit. Any use of the Un-legal, fake and satirical documents will not have you be sued in any way. Hey guys, Pbrabbit here. So I was bored and this is a random, improvised story/blog I created. If you like it, let me know and I can create more of these for your enjoyment. If not, well then. Please do not be a hater and comment below with hateful remarks. Kindly message me to let me know of your thoughts. Thank you!
  25. This is literally the most general question someone could ask. If you threw a sticky at a grunt, would the plasma tickle the grunt? or how about just touching the grunt? What do you think?
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