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  1. Nice job on these, I like the detail you have worked on fantastic.
  2. Note: These may not be Fully told! Welcome Boy's and Girl's to the Halo Universe Vehicles/Weapon's Information you will need to Master Halo's Secrets behind the Gun's. So sit back and enjoy the Reading. Weapons Plasma Pistol- Pretty much the same as Halo 3, can shoot single shots, or a burst that can take out shields and temporarily fry vehicles, but can now kill an unshielded person in 2 or 3 shots. Assault Rifle- Similar to Halo 3's AR but this time is more towards the accurate side rather that brute force. Great for short controlled bursts rather holding the trigger. (32 Shots in a mag) Grenade Launcher- New to Halo is the Grenade Launcher, most comparable to the brute shot, yet still very different. This "Pro-Pipe" can used several ways, first is the basic shoot a grenade, then there is what I'm calling the "Mine" effect, where if you hold the trigger down, it will not explode until released. Lastly, the grenade has an EMP effect to it, and therefore fry Vehicles (and aircraft.) (Single Shot) Magnum (Pistol)- The Magnum has always changed traumatically from every Halo game to the next, this is no exception. Modeling after the Halo CE pistol, the killer is quite accurate, with it's 2x scope and faster rate of fire, this beast can pack quite a punch, it's the alternative to the AR, but losses accuracy quickly when shot fast. (8 shots in a mag) Needler- This covenant weapon has been symbolic to every Halo game as "Pink death", now it's brown. The needles are still the pick, Bungie has changed the color of this legend. The needle is pretty much the same, it needs 7 needled to "Super-Combine". (around 30 needles in a mag) Plasma Launcher- The Plasma Launcher is new to Halo. It shots 4 plasma grenades at it's target. It lock on both Vehicles and Infantry (MUCH better on Vehicles). It is the covenant rocker launcher by comparison and is pretty powerful. The plasma shots also stick to walls, while normal plasma grenades only stick to people and Vehicles. Energy Sword- This is also Halo classic, it seems to be a bit longer, and Skinner at the end, but it can be hit when being hit by, causing the target to live and possibly fight back. Rocket Launcher- Other than look of it, the only thing that is new is it's lock-on ability to air craft. (3 shots in a mag) Plasma Repeater- This is basically a longer version of the plasma rifle. This is a covenant version of the AR, and can overheat, but be cooled faster by hitting the reload button. Also much better to tap rather than hold the trigger. Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)- The DMR is another basic weapon is REACH, it is a single-shot gun. The accuracy makes this a fair at medium to long range, but close range still goes to the magnum or AR. (15 shots in a mag) Sniper Rifle- The Sniper has been the same through out Halo games, and continues to be similar, Although sniping feels much different with a sight need to lead your shot. Also can snipe the driver of any Vehicle, or in the case of an banshee, can destroy it in 5-6 shots. (4 shots in a mag) Spartan Laser- Seems to be less powerful and is harder to get 2 in 1's, and doesn't always destroy lager Vehicles. (4 shots) Shotgun- This sucker is now more accurate at longer ranges, which is cheap because it,s a shotgun. Although if you have full shields, it has less damage, just watch for this when your out of health. (6 shots in a clip) Needler Rifle- This covenant needle shooting rifle is the counter for the DMR. It will "Super-Combine" when 3 shots hit an un-shielded enemy. It also has Greater rediule boom than the DMR, (21 needles in a mag) Focus Rifle- This is a mix of the bean rifle, and the sentinel bean from halo 3, not much on it other than a straight line of fire and 5X, 10X scope. It also can stun the player a little whose being shot by it. Gravity Hammer- The gravity hammer looks different in proportions, but the overall usage of the weapon is the same. HAMMER TIME. (Great with sprint) Target Locator- Locks on the enemy or vehicle and rains mortars on them, very devastating. (Only in Firefight or Campaign) Fuel Rod Cannon- Not much said on this, slightly more power (Not in multiplayer) Concussion Rifle- The covenant equivalent to the grenade launcher. Shoots weak shots that only good when directly hit. (Good for small, tight hallways) (6 shots) Plasma Rifle- The same as before, no changes present. Human Turret- Seems to be more powerful then before, and can still be carried around. Covenant Plasma Cannon- Can be carried as the human turret That is all for now follow for the vehicles one in 2 days and make sure you give us a like and a comment on what you think and also and vote on with guns you like best. Nogradea signing off! "Here to Help"
  3. Good luck if you fixked it
  4. I wouldnt reset it it will mess all you game up so good luck if you find away
  5. Hey Guy's Nogradea Again and iv seen some people around the forums asking for some help but they don't get that much help from them so I am hosting a full time helpline thing in this post so feel free to ask all questions you want the answer for but only to do with games and the website. I will try and finish all the questions you ask but make sure no spam because it'll make my life hard for the post so good luck with you answers. Nogradea, "Here to Help"
  6. Welcome to the post you wanted to find! Here you can ask your self what's you favourite Enemy in all of Halo. It's a Tough thought and I'm sure I know mine> Ranking System LoL Leave me a question on what's you Enemy of All of Halo.
  7. Wow amazing skills with your guns i thourgt i could do that wow Good job for your 200 specil ill give a sup
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