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  1. Hello, I am a Co-Owner of an eSports team called Vendetta eSports. And I'm looking for a dedicated team for Halo MCC on PC! Mainly six people for now! We already have a Call of Duty Warzone and Multiplayer team, and have people in Valorant, Overwatch, Rocket League! Requirements: 1) Must have MCC. 2) Must have a working mic 3) Must be 17+ 4) Must be able to lead and follow direct orders 5) Must be disciplined and respectful. 6) Must be able to help new members and train them THERE WILL BE TRYOUTS!!!! Please feel free to message me if you're interested and me and other we'll see how you play and we'll go from there! Discord: FPSwulf#2529
  2. We are a competitive military clan, our focus is not to just RP but to improve the aim, master the movement, beat each other in custom arenas to improve the fighting skills, those who specialize in certain vehicles will train using those vehicles very frequently, go through certain scenarios such as defend the base against another team, defend/attack the convoy and much more. All the trainings will pay off in wars and raids, where you will be able to use your honed skills. Message me on xbox if you wish to join, my username is: Black Pantherr5 Company name: 31st Star Corps Discord is mandatory.
  3. If anyone is interested in joining a UNSC based clan on Halo Reach please message me or add me @ Kenshin lx
  4. Hello everyone ! I present you : "Complaint", which I co-forged with "SPEEDMOTORDEATH" (yeah it's an hardcore gamertag I know). Overall, he dealt with the base of the map, its structures, while I did all the natural decor and the finishes. It is a symmetrical 2vs2 map in covenant theme, for the story, it's a kind of temple which is a sacred place of for the San'Shyuum. The map contain: - 1 Plasma-caster in the middle-below - 1 Overshield in the middle-waterfall - 1 Plasma-pistol in the middle-cave - 2 BRs in the spawns-below - 2 Plasma grenades in the middle-high - 2 Plasma rifles at the elevators It is a map that I wanted completely oriented for the competition but with a really big work on the map's aesthetic and decor, the floor at the water level does'nt have guardrails and you must be very careful with your moves if you don't want to die in the water. The map has very long lines for shooting which favors duels, the cooperation is essential if you want to win. If there are some competitive players who test the map, your feedback will be welcome ! I also had fun hiding some easters eggs on the card map permitting to change the banshee in the middle, try to find them !
  5. "Many dangers lie within these toxic sewers like poisonous gases, corrosive acid, and radiation. Sounds like a great place to play grifball!" A Standard-Size Grifball Map by: ARC GuiltySpark​ Gamertag: ARC GuiltySpark Player Count: 8 Download Link: Click! Layout Design The layout of this grifball map has everything standard size to matchmaking maps for the best play experience. The size of the court is 260W x 310L (not including the initial spawn area and the side pipes). At the beginning players run in from a pipe tunnel outside the map which is unplayable after the intro. There are also stacks of two pipes on each side of the map that players can jump on and run along. Aesthetic Design The theme for this map was an industrial underground sewers that holds acid or toxic waste. The map uses a 3 tier platform style which is a hard platform, pipes in between each platform, and cables in between each pipe. There is one big pipe running down the middle of the court with acid underneath. There are two big platforms beside the pipe and another set of platforms with more acid and pipes underneath. Two tunnels are at each end of the map where players initially spawn and run in from. In the middle of the map there is another big tunnel that leads up to the surface with light shining through it and on to the court. another series of pipes run along the ceiling. The rest of the map is made of a decaying yellow brick. On one side there is a whole in the wall with acid dripping down the side. The map has lots of cool sounds and lighting effects to immerse you in the environment. There are also special details added around the map like warning decals on the floor and walls as well as barrels and dead bodies floating in the acid beneath.
  6. "The ancient Forerunners have taken over these crumbling sand ruins to harvest the powerful artifacts within" A Core 2v2-4v4 Arena Map by: ARC GuiltySpark Gamertag: ARC GuiltySpark Player Count: 4-8 players Download Link: Click! ​ Layout Design Excavation is a Smaller 2v2-4v4 Core Arena map for all gamemodes like Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, and Assault. It has two very distinctive sides or "bases", both tackling different aesthetic themes. Throughout every game players will try to hold these two bases as well as other power positions like the Bridge and the Stage. Playing in teams calls for lots of strategy and teamwork to control power positions while playing Free For All will put your skills to the test to control these areas solo. With open and closed areas as well as long and short sightlines each game feels different than the last. Whether you're playing competitive, casual, or somewhere in between, Excavation is a blast! Aesthetic Design The aesthetics are where this map truly shines. First lets look at Blue Team's side. This part of the map consists of natural rock and "jungle like" foliage with Forerunner pieces built above and within the environment. Lots of blue lighting, effects, sounds, and metal textures absorbs you into the scenery. Red Team's side fades from bright colours into a dusty wasteland. The sandstone temples built on top the sand dunes have started to crumble and decay under the work of the Prometheans, resulting in piles of rubble encased in dust. Looking past the rock walls, players can view even more of this terrain in the background scenery. These two amazing environments blend together nicely in the middle to make this a stunning arena map. Weapon Design The Weapon Layouts have been altered for different gamemodes to provide the best experience on each one. Slayer, CTF, FFA Railgun - bottom mid Binary Rifle - stage Strongholds, Assault Railgun - stage Overshield - bridge wing -Battle Rifle -H2 Battle Rifle -Closed Fist (Boltshot) -DMR -Frag Grenades x2 -Gunfighter Magnum -Light Rifle -Needler -Plasma Grenades x2 -SMG -Splinter Grenades x2 -Suppressor If you would like to see how I built this map or how to build a core map yourself, check out my Youtube Channel "Guilty Spark" with the video coming out soon "Halo 5 Forge Guide | Core Maps". https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzL5yQ13bppr1ksJ0Xq1CHA
  7. Gamer tag: Mr Deliciousman Map name: Divine Fury Game modes: slayer, strongholds. Player count: 4v4 Halowaypoint link:https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=Mr%20DeliciousMan#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_Mr%20DeliciousMan_aee844fe-bb3c-4c99-9425-26d93a7a8b5b Divine fury is a 4v4 asymmetrical map inspired by the temples of sanghelios. This map has already been tested numerous times and is finally after months of play testing is finished. The map was designed to circulate the players through its various areas. I worked hard to make each play space unique and easily identifiable through obvious visual callouts. I put many man hours into this and I hope that you guys enjoy my map and I hope you guys enjoy it. Pictures:https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/screenshots?page=1&gamertag=Mr%20DeliciousMan#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_screenshot_Mr%20DeliciousMan_18e013a6-b3d4-44bc-a097-f60b06618beb Pic2:https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/screenshots?page=1&gamertag=Mr%20DeliciousMan#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_screenshot_Mr%20DeliciousMan_57524369-7ed1-4a04-9853-2e4479e07906 Pic 3: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/screenshots?page=1&gamertag=Mr%20DeliciousMan#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_screenshot_Mr%20DeliciousMan_ba4e69b9-11de-49d1-a1b0-fd1db0ab9d19
  8. "UNTO LANDFALL" is a 5v5 to 8v8 map based on the Halo 3 Ad "Landfall" and Halo 3's UNSC Structures. This map was created by PredatorHunterG; Screenshots were captured with PredatorHunterG and Reaper498. Min. Player Count: 5v5;10 Max Player Count: 8v8;16 Creator: PredatorHunterG "Make Every Shot Count!" Gamemode: BigTeamBreakout (in my files; PredatorHunterG) Weapons: Oathsworn, 2 Brute Plasma Rifle, 2 Sentinel DMR, Silenced Assualt Rifle, Silence SMG, Longshot BR, Blood Of Suban, Magnum(Tactical), Sniper Rifle, Carbine, (Full) Turret. Vehicles: Rocket Warthog, Banshees' (2 of each). DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.halowaypoint.com/ Map Download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=PredatorHunterG#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_PredatorHunterG_3074b85c-7372-42d5-a22c-bc785c5dbd93 Map Download link: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=PredatorHunterG#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_mapvariant_PredatorHunterG_3074b85c-7372-42d5-a22c-bc785c5dbd93 Gamemode DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/game-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=PredatorHunterG#ugc_halo-5-guardians_xbox-one_gamevariant_PredatorHunterG_cd9e338c-b7c5-492e-8cc0-745837efdc5e
  9. Our clan has fun customs everyday and for those competitive swat, and slayer players we have teams for you. Message me on Xbox gt: xxunheard0fxx. The o is the number zero in my gt. Halo 5 clan name: chaos gaming Yo
  10. Gamertag: FatAussieFatB0y (The 0 is a number and not a letter) Map Name: Ice Cream Men Gamemode: Grifball Minimum Players: ​8 Players Maximum Players: 12 Players ​Description of the Map: ​​Ice Cream Men, two factories split by road, a conflict ever lasting and a bomb. Get ready for some serious fun. Ice Cream Men plays with the base Grifball gamemode, this doesn't mean it plays like a base Grifball map. ​Ice Cream Men is different. Elevation for line of sight, Warthogs to provide faster gameplay, Gravity Lifts that can sling people halfway across the map towards the ball spawn. Just a few differences that make Ice Cream Men unique to any other Grifball map. Pictures of the Map:
  11. My name is TBDL x Knight, I am the Co. of TBDL. On Halo 5, TBDL is a competitive 4s team. We are looking for two other people who are decent at the game and know how to play well. If you are reading this right now, we are still looking for two others. Please message me on Xbox Live if you are interested or have any questions; [TBDL X KNIGHT]
  12. UNSC Epsilon Fleet epsilonfleet.com -Register Here first! Enjin name = GT Spartan Companies EpsilonFleet EpsilonFleet2 Welcome to Epsilon's Halo Embassy Hey everyone, my name is Nyygma, I am the Valkyrie Squad Lead and 4th platoon commander. This is a clan currently on Halo 5. With a vision in mind we hope to create a home for Competitive and Casual Gamers. We have the best Administration team in ONI as well as Field Commanders to lead us in the right direction. Thus, we will become a great clan that is organized and still be able to have fun and Game! This clan will be following an UNSC Theme and organization. We will have a similar chain of command as that of the UNSC. Under the direction of Fleet Command we have Naval Command which consists of the leadership of the different divisions: -Marines, players who are dedicated and active within the Fleet. --ODST, the best Marines -NAVSPECWAR, competitive team -ONI, handles administrative and logistical affairs of the Fleet So now I have some questions for you! Are you tired of playing by yourself? Would you want to lead a group of people? Want to have a bunch of friends online, playing games you have, around the clock? Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions you're just In Luck! Here Are Some of the things that We offer in the Epsilon Fleet! ~A wonderful website -Forums that are very active -Able to sign up for events ~ A 300+ member family ~Excellent Officer and leadership (not biased at all) ~An intriguing and fascinating ranking system -It will blow your mind (maybe) ~The chance to lead your very own squad if you aspire to lead ~A fun-filled environment ~And Lastly, A clan that works for you! Requirements for Joining ~Must be at least 15 years of Age ~Must have an Xbox One and Halo 5 ~Join the Forums ~Be respectful ~Have a mic ~And Most of ALL, Have common sense With humanity at war against multiple threats The Epsilon Fleet has answered the call. Will you answer the call as well? Will you join one of newest and greatest clans and be a critical part in its early success? We will love to have you be part of the Fleet and if you have any questions feel free to ask me at any time. Please let them know I sent you so they know I'm doing my job! Also feel free to message me on XBL with any questions (I'll see it there 1st)! Haha Sincerely hope to see you soon, Nyygma, Valkyrie Squad Lead, ONI section II recruiter, ONI section I app tech, Platoon CO
  13. Company Freelancer Founded by a group of members from a previous clan, Company Freelancer was a dominate clan back in Halo Reach, we were a militarized/competitive and undefeatedHalo clan (If you don't believe check out our youtube channel from way back when). We were very successful throughout Halo Reach, whether it was a 4v4 clan battle or helping out friends in clan raids, that's what Freelancers do right? This clan has always been about the casual, semi-competitive and the competitive. We welcome anyone looking to improve their skill in halo and who are also looking for a good time as well.We will be having a competitive teams that can do things like scrims, tournaments, clan matches, etc. We can even be called upon by other friendly clans for raids and what not if it is ever needed. Company Freelancer is not just a competitive clan, we will be doing things like customs, Warzone lobbies, big team lobbies, anything you can think of that you can do in Halo, we'll be doing it. Requirements Age 14+ Mic Ability to have fun and have a sense of humor and to take harsh jokes Drive to get better at Halo The want to find good friendships withing CFL The Desire to Win, and Be the Best We aren't just a Halo clan, we can and will expand back out into various other games that we feel like expanding out to. Company Freelancer is not only a community of dedicated halo players, we are just gamers in general that share common interests on the one game that is Halo. Sincerely, Your Original Freelancers Jimmbabwe iNakedFighter
  14. Map name: Imperial City Gametype: Mainly aesthetic, but it has been great fun in big team lobbies: Free for all, red-blue team slayer, strongholds, capture the flag, assault. Welcome to the IMPERIAL CITY. This map is inspired by one of my favorite games of all time, the Elder Scrolls "Oblivion"; (which just marked it's 10 year anniversary recently). The circular city features 6 major districts around the city: Market, Elven Gardens, Talos Plaza, Arena, Temple, and Aboretum; along with the Imperial Palace located in the center. Side note: watch out for the Oblivion Gates, because after a period of time two portals will open up in different locations within the map, allowing players to quickly traverse between the gates. Check out more pictures of the map: See forgehub link: http://www.forgehub.com/maps/imperium.2056/ Thanks and hope you like it! - CaptainDireWolf
  15. ​FusedHalo is Recruiting! I represent the clan Fused Global Gaming and I am forming a new team to participate in Halo 5 Gamebattles. I've been playing Halo for 10+ years and I'm looking for players who want to work as a team to secure wins and play tournaments down the line. If you are interested in joining please leave a reply with your Gamebattles username and I will message you or you can message me. There are currently 10 slots available on the roster so don't be shy. I hope to see you in-game! ​Official Spartan Company​ Fused Global Gaming MagW0lf (Halo 5 Team Captain) ​P.S. ​If you do not wish to participate in Gamebattles then please feel free to apply to the Spartan Company so you can be a part of the community!
  16. Hello, I've builded a map and played it a lot the last days with some friends. People like fabE Speed, fabE Ace, fabE Coco and other competitive german Halo players. I got a lot of good feedback and I thought this might be a chance to show it more people! So the map is based on Sanctuary and a bit of The Pit and its a symmetrical 4v4 map. The main bases are like in Sanc. Both have a shotgun, DMR, BR and a MP, then there is the rocket field right next to the bases. in the middle there is a house with basement and a top room with a rocket spawning there. The basement has a lift up to the rocket room. In the middle also is a battlefield and right across the middle from the rocket house is a hill with a sniper balcony. In the back of the balcony is a hole where you can walk through. Under the sniper balcony is a room where you'll find a light rifle. The is made for Slayer, Stronghold, CTF and also Breakout. Its a moon base right next to a Halo ring. Thanks for your attention. iMAX VI
  17. What's up everyone. Searching for a competitive Halo 5 clan to join. Currently Platinum 4 in Breakout, Platinum 1 in Team Slayer and Onyx 1584 in SWAT. IGN: Boba Fettucinni Thanks for taking the time for reading this and giving me a shot. Best way to reach me is to message me over Xbox and explain you read my post!
  18. PANZER ELITE is a gaming community playing HALO5, DESTINY, WORLD OF TANKS. We play every night 8pm to after 11pm eastern. Skill level is not important, respect, communication, maturity, proper etiquette, ARE important. In PANZER ELITE you will never be asked to pay, change gamertag, purchase packs. We want you to have fun playing the way you want. We offer the same opportunity to every member. You can lead your own fire team of your friends, or simply be in a fire team. Our ranks are designed to show position not status. Our owner has the same rank as any other platoon leader. We believe the game should be a GAME, and the only games we play are listed in the first line. If you want to join our community, simply LOG IN (create an account) on our iclans site. panzerelite.clanwebsite.com or message HYPERBLOODLUST on XBOX LIVE. SEE YOU ON THE BATTLEFIELD SPARTANS HYPERBLOODLUST
  19. So I decided to take my time and build a "Defend the Keep" map. Which was suggested by the Community. I was alternatively going to make a "Tower of the Gods" map, but that went out of the question. Anyways, Armathian Fortress is a Keep/Fort like structure map. Red Team spawns inside the Keep, and is supplied with few necessary vehicles, and weapons of variety. Blue Team spawns outside the keep, behind any of the cliffs that are in the distance. They are supplied with many vehicles, and heavy assault. However, no need to be cocky. There's only one entrance for vehicles, and Red Team has turrets to counter vehicles as well as a few weapons, a Sniper Rifle and a Rocket Launcher. That's it. Working together will be the key to a proper defense, as the same goes for the assault. Supported Game-Types: 1 Flag CTF, 1 Bomb Assault, Classic Infection, Team Slayer. These are just the Game-Types, however if you want the Action-Pack-Fun-Pack, you're going to need 14-16 players for that to work. Game-Types are in my file share already, with the map. Just lookup "L Fishy L" if you don't know where to go. Infantry have different access ways than vehicles. For example, they are able to climb the Brace supports, or the Rocks that lay up against the wall. Be careful though, snipers sit on the Keep Towers. Also, take note in the EMP's. They are detonated manually, and can be detonated only once every 100+ seconds, use them wisely. They don't affect infantry. Also, take note that Red Team has a supported Wraith, setup on the top of the Keep as a Mortar support. Will help out much for cluster kills, or that random teammate save from the Gauss Warthog. Just don't betray! Take note of Blue Teams official spawn, it's furthest from the Keep. However, respawns will take you elsewhere. Initial respawn just supplies everyone with 2 SMG's, 2 Battle Rifles, and 2 Grenades. BR's are initial loadout, but a little ammo doesn't hurt. Also, take note there is only enough room for 7 players in vehicles, whoever is your 8th player. Use them for cover support, or send them over to the Sniper Rifle to helpout with your assault! I hope you all enjoy the map and give it a shot! It's BIG! and by BIG! I mean, it's BIG! That Keep is half of the map, the other half is the terrain.
  20. Looking For Members For SECOND NATURE Requriements: Skill K/D Above 1.0 Age Above 14 Gamertag Change ​ We have a Youtube channel and we will be making videos. So if you have a game recorder that would be great. We are a Team not a CLAN. We play competitive. Send me a message on XBL if you want to join. Gamertag: Semper sN
  21. Hello,I wanted to say thank you for considering True Born Gamers or TBG as your clan or gaming community before we even begin. The mission of True Born Gamers is to become the largest, most competitive, and best gaming community on all platforms. True Born Gamers is always growing and always evolving to what its members want, we will also be seeking sponsorships as we grow. Also we will be hosting events and doing giveaways as we grow larger. Anyone can join the clan as long as you follow the Codes of Conduct. You can earn a higher rank by recruiting,helping other members,ect. Also this clan or as many people will call it,gaming community is mainly for fun but will become more competitive as we grow and teams are made. Visit our website www.trueborngamers.enjin.com
  22. Posted 08 March 2015 - 03:37 AM I am member of reaper squad of the Halo Clan Angel of Death. So, Why Choose Us? We take what's best about the gaming community groups and clans and mix them together to make the best gaming environment possible. Gaming communities are fun but don't help develop you into a better player. Clans often are so regulated and strict that they take the fun out of gaming. Here we play with the same desire to win without having to deal with military ranks. You don't have to be a certain rank to help improve things. Every idea is talked about between clan leaders. If this is something you think you'd like message gt krypticz417 on xbox. Visit our youtube channel, and twitch channel. www.unscangelofdeath.weebly.com
  23. ITF is a competitive clan based on H2A and most specifically the HCS settings. Members MUST be 14 years old or older, and MUST have a mic. If interested, message Coffee Clutch or SchoolWxrk for more details.
  24. Hey everyone! This is just a little poll for me to get a read on people who play on the 3DS and play competitively. I know we have a lot of wonderful PC and XB360 and XB1 playdates, I'd also love to host a sort of tourney or event, or just a hang out of some kind with some 3DS gamers! So all honest input on the poll would be extremely helpful! Thanks!
  25. Hey guys, v1 of my map Bloodlust was released today after a few days of testing and one or two tweaks with feedback I got. It's a map designed around 4v4 CTF and Slayer, King of the Hill is also available. It's symmetrical and hopefully well balanced, and performance was a high priority, there should be no frame drops ingame. Power weapons and powerups include 2 snipers, 1 active camo, 1 overshield and a rocket launcher. All the screenshots are here (this is version 0.9): http://imgur.com/a/s29hX You can download from my fileshare 'RIOTFRUIT'
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